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Saturday, October 31, 2015


We called out to have Snoop Dogg prosecuted for pandering in Nevada where we rescued our first victim out from under his 2003 tour recently, along with a "Ban the Brothels" campaign after what happened with Lamar.  I wondered what the backlash would be.  We got it.

I got a snarky attack on our page by Annette Rizzolo for one.

Then we had a bogus review from "Sally".  The story behind her is when we received a call from a woman calling herself "Sally".  Some of you may remember we had started to post her complaint to us about how the Cupcake Girls and Hookers for Jesus refused to help her as a prostitute working in Las Vegas.

We took down that complaint from her about their groups when we realized her whole story was bogus - therefore we couldn't trust what she said about these groups.  She claimed that she was "forced to prostitute" because she "did not have an ID and couldn't get a job" to quit.  I offered to let her attend our Vegas meeting.  She refused.  She said there was "no point because she couldn't quit yet because she couldn't get any other job".

Now if that was her only block to leaving prostitution was the lack of an ID to get a job - we have helped many a member of SWA get an ID when they're having problems with obtaining birth certificates for one reason or another.  So I told her this and offered to help her get over this hurdle.

There are alternative methods.  One woman we got her ID by submitting her school records.  Another woman we were able to submit her health records and social security card.  With another woman, we were able to use a baptism certificate, along with her GED results.  In countries where the birth certificate has been destroyed by war - we've been able to get letters from the hospital about the records and get an ID.   With my own daughter, I didn't have her birth certificate so we used her health insurance card instead to get her an ID card.

So we started going through the methods with her of how she could get an ID without a birth certificate  - and she started bucking us.  She started two stepping when we asked about speaking to her embassy representative.  She started two stepping when we talked about using her school records or health records.  Ironically, I was coming down to Las Vegas at that same time to run our weekly meeting in Vegas and to help another woman get her ID card.

So I was at DMV at the same time I'm talking to her.  They confirmed they would take her school records.  So  I asked if she could get her school records and I offered to drive her and go with her for support to get her an ID  and she really started bucking me.   Instead she starts asking me if I'll "help her buy a phony ID card".  I refused.  Then she tried to get me to print up up a fake birth certificate on my printer for her.  I refused.  It's not making sense to me why she's turning down easy legit methods to get an ID -and instead pushing on me to commit a crime for her.  I even told her "look if you want to print out a phony birth certificate for yourself - go to Fed EX and knock yourself out".  She says "oh I can't get there so I need you to print one out for me on your computer".  I'm sorry - but if that woman can hook - she can get to Fed Ex.

Beginning to suspect something "fishy" I told her I was thinking of staying over the night.  In most cases, I'll be offered a couch because here I am helping them without asking for a dime.  Instead she tells me "I don't have a couch so you'd have to share a bed with me or sleep on the floor.  Was I going to stay at her house?  Nope. But if her story was real - I would have been invited over and offered a couch to sleep on.  But now she's claiming she "has no furniture".  Come on - I'm smelling a rat here.

So that's when I started backing up and asking more questions about her story.  She started asking me if I could put together a fund raiser for her "just like Kamylla" had done.  I told her to go to the people who organized her fund raiser and ask them to do one for her.  I'm not a fund raiser.  We get our members WORKING.    She again said "they won't even talk to me".

I then asked her the obvious question - why would I hold a fund raiser for an active working girl?  She says "well with enough money I could quit". I said - no that's not your story.  Your story is you need an ID - but every thing I'm doing to try and get that ID or get you a job you're fighting me.

So I tried a different tactic.  Lots of people are working in Vegas without an ID card.  I knew of one job selling real estate paying $25 an hour.  All you need to be is pretty.  In fact there's a lot of jobs you can get based on your looks in Vegas like greeters, marketing, cashiering, etc.  For this one job I was thinking of - you just stand up to a group of retirees an give a presentation.  That's it.  $25 an hour.

I know they're hiring because three other SWA members just got jobs there.  So I told her "look we have three other members working at this company making $25 an hour - how about you check over there?"  She tells me 'they're too far".  I asked her "where are you hooking then?"  She tells me and IT'S FURTHER.  I pointed out the obvious - if you can get to such and such location then you can get to this job I'm telling you about.  But then she says "I need cash daily".  So I tell her about another job I know selling packages to business owners where she'll get paid daily and a commission off each sale and they also don't care about ID.  She balks again.  So clearly she's not interested in working and if I hold a fund raiser for her - then what's her excuse going to be about quitting?  That's if her story was even real which I'm highly doubting by this point in time.

Then after I try to get her to at least check out these jobs and she refuses - she turns around the next day, or morning, and calls me up at 1:00 am going on and on about how she "almost got arrested" because she went to go prostitute in some hotel supposedly.  I mean why is she calling me at 1:00 a.m. talking about arrest after she refused my help?  You know if I wanted phone calls like this - I'd go back into the biz!

I explained to her that our hotline, and our program, is set up to HELP PEOPLE QUIT.  I'm not here to listen to working girl problems.  If you hook - you're going to get jacked up by hotel security.  I mean duh!  I mean anyone knows that you're going to get thrown out by major hotels on a Friday night for God's sake.  I don't believe any hooker is that stupid as to think she's going to go into a strip hotel on a Friday and not be thrown out or arrested.

So clearly my time is being wasted either way - either her whole story is hogwash or she's not ready to quit sex work.  Either way -  I tell her "look if you want to keep hooking - great.  Go call SWOP or Desiree Alliance or Red Umbrella - but as for me - I need to go back to sleep."

Next thing I know our phone is being text bombed.  She runs an ad on Craigslist with my home phone # at 2:00 a.m. now claiming I'm "giving away a free iphone" which sets off so many people calling me at once that my phone rang until 6 am.  One ad would be taken down and another would go up.  She did this for THREE DAYS tying up our hotline.

Why?  I ask you why?  We actually try and help her, she refuses, and I"m the bad guy?  Baloney. I don't buy it.  The story isn't logical.  If this was a woman who wanted help to quit - she wouldn't be attacking us like this after seeing that we could help her.

It was a set up pure and simple by the same people who set up  Sure enough - she then comes onto our facebook page claiming falsely we "don't have a 501c3" which we do.  That we're "stalking her".  Yeah right.

When the woman was insulting me she kept calling me a "lesbian".  I did speak to the police about the text bombing and the insults and they said because she called me a "lesbian" as a slur they could make this a hate crime, i.e., felony harassment and stalking.  I don't want to take time away from our work to waste on these people.  But then weeks later she comes onto our page here and posts this bogus review claiming we were "stalking" her.  It's making me reconsider about pressing charges.  I did go and look by the way - and I found no negative reviews or bashing out of her against the Cupcake Girls or Hookers for Jesus.  So honestly - if this was about attacking a program for being "bogus" she would have attacked them and left us alone seeing that we could actually help her and that we even tried.

I said to myself "I bet they' promised her a fund raiser like they did for Kamylla if she attacked us like this" because no one does this for free.  I go onto her page and sure enough - there it is.  A screen shot is below of her new fund raiser!   Well that just kinds of sums up what is going on here doesn't it.  Money.

I'm also not surprised that it came just DAYS after I called out for a "banning of the brothels" and wrote letters demanding Snoop be prosecuted for pandering.  So this is clearly their attack for those moves.  Which doesn't work by the way you guys - every time you do this REAL working girls see this, know the score, and know we must be doing something right.  It just increases our membership and book sales - so thanks!  Oh and yes I have the tapes of these calls to verify everything I'm saying is true.  Now you can understand why we record calls - to protect against false accusations.

But I love this logic - I'm not going onto their pages posting nasty attacks.  I'm not text bombing their phones.  I'm not setting up websites smearing them.  But I'm "stalking them".  Love this logic.  Sounds like every abuser I know trying to play the victim doesn't it?   Look at who is coming after who and it's all the information intelligent people need to see what's going on and who is being attacked by who and for why.

By the way, I will be reporting the charity to the IRS and the Attorney General to investigate "Sally".  Thanks for tipping me off about your fund raiser by the attack upon me.  I knew that meant you were up to something again!

UPDATE:  Oh now I've seen everything - including "from prostitute to paper".  Okay I follow the fund raiser set up for whoever this "Sally" person is.  It goes to this site -

So I go to check out "Serenity Steps" -  I'm asking myself "how can this guy not see through this story?"  I mean I saw through her.  But then again I'm an ex-sex worker and I've been doing this work for over 30 years now.  

What just burns my butt is we have an Atlanta chapter of SWA.   But note what I wrote above about this before I knew who was doing her fund raising - that it appears the only ones attacking us are the religious groups who have hijacked this movement to begin with to be one that OMITS help to the LGBT, the men, the transgenders, etc.  As well as the Jewish, Buddhist, etc.  In other words - anyone who isn't a female heterosexual Christian.   

So why am I not surprised to find a christian ministry behind this latest attack?  In looking around their site - I do not see them offering help to men, transgenders, the LGBT, or anyone who is Jewish, Buddhist, or atheist as we do regardless of religion or lack of religion.  A church whose board is not primarily ex-sex workers either.  

Oh I see their "token" survivor on the board which is how these groups operate.   They get one survivor, or claimed survivor, and the church is off!  But at least now I see who has been undermining our Atlanta chapter - who does serve men, women, transgenders, the LGBT, and those who are religions other than Christian, or just plain atheist.   A group which by the way is working and who I also got legal support for.  We had one member who needed to stay an eviction, and another who had to file bankruptcy we got help for in the last three months.  Everyone in our Atlanta group is working now by the way at their own jobs and living in their own homes.  They're not out helping us raise money by selling things for us.  

ANYONE can get help in SWA - now why these people want to try and attack us from serving ALL of God's creations - well just doesn't seem very Christian to me.  If I remember correctly Jesus himself got drug right out of the temple and almost thrown off a cliff when he told the Jews that God loved "everyone, even the Gentiles" to drive his point home about God's love being for EVERYONE regardless of religion.

I bet if I dig harder - I'll find a grant application in here somewhere.  What I don't understand is WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ATTACK US?  I don't see the church attacking AA or NA - why the one group who serves ALL sex workers and/or victim regardless of who they are?  Why does SEX make this to be something that excuses these attacks?

Which by the way explains the bogus attack on from the woman who says she "turned down a job for $1000 a week" to "take a job for $8.00 an hour at the Amazon warehouse".  I remember that call now.  She never made it to one meeting.  She never worked a step.  She never read our book;   She never had anything to do with our program.  She called up saying that she "needed work" but couldn't find it because of her criminal record and wanted help finding a job.  I told her I knew of a company in Atlanta that was hiring people regardless of their records and the other SWA members who worked at that job were averaging $1000 a week.  

She said she wanted to take the Amazon job.  I warned her what I'd seen 1000 times before - that we'll take a job that's too hard, doesn't pay enough money to live on, then we'll quit in disgust and go back to hooking.  I warned her it was a set-up.  I guess warning her it was a "set-up" was "bullying her".  She emailed me saying that I was "right" and that she'd quit the job after a few days and had gone back to hooking.  I repeated that a job wasn't the solution here - she was clearly setting herself up to fail and that we needed to work on that.  I never heard from her again.  Until that insane blast on that site.  Now I knew that had to come from somewhere.  Now I know where.  

So now you know why we got the ACLU to help us fight and win the ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops.   I'm not out attacking you guys.  But it's clear they sure want to try and shut down again - the ONLY national program for MEN, women and TRANSGENDERS, who is also open to anyone of any religion, or lack of religion.   I mean scratch an attack on us - and I find a fund raiser organized by a church who knows soooo much about sex workers they couldn't tell Sally was bogus?  Or didn't care.  One or the other.  Whatever - they can explain it to the IRS, Guidestar and the Attorney General about their "due diligence" with checking out Sally's story before going out to fund raise for her an attorney now?  Shame - we have attorney's who donate legal assistance free.  If it was for a lawyer  - just like she needed an ID I guess.