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Monday, April 18, 2016


She told me to "respect her boundary" and not speak to her about the Seattle arrests.  My response was:

The MINUTE you start butting into an issue about sex trafficking involving an operation that I'm pulling women out of to safety is the minute YOU butted into MY BOUNDARY dear Mary. 

 You can't come sit on my head, crap on top of it, and then when I say "you crapped on my head now clean it up" go running for the "respect my boundary" issue. 

Now on the off chance you have no idea what's really going on here you need to read the news story on this link  

What is speaks about is a sex trafficking operation I've been helping sex workers escape since 2007. I tried to help these women in Las Vegas and I managed to get the American women out but not the Chinese women. 

They were being kept captive in a house that since it was private property = we couldn't think of how to get in there to get them out. The only way was to stage a raid. Now since no one believed us that the police from California were involved - we staged the arrest in Operation Dollhouse for when we knew the cops would be making a drop.  Then the police turned around and just let 24 women go right back to being forced to prostitute? 

That's NOT a sex worker Mary - that's a victim of sex trafficking, torture, rape and slavery. Something you should give a shit about as a woman. Now, everyone ignored us about this until Paul Tanaka shot a man down in cold blood in front of other cops in connection with this ring of which Chris Butler was a part of also. 

We then went to LAX and Homeland Security and alerted them to what was going on with Chinese women. They had an agent on the inside, who warned them and they switched over to Korean women. The Korean women who were freed in the arrests that you stuck your nose into an operation I"ve been working on since 2007. 

Now, I've been telling people that these police officers, Homeland Security, and ICE are the ones trafficking these women NOT STREET PIMPS. That what they've been doing is fake arrests to appear to be busy. Now the Seattle police have truly risked their lives to make that arrest Mary. The men in this trafficking operation have threatened to murder these women, their children, other police officers, judges, etc. 

The undercover agent truly risked his life to save those women. Now if a few independent sex workers truly did get caught up in that raid to make it happen then they're heroes because I'm speaking to women who have been forced to prostitute for these men since they were 8 years old. 

Their children and siblings have been forced into it and they've been threatened with public shaming and execution if deported back to China. So I'm sorry if you don't understand what's going on here because women like Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle are not who they appear to be. Domina Elle has been receiving money from Swanee Hunt. Maxine has been working as essentially a "union buster" and "influencer" for these men who want you to stupidly think you're sticking up for your sisters while you are in fact helping them to enslave them. 

So you want to come stick your nose into an operation I've been helping women escape from since 2007 - you're going to hear from me like it or not. You don't like it? BUTT THE FUCK OUT THEN. Now you read that article and take a good look at what I'm trying to help these women get out of and you might have a little different view on what's going on here.