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SB 1110

I apologize.  I wasn't asking to be written into the Bill.  

I was asking if we could be included in the dialogue.  Our local members in Seattle have been severely threatened by members of SWOP into being afraid to speak up individually online, and also in public at any of the hearings.  They are speaking to me and I am reaching out asking that we be included in the conversation about this is all.  Being we are the oldest and largest program of survivors in this country I think that's fair.  
I also think if you're going to speak about laws regarding alcoholism, that you include AA, and people like Bill Wilson, AA's founder, in the discussion as well as the bar owner, the wine maker, and the drunk sitting on the bar stool drinking who insists he's "not an alcoholic" and "doesn't have a problem".  You will find our view being out of the industry now is going to be different than say Mary's of SWOP who has been guilty of a lot of threats and…