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PRESS RELEASE - Press and the Music Industry

Date: July 10, 2015

Re: Call Out to Press & Music Industry to Give More Attention to Positive Spending
We are routinely seeing a great deal of press being given to rappers and musicians who go into strip clubs “making it rain” with bricks of money upon strippers. This sort of thing gets a great deal of press while we're trying to do outreach to our communities about the potential dangers not just in the sex industry – but even strip clubs for customers.
Drake has reported to have dropped $50,000 in a strip club – and even supposedly $8,000 in the parking lot of one. Fabulous has reportedly dropped $28,000 while Ludacris has dropped $10,000 at one pop. Chris Brown - $15,000. Akon - $50,000. While photos of Bieber and a stripper went viral.

The message the media is sending young women is clear – be a stripper and you make lots of cash and meet rich and famous men. The message to young men is also clear – you want to be cool? Throw your money around a strip club l…