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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The problem Savannah when you cut off talking to someone who has been in the same field as you for more than 37 years now as I have, is that sometimes, just sometimes, we know a little bit more about the game, and the players, than you.  I came to you as an ally, and as an ex-sex worker which one day you will probably be yourself.  Very few people die in this field.  You listened to rumors about me, prejudged and hung me, without so much as one personal meeting or phone call with me to see for yourself who and what I am.  Considering that’s exactly the kind of treatment sex workers are trying to get the non-sex workers to stop doing to them – then you’re treating me like you’re not wanting others to treat us.  I have success in leading a movement from non-existence totally in this country to now one of the biggest movements this country has seen in our lifetime other than the civil rights movement.

The problem is that you failed to understand that the trafficking we’ve been fighting, and speaking about, since day one was not about pimps.  There were laws on the books in the 1980’s against pimps.  One phone call and he’s carted off on charges.  What we were fighting was men within our own government, law enforcement, and the media forcing us into the sex industry, or even outright sold, that some of us have died to try and prove exist and to have this country address it.  Jeane Palfrey was one of those women who died trying to prove it was our government, not some street pimp, who forced her into not only operating as a madam, but murdered two of her sister sex workers, Brandy Britton and the Baton Rouge Madam.  Both of who were connected to David Vitter as she was also. 

She could have kept her mouth shut and continued to do what they told her and she would not have been arrested.  But she didn’t want sex workers to continue to be treated that way, so she balked.  For that, she was arrested.  Then they tried to silence her over and over again.  For the first time, her phone records were proving it was OUR GOVERNMENT that was trafficking us.   Before she could reveal the rest of the names in her book, and also testify at Congress about how madams from her on down to my time, were being coerced and forced into the sex industry by our government using us no different than plantation owners used slaves she was murdered.  I fought to have a full murder investigation done into her death – and wound up being chased by cops for almost a year.  A warrant was issued for me impersonating myself? 

This is happening right now to sex workers, and the case tied into the Seattle arrests.  Now either you’re completely ignorant of what’s going on in connection with that specific ring I’ve been fighting since 2007 that uses cops, Homeland Security, ICE, private investigators, sheriff’s, prosecutors, attorney’s, etc., who traffick these women or you’re a part of the women who may be losing their one chance at freedom by Mary circling their names on a list of sex workers’ ads that is none of her business to speak for them in the press and to the cops, as well as Maxine who tried to have sex workers in San Francisco denied help in 2008. 

Nuremberg was about those who were just as guilty as those who murdered Jews, because they refused to listen to what was going on right under their noises.  Some knew and ignored it anyway.  Either way – they were just as much of a part of those people’s death and pain whether it was by accident or directly. 

Because all you had to do was pick up a phone and talk to me.  You not doing that again means you’re part of the problem, or not interested in being a part of the solution.  Either way – you’re on their side now and I will treat you as I treat them.

Jody Williams

Friday, April 8, 2016


More women are killed by men who approach them as "johns" than by pimps.  Fact.  Check out the numbers - Green River Killer, Southside Slayer, Grim Reaper, Hillside Strangler, Craigslist Killer, let's go all the way back to the Boston Strangler.

Heidi Fleiss used to send escorts to this guy.

He has sex with porn performers while knowing he's HIV positive.

Then SHE'S the problem?

Charlie, I think you're getting HIV/AIDS dementia.  I saw it 1000 times in the 1980's when every "john" I knew, and the prostitutes I knew died off from the virus.

You know and I know Charlie that when you were seeing "Stephanie" when she was staying at my house in order to quit the business, and quit you, that he was HIV positive.  So you knew you were at risk long before 2011 dude.

I remember when "To Catch a Predator" with Chris Hanson would arrest guys who had handcuffs, guns, and duct tape in their cars.

Please - "johns" are dangerous.  Please don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.  When I was arrested in 1984 - the clients I had were so worried that I'd talk to the police I had people trying to murder me.  It's extremely possible Jeane Palfrey was murdered by men who didn't want their names revealed or who didn't want her to explain the names she did reveal at the ethics hearing.  Just as Brandy Britton was probably murdered to silence her as well as the Baton Rouge Madam.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Dear Editor:

I'm writing you as founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  I have news clips up at dating back to 1984 showing that I was the person who created the first "safe house" for adults in the USA at a time when our culture was denying this was even a reality.  I say that because I witnessed people like Linda Lovelace try and educate us she was forced at gunpoint to star in the adult film "Deep Throat" by her pimp on a mob financed film when she released her memoir "Ordeal" in 1980. 

I watched as audiences everywhere as she tried to promote her book so people would know the story would stand up and "boo" her, call her "liar", and accuse her of only being "jealous" of her pimp's new protege', Marilyn Chambers.   Realizing the world wasn't going to acknowledge our plight, let alone do anything to help save us, I created the warehouse which got me arrested and dubbed the "High Tech Madam" by police and media who thought my high security was because I was running a brothel out of that warehouse. 

I got the charges dismissed when the victim testified against the pimp she was running from who had broken her arm and nose, and calls continued to come in from women pleading for help to escape these pimps and traffickers.   Not wanting to risk arrest again, and because I had learned a 12 step program would work as an "alternative to incarceration" –

I launched the first hotline and program for anyone leaving any part of the sex industry for any reason in 1987.  Whether that reason was because of wanting to escape a pimp, or simply because your knees had worn out and you didn't feel like getting on a stage while a grandmother - Sex Workers Anonymous was here to help you leave and find recovery.   

Meaning I've been working with these "john" programs for over 30 years now.  I've seen the results over and over again which is they generate some quick cash for the local police, but they do absolutely NOTHING to "end demand".  What's worse is they actually INCREASE the demand for a trafficking victim, or a prostitute who does have a pimp.  Why?  To ensure they won't be arrested a 2nd time. 

I have three cases in point to prove to you arresting these men won't do a lick to decrease their consumption of prostitutes.   The first is "To Catch A Predator" with Chris Hanson.  If you saw that show then you saw men who were arrested, publicly humiliated, fired, divorced, and yet they STILL had them come back into the same scenerio over again.  

The second case to prove my point is Eliot Spitzer.  The man was publicly humiliated, lost his job, apologized to the nation, etc.  Yet when I saw his apology - he never once apologized to Ashley Depree or Kristin Davis for what he did to their lives with this public scandal.  Further, he never acknowledged that while he was seeing these women this meant they could never call the police if they were being targeted by a pimp because there would be no way Eliot would have allowed a case to come forward which could have exposed him.  

His lack of acknowledgment of how he affected this women told me he was not "done" being a trick yet by a long shot.   So despite a very public scandal - he was caught recently threatening another prostitute when she was trying to leave him.  More proof of the self-centered self-seeking behavior of a sex addict not in recovery.  

The third is David Vitter.  Brandy Britton, an escort he saw, was found dead in her home.  He continued to use the New Orleans madam, who was found dead in her jail cell.  Despite being connected to two dead women, he was entangled with Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam.   Every single "end demand" program I've seen that doesn't acknowledge these men suffer from sexual addiction, and treat them like any other addict - is doing nothing to change their behavior and only caring about the money they make off fines.  

There has been NO evidence other than juggled numbers that proves arrest, public shame, letter writing, etc., has any impact on their use of prostitutes.  They just get smarter, and will in fact turn to pimps to provide them with women so they are assured no problems in the future. 

Like any addiction, arresting them, praying over them, shaming them, even self-awareness, does NOTHING to impact their behavior.   I have seen programs that do approach this from that aspect - and I've seen them be effective.  In fact, it's the only thing I've seen be effective - and not just make them harder to arrest. 

Now if you’d like to know what in my opinion WOULD have the most impact to end sex trafficking?  Do something about widespread corruption within the police and prosecutor’s offices.  Look at Seattle for example.  I’m very proud of them for the recent arrests in the “League” ring.  I have been writing to law enforcement in major cities across the USA for at least three years now asking the local police look at information I have on how this ring has been first trafficking women from China, then when the Chinese President started cracking down on them last February starting with the arrest of Liang Yaohui, then at least 50 others who were high up within their government backing sex trafficking – this operation switched over to Korean women to traffick.   The ONLY department I saw putting a man on this case and doing something which freed some victims was the Seattle police.  Bravo and proving that the way to end sex trafficking is to do something about CORRUPTION. 

It’s easy to look outside for solutions when the real solutions always mean taking a look at ourselves.  How easy to blame the “john” than to take a look at the breakdown within our own legal system where I’m having such a hard time finding police who will respond to information I’m providing them obtained off our hotline about where sex trafficking is active currently. 

Again – bravo to the Seattle police for those arrests.  On behalf of the women you freed from those arrests – thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529