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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dear Prachi:

I would like to talk to you.  i read this article today -

I think you should know I got a lot more than "death threats".  I've had a car destroyed.  I had a bomb put in our outreach RV.  My daughter was run over by an SUV in what was an attempt on my life which broke her back in three places.  I've had my front door kicked in while the police refused to take a report. They said that "I could have done it".  I have screen shots of people trying to find out where I live so they can come harm me that are connected to so called "anti-trafficking movement" people.

Just as these people pretended to be the buyer of baby parts to get this video against Planned Parenthood - so too are they masquerading as being part of the very movement I founded - which is being hijacked.   I'm going to ask you if when you promoted what appeared to be the petition of a 17 year old victim, if you are aware it was being used to launch a "no such thing" campaign whose face is an African American attorney, but funded by the McCain Institute?

Prachi - you appear young.  I started this movement in 1987.  You just became a senior writer there at Cosmopolitan.  Years ago a member of Prostitutes Anonymous (our name prior to 1995) was allowed to publish an article about us.  Today, now you're owned by Hearst Media - I can't even get a blurb published.  Let alone buy an ad for which I was refused.

Why?  Because the CEO of Hearst Media before he got fired, was Steve Sassa  Who was fired when a pimp of an escort he was texting went to the legal department in a blackmail attempt.  What he was being blackmailed to do?  Don't know.  But there's clearly a lot more to this movement than meets the eye.

Which is why I'd like to see you include us Prahi.  If you want to fight for us, help us, have our voices heard - than please help us get OUR voices heard.  Show me you've got that kind of chops.  Because if you'll write about her having to be on the lam for her views - how about me having to now live in an RV that moves every three days because of attempts on my life and my daughter's.  Not THREATS - but ATTEMPTS.

How about our voice?

Jody Williams

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