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I went onto Google and typed in "sex trafficking" and "Las Vegas".  The first link I got was  Okay - let's go down the list here:

National Trafficking Hotline - first you have to be the victim.  You can't be a mother or a friend.  Once you make the call - you are given phone numbers of Nevada programs.  They provide no residential services, no transportation, send no money.  They will ask you if you want to call and make a report to the Police.  So if you want to prosecute your pimp or trafficker - good call.  You're standing out at a payphone at 2:00 a.m. because you just ran off from your pimp - not helping.

Immigration and Victim Assistance - are you an American?  Can't help you.  Are you not an American?  They will tell you to "call the police to file a report".

Shared Hope - according to their site and operator provide 'no direct services to victims in Nevada".

Hopelink - gives yo…