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Sex Workers Anonymous (Formerly Prostitutes Anonymous (702) 468-4529 Telephone November 10, 2015
Dear Assembly Committee on Public Safety:
If I had known about the meeting on human trafficking held on October 20, 2015, I want you to know I would have attended. But I was not invited because I'm assuming people in this field who are aware of who I am also in respect to this field probably think I am still living in Nevada where I've been since 1996. However, because of calls I've been receiving from the members of Sex Workers Anonymous, the 12 step program I founded in 1987 about what they've been seeing happening in California, at their request and urging, I've relocated back home to Los Angeles where our program, and the modern day sex trafficking movement itself, was launched. Basically the members have been wanting me back here to speak and appear for them on some of these issues in w…