Dear Fred Mwangaguhunga and Notoya Green:

I'm writing you for help to broadcast something after watching you on "My Sweet 40th" on TV recently.  There is a war going on right now against African American men in this country.  A war being waged by rich powerful WHITE religiously motivated entities.  They have found a new way to put a face on a war against the African American male, and even single mother families of African Americans.  I may look white, but I'm the direct descendant of a family comprised of a slave owner and a slave who ran away once she could be free to build a family.  Today, I help sex trafficking victims find an underground railroad of their own to find freedom through the founding of the modern day sex trafficking movement and our hotline.  

These people such as California Endowment, the McCain Institute, and the Catholic Church (we beat them in ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops, and a Supreme Court decision striking down the TVRA of 2003  - so this is how they're fighting back), and pro-life people and even those who oppose PETA (I can show you how these people against us are also who set up Planned Parenthood and yes even set up PETA last year at the Rose Bowl), as well as those directly tied to sex trafficking within our government like Randall Tobias and David Vitter - are now using African American's such as P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Malika Saar all hand picked to make what they are doing to attack African Americans to brand them in the mind of the public as "traffickers" in an IDENTICAL war that I witnessed in the 1980's during Iran Contra when these people were ALSO blaming the African American community for the drugs that were pumped into this country by THEM (who Rick "Freeway" Ross and Gary Webb have now backed up my story is true I've been saying since 1987 when I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement)  in the IDENTICAL manner of how the Nazi's picked Jews to run the showers at Aushwitz to gain compliance.

So - this is a letter I've been sending out from us to counter their "No Such Thing" Campaign.  (Note - headed by an African American woman and an African American girl even here -    I'm writing you because they are TRICKING famous African American celebrities such as P. Diddy and Russell Simmons to back them.  

These people are not watching the media pertaining to sex trafficking - however I am.  So they aren't aware of the slick media propaganda that's been going out on the air to cover up what's really going on here with the hijacking of the movement I founded NOT against the African American community BUT against rich, powerful WHITE men in our own GOVERNMENT who are involved in sex trafficking.  Who even Jeane Palfrey was murdered in my opinion trying to reveal the proof - and before she could get the word out the numbers in her "Black Book" were not just "johns" but TRAFFICKERS.

I watch shows like the Freedom Project that was hosted by Jada Pinkett-Smith not one week before she came out to promote Magic Mike XL.  On this show, Jada went into Atlanta, GA where all they did was film African American teens with African American "pimps" (by the way a pimp and trafficker are different but they use these terms interchangeably also to hide the fact "traffickers" are white in this country).  I've watched NBC follow African American husbands around the lobby of a jail while they are bailing out their wife saying "you're a trafficker" while he's going "no I'm not - I'm here to bail out my wife".  So the minute I call her out for her "hypocrisy" on this issue - now they've replaced her with Malika Saar?

I'm writing to you because I saw how you had a hard time financially and you used credit to eat at the bottom.  Well you had credit to do so.  Some African American single mothers aren't so fortunate as to be married, or have credit.  They wind up often with only one way to feed their children.  They put on red lipstick and go out onto a corner around the end of the month.  Then they are being picked up by police looking for trafficking grant money - and labeled a "trafficking victim".  They're told they have to do it or else go to jail.

Worse, if there is a male in the home - they are told if they don't prosecute him as her "trafficker" that they will come and take her babies.  Do you want to know WHY we're having a record increase in black men in prison?  Google "trafficking arrests" right now in this country and you'll find that Kemp Schiffer, a white IRS agent who trafficked girls for 12 YEARS got two YEARS in prison - while an African American male got 140 YEARS for doing less.

I want you to imagine if instead of having that wonderful 40th bash you did - how would you like to have been in the shoes with a baby and no credit.  Maybe you went out on that corner.  Then to save your baby from going into CPS - you had to put your same wonderful husband behind bars so they can build bigger jails in this country.  Because THAT'S what's happening right now.  These people have found another African American face to wage this wage upon the African American community with the upcoming launch of their "No Such Thing" campaign.  

I invite you to look at also who is the focus of this "No Such Thing" campaign if not GIRLS.  When the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Michael Horowitz, even confirms with me the movement I started has been hijacked - let me explain more of what I mean by that.  Prior to 2000, when the Act was passed, our program, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) was active in every major city of the USA, Canada and in other countries.  Our program served ALL - men, women, transgenders and the LGBT community.

Yes we had some African American women like Brenda Myers-Powell, but we also served Native American transgender strippers, white Jewish lesbian escorts and madams, and Asian Buddhist gay male hustlers.  We did not discriminate.  However, if you go and look at any "trafficking shelter" right now, being funded by federal AND church money, you'll find the only ones being served as HETEROSEXUAL CHRISTIAN FEMALES.  I challenge you to find ONE that serves kosher food or has a meditation center in fact because this is not only a race war being waged, but a religious one that is also excluding the LGBT community by omission.

So I'm writing to get your help with counter-media within the African American community.  A community where rappers who are not as wealthy as P.Diddy are being picked up, harassed, targeted as "traffickers" while the REAL traffickers like Mally Mall are hiding behind Snoop Dogg.  They won't dare touch anyone connected to Snoop who I know for a fact IS acting as a shield for real trafficking.  Is he aware of it or being taken advantage of?  I don't know.  I can't get an audience with him to find out.  All I can do is set up to get his attention to what is going on under him to raise his awareness to it since his people won't let me talk to him about it.  (Yes to the lobbyists who are attacking me for this boycott - all I'm trying to do is get Snoop's attention to what's going on under him.  If real life pimps couldn't shut me up in the 1980's - do you really think the Cupcake Girls are going to chase me off?)  

I don't know how to reach into that hip hop community any better than to start with your media outlet - so I'm sending you a copy of a letter I'm trying to get published somewhere to raise awareness about what's going on by people using very cleverly designed slick media campaigns to wage a race war, fill up jails, and attack the LGBT community, the Jews, and the African American community who can't speak out for themselves because of the fear these people have them living in.  Even Monica Jones who was targeted by them in Arizona.

IF these people REALLY wanted to DO something about sex trafficking within the United States - then how come for TWO YEARS NOW I can't get one single person in law enforcement to look at the evidence I have against the heads of a multi-national sex trafficking ring, a ring where pimps in other states than California have now been sentenced, who reside in Pasadena, California?  Not a phone call.  Not a email.  Yet I've been told by the author of the RICO act itself that I now have enough evidence to start an investigation at least into these people.  But does Kamala Harris or Dianne Feinstein or any of these people come to me to ask to see this information, and talk to a woman who was carted out of her home by Pasadena cops when she told the ring she wanted to retire where she was then falsely charged with prostitution?  NO.

If these people wanted to DO something about "child prostitutes" - how about doing something about the fact a 16 year old in California can call the police and say she's being "trafficked" or even a victim of statutory rape to block pimps from trying to turn her out, especially if those people are her own parents, foster parents, etc.  Yet that same girl can be loaded into a car, then driven into Nevada, where she can be forced to apply for a brothel prostitute license, then taken to the brothel where BY LAW she can not walk out of that brothel for the first 48 HOURS or she will be ARRESTED.  If these people care so much about "child prostitutes" as to go to all this trouble with this "No Such Thing" campaign - how about doing something to CHANGE THE LAWS OF NEVADA?  Do you see one single word in their campaign about this?  Maybe because the brothels only hire white girls while the black girls get arrested and thrown into juvie as "prostitutes".

Oh but let's not call them that. We can do it - but let's not CALL it that.  If you think that's wrong - then help me please with this.    

Jody Williams

When most sex trafficking victims are "turned out" - the pimps give them names like "bitch" or "whore" or even "property".  One member told me her name was “chair” They're told they're not "worthy of a human name".  When other people call them by their birth name - the pimps will remind them "oh no - she's chair now" or whatever the chosen name is.  

They are further told to give "stage" or "street" names to their customers - if asked.  Star, Desiree, Tiffany, all are their street, stage or porn names.  It's often not until coming into recovery they are even being called by their birth names. I've had members tell me “wow it's been years since someone called me by my name”.

One of the things we do in Sex Workers Anonymous is to teach them to speak up for themselves, how to express their feelings, and it's safe now to tell people what they really think and feel.  Why?  Because the pimps either silence them, ignore them - or worse beat them violently if they speak "out of turn"  The "johns" could care less what they think or how they feel.  They might pretend to care - and the girls have learned speaking up can mean either a back hand, less money, or even get them thrown out into the streets at 2:00 a.m. One woman we know pretended to be a deaf mute during her captivity just to survive.

I don't make any major decisions in our program without taking a 'group conscience'.  This teaches the members their voices are important.  In hearing from everyone and carrying out their wishes - they learn they have value as well as how to speak up for themselves  I'm not going to deny them that voice   So I hope you understand I'm trying to carry their voices out to the public because they can't through this letter.

There has been a “No Such Thing” campaign kicked off asking the general public to call all of us across the board as a specific name.   Our members/survivors were not asked to be included on what word to use, nor anything about the execution of this campaign that asks for us to be identified by a word they've chosen. I'm hoping you can therefore understand by shutting them out of the process of deciding what they want to be called for the rest of their lives – they feel shut out, ostracized and unimportant all over again by this exclusion.

Another problem - is like it or not – this country's legal system can't even agree among the state's what a “child” is let alone what a “victim” is. What do I mean by that? Most people in this country think that anyone under the age of 18 years old is a “child”. However, in Nevada the legal age for giving consent for sex is 15 years old.

Many people also don't realize the licensing board for the legal brothels in Nevada state that “anyone over the age of 16 years old” an apply to work as a legal prostitute. Meaning a 16 year old in California would be called a “victim” - while that same exact 16 year old in a Nevada brothel would be considered a “legal prostitute”. If they worked next door in the strip club they would in fact be a “sex worker” That's not an opinion – but a fact. Now if people find that offensive – then they need to be changing the laws – not the words.

So we would like to see some of the press directed onto the fact that many people are assuming that EVERY state has the legal age of 18 years old - but they don't.  There's also strip clubs in NJ that hire 16 year olds so this is't an attack upon Nevada.  The girls in these legal establishments CAN'T call 911 or go into a sex trafficking program and CAN'T receive “victim” services until the law, not the word, changes.

I also can state for a fact "sex trafficking shelters" are actually letting pimps work those same victims in strip clubs and massage parlors because it's "legal".  So we have a lot of words in the English language that need to be examined in this issue. Now WE are grown enough in our recovery to DEMAND decisions affecting OUR lives INCLUDE us. As founder of this movement – I PERSONALLY DEMAND discussions involving the movement I founded include me as well.

Now if you want to call me “crazy” or “stupid” or “hostile” because of this demand – then I'm going to consider you a “pimp”. How's that for a “campaign about words”?

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Jody Williams founded the modern day sex trafficking movement on August 15, 1987. The day of the Harmonic Convergence she turned on the hotline, open up the first 12 step program for those recovering from any part of the sex industry, male, female or transgender – and stepped up on that first talk show stage demanding this country change in order to respond to their calls for help.


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