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If you would like to listen to this in audio

I'm inviting you to see what someone who was trying to tell America she was being "trafficked" in 1980 looked like back then compared to now.   Now keep in mind Linda was telling the world she was forced to make a film as well as into prostitution at the hands of her husband and men in organized crime.  
Linda Lovelace was in "Deep Throat", an XXX adult film made in the 1970's.  Please understand THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between someone who is being "pimped" vs. someone who is engaging in independent sex work vs. someone who is connected to criminally controlled sex work.  Linda was not a prostitute.  Linda was not doing porn as a form of sexual expression.  Linda was not being pimped out by some street corner pimp.

Linda was being "trafficked" in connection with the mob of the her day.  https://af11.wordpres…