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Friday, November 11, 2016


This was done to Britney.  She had a family and was able to fight back.  Now imagine you're in porn and you have no family.  Imagine all of this happening to a young lady who has no family.  Now you have an idea what the members of are fighting.  

Disney has invested money into MGT.

Now, who has partnered with MGT?

Vivid Entertainment

Vivid has the Kim Kardashian tape.

Did you wonder why Lamar Odom didn't press charges against Dennis Hof for negligence?  Anyone else would have had that been some bar he was drugged at and almost killed him right?

Ask yourself what would make Dennis Hof so cocky he would tell off a Kardashian publicist?  Those people have the power to break someone in the media.  They proved that during the contract negotiations for their reality show when they blasted the story all over that Kloe was really OJ"s daughter remember? (Kris Jenner had said the media was blowing up the whole OJ story to prove to her what they could do to the family should they not renew their contracts in an interview.)

Lamar has signed contracts to be on the reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".  Those contracts restrict him from speaking up about anything his superiors won't let him talk about.

(I remember those contracts well.  I got hit with one right after my arrest.  Every time I went to give an interview about what I'd witnessed the producer would remind me I couldn't give any interviews without their consent because of the contract.  )

Everyone knows that Dennis Hof routinely has Vivid stars work out of his brothel.  A brothel which can now legally send out any of their prostitutes anywhere in the world now thanks to some legal wrangling.  (Which by the way is what I believe "end demand" is all about.  It's just to scare "johns" into being afraid to use any prostitute who isn't "legal".  Same tactics used during Prohibition.)

Nevada now has the right to "eavesdrop" on anyone they "suspect of sex trafficking" thanks to the push to approve AB67 above and beyond the objections of many sex workers in the state.  Over 100 sex workers signed a letter they gave to Catherine Cortez Masto asking to not have AB67 approved as it does nothing to help them escape trafficking.

All it does is allow Metro to turn on ANY "eavedropping" device which includes a microphone on a smart TV or smart phone.  They are also allowed to fine someone WITHOUT filing a case and without a judgment.  Doubt me?  Check it out.

Now what could make Metro "suspect sex trafficking".  I asked Metro this question and they said "the presence of a prostitute". 

Oculus now has 3D interactive porn.  How about sending out a Vivid porn performer to your house?   

Madams are being replaced with these machines.  If you look at the news for 1984 you'll see all the top madams from the east and west coast were arrested that year.  Unlike Alex Adams I refused to give information to the CIA on clients I'd seen. 

Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, revealed in her  "Black Book" not names of clients, but of her TRAFFICKERS.  These were the men who were forcing Jeane to send in women to certain men and pump them for information or manipulate them.  She wanted it to stop and was fleeing for Germany when she was stopped and arrested.  That's why she wanted to show the connection between Randall Tobias and the man who revised the Trafficking Act of 2000 to transfer all money to "faith based" groups of which a 12 step group is not. 

Which if you've also just seen this porn star on your virtual 3D interactive porn and then find out you can order her to your home like a pizza by calling up Dennis Hof - well then Metro might just say they're "investing sex trafficking" to justify turning on devices in your home to "eavesdrop".  Voila!  No more need to have a madam do the job. 

Dennis Hof claims Jennifer O'Kane is "just crazy" and "on drugs" as to her accusation of him raping her.  Relativity Media, the one who staged the fake "8 Minutes", also films "Catfish", "Jail", "Gigolo's" and "Intervention".  Guess what Relativity Media can do to you if they want to?  This goes to show how they got Christina locked up by talking her mom into signing the 5150 orders.

Now think it's only 5150 orders they can use to get you locked up?  Catch Jimbo's tape where they pushed him through the threat of a false arrest.

Now remember Relativity Media films "Intervention" also.  Wonder why they're not saying anything to the press about what's going on?  Confidentiality agreements they signed when they came onto these shows. 

Now think back to what Britney was saying they could do to her.  Guess who the Malibu police (where Britney lives) are?

Notice that Kamala Harris refused to investigate the death of a dancer until pressure was put on her.  Yes you really care about trafficking victims Kamala . . . This was a dancer who walked out of a Malibu police station and then her body was found in the canyons. 

Could something have happened to her?

Friday nights the police shut down Pacific Coast Highway from about 9:00 to 11:00 p.m.  This means when they're setting up the "drunk stop" as they call it there's no cars on PCH for about an hour.  When I first came to Los Angeles I was staying in an Malibu RV park.  I paid my rent every Friday morning.  I remembered they always did this "drunk stop" on Friday nights. 

I got a call from someone telling me  NBC had wanted to help shoot a documentary about our work.  This woman gets on the phone and starts telling me they want to send out this crew and promote us on social media, etc.,  I tell her I don't want people around me to shoot but I'd rather shoot footage myself.  She offers to send me all this camera equipment but has to know my address.  This person was the only person who knew where I was staying.  Oh and the cameras she was sending never showed up.  When I called the number back a few days after this incident - of course the phone was disconnected. 

A few days later after I gave this woman my address I go to pay my rent.  The office refuses it but the owner's not in.  I have no eviction notice and I'm not going anywhere.   I was a legal resident there.   I go back home and go to bed about 9:00 p.m.  I suddenly hear men talking outside of the RV and feel a bump to the outside.  Then I see a flashlight as someone is trying to read my license plate.  I hear him say "well it's a legal registration".  Clearly they were looking for an excuse to jack me up.

I don't know who is outside so I called 911 and had another cop sent out.  I open the door and the same cop who has been in Britney's house, and many celebrities, is standing there looking cocky.  (I learned he was the same cop who was at Britney's house when she was loaded into an ambulance after I searched his name the day after this incident.  No wonder her manager was so cocky about what he could do to her!)

He tells me that "my black tank (where the toilet comes out) has sprung a leak and I need to leave now or he's calling the health department and having the RV impounded".  I go over to the other side and see this guy has dumped my black tank hose.  I ask the cop "did you see who did that?" and of course he smirks and says "I didn't see anything lady".  

He then orders me to leave.  The owner was standing next to him.   I'm in a well lit place with security cameras on me (that's why I was staying there).  In a loud voice so everyone could hear me I pointed to a sticker I have over my door which says they're being recorded.  I also had it on tape he was the one who yanked my black tank hose.  It's things like this why I keep a camera rolling around the RV at all times now.

I asked him to please smile for the camera and then said LOUDLY that I had "just taken some sleep medication and are you ordering me to drive in an incapacitated state?"  I look to the 2nd cop I had called and asked him if he was taking notes.   I then asked the other guy again "are you ordering me to drive in an incapacitated state while on a prescribed medication?"    (I know he can't legally tell me to drive on sleep medication is why I did this.  Remember, I got an RV after I'd had apartment landlords pull this on me trying to throw me out as a trespasser.  )

I realize there is NO  ONE on PCH right now if I go out there on the highway.  I mean why is this guy pushing on me so hard?  I realize that it's dark out on PCH, there's no cars, and anything could happen to me once I go out on that highway with no witnesses and no cameras.

I ask the 2nd cop his name to make sure I know the name of the witness and tell him thank you because I want it on the tape that's going inside the RV.  I was very glad he was there as witness to what this guy was doing to me. 

Well this cop wasn't very happy and did the typical "I"ll be back" (I know what that means).  And yes I got the hell out of there a few hours later once I made sure the highway was back open again and safe.  

Relativity Media also films "Gigolo's"  A show about male prostitutes which it's been uncovered is another "fake" show about prostitution.  

Now ask yourself this - why is Relativity Media trying so hard with "8 Minutes" and "Gigolo's" to portray the sex industry in this fake manner - which any REAL sex worker will tell you those shows are faked.  

While "Gigolo's" tries to fake the world of male prostitution has no trafficking (tell that to Donald Burns or Jarec Wentworth  BTW - I've still not seen cell phone records that prove the blackmail threat came from Jarec's phone.  Anyone can "spoof" a threat to make it appear to come from someone else's phone.  I also now I had tried to reach Jarec's attorney's with that fact, along with the fact it's not been told who the gun was registered to nor did they have a warrant to open the trunk to supposedly "find" that gun.  So yes I believe he's been railroaded and I'm shocked the authorities are not investigating Jarec's claims of young boys being trafficked. 

Second question - why try so hard to make Backpage appear to be "fostering human trafficking" as they were with the faked show "8 Minutes"?

Third question - now that Polaris got Rhode Island  prostitution decriminalized again who is Dennis Hof's only competition?  

Backpage -

The Erotic Review?

By the way - read how "Tits N Sass" has slanted this story to read "he extorted women for good reviews".  Not true. 

I knew Dave.  Dave was a "john".  Dave wanted to start a site where "johns" didn't have to worry a woman was an undercover cop nor that she was being trafficked.  He hated pimps.  So when he started the Erotic Review, the very premise of TER was he not only slept personally with the woman in the ad (so he knew she wasn't a cop), and then rated her, but he told me he would do it at her home so he could scout for signs of a pimp.  

I got many calls from Dave when he would learn a woman was being pimped.   He would give me the information so I could set about helping her to get out.   He didn't "extort" women.  That was the premise of the whole site.  It was an assurance to other "johns" the woman was  not a cop, and that she didn't have a pimp.  The "good reviews" were ones he gave when he established these facts.  The only ones who were saying he was "forcing" women was the undercover cops upset they couldn't get an ad onto TER without sleeping with him first.  REAL working girls understood what was going on. 

The way Dave is being portrayed on "Tits N Sass" is why I'm proud they removed all traces of my name from the site.  This is NOT a site by sex workers for sex workers.   Anyone in the industry FOR REAL  knew that Dave was the first one to step up to help a woman get away from a pimp or trafficker.  

I'll tell you why Dave got arrested.  I got a call from two women who were working the Dennis Hof's ranch.  They begged me to "get me out of here".  I hadn't been working that month and this was right after they found the bomb in our outreach RV.  I didn't have money to rent a car, pay for a hotel, or any of the things we needed to go get those two men out of there.

I called Dave and asked for help to get these women out of there. 
Dave wired me some cash.  He then sent me out a man who had legal guns to help us get them out.  We went and got those women out of there and they're now safe and sound out of the industry entirely.  

Dave was so impressed by that he told me he wanted to put our group up on The Erotic Review, talk about how we helped get women away from pimps and traffickers, and ask the industry to support us.  He said his lawyers had to clear the paperwork  to add us onto TER as their favorite charity and he was going on a trip.  A trip to Arizona.  He said when he got back we'd sign the papers and it would be done.  He was arrested just a few days later.  

I called TER to see if I could reach Dave when I read about the arrest.  There were people answering the phone at TER.  After a brief conversation with them it was clear to me the police had taken over the site for their purposes.   They did that to me when I was arrested - they took my phone over and started answering it.  Same concept. 

Why not take it over?  The "johns" or "hobbiests" all believed everyone on that site was "legit".   Strange I never saw ads from Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle on TER until after Dave was arrested.   What a great way to convince someone that this woman really is a prostitute right?  

The people who used to be behind "Tits N Sass" knew that and never would have printed a slam like that against Dave before.  They knew Dave supported fighting sex trafficking.  He never forced any woman to do anything.  I wasn't there but I'd be willing to bet that accusation of him trying to kill some woman was probably as staged as that video was staged against Planned Parenthood.  The "Tits N Sass" blog is CIA propaganda about what they want you to believe in my personal opinion.  

Just ask yourself who is Dennis Hof's competition?  Make a list.  Now go down the list and tell me if not each and every one of them is being arrested.  Dave was set up the same way Carl was set up.  

This is a turf war folks.  Tip your hat to Dennis Hof - the new Al Capone.  We're not witnessing a "fight against human trafficking".  We're witnessing a take-over.  

Dennis, Disney and Vivid have big plans for the porn industry and Nevada.  Has anyone even stopped to ask themselves why Michael Weinstein is trying to take over the porn industry?  It's not about health.  The Ryan White Foundation already figured out he doesn't give one shit about HIV among sex workers.  They showed this when they denied him a $3.8 million dollar grant last year.  Didn't seem to phase him though.  But if you can't get a porn film released in California without going through Michael Weinstein - then you'll think it's just "easier" to go to Nevada right?

These guys are banking on you thinking that.  So much so they're even building a new film stage.

But Relativity Media filed bankruptcy after "8 Minutes" was yanked off the air 8 hours after I hit them with a notice I was going to file for an injunction against the show because it was "defaming" sex workers and trafficking victims. I say that because they were making it appear a trafficking victim could just "leave in 8 minutes" without showing what it's REALLY  like.  

So where did the money come from? 

Thank China.  I guarantee you China doesn't want the American public to know what REAL sex trafficking looks like.  Let's not arm you with knowledge now. 

There's a reason why Britney wants a law passed to keep paparazzi at bay.

The same law that applies to paparazzi applies to private investigators.  I don't know about you but I don't want anyone getting close enough to me to drug me or plant drugs on me either.  I mean look at what happened to princess Diana.  People have talked about the way Britney was "groomed" growing up in Disney and there's truth to that.  Thank God she had good enough parents to step in and help protect her from these monsters.  I'm sorry Britney went through this - but what she's gone through illustrates what's going on to prostitutes, strippers, porn performers, and others in the sex industry today.

Look at what's happened to Lady Gaga, Keisha, Stoya - it's all the same because these predators are all using the same systems.  While one is lured into the music industry, another like Montana Fishburne is lured into the adult industry.  Disney is doing this so that more girls are going to be down at Vivid's office on their 18th birthday.  Now she's stripping in Atlanta.  But that's because she's African American.  If she was white - she'd be up at Dennis Hof's ranch by now. 

If you think what happens to people in the porn industry or prostitution doesn't affect you - it does.  It affected Britney for sure.  

Now what would Disney want to do with Dennis Hof and Vivid?

If you think this is "nuts" - sit and watch a few hours of Disney programming.  Then notice how in none of their shows is a parent around.  There might be a butler or a nanny, but where are the parents?  Notice how 8-12 year olds are talking about romance and kissing.  I saw one dance show where I almost fainted it was so much of a pedophile's wet dream.  I'm sorry but Disney is grooming these kids to be fodder for Vivid.  Then when they're old enough (the legal age to have sex in Nevada is 15 years old) they'll be sold through one of the legal brothels.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I'm reading Kylie Jenner is going to be lending her social media support to the film "Caged No More".  I'm also hearing from survivors who have seen it (I haven't been invited yet despite the fact I run the oldest and largest group of survivors that started this movement in the first back back in the 1980's, that the film is "not realistic".

I can't comment having not seen it but I can say this - sex trafficking takes many forms.  However, I don't believe there's anything like the type of trafficking that exists here in the states.  You can watch trafficking movies about Thailand, China, Korea, Columbia  - all you want and you will not know how it works here in the states in it's many different manifestations.

But let me ask you something, what would you think about someone who is creating a film for Alcoholics Anonymous to help people get sober sponsored by an alcohol company?  Would you think it would be 100 % honest?  What about research on tobacco sponsored by the tobacco company?  If anyone remembers, tobacco executives LIED to Congress about their product.

The "Insider" as we saw in the film with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe had to FIGHT the media just in order to bring us the truth about tobacco.  This guy did not go running down to the local news station and say "oh look here's a report that shows the truth on tobacco".

NO.  This guy had to fight tooth and nail over the fact CBS was being threatened within an inch of their lives by the tobacco company threatening to sue them for defamation.


Let's take a quick look at the Kardashian clan here for a moment.  Kylie, who is supposed to be promoting this film on trafficking, supposedly has a sex tape of her own out now.

We have Innocence Lost coming out with a very realistic film about what sex trafficking is like in the USA - however it's having to come out in the UK.  I don't see Kylie, or any of the Kardashian or Jenner clan promoting THIS film.

But I do see Rob Kardashian dating a porn performer, Blac Chyna.   In fact, the media is saying how "good" she is for him in all the weight he's lost.  Let's not mention before when he was saying he couldn't leave his house because he was "sitting around watching porn day and night".  I mean he couldn't possibly be switching addictions now could he?  Oh but we can't talk about "addiction" while Kloe is being sponsored by an alcohol company for her new show.

The film "Caged No More" that's supposed to be helped with marketing by Kylie Jenner is by Trafficking Hope.  Only if you go on their page all you see is one after the other after the other of African-American and Hispanic men who are clearly street level pimps being arrested.

There is nothing on there about how white men like Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman are pimps, nor men like Chris Butler or Kemp Shiffer.  Certainly nothing about the Hell's Angel's who murdered Margo Compton  and who owned the "Shady Lady" brothel where this happened to Aubrey

Nor do I see anything being mentioned about the Asian massage parlors that are on every corner in Los Angeles now.  Considering Aston Kutcher is photographed coming out of one - we don't want to mention them as points of sex trafficking clear back to the Mann Act of 1910 now do we?  Oh no - let's keep the focus on kids with THORN so no one notices him going into the massage parlor with adults.

Now at first I thought Ashton might come out and say he was doing "research" on the trafficking arena in massage parlors as to why he was seen coming out of one - but not a peep.  So I guess he wasn't there on research, nor outreach, or he would have said something.

Let's see we have Kim Kardashian all over the Vivid website.  As we do Montana Fishburne - Laurence Fishburne's daughter.  Who wasn't turned out into prostitution by the "big bad black pimp on the corner".   But instead by her boyfriend in high school in 2010.  There's more on her arrest here - Jeremy had her down at Vivid on her 18th birthday to sign her porn contract.
A film he did right along with her.  So not one, but two people were now caught up with Vivid and a career in porn which never goes away by the way.  I have members of who report to me that photos from 20 years before can pop up on their jobs, their marriages, etc., and then they lose everything.

One woman who had racy photo taken 17 years prior has been fired.

What?  Porn isn't as big as the tobacco or alcohol industry you say?  Really?

Here's how it works - people are interested in Kim or Kylie so they type in their keywords.  They find the Vivid tape pop up and they're curious.  Now no one on this end appears to be being "turned out" right?  I mean Kris isn't putting a gun to anyone's head and making them do this right?  No one put a gun to Rob's head to get him emotionally involved with a porn performer.  No on put a gun to Kylie's head to make a film with her boyfriend.  I mean everyone "loves" each other right?

But then people at home go onto the Vivid site looking for Kim or Kylie  and they see Montana.  Oh wow look at Laurence's little girl - let's check this out.

Voila - you now have Kim and Kylie "pimping" Montana's adult films.  Then when the "johns" see the film they think "oh I want a taste of that" so they go looking for Montana to schedule them an appointment.  They know she's been arrested for prostitution so certainly she's available is what they'll think.

We then see "Montana regrets doing porn" even though I know I for one tried to warn her beforehand.  I tried leaving messages on her social media, with DJ's she was doing interviews with, with people who said they were her friend, etc.  I even reached out to the Kardashian family asking if THEY would warn Montana not to do this - that her experience would not be like Kim's.   I never got an answer back.

Montana is no longer doing porn - but instead now "stripping".  Okay NOW you may have an idea why our members have to abstain from ALL FORMS of the sex industry - because as you can see what we do is we "switch".  We "substitute" from one form to another never thinking it's the industry itself that's the problem.  No it's just "how" we're doing it not that we need to leave it alone entirely.

Let's see - looks like Montana working at a club in Texas now.  and now we have her Twitter speaking about STD's.

So Kim and Kylie - you're just "pimped" out Montana Fishburne.    That's how it works from that perspective.  But here's another - right now there's pimps all over doing to the girls or boys they're with feeding them the same line of bull that got Montana up to that Vivid office with him on her 18th birthday.  The man she loved was right there right her also.   Wonder where he's at now?

Seems he's in Los Angeles selling weed and pimping.  Doesn't look like they're still together does it?  Meaning he was sure there for her when it was time to sign that contract, make that porn, and get paid in 2010.

Now six years later, he's in Los Angeles selling weed and she's stripping down in Texas.  Thing is however I remember checking in on Montana in 2013 and she was trying to become a personal trainer while only "dating" sports figures.  I warned her without support that she'd just slide back into sex work which is what appears to be the case.  But this Jeremy was all over her for years until he got her into that Vivid office - and now they don't seem to have much connection at all looking at their social media.

This is what happens to most people - NOT winding up like Kim Kardashian married to Kanye West.  People have to understand that the difference here between these two girls is for one Kim has her mother watching over her - something I did not see anywhere in the picture with Montana.

In fact, her father wasn't just ignoring her, but every woman in the family it appeared.

Including it appears is Laurence's mother.  Now I had dropped a line to Dr. Phil that I think this family needs some "intervention" but it doesn't appear anyone's looking into the fact this family is in trouble and who looks like they're paying the price is Montana.  She was 18 years old in 2010, making her 24 years old now.  That's usually when I get the phone call - between 24 and 26 years old saying "I'm done".  

Now while it appears she was being pimped in her teen years - her social media does not look like she has one now.  Meaning that Montana isn't probably going to think she needs to call the National Trafficking Hotline.  Nor Jeremy.  Neither one will classify as "trafficked" but you can't convince me they don't need help in getting out of the sex industry - Jeremy included because pimps don't die of old age neither you know.

Again, why I'm putting out there Montana or Jeremy if you want help you can reach out to us at  We have a large group of members in Texas as you might well imagine as well as Los Angeles.  Yes we know a few ex-pimps as well.


Oh wait a minute - did I say Kris was "watching over Kim"?  Excuse me - cough - "managing Kim" I should have said.  I'm curious, does "Caged No More" highlight that a mother can be the one pimping out her kids?

My mom sure did.  When she found out I had been turned out by the pimps in Richard Pryor's family - she stood in line for her cut. or  Now I wonder where these mother's got their ideas to put their girls into prostitution.  Hmmm.  Too bad they didn't put them into porn and then they wouldn't get arrested under the "No Such Thing" campaign.  Nope.  If their girls had been juveniles and did porn they'd just get counseling.  Counseling their mothers would drive them to.

I don't think anything like that is in the film, "Caged No More" as it would be if I were to make a film about this subject, but then again I know the Kardashian family wouldn't be standing in line to promote my film.  People are great at looking in the dirty closests of people in foreign countries, or other people, but no one likes to take a look at the skeletons in their own closets.  Even if it does affect the children around them.

It's called "denial".

Now if you ask me THIS is what Willow was talking about when she went to her mom, Jada Pinkett-Smith, saying she was "seeing this kind of thing going on at school around her".

So mom goes out and does a special in Atlanta, Georgia with CNN talking about sex trafficking there.  No offense but Willow asked about Beverly Hills sex trafficking NOT about Atlanta Jada.  Oh by the way - don't bother trying to reach anyone in the documentary with Jada.  They've all moved on to bigger, better jobs and are no longer in those offices seen in the film.  The group she promoted ran out of funding and folded.  We however are still here.  But yes Jada went out and did a movie and "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign so she could her son and daughter that she "did something about this".   Yes - she made a film about poor African-American families over in Atlanta NOT pointing the camera in her own back yard.

Right after this film, we see then Jada coming out in Magic Mike XL with Channing Tatum speaking about how he's quit stripping three years ago himself.   Magic Mike XXL  Jada plays a lesbian MC who holds the mike in a very suggestive fashion while she introduces the male dancers in the film.  Trust me - most male strippers are not Channing Tatum nor will they wind up like him either.

Now you and I as adults know this is just a film.  However, when I was growing up and I was watching the "Happy Hooker" on TV, along with Mae West, and  Linda Lovelace in "Deep Throat" being like a rock star in the first adult film to be seen in mainstream theaters in the 1970's - do you think I knew that this stuff wasn't "real"?  All I knew was I wanted to be on that stage too - just as kids are going to want to be Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett-Smith in Magic Mike XL.

IF the alcohol and tobacco companies didn't know the power of film - then tell me why we've passed laws that forbid the use of alcohol, along with smoking?  Tell me why film companies are having to set things back in time like "Mad Men" just in order to show those images of drinking and smoking again?

Having a read good impact on us too what with Whitney, Bobbi Christina and Michael Jackson dying from drugs and alcohol.

Disney is banning smoking in their films - so clearly film companies DO KNOW the power of seeing our favorite celebrities doing something.

Like 'lil sis and big sis in the Kardashians being in XXX films.  

The problem ladies is that other people aren't like you and they don't have Kris running around making sure they get home at night, or they don't disappear somewhere.  I read that the actress who plays Dharma, Jenna Elfman, in Dharma & Greg, had her daughter just simply go on a date and WHAM - she's now a trafficking victim.

So it's here.  It's in Hollywood.  It's in your schools and affecting your kids.  Your kids can simply go out on a date - and it's here.  Jada's film nor her campaigns did anything to warn Jenna about the trafficking going on right here in Los Angeles in our own schools.   Neither is Kris Jenner doing anything to have warned Jenna Elfman before it hit her daughter either.

Because it's kind of hard to be telling your kids not to drink while you're doing a beer commercial.

Even harder when you're bringing the owner of Anheuser Busch over for dinner.   You know Cindy McCain - she's the wife of Anheuser Busch Beer who sponsored the pushing forward of the "No Such Thing" campaign.  You know that one - they called out to stop arresting juveniles for prostitution charges.

HOWEVER, without being arrested, that means the police then don't ask who their pimp was who put them out there.  No instead they're referred over to counseling.  Then guess who drives them to counseling?  Their mothers.  Oh don't worry - they'll know what to say.  My mom sure had me coached what to say when the social workers were around so as not to have me taken away!  Oh and a pesky little thing like finding out who their pimps are?  Well we don't need to bother with that either now do we because there's "no such thing" as a prostitute means there's no such thing as a pimp right?

Now don't tell me that some of this money and contracts didn't factor into what happened recently with Lamar Odom.  For the last two years now I have been knocking on doors trying to get the authorities to hear that I've been hearing from the customers of strip clubs, massage parlors, and brothels, that these men have been drugged, then while passed out they've been robbed, their cards maxed out, their bank accounts hacked into - all within establishments they thought were "legal".  

When they have woke up and realized what happened to them - they're reported the police have threatened to charge them with drug possession or being under the influence in order to convince them to drop the charges - which we then witnessed playing out in living color on the news with Lamar.   Only once he was safe back home in Los Angeles - I STILL don't hear anyone talking to me in the media about what's going on and even to Lamar - not even Lamar.  Why?  Could be because 1/2 the family is in the porn business and being sponsored by the alcohol industry.   

I mean check out the spin on this  He almost dies, wakes up with $75,000 missing out of his pockets, and the media looks like he "spent $75,000" on a good time there.  Anyone looking back on this would think he just had too much of a good time here, not that he almost died and that he might have been taken to a further out hospital in order for the brothel to be able to protect their ass had he died.  Oh no - let's not talk about that.

I've been working with trafficking victims in Nevada since 1988.  I have had pimps in Nevada taunt us over the fact there is ONE lab in all of Nevada that they have access to because their friends own the joint, Quest Diagnostics.

There isn't two labs - there's one.  Meaning evidence can be altered.  Evidence such as HIV results, DNA results at crime scenes, paternity results, and yes even cover things up if someone winds up dead.  Didn't anyone wonder why Lamar was taken to first Pahrump and then Sunrise?  Do you realize that in a helicopter it is the same distance from the brothel to UMC - which is where most celebrities are taken since they have the best ER and the best trauma unit.  They treat more overdose victims there also.

First of all, I know from the working girls up there who tell me they know most of the staff at Pahrump.  My mother died at Sunrise and I watched as all of her files were on a computer which could have been altered or destroyed with one button - nothing was on paper.

However, at UMC it's not all computerized.  If Lamar had died, the brothel would have wanted to ensure they were able to cover up the medical records so as not to point to them.  Now this was Lamar - can you imagine what just an ordinary Joe or Jane is up against when going up against this kind of system with this kind of power?   Not everyone has their team of lawyers.

Well now maybe you have an idea the problem with a prostitute at the brothel catches HIV and then goes to try and prove it and the lab falsely reports it a negative?  Or if a rape victim is trying to prove she was raped by someone and the DNA is altered?  Because I've taken women who were trafficked into the hospital and I've been taunted over the fact that these records can be altered.

Would the word get out?   Not when Adelson who has a "prostitution agenda" in this country owns the Review Journal and about 90 %  of the media in Nevada it won't.   Especially with his record of intimidating journalists.  Oh no, Adelson isn't supporting the push to legalize prostitution across the country and he wants to fight sex trafficking very much.

So I"m sure that's why there's been so much press about her work in Nevada in his paper considering I've been living in Nevada and working with victims there since 1988.  Oh yes, so much press on and how we're helping victims in the only state where prostitution is legal.   In fact, let's go see how much.  We'll go to the Review Journal and type in "Sex Workers Anonymous" and let's see how much has been written about our work in Nevada - especially after we gave an international press conference about sex trafficking in Nevada in only 2007.

What's that say?  ZERO.

Okay so the RJ won't write about us.  So is Lamar taking this event and using it to warn others?  No.  Is Kloe saying anything about the brothel that almost killed Lamar?  Well no - she's filming her premiere of "Kocktails".    So if you want to know how to protect your children from sex trafficking - I wouldn't suggest a film being promoted on the subject by the Kardashian family.

Because the only message I'm seeing looking at them is bare it all, take the money and shut up.  Everyone else can fend for themselves.  As long as you got yours - screw 'em all.  That's the message I'm getting from them about all of this.  Who cares if Montana is now stripping down in Texas.  You got yours - so screw her right?  Let her own family worry about her right?  Only Laurence just doesn't seem to be doing anything is he?  Not your problem hey Kris?

Let's leave it up to the FBI - they know what they're doing.

Or the prosecutor's office - they know what to do.

The cops - they know what to do.

Okay maybe LAPD isn't the right cops.

And there's nothing wrong with strip clubs or Channing wouldn't have been talking about them like it wasn't anything wrong -

Okay that's not fair.  That kind of thing doesn't exist in male strip clubs.

America - pimps are all around us and they aren't what these films "Caged No More" are trying to convince you they are like, who they are, and how they operate.  If you want help to get out of the sex industry, away from people who say they care about you and who clearly don't, then please know you can call and we'll get you out of there.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Letter to Frank Girardot of the Pasadena Star News

Dear Mr. Girardot:

I read your article about how “investigative journalism” isn’t dead yet.  No it isn’t and thank the heavens it’s not or we’re in real trouble.  I say that because back in the 1980’s - no one believed that sex trafficking was “real”.  To speak about the subject then was received about as well as someone saying Bill Cosby had raped all those women in the 1980’s. 

The Telecommunications Act of 1995 hadn’t been passed yet - so when I was able to step up starting in 1987 to raise awareness this was real, it was happening to US citizens on US soil, and that we needed to change our legal and mental health system to help these victims I was heard.  We were able to run public service announcements, get interviews on major media, and I even produced a weekly public access show with survivors telling their stories.  The result?  The Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed giving us federal recognition of domestic sex trafficking.

Back in 2013 I received a call from a woman who has been forced to prostitute since she was 8 years old in China.  The ring that has now come out as headed by Liang Yaohui takes the women who hit 40 years old and brings them to the USA to staff massage parlors across this country.  That’s been established by the prosecution of three pimps in Wichita, Kansas.  Arrests which would not have taken place had not a non-corrupt police officer there waited until he retired from the force, got a job at the Zoning Dept., and was able to put together the case that led to those convictions.  This officer said it was because other officers on the force kept stopping him while he was still on the force because of corruption.   Something I’m hearing from many other cops right now across the USA also. 

However, the RICO Act was written because criminal operations don’t stop just by plucking out a few operators.  When this woman told a man who she said was one of the heads of this operation she wanted to “retire” now that she’s over 50 years old - the response she told me was being carted out of her Pasadena home, in front of her son and mother, to be falsely charged with prostitution.   She was further told if she didn’t shut up and “go back to work” she’d have another conviction where she’d be deported and then executed in China.  They execute back there for things we don’t.   Considering Liang Yaohui hadn’t been arrested yet - it was a valid threat to take seriously.

We contracted an attorney who started the process to clear her record because it jeopardizes the real estate license she got so she could go into other work.  With her able to speak both Mandarin and English, and residing in Pasadena - she’d make a lot of money in real estate.  The attorney was threatened to “back off” the case and his license threatened.  This victim was then told by an attorney who works for the traffickers that he cleared her record - only he had not.  When I showed her proof her charges had not been expunged - I then was threatened by a Pasadena officer by a phone call I recorded. 

I established this man is an officer at the Pasadena station with personnel.  I then tried to reach out to the Chief about all of this.  He didn’t respond until I started knocking on the doors of the press.  What happened after that was very interesting.  A “smear” campaign started up against me online.  One designed to make me appear I’m “5150”.  Why?  Because not only can I then be carted off for “observation” without a warrant - but further this type of thing can give the police the right to enter and take you out of your own home without a warrant.   A thing they’re well aware of after being sued for illegal entry so many times the judge finally ruled they can’t do this sort of thing again unless there is “exigent circumstances” such as a 5150 case. 

Why else?  After going to the press about this - I started getting calls from the Chief five times a day asking me to “come down to the station and talk to him about this”.  Only he never asked me the name of the officer who threatened me, the name of the officers who supposedly drug her out of her home, nor did he call Wichita’s prosecutor or police to get their files so he would even know what I was talking about.   So why come in?  I asked him straight out “how are you going to make sure I’m safe coming and going without asking me these names” and he refused to answer me.  If you ask me it seems like this whole 5150 campaign starting up the very day the Chief starts asking me to “come down to the station” was no coincidence and no I’m not going to go down there and be slapped into a straight jacket.  No I’m not that crazy. 

I have heard about the report ordered into the station and read it.  I’ve also been searching for who Internal Affairs is for the Pasadena station to take this information to them - and no one will answer me.  I’ve written to the Internal Affairs office for Los Angeles officers to receive no answer.  I’ve also written to every politician and elected official on up to the Attorney General’s office for an answer - and have still received not a call, tweet or email about this.  I would think the answer as to who handles Internal Affairs for Pasadena would be an easy answer for these people but clearly not. 

The prostitutes are not the only ones being victimized by this trafficking ring.  I’ve had more than one “customer” come to me saying they have been drugged, robbed, and then when they're gone to file a criminal complaint they’ve been threatened with arrest, public shaming, and the loss of their standing, job, marriage, and reputation.  Based on what we saw happen to Donald Banks and Steve Sassa - those are not empty threats.  I think it may very well be what we're witnessing happen right now to Lamar Odom. 

He had supposedly $75,000 in cash on him that was noticed missing at the hospital - and Nye County police are discussing charging him with drug possession.  What do you think’s going on if not that exact sort of discussion now?  I ask you - how is he going to prove he was dosed and not high on his own granting his past history and that he “didn’t” give that much money to these women “voluntarily”? Remember Rick Rizzolo in Nevada was doing the same thing for years before he got caught doing it and that was only after a man was paralyzed for life. 

My question to you is now what?  My forte is helping victims escape pimps.  However, I can’t extract a woman who is going to have cops coming after both of us who can fake criminal charges.  Especially out of  a department that has a detective on tape bragging he can “fake a homicide case” on someone.   No one will tell me who is handling Internal Affairs and the last time I went to a Chief of Police about a trafficking operation was Chief Gillispie in Nevada.  Within 24 hours of me handing him my file - all the evidence was cleaned up down to bleach on the floorboards.  He’s since stepped down because of corruption charges - but that didn't help me get those 24 women free in Operation Dollhouse in 2007 now did it?

I’d love to hear your ideas about what am I to do now.  Thank you for listening.  Please publish this is you can.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Friday, October 16, 2015


Dear Concerned:

My prayers are with Lamar.  Knowing that he's struggled with addiction, and upon reading he's been in recovery - I count him as "one of the family" even though I've never met him.  Please know I've lit a candle and I have been praying for his recovery on all levels.  Considering him one of the "family" is why I'm writing you as I would as if Lamar were a blood brother of mine.

I don't know if you received any of the letters, emails, tweets, or phone calls I tried to get through to your family over the years starting when I read Kim had her film being marketed by Vivid.  I understood the situation and knew the film could not hurt her future the way something like that can, and does, hurt other young women who don't have the benefit of having the family, nor the career, that Kim had at the time she did this deal with them.

However, I was meeting many young girls who did not understand I was hoping I could get Kim to speak a word to them about this.  What I mean by that is the fact I was seeing young girls who have had pimps and pornographers talk them into making these types of films to "make them a star" much like I saw happen with Montana Fishburne and Jeremy Pipes when she was marched down into the Vivid offices on practically the day she turned 18 years old to make a film with them with the thought in the back of her mind "this is going to make me like Kim".

Only with Montana - she doesn't have the family support behind her Kim does, nor the career to absorb this as just a "blip" on her resume of accomplishments.  No, in Montana's case, the film will not only follow her for life - but I can see it sincerely hindering her future.

Let me give you a film that shows exactly what I mean by that.  It was done in 2003 called "The Crooked E - The Untold Truth About Enron".   In this film, it showed how Enron would employ "strippers" to work at their company.  This segment of the film highlighted how "reputable" companies "just don't do that sort of thing" - as well as it was included in the film to show how "shady" the company must have been to employ strippers.  I ask you - what Fortune 500 company is going to hire Christy Mack or Belle Knox?  They want to be in porn for life?  Great.  But what if they're only doing it because they CAN'T get something else?  That's not choice.  

So I'm seeing a whole generation of young girls wanting to emulate Kim right down to making an adult film with Vivid who aren't in the same situation, with the same family, on the same career track, and don't have a team of publicists behind them controlling how this is perceived that Kim does.  Whereas this helped Kim's career - to girls like Montana it limits and defines them. 

Khloe's relationship with Lamar puts her in a position where they're going in and out of the Staple Center in Los Angeles.  In the parking lot of the Staple Center is a whole generation of teenage pimps and prostitutes.  Ones who look up to Lamar, Khloe, and the whole family.   So there's a connection there for Kim to not only reach out to other young women to let them know making a porn film is not going to be the same for them as it was for her  - and also Khloe is in a position to be able to organize some kind of outreach right there in the parking lot of the Staple Center to this whole new generation who aspire to be "in the game".

So for that reason, when I heard Khloe was court ordered to do some type of community outreach before this happened to Lamar I had tried reaching out to try and speak to Khloe about her and Kim and the Kardashian family to talk to the young about doing some kind of outreach/awareness work along these lines.

Because as founder of this modern day sex trafficking movement - my goal was not to simply make the world aware of what's going on in the sex industry underneath all the hype and marketing but also to do something to change things.  With more and more of our young being sucked into trafficking by pimps - I've had to ask myself "who is someone the young would listen to?" when trying to think up outreach campaigns.  Of course the Kardashians was the first names to come to my mind.

That wasn't the only reason.  I have watched your show for some time now.  I also remembered watching Lamar's behavior while living with Khloe.  Specifically how he wasn't sleeping and roaming the house at night.  Knowing his past trauma, combined with his being in recovery - I was extremely concerned about those red flags that he was in trouble with not only his recovery then, but also his mental health.  I've seen his behavior before in others in my work with traumatized youth - and I was concerned.

Your family wouldn't know the signs that I do being that I work with young men and women like Lamar with histories like his my whole life.  However, I do.  So in concern for wanting to talk to you about getting him the proper help I could see he was lacking was another reason I was reaching out to make contact before this incident.   I got blown off by people around you who seem to think what happens to people like "this" is not your concern.

I've also tried to make contact with Cait to let her know how much I admire how she's been handling her transition.  I appreciated very much her understanding that the majority of transgender youth don't have her advantages either to pay for their transition.  The transgenders I've met over the years is because they're paying for the change through sex work.  Not to say all do - just saying that's who I meet is all because of running Sex Workers Anonymous and the hotline.  I don't get the chance to meet those paying for it other ways.  But in her campaign I've seen her address this fact and try and bring the whole subject into the open that many do use sex work to pay for the change.  

Because many of those who are transgender and working in the sex industry are not "trafficking victims".  That said it doesn't mean they don't need just as much help to transition out of the sex industry when they want to leave as someone who is a trafficking victim.  When the movement I founded got hijacked by politicians who have been using this as a platform to advance their careers since 2003 - the voices of those who are in the sex industry for financial reasons but also need "exit services"just the same as trafficking victims has become non-existent.  While the billboards across the country shouting "if you're a trafficking victim - call the trafficking hotline are great - there's been NOTHING for the other 97 percent of the sex industry promoted for them to call for help like Sex Workers Anonymous simply when they want to leave the sex industry FOR ANY REASON.

What do I mean by that?  Sex trafficking, while horrific, averages out to be about 97 percent of the sex industry as a whole.  Dennis Hof himself will insist that the women at his ranch are not victims of trafficking.  Okay - but what about when it comes time to just quit for someone like them?   I remember "Airforce Amy" bragging once to me long ago on an interview that "she was going to retire with a million dollars" and therefore "didn't need any exit services" when she was blowing me off about not needing a program like ours.

All well and good - until Bernie Madoff ran off with that retirement fund of hers.  Leaving her at 50 years old with nothing to show for her life's work.  What happened?  I have screen shots showing her packing up her car at 2:00 in the morning in tears to leave the Bunny Ranch.  I saw this and started dialing the phone to try and offer her the help and support I knew she was going to need - only to be completely rebuffed by Dennis and the staff who wouldn't let me speak to her.  Dennis kept insisting "she'll be fine" and "she doesn't need your help".

Really?  Two years later I saved the screen shots of Airforce Amy's promotion of her return on the Bunny Ranch website.  It was a letter to her regulars saying she was "back after having spent two years not finding any help to go through the adjustment of leaving the sex industry.  For that reason, she went into a depression which she self-medicated with drugs and alcohol unable to find anyone who could give her the help she needed to adjust to life now.  Then hitting a bottom with the drugs - she further found a program she didn't relate to that didn't understand her issue wasn't drug addiction.  Having not found anything she needed to cope with life off the ranch - she was now back working for them".

I confronted Dennis very angry about Amy's return in this manner.  I don't call "by choice".  I stated that clearly Amy was going to need ongoing AA or NA meetings to stay sober on her return and asked what he was going to do about this.  They aren't allowed to leave the ranch to go to meetings, nor will Dennis let us bring a 12 step meeting into the house.  I've even offered to skype in a 12 step AA/NA meeting for the women being that I've been clean since 1985 - and he's refused that just as he's refused to allow me any contact with Heidi Fleiss or any of the other women in his brothel the same as Lance Gilman won't either.

When I asked Dennis why he refuses to give women like Amy leaving the ranch the phone number to Sex Workers Anonymous - his answer was the obvious.  He wants them to hit walls like Amy did and return.  When I suggested to Dennis this exit policy of his has literally cost lives of women like that of Brooke Phillips who without our support fell into a very bad crowd while she was pregnant which then got her murdered - his answer was simply "I spend too much money recruiting and training these women to try to help them leave".  Point taken Dennis.

Dennis also has rebuffed all attempts for me to try and make contact with Heidi Fleiss after her failed attempt at Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  He's another one who refused all discussions with me that women like Heidi's primary issue is NOT drug addiction nor is it sexual addiction.  His refusal to even speak to me about this fact, and the reason why so many leaving sex work don't stay clean for long when their drug use isn't addressed properly - is why I've yet to see one sex worker on his shows ever get, or stay clean.

I thought once Heidi left Dr. Drew's control and censoring of our contact information after he failed her, and once I'd heard she had a horrible car accident leaving Celebrity Rehab - that maybe I could help her through Sex Workers Anonymous. Not finding any phone number for her she answered - I reached out to Dennis again to make contact.  He assured me Heidi was "in good hands" under HIS care - and he would "look after her".

What he did was exploit a relationship with her at the time both in the media, and financially, very much to his benefit by moving in on her like pimps do.  Getting engaged with her to be married was another very clever publicity stunt of his.  Of course it also helped him keep control over her while convincing her to go along with playing for investors like she was going to be opening up a "mens' only brothel" knowing full well as a convicted felon she couldn't obtain the licensing to do so.

Dennis of course milked that whole relationship as far as he could for the money, the press, the connections, the investors, etc. until it all came out in the press not only was Heidi buying hard drugs from someone when she got arrested for the buy, but she also had 100's of pot plants growing in her back yard in Pahrump.  The MINUTE this press came out - Dennis yanked Heidi's image right off his Bunny Ranch website and downplayed any connection with her whatsoever.  Once she no longer served his purpose - he acted suddenly like he doesn't even know her.  Yeah right Dennis - you did a real good job of "taking care of Heidi" in lieu of us.  

"Us" being other women who have not only left the sex industry - but specifically women who have left the employ of the legal brothels of Nevada.  Our group, Sex Workers Anonymous, is the only group I'm aware of who has been doing outreach specifically to the women who work in the legal brothels and strip clubs of Nevada since the 1980's.  I moved to Nevada in 1996 specifically so I could go and physically pick up these women when they wanted to leave.

In fact, if you check the site at you'll see a press conference we gave in 2007 telling the world that women in these legal sex businesses like the brothels needed help just as much as a trafficking victim standing on a street corner engaging in illegal prostitution.  Why did I do this news conference?  Because again when the politicians and the church hijacked this movement right out from under "us" and made it "their" issue - they've done nothing but point at illegal street prostitutes as the ones who need help.  When in reality - what I'm seeing is the ones being trapped within these brothels need it just as much, if not more.

To illustrate my point - when Airforce Amy left the Bunny Ranch that morning could she have called the National Trafficking Hotline or the Salvation Army or "Hookers for Jesus" and found help to transition out of a life in the sex industry?  Without a "trafficker" to prosecute - even the state wouldn't offer her any exit assistance.  Meaning that STILL our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, is the ONLY one right now in this country offering help to ALL adults, male, female and transgender, from any part of the sex industry, legal or illegal, who want to leave the industry FOR ANY REASON and find recovery, whether trafficked or not.

The news over Lamar is highlighting how difficult transportation can be to leave one of these brothels.  Imagine you're a woman with no money, no car, no celebrity status, no friends - and well now you know why I relocated to Nevada so I could hop into a car and go and get them out of the working girls out of there when they wanted to leave.  So in that work over all these years - I've seen a great deal of things that trouble me besides Dennis' control and exploitation of women who shows not one bit of concern for them once he's used them up and cast them aside.  If I'm wrong about that - then please tell me how Sunset Thomas is now doing?  Does he even know?

I've been trying to talk to the press (our 2007 press conference), the government, the public, celebrities, anyone I can talk to about what's going on in Nevada for a long time.  Now before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - I was guaranteed a voice in the press that I could use to tell people what's going on in the sex industry, including the legal brothels.  With that voice, I not only was able to defeat Joe Conforte from expanding the brothels into California and Las Vegas in 1988, but also defeat Dennis, Lance Gilman and Mayor Oscar Goodman from putting a brothel where the Mob Museum now stands also today.  That voice was heard and the IRS came in and took over the Mustang Ranch in the early 1990's - and Joe has since fled this country as a fugitive.   Again, we now have the Mob Museum where these men had once wanted another legal brothel instead.

But now?  Now since I can no longer run public service announcements, have our weekly cable show on air, and get onto any media not owned by corporations in league with the sex industry - you'll not find one single TV show I've been interviewed on since the 1990's, and you'll see the news articles almost disappear entirely also.  The brave reporters who have written about me all found themselves fired - and I now have a list of others who tell me they've been threatened with their jobs if they so much as publish one word about us.  So things have changed dramatically with respect to the sex industry since our voice was silenced with the passing of that Act all for anywhere but our social media or where we can manage to grab some kind of media.

You can see that's another reason why I tried to reach out to your family before this happened to try and get some press on these issues.  I know your people think that what happens to some hookers in Nye County doesn't affect them - well now we've learned that everything affects us as members of the human race.  While I'm very sad that Lamar, and your family, is going through this right now, I am thinking that maybe this might just be God's way of shining a light on the issues I've been trying to get some attention on that no one has cared about because they keep thinking "what affects those whores doesn't affect me".  Well now you see it does affect you.

I am not against the sex industry.  I am against force, control, deception, and exploitation.  That is why I'm trying to fight sex trafficking in all it's forms.  To me, if someone wants to be a sex worker as a career choice - then I support that choice.  What I don't support is when someone is being pushed into a position of having no choice, and the exit door to leave when they want to leave is being blocked.

Which is why I'm for decriminalization - but I am absolutely dead set against the brothel system as it exists within Nevada.  I say that because I've seen female owned brothels in the UK and New Zealand that seem to be working quite effectively from the reports I've received from the women working there.  Reports that were given after they'd left and were not under any control or manipulation.  I mean who is going to tell a reporter what they really think about any boss when he's standing right there during the filming?  Come on!  You're only going to hear the truth when someone leaves.  

We all have watched as the "old school mob" and criminal lifestyle that built Las Vegas has been edged out of the gaming and hotel industry in Nevada.  What we have not seen however is that criminal mentality edged out of the sex industry in Nevada.  That's why I gave that press conference in 2007 - not to "abolish the sex industry" but to demand those brothels be shut down that do things to women like Aubrey speaks of in an interview I have up at

Listen carefully to that interview - because I challenge you to find one other single interview from a woman who has left the Nevada brothels AND gotten clean from drugs AND left the sex industry entirely talking about what goes on up at those brothels that is given without the brothel owner standing next to them, or paying for the production of that interview, but AUBREY'S.  Therefore you will hear a different point of view out of her than others coming from someone sitting right next to Dennis or in a report paid for by the brothels or from someone who is "friends" with Dennis like Christina Parriera to name just one.

There is a campaign about to launch on October 22, 2015 whose face is Malika Saar called "No Such Thing".  It claims we should stop "calling children 'prostitutes' or 'sex workers' because there is no such thing".  I differ.  In Nevada, the licensing board allows that anyone over the age of 16 years old can apply to work in a legal brothel.  Mind you 16 is too young to have a drivers license, to vote, or to even smoke.  Yet a 16 year old can work in a legal brothel, or a strip club, owned not just by men like Dennis Hof but also by men like Lance Gilman.  Lance Gilman who is not only a businessman, but also a Storey County councilman, a member of the Nevada Board of Economic Development, and an adviser to the Nevada Governor and legislature.   Pretty powerful guy. 

This campaign is behind held in California - but is made to appear to be a national campaign.  What many people don't realize however is that in California one has to be 18 to be of legal age.  However, that's not the case in Nevada, or other states as well.  There are other states who are employing 16 year old girls to LEGALLY work in their strip clubs.  So yes Ms. Saar, the McCain's, and the California Endowment - yes there ARE "child prostitutes" and "child sex workers".  You can't make that go away by brainwashing people into saying it "doesn't exist" when it does.  Don't like it?  Then change IT not the words.  Let's stop playing word games and let's start looking at what's going on here.

Which is why I don't care how much people think it's in "bad taste" to be filming every minute of what's going on with Lamar.  I've seen what happens in Nevada when something like this happens to one of the "working girls".  I've seen evidence disappear.  I've seen the police make it disappear.  The minute Aubrey started putting a case together against the Shady Lady brothel and her pimp - I saw everything and everyone just "disappear".  Because that's Nevada.  

I've got evidence of police who have been on Dennis' payroll to deceive the public as when one of them was paid to "pretend" to be customer of the ranch for a so called "reality" show on HBO.  I once saw Patti Kaplan say "what difference does it make if we pay someone to give a blow-job on that show vs. show a "real" one"?  Well I'll tell you the difference Patti.  Because if you're having to pay actors instead of showing the "real deal" - then it means someone is hiding something.

I am writing you in the hopes you are gearing up your lawyers to do something about the way Lamar was treated.  I saw the report that he was so "high" when he showed up at the ranch he had to be driven by a friend.  So they knew when he walked into the property he was under the influence of drugs.  Was an ambulance called then?  No.  

He was then allowed to purchase and ingest something else that you know of - the herbal supplement. While it may be perfectly safe to give someone who is not under the influence of drugs/alcohol this supplement - I don't think anyone knows the effect on someone who is.  Yet he was given this, no SOLD this - and who knows what else he was allowed to purchase and ingest.  I say that because Heidi I know supplies the ranch with marijuana, and other drugs. Nobody grows that many plants for their own personal use.  I've got Aubrey on interview stating that police have come to the brothel she worked in and THEY gave her drugs.  Chris Butler was using police to drive drugs into Nevada, and all over California, from evidence rooms.  He didn't get arrested by the police - he didn't get arrested until the media was put on him.  I'm trying to show that in Nevada there are police who protect Dennis, work for Dennis, and may have things to hide by bring this up here.

Lamar was then supposedly moved from the brothel into Dennis' home unit.  That was supposedly because they could tell he was having a hard time.  I think it was the opposite.  I think they wanted the ambulance to be called while Lamar was not in the brothel part of the property - but in Dennis' personal space for a reason as to why they moved him in the first place.  I mean honestly - why move him otherwise?

Again, an ambulance was not called even then!  No attempt was made to put him under supervision STILL.  Even if they were thinking "oh let him sleep it off" - why still was no one put into supervision over him or a camera put on him to make sure he was monitored?  In fact, he was then left alone unattended with no cameras on him, no one watching him, etc.  Okay they "checked on him" at lunch time supposedly.

So what?  Knowing he's under who knows what kind of drugs, and knowing he's depressed from the divorce, they just go and leave him alone in a bedroom for hours?  Come on.  That's negligence not hospitality.  It's also goes to show this is how they treat the working girls who get into problems up there - they don't exactly rush to call an ambulance for them either.  

This was not a personal home of Dennis Hof his friend.  This was a BUSINESS Lamar entered into.  I'm sick to death of them playing the "whatever happens in a personal bedroom" card when they are in trouble - ignoring the fact that the minute you charge for anything - it becomes a business.  I can serve food to people night and day out of my home kitchen - but the minute I charge for that I need to adhere to certain laws and regulations concerning a commercial kitchen.

These brothels have been ignoring those same rules and regulations of ANY business ever since day one - and this is the result.  If Lamar had walked into any hotel, any bar, even a strip club in the condition he was in when he walked in the door - and if they had served him that supplement and then left him unattended for a minute like they did without calling an ambulance - they would be being held liable.

Now I hear he "couldn't fit into a helicopter".  Okay - please tell me why his knees couldn't have been bent or he couldn't have put into a stretcher they use when they can't fit them into a helicopter?  That was the excuse they used not to fly to the Pahrump Hospital.  I propose there was another reason.

Let me ask you something - when Siegfriend from Siegfriend and Roy was hurt - where did they take him?  UMC.  When ANY celebrity has collapsed or had an accident or is in serious trouble - they go to UMC.  They go to UMC because they have the best trauma unit in the state.  So - again why if going to trouble of taking him into Las Vegas - why wasn't Lamar taken to UMC?  Honestly UMC is even closer than Sunrise Hospital.  So why was he was taken to Sunrise of all places?

My mother died in Sunrise.  I'm very familiar with Sunrise.  Sunrise Hospital put in these computers that every single medical record goes into.  You can't access these records without a pass code.   I know because I kept trying to look at my mother's records when the nurse would leave the room - and I couldn't get into the system without a pass code.  Now having medical power of attorney I even asked to see my mother's medical records when I felt the hospital was the reason why she died.  I suspected foul play at Sunrise in her death and asked to see her records.  They refused me insisting that I had to "get a court order" despite having this power of attorney.  Only I knew what that was about - it was to buy time to go over their records and cover their ass.  I need to add that the Pahrump Hospital does not have this type of computerized system for their records.  

Anyone who has lived in Nevada and had any dealings with the hospitals there does not trust Sunrise Hospital for anything serious.  They mainly do outpatient surgeries or things that are not serious.  And when my mother died - I heard story after story from people telling me about how horrible the care was there.  In fact, the funeral director I took my mother to showed me her instructions if she were to suddenly fall ill to be flown into California for medical care rather than go into Sunrise Hospital.  This director told me it was because of the stories she's heard about the kind of care people get at Sunrise.  So please please explain why he was taken to Sunrise when residents of that state know that not only is it not the best for someone as sick as Lamar was at the time.  But also why he was taken another 20 minutes further from UMC?

I propose it may have been to get control over all the medical records.  I say that because of a rape case I had in SWA where the young woman was raped by a man with genital herpes who is connected to these people.  He said "prove it".  I said "well the medical results if positive will prove it".  He then laughed and pointed out to me that these people have a lot of control over medical records in Nevada.  Quest Diagnostics is the ONLY lab in Nevada.  There is no alternative for blood work and with one computer pass code he told me he could alter her records in seconds.  When I asked why they would go to this length to have this much control - he pointed out for this reason.  Control over things like blood work in Nevada can go to show not only disease in a rape case, but even things like paternity.

What I'm trying to say is I've seen a lot of cover-ups in Nevada.  Operation Dollhouse and the Rick Rizzolo case, as well as what happened with Chief Gillispie, David Shubert, and many other people I've been trying to use in this blog to point out that there is a very dark, corrupt, dangerous system at work in Nevada all set up in connection to promote, protect, and maintain the legal brothels of Nevada.  Now in Lamar's case - he has enough wealth, power, celebrity and family that maybe you can do something to make sure about what happened to him and that the responsible parties are held responsible.

But I ask you - just for a moment imagine if what happened to him a 17 year prostitute with no family, no money, no celebrity, and this same had happened to her?

That's why I want you to please see what you can do SHUT THESE BROTHELS DOWN.

If I can be of any assistance - please don't hesitate to contact me.


Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529