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When - which is the oldest and largest group of survivors in the country AND the group who FOUNDED THE MOVEMENT to have sex trafficking recognized as real is not a part of a project like Caged No More folks - that's "your sign" there's a problem with the truth. If they were interested in the truth - we'd have been involved. Anyone who wants to help an alcoholic wouldn't think of doing so without AA. You know why? They have no financial self-interest nor are using anyone for political power, to advance their career or fame that's why. We don't apply for grants and we don't hold any fund raisers.
When we started seeing this film start to get filmed - we stood back and told ourselves that "the truth will come out" as we know it always does. It's very validating to see that this is true. Thank you for realizing that our voices as REAL survivors, and as a group whose only purpose is for the recovery of …