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You want to help save souls?  Two young women, 24 and 23 years old, who have one more night at a hotel in Miami, Florida.   No pimp so there's no trafficking.  They have already asked the hotel if they'd hire them and they're only hiring Hispanics - not African American girls.  These women have been hooking since they were kids to survive and have tried everything.  This woman has put in applications at car washes, Walmart, etc. and she says they keep hiring illegal aliens.  She tried real estate and got ripped off.  She's at the end of her rope and cried the whole hour we spent talking on the phone.  She's even willing to go into drug treatment to get help.  She's "done".  But she needs help with one more night at the hotel.  She needs to go somewhere, get money for the hotel, a job, etc.  Call me to get her contact information and help.   This is urgent - we have until noon tomorrow to come up with something for them.