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Friday, February 12, 2016



What we saw after the old “five family” mobs were all locked up in prison was the rise of a different type of system operating in this country. Remember, we've been doing this work for 30 years now so things change. What we've seen is the men and women who were Aryan, white supremacist, KKK, skinheads, and with ties to still living Nazi's who relocated to the states after the war, started entering politics, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system. The African-American community has been involved in drugs and pimping all through this time on their own pretty much. If you've seen “American Gangster” then you know what I mean.

One of those men to give you an illustration is Paul Tanaka of an Aryan who is now involved in law enforcement and politics from what we've been told Paul Tanaka was a police officer until he became Mayor of Gardena. He took a leave of absence to fight corruption charges in April of 2015.

Lee Baca who was the Los Angeles Chief of Police until recently. He was also a Viking Aryan gang member with Tanaka. Chris Butler was another, as was Kemp Shiffer. (Kemp Shiffer only got a two year sentence by the way.)

Chris Butler was a Orange County police officer who opened a private investigator agency upon retirement. Kemp Shiffer was a Newport Beach officer who became an IRS agent. Kemp then took over the Mustang Ranch legal brothel when Joe Conforte lost it because of unpaid taxes. But because he was personally recruiting women from California and driving them to come work at the ranch as young as 16 years old “legally”, the IRS fired him. From there Kemp became an accounting instructor at the University of Reno. From there, he was recruiting students at the University to work at the brothels.

The Mexican and Columbia cartel started mixing drug and sex trafficking because the prostitutes were used to mule over drugs in their breast implants across the border. Those who didn't make the surgery were used for organ sales on the black market. Their cartel started trafficking women through Cantina's, bars and strip clubs. The Russian mob started trafficking their women through massage parlors and escort services. The same for the Triad with Asian women. These “ethnic rings” (I have no idea what else to call them) were offered “protection” through the Aryan's now in law enforcement, the prosecutor's office, judges' chambers, politicians, etc.

The perfect cover is to now be “fighting trafficking” while pursuing “outlaws”. That's sex workers who are not being pimped and/or trafficked but are working in the industry alone. Project Rose is a good example. Round up any prostitutes not having a pimp or trafficker – so they start working with these cartels for protection and to get their charges dropped or even records expunged. Attack Craigslist, Backpage, Erotic Review – all sites known for “outlaws” who are not working under a pimp or for the trafficking rings. Including the legal brothels. Make it so you can't work independently online – and the women become vulnerable to joining in with the trafficking rings. If you listen for example to the woman who survived the Craigslist Killer – she did not have a pimp and she was not trafficked - but was an “independent sex worker”.

One Asian trafficking ring had set up an operation that spanned the USA. This ring was again using police officers, marshal's, sheriff's, etc. to transport drugs, money needing laundering, guns, and the victims in the car. Drugs taken from evidence rooms was being resold through massage parlors where if anyone did get busted it would be the prostitute who would get busted – not them. The drugs were transported in evidence wrapping so if they got stopped, it's “evidence”. Also, the women were “witnesses” or being “transported to another jail”. The network of this operation spanned from San Diego, California, up to Las Vegas, then a straight shot across to Kentucky (as far as the transporting of items in the cop cars). From there the women were transported out to places like New York, Florida, Seattle, etc., by plane. THAT'S trafficking by the way.

We had gone to ATLAS, and the Las Vegas city council asking for a grant to hire a translator who spoke Mandarin because of how the Asian situation was set up in Las Vegas in 2007. Mandarin speaking cab drivers were picking up men from the airport who had tickets showing they had just come from China on them who also spoke Mandarin. Then they were taken to private homes used as brothels. There was no way to get these women out of the houses because they were on private property and no one was speaking Mandarin we knew – nor were any being hired by the trafficking task forces. Our calls to Bamboo Bridges to try and get a translator were left unanswered. They did have a fund raiser however.

Our “john sting” didn't work because they never sent these women out on an incall unless they were going to a man they “knew” because he'd already been screened by the cab drivers who spoke Mandarin We couldn't even send in a guy pretending to be a “john” unless we found a man speaking Mandarin who would fly in to China and then into Las Vegas. Impossible. Note here one of the owners who bought this cab/limo company was also a strip club owner. Why?

Because Rick Rizzlo wasn't the only club owner of strip clubs drugging their patrons and then maxing out their credit cards. Someone had to drive them home and if they had been put in a “strange” cab – the cab driver would have taken them to the hospital and probably made a report about repeatedly picking up drugged patrons at these clubs. While in jail – there was an accusation about Rick Rizzolo and Orange County sheriff Mike Corona who was illegally accessing a computer to get information on people and passing that information to Rick while in custody. Information on who? Don't know but I do know that he left a death on Buffalo Jim's car the day after Rick was released from jail. Buffalo Jim was then found dead with GHB in his system in a motel room supposedly that a hooker had been seen checking in with him.

Mike claimed he was doing this as a “sting” but I never found anything about charges related to such a thing. I did find an interesting article on the computer however. Jim's death was never prosecuted – but then then again the prosecutor at the time was on drugs.

Because we couldn't get the women out of those houses to freedom - we arranged for a friend who was a reporter to get a “ride along” with Metro to do a story. Then to press for a “surprise raid”. Which is what happened here - I got the call from Terri Miller of ATLAS and we were at the Salvation Army 20 minutes after the arrests where bags of drugs, 24 women, 4 men, and two cops were found at the house. The women were not held despite the fact they're not supposed to be released until ICE has processed them. They were released back to the pimps before again we could even get to the Salvation Army.

Previously, ATLAS had been structured to question every woman arrested for prostitution as to whether or not she was trafficked. After Operation Dollhouse, the Justice Dept. gave a $370,000 grant to “restructure” the task force in Las Vegas What that meant was that ATLAS would only work on cases referred to them by Metro. At the end of the year, this meant ATLAS had worked with ZERO victims. Our hotline that year processed 311 calls in Nevada alone from women needing help. Terri during the year refused to help us with any cases we'd call her about.

We were denied the grant for a translator, and ATLAS instead paid $80,000 for a billboard that at the end of the year brought in not one single call for help. The city council voted to spend $50,000 to pay for a new sign to the Olympic Garden strip club instead. When we went to Metro about this operation – we were ignored completely. When we went to Chief Gillispie – every operation but the Asian one was completely shut down in 24 hours. The walls on the inside of the houses they had been using were even washed down with bleach. All our evidence was gone overnight.

We even went to Auto Zone who was having these illegally stolen parts resold through their store – only to be told they didn't want the publicity of prosecuting the men responsible. Since our allegations against Chief Gillispie – he has since stepped down because of corruption charges. Chief Baca has also admitted to corruption in Los Angeles

The Asian ring would traffick women in the massage parlors and escort services in China while young. Then when over 40 years old, bring them to this country with promises of work and also under a marriage contract to an American. To buy back their contract, they would be forced to work at massage parlors dotting across the USA. Every month or so, they would be transported from one city to the next so as not to get too close to anyone. The women are promised if they “go along” their children will receive a college education here in the states they left back home in China. Back home where they could be threatened by these who were connected to the ring. Then the children were brought over here – they were used for recruiting, and even espionage, activities at USC and UCLA.

We've been going to the proper authorities about these cases, and others, to see what can be done to shut these operations down. This blog is giving you an update on these cases, and showing you how some of them intersect. Cleverly someone is reading our blog – because it seems everyone we're talking about is getting arrested or stepping down.

Here's the update on the “Operation Dollhouse” arrests. Now the women were here illegally according to this article They were working out of a private house with mattresses on the floor, where there was the smell of urine and cigarettes in the air. There were at least seven houses they found in this operation, and drugs were being sold to the customers through these women. The judge however said “this is not a case of human trafficking”.

Excuse me? What dictionary are these people using? I doubt this case would have even happened if not that I've been blogging about this case from 2007 on. Especially since one of the officers who was this house ran for public office after this raid “uncontested”. However, he did have someone who “started” to run – who reports being threatened into backing down. To save face, they've now railroaded two people who are saying “I'm not guilty” into jail, and I'm not hearing any evidence against them in this case. Trust me – not everyone in the ring was convicted and there are still members of this ring operating as we speak.

One officer heard what we were saying about “Operation Dollhouse” however in Kansas. So he started investigating local massage parlors. He reported that he was getting so much interference from other local officers, he decided to wait until he retired from the force, and then went to work for the zoning dept. From the zoning dept. he was able to gather the evidence to make these arrests in 2013 “stick”. Three people were found guilty and sentenced to five years. The victims thanked the court for their freedom. One spoke in the wheel taken down. Doesn't take down the operation however.

We had been continuing to talk about this ring because a victim who resides in Pasadena told us that she had told her traffickers she wanted to “retire”. She's been working since she was 8, and she was now in her 50's. The response she said was she was taken out of her home by two Pasadena police officers and then slapped with two fake prostitution charges. Then she was told if she didn't “get back to work” she would have a third, which would get her deported to China. Once in China, she'd receive the death penalty which could be arranged for her through their connection back there. Considering this article – anything is possible when a detective is bragging he can “frame someone for homicide”

This was in March of 2013 she told us this and we started writing about her plight. This arrest in 2015 of Liang Yaohui shows their connection back in China was not only a five star hotel owner, but also a member of the National People's Congress. Forty-seven other men were arrested with him. It's my understanding it's because the President of China has declared a war on corruption these arrests took place. They also detained over 1000 prostitutes according to the news.

But the heat was on. So what did they do? Switch from Chinese women to Korean women.

As we started blogging about these cases, and knocking on the authorities doors to have them speak with us about the evidence we had on these cases, I started having “johns” come to me saying that they were going into massage parlors, strip clubs, and even legal brothels, to be drugged, then once knocked out not only were their credit cards maxed out – but that they were going home to find out their other bank accounts were being hacked also.

When they would go back to the establishment – they would be told to “back off or else” face things like being fired, losing their marriages, etc., by these so called “legal” establishments filing stalking charges against them. Or further, taking any criminal charges to their bosses, their wives, business associates, press, etc. For those who ignored these threats, they were actually finding themselves charged with things like stalking, even gag orders. One man reported they had faked a photo of him standing outside one of their homes and the court took away his legally owned gun he needed for self-protection – leaving him defenseless. All said they were being threatened by cops and lawyers with criminal charges to force them to “back off” the money lost – when they were the ones who had been robbed.

I think we witnessed this in action in Las Vegas not long ago with Lamar Odom. The man was clearly overdosed on drugs – every organ in his body went into shutdown. He certainly didn't ingest that much drugs on his own. He was also left alone for an extended period of time despite the fact they said he was high when he arrived. This brothel should be sued for negligence at least. We heard he was missing $75,000 in cash that was in his pockets when he arrived – but then witnessed Nye County “considering drug charges against Lamar”.

Suddenly, we're not hearing a peep about the $75,000 and Lamar gets himself the heck out of Nevada. Not surprised Kloe got a staff infection after being at Sunrise. My mother died there of MRSA in 2006 and I've not heard of them doing a proper disinfection of the hospital since.

By the way, can anyone tell me why he was taken to Sunrise when the best trauma unit in the state is UMC? Roy was taken there after he almost had his head bit off by the tiger. If you ask me, it's because Sunrise has all of their records on computer. Meaning records can be altered and deleted at the push of a button. Again, I know because of what happened with my mother's death while there. NOTHING was kept on paper at that hospital – but UMC does keep paper records. Also, UMC is 20 minutes minutes closer than Sunrise to where the brothel is.

The ranch claims the $75,000 was his tab he “doesn't remember”. Chump change rather than face drug charges in Nevada which has some of the strictest penalties in the country. So we've witnessed probably what these men have been telling me is going on in this so called “legal” establishments.

Despite our track record here – I've not received one phone call, email nothing back from the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force or Jim McDonnell. I was told by his assistants' that I had to first “wait until he got elected” to speak to him. Then it was “he had to be sworn in”. After that I heard he had to 'formulate his policy”. I asked if I could be a part of “formulating that policy” since I've been doing this kind of thing for 30 years – and got blown off. I've asked to be notified of when and where the meetings are only to be told “we don't have a head in charge yet” and again blown off.

Then I read that Merrill Ladenheim was named as the new “head” of this task force. An officer who was promoted by Lee Baca by the way to the Lakewood station. Ladenheim has reportedly sent out an email stating he was “supporting Paul Tanaka's campaign”. While I support Ladenheim's statement that children who are involved in prostitution should not be called a “prostitute” I do have a problem with the fact that the police report for 2015 for juvenile arrests for prostitution has a ZERO on it.

Why? Because HIV tests are only mandatory when there's an arrest. Meaning none of these juveniles are being tested for HIV. Is this important?

With Charlie Sheen's activities with prostitutes while knowing he was infected since 2011 – yes. It's unlikely if these juveniles have been tested for HIV on their own, they're report it to all they'd been with sexually. Sheen also admits spending $10 million to keep this status a secret and I doubt all of that was blackmail money. I don't think Charlie checked for ID at the door and some of these teens look like adults.

Without statistics on HIV infection in juvenile's in Los Angeles – there isn't going to be able to be appropriate planning for services. Now with Tijuana having a confirmed HIV epidemic among sex workers - China's having an epidemic - and Korea having an HIV epidemic also we kind of need to know if these juveniles who have been working as prostitutes, whether by force or not, are HIV positive. If you do the math also by just counting the massage parlors around you, then figuring these women are multiple contacts per day without protecting – we have a serious HIV problem brewing in this country right where the trafficking task forces are not going.

Kevin Brown was a retired Orange County officer also, who upon retirement claims to have “found God” and suddenly “wanted to save trafficking victims”. The so called “reality show” that came onto A&E with him was actually staged with women from an ad on Craigslist who were paid $200 to “pretend to be victims” to be “saved” by him. He did this in conjunction with Greg Reese, a private investigator from the OC at first who pulled out of the project before it aired. The address for “Side by Side” church however goes to some doctor's offices. His church was registered in 1994 – with sex trafficking not receiving federal recognition until 2000. Doesn't add up. Interesting side note – Kevin started this whole “campaign” of his just six months after Chris Butler's arrest. Polaris had even asked Kevin not to air their hotline on his show. There is considerable debate as to whether or not Kathryn Griffin-Townsend was involved as where the women were supposed to be taken.

But if it was all scripted – then they weren't really going anywhere. Eight hours after we served the station, and producers, with a “notice of intent to sue for defamation and fraud”, the show was canceled. What we wonder is if the whole thing was staged – what was he doing running around Orange County trying to find “Sweets” a 17 year old prostitute for? It's not like he was working with Children of the Night or anyone like that for that matter. If there was no rescue – then what was going on with these news articles talking about him knocking on motel room doors asking to speak to the prostitutes inside if not to help them? Again interesting note is this is how Chris Butler used to intimidate other local prostitutes who didn't work for him – he used to knock on their motel room doors and issue his threats. Also, why is D'lita Miller, the “consultant” on the show, also going by the name “Dee Tucker”?

Why am I concerned about Merrill's connection with Paul Tanaka as head of the trafficking task force working with juveniles? Because of allegations he skimmed money from a group home for foster kids for one. Also because of allegations he “obstructed an FBI investigation” One where a witness was “lost” within the jail system and the only person who has been charged so far is the guy who slipped this poor guy a phone to call for help?
Also in light of Tanaka's temper – he supposedly shot a Korean immigrant to death and then was put in charge of his own probe.

Is ANY OF THIS ANY WONDER WHY VICTIMS DON'T WANT TO CALL THE POLICE FOR HELP? Preferring to call our hotline instead? This blog is to show you the progress we're making on cases we're involved with, and also to show you why we exist in the first place.

We have tried filing complaints on behalf of our members. The one we filed against Lt. Karen Hughes was interesting. We were told it had to be filed with her supervisor, only she was the head of Vice. Then we were told the Chief – but she was the head of N. Las Vegas ALSO. Since we couldn't report her to her – we did find another Internal Affairs office for Clark County and made a report there. Didn't hear a peep about it until we got a call from IA saying she was “no longer an officer” and therefore “no investigation would be done”. However, other officers were involved with her from what we were told. When we asked about them – we received no response back from IA.

A woman we had helped to get out of a legal brothel told us the officer who was picking up the HIV tests weekly was drugging and raping her. We went to report him – we found out he was also the Chief. The Reno website said we had to “report it to the Chief” which was him. Not knowing who else to report it to – we reported it again to Clark County Internal Affairs. Then I read about this case out of Reno police -

We tried to reach the Chief of Pasadena police about what this Pasadena victim told us. Only to not receive any response for months after numerous attempts. During this time, I myself received a threat from another officer other than one of the two who supposedly drug her out of her home to “back off” or “face a stalking charge”.

We then went over the Chief's head when he wouldn't answer me – and suddenly we started getting three calls a day asking us to “come down to speak to him in person”. I gave him information on how her case was connected to the Wichita arrests, and told him I'd come in after he got their files so he'd know what I was talking about with him. After two weeks of him calling my house three times a day asking to “come in the station” – I contacted Wichita's people only to be told “no one from Pasadena has asked us for any records”.

At the same time, a woman I didn't know nor spoke to before, Meg Munoz of Abeni, connected to the OC Human Trafficking Task Force, starts fabricating a 5150 and stalking accusation against me. A side note, the Pasadena Chief of Police resides in Orange County. Now I'm not even talking to this woman and don't even know her! Suddenly it hits me that if I go walking into the Pasadena station while she's making these charges – I'm likely to get carted off like Sandra Bland. No thank you.

I don't need to physically go into the station to discuss this case. I then asked to discuss her case by phone – and suddenly communications stopped again. There has been a report ordered into the station already by a judge. A report Kamala Harris said would be “reviewed by Erwin Chemersky – professor of UC Irvine Law”. I asked him about the report and he said “what report?”

Bottom line – if what I'm talking about with respect to the cases we're working on were “figments of my imagination” then why are all these people being arrested for doing what I've been saying they were doing before the arrests? I doubt it's all coincidence and clearly someone is reading our blogs. I say that because I've also been saying that we're witnessing Iran Contra 2.0 – meaning that I see the CIA has been using this movement as a cover for their own ends in the identical manner as they did in the 1980's with Iran Contra then.

Then this came out in Slate - Every problem I've run into since 2013 has either been connected to the Hunt Foundation, Exodus Cry, or groups and people connected to the Family Research Council. So no – I”m not “imagining things”. Even Michael Horowitz, the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 – says this movement has been “hijacked”.

I will say this – in trying to find some investigator who might return our calls about what our members are reporting to us to help shut down some trafficking rings, I noticed the name of Claude Arnold coming up a lot in connection with Triad cases. I'm thinking “clearly he's not afraid of these guys”. Fake marriage, maternity motels - and counterfeit items and child trafficking I'm reading this thinking “this Claude is kicking ass”.

So I go to try and find a way to reach him in order to talk to him on behalf of these victims. Only to find in December of 2015 he now is working for a police auction company and is no longer an agent. I am trying to find out if this is the same auction company owned by Don Haidi. Don was the father of a young man accused of raping, and then videotaping the rape, of a 16 year old girl. He was also an Orange County Assistant Sheriff involved in a corruption charge against Mike Corona, friend of Rick Rizzolo. It appears the rape was in 2002. It also states her rapists “spent millions to humiliate her”.

After my letter to A&E and Relativity Media resulted in “8 Minutes” being taken off the air, a woman who is living under the name of a dead woman set up the website at designed to humiliate me. After 30 years of operating our program without one complaint, I don't think I suddenly turned into this person the site is portraying me to be.

Especially since not one member of our program has made one comment on the site. I've had others report they've tried to post compliments which have not been published. It's clearly a smear site. I'd like to add this was a 16 year old rape victim these men were paying millions to humiliate. I'm also a disabled volunteer working at SWA who is caring for my daughter who has a brain tumor.

Meaning these men are complete sociopaths and gives us an idea about who has been working in the Orange County legal system. I will repeat again, is this any wonder why victims of sex trafficking in Orange County would be reluctant to trust the police, or want to turn to them for help when trafficked or threatened? If a judge doesn't trust the prosecutors – I ask you do you think they feel if they did make a report they'd have a fair day in court? If a 16 year old rape victim was treated this way when she was raped by the son of a cop – how would someone think they'll be treated if they make a report against someone like Chris Butler?

This is all the more reason why (1) our hotline and program is crucial and life-saving, and (2) why most of these victims are not going to call the National Trafficking Hotline who would in turn take their report to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force – headed up by the OC sheriff, the OC district attorney's office, etc.

Especially if in trying to get help to them I'm either can't get a return phone call, or I get threatened! Looking at the progress we've made though – someone is listening and these people are being brought to justice and bit by bit the traffickers are being shut down. We could do a lot more however if we had a little more cooperation and communication with the authorities. Can someone tell me when something is done to clean house here?

Anyway, this is our progress report. Is it any wonder I've been told those in law enforcement aren't too happy with us? Problem is – that sounds like people on the side of the traffickers and not the victims however does it?

Thursday, December 3, 2015


One of the reasons I started going on to national TV and speaking about sex trafficking and demanding our country not only wake up and acknowledge it was real BUT ALSO to change our current system to address trafficking so that cases like this would not happen again.  Under the "old" system, Margo went to the police and informed on her traffickers.  They in return had her at home with her children where she was then murdered along with her children.   The reason was because our system wasn't set up to address traffickers and how they operate.

RICO laws were written because organized crime CHANGED things.  Just arresting one or two guys didn't stop the ring.  The whole operation had to be shut down in organized crime - so they wrote different laws.

When it comes to corruption issues - we can't expect victims of sex trafficking to call officers who can't be trusted -

For a few years now I've been saying the movement has been "hijacked" and that the money being set aside to help these victims isn't reaching them because it's being put into a system that protects the traffickers.  Look, when the world acknowledged pedophiles go after children - systems were set in place to try and keep them out.  Background checks for jobs involving children, etc.  This was to keep the pedophiles out.

However, with sex trafficking you have to keep CORRUPTION out.  Sex trafficking is not a "pole".  It's a table with four legs.  Those legs are the sex trafficking, drug trafficking, corruption, and HIV (as well as other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hep C, TB, HPV, etc.)  If you don't address all of the legs on that table - your table is weak and will fall over.


The woman who testified at the Hill might have been a survivor - but she hasn't been saving others for 30 years like I have from traffickers.  I have a different perspective therefore and I would have spoken out about corruption and the fact the victims CAN'T call or go to or rely upon the cops to help them nor the media.  In the Chris Butler case, we could go to the media and they would expose the case and the public exposure got the arrests done.

However, right now I'm being told the media is being threatened and forced into not reporting on cases law enforcement is refusing to help.  I've been working on a case now for two years where I've been threatened by cops as has the victims.  I've gone to every Internal Affairs office I can't think of, the media, the politicians, and even the trafficking task forces and I'm getting nowhere.

I'm reading these senators see the problem but they want to "beef up the oversight committee".  THIS DOESN'T WORK.  Why?  Because the traffickers know where these people live and are threatening them into compliance.

How do I know that?  This case shows a witness was "lost" while in police custody,  and an FBI agent trying to prosecute this case was even threatened in the driveway of her home by multiple male officers.

Now we're hearing about this.  Do you think we're hearing about cases involving some prostitutes?  Hell no because right now that's exactly what's happening.  I have prostitutes telling me they're being threatened by law enforcement.  I've been threatened by law enforcement.  I have reporters telling me they've been threatened by law enforcement.

And the head of the new Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force?  Merrill Ladenheim who supported Tanaka.  Yes the same Tanaka not only spoken of here involving these types of threats to FBI agents, but also who was involved with the embezzlement of money from foster group homes for juveniles!

I've reached out to every office I can think of right now about a woman who is being forced to prostitute by a trafficking ring that drug her out of her home and slapped her with fake prostitution charges.  When I tried to help her - I was threatened by a police officer.  I now have been knocking on every door I can think of about this matter, and I even have a recording of the threatening phone call - and NO ONE is even asking me about this while at the same time standing up in front of the media talking about "fight trafficking".

If you're "fighting trafficking" and if we have a system that works - then SOMEONE WOULD CALL ME BACK.  Until I get a call about this case - we do not have a functioning system yet in place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dear James:

Read your article.  I'd love to ask you this question.

First, let me introduce myself.  IF you look at the news clips at you'll see I was arrested in 1984 for supposedly "running a brothel".  Only think about it - a warehouse with high tech security equipment next to the police station?  What the warehouse was in reality was the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims.  I had rescued a woman whose pimp had broken her arm and nose who was sleeping in the warehouse when the pimp tried to break in to drag her back.  He couldn't get it and he couldn't shoot up the place without the police hearing the noise (why we put it there).

So he calls in a tip that the place was a "brothel".  The woman was on probation for prostitution and answered the door in her PJ's.  Of course to the police a woman answering the door of a warehouse in her PJ"s who is a prostitute must mean the place is a brothel.  We sorted it out and she testified against the pimp.  The charges against me were dropped. but I now had a problem.

Clearly I couldn't just go on doing rescues without going out to change the world.  At that time in history calling the police to say someone was being trafficked met with the same response as if I were to call them up today saying little green men from mars were trafficking victims and our legal system needed to change to help these victims.   If you even told a therapist back then about sex trafficking they would literally try and lock you up for observation thinking you were hallucinating.  The world then believed sex trafficking had died years ago with the days of the Barbary Coast.

So I contacted Edwin Meese who had prepared the Meese Report.  He told me if we formed a 12 step program we could provide "alternative to sentencing" for the victims until such time as we could change the laws of the land and get people to realize this was happening.  So in 1987 we launched the first hotline for adults (Children of the Night had a hotline for teens), along with our 12 step program.  With then mayor Tom Bradley's help we also put together the first alternative sentencing program, the first outreach to the sex industry, and set about for the first time getting social services and our legal system to view these victims as such and not criminals.

Meaning I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  We achieved federal recognition when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  So all of this is very new.  While I spent 13 years going on national media explaining that sex trafficking was real, was happening in the USA,  and was happening to American men and women (not just the Chinese here or only in other countries as previously thought) - I'm still dealing with a world who doesn't understand the differences between prostitution, pimping and sex trafficking.

We didn't start this movement to have every sex worker branded a "victim".  We started this movement because it was open season on us by everyone.  If you look back at our history here in Los Angeles in the 1980's - we had a record number of serial killers targeting prostitutes.  The Grim Reaper case alone took 25 years to get resolved.  Even these victims mothers protesting in the streets the police were "doing nothing" about these murders didn't have an impact until years later when a reporter started putting pressure on them in the 2000's.   We wren't just "whores" in the eyes of the police and the public - but also criminals because prostitution is illegal.  This meant that we were not only being forced to work as prostitutes against our will, but also sold, kidnapped, murdered, robbed, raped, etc., with no one caring.  If you doubt how bad it was/is - I ask you to name me one case even today where a known prostitute has filed rape charges and won anything but a "theft of services" award?

Pimps are one thing - but traffickers another.  Trafficking doesn't exist without two things - the first is a connection with drugs through organized crime.  Prostitutes are used as drug mules and dealers to further protect their pimps from drug charges.  The way cocaine in the 80's for example got from the docks, to being processed by gangs in south central, into the homes of the Hollywood elite was in the purses of high-class escorts ordered through madams like I was back then.

The second is corruption.  Those boats and planes with drugs didn't get into this country without someone being greased or even being a part of the operation.  In the 1980's I was witnessing Iran Contra.  If you don't know what that is - it's where our CIA was raising cash to buy guns for the Contra's by selling cocaine.  So they brought the cocaine into this country through the gangs of Los Angeles who also got the blame.  It wasn't the CIA being blasted on the 11:00 o'clock news - it was the gangs.  Images of battering rams in south central crack houses were being shown in major media as where the drugs were coming from without even asking the question - how did it get into south central when most of those kids couldn't even drive a car let alone a boat or plane?  Look at even the movie "American Gangster" showing the drugs were coming into NY on military planes in caskets from Asia.

When I set up these first projects in Los Angeles - the authorities then knew what I was dealing with. Victims who can't call law enforcement for help because in the cases of trafficking victims - that's who they're running from.  So we used our hotline and these calls were, and are, answered by another survivor on the assurance we're not connected with law enforcement.  Why is this important to a victim?  This is why.  Margo was calling for help in the 1970's.  The police weren't equipped even to help her and it resulted in her murder and her children's.  Corruption aside - the system didn't even understand she had to be put into special protection so this wouldn't happen for what she did.  Her story is why I had a secured warehouse with surveillance cameras and special security - again completely unheard of in 1984 when I'd set this up - but necessary.

Is this still happening?  Of course.  Look at the cases of Kemp Schiffer, Chris Butler, the DEA agents who owned a strip club in NJ who was trafficking dancers, as well as the recent news of two cops in Chicago who were trafficking a 14 year old girl.

Two years ago, a woman called me up who resides in Pasadena to tell me she was being trafficked by people connected to Liang Yaohui.  This was before his arrest.  She'd been forced to work as a prostitute since she was 8 years old and she was now turning 50.  Her son was entering UCLA and she wanted to quit.  She told them she was quitting to accept a marriage proposal to a man in Florida - only to find herself being drug out of her home by two police officers where she was then slapped with two phony prostitution charges.  She was then told if she didn't "go back to work" that they'd hit her with a 3rd which would get her deported wherein she would then be slapped with a charge that would get her the death penalty in China.  They had photos of her they'd made by drugging her and forcing her to pose with her sister - a crime punishable by death in China.  They further threatened to charge her son, who had now turned 18, with "pimping" for receiving money from her earnings as a prostitute and ruining his life.

She came to me because I run the only hotline and program for those who are dealing with this type of thing.  This woman can't call the police for help nor just go into some homeless or domestic violence shelter.  They're not equipped for her type of situation.  No sex trafficking "safe house" in Los Angeles is set up for that type of victim yet.   I obtained an attorney for her who set about to try and see if her story about the fake charges were even true by ordering a copy of her booking video first.  In response, he was threatened by a police officer and attorney.  I then went to speak to her - whereupon I was threatened by a police officer.  I have recorded the threat made to me by the way.

I've been getting so many calls from Los Angeles over the last two years by women identical to her story, as well as prostitutes informing me they're HIV positive who also had slept with Charlie Sheen, that I started getting alarmed.   Then so many members of SWA started telling me of other alarming things going on out here they were begging me to relocate out here again so I could get back re-involved with the legal system in order to do something about these issues.    So I did.  I moved out here about a year ago.  In fact, right before Jim McDonnell's election.

I was told that "there was nothing he could do" about these complaints I was hearing about until he was elected into office.  After he was elected into office - I was told there was "nothing he could do" until he was inaugurated.  Then I was told "nothing could be done" until he "formed his policy".   Then  I was told "nothing could be done" until he obtained his grant money.

Well now he's obtained his grant money.  The ACLU has been awarded money to do something about the police corruption in this town.  I've written to every Internal Affairs office I can find about these threats I've received, and other prostitutes have received from men in law enforcement.   So James - I'm writing to ask you to please ask Jim McDonnell when exactly he's going to be willing to talk to me about what our members are coming to me about.

We already know Charlie Sheen has now admitted to spending over $10 million dollars to try and cover up his HIV status.  I have no doubt that has something to do with why the police stop arresting juvenile prostitutes in 2015.  The reason is because mandatory HIV testing is required when one is arrested for prostitution.  So we now do not have any accurate HIV results for 2015.

Which is a real threat to public health and safety being that we have a confirmed HIV epidemic in Tijuana.  Anyone knows the Mexican Cartel is trafficking women from Tijuana into San Diego, and thus the rest of this country.  There's video footage of them bringing women in from Mexico right into the fields down in southern California.  This was in 2008 - meaning that yes this is why I'm now getting the same amount of phone calls into our hotline now that I used to get in the 1980's HIV epidemic.

Only what's different now is when I saw this epidemic in the 1980's affecting sex workers and I started contacting the CDC, and people like Mayor Tom Bradley and Edwin Meese - these men did something about the situation.  I however can't get Jim on the phone.  I've asked to even be put on the list to be notified of when there are meetings with respect to this trafficking task force - and can't get anything out of anyone.  They act like we don't exist in fact.

Which is ironic James because if not for me and my big mouth - they wouldn't have a task force to begin with.  What they're doing is the same as setting up a DUI court while trying to act like Bill Wilson and AA don't exist.  But that's the difference between us and AA - no one forces the alcoholic to drink against his will.  So James - can you please ask Jim for me what he's going to do about any of this?

Leave it up to Kevin Brown?  Only problem with that is that all this publicity about this so called "outreach" was used to create the so called reality series "8 Minutes".  Which was exposed in April of 2015 as being completely bogus.  It was scripted and staged with actors.  There was no outreach.   It was all one big "catfish".  Someone should have figured that out when Greg Reese and Kevin Brown were trying to do "outreach" while also acting like our program which started the movement out here didn't exist either.

Or D'Lita Miller?  The technical consultant for "8 Minutes" who helped stage the fraud?  The producers of "8 Minutes" by the way are being sued by their investors for fraud.  They were also told the show was "reality" when it was not and they lied about a lot of other things.  So they're in bankruptcy proceedings right now.   When I contacted Ms. Miller to ask her why she would help stage a fraud upon the public about a fake rescue operation - she said it was because they were "trying to raise money to create resources".   I explained to her there ARE resources.  Right here and I have a huge database of resources I offered to share with her so they could pass them along to victims who actually believed them and reached out for help.

She blocked my calls after that.   Had another fund raiser to go to I guess.  Well no actually she admitted she was forced to be silent because of the confidentiality agreement she'd signed with Relativity Media.

So my questions remain.  Up until two years ago, if I needed to get a victim out away from a trafficker - we just did it.  With victims of Snoop Dogg, Chris Butler, Kemp Schiffer, and others I can't talk about because they're not in the papers let so I can without violating confidences - I just got them out.  However, we have a whole new technology now to deal with that didn't exist a few years ago.  The phones of these victims are tapped.  My phones are being tapped.   We are under surveillance as you know by the NSA.  Surveillance corrupt police can easily access.

Meaning we can't organize rescues anymore without being overheard.    RICO laws were written because you can arrest someone in a criminal operation - but the operation goes on.  Which is what happened in Wichita with respect to the victims there of this operation connected to Liang Yaohui.  The ring is also part of this - so they're quite sophisticated technologically as you can tell by this article.

The victims in Wichita were set free because prosecutors there were wiling to arrest the pimps despite the death threats and the corruption.  In fact, the arresting officer was fought so hard by other officers who were on the payroll to get these arrests he waited until he retired from the police force.  He then got hired at the Zoning Dept.  From there he was able to gather the evidence which led to these arrests.

Now I have plenty of information tying Gary Kidgell, and those connected to the heads of this operation as being connected in Pasadena.  I've been told "nothing can be done" until a "complaint is filed with the Pasadena police".  Only they're the ones who have threatened the victims and even myself.   So I can't do that.  I've gone to Internal Affairs who tells me there's nothing they can do - they just had files burned over their objections for the last five years.  I've gone to City Council who tells me they're "busy" with $6 million dollars stolen.  I've gone to the politicians who tell me there's "nothing they can do" until a police report has been filed.   I went to the Attorney General's office who told me there was an investigation being done already into the police and we had to wait "until the report was done".

Well the report's been done.  And redacted and revised.  I've gone to the ACLU who tells me Jim's been stalling them about doing anything they want to do.

So James - can you ask Jim what he plans on doing about any of this?  I've love to hear about it because in the meantime we have a serious problem.  Women who may be HIV positive are being forced to work as prostitutes without protection, testing or prevention.   I started to go out in the streets to do an outreach campaign about the signs the state has now required to be posted in places like massage parlors and strip clubs thinking that while we were hanging signs we could also do some HIV outreach.  Only I got threatened again by the police with a "5150" campaign.  So I can't subject myself or other SWA members to being carted off like Sandra Bland possibly to do outreach unless I know I have the support of the police behind me.

I've love to hear what answers you get because I'm not getting any.  I asked to speak at the HEAT conference about these issues and they told me there was "no time for public comments".


Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

PS - Dear James:  In reading further at the bottom of your article I see Merrill Ladenheim is actually going to be the head of the task force now. 

Maybe you can ask him what's going to be done now.  

I've love to hear the answer since I never know when their meetings are to attend as no one will send me the notices.

Thank you.

Jody Williams

PSS - James:  Could you please ask Merrill Ladenheim if he's still feeling the same way about Tanaka now he's head of the trafficking task force?

Especially in light of the charges of skimming money from a foster group home?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter to Lauren - an ABC reporter

Dear Lauren:

Who have you got that would be interested in the case I’m really knee deep in right now?  So deep I’m now having to live in an RV that I move every week because of the death threats, and attempts, that have been made on my life since taking on this case?   It’s based out of Pasadena, California.

Here’s some background on it - and it just keeps getting deeper and darker.

It started when I was trying to help women in connection with “Operation Dollhouse” in Vegas in 2007.  This operation was set up in a private home - so we couldn’t do “outreach” like one can with a strip club or massage parlor.   Now these people know I do things like send in “fake” customers, and I do things like get myself hired as a maid or graphic designer because of past “stings” where I’ve done this sort of thing.  

So the women in Operation Dollhouse only spoke Mandarin and only operated out of private homes.  So even if I got into the house - I couldn't talk to them myself.  The customers were only accepted by Mandarin speaking cab drivers who would see Chinese men flying into Vegas with their airplane ticket from China in hand.  So these drivers knew the men had flown in from China speaking Mandarin and therefore weren’t undercover cops.  Then they would take them to the house.  There was no way inside this system that we could figure out at first.   But eventually we did.  So this is how the cab drivers fit into the story partially.  Before involving the press in that story - I had tried going to Chief Gillispie.  I had handed him a complete file on the ring - only to have everything cleaned down to bleach on the woodwork after handing the information to him.   (Now I know why they told me to “take it to the chief”.  He then cleaned everything up overnight.  This left me right back at square one with everything cleared out of Nevada that I knew about EXCEPT the houses where these women only spoke Mandarin.)

Leaving me thinking our only option then was to use to “embarrass” the authorities into doing something by involving the press this time.  After that -  we managed to get the arrest in “Operation Dollhouse” by getting a reporter to convince Metro to do a “ride along”.   Then upon insisting they do a "random sting" these 24 women, bags of drugs and two cops standing in the house were turned up.

Yes the women were sent back home to their pimps 20 minutes later despite the drugs behind found also - and against the law as ICE is supposed to verify their immigration status before sending them back home but they didn’t do that either.  I want you to note that the cops were out of San Mateo.  Also note that Chris Butler was out of “Contra Costa County” which is where San Mateo is located.

What this means is the women knew I “almost” got them out of there.  What we honestly didn’t count on was the police being so bold as to just let everyone walk to cover that whole thing up.  I mean the one cop was claiming “oh we told the driver to take us to a massage parlor and this is where he took us”.  Well I was trying to get the police to get the videotape out of the cab they were in that records everything before it disappeared to prove their story was bogus. 

So what did they do?  They threatened my kid if I didn’t “back off”.  But the women knew that the whole system in Nevada back then was rigged - from the mayor, to the Chief, to the DA’s office (who later died of a drug overdose), and on and on.   Are there great people in politics and law enforcement in Nevada?  Absolutely.  But it was a "perfect storm" that sent those 24 women back into that house/brothel without them being questioned, or any attempt made to ask them if they needed help at all to leave.  

Women talk.  Which is why I got a call from this woman I call “Music” in February of 2013.  She was an Asian woman residing in Pasadena, Californi.   She said she had to talk to me “off the phone” because these traffickers were listening to everything.   She told me that she was brought into the "family business” at 8 years old in China.  Further, the women are trafficked in China while young.  When they get older - they’re brought into the USA.   Which is why if you google the photos - you'll see a lot of woman over 40 that are Asian being arrested in this country in massage parlors.

So they forced her to come over here on a “marriage contract” to Gary Kidgell.  They had originally told her marrying him would allow her to retire - only it was a lie.  Then she’s told if she doesn't keep working - they'll not let her son come over.  So she keeps working and her son arrives.   But then she's turning 50 and enough is enough.  She then wants to “retire”.

So she tells the man in charge she’s “done” and wants to retire.  She’s got herself a real estate license and in Pasadena - she’ll clean up.  The response she tells me was she was carted off out of her home, in front of her son and mother, and she got two false charges filed against her.  Further, if she doesn’t keep working in prostitution for them - that she will get slapped with a third charge and worse - her son will be charged with pimping her.  Meaning they will both be deported where he’ll get the death penalty and so will she in China is what she's further threatened with.  

I warned her it sounded like they were already getting ready to start arresting people - and sure enough in June this happened.  Only we waited for the records that tied Gary to Pasadena to get processed and people start arresting people - and nothing was happening.

I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not - so we got her an attorney who said if she was falsely arrested it would be revealed in the booking videotape.   It’s hard to believe not only could she had had two fake charges filed - but even have a judge sign off on the case?  The attorney orders the booking videos - and is prompting threatened.  He dumps the case back on me and says “walk - these people are dangerous”. 

Why?  The attorney who threatened him used to be the Pasadena mayor.  The ring leader then tells her that he got her records cleaned up and she doesn't need my help any longer.  Only he lied.  Her record was still there.   To prove that to her - I went to email her a copy.  I then got met with a threat from a man identifying as a Pasadena officer for me to “back off”.  As I’m being threatened - I notice her son is attending USC.  When I tried to speak to his professors at USC - guess what I then bump into further?

When I went to the Pasadena Chief of Police about her case and now the threats I’ve received - I got a strange lack of response entirely.   Very strange considering I’m saying I have these case files and now a phone recording and an attorney has been threatened even.   So I went to the city council seeing as I couldn't find any Internal Affairs.  Only I got told “we're a little busy because we just got hit for six million dollars!”

So I go to the Mayor and the Pasadena paper about how he's not responding.  What happens?  The Chief then starts calling my house five times a day asking me to “come down and talk to him" about the case.  Okay - I told him to first get the information on the case in Wichita so he’ll know what I’m talking about when I come in.  While I’m doing this - I can’t help but notice he’s not asking me for the names of the officers who threatened her, nor the one who threatened me.  So I ask him straight up  -what are your plans to make sure I come and go safely from meeting you if you're not asking me any names of anyone?  He doesn't answer me.

But something interesting did happen.  A private investigator in San Mateo - then joins every group I belong to.  She friends everyone I’m friends with online.  Then this woman Meg from Abeni in Orange County (the Chief lives in Orange County) starts accusing me of “threatening her" and “stalking her" and being “crazy" and I’m thinking like “what?”  I don’t know this woman and I’m not even talking to her. All of her claims are imaginary and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why is she making this stuff up?

Yet when Meg goes online and starts telling people she’s “afraid to leave her house" because of me and "does anyone know here I live?”so she can "file charges against me" - I also notice at the same time as she's doing this - this PI in San Mateo starts going to everyone who speaks to me online and she starts saying “Jody is crazy you know”.  It's very easy to get an app that will follow someone's IP address - and report back to you their activity is clearly how she's following me around online.

So I’m now getting people coming back to me saying “do you realize this woman is calling me up and saying that not only are you crazy - but that if I “value my reputation I’ll not speak to you?”  I thank them and ask them to submit to me proof of these calls.   I'm very lucky these people knew me well enough so that when this PI started this - people came back to me telling me of what is clearly a form of stalking and defamation.  I hit her with in fact a letter threatening a defamation lawsuit - which after that she then just literally disappears.  Not just stops doing this towards me - but unjoins all the groups I was in and clears out of the groups she had followed me into.  

I start wondering why this is happening and just then I see the Sandra Bland case on TV.  The light bulbs go off - they’re going to charge me with a 5150 when I walk into that police station and cart me off is what they're going to do   To further double check - I contacted the Wichita prosecutor, judge, and police who all tell me no one from Pasadena has even called them to inquire about the case.   They do tell me these guys have threatened to kill the judge and the arresting officer.   I then get a call from an investigator who tells me they had overhead a call with the Triad while they were investigating this ring.   He said they were talking about "me being whacked" and he asked me if I needed a security escort out of Nevada.   I told him I'd be "fine" and I literally picked up and left Vegas at about 5:00 a.m. after talking to him.  By 9:00 a.m. i get a call from my now ex-landlord who informs me someone had "kicked in my front door".  I called the police and asked to file a report about someone "breaking and entering" and they refused.   They said "anyone could have broken down the door".  Okay well isn't that what finger printing is about?   Then they just say "we don't have the budget" and blew me off the phone.

After seeing how KFC was being smeared by a Chinese company - I can see how this all operates.  Sex trafficking makes a lot more money than fried chicken.  I ask this victim about “who is this guy in China everyone is so scared of”.   She told me he was "in the government" as well as "owning a lot of parlors".  Not long after she tells me this  - Liang Yaohui is arrested also.

I then go back to the Chief in Pasadena and point out this case in connection to the Wichita and I can show documentation to link everyone together - and I want to know what he’s going to do in order to guarantee my safety so I can bring him the tape of the call from the officer who threatened me, and the cops who carted her out of her home to threaten her into staying.   He won't answer me now.  After reading that they can “fake a homicide case" if they wanted to - I can also see what’s going on with the building of this 5150 campaign. 

I then decide I'm not walking into that station to talk to him unless i have  reporter walking in there with me.  How can I not be shook up after seeing Sandra Bland take on corruption - and then she's pulled over for a turn signal and next we know we blink and she's now dead?  I've been told a call was overheard ordering me dead.  My front door has been kicked in.  My rental car had been reported stolen when it was not.  Our outreach RV was found to have a bomb rigged in it.  I've just had a woman telling me she'd been hired to set me up to be assassinated.  I mean all of this put together - I'm not walking into the Pasadena without a reporter with me.  I'm hearing the judge and cop on this case have been threatened.  Putting this all together with the Chief not giving me any type of assurance about my safety coming in - and I doubt he can assure my safety if he's not asking me the name of the officer who threatened me.

I think maybe I need to try and locate the family who had their son chased and shot down by Pasadena police - and I can't find them anywhere.  Clearly they're hiding from being found by someone.  This was a family who up until this case had a listed phone number   I thought talking to them might give me some better idea what's going on with the Pasadena police.  As I'm doing research into them though I find out PETA is saying they were "set up" in 2014 by them and I find more than one video of them supposedly "unlawfully entering" private homes without a warrant also.  I'm beginning to see why this report into them was ordered.  

So I’ve been trying to find out who is in charge of Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  A judge has already ordered a report on them.  A report that's been published and then redacted.  I'm still not clear on what the credentials were of the guy writing the report.  I haven't received any answer from him about that background either.  

The judge who ordered the report said the California Attorney General had to review it now it's done.  I contacted Kamala Harris' office who said the UC Irvine Professor of Law had been “asked to look at the report”.  I then contacted this professor and I have his email stating that “no one has asked me to look at anything".

I’m thinking maybe I can speak to a district attorney about this issue.  I speak to a deputy Attorney General who tells me they know all about this ring but they "can't do anything until someone in the police station makes an arrest”.  I talk to a cop “off the record" who says they aren't going to put together a case because they know the DA’s will “screw it up" or the “judge will throw it out.  Basically everyone is telling me they don't want to put their neck out until they know this case is a "slam dunk".  I also keep hearing "she can file a lawsuit" like they're not listening.  No - she can't.  We tried and the ATTORNEY GOT THREATENED.  

I ask why they say these things like "well you won't get a judge" and "you won't get a DA"  and these people all point me to the Tanaka case.  They say basically that “if this is the system we're working with - everyone is scared”.  The ONLY cop who got charged with anything is the one who gave the witness a phone to call for help?!  I'm also hearing that female councilwomen, female FBI agents, female AG's, even our celebrity spokeswoman who is 70 and lives alone - so basically I'm hearing from the women who want to help they're afraid to help because of these threats they're getting.  I understand - this FBI agent in the Tanaka case was approached and threatened in the driveway of her home.  Scary!   As for the politicians like John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein - I"m writing them about the case and getting now answer.  

Meantime - the ACLU has filed and won money to actually DO SOMETHING about this type of corruption.  Only Jim McDonnell has been holding them up for MONTHS  Jim also isn't answering my calls and emails about not just the Pasaden woman - but I have other women in the ring telling me the same thing and more.  They're telling me this ring owns a treatment program in Pasadena so that when they need treatment they aren't going to have some counselor calling to put a case together.   I check it out and it appears true.

They're telling me about how they're having a lot of their women get real estate licenses so they can run credit checks on the "johns” because they're also blackmailing, stealing, hacking, and all sorts of theft and extortion against the "johns".  They show me a lot of real estate agents  that do appear to be hookers - so this story also is appearing true.  It also explains who they're able to pull up these guys' credit reports without one person in particular appearing to pull a lot of reports.  

Which ties into the "johns" who have been contacting me about how they're being blackmailed and robbed and the cops and/or DA's won't look at their cases.  One man said they almost got $60,000 out of his bank.  Steve Sassa was blackmailed.  Donald Banks was blackmailed.  So there’s a lot of the “customers" who are also being victimized by this ring who can't come forward. 

So now what?  No one seems to want to answer me as to who is Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  As a reporter, if you have someone who wants to look into this Pasadena case - let me know.  Thanks.

Jody Williams