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Sunday, October 15, 2017


What a joke!  Shared Hope is soon releasing a "report card" on how Nevada is "addressing the issue of child sex trafficking".  Yet Shared Hope provides NO, absolutely NO "direct services" to juvenile victims of sex trafficking in Nevada. 

However, we do.  We have been for years until a few people decided to "monetize" the issue about 2013.  That's when you saw the fund raisers, and the rallies, and the film productions, and even the "reality show" where Annie Lombert dressed up in a showgirl costume, paraded around the strip waving a sign saying "Jesus Loves Hookers"and Bravo gave her a reality show for about one episode (until they found out there was no "program" she was offering - just self promotions and fund raising through her church). 

They had Annie even testifying at the child sex trafficking hearings back then, instead of us, and even though she wasn't working with any actual juvenile victims, because she was helping Judge Voy back then raise his $2 million dollars for the "residential juvenile program" which still hasn't been opened.  You know - the house with 14 beds that's supposed to help save all the teen prostitutes of Nevada while there's actually 1000's of teens in the state who need residential programs because their own mothers are usually the ones who "turned them out" in the first place. 

But you see we get silenced because when we talk about the ACTUAL juvenile prostitutes, and sex trafficking victims in Nevada we service - it's not the pimps who shockingly we say is the true problem in Nevada - but instead Metro.  Take a look at the recent news George Knapp finally was able to get out about how Chris Baughman, supposed "sex trafficking crusader" was actually taking his own daughter over to Molly Mall's house, while at the same time screwing the DA who was for some reason only focusing on prosecuting Molly's "competitors" in the name of "fighting sex trafficking". 

For years we were trying to enlighten people that in our fight against sex trafficking in Nevada, we weren't fighting African American men with velvet capes, but instead men like Joohon David Lee, an ICE agent, who was also a Homeland Security officer and on the human trafficking task force while at the same time flying trafficking victims in from China and Korea to be trafficking using his badge to waltz them right past airport security.  A man who can't even be prosecuted for sex trafficking because he performed his trafficking while "on the job" and the "company dime".  Who now he's convicted is driving a limo for Charles Horkey as part of his probation, a man convicted also of sex trafficking who used his limos to target wealthy "johns" to knock them out with GHB in the back of those limo's, max out their credit cards, pump them for government secrets, pose them with strippers in compromising positions to blackmail them, and then when they tried to report their victimization to the police - the police threaten THEM with "what the public exposure of a scandal" would do to them. 

I'm writing to see if you'd be interested in a story about what REAL "child sex trafficking" looks like in Nevada - not the hype being churned out by Central Casting because Shared Hope is pushing their "report card" so they can get a huge government grant to "help" these "poor victims" that are being fabricated because Nevada's trying to make sure no one see's who the real victims are, what their real traffickers look like and are, because then people within our police, court's, would be the ones going to jail instead of more African American's.

We still run the oldest, and largest, hotline and program to help men, women, and transgenders leave the sex industry, and escape sex trafficking that's been based out of Nevada since the 1990's now.  We are the true "voice of the voiceless" because we're even banned from events called "voices of the voiceless".

You know - it's just coming out now about what men like Weinstein are like because it's wealthy, powerful, white adult women who aren't sex workers, strippers, porn performers, etc.   But I can assure you men like him, even him, do so much more damage than anyone will ever talk about to the minority, sex workers, because they can't even get onto a new show or their Twitter with 2   million followers to talk about how "they've been silenced". 

How about listening to those victims who are TRULY SILENCED? Victims who are being so hidden, that there was even a whole mass media campaign once funded by wealthy people like John McCain whose headline was "There's no Such Thing" as a "juvenile prostitute".  Really?  That's funny because we got a whole chapter of them right here in Nevada!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Well I finally got my memoirs done.  I realized the only way it was going to be told WITHOUT BEING ALTERED OR CHANGED was going to be to self-publish.  I wasn't able to register "Anatomy of a Movement" for a domain which is the title of the book - but I was able to register "Memoirs of a Madam".  Maybe I need to rethink the title?  I still haven't done a print run yet so there's time if that's what I need to do.

But yes I see "Snowfall" is coming out finally validating what I've been saying for all these years - that our CIA was behind the importation of cocaine into this country - NOT the African American gangs.  One of the biggest hoaxes of our time has been revealed.  

You'd think right?  The UN court did find our country guilty in that finally.

But guess what?  It's not over.  Nor are they done blaming the African American community either.  Only instead of smuggling cocaine into this country - they're now doing fund raising for sex trafficking victims.  

But just as they blamed the black gangs for the coke problem in the 1980's, and other minorities - they were also using sex trafficking to mask their further demonization of the African American communities.  Wonder where the racism is?  We had the rise in racism during Iran Contra because the media kept blasting out images of African American drug dealers - and with this - they've done the same thing EXACTLY right out of the handbook!

Of course plugged also by an African American to make sure to drive the racism home!

Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew (another minority by the way - one who isn't Asian or Russian - notice a trend here?).   Even right down to their fake "catfish" so called "survivor" (another version of a Samoly Mam).  Always a minority with the minority trafficker if you haven't noticed these people use.  (Except when they were pulling their fake scam in Ireland and England with their fake "Catalina Lopez" - oh but that story is in the memoir.)

Who when we checked her out was another fabricated person!  These people are hysterically funny!  I complain about the "woman in corn rows" plugging this fabricated story so they go out and get Jenna Elfman?  Jeez about as "white" as you can get.  Too bad the story of her daughter isn't reflective of the general sex trafficking victim.  Some would say it isn't even close.  Then again she is an actress.  I mean if Ricky Martinez would take a check for $500,000 to vouch for Wilthema to get an award . . . ?  Well I'd be curious about her tax return is all.  I know when her daughter was out there I know our hotline didn't get a call about it is all.  

Here's one case in point among many where the truth is coming out about fraudulent programs -

The problem with that is that to create the phony buzz for their fake groups - they're shutting down REAL trafficking programs which is probably the point.  I started a movement back in the 1980's to have domestic sex trafficking recognized as real in this country.  I wanted our government to set up systems to help these victims, and recognize them as victims and not "criminals" as they were doing back then.  All that work went into the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed.  I have some clips up showing this work at

Then these same people I was fighting during Iran Contra came in and "hijacked" the movement not only again with the new way they found to raise millions of dollars without anyone asking questions - but also used it to shut down the service structure we'd built to help victims over all those years.  I have kept a diary during the whole thing to document the "anatomy of a movement" which is what my personal story shows - the evolution of Iran Contra into the modern version of Iran Contra 2.0.  I have a website I started constructing for the book up at

If you'd like to talk to me personally about it - I can be reached at (702) 488-1127.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I was watching a film today where the character was talking about how the Nazi's formed opinions about Jewish people using propaganda.    They would use images like below.  Mind you this is not mine or my opinion - I'm just showing the cartoon the Nazi's used to turn people against the Jewish community.

Now I want you to look at the people who are being paid for by big money such as the Hunt Alternative Foundation which is paying for the "End Demand" campaign to teach you what sex trafficking is, who the victims are, and most important . . . who the TRAFFICKERS are:

Brenda Myers-Powell, a street prostitute who had a street pimp.  She's also a woman of color.  

The  "No Such Thing" campaign whose poster child is literally a girl of color.  

Marion Thatcher - a woman of color who speaks about street prostitution and street pimps.  

Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew, a woman of color who speaks about illegal street prostitution.

Malika Saar who speaks out for the "No Such Thing" campaign.  Right down to a hair style people associate with jail.

Jada Pinkett-Smith speaking for "Don't Sell Bodies".

Samoly Mam - now while found out to be a fake - the point remains she was talked into it by people such as Melissa Farley and Nicholas Kristof.  What image were they going for?  She's not white.

Monica Jones has been getting a lot of air time in the media about not being a trafficking victim - while certainly being shown as a "prostitute".   Note she's a person of color.

The one Caucasian in the bunch.  Note however she speaks about illegal street prostitution and of being pimped by one man - not a criminal operation.  

Chong Kim - again exposed as a fraud but what were they going for?  She's not white, and she talks about illegal street prostitution and about the one man who trafficked her.  Not a criminal operation or group of traffickers - but of one man.

I typed in "trafficking arrests" and this is a screen shot of what came back.  Where are the white and Asian people?  Also, these arrests are about individuals in a relationship with the victim - singular.   Where's the trafficking operations involving multiple people?

Let's contrast to the people who say "sex trafficking doesn't exist for us".

Here's Maxine Doogan.

Domina Elle

Savannah Sly - President of Sex Workers Outreach Project

When we heard Heidi Fleiss was being filmed on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - we tried for weeks to speak to him about Sex Workers Anonymous AND about the fact recovery for us did NOT work the same way as taught in textbooks which writes about male addiction recovery.  I say that because Bill Wilson founded AA.  Jimmy Kinnon founded NA.  Roy K. founded SA.  So these groups were founded by men and based on their recovery.  Textbooks write about research done mostly on males.  So what works for females who have been sexually abused and then worked in the sex industry, possibly trafficked, is NOT what's included in those textbooks.

So if you line up every single episode of "Intervention" you will see every single episode fails with sex workers because the "typical" approach does not work on us.  Dr. Drew's staff repeatedly refused to speak to us.  His staff has refused to put us on his show.

Now I don't mean ME = I mean Sex Workers Anonymous.  We have a chapter of SWA in Los Angeles and I mean WE.  If you'd like to hear from some of our members in their words   Our program is 30 years old, we've got news clips up at with other quotes from members, and it's perfectly logical to assume if you have someone like Heidi or Mary Carey in your program then you should be able to refer them to the program.  Yet Dr. Drew has REFUSED to even speak to us despite the fact we have an international program, and our hotline has answered 500,000 calls to Polaris' 100,000 calls to date.

So WHO DOES Dr. Drew speak to:

The screen above came from only the site goes nowhere.    There is no contact information for our hotline.  However, it appears there's an interview up with Dr. Drew and Kathryn Griffin-Townsend.  Now let me get this straight - Dr. Drew is part of a group of shows produced by Hearst Media.  Hearst Media also produces Oprah.  Hearst Media has produced THREE shows on Brenda Myers-Powell, a woman who has attributed her recovery not to Kathryn's program, BUT TO OURS.  

So Brenda, who gets her recovery in OUR program is not filmed by Dr. Drew, but instead he filmed Kathryn Griffin-Townsend.  Can anyone show me where HER graduates have wound up please?   Oh wait a minute - she was supposedly a part of "8 Minutes" which was exposed for either being a faked staged show, or for "breaking promises" and not "delivering recovery as promised" depending upon which version you want to believe about why the show was taken down.

So if our program has stood the test of time as being more effective than Kathryn's - then why is SHE the one being filmed by Dr. Drew instead of our program?  The most obvious difference between us is that she is a woman of color while I "appear" to be white.  I say "appear" because I'm light skinned, but in reality I have African American and also native American blood.  

The show "8 Minutes" also featured D'Lita Miller from Families Against Sex Trafficking as their resource consultant.  A woman who when I spoke to her claimed she "had no resources" for victims.  When I offered to show her where resources were - she blocked my phone number.  Real professional action.   These are photos of Ms. Miller who was also put on CNN with Maxine:

Like the corn rows again for the "ethnic" hair style?

Now - who are the "rescuers" brought to us by this media campaign?

Annie Lombert - Hookers for Jesus:  she is all over the media.

Linda Smith - head of Shared Hope who up to 2013 told us they didn't provide "direct services" to USA domestic victims of sex trafficking while taking millions from American donors.

Joy Hoover - who got a law passed in like a minute flat in Nevada with the Cupcake Girls.

Bradley Myles - co-founder and CEO of Polaris.

Tim Ballard  - who Nicholas Kristof filmed taking a rescue mission into the streets of Columbia.

Shelley Lubben - Pink Cross

Minh Dang - named to the office by President Obama.  She won't return any of my calls despite the fact I run the largest and oldest program of survivors in this country.  

Now check out our blog page:

Note we've had 100,000 views and our blog isn't that old.  

If you go to  I'd like to point out we have an image of a young person, a male, a female, and a person of color.  We shot for a nice mix.

Now - check out the images which came up in Google connected to the "Girlfriend Experience" film which just came out recently.  

I know marketing and propaganda when I see it.  

Something is wrong when the people I'm seeing saying "sex trafficking doesn't exist" are white, those who say they're victims of trafficking put in front of the camera as such are all women of color, the people being shown in the media as "traffickers" are all people of color, and those being shown as "crusaders" are all white with most being downright blond and blue-eyed.   

Those crusading for trafficking victims who are not white, are only talking about street prostitution and street pimping - thus further making it appear sex trafficking is mostly about illegal street prostitution and street pimps.  

If I'm wrong about this OMISSION of sex trafficking existing within the LEGAL sex industry, affecting men and women of ANY color, existing within the higher ends of the sex industry, and further that I don't see ANYONE talking about organized trafficking in the major media - then please explain to me why Katherine Chon went after re-criminalizing prostitution in Rhode Island BUT NOT Nevada where the legal brothels operate.

When I helped give a press conference on sex trafficking existing within the legal sex industry - I had an older woman there with grey hair (Kathleen Mitchell), an Asian woman (Chong Kim), an African American woman (Brenda Myers-Powell) and myself (who is of mixed descent).  I went to great effort to make sure we didn't represent a singular racial image of who survivors were and I spoke about sex trafficking at the higher levels of the sex industry, as well as in the illegal and legal aspects of the sex industry.  Candace Jordan was there speaking about how Joe Richards, the owner of a legal brothel, had offered her a bribe while she was on the city council.   Thus we also spoke about traffickers who were not only in the legal sex industry - but also represented a more organized type of trafficker.  

Well this probably explains why I'm not the one being paraded around on stages nor in front of the camera.  Tell you what Dr. Drew - I'll paint a black face on, talk about street prostitution, and a street pimp - instead of trafficking which is existing within levels of authority preventing victims from calling for help because of who is involved in our world and we'll leave discussion about victims connected to men like Eliot Spitzer alone.  

I guess we're just supposed to believe Svetlana (the one caught with Eliot Spitzer in a hotel recently) cut herself on a wine glass after telling Eliot she wanted to leave the country to clearly get away from him. and that her supposed "confession" she had "made the whole thing up" which gets Eliot off the hook has nothing to do with his political and media power and that there's absolutely no reason why someone like Eliot wouldn't want Svetlana to know she can get support from a program like ours.

And let's not even think women like Heidi Fleiss, Mary Carey, Kristy Mack, Belle Knox, Suzy Favor-Hamilton, Brandy Britton or Jeane Palfrey might possibly be victims of some type of coercion, and don't need a program to help them exit and find recovery from the sex industry.  

No - women like Alyssa Funkes (the young woman who killed herself after being bullied by people who attacked her for being in porn) are just fine without a group like to turn to for help Dr. Drew.  There isn't any need at all for women like her to know about us.

Nor for women like Amber Rayne who was found dead recently after saying James Deen had raped her (another man in the porn industry) -

Nor Christy Mack when she decides to retire.  Sure Christy will be able to go get some job as a cocktail waitress or a secretary and she'll have no problem at all looking for a job somewhere.  Her past career won't hold her back one bit.  Nor will Belle Knox have any problems with housing, banking, nor jobs once she quits the porn industry.  Women like Suzy Favor-Hamilton who keep hooking despite having a career, a husband and a child, and over $1,000,000 in endorsements can always just fly off to Beverly Hills to see a psychiatrist so no - there's no need to have men and women be able to pick up a phone and call our hotline and speak to another person who is in recovery from the sex industry.  

Yes Dr. Drew you know so much about this subject you can just point out to me your long list of testimonials from men and women in recovery from the sex industry you've helped like I can at  I've got more interviews I haven't loaded yet online also.

When marketing tobacco - they used images of the Marlboro Man.  It seems we have Madison Avenue at work in this field right now folks!  

Because I'm the one who has answered 500,000 calls for 30 years, has 190,000 members in the current database, 100,000 views on her blog, 60,000 subcribers to our newsletter, and who created the program who got women like Brenda Myers-Powell, Kathleen Mitchell, Savannah Sanders, Paige Latin, and many other leaders in this field their early recovery - but I'm not the one being invited to speak, teach, train, or advice on policy or laws.  

No - we have a woman who stood on a corner for four years and now she's got a pretty dress on we're going to put her in charge of training people in law enforcement, probation, etc.  With people's lives at stake here with respect to what they know about this subject, and all the money being spent on providing the best possible training to people in the field - THIS is who is being presented to you as your educator NOT the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement who started it all and whose work was even validated in a 10 year study "Leaving Prostitution".   No - we're going to bring you Leah talking about her four years on the streets.   No one is trying to hide any information from anyone around here now are they?

I'm sorry but WE HAVE LAWS ON THE BOOKS ALREADY TO ARREST PIMPS.  You get pimped by a pimp and guess what?  Call 911 and his butt will be in prison in five minutes.  THAT'S NOT THE WORK LEFT TO BE DONE!

So the powers that be have to make sure to keep the focus on the streets so no one knows what's going on in places like the DEA owned strip club you can read about here:

Nope THIS is the trafficker we're going to focus on in our training and awareness raising.

The last thing we're going to do is put Jody up on a stage or in front of a camera talking about we need to "change the system" so that THOSE victims can go and get help when they're being trafficked rather than waiting around for the possibility of someone tripping up on their case to help them.  The NY pimp's victims had COPS SEE THEM BEING PIMPED AND THEY DID NOTHING!  Oh no though - we can't talk about THAT and what we're going to do about THAT.  

You know it's things like this why after the Mann Act of 1910 was passed to help Chinese women who were being trafficked in massage parlors back then that by 1960 we'd only arrested two African American men who married white women as "traffickers".  

So "end demand" wants to keep focusing you in on the victims while I keep on trying to get you to focus in on who it is creating the pain so something can be done.  Well if the only way to get on camera or on a stage is to put on blackface - I'd better go get my make-up kit.  

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I'm reading Kylie Jenner is going to be lending her social media support to the film "Caged No More".  I'm also hearing from survivors who have seen it (I haven't been invited yet despite the fact I run the oldest and largest group of survivors that started this movement in the first back back in the 1980's, that the film is "not realistic".

I can't comment having not seen it but I can say this - sex trafficking takes many forms.  However, I don't believe there's anything like the type of trafficking that exists here in the states.  You can watch trafficking movies about Thailand, China, Korea, Columbia  - all you want and you will not know how it works here in the states in it's many different manifestations.

But let me ask you something, what would you think about someone who is creating a film for Alcoholics Anonymous to help people get sober sponsored by an alcohol company?  Would you think it would be 100 % honest?  What about research on tobacco sponsored by the tobacco company?  If anyone remembers, tobacco executives LIED to Congress about their product.

The "Insider" as we saw in the film with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe had to FIGHT the media just in order to bring us the truth about tobacco.  This guy did not go running down to the local news station and say "oh look here's a report that shows the truth on tobacco".

NO.  This guy had to fight tooth and nail over the fact CBS was being threatened within an inch of their lives by the tobacco company threatening to sue them for defamation.


Let's take a quick look at the Kardashian clan here for a moment.  Kylie, who is supposed to be promoting this film on trafficking, supposedly has a sex tape of her own out now.

We have Innocence Lost coming out with a very realistic film about what sex trafficking is like in the USA - however it's having to come out in the UK.  I don't see Kylie, or any of the Kardashian or Jenner clan promoting THIS film.

But I do see Rob Kardashian dating a porn performer, Blac Chyna.   In fact, the media is saying how "good" she is for him in all the weight he's lost.  Let's not mention before when he was saying he couldn't leave his house because he was "sitting around watching porn day and night".  I mean he couldn't possibly be switching addictions now could he?  Oh but we can't talk about "addiction" while Kloe is being sponsored by an alcohol company for her new show.

The film "Caged No More" that's supposed to be helped with marketing by Kylie Jenner is by Trafficking Hope.  Only if you go on their page all you see is one after the other after the other of African-American and Hispanic men who are clearly street level pimps being arrested.

There is nothing on there about how white men like Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman are pimps, nor men like Chris Butler or Kemp Shiffer.  Certainly nothing about the Hell's Angel's who murdered Margo Compton  and who owned the "Shady Lady" brothel where this happened to Aubrey

Nor do I see anything being mentioned about the Asian massage parlors that are on every corner in Los Angeles now.  Considering Aston Kutcher is photographed coming out of one - we don't want to mention them as points of sex trafficking clear back to the Mann Act of 1910 now do we?  Oh no - let's keep the focus on kids with THORN so no one notices him going into the massage parlor with adults.

Now at first I thought Ashton might come out and say he was doing "research" on the trafficking arena in massage parlors as to why he was seen coming out of one - but not a peep.  So I guess he wasn't there on research, nor outreach, or he would have said something.

Let's see we have Kim Kardashian all over the Vivid website.  As we do Montana Fishburne - Laurence Fishburne's daughter.  Who wasn't turned out into prostitution by the "big bad black pimp on the corner".   But instead by her boyfriend in high school in 2010.  There's more on her arrest here - Jeremy had her down at Vivid on her 18th birthday to sign her porn contract.
A film he did right along with her.  So not one, but two people were now caught up with Vivid and a career in porn which never goes away by the way.  I have members of who report to me that photos from 20 years before can pop up on their jobs, their marriages, etc., and then they lose everything.

One woman who had racy photo taken 17 years prior has been fired.

What?  Porn isn't as big as the tobacco or alcohol industry you say?  Really?

Here's how it works - people are interested in Kim or Kylie so they type in their keywords.  They find the Vivid tape pop up and they're curious.  Now no one on this end appears to be being "turned out" right?  I mean Kris isn't putting a gun to anyone's head and making them do this right?  No one put a gun to Rob's head to get him emotionally involved with a porn performer.  No on put a gun to Kylie's head to make a film with her boyfriend.  I mean everyone "loves" each other right?

But then people at home go onto the Vivid site looking for Kim or Kylie  and they see Montana.  Oh wow look at Laurence's little girl - let's check this out.

Voila - you now have Kim and Kylie "pimping" Montana's adult films.  Then when the "johns" see the film they think "oh I want a taste of that" so they go looking for Montana to schedule them an appointment.  They know she's been arrested for prostitution so certainly she's available is what they'll think.

We then see "Montana regrets doing porn" even though I know I for one tried to warn her beforehand.  I tried leaving messages on her social media, with DJ's she was doing interviews with, with people who said they were her friend, etc.  I even reached out to the Kardashian family asking if THEY would warn Montana not to do this - that her experience would not be like Kim's.   I never got an answer back.

Montana is no longer doing porn - but instead now "stripping".  Okay NOW you may have an idea why our members have to abstain from ALL FORMS of the sex industry - because as you can see what we do is we "switch".  We "substitute" from one form to another never thinking it's the industry itself that's the problem.  No it's just "how" we're doing it not that we need to leave it alone entirely.

Let's see - looks like Montana working at a club in Texas now.  and now we have her Twitter speaking about STD's.

So Kim and Kylie - you're just "pimped" out Montana Fishburne.    That's how it works from that perspective.  But here's another - right now there's pimps all over doing to the girls or boys they're with feeding them the same line of bull that got Montana up to that Vivid office with him on her 18th birthday.  The man she loved was right there right her also.   Wonder where he's at now?

Seems he's in Los Angeles selling weed and pimping.  Doesn't look like they're still together does it?  Meaning he was sure there for her when it was time to sign that contract, make that porn, and get paid in 2010.

Now six years later, he's in Los Angeles selling weed and she's stripping down in Texas.  Thing is however I remember checking in on Montana in 2013 and she was trying to become a personal trainer while only "dating" sports figures.  I warned her without support that she'd just slide back into sex work which is what appears to be the case.  But this Jeremy was all over her for years until he got her into that Vivid office - and now they don't seem to have much connection at all looking at their social media.

This is what happens to most people - NOT winding up like Kim Kardashian married to Kanye West.  People have to understand that the difference here between these two girls is for one Kim has her mother watching over her - something I did not see anywhere in the picture with Montana.

In fact, her father wasn't just ignoring her, but every woman in the family it appeared.

Including it appears is Laurence's mother.  Now I had dropped a line to Dr. Phil that I think this family needs some "intervention" but it doesn't appear anyone's looking into the fact this family is in trouble and who looks like they're paying the price is Montana.  She was 18 years old in 2010, making her 24 years old now.  That's usually when I get the phone call - between 24 and 26 years old saying "I'm done".  

Now while it appears she was being pimped in her teen years - her social media does not look like she has one now.  Meaning that Montana isn't probably going to think she needs to call the National Trafficking Hotline.  Nor Jeremy.  Neither one will classify as "trafficked" but you can't convince me they don't need help in getting out of the sex industry - Jeremy included because pimps don't die of old age neither you know.

Again, why I'm putting out there Montana or Jeremy if you want help you can reach out to us at  We have a large group of members in Texas as you might well imagine as well as Los Angeles.  Yes we know a few ex-pimps as well.


Oh wait a minute - did I say Kris was "watching over Kim"?  Excuse me - cough - "managing Kim" I should have said.  I'm curious, does "Caged No More" highlight that a mother can be the one pimping out her kids?

My mom sure did.  When she found out I had been turned out by the pimps in Richard Pryor's family - she stood in line for her cut. or  Now I wonder where these mother's got their ideas to put their girls into prostitution.  Hmmm.  Too bad they didn't put them into porn and then they wouldn't get arrested under the "No Such Thing" campaign.  Nope.  If their girls had been juveniles and did porn they'd just get counseling.  Counseling their mothers would drive them to.

I don't think anything like that is in the film, "Caged No More" as it would be if I were to make a film about this subject, but then again I know the Kardashian family wouldn't be standing in line to promote my film.  People are great at looking in the dirty closests of people in foreign countries, or other people, but no one likes to take a look at the skeletons in their own closets.  Even if it does affect the children around them.

It's called "denial".

Now if you ask me THIS is what Willow was talking about when she went to her mom, Jada Pinkett-Smith, saying she was "seeing this kind of thing going on at school around her".

So mom goes out and does a special in Atlanta, Georgia with CNN talking about sex trafficking there.  No offense but Willow asked about Beverly Hills sex trafficking NOT about Atlanta Jada.  Oh by the way - don't bother trying to reach anyone in the documentary with Jada.  They've all moved on to bigger, better jobs and are no longer in those offices seen in the film.  The group she promoted ran out of funding and folded.  We however are still here.  But yes Jada went out and did a movie and "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign so she could her son and daughter that she "did something about this".   Yes - she made a film about poor African-American families over in Atlanta NOT pointing the camera in her own back yard.

Right after this film, we see then Jada coming out in Magic Mike XL with Channing Tatum speaking about how he's quit stripping three years ago himself.   Magic Mike XXL  Jada plays a lesbian MC who holds the mike in a very suggestive fashion while she introduces the male dancers in the film.  Trust me - most male strippers are not Channing Tatum nor will they wind up like him either.

Now you and I as adults know this is just a film.  However, when I was growing up and I was watching the "Happy Hooker" on TV, along with Mae West, and  Linda Lovelace in "Deep Throat" being like a rock star in the first adult film to be seen in mainstream theaters in the 1970's - do you think I knew that this stuff wasn't "real"?  All I knew was I wanted to be on that stage too - just as kids are going to want to be Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett-Smith in Magic Mike XL.

IF the alcohol and tobacco companies didn't know the power of film - then tell me why we've passed laws that forbid the use of alcohol, along with smoking?  Tell me why film companies are having to set things back in time like "Mad Men" just in order to show those images of drinking and smoking again?

Having a read good impact on us too what with Whitney, Bobbi Christina and Michael Jackson dying from drugs and alcohol.

Disney is banning smoking in their films - so clearly film companies DO KNOW the power of seeing our favorite celebrities doing something.

Like 'lil sis and big sis in the Kardashians being in XXX films.  

The problem ladies is that other people aren't like you and they don't have Kris running around making sure they get home at night, or they don't disappear somewhere.  I read that the actress who plays Dharma, Jenna Elfman, in Dharma & Greg, had her daughter just simply go on a date and WHAM - she's now a trafficking victim.

So it's here.  It's in Hollywood.  It's in your schools and affecting your kids.  Your kids can simply go out on a date - and it's here.  Jada's film nor her campaigns did anything to warn Jenna about the trafficking going on right here in Los Angeles in our own schools.   Neither is Kris Jenner doing anything to have warned Jenna Elfman before it hit her daughter either.

Because it's kind of hard to be telling your kids not to drink while you're doing a beer commercial.

Even harder when you're bringing the owner of Anheuser Busch over for dinner.   You know Cindy McCain - she's the wife of Anheuser Busch Beer who sponsored the pushing forward of the "No Such Thing" campaign.  You know that one - they called out to stop arresting juveniles for prostitution charges.

HOWEVER, without being arrested, that means the police then don't ask who their pimp was who put them out there.  No instead they're referred over to counseling.  Then guess who drives them to counseling?  Their mothers.  Oh don't worry - they'll know what to say.  My mom sure had me coached what to say when the social workers were around so as not to have me taken away!  Oh and a pesky little thing like finding out who their pimps are?  Well we don't need to bother with that either now do we because there's "no such thing" as a prostitute means there's no such thing as a pimp right?

Now don't tell me that some of this money and contracts didn't factor into what happened recently with Lamar Odom.  For the last two years now I have been knocking on doors trying to get the authorities to hear that I've been hearing from the customers of strip clubs, massage parlors, and brothels, that these men have been drugged, then while passed out they've been robbed, their cards maxed out, their bank accounts hacked into - all within establishments they thought were "legal".  

When they have woke up and realized what happened to them - they're reported the police have threatened to charge them with drug possession or being under the influence in order to convince them to drop the charges - which we then witnessed playing out in living color on the news with Lamar.   Only once he was safe back home in Los Angeles - I STILL don't hear anyone talking to me in the media about what's going on and even to Lamar - not even Lamar.  Why?  Could be because 1/2 the family is in the porn business and being sponsored by the alcohol industry.   

I mean check out the spin on this  He almost dies, wakes up with $75,000 missing out of his pockets, and the media looks like he "spent $75,000" on a good time there.  Anyone looking back on this would think he just had too much of a good time here, not that he almost died and that he might have been taken to a further out hospital in order for the brothel to be able to protect their ass had he died.  Oh no - let's not talk about that.

I've been working with trafficking victims in Nevada since 1988.  I have had pimps in Nevada taunt us over the fact there is ONE lab in all of Nevada that they have access to because their friends own the joint, Quest Diagnostics.

There isn't two labs - there's one.  Meaning evidence can be altered.  Evidence such as HIV results, DNA results at crime scenes, paternity results, and yes even cover things up if someone winds up dead.  Didn't anyone wonder why Lamar was taken to first Pahrump and then Sunrise?  Do you realize that in a helicopter it is the same distance from the brothel to UMC - which is where most celebrities are taken since they have the best ER and the best trauma unit.  They treat more overdose victims there also.

First of all, I know from the working girls up there who tell me they know most of the staff at Pahrump.  My mother died at Sunrise and I watched as all of her files were on a computer which could have been altered or destroyed with one button - nothing was on paper.

However, at UMC it's not all computerized.  If Lamar had died, the brothel would have wanted to ensure they were able to cover up the medical records so as not to point to them.  Now this was Lamar - can you imagine what just an ordinary Joe or Jane is up against when going up against this kind of system with this kind of power?   Not everyone has their team of lawyers.

Well now maybe you have an idea the problem with a prostitute at the brothel catches HIV and then goes to try and prove it and the lab falsely reports it a negative?  Or if a rape victim is trying to prove she was raped by someone and the DNA is altered?  Because I've taken women who were trafficked into the hospital and I've been taunted over the fact that these records can be altered.

Would the word get out?   Not when Adelson who has a "prostitution agenda" in this country owns the Review Journal and about 90 %  of the media in Nevada it won't.   Especially with his record of intimidating journalists.  Oh no, Adelson isn't supporting the push to legalize prostitution across the country and he wants to fight sex trafficking very much.

So I"m sure that's why there's been so much press about her work in Nevada in his paper considering I've been living in Nevada and working with victims there since 1988.  Oh yes, so much press on and how we're helping victims in the only state where prostitution is legal.   In fact, let's go see how much.  We'll go to the Review Journal and type in "Sex Workers Anonymous" and let's see how much has been written about our work in Nevada - especially after we gave an international press conference about sex trafficking in Nevada in only 2007.

What's that say?  ZERO.

Okay so the RJ won't write about us.  So is Lamar taking this event and using it to warn others?  No.  Is Kloe saying anything about the brothel that almost killed Lamar?  Well no - she's filming her premiere of "Kocktails".    So if you want to know how to protect your children from sex trafficking - I wouldn't suggest a film being promoted on the subject by the Kardashian family.

Because the only message I'm seeing looking at them is bare it all, take the money and shut up.  Everyone else can fend for themselves.  As long as you got yours - screw 'em all.  That's the message I'm getting from them about all of this.  Who cares if Montana is now stripping down in Texas.  You got yours - so screw her right?  Let her own family worry about her right?  Only Laurence just doesn't seem to be doing anything is he?  Not your problem hey Kris?

Let's leave it up to the FBI - they know what they're doing.

Or the prosecutor's office - they know what to do.

The cops - they know what to do.

Okay maybe LAPD isn't the right cops.

And there's nothing wrong with strip clubs or Channing wouldn't have been talking about them like it wasn't anything wrong -

Okay that's not fair.  That kind of thing doesn't exist in male strip clubs.

America - pimps are all around us and they aren't what these films "Caged No More" are trying to convince you they are like, who they are, and how they operate.  If you want help to get out of the sex industry, away from people who say they care about you and who clearly don't, then please know you can call and we'll get you out of there.