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Here's the deal - we're being excluded as you know from the very system we created.  WE'RE the program who came to the courts FIRST in 1987 when NO ONE wanted to lift a finger to help us.  We're the ones who said first and without a fund raiser or a federal grant - "until you are going to decriminalize prostitution then the least you can do is court order them into our program in place of jail being that these are not criminals - but instead women feeding their children, junkies looking for a way to feed their habit who can't get into treatment because they're prostitutes, and also because victim services won't help them when raped, kidnapped, stalked and beaten because the system considers them as "criminals", women who can't get jobs because of porn of them appearing online alone with having a criminal record which means they can't deny the photos are in facts theirs, criminal records preventing them from obtaining work licenses su


I was watching a film today where the character was talking about how the Nazi's formed opinions about Jewish people using propaganda.    They would use images like below.  Mind you this is not mine or my opinion - I'm just showing the cartoon the Nazi's used to turn people against the Jewish community. Now I want you to look at the people who are being paid for by big money such as the Hunt Alternative Foundation which is paying for the "End Demand" campaign to teach you what sex trafficking is, who the victims are, and most important . . . who the TRAFFICKERS are: Brenda Myers-Powell, a street prostitute who had a street pimp.  She's also a woman of color.   The  "No Such Thing" campaign whose poster child is literally a girl of color.   Marion Thatcher - a woman of color who speaks about street prostitution and street pimps.   Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew, a woman of color who speaks about illegal street prostitutio