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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Funny how you try and block out bad bad memories.  I've postponed writing my memoirs because frankly I want to forget what happened to me.  I want to tell myself "it's over".  Then I see something that tells me it's not over and I need to add in my experience with this.  George Clooney has produced "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and "Argo".  I know from those movies that George knows what I know and there's a reason why he's part of the people asking for a boycott on the Beverly Hilton.  Can he use stories like mine without being charged with defamation?  Probably not.  So I'll add in my two cents.

Here's a copy of the email I just sent the writer of this article:

My name is Jody Williams.  I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  The reason I started this movement up at a time when our culture wasn't believing it was even real was because I was seeing women being sold, loaded onto diplomat planes, and I was told there was "nothing that could be done about it" by the few who were involved.

When I would try and call the police they would hang up on me because I was considered a "criminal" as a prostitute in Los Angeles.  Once when I had tried to stop a plane that had about 10 women on it I knew at the airport and I was told because it was a "diplomat's plane" there was "nothing that could be done", I started suffering from anxiety attacks afraid it would happen to me.  This was being done in all places as the Beverly Hilton.  These traffickers showed me they controlled the Beverly Hills police, and business meetings over these deals were held in the Polo Lounge.

If you've seen "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" you'd know that Chuck Barris was working for the CIA.  The CIA during Iran Contra where the "Dating Game" was used to film attractive women, then send the film to men like the Sultan, so they could pick who they wanted.  Think about it - who checked on those women to see if they ever came back and who would suspect Chuck Barris?  Now you have an idea why I was having anxiety attacks!  Only when I would try and seek help from therapists - I was again told "things like this don't happen" and then they would try and lock me up for observation.  Wanting to change this - we spent 13 years bringing survivors of this type of trafficking onto talk shows, public access, etc. until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  Our CIA was involved in this trafficking, and using women to "seal deals" for oil, guns, cocaine, you name it.  Because yes these men were/are "sex obsessed" and up until the year 2000 it was not illegal to traffick American women.  

Something by the way I believe Bruce Lee was also trying to alert us to - but he died three weeks before the premiere of "Enter the Dragon".  In the 100's of times I've seen this film on TV, I"ve never seen the unedited version.  This clip is there talking about how there was a wealthy man who was trafficking in AMERICAN women for which there were no laws yet in this country to stop him.  Had he been alive when that aired I'm sure he would have spoken more about this.  

I opened the first "safe house" in the country in 1984 I was arrested over (you can read about this at because women were being stolen and sold to men like the Sultan and our law enforcement would do nothing and the CIA would cover it up.  Now can you imagine how I would have defended myself at a trial back then?  I would have either been locked up in a booby hatch for life, or I would have been murdered.  As it was, I had people trying to murder me for about three years until I went onto that first talk show stage.  

People are going to say "why should I care?" about this guy.  Well they should because in his mind women were cattle to be bought and sold like cattle and until we had a law against it - he felt it was legal.  I'm working on my memoirs now about this because I've been told by just about every media outlet, publisher, etc., there's a blacklist on publishing anything I say about this.  So we're going to self-publish.  Thanks - Jody  (818) 646 3296.