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Sunday, August 14, 2016


I'm wondering how long this campaign is going to continue of smearing me and threatening people away from not only myself, but our hotline and program as well.  I wrote about a situation some years ago where I found someone impersonating myself.  That person was traced to Anne Bissell who had set up "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous" many years ago.  I go into more detail about the whole impersonation situation here on this post -

As we're getting more and more calls to help juveniles, I joined a network of people working with juveniles through the foster care system.  I also was asked to appear on some TV and radio shows which I granted in order to promote our hotline.  Only I'm hearing the same old smack coming back at me of people saying "yeah I got this phone call not to put you on the show claiming you're all about the money".  I just laugh and say "what money?"  Which is true.  I am not running fund raisers.  I'm not applying for grants.  Unlike this Anne Bissell aka Juliette Chandler, who IS.

I had the head of a foster parent group tell me she got the "warning" call to "stay away from Jody" with the threat that I would "attack" her as "I've done others".  Yes I have attacked  con artists and frauds as well as people who were traffickers posting as reputable people.  People just as Joohoon David Lee who was working as a trafficking from 2009 until 2015 when he finally was charged with bribery.  Something which I doubt would have happened had I not been "attacking" the fact someone in Homeland Security, ICE and in the trafficking world wasn't investigating REAL traffickers, while pushing innocent people as such.  So yes I do "attack" those who are frauds.  But not those who are legitimate, honest, ethical people.

When I first saw the profile go up for "Juliette Chandler" I was concerned this woman was being impersonated as I was, so I reached out to her to warn her.  Next thing I know all hell is breaking loose from her supporters telling me that "Juliette Chandler" is an alias of Anne Bissell.  I was told it was a "pen name".  Which is fine.  Steven King writes as Richard Bachman.  Pen names are completely fine.

However, check out this profile and tell me if it doesn't appear to be Anne giving Juliette a testimonial like they're two separate people or not -

So here we have a woman who is giving herself testimonials.  I've got emails and phone calls from people attacking me with the news that Juliette Chandler is just a "pen name" for Anne.  This makes them appear to be two separate people.  It's fraud.  

It's also what she was doing to me - pretending to be someone else - me.  I found a grant for $300,000 supposedly in my name which had gone to her address.  I reported this to the authorities and everyone on the board of Silver Braid at that time was arrested BUT for Juliette aka Anne.  Turns out they all had criminal pasts.  

Something is fishy here when this woman seems to devote so much of her life to finding people who have heard my name and then threatening them about what will happen if they even speak to me.  Because that's what she does in the guise of a "warning".  I've been told that one simple warning isn't enough either.  I've had reports she will HOUND people and ARGUE with them (attack them) when they try and stick up for me even.  

I am the first one to admit I've pretended to be other people in the course of doing undercover work to help victims.  I don't however carry this pretending beyond that however.  This profile has nothing to do with getting into the sex industry with a cover to get access to victims to get them to freedom.  She clearly has no hesitation to pretend to be someone else and give herself a testimonial.  Makes me wonder how valid the others are to be honest.  

This is why any testimonials I put up for us at sites like are done in the person's voice.  This way people are aware this is a completely legit straight up situation of another person making this testimonial.  

The woman even claims credit for "inventing a genre" of writing where fiction and non-fiction are blended.  I'm sorry but this genre was invented by Trumon Capote with "In Cold Blood".  Chuck Barris even wrote his story as a blend of fiction and non-fiction before Anne's book was released.  Clearly this woman blends "fiction and non-fiction" in more than her books.  

Meaning you also need to consider why she's out there devoting so much energy to bashing me.  Any way you slice this folks I'm a survivor.  I'm a recovering addict and a survivor of the sex industry and sex trafficking as well as abuse.  If she's so all about us - then why the attack campaign of me to cover up her impersonation of me.  Anyone who cares so much about us wouldn't be attacking not only myself in this way, but also the help we offer survivors way beyond any help she offers.  I say this because I've also got countless emails and letters telling me she doesn't respond to any requests for help.  I myself have written and called her about getting help for other cases and she also hasn't responded to my requests for help to help others.  

I've been saying what I've been saying for years about her because I've got facts to back it up.  I've yet to be sued for defamation either by the woman.  If it wasn't for me having to subpena survivors to prove her bad mouthing me and threatening people behind my back which would break their anonymity at a public level - I'd have sued the woman for defamation and "economic interference" long ago.  

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Back about 2005, I got a call from the Dr. Phil show's producers.  They were asking me to make plane arrangements to come be interviewed on the show.  The producer is acting like I've already agreed to be on the show.  I have never spoken to her before yet she's asking me what airline I want to arrive on.  I ask her what's going on and she tells me she was talking to me, lost my phone #, and then went online to get it and is now talking to me.  I tell her she has not been talking to me and ask her to please locate the phone number of who she has been speaking to.  She comes back on the line to tell me "oh here's the number".

I repeated "you are talking to Jody Williams of Sex Workers Anonymous?"  She said "yes".  I told her to hang on while I called that # from my other phone.  Of course no one answered.  I then "google'd" the phone number to be taken to a site that was a mirror identical to my site only the name was slightly different.  It was "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous".  But this didn't explain why the producer thought she was speaking to "Jody Williams".

As I review the site, I find the literature from our "Recovery Guide" has been copied word for word on this site.  It is set up to look like our site.  It's almost a mirror identical site.  But then there is a link that takes you to the Silver Braid which is a violation of the "Traditions" being that you're not supposed to "affiliate with, nor endorse" any separate organization.

We don't have any other groups than ours listed at   I email this person and ask her to please take down our literature off her site as it is copyrighted.  I also tell her I have no idea why she would want to be going on the Dr. Phil show as me and to please not do that again.  In the meantime, the producer asks me to get on a plane.  My mother was dying in ICU at this time and there was no way I was going to leave her side so I refused.  The producer told me that I "had to come" as the studio had already been set up to record a show.  I then said "if you want to film someone who impersonates me - go right ahead".  Which they did.  So much for the integrity of the Dr. Phil Show.

After hearing they promoted Chris Butler while half of Los Angeles knew his female agents were blackmailing men, and about how he ambushed Jori Nunes - yeah so much for the integrity of the Dr. Phil show.  This is a show that puts on imposters, and interviews people like the "Soccer Mom Madam" but won't have the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous on their show for real's.  I offered to reschedule for another time and haven't heard from the Dr. Phil people since.

Wondering what else might be going on if she's acting like this, I went onto Google and started checking out my name.  I literally came upon a $300,000 grant in my name claiming I had opened up a "drop-in center in Pasadena".  I have friends who live in Pasadena, so I asked them to drive by this address for me.  They did and told me it was an empty building.  I then went to the grant people and asked about the grant in my name.  They confirmed it had been given to Jody Williams to open up a "crisis drop-in center" in Pasadena.  I emailed them a copy of my ID and let them know that I was Jody Williams, I ran Sex Workers Anonymous, and no I had not applied for, nor received, any grants.  They gave me a web address which led me right back to Anne Bissell.   I printed out the information for Silver Braid, along with the information on her board members.  Then I filed a complaint with the police, and the people who issued the grant that I was being impersonated.  I then got a Google Alert a few months later that the people on this board had previous records for fraud - and everyone had been arrested but Anne.

During this time, the website is not changing.  Now I'm getting phone calls from people yelling at me "where's my book order?"  I'm like "what book order?"  Seems she was taking orders for our "Recovery Guide" and not filling them.  These people think I took the money even though I didn't so to calm them down - I go ahead and fill the orders out of my own pocket.  So no I'm not happy about this.  I escalate my demands she change this website to differentiate us immediately or I'm going to file formal charges.  It was only when I sent her a formal "cease and desist" letter that she stopped.

I called back these people who were calling me about book orders to ask some questions.  I come to find out this woman has been running meetings in both Los Angeles and Arizona during the time I was either living in Nebraska or Nevada.  I asked if a basket was passed and money being collected at the meetings  and they said yes.  I went back to Anne and sent her emails asking about why she was holding meetings that weren't registered for one thing, and for another I needed a treasury report.  If money is collected in our name, I have to report that money to IRS as I was not a 501c3 at that time.  I can't report the money if I don't know what was donated.  All attempts to speak to her were refused.

I got in the habit of "googling" myself at least monthly after this to try and stay on top of any impersonations or hi-jackings.  I kept finding my domain kept being transferred to porn sites.  That was easy to get repaired by writing to their domain server company and letting them know what was going on.  I kept finding all kinds of interesting things like this article that appeared in "The Fix" in 2012 by McCarton Ackerman.   It claims he was going to meetings of ours in Los Angeles in 1996.  The woman running our registered meetings in 1996 let the meetings go.  I couldn't find anyone to take over the meetings.  I was living in Nevada as of April 1996.   So who was running the meetings that McCarton was going to?  I don't know because he never returned my phone calls.

I did however have a long conversation with another male who did attend those meetings.  That is after I calmed him down from yelling at me.  I asked him why he was so upset and he had a long list of complaints.  I asked him "who is this person?" to hear him answer "Jody Williams".  That was interesting.  He was coming through Vegas on a book/play tour and I invited him to come up to my house in Vegas to meet me so he would know I was not this "other Jody Williams" which he did.  I gave him a copy of our real "Recovery Guide", apologized for whatever this other woman did to him, and wished him well on his recovery.

If you read this article, there's some serious problems there.  For one thing, I would not go to a male's house who was still active in sex work and bring him chicken soup.  Nor would I ask him, or anyone, to write out a list of "johns" for amends.  That's just downright insane.   I don't know who this person was that wrote the article, nor who was running meetings in Los Angeles in 1996 using my name, but all I could get out of anyone was that she called herself "Jody Williams", and she was blond.  I was a red-head back then so this was definitely not me.

If you read up on the Planned Parenthood videotape fiasco, you'll find that a lot more than the video was faked.  These people used a fake ID.  They staged fake props and settings.  They had fake interviews.  I mean this was a total fake job from the gate.  You'll also see that they used more than just faked things in the video, but there were graphs that were misleading, along with misleading reports.  So there was a lot of faked, staged, things in connection with the attacks upon Planned Parenthood.

Just as this tape is interesting attacking Katherine Griffin-Townsend by Maxine Doogan.  The voice on that tape claiming to be "Kamylla" is not the voice of the woman who called me claiming to be Kamylla number one.  The woman who called me had a Brazilian accent, but this woman on the tape sounds something else.   I am not sure what but I do know this - I have at least three tapes I've set aside of phone calls where someone whose voice matches that on this tape with Maxine has called me trying to find out what attorney's we use to help our members, where we have meetings located, and to try and find out where local meetings are held.  All information I've refused to give her.

Today I come across a Facebook profile for "Rene La Blanc".  That's the name I was arrested under in 1984.  The prosecutor gave me that name to try and protect me from the people who were trying to kill me so they couldn't locate my name in the court calendar and then murder me on the steps of the courthouse coming into hearings.   The name was a fake mix between male and female spellings of the name so as to not be a real person.

When I first started going on TV - I didn't want to use my real name so I used the name on my arrest records that was already in the news.  It wasn't until 1991 that I realized that I could not keep private what I was doing and just went ahead and started using my real legal given name of Jody Williams.  Yes I have been married twice, so I have three legal names.  Nothing shady about that as people want to try and act.

However, I found this profile created in 2013.  You'll note Anne Bissell is a "friend" on that account along with about 20 other people I don't know from Adam.  I do know Ruth Jacobs so I let her know it was a fake account.  She came back with posts from this account and said "this is your style".  I told Ruth "my style is not hard to fake - you just make them LONG".   I make them LONG so people will know it's me and not a "catfish".  Of course now I realize that makes it so much easier to fake.  But she keeps insisting that I "just don't remember" setting up this account.

Well for one thing if I did set it up and don't remember I would have used the LE spelling of Le Blanc not LA version as is on this page.  Another, I don't know any of these people on this page except Ruth and Anne Bissell who interestingly is on this page .  Then I keep finding Ruth trying to convince me that's my account because it dates back to 2013.  The year 2013 is when there was legislature we were trying to fight, including AB67 and fighting back to brothels from expanding into downtown Las Vegas.   No I didn't find the account before now because it never dawned on me someone might use that name and to google for that.  I literally accidentally fell on this profile to find it.   So if I had done this and didn't remember, it wouldn't have people I don't know on there, and certainly not Anne Bissell would be a "friend" on that account either.

It was also about 2013 when I started seeing a profile going around for Juliette Chandler - only it was using Anne Bissell's profile photo from like 10 years ago.  I thought maybe Anne might be impersonating her as she did me so I wrote her to give her a warning.  I didn't get a response so I let other people know this person was using Anne's photo.  Next thing I know Anne is issuing a statement that Juliette is a pen name and I get people jumping all over me.  Pen name or not - how am I supposed to know that when she's using the same exact photo as is on Anne's profile?  I tried again to get Anne to speak to me about all of this going on so we could figure out what's going on and she's refused to speak to me.

I have however heard back that wherever Anne is connected to someone - suddenly I'm painted out to be a "pimp". Nice try but the brothel I was arrested for in 1984 was the first safe house in the country for adult women.  An angry pimp called in a report I was running a brothel and I was arrested yes for that at first.  But then the victim clarified it by telling them about her real pimp and those charges against me were dropped.  So no I'm not a "pimp".   Nor am I on Facebook as Rene LaBlanc either.