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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Okay you've read the "trash Jody" site up at and you don't know what to think.  

(again don't visit that site from your computer - go to a public internet cafe or library and use a public computer on a public internet to visit that site.)

I've told you everything on there is a lie, and that certain people behind it are using that site to try and capture the IP address of everyone who comes to our site.  I say I can show you PROOF that the two women who claim to be behind that website were "snitches".  Plain and simple.  That's what that website is - that site is being used to relay information on who is reaching out to us for help in order to capture information I won't give to the police, the FBI, CIA, or anyone else in law enforcement.

You don't know WHAT to believe.  

So what do you do?

I know this - for TEN YEARS I've not found a reporter who was willing to tell the truth, even if it cost him his job.  Even if it meant he was going to have his life threatened.  Because for 10 years I've had reporters tell me they can't publish the stories I've brought them because either they would "be fired" or they were being threatened into silence if they tried.  

I've found a lot of "fake" reporters who say they want to tell your story, who use that to get you to sign releases that then are used by lawyers to shut you up.  

I've found reporters who say they'll print your story and then they chicken out the minute their job, or their lives, are threatened.  

I've found reporters who tell you they're going to tell your story to get at your evidence which then disappears overnight.  

So since about 2007 - I haven't been able to find ONE reporter that I believe would tell the truth if he heard it.  Not one that COULD anyway, because for ten years I've had a lot of reporters tell me they "can't" because again either they'd be "fired" or they've been threatened with harm if they tried.  

It doesn't matter much if you tell your story to a reporter that no one listens to. 

I met a man today that's changed my mind and given me hope again in the press.  After talking to him I realized I might have even been wrong about Sheldon Adelson.  I'm not sure yet on that point - but I might be wrong.  

I say that because for a few years - every time I got told by someone they were either fired, or threatened, because of a connection to us - the name Sheldon Adelson kept coming up time after time after time.  Sheldon hired them, or gave them grant money, or donated to them or owned their company - but that name just kept coming up time and time again.  

I even had someone deliver me a message right to my face that "Sheldon Adelson says you're blacklisted with any of his media for life and it doesn't matter how many victims die because they didn't know how to reach you for help".  

Tom Ragan, and the reporter who was with him, who tried to do a story on us in May of 2013, was fired for trying not only to publish that story, but for trying to expose the fraud that was going on in Nevada with respect to the trafficking grant money.  Grant money that wasn't making it to the victim.   Both he and the photographer told me it was because of "Sheldon Adelson" so that tends to make me believe the lady who told me Sheldon had "blacklisted me" from all press he was connected to.

Only there's been a real house cleaning over at the Review Journal.  When I met with Brian tonight, he told me that he was told that Sheldon himself had said he "wanted to build the best investigative team in the country", and that's why he, and the new editor over at the RJ, were hired.  

Now in a all fairness, did Sheldon do all of that stuff, or is it possible that other people used his name to blame him?  I don't know - so I wrote him a letter a few years ago asking him to agree to meet with me in person to address just that question.  I also asked him for that because I'd had quite a few people lie about me.  The lies on are a good example.  I had someone impersonating me and doing some of the things spoken about on that site.  It wasn't me - but it was someone CLAIMING to be me.  

So in all fairness to Sheldon, how did I know if these things WERE him, or just using his name?  How do I know the threat came from Sheldon himself, or someone SAYING it came from him?

I don't.

Which is why I wrote him a few years ago and asked for a meeting so we could talk over what really was him and what was really me.  Because if people are lying about me - they're probably lying about him also.  The only way I thought I could figure this out was to meet with him and ask him.  I told him how all these reporters were telling me it was because of HIM they were afraid to publish any stories on our work with real victims - not phony victims made up to get grant money, not people trying to plug some picture, but REAL sex workers with REAL STORIES TO TELL that reporters were telling me they "couldn't publish" and blaming Sheldon.

Brian tells me that about the same time as I sent that letter to Sheldon asking to meet with me and tell me to my face if in fact he was blacklisting us, was when Brian had said was about when Sheldon  had started saying he "wanted to build the best investigative team in the country" at the Review Journal, and hired people like him, to counter which admittedly had been a bad reputation for printing false stories at the RJ at that point.  

I mean Tom being fired  when he tried to expose some of those fake stories didn't help the reputation  at the RJ either.  

Brian Joseph on Muck Rack

So you know what?  Logically I don't think someone who was doing these sorts of things would try and assemble the "best investigative team in the country".  

I looked at Brian's history and it's impressive.  So are the histories of some of the other NEW people over at the RJ now.  Again, I don't think if Sheldon was in fact trying to hide something he'd bring in a team that could expose that.  That's not how predators act.  

But maybe Brian was another shill and believe me I've seen those over the years.  They come in asking to "speak to one of your victims" and in reality it's been a ruse to find out where they are - having nothing to do with printing their story!  

The only way to tell if someone is a "shill" or for "real" is to meet someone face to face and watch their eyes carefully when you talk to them.  

So I went to meet with Brian and I'm convinced.  Now I'm printing his photo because not only have I been impersonated online, I've had people showing up at events claiming to be me that weren't me.  I've talked to other people who have had the same thing happen in this field.  

So if the guy you're talking to or meeting ISN'T the guy in this picture - then that's not Brian Joseph.

Now if you don't want to call me about your situation because you don't know what to believe - then call Brian.   He's over at the Review Journal now in Nevada.

Tell HIM your story.  Because it's been a while since I met a reporter who would really stick by a story and get the story PRINTED.  And PRINTED WHERE IT COUNTS.  

I believe Brian Joseph can do that.  

I asked him if he can break these confidentiality contracts many of you are being threatened with into silence.

He has lawyers and he can.   I believe that also.

So if you don't want to call me - fine.

Call Brian.  Tell him your story.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Jody Williams
Email –
(702) 468-4529

October 22, 2015

Clark County District Attorney's Office
Clark County Metro – Chief of Police
Nevada Attorney General's Office
Via Email and Fax

Re: Snoop Dogg's 2003 Playboy Tour

Dear Sirs:

My name is Jody Williams. I'm the founder and director of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself and Sex Workers Anonymous. In 2003, I received a phone call from a Nevada senator. This man informed me he had received a call from one of his constituents asking for help to help their daughter. The daughter had been “turned out” during Snoop's Playboy tour across the country. After being “processed” by Snoop – she was then turned over to a local Las Vegas pimp who had a long criminal, and violent, history. I was told she was reported to be pregnant, as well as being held hostage by threats by the pimp against the lives of her family.

I asked the obvious question “why call me about this?” I was told that Nevada did not want to move against the pimp by arresting him, because it would then open up a whole “can of worms” because of how Snoop could then cry “defamation” against such a horrible accusation as to being involved in sex trafficking. Mind you – he had not been saying anything about this before in the media. I asked for money and/or resources to accomplish this “rescue” and was told “no – because we can't risk any money going out proving we had knowledge of this case”.

I asked why this woman couldn't just be removed and put into the sex trafficking shelter for Nevada – but was reminded there was none at this time. The only services were for those in “witness protection” meaning again to help her she'd have to testify against her trafficker which was what they were trying to avoid so as not to have a “media circus” like we're seeing with the Bill Cosby case.

So I basically got a phone call from the state of Nevada and then was left to our own devices. I was told the police would arrange to pick him up on an “unrelated warrant” during which time I could go into the home and extract this woman safely while he was locked up. I contacted the family to arrange her getting home and did find her chained to a toilet in an empty apartment without even any furniture in it. She told me he had “sold the furniture for drugs”. This woman is fine now and I even received a photo of her baby girl born a few months later safe and sound.

I had been working with a producer at MTV at this same time who was offering to do a show on us for their “True Life” series. They were further going to be making public service announcements for us was what they said. After getting this woman out of that situation, and upon hearing this was something that Snoop was doing on his tour in each stop on the way – I felt something needed to be done. I therefore wanted to contact the people who were sponsoring and organizing his tour to let them know about what happened so hopefully they could help me put a “plug” in the whole thing.

I told this producer what was going on and asked her if she could help me figure out who was producing the show, as well as who might be Snoop's “people” so that I could approach them about shutting this thing down. I further said if she was going to start filming us for this “reality show” that maybe they ought to get a camera out to film what we were doing in this case. They said they wanted to film how we helped our members – and well this was one of those ways.

MTV then fired the producer I was working with. No one knew who her replacement was when I called back – and no one at MTV seemed to even know who I was after her termination. I further found it very interesting that this year all the trafficking work at MTV was switched over to launch in Sweden instead of the USA. All my calls to their people now working on trafficking are not returned.

I then tried to work with our SWA members in each city that Snoop subsequently traveled to on the rest of that tour to see what else we could do in order to warn women about what was happening on. If we couldn't get MTV to help us warn them – we figured maybe we could go about this directly. Because of this – we were able to extract more women who had been “turned out” by Snoop and then cast off to local pimps in a system that mirrored “old time religious revivals”. This is where the big preacher would sweep into town, get everyone all excited, and then turn them over to the local existing churches. I looked up who Snoop's representation was at William Morris and tried to speak to them about what was going on. I got no response other than “if you get a court order – let me know”.

Snoop has a lot of fans as you might imagine. He also has a record of a murder charge he beat in the past. He's a known drug user and the “johns” he used were NFL players. Meaning big, rich, famous men who have a horrible history with respect to their treatment of women lately. Snoop's other fans and supporters include men involved in the criminal world with histories that are quite dangerous in some cases. Meaning that the women we helped to get out of this situation were, and are, terrified that if their identities come out in the media they'll be ripped apart by his fans, as well as possibly NFL players who might want to keep their involvement out of the media eye. These women have been so traumatized by what happened – not a one of them can hold down a job right now. One is so anxiety ridden she literally can't leave her house without a companion with her.

There was nothing I could do about any of this until Snoop himself confessed in the attached Rolling Stone interview. To try and bring attention to the damage to his victims who didn't have the same view of what happened as Snoop – I tried to organize a protest at the opening of “Turbo” in 2013. A movie where he was playing a "child friendly pimp" of a cartoon snail pimp (that alone I found offensive - making a pimp "child friendly").  The MINUTE I launched the news of this protest – I found myself being stalked, bullied, and smeared by a woman who was spending LITERALLY eight hours a day six days a week on just this mission. This woman went about to get me excluded from every group online about sex trafficking.

Once she got me excluded from the trafficking groups – she set about to find people to turn against me personally using her checkbook. She would literally tell people she would cut them a check for their group IF and UPON this person blocking me from their social media. After she got one man in NY so wound up at me that he started issuing death threats at us – this is when people started pulling away from her finally. Once the show “Turbo” was out of theaters – she pretty much disappeared.

I again tried to reach out to Snoop Dogg's “people” upon the Rolling Stone interview about what his plans were about apologizing to these women, and doing something about undoing the damage done to them. I couldn't get anyone to speak to me about this issue at all. I again let the whole thing kind of “go” until I saw that after no one came after him about this tour – he then started the “Snoop Youth Football League”.

Not only putting him in touch with young male athletes – but also now auditioning young females as cheerleaders. Then came the investment in the medical marijuana delivery service. I ask you – with what we're seeing going on with the Bill Cosby case – if a young girl were to be trafficked in connection with this football league in the same manner as he did while on the Playboy Tour who would file a case against him? In Nevada, Mally Mall has had his house raided – but no arrests. I have tried reaching out to the football team organizers about what steps are they taking to make sure these young cheerleaders are safe from the teen pimps being attracted now onto the football fields that security is telling me is all over the games – and I get no response back.

So I set up the site at Instead of anyone from his people contacting me about trying to apologize to these women, or rectify anything – I suddenly found myself being targeted, and attacked, and smeared, in an almost identical manner as before but this time by the Cupcake Girls. In doing some homework on them as to where this hostility was coming from – I learn their lobbyist is connected to Live Nation. Live Nation produces Snoop Dogg's concerts. I find the timing of the whole thing just a little too “coincidental”.

In this work I've done since 1987 - I've only found myself subject to this type of "stalk and smear" campaigns twice and each time has been in connection and/or retaliation to my speaking up about Snoop.  Personally I find it a "veiled threat" being lobbied at the victims about what would happen to them if they were to decide to take on the media, and the fans, to prosecute him personally.   Just as I found this "confession" in Rolling Stone a taunt (look at me - I can tell the world what I did and STILL no one will do anything or care).

I have looked up the Nevada statutes. Specifically that on “pandering” at NRS 201.300. This statute says that the “consent of the victim” doesn't alter this is a crime. Snoop claims all of these women “consented”. I ask you to imagine being a lone 110 pound female put into an RV with Snoop Dogg, along with NFL players who are big, rich, famous, and also stoned – and then after closing and locking the door asking them to perform a sexual service for money – and then I ask you how comfortable would you feel saying “no”? If she did – could they perceive this “no” considering how “high” everyone was at the time? Was any of it recorded? Was anyone's ID checked to verify their age? The women I spoke to said their ID was not checked for their age.

The statute also speaks about “where prostitution is illegal”. Where he did this, in Las Vegas, prostitution was, and is, illegal. Snoop also says he “gave the money back” as a defense. I ask you if someone robs a bank and then “gives the money back” does that mean they're not guilty of robbing a bank? I personally find it a bit objectionable that all these women victimized by Bill Cosby are getting major press right now while Bill denies what he did categorically – yet Snoop has confessed to all in Rolling Stone and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS.  On top of showing not one shred of remorse or even any idea how these women were harmed and then found they couldn't prosecute their predator because of basically who his "friends" were - this man is now being put out in situations around young teenage girls while also promoting his new "delivery service".  I have yet by the way to see Snoop holding up a medical marijuana card either.  Meaning is he on the field HIGH?  

I'd like either Snoop to be charged for pandering under this statute – or I'd like an explanation from someone as to why he's not being charged for something. Those women were put onto an RV, asked to engage in an illegal act, and taken across state lines. I ask you again – what records were kept to verify each of them was over legal age of consent? In Nevada legal age is 15 years old – but in California it's 18 years old. Were any 16 year olds from Nevada taken into California? Why is there no investigation being done about this? If “consent” isn't a defense – that means you don't need a witness to prosecute him to file pandering charges right? Please advise.

Jody Williams

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I'm writing you from another email because it appears you BLOCKED me from the one I originally wrote you from.  Excuse me but I'm of the understanding your office is that of a public servant.  I am a registered voter and I pay my taxes.  I am not a criminal and I'm a USA born citizen.  Meaning when you write me back to state you "can't help me" and then block me - I would think a better response might be to TRY and help me.  I'm not a political science major for one thing.  I'm not an attorney.  I am simply a recovering addict and prostitute who has been clean and straight since 1985 who tries to help others like me do the same.  A little HELP would be appreciated.  

Now I wrote you for a reason.  You need to forgive me for not being more clear.  Just as you know your job well and would find it very difficult to explain to outsiders - so too is mine.  Our group does not work with street prostitutes except once in a blue moon contrary to the public perception that's been created by people who are not part of our group.  So I'm not writing you about street prostitutes as your response to me seems to imply you think I am.  

First of all, I'm the founder of the sex trafficking movement.  Not a movement to help prostitutes.  A movement that I started because I was seeing men working within our own governmental system (politicians, cops, judges, prosecutors, senators, congressmen,etc.) involved in Iran Contra, and oil deals and government contracts, who were trafficking in women and children (sometimes boys depending upon who they were working with) who were using prostitutes to extract information, blackmail people into deals or silence, run prostitution rings to raise money "off the books", and even sometimes outright sell an American girl to a cartel.  

I could not raise a defense that the warehouse I was using as a safe house was such, and not a "brothel", because I knew to "prove" my case I would only be shut down by men claiming "national security" (you can read more of my clippings here at to see what I mean)  My attorney argued we would expose these men while they pushed to have me incarcerated to silence me.  The end result was them threatening to charge my mother and grandmother if I didn't take the plea wherein they then spent another year trying to get my probation violated to put me in jail to silence me from talking about what I knew about them.

As I'm going through this - I didn't think it was fair that I was threatened into doing what I was doing by fear of people being either framed or murdered where it would be made to look like a suicide or another serial killer targeting prostitutes - so I started talking in the press about this in 1987 (once my probation was over), and demanding that this country realize that not all of us were there by choice. As such, those of us who were not - needed to be able to get help as "victims" instead of being treated like criminals across the board like we were back then.  We made ground with the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed 13 years later.  

However, that movement got "hijacked" by people wanting to silence us yet again.  Now that I had the public's awareness this was real - other parties decided to take over "spinning" the idea of what exactly trafficking is away from us, the actual victims.  Fake victims like Samoly Mam, and fake rescuers like Bill Hilliar, were created to embark upon a media and government grant campaign filled with media images of street prostitutes and street pimps along with the word "trafficking".  It's a well known brainwashing and/or marketing technique.  Bombard someone with something long enough - and the mind accepts it.  See once I made ground of convincing America trafficking was real - then certain powers got scared of Americans then asking "what is it?".  That's when all these "fakes" started hitting the media at the same time we were now being excluded.  

This is why in 2008 Jeane Palfrey stepped up with her Black Book that contained in it names of men like Randall Tobias, David Vitter and even Dick Cheney.  She wasn't trying to say these men were "customers".  She was trying to say these were men who were controlling her, and her escorts such as Brandy Britton, in a modern day version of exactly what I went through in the 1980's.  Only she was murdered in my opinion before she got that chance.  I know what she was trying to say because her and I spoke every day for two years before her death.  That was no suicide.

Prior to this "hijacking" - I used to have men in law enforcement who would do things to traffickers who were not street pimps.  Men like Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer who were using the badge to traffick.   Only for a few years now there's such a media campaign to go after African American street pimps and call that "trafficking" - I find that when I'm talking about REAL trafficking operations I'm getting people who don't understand what I mean by that.  You sound like one of those people when you tell me you "don't see how your office relates to this".  

Because right now in this country things have changed dramatically since the "old school mob" has crumbled.  Street gangs have united with Hell's Angel's and infiltrated law enforcement, as well as politics in much the same identical manner as we witnessed in Mexico when Pablo Escobar became part of their congress, and too when the drug cartel infiltrated the Columbian government over there.  I'm seeing now the same system has developed in this country since the "old school mob" has been dismantled.

I point you to the very tip of the iceberg, the canary in the mine of the DEA owned strip club in NJ that was in the news recently.  The owners, DEA agents, were also partying with Colombian Cartel, where the Colombian police were holding their guns while they danced.  The dancers in this club were illegals from Columbia.  Meaning they weren't going to say anything for fear those same police would visit their family members left back home.  THOSE are the women being left out of this movement right now for many reasons.  We only heard about the DEA agents being exposed because a congressman stood up to do something when he heard about the partying.   However, this still means those women were not given a way out before then - a special exception.  Meaning despite all the money being through at police departments right now to "fight trafficking" - we STILL haven't addressed how trafficking works in this country currently.  

Why is that?  One, I'm being told by the vice departments they "don't have the budget" to do anything but bust johns or streetwalkers and call that a "trafficking rescue operation".  Why?  Because they have a department who is counting on a trafficking grant that's why. So they need to arrest people to show "numbers".   A grant that is then used to do what the Vice Department should be doing.  I point to a recent arrest in Vegas not by Metro, but by the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force.  A task force that was supposed to be designed to HELP RESCUE trafficking victims.  An objective that's now going to be shut down by those two defendants having to mount a legal defense now instead of cooperating in finding, and saving, trafficking victims.  What I mean is the Nevada trafficking task force is out arresting people - not rescuing them.  Of course the fact no one on their committee with even speak to me - might have something to do with this practice.  

Two, a move that's being supported by the people upstairs who view trafficking  as a platform to advance their careers.  I point you to John Hambrick in Nevada.  After the Review Journal "set up" Assemblyman Bob Beers who was trying to do something to help trafficking victims in massage parlors on a phony ethic's charge to get him out of the way, and a few death threats thrown in - John Hambrick was presented as the "savior" of trafficking in Nevada in his place.  Put there not by Nevada trafficking victims - but by people who have an agenda in this country to turn trafficking into their platform to advance the issue of eliminating abortion, and access to things like Planned Parenthood, and other measures to take control of womens' bodies - failing to see that trafficking affects men and women.  

Only when I first heard of John Hambrick and reached out to make contact - he completely blew me off to instead favor con artists like Congo Justice and Annie Lobert.  Congo Justice was a man flown in from Nigeria to show films of trafficking in the Congo as how "horrible trafficking was" that had NO RELATION to NEVADA TRAFFICKING but sure raised some money.  Who then partnered with Annie Lobert and Pastor Benny Perez to raise over a million dollars to supposedly set up a "home for trafficking victims" - where when the truth came out that house never opened (because of me), he just filed bankruptcy while continuing to pocket the money.

While actual victims of Nevada trafficking were being completely ignored, I saw a bus loading up 45 people I'd never seen in my life to head up to the legislature to push through a trafficking bill that had absolutely NOTHING to do with helping trafficking victims in Nevada.  Oh it was very dramatic what with Andrea Swanson up there crying about her daughter being a "trafficking victim" whereas the reality was her daughter was nothing more than a common run of the mill prostitute.  There is a difference.  

While we had "real" trafficking victims who had been trafficked in Nevada who were being ignored.  These were women who to protect their lives we had to relocate out of Nevada once they were rescued.  For this reason, we asked if they could testify at these hearing via phone or skype.  We were refused.  We tried to reach out to John Hambrick to speak for us - only he kept refusing our calls while claiming to represent "us" mind you.  All while going on about trafficking in other countries.  

But the legislature insisted that the ONLY testimony they would hear from us as trafficking victims in Nevada was on camera testifying at the hearings with us present in Nevada.  Well we weren't going to send them into the hearings that were being held at the martial arts studios where they train police officers.  Not considering every one of them has reported to me being raped by police officers, beaten by police officers, blackmailed by police officers, etc.  I sure wasn't going to go there either since I've had my life threatened on three separate occasions by Nevada police officers either, and I've had bad dealings with Chief Gillispie before he stepped down because of corruption charges.  That left us with the only place we'd feel safe enough to testify would be at the hearings at the courthouses.  

While everyone agreed there was no way they were going into the Vegas courthouse because of the prevalence of people we know wearing uniforms who are also part of a network of traffickers who are involved in a ring that spans this country, but also has as one of it's "stops" Las Vegas, and the legal brothels and strip clubs up into northern Nevada - we did agree we would feel safer going into the Carson City hearings on the same day we heard about that bus ringing in those 45 "abolitionists" because we felt more people around us would mean more press and thus we'd be safer.  We also made the silly mistake of thinking we'd get more support for our views because of these people representing themselves to "be on our side" once we were able to meet them in person.  They had all been refusing our calls and emails prior - but we felt once talking to them in person maybe things would change.

Why is Nevada such a big stop for the traffickers?  Because Nevada is one of the few states where the legal age is 15 years of age for one.  For two, there are the legal brothels here.  It's also a state where a girl can dance in a club where she's not old enough to legally drink.  In other words, a 15 year old girl can be brought to Nevada, can obtain a license to work at a legal brothel, and no one is currently charged for sex trafficking.  Whereas in any other state, or even outside of those tiny counties, this same act would land someone in prison for a very long time.  I'd like to point out that 15 years old is also too young to even drive or get a drivers license.  Meaning these girls are dependent upon transportation to get around.  

Also meaning if they want to leave this situation - they have to rely upon a cab.  I point you to this story here about a cab company that was controlled by traffickers up until this arrest. in 2014.   Meaning that anyone connected to the existing cab companies prior to 2014 was "forbidden" to even give rides to these victims.  We were even banned from cab rides during this time.  Drivers were threatened with being fired if they even so much as picked me up to take me, or these victims, somewhere - that's how bad this was in 2013 during those hearings.  

Now there are currently no cab companies in the same towns as the legal brothels.  Nor are there any limos.  The closest thing one can do is to call in a cab or limo from Carson City or even Pahrump to try and get out commercially.  However, if they will come out - that requires cash money.  The brothels won't pay these girls - they'll only pay their managers.  So if they want to leave - they have to leave without a dime and without commercial transportation.  Can they walk out on foot?  No.  There are laws that prevent them from leaving on foot.  In fact, when they first come into the legal brothel they're not even allowed to leave the grounds for at least 48 hours under a rule they disguise as being about the blood test for HIV.  If they are caught out on the streets walking - there are laws that allow the police to literally either arrest them or drag them back to the brothels.

FACTS LIKE THESE were being completely left out of all of those so called "trafficking awareness campaigns" that were being led by John Hambrick.  Events that no matter what I did - I couldn't find out ahead of time when and where they were being held so we could do something to tell people about these types of things WE were suffering.  I would write in to Catherine's office at the Attorney General asking to please be on the event list for the trafficking bill hearings and events  - only to never receive them.  I was told at one point to "take it up with my assistant" which I did.  I then asked her to please send me the list of when and where the trafficking events were being held so I could bring actual victims of Nevada trafficking into town to appear and speak there about NEVADA trafficking.  Only to get an email back from her secretary at one point saying "we're not having any hearings on human trafficking".  I have copies of all of this correspondence by the way.  To say we were blocked is an understatement.  

As we had to resort to "street tactics" to find out where these events were being held because no one would tell us -  while we were doing this we learned there was also going to be a hearing that was "off the calendar" about the brothels being allowed to expand into downtown Las Vegas.  If you remember back then the mayor, Oscar Goodman, was trying to build "magnificent brothels" in downtown Vegas to "help the economy".  He had been courting celebrities, investors, AND politicians to support this.  But it wouldn't be done unless the legislature APPROVED this.  However, the hearing was NOT on calendar, nor advertised.  Luckily we found out about it in time to have someone there to counter-testify.  We were the only ones there to do so. 

Conveniently it was being held in a back room on the very same day as these 45 "abolitionists" were supposed to also be in the legislature, including John Hambrick.  So before this "off the books hearing", a woman who had been trafficked in Nevada's legal brothels by a violent pimp who brought her in from another state before she turned 18 years old mind you, and who was forced to work in these brothels by him holding her kids back at home so she had to return to him (as well he got all her money), named Aubrey, got up in front of all of those "abolitionists" and John Hambrick, and read them a letter on behalf of all of the women we'd rescued in Nevada about what THEY would like to see happen with respect to trafficking Bills that would help them, AND ALSO to please help her block the brothel's expansion by joining her to testify against George Flint, the brothel lobbyiest, once they were done testifying for the trafficking Bill that we, and SWOP, seemed to be the only people testifying against it.

After reading this letter to everyone there, including John Hambrick, no one would look her in the eye.  No one would even speak to her.  It was clear they were not going to offer her support at the hearing against the brothel's either.  But she specifically went up to John Hambrick, who was now advancing his career by pretending to be all about helping us poor "trafficking victims" and garnishing a lot of donations too from what we could tell on this platform - and he was polite to her - but he also turned away.  A conversation that was recorded on tape as all hearings are recorded, and was recorded by a news camera, and a friend of hers using a cell phone to record her trying to speak to John Hambrick - only to have him turn away.

Once she was done reading this letter, it was time to go up against George in another room.  No one joined her.  She went in by herself and sat through George's testimony about how "safe" the brothels were, how they "eliminated trafficking", how "no one got HIV", and how there was "security there", etc.  

Then she got up to tell of her experience in the brothels - how she was raped daily by clients with buzzers not attached in her room (which wouldn't have mattered anyway since there was no security there), how she couldn't file any police reports because the man coming to collect the HIV weekly tests would come to instead drug and rape the women in the brothel knowing full well no one was going to complain or file any charges against him because they didn't want him to actually start collect real HIV tests instead of his payola money and perks, as well how she couldn't leave because her husband had her kids at home as hostages, and he was in control of all of her money, and also how the only group that did help her out of this nightmare was Sex Workers Anonymous, etc. 

And she won.  It was reported in the Review Journal that it was voted down to expand the brothels into Las Vegas - although not one mention about her name as even being a part of the hearings or the reason why it came down this way.  But Aubrey went back to John Hambrick and asked him what could be done to stop what is happening to women in these brothels, as well as the Attorney General - and they both told her "we'll look into what can be done".  I also found it interesting that it was falsely reported that we supported the trafficking bill when in fact we did not by both the press and the legislature.  

That evening, I spoke to John Hambrick on Facebook.  I asked him what he thought about Aubrey's letter and testimony hoping to get a statement of support, and follow up what he had told her about "something being done" about what's going on in the Nevada brothels, as well as the strip clubs.  Instead of confirming he had told her he would "look into it" - he instead said he "had no idea what I was talking about".  I then sent him a video clip of her speaking with him to show that this was the woman I was talking about and that I had a tape of him talking to her.  His response was to block us from his facebook account entirely - which also removed us from being able to talk to others who were involving themselves in this issue.

People like Michael Bartell.  A woman at a local Vegas church was working as treasurer for their trafficking campaign.  She told me that Michael Bartell had raised over $3,000,000 to "fight trafficking" in Nevada.  We met when she had posted on Facebook that they had been "out doing street outreach when a 40 year old with HIV asked for help and they had to refuse her help because they didn't have a house" while asking for donations.  I then got on the phone demanding to know where this woman was left so I could go and get her help.  After a lot of jockeying I was told "there was no woman".  It was a fake story to solicit donations.  

This woman didn't know they had been lying before this.  She was quite upset to hear they were raising millions on lies, while our program was out doing the actual work - so she went to her pastor and Bartell and demanded we be incorporated into their work.  She was then told that they could not include me because the Attorney General had threatened them with an "audit" if they "even spoke to Jody".  They also threatened to throw her out of the church if she spoke to me again after that.  It turned out that many "churches" were using trafficking for a fund raising platform had been told they could say whatever they wanted, no matter how fraudulent, without being audited, just as long as they "did not speak to Jody" by the Attorney General.   Why?  Because according to these insiders - the Attorney General was using the money they raised for federal dollar matching.  

While this was going on  - I'm collecting huge case files of just how fraudulent their tactics were to raise money.  Including a judge who lied to the Bureau of Land Management to get five acres donated to his house he wanted to build for teen girls on the claim there "was no alternatives for them" when there was.  In fact, rather than using the alternatives that did exist he would lock up girls who hadn't even been charged with anything because he was "afraid they'd prostitute".  Well the last time I looked locking someone up without them having committed a crime was illegal.  Especially when you're using them as "poster children" to raise money for your fund raiser!  Only when I went to go to the office who investigates this type of widespread fraud - I learned the office had been "defunded" and no longer existed.

Now it seems John Hambrick  has joined the ranks of politicians who have used sex trafficking to advance their careers and their paychecks while ignoring the voices of REAL victims.  He's now Speaker from what I read.  Anyone can say they're a victim of trafficking - look at Samoly Mam.  But that doesn't make it so.  We had women wanting to testify and be involved and be heard who we could PROVE were trafficking victims that were excluded from the whole process because of bribes we personally saw the brothels giving to these same people.  Because the last thing they wanted was to have it widely exposed what's going on inside these brothels and clubs (this is why they got so upset with us in 2007 with the press conference we gave about trafficking existing in legal settings in Nevada - and why they got Beers out of the way for helping to support us get that word out and replaced him with Hambrick) - as well how the whole transportation system in Nevada was involved in this.

Yes this one cab company had people arrested.  But I saw other things.  Like how Greyhound used to have a bus line that went from one end of the state to the other.  Only the MINUTE that Joe Conforte learned that we were getting employees of the brothels to take these girls to the buses whereby we could then wire them money for a ticket, and bring them to us - somehow this bus line was canceled.  There was literally not one single bus line going from one end of the state to the other for many years after that in fact.

I can't be on both ends of the state.  There are girls who need help in Vegas and also northern Nevada.  Even in the middle - it's still hours from either side of the state.  To counter the lack of the bus situation - we started partnering with truck drivers.  There were drivers who used to drive those routes almost daily.  We could have the truckers pick them up and drop them on their daily routes.  

But then Truckers Against Trafficking came in with their campaigns who brainwashed drivers into calling the National Trafficking Hotline when they heard from a victim. The hotline who then tells the girls basically to either call the police of the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army isn't going to help them without a case pending against a trafficker - but mind you there's not been one case brought yet about trafficking INSIDE A LEGAL BROTHEL OR STRIP CLUB.  So it's just not that easy.  Meaning that went nowhere. So while these truckers are being told by TAT not to put girls in the cabs to drive them to programs for help but instead to "call the police" - which just makes the girls then run - we just had one leg in our rescue operations yet again cut out from under us.  

So we had volunteers set up informal cab services in the same cities as the brothels.  Only they'd then have the city coming down on them for not being a "properly licensed cab company" and shut down the minute the brothels learned these cabs were bringing them to us for help.  But the whole truth was they couldn't get licensing because the brothels would fight them back.  Might I remind you that Lance Gilman owns not only the Mustang Ranch Brothel - but also is a county councilman?  

We then encouraged the women to get drivers licenses.  Only we kept getting calls they were getting hassled at the DMV about getting their license.  For example, you can't get a drivers license in Nevada for the first time without taking a drivers test.  However, you're not allowed to do so with a rented car. In other states you can - but not Nevada.   It has to be a privately owned car for the test NOR can you use the car for the test that commercial driving schools let you learn on.  Meaning the only way they can get a drivers license to maybe rent a car or drive out of the brothels is if they present a privately owned car for the test.  

Now these women are surrounded by people who don't want them driving.  We have to "sneak" our relationship with them.  We have a hard enough time just getting out to them to pick them up when they want to leave the situation being they're in both ends of the state as it is.  The bus line was finally put back in about 2012 when the casinos realized they were losing money - however THEY DO NOT STOP AT THE BROTHELS.  

My expertise is in helping people escape sex work, and recover.  That's my expertise.  I run the only group I'm aware of that helps trafficking victims in the sense of American trafficking - where in most of these cases the victims are running from men in power in this country and they therefore CAN NOT call the police for help.  We still have not reached the point yet where these types of victims can call 911 and get the help they need so my work there is far from done.

However, I've seen a lot going on in Nevada.  I know it's not going to change unless we file formal complaints and rattle cages and make noise until someone hears us.  Now we were effectively silenced during what should have been OUR DAY in February of 2013.  I believe it was a conspiracy.  A conspiracy involving a lot of people.  What I need help with is I don't know even where to begin to make complaints.  I need people to help me figure that out.  Now I've heard reports from our members of things that disturb me that I'm trying to investigate.  One of that is that they have been threatened with arrest by people working at the DMV when they try and get their licenses.  Then I read that transcript saying that DMV officers "have had the ability to arrest for 14 years".  

I'm trying to sort everything out AND figure out who and where I can complaints about what.  So when you're telling you can "only take complaints against this" or that - I need a more of an explanation about what you mean by that.  I'm trying to figure out where to make a lot of complaints about a lot of people.  Any help you can give me in that area is appreciated.  

So can you explain to me MORE please of what you can and can not do please and try and help me sort out where or how your office CAN help me?  Thank you.

Jody Williams

PS - block me and I'll just write you from another email address until I feel I have the answers I'm looking for.  If I gave up easy - this movement wouldn't even exist!  There would also now be a brothel where the Mob Museum is.  Remember that.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I just saw Joe Manchin's objection about MTV's "BuckWild" where he asks MTV is they want to put money ahead of the welfare of our children when he asks them why they're airing that show. The answer Mr. Manchin is yes. Yes they put money ahead of the welfare of our children.

In 2003, I was discussing with the producers of MTV doing a series of public service announcements about the only hotline in the country where anyone, male, female, or transgender, who simply wants help to leave the sex industry, whether they are trafficked or not, can call to find help to either escape and/or leave the streets where the hotline is answered by another survivor. The hotline also refers adults into the 12 step program of Sex Workers Anonymous, and those under 18 years old to Children of the Night.

We were also negotiating a deal to have a film crew come out and do a documentary on our work under their series "True Life". This was before Snoop Dogg had made his confession in the Rolling Stone interview that he was "putting together an organization" where he was transporting prostitutes on his tour bus from city to city to "sell pussy". Women without checking their ID for their age, were put into a closed room with men who were rich, famous, and stoned - many of who were NFL football players so they were also 300 pounds and then asked if they would allow Snoop to act out his "fantasy" of selling them to these players. I can't imagine a 110 pound lone female is going to say "no" thinking something might not happen to her safety if she did. They were stoned anyway - so how would they tell if she felt uncomfortable and afraid to say "no" so I venture to say this is a form of rape.

Once he "turned them out" - other real, dangerous, street pimps then scooped them up into actual trafficking. I got a call from a politician in Nevada on the "down lo" to go and rescue a young woman who was pregnant and chained to a toilet because they didn't want the publicity that would result from sending in the police to rescue her - and then file charges that would lead directly to Snoop. Meaning that our police are paid to protect us - but they called our group to go in and rescue this poor girl because they were afraid of being sued for defamation or wrongful arrest.

Because this tour was moving onto the next city - I reached out to MTV's producers to help me contact this tour's organizers to see what they could do about shutting this down since the police clearly didn't want to get involved in a Bill Cosby scandal times 10. Their response was to fire the producer who was working on our PSA's to help save lives, and then redirect the trafficking program they'd just launched to instead of opening in the USA originally as planned - to open instead in Sweden to address European sex trafficking.

He has bragged about this pimping - and has never apologized to the many victims we rescued from that tour. In fact, he's now gone on to start the Youth Snoop Football League spreading across Los Angeles, with cheerleaders, while he invests in a marijuana delivery service and I have yet to see his carrying a medical marijuana card while being around our young girls and boys in a role model and authoritative position.

I have organized until something is done to address the fact that prior to the Youth Snoop Football League high school security was able to tell pimps who did not attend those schools to get off the grounds. Now all they have to do to enter these school grounds is simply say "I'm here for the game". Snoop is actively hanging out with Rick "Freeway" Ross, who was connected to drug trafficking during iran Contra - which also trafficked our American young women. Despite him promoting his book now discussing his drug trafficking - he will not address the sex trafficking that went on during those years at all on interviews I'm also blocked from being involved with to discuss the sex trafficking part of Iran Contra.  

But then I heard Rick's song and dance about "going straight" and caring about our youth before. If he did - he'd be calling upon Snoop to take measures to protect these kids in connection with his football league with respect to sex trafficking that has become such a major problem in Los Angeles recently - the Board of Supervisors just approved a $7 million dollar budget to do something about this epidemic. One that starts with Snoop Dogg making an apology - and doing something to address trafficking that may be happening in our schools with a police force letting fear of a lawsuit stop them from protecting our citizens - young or old.

So yes Senator Manchin - MTV cares more about money than the well-being of our children. So if you want to do something about this besides just complain - I ask you to put together a committee of some kind to investigate pandering charges against Snoop Dogg, and MTV for "promoting prostitution" which is a felony in this country, does not require the receipt of money, nor does the consent of the victim negate the crime. I further add that maybe we should boycott MTV to put a hurt where that dollar is until they do something to address sex trafficking right here at home in the USA.
cc: Good Morning America

Friday, July 31, 2015


First of all, if a child is truly in any danger that you're aware of - yes immediately call the police.  In 99.99 percent of the cases that is the absolute right thing to do.  However, please just keep this in mind for the other 0.000001 percent of the time.

My daughter had been sexually assaulted by a man who broke into our home.  This man was involved with sex trafficking, very bad criminals, and in his case this ring was also involved with the police.  Immediately after this assault - after taking her to hospital - we of course went through all the proper sources.  Now we were very fortunate to have a counselor in her case I was able to reason with.  I explained to this man that we had relocated immediately and this man did not live with us.  That there was not only no way he could find us - but that he would not have an easy time finding us even with his "cop" friends.  That I didn't want to undo all that work by him making a report to social services.  Because I already knew this man's power, what he could do, and what would happen.

To show you the extent of the power he had - he had a woman working for him that did blood work at Quest Diagnostics.  He had herpes that I knew about.  After my daughter's assault we had her tested.  I had told him if she came back positive - that we'd have all the evidence we needed to prosecute him.  He laughed.  I knew what that meant so I contacted Quest.  I learned that Quest Diagnostics was the ONLY lab in all of Nevada.  I then asked if someone who took blood had the ability to access files to change results.  They admitted reluctantly "yes".  Now in my case I was fortunate enough that I had obtained this man's phone records. From those phone records, I was able to find out who he knew at this lab.  By knowing her name, I was able to get her ability to access files to change a positive result to a negative.

However, I was concerned that she'd be able to get a friend to be able to make the change should my daughter's lab results come back incorrect.  Now they told me they changed their computer system to where those who drew blood were not able to access that part of the computer that had the results to where she could change results.  I don't know if they pulled my leg because they honestly were talking to me "off the record".

To be on the safe side - all i could do was find a lab that would do her test results other than Quest.  But that wasn't covered by insurance so I had to pay for it.  Thankfully it came back negative.  However, this man did have the ability to have had those results changed and would have done so had I not been more street smart about what that laugh meant and getting his phone records.  That said - don't tell me there aren't other traffickers that can go in and alter lab results to suit their needs.  So what I'm telling you here is that if you're dealing with that powerful of an operation - then use an outside lab where you can get testing done using an anonymous name they can't mess with the results.  There are labs where you can mail the samples in for testing and pay for it out of pocket.

But this man clearly had a lot of friends in high places.  He had already messed with the brakes on my car.  Knowing we were going to the police - he had gone into the parking lot and adjusted my brakes so they'd fail once they got hot.  I was fortunate to have a crappy car that broke down before that could happen.  The mobile mechanic came out to fix one problem and then pulled me over to say "I don't know how to say this lady - but your brakes have been set up to fail".  He then showed me what had been done.  There's normally something that will make a noise when you have metal nearing the brakes.  That had been bent back so it wouldn't warn me there was a problem.  Brakes get hot after a few minutes of driving in Vegas heat - and mine had been set to fail.  So I would have gotten about 15 minutes from home he said and then sailed through an intersection.  He didn't charge me for this as he felt pretty sorry anyone would do that to me so i don't think the mechanic lied to me about that to get more money out of me.

So I'm dealing with someone who had friends at the lab.  Knew how to rig my car.  Plus he had friends with the cops, sheriff's, marshall's, etc.  There was something very weird about the assault that bothered me.  I couldn't help but feel he wanted us to make a report.  Then CPS would of course come to investigate and well all the horror stories I hear - who knows what they might do.  They have the power to take your child anywhere they want and I'd heard a lot of stories about what happens to kids in the Nevada system for kids.  So I didn't want to risk it.

But it was up to my daughter.  I asked her if she wanted to file a police report.  She felt it was what he wanted.  She felt it was too dangerous to provoke him further.  She just wanted us to move as we had, let her focus on her recovery, and to not worry about him coming after us because we'd filed charges against him.  Right or wrong I felt it was her decision and that's what she wanted to do.  But it ultimately also was up to the counselor.  We asked him if he would not make a report about the assault.  We showed him proof she was safe now and therefore reason to believe it would not happen again.  We also showed him enough evidence to show that prosecuting a man like this would put her in more danger.  He agreed to keep the secret.

Now we don't know how they found out - but he was charged with not making that report and he lost his license for a year.  But he didn't hold that against my daughter.  He said it was "his decision".  After he got his licensed renewed she went back into counseling with him and he was a man who proved to my daughter not all men were bastards.  For that I'm grateful.  Especially after what I went through with my daughter as it was without that report.

Here's what I'm trying to say.  In some very rare cases - it might be better NOT to bring in the authorities automatically.  It depends on the situation, the authorities, the person, everything.  That's a decision that's up to you to weigh.  But in some cases I've seen the system worse than the problem.  I look to my own abuse as a child.  Yeah it was bad.  But when I hear what kids went through in Los Angeles in the 1960's - I was honestly better off in that home.   I think I was anyway when I hear about what the other kids went through back during that same time in foster care, group homes, etc.  Especially if you knew the rest of my family who they might have had take me!

Life is sometimes a grey area.  Before just calling, if it's not an emergency, check things out.  Remember that horror story of that father who burned his kids alive?   The social worker let the children go into the house ahead of her.  Then the father shut the door - blocking her out - and then set the house on fire.  I kept thinking how bad her training must have been to let those children run ahead of her into the house.  I mean didn't she know to leave them in the car, check out the situation, and then bring them in if it was okay?  Yes I blame the father - but I also blame a social worker who wasn't very well trained nor very street smart.  She supposed to look out for them.   I've seen these workers' case loads.  I don't blame them.  The system gives them an insane amount of cases to manage and no human being could possibly do what they ask them to do for the money.  I know they're doing the best they can and I blame the lack of funding and training for things like that - not the worker personally.

But before you just call 911 and assume that kid is going to be okay  - don't assume.  Follow up.  Ask to see where the child would go.  Ask to meet the therapists, social workers, foster parents.   Make sure you can visit the child and get updates from the CHILD - not the workers telling you that kid is okay.   I've seen kids go walking right out of Child Haven, and I've seen children die in their care also.  I remember when they even lost a kid.   Again, not that they were doing a bad job.  Poor staffing, lack of training, not enough hands on deck, maybe they need better security cameras, and certainly needing better everything.  But until then you had to stay involved.  Children the system knows are being watched, the people ask questions, that people will visit, are going to be treated better.

Let me prove it to you.  The first time my daughter was hospitalized after the assault she was put in Monte Vista psychiatric unit.   The nurses there saw me bring her PJ's, and her dolls, and her snacks, and they saw me at every single visit.  I called every night to speak to her.  I was at every session.  I asked the nurses every shift for an update.  I drove them NUTS making sure she was okay.

About a week into what should have been a 28 day stay I get a call "come get her".  I'm like "why?"  They said "come get her".    Okay I went down there and a very wonderful nurse told me that there was another woman who had just come onto the unit with a history of sexual violence.  This woman had set her sights on my daughter.  The nurse felt it was in my daughter's best interest to get her the heck out of there.  So without the doctor's approval - she took it upon herself to warn me and let me get her out of there.

Years later I met a woman whose grandson was poisoned by Monte Vista.  One nurse gave him his medications, and then the next nurse did also.  And the next and the next.  No one was checking the notes and they overdosed him.   So he was brought in for a suicide attempt and the hospital OD'd him.  Now I'm not saying it was the family's fault.  But somewhere along the way when my daughter was being lined up as a target - the nurse knew that I would have sued the shit out of all of them if she'd been harmed and told me to come get her out of there.  I'm grateful for that.

If you wonder why I don't just "automatically" assume all cops are our friends - check out this report I found for 2009.  Now if a cop according to this report would try and find out someone's IP address because their blog criticized his church - can you imagine what he might do if you were charging his friend with sexual assault of a minor?  This is why we made the decision we did consider her assailant was friends with 1/2 of Metro and the Chief of Police.  By the way, there was no Internal Affairs in Las Vegas at this time because of a lack of budget for the office.   The only person you could complain to the chief about - was the chief.

Make noise.  Ask questions.  Let them know you see them.  Let them know you know their name.  Ask for their names and cards.  Take notes.  That really makes them nervous!    But before you call in the authorities if it's not an emergency - weigh the situation carefully - and get involved.  Make sure that child is safe and don't blindly trust any system.

If you're not sure who to call or what to do - call the hotline 24/7 at  They've been working with this since 1979.  They can advise you the right thing to do when in doubt.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)