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Both sites have been set up by the same person - Domina Elle.  Domina Elle you can read about here on other blog posts I've written.   She is living under the name of a dead woman.  She obtained her ID through a voter registration for Shekinah Avraam - who died a few years ago.  To travel under this phony ID, she also runs a travel agency.  All of this information was obtained from public records we obtained when we were trying to understand why she started attacking us in connection with the show "8 Minutes" starting in April of 2015.  This means she's either in some kind of witness protection program, or she's an undercover agent of some kind.  No sex worker goes to this much trouble to conceal their real identity.

When the sites went up at and at first we thought it was an attempt to try and harm our reputation, and spread lies.  DO NOT GO TO THESE UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS WHOLE POST.

All of the informatio…