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People who are new to this field don't understand why I insist there is a difference between "pimping" and "trafficking".  To follow along in audio -

Take a look at a very famous pimp - Iceberg Slim.  If you want to know more about his life there's a book out he wrote called "Pimp". For a more modern version you might have seen on TV - look at 
Bishop Don Juan.  This is a man who did try and leave being a pimp for a while.  In fact, he even founded a church that did outreach to pimps.  

I did a Jerry Springer show with him in fact where he came on still dressing, acting, speaking, like a pimp.  I pulled him over backstage and told him "walk like a duck, quack like a duck and sooner or later you're going to sprout webbed feet" suggesting that if he didn't start changing everything about his life that he would return.  Which he did.  There was a splash on MTV where he announced he had gone back to pimping…