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When my daughter was about 8 years old I could see she was becoming a very pretty young woman.  Speaking as someone who was molested by my father as a child, and beaten by my mother, raped three times before I was 19 years old, and lured into a sex trafficking operation in my teen years - I believe a lot of what happened to me was because I was raised to "act like a lady".  My father was very authoritative, as I've learned most molesters and abusers are.  I was told by him that I had to "bend to his will" and "ladies don't act like that'.

So when my daughter was 8 years old, I enrolled her in a martial arts studio.  When the boys started hitting on her in school - she laughed.  She knew better.  My daughter gets approached by these guys and she blows them off.  I assure you these predators stay away from women who can defend themselves.  I love the film Jennifer Lopez made also showing martial arts as a tool of defense.  I know this - I started st…