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Monday, April 3, 2017

SEX TRAFFICKING AND FAKE NEWS  I had a reporter who interviewed me a few months ago ask me what I thought about this story.  

Evidently people are starting to catch on that these stories about REAL sex trafficking arrests and such are not being talked about in "major" media at all - let alone with the fervor the "fake" stories such as Samoly Mam receive.


Sheldon Adelson if you ask my opinion is part of that answer.  He's a man who had a reporter deliver a message to me in 2007 that my name, my work, the name of our group Sex Workers Anonymous, and anything to do with me was now "blacklisted" in anything he had anything to do with.  

Which is quite a lot once you start doing some research on the guy.  Including the fact he now has become an "open" owner of the Review Journal newspaper - that's the paper that's pretty much the only newspaper in all of Nevada.  I have quite a few examples by the way of completely fake articles which have been planted in the RJ if anyone is interested in knowing more about it.  

Even the whole fake story about how supposedly the "Cupcake Girls couldn't get convicted prostitutes jobs without passing a law" etc.   Which in reality was nothing more than a smoke screen to allow women who did have records for prostitution to get them waived so they could then obtain a license to work in the legal brothels of Nevada.  Now if you look at that story, as well as how they got AB67 passed in 2013 using also "fake" people, groups, stories, etc. - then you'll understand why this is a much more serious and larger story than just about "Trump".   

Noam Chomsky was quoted as saying "the free press is to democracy as a gun is to a dictator" and you need to let that sink in because I'm seeing fake lawsuits and even fake LAWS being passed using this "fake news" as the wheels on the truck here.  

Which ties into this article I found tonight

I found that article to be a blow by blow scenerio of everything I've had happening to me since 2009.  

I've been seeing happen in the sex trafficking ring started with when Samoly Mam was exposed as a "fake" victim of sex trafficking.  When Bill Wilson steps up and says "that's not an alcoholic" people tend to believe that accusation IF they know who Bill Wilson is.  

Which up until 2007 - people did know I was the founder of not only which started a lot of "first's" like the first hotline for victims to call for help (, the first safe house for adult victims to be safe, the first alternative sentencing programs for victims so they weren't sent to jail like criminals, the first certified expert witness in "pimp brainwashing" by the FBI, and on and on - but since these "fakes" such as Samoly Mam have been rolling out one after the other I mistakenly thought "outting" them would turn the train around.  

Instead the people financing the whole thing behind them just started using celebrities to shut us up such as Jada Pinkett Smith and even Ashton Kutcher.  You have to realize when they're the ones talking to the microphone - it's NOT one of us or a REAL survivor who would be saying something DIFFERENT.  

If you don't know what I mean by that you might want to look up my open letter to Ashton in this blog I wrote after he testified at the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on sex trafficking at McCain's request.  Interesting being that anything to do with McCain blocked me from their social media after I tried to object to their "No Such Thing" campaign they funded with respect to not only sex trafficking victims - but their clear portrayal of this being a "black" thing.  Even the woman they had promoting it in the media had corn rows for God's sake!.

I went through a horrific ordeal with Buzzfeed literally doing a "1984" on me with the fake stories they were running with respect to "8 Minutes" and their related fund raiser for imaginary prostitutes literally not only silencing me about what was going on with that show, but even "morphing" stories right in front of my eyes ( saved the screen shots by the way). 

Which is why I'm not at all surprised to now see them poking fun at the idea of "fake news" because they are in fact one of the primary suppliers of fake news in my experience (with respect to sex trafficking anyway and so called "reality shows" about the subject).

You think the hijacking of an election is all that's involved here - think again.  Our whole legal system has already been hijacked with the fake media part of the machine that's doing it.  As well as the "contrived opposition" that's not REALLY even the REAL opposition!

If you want to know what I mean by this - then you tell me what else is it when I can trace grant money from Swanee Hunt to SUPPOSED sex worker activist Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle - two other women who were connected not only to the faked "8 Minutes", but also the duping of President Obama when the fake survivor Lexie Smith spoke at Obama's church at the sponsoring of Shared Hope (another faked news outlet about sex trafficking by the way and Lexie is just part of their fake stories, reports, lectures, projects, etc., about sex trafficking), and even the "contrived opposition" Maxine's lawsuits were.  I mean you tell me why else her lawsuits were ONLY filed in the same counties and against the same prosecutor's that had also received grant money from Swanee Hunt unless this isn't one whole huge public manipulation project!

Why would someone suppress information about real sex trafficking and then spread fake news and information about the subject?  It's pretty obvious to me don't you agree.


Look at all the press and media we got prior to 2007

Then where did it go?  We're still here.  I believe Jeane Palfrey was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Committee about why she was a sex trafficking victim.  I also believe I'm being black listed so I don't explain what she was going to say.  

This isn't about just "saving a few hookers" nor is it about even "decriminalizing prostitution" as SWOP came in and hijacked that conversation after Robin Few, their founder, died and these other people came in and also took over that program like something right out of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" film!

If you don't know what I mean - then why did I start all of this?  Do you really think we didn't have PIMPING laws on the books back in the 1980's?  Do you really think I started all of this and sacrificed my anonymity, my career, my marriages, everything behind trying to get PIMPING outlawed?  Yes pimping is horrible but WE HAD LAWS against it in the 1980's.  

What we didn't have, and STILL don't is the ability to even charge men like Joohoon David Lee for one.  

For another, if you want an illustration of what happened to me in 1984 and why I started this movement go and see what happened to Celeste Guap once she tried to talk about her victimization to the press.  Go on - I'll wait.  Because what you'll see is she was carted off by cops to Florida, Framed for an arrest.  Then held on a jacked up bail so they could threaten her and her family and keep her away from the press.  

You'll notice she hasn't granted an interview since right?

Take a real good look at who was TRAFFICKING her and then you'll know why these people are trying to SHUT ME UP.  As well as her.  As well as  REAL victims because they don't want you hearing that it's not PIMPS we're talking about!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016


Here's the deal - we're being excluded as you know from the very system we created. 

WE'RE the program who came to the courts FIRST in 1987 when NO ONE wanted to lift a finger to help us.  We're the ones who said first and without a fund raiser or a federal grant - "until you are going to decriminalize prostitution then the least you can do is court order them into our program in place of jail being that these are not criminals - but instead women feeding their children, junkies looking for a way to feed their habit who can't get into treatment because they're prostitutes, and also because victim services won't help them when raped, kidnapped, stalked and beaten because the system considers them as "criminals", women who can't get jobs because of porn of them appearing online alone with having a criminal record which means they can't deny the photos are in facts theirs, criminal records preventing them from obtaining work licenses such as to even sell real estate so they could manage an apartment building and get a free apartment, as well as women who are being forced into prostitution by their pimps, their mothers, and sometimes even the police.  

Such was the case with me and such as the case with men such as David Butler, or even Joohon David Lee who was with Homeland Security, ICE, and even the trafficking task force of California and Nevada meaning he was literally flying women over from China, and then Korean, on government money, then walking them past airport security himself, putting them in Homeland Security vehicles, all while letting them know he could clearly find them anywhere in the world if he ran, and for who the law can't even charge him with the crime of sex trafficking because there is no law against what this man did to women.  

Now until we fix this system the least that be done is to court order those found guilty of prostitution into our meetings instead of jail where we've routinely for 30 years now also helped them to shorten their probation, get an early release from custody, and expunge their records, along with providing them with free legal help, housing assistance, job hunting assistance, scholarship assistance, and emotional support from a "sponsor" or "mentor" who is also in recovery for years to be there for them as they walk through the process.  Something which was ROUTINELY being done for years, and for which multiple research projects found we were QUITE effective such as the 10 year study done by professor Sharon Oselin in "Leaving Prostitution" which ironically was done behind my back - but proved objectively our program "works".  Not only works, but in the long term as we were the only program out of the three she studied still operating once her research was over!

However, we can't be operating programs in connection with the courts, the probation and parole system, in connection with social services and mental health departments where anyone hearing about what victims like Celeste Guap is reporting who isn't someone on a county or government payroll can have their jobs threatened - when those running our meetings, and connecting to government and county agencies is being stalked, threatened, harassed, and intimidated into stopping these services to members as illustrated in this story here recently released to the press -

When we have police officers worried about what women like Celeste Guap  are saying in meetings to people who can't have their jobs on county payroll threatened because our group members are all "volunteer" and trying to not only cover up their own misdeeds such as reported here, as well as cover up up the truth for men such as Charlie Sheen for a price on top of their other sins - and who are then trying to not only either shut down our meetings to silence these victims from speaking to anyone about what happened to them, but further trying to get "infiltrators" into our groups to pull things on us like were pulled on Planned Parenthood, and ACORN, two incidents by the same people who have also been trying to "infiltrate" our program for probably the same purposes,

Well then we have a serious problem.  A problem so serious our program has shut down all local meetings because our secretaries, or those who were leading these weekly meetings, were reporting to us not only being stalked, threatened, harassed, etc., but further having to deal with entirely "faux" meetings which were claiming to be our program but in reality couldn't have been farther from the truth such as Project Rose to name but one of the 11 groups which were running for a while in the USA while we were being told we should "enjoy the press" they were generating for our program.

Press like how women of color, especially those too poor to have a car to drive, were being thrown into police cars, interrogated without an attorney present, threatened into things such as being deported and/or thown into jail, if they didn't then agree to be driven in a police car and handcuffs to a church where they were then forced under threat of being "5150'd" or locked up a in a psychiatric hospital against their will (so of course they'd lose custody of their children) agree to counseling by an unlicensed social worker operating through an unlicensed counseling center (who were both unlicensed because they couldn't meet guidelines to be licensed nor to accept Medicaid payments for their actions) of a highly religious "tone".  

Whereby as part of this "program" they were then told they were attending 12 step meetings called by our name, and represented to be our program, but bore no resemblance in reality to our program.  For example, just like AA, we don't call for Prohibition nor blame the alcohol for our issues.  Yet these "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings being held without our knowledge or consent literally behind our backs while denying to our face this was happening  did not even use our "Recovery Guide" because they even changed our very steps around to suit their purposes claiming we were instead "powerless over prostitution" which is not our position.

Of course these "faux" meetings were complete failures, wherein the explanation for why my statements about the program were 180 degrees of separation from what was being presented to the media in such charades as this show put on for NBC and Oprah where they actually made Brenda Myers-Powell appear to be the "founder" of the program instead of myself, and how her statements about what this program is about which completely contradict my statements about what the program represents were then classified as my being "unpredictable" rather than admit Brenda not the founder, nor even had any training in how to run one of our meetings as she's never even worked through our steps before to know.  

So whenever statements such as Brenda' in papers such as the "Fix" would contradict my statements to the press - again people were just told "well that Jody there is quite mentally unstable you know" as an explanation.  Here Brenda claims our program believes "prostitution is an addictive behavior" but in reality our program does NOT believe "prostitution is an addiction".  

How can it be an "addiction" when the vast majority of those within the industry are doing so because of being forced by a pimp, a trafficker, a predator trying to make sure their victim's voice isn't respected because they're "just a whore" (as again seen with the Celeste Guap case), a celebrity such a Snoop Dogg where those caught literally inside of his moving RV are too afraid for their safety to say "no",, to feed their kids because they can't find a job, their homes were illegally foreclosed upon by predatory banks, even Homeland Security officers are forcing them to do so while the victims clearly don't have a clue where to run to escape? or they're a 14 year old being forced into porn by two Chicago cops in the very city where Brenda is making these absurd statements.

I assure you when women who are being forced into acts of prostitution by DEA agents who are working them as illegal aliens while threatening their family back home in Columbia with drug lord's who could make one phone call and wipe their whole family out  (you remember Columbian prostitutes don't you -

Or they have police officers looking the other way while other police officers are driving them to "calls" leaving many who truly want to leave prostitution to feel they have no choice but to actually flee the country as we saw in the Eliot Spitzer case -

I can assure you those calling our hotline anyway are more than happy to leave the sex industry entirely behind once they're provided with help to remove their porn photos from off the internet which make it impossible to be employed  in other professions.  For example, Christy Mack stated she would not "leave the porn industry" after her horrific violent attack upon her by her ex-boyfriend, War Machine.  Now I ask you - what Fortune 500 company would HIRE her ESPECIALLY after all the press about the attack to even answer their phones?

Women like Christy Mack nor even Belle Knox are "addicted" to the sex industry.  Instead they're in situations where the cards are stacked against them simply from leaving it in peace.  When they're homes are being taken from them, their husbands forcing them to do adult films like Linda Lovelace reports her husband forced her at gunpoint to film "Deep Throat" an XXX film which gave me instant world fame as an adult performer, cops, prosecutors, secret service agents, DEA agents, and even Homeland Security as well as the Triad forcing them into prostituion, porn and stripping - where our system is not properly set up to help them escape safely as evidenced by Margo Compton's murder along with her twin daughters when they tried to leave - then I as the program's founder say while anyone can be addicted to anything certainly - the great majority of our members in the program I founded are instead being trapped into this system by politicians who literally don't want us to leave as again we've seen proven wtih cases like demonstrated by Eliot Spitzer trying to physically stop Svetlana Travis from leaving prostitution, thus his control.  

Is it any surprise now in light of the knowledge of what was going on between him and Svetlana why Mr. Spitzer was refusing to even discuss with us our views on the subject of sex trafficking, as well as how to TRULY help these victims escape the cycle of entrapment, during his 2008 well publicized "crack down on sex trafficking" where he claimed 'ending demand" was the answer to this problem?  Well that sure proved to be the answer to alcoholism during Prohibition didn't it Mr. Spitzer?   In light of what we know now, this whole charade appears to be more of Eliot trying to make sure Svetlana didn't have any more customers other than him if you ask me.

Which is just all the more illustrative of the problems that are coming to light over and over and over again when the politicians, legislators, and law enforcement who are trying to fight sex trafficking, as they claim, are trying to do so without involving not only a program with a PROVEN track record of helping people get out, and stay out, of the sex industry, for WHATEVER their challenges are preventing them from leaving permanently - but who is the program who started this very movement to have the issue of these people needing help to exit the industry in the first place.  

Whereas Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous to not only help the alcoholic achieve sobriety, but also teach us they were victims of a disease and not people of "weak moral fiber" who needed to be offered treatment instead of jail as previously offered them during Prohibition who tried to deal with their disease through treating them like criminals - identical to how the system's been treating us for a very long time I'd like to add, our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, was the one who stepped up in 1987 and said to the criminal justice system to offer those charged with prostitution the opportunity to come to our program instead of being placed into jail/prison which didn't solve anything.

Prop 57 is being considered right now to offer early release for "non-violent" offenders.  This should include those convicted of prostitution into coming to our program as they were offered in multiple states officially, and informally, starting back in 1987 in Los Angeles, 1989 in Pennsylvania, then Nevada, Arizona, Chicago, and so on until we had just about every major city turning them over to our program as either an alternative to incarceration, diversion, early release, a condition of probation/parole, or to help them re-enter society after being incarcerated or having been in residential treatment for either drugs or psychiatric issues.

However, not only are politicians such as Eliot Spitzer, law enforcement officers such as those we've seen involved in the Celeste Guap case, ' even Homeland Security officers again such as Joohon David Lee, retired officers such as Chris Butler, Chief's of Police such as Doug Gillispie who I watched personally covering up for a sex trafficking operation connected to "Operation Dollhouse" which I see continuing to operate today using police officers who have threatened me repeatedly to "shut up", and prosecutor's such as Stuart Dunnings the III or Heather Weyker wanting to continue to exclude us from cases because of their obvious misconduct and self-interests that have absolutely nothing to do with helping victims to escape and recover from their plight wanting to continue to act like our program doesn't even exist any longer so they don't have to come up with more lame excuses as to why they're not incorporating us back into the system as we once were before this movement got "hijacked" as confirmed by the very author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Micheal Horowitz, as he's said has happened to this movement.

But how much more absolute mishandling of victims do we have to endure when our program was pushed out of the way to prevent us from helping Celeste Guap by people who reported the Alameda Prosecutor's office was now "personally helping her case".  

Really?  I"m sorry but I don't remember any research projects, nor investigative reporters, coming to validate their office had an effective program to rehabilitate victims such as Celeste who was an adult at the time the story broke as our program has been shown repeatedly to be effective in cases such as hers.  

This is further evidenced by the fact I was almost identical to Celeste myself 30 years ago and since 1985 I've been out of sex work, free from drugs, and also crime free myself.  This includes the fact I'd also been commercially and sexually involved with multiple law enforcement, politicians, prosecutor's, judge, etc. myself "back in the day".  '

Moreover proven they don't know what they're doing when Celeste was then flown to a treatment program in Florida who evidently employs security guards who then arrest clients when they have outbursts for whatever reason in early detox as is frequently seen ESPECIALLY in cases where young girls like her have been forced to have sex by men in uniform - even if that "force" was because she knew saying "no" was pointless because the man was an active duty officer while she was a juvenile female from Nicaragua.  

I've frankly never heard of patients in detox being arrested for having an altercation with a security guard (of course I've never seen a decent treatment program who employs security guards for early detox but that's another reason why I don't believe this was the right program for her.) let alone then found this person with a $300,000 bail which of course does nothing but cut Celeste off from speaking to the media easily.  It also places her in a position that I also am sadly well aware of - one in police custody where she'd probably being threatened with everything under the kitchen sink to shut her up from everything she knows just as I was held on a $50,000 bail myself in 1984 under my bogus charge of "pimping" for the warehouse I used as " safe house" while I was threatened into silence about what I knew about Iran Contra, the LAPD misconduct which became the basis for the RAMPART case down the road, and even Chuck Barris' front with the "Dating Game" where his show served as a cover to get women out of this country never to be heard from again where they were sold into sex trafficking by a man who has now admitted he was a CIA operative while also doubling as a "top Hollywood producer".

I'm sorry but the prosecutor's office isn't the one properly trained, nor with the track record of helping women like Celeste Guap as our program is which again started the very movement these MEN and women aren't "criminals" but in fact victims of circumstances of varying types who need help to leave the sex industry for reasons ranging from all sorts of things of which sex trafficking is but one of these issues.  Dealing with only sex trafficking in this issue is like saying you're going to help an addict get clean but you're only, and absolutely, only going to deal with the heroin addicts while leaving those doing other drugs like cocaine, opiates, and even marijuana and alcohol unaddressed.  You might get a few off heroin, but you sure won't be helping addicts to get clean and find recovery that's for sure.

Our program has the proven track record of 30 years of success now as evidenced not only by research, investigative reporters, but also clips of interviews with members going back all listed up at as well as interviews we have in members' own voices at    We've had Supreme Court cases such as Open Society vs. International Agency now validated we can't continue to be excluded simply because a group of "faith based" organizations don't agree with our views and methods on the subject.  Including that we don't believe most of these people need to be put into year long residential programs like children to be "rehabiliated".  For most, the sooner they're in their own homes with their own keys and supporting themselves outside of other people supporting them and paying their own bills is the better.  It's only for those who are so damaged they need residential care, or who need to be hidden "off the grid" for safety for a while like Margo Compton and her daughter's should have been - not something offered across the board as it's being promoted now where victims are being turned away from help by saying there's "no housing".  This is only something that needs to be addressed in about 10 percent of the cases calliing in for help - not 100 percent across the board.

But we can't continue to operate our meetings to provide the system with things such as early release, and clearing out beds which are needed for more violent offenders, using the money saved for vital things like looking into the repeat of the 1980's HIV/AIDS epidemic hitting sex workers again in this country, as well as as China, Mexico, Korean, Africa and other countries, when our chapter leaders are being threatened again by powerful interests trying to shut us down.  Our members are volunteers and not set up to take this kind of abuse nor should they.  The only reason you're not hearing about this in the media today is because the LGBT community has a handle on this as it's only affecting sex workers mostly right now.  A community which is being notoriously silenced right now for some of the reasons I've outlined above.

So what is going to happen if Prop 57 passes?  You're going to parole prostitutes into houses with sex offenders that include the very men who raped them as children?  Seriously?  No clearly this issue has to have further discussion before our group can either support or oppose this Proposition.  Including a discussion about what the system is going to do about our members' being constantly threatened, stalked and harassed simply for doing things 12 step groups do such as outreach, hold meetings, and go and speak to "newcomers".

LIke abuse issues themselves - we're "as sick as our secrets" and if you don't start including us in discussions at the dinner table these "embarrassing" situations such as the Celeste Guap case, the Secret Service scandal, the DEA owned strip club, the largest fake sex trafficking case, and on and on as the list grows of embarassments, are just going to get bigger and bigger and more frequent" like as what happens when people keep trying to just ignore the plight of these victims as is being done as I speak, especially with Prop 57.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Jody Williams, Founder and Director
Sex Workers Anonymous -
Sexual Exploitation Anonymous -
(702) 488-1127 Telephone/Cell

Re:         Celeste Guap


Before any more damage is done, I’m trying to appeal to you to stop with the type of coverage you’re doing of Celeste Guap.  First of all, it’s already been documented she was servicing these officers sexually as a minor.  Meaning by law, she’s a VICTIM of statutory RAPE.  Now I ask you – would you be running the full legal name and an identifying photo of a cashier who was a victim of statutory rape in the manner in which is being done now with Celeste?

Because these acts involved a financial transaction, this means Celeste’s further a victim of commercial exploitation, and one who many would therefore call a “sex trafficking victim”.  Especially so since it’s also been documented an active duty officer of the law has been pressuring her to pimp her.  I want to point out we don’t know who is scared at the moment of what else she’s going to reveal to the press nor what they might do to silence her.  Remember, Charlie Sheen’s been reported as offering $25,000 to anyone who would “whack” someone he was trying to silence not that long ago.  A man who is a notorious “john” of prostitutes going back to when I was a madam and Heidi Fleiss was but still a “trainee” under Alex Adams, the Beverly Hills Madam. 

Further, I’ve been having victims come to me since 2006 of a multinational sex trafficking operation involving not only police officers, but further men who are part of the anti-trafficking task forces of who also have been documented as having relations with Celeste.  The people who are part of this multinational trafficking operation who most likely are connected to what’s happening to Celeste, have also been documented as threatening the lives of a judge, prosecutor, and arresting officer in the massage parlor arrests in Wichita, Kansas from Gary Zhang.  Yet I didn’t see Gary Zhang getting his face plastered all over the news the way Celeste is – and this pimp threatened officers of the court. 

Nor that of Joohon David Lee, who was a contributing factor as far as I can see with respect to Celeste’s very victimization because of him being a Homeland Security, ICE AND trafficking officer in southern California during the time period this was happening to Celeste.   A man who literally used tax payer’s dollars to physically fly out to victims of sex trafficking to the USA, then walk them right past airport security, while further prosecuting a completely innocent family and business owner in Las Vegas.  Now I ask you – could she have gone to his office for help?  Or maybe even another office?

Coincidentally, the location of “Operation Dollhouse” whether two other officers of the law who were also on the trafficking task forces in San Mateo, California, were caught in an illegal brothel with 24 victims and bags of drugs.    Joohon David Lee by the way has only been charged with bribery, not sex trafficking, because it’s claimed there’s “no law on the books” to do so.  Of course ignoring that in order to even get an investigation into the man I had to file a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility because Internal Affairs kept ignoring us.  I don’t think it’s just a “coincidence” when we are once again seeing men who are also part of these anti-trafficking task forces who are involved in active prostitution of women being threatened by men in uniform. 

Nor when these same women who because of being active prostitutes who are being coerced by cops are stepping up to protect them through SWOP.  I’d like to remind you when Chuck Traynor was denying trafficking Linda Lovelace – it was Marilyn Chambers who was defending him.  A woman who it came out years later was being coerced by him as well. 

When I was drug into a garage in Las Vegas by two uniformed police officers and had my life threatened if our group, Sex Workers Anonymous, did not “back off” trying to help women leave this very operation (who at one time was connected also to Chris Butler and Kemp Shiffer, who were also connected to active prostitution and active duty officers) – witnessing my being handcuffed to a refrigerator and threatened this way were five women who were being prostituted by these same cops.  Women who had been transported there in police cars to witness what these men could “do” to them, witness running to our group for help was “pointless” by me now being “helpless”, and then who were transported back to the very brothel that was the subject of the “Operation Dollhouse” raid where two officers on the San Mateo sex trafficking task force were found there on the same day they were expecting a “drop”.  I mean how do you think I knew what was going on there?

Because of the growing number of juveniles being trafficked, we created Sexual Exploitation Anonymous.  The reason was because in SWA we’re used to dealing with adults where the statutes have run with respect to any victimization as a juvenile.  However, since the statutes have been lifted, some of which are running indefinitely, we’ve found men wanting to silence victims who could come back at them at any point in time as an adult have been directing their attacks against our organization itself.  Meaning  you have no idea the types of crimes done to Celeste as a juvenile for which someone might employ any type of method, including trying to silence her permanently, to protect themselves.  All while clearly having a lot of people helping them to silence this woman.  Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence that she’s now in custody where she can’t run her mouth off freely to the press like she was doing before she went to Florida.  She was SILENCED - pure and simple! 

It’s a tactic common to this type of situation that was done on me in my day, that I’ve seen on cases since such as Jeane Palfrey’s (who was permanently silenced), and is being done now with Celeste.  The fact Nancy O’Malley refused to involve our help (which is a red flag anyway), and instead sent her to Florida where we’re getting even MORE reports of officers involved in sex trafficking down there than here in California, and now she’s “magically” being accused of assaulting an officer with such a high bail she’s now under the complete control of the people who victimized her.

This is a woman who has been the victim of statutory rape, sex trafficking, who you can’t convince me “consented” to sex with multiple police officers who obviously all know each other, AND who were actively trying to keep her away from any help to leave prostitution by even telling her when to not be in some locations so she wouldn’t encounter help.  I’m sorry but just as a juvenile is not capable of “consenting” to sex – so to is there no such thing as “consent” when a woman, especially one identified as an “illegal prostitute” is asked for sex by a uniformed active duty officer.  One where she can’t even turn to the local trafficking task force for help to say “no” against this man and she therefore knows she has absolutely no choice.  Not when I can be out of prostitution for 30 years, and I can have two active duty cops threatening to “shoot me in the back” while claiming I was “resisting arrest”. 

Have we learned nothing from the RAMPART cases?
  There is an officer who killed himself here and men just don’t do that over simple guilt about having sex with a juvenile.  There is CLEARLY something way darker going on here. 

You blasting this photo of her all across the nation ENSURES she will not be able to leave prostitution.  I can assure you from having been in EXACTLY her shoes during my high profiled arrest where I was dubbed the “High Tech Madam”  no legitimate landlord will rent to you, nor will any company employ you.  I’ve asked by the way the very same companies who offer “scholarships” to “trafficking victims” if they would employ that same victim if she had this type of “notoriety” as Celeste’s having now, and they refused to even answer the question across the board.  So she might be able to go to school after this – but I know from our membership over the years the likelihood of her being offered a job are slim to none if you keep up blasting her photo all over the news in this manner.

When I was arrested in 1984, the police accused me of “running a brothel”.  I was then the focus of the same media Celeste is having now.  You can check my clips at www.hightechmadam.comThe TRUTH however, was the warehouse was the first safe house in this country for adult sex trafficking victimsThe woman I was charged with “pimping” was a woman who had come to me for sanctuary.  I was unable to speak to the press to give my side of the story, especially while my attorney was telling me to keep quiet.  I also had a high bail which my attorney said was done to try and “silence” me by putting me where I might have an “accident” in custody because of the secrets I held also being I’d witnessed what’s now known as Iran Contra.  So while the media was smearing me as a “madam” – the truth was not being told and my life was being ruined by this notoriety.  If you doubt what’s happening is identical to how it’s routinely “done” – you can read the attached I’ve sent to Nancy outlining how they’ve got this down to a “system”. 

You want to run photos of someone so bad?  Run photos of the cops accused of raping and trafficking her.

Jody Williams

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Jody Williams 
(702) 488-1127 Cell Phone
May 28, 2016

Eileen Decker
United States Attorney
Via Fax  (213) 894-0141

Re:          Joohoon David Lee

Dear Ms. Decker:

First of all, congratulations on your position now as US Attorney for California.   I read about your background online when I was doing research on the Joohoon David Lee case.   I have great hope when I see a woman with your smarts, and education -now coming into a position such as this, and also knowing you had something to do with Joohoon’s situation being exposed, and then dealt with.  

I was wondering if we might open up a dialogue.  I am the founder of the first “everything” to do with the issue of sex trafficking in modern times when I opened the first safe house for adults, first hotline for adults, first 12 step program for recovery for adults, etc.  Not just for those who were “trafficked”, but for anyone who for any reason wanted help to get out of any part of the sex industry.  I say that because like an addict or alcoholic who can substitute one drug for another – I found that “our” community would often also substitute from one form of sex work to another.  Also as an addict may justify that a drug is “prescribed” – so too does “our” community often hide behind the cover of something being “legal” while still a form of sex work.  This is why we have found many would enter into recovery – but then insisting working in a strip club, or for a web cam studio, or even in some kind of pornography “wasn’t the same thing”.   Our program therefore calls for an “abstinence from all forms of sex work”.

But one of our biggest challenges is the situation where we have someone in authority, such as Joohoon David Lee, who is the one trafficking them.  Because while he was doing what he was doing – other victims of trafficking witnessed this.  Victims who were then told “See?  We have men clear up to Homeland Security on our payroll so you have nowhere to run to or hide.”  Especially a problem for them to believe they can safely leave when I’m not reading about the man who was bribing Joohoon being arrested – yet what little media there is reporting on this matter is saying it’s “case closed”.

I’d like to talk to you to see what can be done about this sort of thing.  I have some news clips about my work up at (don’t be alarmed – the “brothel” reported I was arrested over was actually the first safe house I was wrongfully arrested over), and interviews with some of our members up at   We also have a program for parents at and just started one for juveniles at

Thank you in advance.  You can reach me at the above phone number any day after 1:00 p.m.   There are no paid workers in our program – so we’re all volunteers here!  

Jody Williams 


Revolution, TRUE revolution, doesn't come easy.  When I first formed our program, originally called Prostitutes Anonymous, now called Sex Workers Anonymous, my sponsor gave me an assignment.  He had me study not only the greats of civil rights movements such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and others, but also the founders of 12 step programs such as Bill Wilson, Jimmy Kinnon, Roy K., Ruby, etc.

Why 12 step programs?  Because before Alcoholics Anonymous was founded, there was no such concept as there could be person with a disease.  Alcohol was viewed simply as alcohol and you either could drink or not.  It was viewed as a choice, and choice only, back before AA.  Only when AA came out, suddenly a person was being recognized who didn't have a choice, and for them to drink was not good.

Also, AA had their opponents.  Opponents who still exist today.  Not just the alcohol industry, but there's also the church.  Before AA the church made a lot of money off sweeping into towns and having people sign "pledges" about sobriety.  There were politicians whose whole platforms were based on the issue of Prohibition.  I even read about one group who would pledge a lot of money to any politician who would support Prohibition.  Then of course you had therapists who called drinking excessively a "poor coping mechanism" who believed that if you taught someone better "coping skills" then they wouldn't drink so much.

AA however was not designed to replace any of those things.  They were designed for those for whom the church, therapists, or even pledges of sobriety weren't sufficient for them.  For people who needed something "different" or even "more" depending upon your viewpoint.

I found an interview with Bill Wilson even talking about how people who were once supporters of his program started pulling away from this position once they realized it wasn't something that could be explained nor bottled for mass consumption.  In other words, no one but another sober alcoholic can lead an AA meeting or sponsor.  Not a therapist, not a priest, not even a "normie" who is sober - can lead an AA meeting or work with newcomers.  Kind of a problem if you're trying to run a shelter or a treatment program for alcoholics if you can't also add in an AA meeting until you find another sober member of AA willing to be the secretary of that meeting.

Which is also the same problem posed by Sex Workers Anonymous.  While there may be a recovering member of SWA living in a certain town, that doesn't mean they're willing to break their anonymity by going to a local shelter or treatment program and offering to run a meeting in their facility.  Nor with the courts, prosecutor, or local police by letting them know about a local SWA meeting for the purposes of alternative sentencing.   We might have a huge meeting in one of those cities - but members who have been in situations, or currently in situations, where they don't want to let the local authorities know what their name is, who they are, or that they were once in the sex industry for any reason - trafficked or not.

If you go online today you'll find quite a large stack of people who aren't thrilled with Bill Wilson.  In fact, some are quite hostile.  The same for Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Malcolm X, etc.  There is no such thing as any revolutionary person of their time who was universally loved and accepted.  The same honestly goes if I even mention a politician's name.  If I speak for example of how much Obama has done to help the trafficking movement - I will be swooped down upon by a horde of people who will tell me about all the horrible things Obama has done.

So a universal law happens to prove true - if you're standing behind someone who doesn't have opposition against them - then you're standing in the wrong line.

Are these people "love and light"?  I watched this documentary on how much this Grace Lee Boggs contributed to the civil rights movement, and stood behind Martin Luther King even after many preachers started excluding him, and how she was so abrupt that she "sometimes made people cry".  Changing views isn't always an easy thing to do.  I also found her words here to be what we as survivors of the sex industry need to take note of as to where we need to be going now we have recognition what is happening to us is in fact real.

Neither is trying to change a system that considers Joohoon David Lee is ONLY guilty of bribery.

I went to the person in this case listed as someone responsible for bringing him in to face charges to ask them about where the arrest is of the man who PAID the bribes.   Joe Jeronimo it appears has now been made a "trainer" for FLETA.

How convenient.

So no I don't agree with "case closed" as the court files say.  I find it even more interesting that his entire case has disappeared right off the Clark County database.  ALL files that have had court dates are normally stored on their database.  But yet I run a search now after his May 23rd sentencing to find out what sentence he got - and I can't now find that information out.

Isn't that public record?  Where did the case go?

Now if you get a call from someone "warning", I mean "threatening" you to "stay away from Jody" because she's "negative" or whatever other name calling they have for me, I just want you to note that person isn't a survivor I'm sure for one thing.  For another, I'm willing to bet they've never even met me in person.  Nor are they going to attack my work because they can't.

All they can do is attack me as a person.

Of which am I a perfect person?

Never said I was.

But that's not the point is it?  There are people who CLEARLY want this Joohoon issue, among other issues, to be forgotten.  I'm not going to let it go.  I wasn't going to let it go when I wrote the Office of Professional Responsibility that I understand was behind his investigation.  Nor when I wrote to the Dept. of Transportation at LAX that this ring was importing in Chinese women who were clearly on guard for that as to why Joohoon then had to personally escort women past them from Korea who the ring switched to trafficking BECAUSE of the exposure I was putting on this case since "Operation Dollhouse".

I'm not going to let it go because the fact remains that we do not have a system yet in place where a victim of someone like Joohoon can call for, and get help.  I want you to notice his arrest did not happen because his victim was able to call 911 and get help to stop what he was doing.

However, victims like her ARE calling our hotline.  And then we have people trying to talk others in the field not to take my calls.

Gee I wonder why?

So again, if you're not standing behind someone in support of their work who doesn't have opposition against them coming as a backlash of them doing things like this - then baby you're not in the right line.

Friday, May 27, 2016


This email is to Mr. Joe Jeronimo who now works for FLETA

Dear Mr. Jeronimo:

I'm writing you about the case involving Joohoon David Lee.  I suspect this case might be connected to a letter I wrote to the Office of Professional Responsibility about a trafficking operation I've been trying to pull victims out from under since 2004.   While you did catch Joohoon, the ring itself is still operating.  So too are other officers like him that I have yet see answering for their crimes.  Officers who are not only threatening their victims, but also threatening me to stop helping them.

Why?  I tend to wonder if Joohoon for example wouldn't have been called into play if not for the letter I sent to the Dept. of Transportation at LAX advising them this ring was bringing in women from China and to be on the "lookout".  It was shortly after this letter the ring switched up to using women from Korea to "go off the radar".  A ring tied to the arrests a few months ago in Seattle, back in 2007 with "Operation Dollhouse" and also the 2009 and 2013 arrests in Wichita, Kansas.  A ring connected to threats I've received from Pasadena police officers being the people connected to the head of this ring reside in Pasadena.

Why Pasadena?  Well they can "fake a homicide case" don't you know?  Even get PETA arrested and chase minorities out of Pasadena for it's "gentrification". Meaning this case doesn't end with Joohoon.

I spoke to Claude Arnold about the fact I still have victims of this ring telling me they can't break free because of how high up the power goes in this trafficking operation and you must admit Joohoon's authority was pretty high.  I was told "someone would get back to me" as I always am told - and no one has yet as always happens.

Now I'm sorry that my work causes embarrassment like this, like it did with people like the case Heather Weyker  was connected to (a case I was telling people for some time was phony), but we have many cases now stacking up about the innocents being thrown into the grinder here to make it appear people are "doing something" but then the REAL traffickers are getting away scot free here.

I didn't start this movement to get pimps arrested.   You want to deal with a pimp back in the 1980's - call 911.  No.  What I did was start this movement because HOW do you leave sex work when it's a cop, a marshall, a sheriff, or a Homeland Security officer, who is trafficking you?  Whose own boss tells people there's "nothing he can do" about the situation?  No I'm sorry but more needs to be done.  And frankly I'm getting real tired of the minute I read anyone like yourself has actually stepped up to do something about this - the next thing I know they're in a different job.  Fine for you - but then I get shoved back to square one of trying to explain to your replacements that yes this kind of thing is real.

I was hoping you were still in your old job that was a part of Joohoon's arrest but now I see you're in "training".  How convenient to now tell me there's "nothing more you can do" about the fact the ring itself IS STILL operating and I STILL have victims I can't get out because of who is involved in this who hasn't been caught yet.

So if you have any ideas on how we can get to the bottom of the ring that Joohoon was only a cog in the wheel of  - I'd love to hear them.  Because I've heard the argument that his trafficking was done while he was "on duty" and therefore he can't be charged with either trafficking nor racketeering, but I find it highly unlikely that he didn't do some of this work while not on the clock.

I'm sorry but where's the arrest of the man who PAID Joohoon?  This case is far from over and I STILL don't have someone getting back to me about what's going to be done about this ring despite dealing with them since 2004 now.  I think I'm being pretty patient don't you?  Especially when for some reason every time I hear we've got another cog in this wheel suddenly it seems like everyone connected to the case retires, get promoted, or transfers to another department.  Leaving people who then don't know me from Adam and the process starts over again.

(By the way why is NO major media reporting on this?  A Homeland Security officer is caught trafficking women and NO ONE in major media is reporting on this?  Why is that?  You want to know about what type of victim CAN'T call the National Trafficking Hotline and maybe call ours instead?  Try someone who was brought over here by a Homeland Security Officer.  THAT'S a victim who can't call the police for help, nor anyone on the trafficking task force, nor anyone in uniform for that matter.

So the million dollar question is then if those victims call our hotline for help then why can't I get anyone to respond to our calls?)

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I've been told Joohoon David Lee can't be charged with trafficking for what he did when trafficking women from Korea while also a Homeland Security/ICE officer.   However, people like him HAVE been charged criminally AND sued civilly for actions they've done while off-duty.  Now since I doubt he did everything he did this this criminal operation while on duty, I'm sure some of it was done off duty.

To any victims of Joohoon David Lee, or anyone else who was trafficked by an officer of some type in the government, there are actions you can take to win a monetary judgment in my opinion.  Please get in touch with me to talk about this confidentially if you'd like.  I have attorney's who would also like to speak to you.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

FIGHTING MODERN TRAFFICKING  This is a case about Joohoon David Lee - a Homeland Security agent who brought women in physically from Korea to be forced to work in massage parlors as a prostitute.

Do you want to know what fighting modern sex trafficking looks like in America?  Back in 2013, a Chinese woman came to me about being trafficked.    Details about that case are here -  I had never worked on an Asian case before because I don't speak Mandarin.  However, this woman spoke English so I was able to speak to her about what was happening to her, and other women who couldn't speak English.

When I initially went to the Pasadena Chief of Police about her supposed false arrests - I was ignored.  I then went to LAPD and was ignored.  After that, I then went to Internal Affairs, Homeland Security, the Attorney General, politicians, and the list went on about every door that I went to who was ignoring me.   No one wanted to talk to me about a woman drug out of her home by two cops in front of her mother and son and then supposedly slapped with fake prostitution cases and death back in China after being deported if she didn't go "back to work" as a prostitute.

Did I let that stop me?  No.

In fact, I made a list of who I could write to about this case I hadn't written yet and started checking off names.  So also in 2013, I wrote a letter to the Chinese government about what was going on.

Note the date of Liang Yaohui being arrested. It's 2014 - a year after my letter was sent.

After the Pasadena Chief of Police ignored me, I then went to the city business manager.  Then I did yes have the Chief start calling me five times a day literally asking me to "come in and speak to him in person" about this case.

I told him there would be no point until he had understood the depth of this case and to get a copy of the files from the Wichita authorities before I came in to talk to him about it.  I told him I'd wait two weeks to come in to give him time to get, and read, the Wichita files.  That way he'd know what I was talking about in our meeting.  This is the case I was referring to.

Six months after this woman had reached out to me - this case in Wichita went down.

However, the back story was the arresting officer in Wichita had heard about "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007.    This case happened after I had been ignored by Chief Gillispie, and threatened by an FBI agent.

So I brought in a reporter to check out my accusation about sex trafficking in Las Vegas and corruption.  The reporter asked for a "ride along" to a stake-out.   Then pushed for a surprise raid.  The result was this case.

However, please note the reporter's name, nor my name were in any of the press at the time.  I was told by both a reporter at the Sun, and the Review Journal, they had been told there was a "ban on printing" my name, or the name of Sex Workers Anonymous.  So despite trying to get someone in the press to talk to me about "Operation Dollhouse" and the fact Vegas was only one stop in their network which spanned the country - no one would and the charges against the two cops were dropped.

Please note further Greg Munks, one of the officers, was also on the San Mateo police force.

So the Wichita cop had started trying to get them arrested in 2009 after a long investigation.  Only it wouldn't work because to quote him "he had too much interference from the local police".  So he says he waited until he retired from the police force, to go to work for zoning, and that's where he was working when he got this case pulled together.

This was his first attempt in 2009 -

I figured if I asked the Pasadena Chief of Police if he had the Wichita files - he might lie to me and say "yes" when he hadn't.  So after about a week had passed - I contacted the Wichita police, prosecutor, and court. They each told me that "no one from Pasadena has called to see that file".

At the same EXACT time the Pasadena Chief is calling to have me "come down" to talk to him, a private investigator from San Mateo appears on the radar.   Please note Woodall Investigations also is a "K9 Handler".

Ms. Woodall was listed in San Mateo at the time she started speaking to me in trafficking groups on Linkedin.  Yes I screenshot this activity.  Only she didn't know me from Adam - yet every time I'd make a comment to anything about trafficking in Linkedin groups - she'd pop in right under me with "you're crazy".  I'd post something and she'd comment "you're crazy".  Even to the point of one time saying "you're 5150 and need to be locked up".

Notice her resume says she "assisted anti-trafficking task force", i.e., Greg Munks who is on the trafficking task force in San Mateo

Notice on page 5 of her resume it says she is a "member of the Defenders Shield Team" and again she works with the K9 unit.  Greg Munks also runs a program for inmates and dogs.

Greg Munks had one person run against him for office after Operation Dollhouse, Juan Lopez.    

One thing NOT noted in this article however is the phone in question which was "smuggled into the jail" was supposedly a phone that an informant who had been "lost" in the jail used to call the FBI agent and let her know where he was.

In other words THIS phone

Back to Ms. Woodall - when in these Linkedin groups for trafficking topics I started noticing a pattern.  Not only would she respond to everything I said with a response of "you're crazy" but she started calling people I was talking to and TELLING them "Jody is crazy" essentially.

I learned of this by people calling me to tell me of this and either letting me hear her voice messages, which I recorded, or sending me her emails, which I saved.  Without exception, anyone I so much as said one word to online - she was on them with telling them to "stay away from Jody" and "Jody is crazy".  I'd like to add I've never spoken to the woman before this same week that the Pasadena Chief was calling me to "come down to the station" and talk to him in person.

So I called Dan who founded the Defenders and asked him not only why this woman was attacking me this way, and stalking me online, but further why was she not helping me with this Pasadena Asian woman's case?

I mean if she's such an "anti-trafficking advocate" why was she not only attacking me, but also refusing my attempts to ask for her help with what this woman was telling me was going on not just in Pasadena, and not just Wichita, but also San Mateo?

In fact, one of the pimps convicted in the Wichita case not only owns property in Pasadena, but he also has a website up offering Asian prostitutes in San Mateo which I saved.   When I asked Ms. Woodall if instead of spending her time attacking me if she'd like to go check out this San Mateo address where trafficking victims were supposedly being forced to prostitute - she'd refuse.

Anyway, Dan tells me she was NOT a member of the Defenders as her resume says, and he had "only talked to her once on the phone".  The day after he told me this he then calls me up and says "she just called me and told me you're crazy and if I 'value my reputation in the field' I'll stop speaking to you entirely".

Well isn't that interesting because I've worked with Dan on past cases when we've needed his type of help and now she's not only stalking me, attacking me, and refusing to help me with a San Mateo case, but now she's trying to get Dan to stop helping our victims?  Interesting.

Also at this same EXACT time I have Meg (Margaret) Munoz, who is simultaneously running Abeni with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task force AND the Orange County chapter of SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) emailing me on Facebook acting very strange. (Interestingly Chief Sanchez in Pasadena resides in Orange County.)  She's another woman I've never met, never spoken to, have no idea who she is.

The same month this all went down was when I had served the producers of "8 Minutes" and A&E with a threat to sue them for defamation if they did not take their show off the air based on the show being faked.

If it was a random operation where only Hispanic women were being called up to the hotel room working as prostitutes, and talking about how they were prostitutes because they couldn't feed their kids, their kids were taken from them, they were on drugs - and basically making it appear that all Hispanic low income women are drug addicts, prostitutes, bad mothers, etc. that's one thing.  But when it's being STAGED then that's defamation of not only Hispanic women but ALSO of sex workers who they kept repeating every two minutes LITERALLY these women were "trafficking victims" over and over (I bring up repeating every two minutes because I timed it - which also interestingly is the same time Derren Brown used to brainwash his victim in the innocence experiment  Meaning he kept repeating his suggestion to his victim every two minutes.)

But the week after I'd served the notice, and the show was taken off the air 8 hours later, this Meg starts accusing me of having "outted the identity of the woman on the show".  Which I had not done.  I challenged her to show me proof of where I'd exposed anyone's identity which she could not do because I had not done it.  But that doesn't shut her up.  She then starts telling people online that I'm "threatening her" and "stalking her" and I'm "upset because she refused to partner with us" and I'm sitting back going WTF?  I hadn't asked to partner with her nor could I.  I run a 12 step group and therefore we CAN'T partner with anyone.

Then she escalates and sends Domina Elle to go by our post box address who then verifies it's not my house in a slam then posted on us at  Well now you know why we don't have an office and I don't post my home address online.  Meg was asking anyone if they knew where I lived so they could "send someone out to arrest me" for these supposed threats I'm making against her.

My response?  I sent a letter to both of them saying I was going to file a complaint for defamation if they continued lying about me online, and I'd further get a TRO filed against them to make sure they didn't come near me.  I further told Ms. Woodall I would file a complaint against her PI license letting them know she found it more productive to follow my IP activity to stalk and defame me for 8 hours a day INSTEAD of taking a look at how this transnational sex trafficking operation had women in San Mateo they were trafficking while claiming to be helping trafficking victims in her marketing.

They both stopped.

However, I'm still now getting calls from Chief Sanchez's assistant now asking me to come down to talk to them.  I told her I'd "come in once he had the Wichita files" and to let me know once they did and then I'd come in.  What's the point otherwise?  I then contacted Wichita again to follow-up and they said "nope - no one from Pasadena has called".

Making me think "why does he want me to come in so badly?"  Ironically, this was about the same time as Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell.  Especially after hearing she was pulled over by a cop while being  a known advocate against police wrongdoing and then she's found dead hung in her jail like a long list of people before her it seems.

Needless to say - I thought twice about going into the Pasadena station without an escort of some kind like a reporter or the media.

But that didn't mean I was out of ideas.  If Homeland Security was going to ignore me - well how about the LAX security?

So I wrote and told them this ring was bringing in women from China who were between 40 and 55 years of age to be trafficked in the USA and to be "on alert".

Which is at the same time they switched from Chinese to Korean women.  Meaning someone from Homeland Security had to know about the letter I sent.

So if the police had Internal Affairs, I thought "well Homeland Security must have someone who checks into what they're doing".  Which is the Office of Public Responsibility.  So I wrote them.

I invite you to read the part where it says here that about a year ago the "Office of Public Responsibility conducted the investigation in this case" against Joohoon David Lee.

Probably had nothing to do with my letter to them about a trafficking operation which was bringing women in through LAX to staff massage parlors, licensed legal massage parlors who did NOT advertise on Backpage, who also had stops in their network in San Mateo, and Las Vegas, as well as other states going clear back to New York.

Now I had someone who had retired from Homeland Security tell me "Joohoon David Lee was an isolated bad apple" and there was no "systemic corruption within Homeland Security requiring any special investigation or measures".


It began and ended with him?  Impressive.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 21, 2016


In 2005, I was approached by a man who came to my regular "home group" of Narcotics Anonymous in Las Vegas.  Everyone who was in NA for some time knew I was a member of the program, and also if they knew me they knew I already went to the midnight Saturday night meeting on 3rd and Bridger.  I often took men and women I was working with there when they'd have trouble sleeping on a Saturday night in early recovery from drugs and sex work.

I came out of the meeting to find my car wouldn't start.  A handsome young man offered to help me start the car who had been at the meeting.  I allowed him to and he got it started.  I later learned he had gone out during the meeting to rig the car to fail in order to get to know me.  He then said he'd come by and finish looking at it at my house the next day and offered to follow me home to make sure I got home okay.  How caring!

My mother went into surgery a few days later and didn't wake up for ten days.  My husband had just left town and wasn't coming home.  I was still recovering from a stroke and not working.  Without my husband's income, I couldn't pay the rent on my apartment.  The doctors told me either I had to move in with hr to care for her or my mom would have to go into a nursing home for full-time care.  I had my daughter to get to school and my mother's care to deal with and now I was facing having to move with no money and being in a lot of pain.  This young man stepped up to help me get my kid to school, deal with the doctors, pack my apartment, and just seemed like a blessing to me at first.  He had told me he had a girlfriend when we met and I was much older than him so I didn't think it was sexual or even romantic.  I was 42 years old and he was only 18 years old so it didn't cross my mind he was being anything other than a fellow addict in NA trying to be of service.

He then told me he'd broken up with the girlfriend and was interested in me.  For months I put him off - but then after a medical emergency where I almost died I broke and threw myself into what I thought was a midlife crisis affair with a younger man.  Only he wouldn't stop seeing me no matter how many times I tried to break it off.  After sleeping together for some months, he started introducing me to his friends.  They were cops, sheriff's, marshall's, private investigators, etc., and I was impressed with the quality of his friends being such "reputable" people.  He was taking me to BBQ's, car races, and other events where he was getting me introduced to his "friends".

Within a year, he was talking to me about moving in together.  He was taking me apartment hunting, and even introduced me to his father explaining that we were going to be living together.   I had no reason to think this was anything other than a "real" relationship.  As the date came for us to move into an apartment we'd found he started telling me that his "friends" were more than just involved in law enforcement.  To show me what he meant, he took me over to one woman's house who was supposedly a retired guard at Clark County jail.  The house was a B&D house right out of "50 Shades of Grey".  He explained to me by keeping everything about B&D then no one was involved in "prostitution" and therefore no one was getting arrested.

I asked him why he was showing me this when he knew I was also running Sex Workers Anonymous and his answer was simple - your husband has left, your mother is about to die, and you aren't physically up to returning to work at a 9 to 5 job.    He knew how much money I'd made when I was in the sex industry and his friends needed someone to help with the management end of their operation.  When I asked why he needed me to help this woman run one "house" he explained there was much more than a "house" involved - but a whole network of operations they were all involved in spanning from the borders of Mexico in California clear to a spot in Kentucky.   Seems the officers would transport the drugs, guns, stolen items, along with the women even in their work cars so if stopped then they'd say it was "evidence" they were transporting.  The women were just "inmates being transported".  That by working in relays they were covering most of the USA this way.

I told him I'd quit the business back in 1985 and I had no idea why he was even thinking I'd be interested in being a part of this.  This is when he revealed he was a Romanian gypsy, and that both he, along with members of his family, were involved in this operation and if we were going to get married then I had to understand what his job was.  I told him I thought he was a car mechanic who wanted to open his own shop.  He then told me how he was a mechanic all right but not what I thought.  Seems they would offer to park the trick's cars for them as a valet service, and then they were replacing authentic car parts on these luxury cars with cheap knock-offs which would often break down days later.  Then they'd sell the parts as "refurbished" through the back door of Autozone.  He showed me the car parts alone he was dealing in was bringing in $10,000 a week.

I told him I'd quit because I didn't want to ever go back to jail ever again.  This is when he set about showing me how "fool proof" the operation was.   Right before my eyes he showed me records of an inmate in the Las Vegas jail which was there one minute, and gone the next.  That's how much control over the system these guys had he told me assuring me that "with the chief of police, the prosecutor, and a couple of politicians in their pocket" I wouldn't have to worry about being arrested if I decided to join him in this operation.

I allowed him to show me how everything was set up and took mental notes.  Then I created a file outlining the whole operation and stupidly took the file to the Chief of Police in Las Vegas at the time, Chief Gillispie.   The next morning I had a knock on the door.  One of the women in the operation who was pregnant was there.  I asked what happened and she told me she'd been put out on the street at 2:00 a.m. when they came in and cleaned everything out - the women, the drugs, the furniture, everything.  She had just been put out on the street because she was pregnant and she said they didn't want to transport her anywhere in her condition.  She had no money, no clothes, no family, and nowhere to go.  I went about getting her settled into a motel and then went to see what had happened. Everything down to the woodwork had been cleared out and I could even smell the bleach from the cleaning.

I contacted a reporter and asked him to get involved.  He arranged a "ride along" with the Las Vegas police on the weekend I told him there would be a drop.  The one operation that was left was the Asian's in a private house.  I couldn't get to the women in a private house and they were only seeing "johns" who came in from the airport from China speaking Mandarin, This prevented us from getting help to them to get them out.   The police had told me there was no way to get an undercover agent in the operation because they "didn't have anyone who spoke Mandarin".   I had been offered a job as director of ATLAS that year and thought I was about to take the job.

Only I opened the paper to see Terri Miller, a school teacher from Pahrump, had been given my job instead.  No one had told me and the man who had offered me the job, Adam Freer, was no longer working with the Salvation Army.  I told Terri about the whole operation going on and what we were trying to shut down and expose and she looked at me like I was insane.  I told her she'd soon "see for herself I wasn't crazy" and waited for the day to come.

Sure enough, my phone rang.  Terri told me 24 women, and bags of drugs, had just been found in a private home and the victims had been taken to the Salvation Army.  She asked me to go with her to help her interview the women.  When we arrived 20 minutes later - we were told the women had been "sent home".  I was told no file had been taken on who the women were, they refused to give me an address, and also refused to let me speak to any reporters in this matter.  This was "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007.  Note Greg Munks was also a member of the trafficking task force in San Mateo.  I had told the authorities whoever was making the drop that day for this operation would be coming from San Mateo.  I was again patted on the head like I was crazy and blown off by everyone involved in this case I spoke to.

Rick Rizzolo had been drugging customers at the Crazy Horse, then padding their credit card bills.  He'd send them home in taxi's he was in control of through a friend so no one wondered why all these zonked out people were being poured into a cab.  When they realized they'd been ripped off - they'd call the club where they'd be threatened with exposure to their boss or wife how the charge happened.  Sometimes photos were taken while they were knocked out with the dancers who were told to go along with the program.   When they would go to the police - they were then threatened with drug possession or being under the influence charges if they pressed.  That and some publicity in the local paper their wife, boss and clients would see.  The dancers would sometimes run over to Buffalo Bill's school to escape where his wrestlers would protect them until we could arrange transportation out of state for them.  The day after Rick was released from prison a death threat was left on Jim's car.   He was found to have GHB in his system in a report that was being hidden by the coroner.  Shubert was the Las Vegas prosecutor at this time.  He was found dead in 2013.

We had been dealing with Kemp Shiffer for a long time.  But he was operating "within the law" because he was bringing women in from California to work at a legal brothel.  He would get them a work permit to work as a waitress in the restaurant of the legal brothel at 16 years of age where sex is legal in Nevada at 16 years old.  He finally crossed the line however and got TWO YEARS for over 12 years of turning women out into prostitution.  Sure it was "legal" when they started.  But if they got sick, got arrested, developed a drug problem - out they went from the legal brothel.  Then with a prostitution license on their record, maybe being 17 or 18 years old - then what?  To the streets is where they went.   They were why I helped Sharnel set up a program in northern Nevada instead of southern Nevada.  The teenage rejects and cast-offs from the brothels were all winding up in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, etc.   Her program started in 2010  It was shut down when she was framed for a felony and sent to prison for five years on a first offense.

I was getting calls from victims of Chris Butler's operation out of California also.  It was clear this was part of the same operation.  Chris had been a cop for 20 years, and upon retiring became a private investigator who had even been on the Dr. Phil show.   He also opened up massage parlors where he sold drugs through them given him by active duty narcotics officers.  You can read about his arrest here in 2012.  Try getting women away from a cop slash best in the country private investigator and you have an idea how hard our job was to help the women who called our hotline.

Now could these women call the National Trafficking Hotline?  No.  Guess where they would have been referred to if they had?  You got it - the local trafficking task force!  So they called us and we had to do what we could do while having cops running around telling anyone who would listen we were absolutely "nuts".   That or threaten they'd lose their funding, or they're tarnish their reputation by "associating with a bunch of ex-hookers" or 100 other things they could come up with to make sure no one took our phone calls to help THEIR VICTIMS.

In 2014, Officer Armendariz, was found dead in his home before he could testify at a corruption hearing.  He was an officer on the local trafficking task force.

In the corruption case of Paul Tanaka,  the only officer who has been charged so far is Juan Lopez.  Juan says he believes this is because he ran against Greg Munks for office.  Remember that name?   The man who was Chief over Paul was Lee Baca.  He's now stepped down because of corruption charges in 2014.

Chief Gillispie stepped down in Las Vegas in 2012  in a corruption case involving 15 other officers.

In 2014, a constable was caught checking into files on porn performers.  We don't know the names of who he was looking for, but I know we were getting women out of the sex industry away from their traffickers who wore uniforms and they weren't too happy about it.

In 2013, I got a phone call from  woman who resides in Pasadena.  She was telling me after being trafficked for 40 years, she told her traffickers she wanted to retire.  Then she says she was drug out of her home and slapped with two fake prostitution cases.   Further being told if she didn't get back to work she'd be hit with a third charge and then deported.  They told her they knew someone on Homeland Security who would see to it she was deported, and then the authorities back in China would receive a photo of her taken while she was drugged that would net her the death penalty.  They further told her they knew people in the Chinese government who would see to it she was executed in shame.  We hired her an attorney who then ordered the booking tapes of her arrest to see if what she told us was true.  He then was threatened by an officer and an attorney he reported to us.

I'd like introduce you to Jooloon David Lee, a Homeland Security officer who lives in Las Vegas, and was found guilty of bribery in Los Angeles.  Mr. Lee was also falsely accusing a family of being the traffickers to keep up appearances he was doing his job, while using his office to protect the people he was not only taking bribes from, but assisting in trafficking of the women.  Notice he was also connected to Immigration -  Further note this man he was hassling, and putting an ankle bracelet on his wife to keep track of where they were called Lee's boss who told him there was "nothing he could do" about the situation.  WOW.

In 2013, nine massage parlors were shut down.  One of the pimps was named Zhang.  Zhang by the way owns property in Pasadena, California, and is related to the woman who called me for help.   The women in this parlor had been tricked into coming here from China.  The arresting officer spent from 2009 until 2013 trying to get these arrests to stick.  Seems when he was a cop he got too much interference from other cops.  So he waited until he retired and went to work for the zoning department to get these arrests and free those women.  Both he and the judge received death threats so the court didn't allow them to have bail during the trial.

Note these arrests in 2015 of a hotel owner who was arrested in China who was also a member of the People's Congress, or Chinese government.  Check out the number of massage parlors and escort services this guy owned there.  A man who regularly entertained people from America in his five star hotel.

Giving her every reason to believe these people would carry out their threats to her if she didn't go "back to work".  The attorney who threatened our attorney then threatened me with a stalking charge if I spoke to her again.  He then lied to her and claimed she didn't need my help as he'd expunged her criminal record for her.  Only he didn't.  When I went to show her that her criminal record was still showing up - I then got a call from a phone number coming from the Pasadena police department from an officer who threatened me again with a stalking charge if I spoke to her again.  When I asked if he wanted to hear why she was calling me for help he just threatened me again and got off the line.  I recorded the threat.  I also have the copies of her fake police reports that are charges signed by a judge.

So I think you can see why I got concerned when I read about another ex-officer out of Orange County going out to prostitutes "doing outreach" named "Kevin Brown".   Note Kevin Brown had retired from the Orange County police force.  So he had to have known Mike Corona as well as Sheriff Don Haidi.

When I got a call from Kevin's "assistant" telling me this story of how Kevin had been this cop for 20 years, and then upon retiring had "found God" and decided to go out and "help prostitutes" all I could think of was "he was watching this stuff going on for 20 years and didn't step up before?"   I asked this guy what Kevin was doing when the victims he was supposedly rescuing turned out to have their traffickers be cops and he had no idea what I was talking about.  I asked how he was bypassing the traffickers screening to get them up to a motel room - and he had no idea what I was talking about.  But he was asking me to send prostitutes up to this guy's hotel room where they would then "go off to a compound somewhere in the desert"?  Are you kidding me?  I asked to meet this guy and see this ranch and of course never heard from the guy again until "8 Minutes" came out.

When I got the threat to stop speaking to this woman from a Pasadena cop, I contacted the Pasadena Chief to speak to him about it.  I got no answer.  I went over his head to the city manager.  That prompted Chief Sanchez to start calling me three times a day to come in and speak to him in person.   I asked him to get the records from the Wichita case so he'd know what I was talking about and I'd give him a week.  During this time I wrote to the LAX security and Homeland Security.  I told them about this case and that women were coming in from China to be trafficked.  This was about June of 2013.

Notice the men in the recent Seattle arrests had been using women from China, but then "when things got hot" started bringing in women from Korea.  Things weren't just hot here in the USA, but pretty hot over in China too from what I'm reading.   Sheldon Adelson, the new owner of the Review Journal I don't think is too happy with me about these Chinese crackdowns -  Might be why a reporter told me the Review Journal had put a "lifetime black list on my name and that of SWA no matter how many women die for not having our hotline number".   What a wonderful person.  These women are telling me they're being raped, beaten, terrorized, forced into selling drugs and performing prostitution, by cops - and when I go and help them get out of the situation alive I'm the bad guy?  With all the willing women out there - they are forcing these women and I'm the bad guy?

These fake arrests aren't just happening in Las Vegas either.  Innocent people were also arrested in Nashville and Minneapolis.   A cop was caught finally pimping women in New York  Kids were being trafficked right out of the trafficking safe house in Ohio.

When I was setting up the appointment to go speak to the Pasadena Chief who is having his station audited at the time  I had Meg Munoz, who runs Abeni, who is part of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force, AND  the leader for SWOP in Walnut, California, going online and telling people I was "stalking and threatening her".  I DIDN'T KNOW THE WOMAN!  But I have screen shots of her asking people if they knew where I lived so she could "file stalking charges against me and have me arrested".  Since Chief Sanchez lives in Orange County and at the same time he's asking me to "come in and speak to him" I've got her trying to find out where I live so she can have me hauled off on a stalking charge?  Didn't sound good to me.

I pointed out to Meg and everyone else there was no way she'd make a stalking charge stick as I didn't know her, wasn't threatening her, and wasn't even talking to her.  Then she switched up to threatening to have me carted off on a 5150 charge.  Why?  Don't know as I don't know her.  But I found the timing a little too weird and backed off going into the Pasadena station in person to speak to Chief Sanchez.  I offered to speak to him via email about the case and he handed me off to a deputy.  I asked the deputy if he wanted to speak about it by email and never got an answer.

Now let me ask you something - how am I supposed to get women away from this type of trafficking when we're dealing not only with police officers, but also when the people I'm calling for help are refusing my calls in fear of "losing their funding" or "harming their reputation by speaking to Jody"?

Welcome to the world of modern sex trafficking and the challenges of helping these victims. I think you understand now why there's a need for a hotline like ours where the callers call who aren't going to identify as "trafficking victims" nor be able to call the police on their traffickers in order to get help from victim services, nor can they get help from the local trafficking task forces.  Now you might also understand why a SWOP member would step up in Seattle and claim "no those women weren't coerced".  If Meg in SWOP is also part of the trafficking task force where this kind of corruption is going on - it's not a big leap to think they might have someone step up and do that to deflect any investigations into further trafficking victims who might be on that website.    Or looking into who those traffickers might be.

But the truth always comes out in the wash and sooner or later the authorities are going to have to look into how these cases are connected.  Not only how they're connected but why I've been saying the system that was set up by people who don't understand how the modern American sex industry, and thus the trafficking, operates.  Which is as long as the funding is coming all from the same source - then the traffickers can always find a way in.  This is why it's absolutely essential to have our program as a 12 step program, and thus one who doesn't receive federal funding, involved within the very structure of the trafficking programs.   It's also why our hotline who is simply set up for ANYONE who wants help to exit the industry can call - even if they aren't identifying as "trafficking victims" and can't go to the police for help for obvious reasons.

It's also why people are now talking about a law to protect corrupt officials from being prosecuted.  The truth coming out seems to have a lot of people running for cover.

If you want to stop modern day sex trafficking - then you have to put our program back where it was before money got involved when the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  Ever since the money grabbing started - we've been pushed right out of the arena.  If these cases, along with those of Holtzclaw, don't show you why we need to be put back in there to help these men and women - then you're not listening.  This is also why they've taken over sex industry blogs such as "Tits and Sass" and are doing everything in their power to make victims think they have no way out.

Well they do.  Call if you need help.