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Here's a clip -   I heard about this movie on Pacifica Radio.  The one Kamala Harris is threatening to shut down after they targeted them for audit I think because my ex-husband, who I never speak to anymore by the way, is on their board.  So trust me Kamala - you won. / Kenneth Konz - the targeting of a public radio station with an audit forces them to try and only air things during the audit that will "appease the God's" so to speak so they don't lose their funding.  I find it interesting that this whole audit process started about 2007-2008 - right about the same time the sex trafficking movement got entirely hijacked by people who also want to make so sure that people like myself don't get one minute of air time - they will put all these resources behind them to make sure a few voices ar


Let me ask you something - if you were an illegal alien being targeted by sex traffickers - where are you going to go for safety and protection?  Don't you find it interesting that Dianne Feinstein is now trying to get the "sanctuary cities" shut down? Now I've already learned what side California US Attorney Kamala Harris is on with respect to sex trafficking.  She's on the side of her donors.  When homeowners were illegally foreclosed upon by Bank of America, as well as companies like Wells Fargo, etc. - those homeowners went out to get an attorney to help them who said he "wasn't afraid of the big dogs".  One of those attorney's was Mitchell Stein.  Mitchell also knew that some homeowners didn't even know they had recourse.  So to find those homeowners - he embarked upon a marketing campaign. Then I saw happen what happens when you go up against one of these people.  First, Kamala supposedly "accidentally" burned the records


I will remind those new to this blog that I'm the founder of this modern day domestic sex trafficking movement before I begin this post.  If you check the news clippings at you will see that I was the first person who stepped up in 1987 - which was 13 YEARS before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was written to tell the public that (1) sex trafficking was real and happening today not something of the past as was believed at the time, (2) I set up the first hotline for adult victims to call for help (second only to the Children of the Night hotline that had been set up for teens in 1979), (3) the first program for people leaving the sex industry, some of who had been trafficked, could find help to move on with their lives to another level, and (4) calling for our country to stop treating these victims like criminals and instead HELP us.  So in other words - I'm the Bill Wilson of the alcoholism movement who founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  You need to understand