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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
(702) 488-1127 or (888) 666-1782

October 11, 2016

Bradley Myles c/o
Polaris Via Email & Fax

Re: Backpage Arrest

Dear Mr. Myles:

I'm sure an educated man such as yourself has probably heard of the poem popularized by John Godfrey Saxe entitled “The Blind Men & the Elephant”. This poem if you remember was based on a story that's been repeated in many cultures about the blind men called upon to describe an elephant. However, each one of them was feeling a different part of the animal – thus one was feeling the tail vs. the other feeling the tusk. While each was “correct” at the part they were describing - they were still “disagreeing” with each other about what it was simply because of having a different perspective.

I'm writing to you today because I believe we may be looking at the same “animal” from “different perspectives” called the “sex industry”. Neither one of us “right” or “wrong” but certainly it would provide a better description of the beast if we were communicating with each other. I'm writing you this long letter because I'd like to know I've at least attempted to open up a dialogue about this “elephant” even though my previous attempts to have us engage in a dialogue with each other have been rebuffed. I assure you while I'm being treated in this manner, it's not exactly encouraging our other members to try and speak to you openly either. Remember, our members are very real, just most of them choosing to remain “anonymous”.I am a “survivor” also of many different types of sex trafficking – so whatever you think of me a survivor I am. Meaning how others see you treat me – is how they perceive you to treat “survivors” when they're not being of direct use to you when you're trying to get a grant approved or an agenda pushed through.

So I've not spoken to you directly about my arrest in 1984 but you can read it with the clips I've posted at Contrary to what the story appears to be about - this warehouse I was arrested in connection with was not a “brothel” I was operating. As a matter of fact, at the time of my arrest I had completely “retired” out of the sex industry. After buying my way out of a generational family of people involved in prostitution who were related to Richard Pryor's family (who he's been open about his mother working in his grandmother's brothel so I'm not violating a confidence here) who had lured me into the sex industry, then “turned me out” and pimped me using fear as their tool for a few years - word soon spread on the “streets” I was now an “independent” prostitute. This is actually when the real problems started for me.

With this “family” no longer acting as “protection” for me, I was approached first by LAPD officers who were running an escort service known as “Talk of the Town” back then (they were later arrested but claimed it was an “undercover operation” no one knew about so nothing was done to them). They doubled as a casting and modeling agency so prostitutes could literally be written into the budgets of films and modeling projects and thus paid for using credit cards or company checks. Paramount Studios had this scandal break about just this sort of practice in the 1990's. Their escorts were supplied to the “Hollywood elite”. The clients, or “johns” were assured none of “their” escorts would have a disease, would steal from anyone, nor would anything which transpired leak to the press. They were assured these women were “under the control and management” of LAPD” and thus their discretion with the press, and wives, was guaranteed.

To further prove their point, any actor caught picking up an “independent” such as when Eddie Murphy picked up Devine Brown off the streets was soon blasted all over the media. News of this sort was used to make sure other “johns” knew if they didn't want to wind up a public laughing stock – they needed to stick with using “Talk of the Town” to supply their needs. To recruit women to work for them, basically anyone not working with them was arrested. Shortly after I initially refused to work for them I was arrested for prostitution myself to prove their point they could give me a record if they wanted to. So I saw firsthand back then how the corrupt police work in conjunction with the media to “advertise” their “black market” services in the way it's done when you're talking about an illegal service such as illegal prostitution. When one can't take out an ad in the yellow pages – well then one gets a little creative in spreading the word.

Looking back, you'll notice it was only when actors such as Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, or Danny Bonaduce picked up “street” prostitutes were these stories blasted all over the press. These was a noticeable absence of such stories coming out of the services ran by Alex Adams, better known as the Beverly Hills Madam, who was not only working with these LAPD, but also the FBI as an “informant” back then. This was all done to encourage men of power and prestige to frequent only “the right” services or “else”.

These officers of course insisted upon sex for free upon demand in exchange for their “protection” as well as access to these “well paying clients”. Which any way you slice it - it's a form of rape. There's no point in even saying “no” to this where it's the word of a “whore” over a Beverly Hills police officer. Especially when they can shoot you so easily as men like Paul Tanaka have done. I ask you if even in cases like the Rodney King case where there's been horrible abuse, even the murder of someone wrongfully, by the police – what's done to them? For that matter, what's been done in the Sandra Bland case? In situations like this, you view giving them sex free is better than winding up dead. It's just “understood”.

My relationship with them soon had me seeing politicians, celebrities, and making all kinds of business deals above and beyond that of just prostitution. This was an organized criminal operation. These cops were literally taking drugs off drug dealers, then giving them to us to carry on their drug deals. That way if anyone got stopped or arrested it would be one of “us” charged for it - not one of them. Remember, this was a time before Google, cell phones, internet, etc. existed. I certainly had no way of taping any of these threats back then. It also meant “madams” did more than just send out escorts back then. If you wanted to know where or how to get just about anything on the “streets”– the “madams” of that day was your source.

Through these cops I found myself, under threat of false arrest or even worse (keep in mind prostitutes were winding up dead in alleys all over LA then and this was attributed to the many serial killers operating then with no one investigating these cases at all. Even mothers of dead prostitutes in the streets were going completely unresponded to by LAPD when the body count started seriously mounting.), being asked to arrange all kinds of deals. I soon found myself being asked to arrange anything from connecting up a money counterfeiter to a guy who made unmarked guns in his garage as a madam. Our escorts were also used to pump some “johns” for “inside information” which was then relayed back to these same cops.

One of these requests included recruiting women to audition for the hit show back then “The Dating Game”. At first, we were told it would be “good exposure” for a working girl to “be on TV”. As an enticement, we were then assured “our girls” would be set up to win “lavish vacations”. However, we started noticing some of these locations weren't exactly in “tourist” spots. Then some of them weren't coming back. Mind you this was before Chuck Barris had confessed about being a CIA operative in his book “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. Through Chuck, we started being asked to do stranger and stranger things.

Until I was then introduced to another man identifying himself to be a CIA agent. This man asked for my “help” in all sorts of drug deals which I later learned had been called “Iran Contra”. You know what this was I'm sure – the CIA bringing cocaine into this country to raise “off the books” cash to buy guns for the Contra's. Back then however all this young woman in her 20's knew was that I was seeing crates of cocaine being unloaded off planes and boats, then processed by south central gang members (also being threatened with arrest if they didn't cooperate), with my “girls” being asked to transport the drug from these crack houses to Bel Air homes. Places where a “Blood” or a “Crypt” would stick out like a sore thumb but we blended in just fine. So us prostitutes and madams were the glue between the gangs and Bel Air.
Once I was in deep – I was then asked to supply them with women “who had no family”. When I asked why, I was shown an operation involved diplomat's planes taking these women out of the country never to be seen or heard from again. To prove this was not a joke – I watched as women I knew were loaded onto one of these planes like cattle and there was nothing I could do to stop that plane from taking off.

This is when I set my foot down and decided it was time for me to get the hell out of this whole thing. Especially before I was one of the women loaded onto that plane. Even more so when I learned there wasn't even a law about it on the books. If you've seen the first ten minutes of “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee dated 1973 – the whole opening is on just how American women were being trafficked and there wasn't one law on the books to do a damn thing to stop it. After having the head of the Hillside Strangler Task Force throw me and a woman they'd stabbed 51 times out of their office claiming they couldn't even “get a warrant based on the world of a whore” - this is when I realized there was no safety for us anywhere while we were clearly being hunted like game.

I moved, changed my number, got some phony ID, and did just that – got the hell out of all of this. Something I was able to do back prior to 1984 in a way which would be impossible to do today between technology and the Patriot Act I need to add. But other women wanted my help to get “out of there” also once they saw I'd gotten out alive. I had six months left on my lease at this warehouse in Van Nuys I had once used as an adult theater, so I converted it into what I later learned was the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims anywhere in the USA.

One night, the police literally did try and storm the place to retrieve two women I'd stashed there. This is when they learned our security was holding but for that reason then became the target that I did. These men weren't used to losing anyone. They were used to places like shelters either refusing to accept us, or if they did take us, it was some shelter who they could flash their badge, say they wanted to “ask us a few questions” and then this person was never heard from again.

NO ONE followed up when we disappeared back then – especially if we were over 18 years of age. Which back then the people I was involved with pretty much stuck to adults for that reason – you couldn't even file a missing persons report for 24 hours when one of us went missing. Then if we did go missing – we were written off as “just a whore”. I never saw a search team organized for one of us back then ever.

I later learned 1984 was when a lot of us “madams” balked at the requests given to us by the CIA. If you look back in your history books, you'll see I wasn't the only one arrested that year, nor was it about the Olympics either. Sure I was arrested that year, as was Cheri Woods and Alex Adams in California, but Sydney Biddle Barrows was also arrested in New York this same year. When I later questioned each of them about their arrest – I was told the same story by each. They each also had been asked to supply “women with no family” to be sold like cattle overseas and had refused. Even madams believe it or not have their limits you see. We “earned” our money yes illegally. But we had balked at the idea of being involved in the sale of another human being which might even have meant their death for all we knew.

Like each of them also that year, I was “framed” for my arrest. I had a young woman call me up for help who I didn't know had been sent to me by police offering to drop her probation if she set me up. She'd told me her pimp had broken her arm and nose, as well as blacked both of her eyes and she asked me if I would help her get away from him. I put her up in the warehouse I'd converted into a safe house to rest and heal. I also told her I had cut off all my phones, stopped running my ads, and was no longer “in the game”. The next thing I know I'm being arrested on “pimping” charges supposedly of her.

Of course there wasn't a shred of evidence against me because I wasn't “pimping” her or anyone. So to make things stick they even arrested my mother charging her with pimping me. To ensure the press printed “their” story of what was going down and not mine – I had my bail jacked up to over $50,000 with no 10 % taken. This prevented any reporter from talking to me as I had been sent to the main jail. While I was being held – the police confiscated all of my money and belongings as well as guaranteed I wouldn't be able to go out and get any “job” anywhere outside of the sex industry. The point was to “break” me financially, as well as cut me off from my support, so that I'd come back “to the streets” and do what they wanted me to do under their promise they'd drop the case. This experience also taught me things aren't always as they appear to be when stories are being manufactured by “sex traffickers”. So I've learned how to tell from my own experiences when someone is also being railroaded by others who have an agenda.

I'm telling you all of this for a reason. If you remember last year when the show “8 Minutes” was airing on A&E – you had released a statement you had not given Kevin Brown, not the producers of the show, permission to air your hotline in connection with it. If he was running a “legit” rescue, and was what he was pretending to be on that show, then he would have clearly obtained your consent to use, and be using, your hotline number as I even am. I have a listing on your site. But I'm actually running a program. So one has to ask then what was the purpose behind a show I read had cost over $1,000,000 just to produce the pilot alone in that series. For a “fake” rescue? I mean what's up here? Plus what does “8 Minutes” have to do with the recent arrest of Carl Ferrer, CEO of Backpage?

You have to realize your hotline by nature of what it does is going to get a different set of calls than our hotline receives. You limit your calls to that of being from the victims themselves who self-identify as “victims of sex trafficking”. That and “other's” who report to you of suspected “sex trafficking”. So from what I know about your hotline – you only, and solely, take calls from someone who calls you up themselves about themselves who says to you “I'm being trafficked and I want out?” In other words, that's your end of the elephant you're going to be seeing.

However, your advertising for those to call you who “suspect sex trafficking” or “tip” calls bear honestly more resemblance to that of an illegal prostitute, or even someone who is being “pimped” instead of someone who I would classify as a “sex trafficking” victim. Mind you when I started our hotline in 1987 after I got my case from this 1984 arrest cleaned out of the way, and established the men who had been involved in my situation were gone out of the way, we couldn't afford to make any distinction to turn anyone away because we were the only hotline out there for adults to call for help. So we've always encouraged anyone who for any reason wanted help to leave any part of the sex industry for any reason to call us. This has included the “independent” sex worker, those who were being “pimped” and those who were trying to escape a sex trafficking operation. Meaning we've been getting calls from all factions from 1987 on.

I also invite you to be aware of who you would refer people to in both Texas where the show was filmed, as well as California where Kevin Brown is from, in light of what you now know about with respect to Joohon David Lee, Celeste Guap, Chief Lee Baca, the OC and San Diego prosecutors' office scandal, and other things which came to light after the show aired in May of 2015, which were happening during, and before, it's filming. In other words, you are aware anyone calling in the LA area for example back then would have most likely have been referred back to either Joohon David Lee, or someone who knew him. Since he was with Homeland Security, ICE and the sex trafficking task forces in both California and Nevada – it's pretty much a given he would have been notified of such a call just as he was when I complained to LAX about his very operation. Even possibly now as the man who “bribed” him hasn't been arrested yet.

I say that you're going to get a different type of call then we do most of the time because in our experience most sex trafficking victims fall into two categories. Either that of being in denial about being a “victim” for one reason or another which may include being brainwashed into not realizing they're being forced or controlled against their will, or those who may be like I was back in my day. I say that because I had a very sharp prosecutor on my case. He knew I was being railroaded and he BEGGED me to “come clean” and tell him the “truth” about what in the hell was going on with me. So I mean those like me who are well aware they're being “trafficked”, but who are too afraid to speak up to the authorities because of fear.

In my case I refused to tell this prosecutor anything about what I knew back then because I had seen what these people could do. I'd seen their power to kill people even in jail and also knew they were connected to the highest levels of government. That once the domino's started falling if I “talked” - that some man in a suit and a briefcase would show up saying the words “national security” and my defense would be shut down on the spot. IF I even made it alive that far.

I also wasn't stupid. I knew that if I started talking about things like “Chuck Barris is working for the CIA” then all I'd be doing is qualifying myself to be carted off to the nut ward. Remember, I'd just witnessed Linda Lovelace trying emphatically to convince America she'd been forced to film “Deep Throat” by a gun pointed at her from off camera while no one stepped up to help her because this was a mob financed film, i.e., she was a victim of what we now call “sex trafficking” just a few years earlier in 1980. If no one believed her – then why would I think they'd believe me?

I'd seen that despite the bruises clearly visible on her in the film, I had witnessed our legal system powerless to do a thing. There wasn't even a law on the books to help her. Well meaning law enforcement tried charging everyone else on the film but her with “obscenity” as it was the closest thing they could find to try and hold these men responsible for their crimes. Because they were using Marilyn Chambers to call Linda a “liar” and write off her accusations as “petty jealously” - no one was held accountable for the crimes committed against Linda. I didn't even see Marilyn in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting admitting Chuck (their pimp) had been drugging her during the time she was countering Linda's accusations until 1984. By that time, the world had pretty much believed anyone who spoke about things like “organized crime” or “forced prostitution” let alone “white slavery” was “crazy” as they'd painted Linda out to be. I bring up Marilyn because I believe Maxine Doogan is the “Marilyn Chambers” of today. Everything about what I went through in the 1980's in fact I'm watching repeating itself today – just with different faces and names.

Knowing men and women coming from situations like Linda and I had been in, are coming out of fantastic situations that most of the world would put on the level as they would someone talking about “little green aliens” because of how “crazy” these things sound, as well that what is now term “sex trafficking” always involves corrupt law enforcement on some level, combined with how the media was portraying my case as well as Linda's (which was connected through Meyer Lansky back then) – we've always promoted our hotline in such a manner as to encourage calls from THAT type of victim. Someone who can't call 911 for help for one. As well as maybe they know their story might sound “crazy”. But mostly also knowing there's not a chance in hell they'll ever get a conviction against their traffickers for one reason or another. That reason could be there is not even a law on the books for what's being done to them yet which is still sadly the case as with the victims of Joohon David Lee as but one example. Look at the Cincinnati case or even what those DEA agents were doing to those Columbian women. Have they been held accountable?

Which is what set off the whole house of cards with that show “8 Minutes”. Up until Robin Few's death in 2012, I had a very good relationship with SWOP, Desiree Alliance, Red Umbrella Foundation, and basically any group who worked with either “harm reduction” for sex workers, or unions such as SWEAT. The reason is obvious – our program isn't one strictly to help sex trafficking victims as your hotline is. Our program is to help ANYONE who for ANY reason wants to leave ANY part of the sex industry. We've been, and still are in some locations, being used for diversion, alternative sentencing, early release, re-entry and jail programs designed to help people quit the sex industry. A true “sex trafficking” call for us accounts for maybe 10 % of the calls we receive overall. The rest fall into either the “independent” or “pimped” category.

But I ask you, who else better to help those leaving the industry who are trafficked, pimped, etc., than another ex-sex worker? Also, who else is on the “front lines” to identify where people are being trafficked than someone in the industry? Especially when it's illegal? Especially when witnesses to sex trafficking know to call the cops they're incriminating themselves. So when groups like PACE, HIPS, or SWOP would be doing their outreach prior to 2012, and they would come across someone saying they wanted help to leave the industry including those who were being pimped and/or trafficked – they would call us. They knew the sex industry is a very very small world and the only way to get these completely out, and keep them out, was to call upon us. They also know after deaths of people like Margo Compton, that our legal system, even the so called “rescue” programs, are still not set up to address helping those who are trying to leave organized crime which in almost every case again does involve some form of corruption. If you look at the “safe houses” now in the USA – I don't know of but one who accepts males or transgenders.

So we get different types of calls on our hotline than you would. Thus we are given a different perspective on things than you might be. Especially now since Robin's death, this group of “influencers” have arisen who we believe are working as “recruiters” as well as “influencers” now within the sex industry. Not at all different from when large corporations hire an “influencer” and “recruiter” to make sure their company grows larger while not forming a union. Anyone who knows me knows I haven't stopped the brothels expansion because I'm against prostitution – but because I'm against the way they treat their workers.

I say that because the legal brothels out of Nevada have tried three times now to expand their operations outside of those small counties. Each time they've tried before to do this, my efforts have been directly responsible for their failure. In fact, the Mob Museum wouldn't be open today had they won the last round to put a legal brothel where it now operates, as well as the new Arts District which is there now too. Since Robin's death, these “influencers” who include women like Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle have risen up. They're done this to not only make sure a “union” doesn't form among sex workers, but to further create a “counter” influence to scare sex workers off trusting us the way they were prior to Robin's death. I also want you to note their connection to not only the show “8 Minutes” but “50 Shades of Grey” and the “Girlfriend Experience” as well. The videogame industry is not the only one hiring “online influencers”.

The Nevada legal brothels have had more problems with me than just these three campaigns they lost. Big ones I should add. With the first one in 1988, Joe Conforte had put up a $1,000,000 into a PR firm to win a proposition to bring legal brothels into California. He had also paid about that much to a university to do a HIV/AIDS study which was completely “rigged” in his favor. It was to make it appear no one at his brothel ever contracted the virus to try and use the fear then as a marketing tool as well as to push to expand. So when he lost that year, he lost a lot of money and put a whole other ball into motion. That was of us coming to the rescue of the women working within these legal brothels.

After taping a Sally Jesse Raphael talk show in 1988, one of the women he'd brought onto the show came running up to me after taping was done. She reported she had been drugged, then forced at gunpoint onto a private plane where she had been “told” to rehearse scripted lines for the show talking about how “wonderful” working conditions were there. This woman then begged me to get her out of there – telling me if she even tried to leave the place on foot she'd be arrested. I never heard of such a thing, but went ahead and got her out of there in a staged stunt making it appear an ambulance took her out of the studio. Once we got her safely into a program up there which had Brenda Myers-Powell there who I was working with at the time too, Genesis House, word spread back to Nevada one could call me for help and get it.

It turns out she was telling the truth – it literally was against the law for her to walk out of there on foot. Walking being the operative word because none of these brothels were in cities where there was a cab service, nor was there any bus line which would take one from where the brothels were to any of the major cities where there was an airport to get out of the state entirely. Without their money which was held from them – they can't even hire a limo to come down to pick them up. Considering how the police, and the laws, in the state of Nevada favor the brothel owners, these women wanted out of the state entirely. Combine this with the relatively few cops in these cities, who then made most of their money from Joe, well these women couldn't turn to the police to get out of there either. Not when a call to them usually wound up with them being the ones arrested under these unconstitutional laws barring them from leaving on foot. A cop also isn't going to drive them to the nearest airport either – even if they did arrest someone.

After this first “rescue” in Nevada, I started getting more and more calls to help these women leave out of there. Being the only program who would do this, when a woman would go “awol” the brothel owners knew it was us helping these women. Since the only way I've known to stop the kind of abuse I'm having these women as young as 16 years old are telling me is going on up there “legally” (or in ways we can't get them arrested for anyway), we've had an “unofficial” war going on between us and the legal brothels. We'd set about to get as many of them shut down as possible for a while there. A campaign which was also very successful. We had gotten quite a few of them shut down for a while there. So many it even hit the news.

That was until Sheldon Adelson decided he wanted to not only oppose Obama, but also he wanted to expand legal prostitution through the USA, all while opposing unions of any kind. This is when he started bank rolling these efforts. For every brothel we started getting shut down about then, we found Dennis would then go and buy them out. We really got on their “shit list” when one woman came to us with enough witnesses, and evidence to test out these new “sex trafficking” laws. She was going to be the first person ever to prosecute a “sex trafficker” within a “legal brothel”. Only before we could get the case pulled together, it was sold to Dennis, all the witnesses threatened and scattered, as well as this woman's life threatened. To find her to make these threats - they spared no expense. Hiring another “catfish” pretending to be a photojournalist from Finland supposedly working on a magazine project. To make it all look “real” they even flew a woman over from Finland – fake portfolio of her work and all.

When we exposed this for the fraud it was and alerted those who she'd been lying to what her real mission was – that's when the threats against us escalated to being more serious. We'd had some hand by this point in time for exposing Samoly Mam as a “fraud”, as well as Stella Marr, Chong Kim, William Hilliar, and now also this “photojournalist”. So finding there have been “fake” victims, fake “rescuers” and even fake “photojournalists”, who knew there would soon come “fake” reality series and even fake “sex workers advocates” as again Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle are turning out to be. Yes we have attacked these “fakes” and done so with good reason – because they've been covering up what the REAL traffickers in this country are doing, how they're doing it, who is doing it, and also diverting resources to fight them.

We had exposed “Cat House” as being staged and called out produced by Dennis Hof. Our efforts resulted in the show being taken off the air briefly, and then “relabeled” along with the producer finally admitting actors had been paid to stage this so called “reality” show about the sex industry. This show had been produced as a marketing and recruiting tool bearing no resemblance to the reality others coming out of there were reporting to us. Now why did we raise such a stink about it using actors and scripts? Because again people were walking around talking about the “legal brothels” based upon thinking this show was “reality”. Therefore, it was important for us to reveal it had been in fact staged and scripted with paid actors so people knew it wasn't what “really” goes on within those places.

But the others to follow which were faked were all done by Relativity Media. This included “Gigolo's” about male prostitution and “G Sting Diva's” about strippers. Relativity Media I also need to add films “Jail”, “OC Jail”, “Intervention” and “Catfish” - giving them a lot of access within these operations. Before starting filming on “8 Minutes” Relativity Media received a lot of money from another film company who was owned by the Chinese government. This was before Liang Yaohui, and at least 50 other men who were part of the Chinese government, were arrested for trafficking and corruption who were also connected to the same film company who invested over $12 million dollars in Relativity Media.

One of the founders of Relativity Media also bought PBS shortly before producing “A Path Appears”. Another show many feel was “staged” because of the connection to Nicholas Kristof – the man who was partially behind Samoly Mam talking her into her fake campaign and that whole sham which defrauded people out of millions of dollars as well as created a very false impression of what “real” American sex trafficking victims are like once rescued. The stories she told like even her daughter was “beheaded” being a lie were completely outrageous as well as misleading. I'd be “bright and cheery” to people too if I was out shaking hands asking for millions of dollars. All con artists do. Most true survivors however I've found, not even myself, can physically keep up the campaign trail she embarked upon – a sign that gave her away. But realize while she was sucking up the press with her false stories about sex trafficking – real stories from real victims about real trafficking, especially in America, in need of American support, was being diverted. No differently than when I went to MTV for help about Snoop Dogg's “RV pimp revival tour” in 2003 he confessed to in Rolling Stone. I did that because they were in the middle of producing a documentary about our work along with a PSA series. But the minute I talked about working on this case – suddenly the producer I was talking to was fired. No one there left knew who I was. The project was clearly canceled about our work. Then all of the money and talk they'd at first been putting into dealing with American sex trafficking happening right then and there – completely transformed into a launch of MTV Exit in Swenden. Which is great for Swedon – but what about the fact of the victims right here who had whole states refusing to help them because no one wanted “to be another OJ case” on the news? THIS is the danger when using other countries as a way of “smoke screening” what's going on right here right now.

With respect to “8 Minutes”, we had started getting strange calls about Kevin Brown, Greg Reese, and the show long before it aired. In fact, they had called us up asking to send women to a motel so they could “rescue” them in California before moving the shoot to Texas. They had said they “couldn't get anyone to send a woman to a motel” in Los Angeles. We explained to them this was “because sex traffickers won't send a woman to your hotel room in that manner”. Then I asked them if they didn't know this then what kind of “rescue” were they running? I asked to see this operation for myself and never heard from them again as a matter of fact. This was clearly one of the reasons why they changed the shoot to Houston.

So we had caught the first episode when it aired very curious about what was going on in connection with it. I don't know if you watched the show, but it immediately made no sense to me based on what I'm seeing coming into our hotline with respect to not only Backpage, but also sex trafficking itself. Since we have a chapter in Houston also, and were “friends” at one point with the Houston SWOP chapter, it really didn't make sense what we saw on that first show. Not when it was saying it was a “trafficking rescue”.

I say that based on the whole premise. What I saw on that first episode was them calling up ads on Backpage, that women were just showing up at their room, women who were all Hispanic, where every two minutes the narrator, or the host, was repeating the term “victim” without even knowing this woman's story first. (I mention this because if you watch Derrin Brown's videos on Youtube about how you can convince an innocent man he's guilty – these are the same techniques I was seeing being employed in “8 Minutes” right on down the line. Brainwashing the audience pure and simple. Since I was certified by the FBI as an expert witness in how brainwashing is done – then I know what I'm talking about. Which had me wondering why they would be wanting to “brainwash” the audience “sex trafficking victims” were found on Backpage” to be perfectly honest. I found it even stranger they named Backpage. I mean who says “oh you can find drugs on this corner” on the news like it's an ad you're running if you're trying to stop it.)

Then they were offered a chance to “just leave” with them within an eight minute time frame. I'm sorry but rescuing a REAL victim of sex trafficking takes a lot more time to plan and execute than eight minutes. Especially since most of them require their whole family relocated to safety before you can extract the direct victim because the first place the traffickers are going to show up when they go missing is their relative's house. Something which wasn't even being addressed in the episode I saw. Now you might be able to get a “prostitute” to agree to run off to get help with a strange man in 8 Minutes – but NOT a “real” sex trafficking victim”. In that case, a whole series of events would go into operation when they didn't return back to the appointed place at the appointed time, or when their GPS device was cut off or moved.

So I scratched my head and then turned the channel because it didn't really effect me I thought. Until my phone started ringing right after the show with people wanting my help to start staging “hotel stings”. Okay now I'm mad. I'm now answering my phone that I pay for which I receive no salary and for which I can't just go out and hire someone to help me with it either - for which is now ringing off the hook with fools who saw this show and now are thinking you execute a “sex trafficking rescue” with something like this nonsense. I'm now spending hours out of my day talking fools down off this ridiculous “hotel sting” set up people are seeing on this show and wanting my help with even. Something I wasn't even prepared for beforehand.

This is when I started trying to reach the producers directly because now the show is directly affecting me. To my surprise, they weren't answering my calls. Which didn't make sense to me. If you're going to be helping alcoholics – wouldn't you take a call from Bill Wilson or Alcoholics Anonymous? This further alerted me there was something very very fishy here and they were not running the operation they were claiming.
Then came the woman who told me she had been filmed for this show. She's been called “Kamylla” online. This woman told me she had been paid to speak scripted lines, and she was engaged in a play where Backpage was the named source of where she came from. She even told me her husband was paid to pretend to be her pimp. Not they “breached their promise” to “rescue” her but to not show her face.

What was upsetting her was she had been told their faces would be blurred out when the show aired, but that the faces she was seeing on the shows airing weren't blurred. This was scaring her people would think what they acted out on camera was “real”. Since she said she had three kids, and was not a legal citizen because she was from Brazil, she was scared this “branding” would get her deported, possibly cost her custody of her children. Maybe even get her husband arrested.

She asked for my help in stopping the episode with their faces from airing. I agreed to help her with this, and typed up a letter notifying the producer's, and A&E, I was going to be filing a request for an emergency temporary injunction against the show from airing because of her concerns about her face showing and the danger this could pose for her children. I further had found two things quite disturbing about the show – the fact only Hispanic women had been portrayed as “victims” for one. The other was their portrayal of what a “sex trafficking” victim is including they can be just ordered up into a hotel room like a pizza off Backpage. What I'd found especially offensive was that I had contacted their show during the taping about situations going on in pockets such as California, Nevada, Arizona, etc., which can now be openly discussed such as what was going on with Joohon David Lee and Celeste Guap just to name two public cases connected to the trafficking ring I've been dealing with for some years now.

I was seeing no mention at all in this so called “reality” show of the fact a sex trafficking victim COULDN'T just up and leave with them in “8 Minutes” because of this type of corruption. If anything, this show was making that sort of thing seem to not even exist. Much as how magicians will distract you with their left hand so you don't see what they're doing with their right. So when I'm seeing something labeled as a “reality show” making it appear that when you start calling up ads on Backpage in the adult section, you're going to get nothing but Hispanic women reporting to the camera they're “only doing this because they have kids to feed” and agreeing that quickly, and that simply, to walk off with these people into a recovery program, well I found it to be absolutely outrageously misleading about both illegal prostitution, as well as someone who is being pimped and some who is being trafficked in this country.

Look, things labeled as “real” when aired which aren't can be very damaging. I point you to the ACORN video about Obama, as well as the Planned Parenthood video tape – both staged as “reality” when in fact they were “staged”. One making Obama's people appear to be supporting sex trafficking, while the other was making Planned Parenthood appear to be forcing abortions upon women just so they can sell body parts. Now, was exposing these tapes for the frauds they were “attacking people” or “defending” the innocent, while also wanting to try and ensure that those truly guilty of such things are then exposed.

Things like this are important to me because I have yet to see a trafficking operation for one use a Planned Parenthood. Why would they when they leave records and cost money or health insurance? Neither of which sex traffickers are going to want to use in a situation with a victim. The sex traffickers I've known PREFER their victims pregnant and to give birth because it not only brings in more money from the “fetish” johns who like pregnant women – but also gives them an 18 year “leash” on their victims so they can't run from them without giving up their address or they can call in a “kidnapping” report. Meaning in reality the only way many victims who have children by their traffickers is to run to a country like Canada who doesn't extradite over things like child custody or visitation orders. Issues by the way I've yet to see discussed with Congress yet when talking about how to break away victims from their traffickers such as child custody.

Now, in reality, the traffickers I'm aware of don't just send out a woman to a hotel room in the manner portrayed in this show. While a prostitute might just up and come out to some room in that manner, a person who is being trafficked or even pimped seriously will not. They're not sending out anyone to any room unless they've screened this person for their real name, where they work, where they're from, and have some idea who this person is and where they work or what company they own. They're going to want to see an airplane ticket, a drivers' license, a credit card, and some other type of information so that if their victim goes missing – they know where to go looking to get her back. Even then, most of the time you have to have someone the traffickers trust “vouch” for you before they'll send anyone out to your place – especially if you're calling from a hotel. In those cases, you probably wouldn't even get an appointment unless you also showed them an airplane ticket or car rental which matched your drivers license, and even then you'd have to get someone to “vouch” for you who they do business with regularly.

So I found the whole thing very misleading. Especially since the “johns” I've been speaking to for a while now have been reporting the traffickers have been using this information they get on them to do things like hack into their bank accounts, blackmail them, even steal real estate equity right out from under them. Many report they're being drugged even and robbed. Then when they threaten to “go to the cops” they find they're being threatened by the cops to “back off” the whole matter “or else” their wife and boss might find out. You witnessed exactly this scenario when Lamar Odom overdosed in Nevada. He “ate” that $75,000 cash which was in his pocket and got the hell out of Nevada before the cops changed their minds about charging him for the drug possession for which there's no proof he put any of those in his system himself.

Something if you were showing REAL sex trafficking – then you'd be showing them putting the clients through these hoops traffickers do. Not showing them the procedure for what appears to be that of an “independent prostitute” who is simply on Backpage because they have free ads trying to get up money to buy food for her kids because she's out of work and so desperate this was all she could think of to do. But yet that's what I'm feeling I'm seeing portrayed and if you're going to be scripting and staging this – then why would you script and stage what is “independent sex work” and label it “sex trafficking”? Why mislead the public about the type of ads found on Backpage?

But I still didn't get involved in this whole show until again “Kamylla” asked for my help in stopping the episode with her, and her husband, from airing which was supposed to be that next week. She further said she was being evicted in two days and needed help with this because she was too broke to pay her rent. I agreed to help her on both accounts. The next morning I served upon A&E and Relativity Media the notice I was going to file for a “temporary emergency injunction” to stop the show from airing based on the safety of her children being endangered if the show aired showing their parents faces labeled as “prostitute” and “pimp” unblurred. Literally within four hours of my serving everyone with this notice, the website connected to the show was taken down completely. Within eight hours, news was going out the show had been “canceled”. I also need to add this woman who told me the day before she “couldn't afford an attorney” suddenly had THREE attorney's calling me every hour on the hour the next day trying to stop me from doing anything about her situation telling me “they were going to help her” yet not a one of them was HER attorney hired by her for her needs. These were attorney's acting on behalf of the producers & the show.

I further informed them I would be suing for what's called a “defamacast”. Not only was this show making it appear Hispanic women resorted to prostitution the minute they were having economic problems, nor could they take care of their children legally, but it was also slamming Backpage as the vehicle sex traffickers were using. I'm sorry but that's not where I'm seeing the hard core sex trafficking in this country being advertised. ANY hard core sex trafficker is WELL AWARE the police, the press, the groups such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and THORN, are monitoring the ads on this site, as well as records of their phone and bank records are being turned over to the cops upon receipt of a warrant.

Any organized hard core real sex trafficker is therefore NOT going to use Backpage for exactly those reasons. I'm not alone in this knowledge either. Not when men like Chris Hanson are walking away from NBC and seeking crowdfunding so they can film a TRUE “reality” series showing where hard core sex traffickers are advertising, and how they operate, as he did when he left NBC. NBC who is another one who is filming these completely faked staged so called “reality” shows about sex trafficking also supposedly coming out of Backpage too I need to add where I've already filed complaints about them with the FCC. 'm still considering legal action against NBC for the way they've even faked shows about our group!
Let me tell you what I'm seeing from my end of the “elephant”. So we can speak a common language, I want to refer you back to the days of Prohibition. These were the days when organized crime, connected to such men as Al Capone, were so well “connected” as to be deemed “untouchable”. Not only had they connections with the police, the press, even the church, and politicians - but further they had the fact most people didn't even believe there even WAS a “cosa nostra”, or organized crime ring operating within the USA going for them. So when these guys wanted to shut down an “independent” bootlegger – it was easy. They turned him over to the cops, and everyone got to take a bunch of press for “shutting down a bootlegger”. The politicians got some good press, the local cops picked up some money, the court's got their fines – and organized crime got their point across not to make illegal booze unless you were a part of THEIR operation. If you wanted to make gin in your bathtub – then you'd be the one busted – not them.

Now when a bathtub gin bootlegger was arrested did this mean they weren't “arresting a bootlegger”? Sure they were. But that arrest was actually SERVING the “organized crime” ring in this country we now refer to as “the mob”. I say that because “the mob” wasn't even officially recognized until the 1960's when Joe Valachi stepped up with his confession about being a part of this “mob”. We didn't even have the “racketeering” laws back then which were written to address the fact there was a “difference” between a guy making moonshine in the Appalachian mountains to feed his kids vs. someone like Al Capone whose money went to fuel a very large, organized criminal operation. These guys were so “untouchable” a special team had to be organized popularized in the series “The Untouchable's”.
From our perspective on this end of the elephant – that's what I'm seeing is playing out here. A repeat of history itself. Especially considering this country didn't even recognize domestic sex trafficking as “real” until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed. So no I don't think we're at a point yet where as a country we understand the difference between an “independent sex worker” vs. a “trafficking victim” in terms like we now understand with respect to alcohol and Prohibition.

I'm sure you're aware the Mann Act of 1910 was what we had on the books before. That despite this talking about sending Chinese women who were being brought over here to be forced into prostitution back to China as “victims”, not “criminals”, using taxpayer money – only two people were ever arrested under the Mann Act before the year 2000. This was two black men who married white women – Chuck Berry and Joe Johnson. The reason for this is because most politicians, heck most people in this country, weren't being taught what sex trafficking even looked like over the years in between 1910 and 2000. In fact, I remember the 1968 popular film “Thoroughly Modern Millie” starring Julie Andrews actually making a musical comedy out of the very “idea” of Chinese sex trafficking of American women into opium dens. This laughter wouldn't have been so loud had it not been most people truly believed that sort of thing “didn't exist any longer” having left us with the days of the Barbary Coast and sailors being hijacked onto ships.

If you think about it, the most popular people we've had talking in major media since the year 2000 gave this issue federal recognition have all been complete and utter FRAUDS. Go down the list – Samoly Mam, Chong Kim, Stella Marr, William Hillar, etc. Out of those who are not frauds telling stories – how many are AMERICAN'S talking about AMERICAN sex trafficking?

Then out of those who are AMERICAN, how many are speaking about ORGANIZED SEX TRAFFICKING within the modern USA framework? Now you yourself only recently brought in Jessa Willow-Crisp to speak to the Colorado legislature about how the police were involved in trafficking her from Canada into this country. I found her story to ring true with the other stories I'm hearing again not about illegal prostitution, not about someone who is being pimped, but as to someone who is being TRAFFICKED.
Yet I did NOT hear even Jessa speaking about her traffickers using Backpage as their method of operating.

For another, I failed to hear her, or anyone connected to her, addressing the fact the current system we have in this country is STILL not set up to address just this very fact. Joohon David Lee, after me spending years trying to get anyone I could to listen to me to do something about not just that man, but the whole trafficking operation he was only but a part of like a spoke on a wheel, was only charged with bribery after I finally got someone at the Office of Professional Responsibility to open up an investigation into him.

The reason? Because we don't have laws on the books to arrest him for what he actually did to – which included not only placing a completely fake case on an innocent family in Las Vegas, but further he was physically going to pick up victims in China, and then Korea (once I tipped off LAX and the Dept. of Transportation about his activity in China), and not only flying them over here on taxpayer money, but he was also physically walking the victims past LAX security. Now I ask you – where is a person who has just been flown to the states, and walked past LAX security using a Homeland Security badge and ICE credentials, who you know is also on the trafficking task force, to call for help in this country?

Your hotline? Knowing you're going to do what now exactly? In the mind of this victim all you're going to do is refer them right back to him so frankly they aren't going to call you. I'm willing to bet you even a cash bet not one victim of Joohon's did call your hotline in fact to prove my point. I know they called mine. They called mine because we promote you can call us for any reason and that we're not connected to such offices in any way – that all calls to us are completely “confidential”.

I'd also like to point out that training prepared by your office for LAX security did not anywhere in the training materials I was able to get ahold and review mention ANYTHING, not one word, about what airport personnel is supposed to do when they suspect someone in his offices is doing what he did – walking victims right past them into this country. To further prove my point, Celeste Guap has stated she was warned when trafficking “raids” were going to be executed in order that she stay away from them. Now, if they were doing this to keep her away from raids, then why would she advertise on Backpage knowing it's being watched by as many as it is for sex trafficking? I've seen how she advertised her services – and it was NOT on Backpage. If anything, it was advertised on Facebook and Google. Two sites I've seen with respect to sex trafficking, as well as other sites like Youtube, Grinder, Snapchat, etc., But yet I've not seen one word about them in all this Backpage witch hunting. Nope, if you look at all of the arrests in the last couple of years such as Backpage, The Erotic Review, Redpage, Rentboy – what they share in common is that INDEPENDENT sex workers use them NOT sex traffickers. I can can point to the site which was the focus of the Seattle arrests this year – this website, nor their victims, were advertised on Backpage.

But I will tell you this – it's also spreading fast now “on the streets” (thanks to these “influencers” who have been recruited by the real sex industry in this country, who by the way now include Google thanks to Oculus,and Facebook, thanks to their app who directs “johns” to their closest massage parlor, strip clubs, or even escort services, who some might even say view Backpage as a “competitor” to advertising sexual services for hire), when someone does call our hotline for help we going to now be ignored completely if we try and reach out to a group like yours for help – because you have ignored us when we have tried to talk to you about such situations to date.

Why? I don't know other than I get told to “have the victim call themselves” and then I'm cut off. Well again if that was the case then they'd be calling you then instead of me wouldn't they? Thus leaving both our calls essentially unanswered when I've tried to come talk to your group about their situations. By your group refusing to hear from this back end of the elephant that the tail I'm looking at looks a lot different than the ears you've got a hold of – then I don't think you've got as clear of a picture of what this American elephant really looks like anymore than I have a clear idea what things look like outside the reach of what our program can offer by and of itself.

So I'm just reaching out to you right now to let you know what I believe we're witnessing here with the arrest of Carl Ferrer is not what it appears to be on the surface. I know your intent, as well as the intent of those others connected to this whole thing, is to not just to shut down real sex traffickers, but to also help the victims escape this type of operation, as well as to try and just shut down the whole process itself.

However, I can't be more clear that this subject needs to be viewed much again like that of alcohol. Not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic. Nor is everyone who makes alcohol a “bootlegger”. Keep in mind that to reach an alcoholic, even they are in denial about just that fact sometimes for years into even going to AA meetings they “have a problem”. Very few alcoholics will readily even admit to themselves, or other people, they are in fact one without sometimes hitting a very hard “bottom”. The same sadly applies to “sex trafficking victims” in many cases. Very few who are “victims” will often readily admit they are. Not only have I seen many take sometimes years into recovery to come to grips with that fact, but I myself even didn't even begin to grasp how much of what I went through was forced upon me until I also had years clean and in recovery to be distanced enough from it to truly see things for what they were.

Also, to the guy working at the local “drunk tank” rounding up drunks on a Friday night, it may appear to them everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. The same for someone who was working at a “wet farm” where many went to die from “wet brain”. You may not realize this, but until Alcoholics Anonymous was formed, the diagnosed alcoholic was often treated as if they were mentally ill – some even had lobotomies forced upon them by those who thought they “must be insane” because of the way they wouldn't “stop drinking”. Meaning a proper “diagnosis” of a situation is important to find the proper solution.

The last count I saw of your hotline was you'd answered about 100,000 calls. I want you to know we did a calculation based off phone bills and we counted our hotline has answered over 500,000 calls as of 2013. I think you should also know I've been the one person answering about 98 % of all of those calls myself over the years since 1987 when we launched the hotline and 12 step program.

So I've developed a pretty good view not only of the sex industry worldwide, and others around the world since our hotline is international, but also over time these 30 or so years. I should add with a community of people who aren't calling your hotline nor really having anything to do with your organization. I don't know of ANYONE who has been around this field longer, or with more people, nor a wider variety of those involved in this subject, than myself with respect to adults. The only other person I believe with more time than me has more experience with juveniles than myself – Lois Lee from Children of the Night. Meaning I think my opinion on things involving this issue are valuable. You might know a lot of “survivors” but I doubt you know anyone other than myself who has a broader range of experiences in this field than myself being I've seen it from the very beginning over a span of three decades now from all different types of views.

The show “8 Minutes” wasn't the only time I saw someone creating “fake” media to make it appear “sex trafficking” was happening mostly on Craigslist or Backpage. What I found even more interesting was how MUCH media went into covering that fact up. Why CNN did a whole hour called “The Truth about 8 Minutes” which was just as faked as the show about why it was supposedly canceled. Showing a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to try and cover up the show was “faked”. Now why do that? I mean your group I'm sure has even wondered why they would use your hotline against your permission – so haven't you wondered about this yourself what was going on with respect to that show?

8 Minutes” was not the first time I've seen false ads being placed on Backpage to make it also appear sex trafficking is happening on the site. I find it even more interesting my IP address is blocked from placing any ad for SWA on Backpage or Craigslist. I've tested both and the ads are not “flagged” but actually programmed to not run ads from our IP address. So I'm not doubting the truth of your statement when you say you've “had 2000 calls reporting sex trafficking activity on Backpage”. I am however questioning whether or not those calls might have been faked also. I mean if someone went to all the trouble and expense to fake a whole series to make it appear this way, to put an hour show on CNN about it further covering up this was faked, and then send in paid “influencers” to try and shut me from talking about it – then it's not beyond reasonable to think they might have used these “influencers” to stage fake calls to you.

I want to again point out Joohon David Lee had put a whole innocent family under arrest to deflect from what he was really doing. So I'll put it this way – what proof have you looked at which would show you the accusations against Backpage are being staged in the same manner as what Joohon did to that family? Because again this is not being done just to deflect attention – but to further try and pressure the “independents” into going to work for them by making it impossible to operate otherwise. Just identical to how I had it done to me back in the day to try and force me to work under them then (not the same people obviously but the same system), and to also shut down avenues of escape as was also done to me back in 1984 when they came after me to shut down the safe house. Which is why I brought up to you about my own past experience personally – because I've seen this exact thing before in my own life, as well as I've been watching it unfold over three decades. I also see the direct connections between the patterns I'm seeing now and what was going on “back in the day” with respect to alcohol, Prohibition, bootleggers, and the difference between the alcohol industry vs. the criminals using bootlegging to build an empire.

For that matter, I'm even watching what appears to be a repeat of when Pablo Escobar was in the Mexican Congress, and the Columbian Cartel had reached such a point of power in the 1990's a “faceless justice committee” had to be put together because one couldn't even report drug trafficking back then without being automatically whacked no different than when Pablo's opponents were dealt with much the same. I don't know if you know this – but many are saying Celeste Guap's mother was involved in her trafficking. That she was a 911 operator who was placed in that job to further execute the operations of the sex trafficking ring which has publicly identified at least 30 officers to date involved. Again I ask you – HOW can a victim of such a operation knowing this system is in place call anyone in authority for help? All the more reason again why we get calls you don't over there at Polaris.

The sex industry IS an industry – no different than any other such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, farming, mining, or any other “industry” where labor is short and exceeds demand. When you combine it with a “black market' by making something illegal as prostitution is, some pornography is, and slap “shame” on it as much of the sex industry is also tied to – and we are witnessing something no different than the days of Al Capone or even Iran Contra when cocaine was flooded into this country by our own government's hand. A government which uses sex to make it's deals just as much as it does cash. If that wasn't true, the House Ethics Committee would not have ruled prostitutes don't have to be accounted for when noting “politician donations”.

So I don't know if you realize you're supporting what essentially is Al Capone trying to stamp out someone who isn't part of “their” operation, trying to force “independents” to “come on board” - but from where I'm sitting at the back end of this elephant – that's what I'm seeing is going on. Now if you have a different perspective, I'd love to hear about it.

In fact, I'd love to be able to have your people hear from our whole side of the fence which when I checked my database last month numbered at 190,000 active members worldwide. But again I can't get you talking to “them” if you aren't willing to talk to “me”. People who are trying to maintain their “anonymity” because some people tend to look down on us as “beneath” being treated with respect as any other human being are kind of funny that way. You know what that's like don't you? When you walk into a room back at high school and you've got the “soshie” kids acting like you don't even warrant recognition you entered the room? That kind of treatment doesn't really encourage them to really want to step out outside of our group to talk about their experiences.

I'm not going to apologize for the length of this letter. Had we been afforded an open line of communication previous to this, I wouldn't feel the need to try and sum up 30 years in a letter to you today. But I've been getting quite a few phone calls lately from members saying “don't they realize that . . . “ to where I realized “No I don't know if they realize that . . . . “. so this is why I'm attempting to try and convey our view on this elephant to you and hope maybe we can open up a dialogue. Because if I were you, I wouldn't want to think I was knowingly, or unknowingly, supporting organized sex traffickers in any manner.

Would you?

Jody Williams

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Yesterday we saw a post on the Polaris page about a meeting being held about the issue of "fighting trafficking".  One of our members said to me who was over visiting "nice of them to include us".  Now how do we deal with resentments?  We address them by not holding onto them and nursing them but by direct confrontation.  So I told her " well say something then if you're unhappy".  Which she did.  I then got an email back from Elaine about why she deleted it and how uncool she thought the comment was basically.  Our response was below:

Elaine - you think this is about me.  It's not.  

I run a program that's been around not only longer than yours, but made Polaris possible.  I assure you back in the 1980's when we started our work no one believed trafficking was real any longer in the USA, nor did they care to.  We spent 13 years of our lives, sacrificed jobs, homes, stability, relationships, in order to lay the groundwork that became the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Of which the author himself, Michael Horowitz, has told the media he feels the movement has been hijacked.  Out from under us Elaine.

Our hotline takes more calls than yours.  We're older than yours and we've been in more countries longer than yours also.  No we don't put up billboards - because that's not where the people who need us will see our number.  From what I've read you aren't getting many calls from real victims off those billboards either.  We get our number out in more covert manners because that's how to reach our target members.  But that doesn't mean we don't exist - it just means we operate differently than you are.

Which is because we don't just take calls from trafficking victims.  We take calls from anyone who wants to leave sex work for any reason - of which trafficking is one.  I was organizing rescue missions back in 1984 which got me and my mother arrested and splashed all over the press as "madams".  I had the government confiscate everything I owned and I spent $250,000 on a legal defense.  All because the pimp of a woman I'd helped retaliated by calling the police and claiming our safe house was a brothel.

But when that happened - word spread and more victims reached out to us for help.  Back in the 1980's before you even had a shingle on the door.  We have chapters all over the USA, in Canada, and in five other countries now.  We have three chapters in Australia and six meetings a week in Russia going that grew up over just six months.  We've already had to send them over a Russian translation of our book.  My database of current members shows 190,000.  Our subscribers to our blog reads at 60,000, I've had 100,000 hits to our google hangout, and I've had over 20,000 listens on our radio program.  Brenda Myers-Powell just had a documentary come out on Showtime - who attributes her early recovery to our program.  As does Kathleen Mitchell who has just been involved in an art show in New York about sex trafficking.  She ran meetings of our program for over 20 years in Arizona.  With women coming to those meetings who now call me about their daughters.

This is NOT about me.  For our members to maintain their anonymity, they speak through me using my name like alcoholics do Bill Wilson.  They do this when they say "hey I'm a friend of Bill W's".  It doesn't mean they know Bill personally.  Many of our members have to hide who they are because not only of the stigma, not only because they may have a pimp looking for them, but also because starting in 2013 we started having our members identified, targeted, stalked, and outright threatened.  

So much so I had to taken down all online groups, chat rooms, members areas, and defriend everyone off our social media that's a member because people were going in and talking them based off our social media.  Making it "private" didn't help because we then had Beth Jacobs go into a private members only area, copy photos of members with their children who were hiding out from their pimps, and post these photos along with their location on  the open internet.  Thus it gave us no choice but to shut down any avenue something like this could be done.  But just because we don't trot our members out on social media now doesn't mean they aren't there.  

Many of our members have been slapped and told to "shut up" because "no one cares what you think".  Some of them were told "your name is chair now" to dehumanize them.  I have spent decades of my life telling our members their voice matters, they count, and that what they've gone through is important and valuable.  But these members also have children, families, jobs, etc.  So to protect those new lives, they ask me to make contacts for them to speak through.  We work on joint projects where we sign simply as "Sex Workers Anonymous".  In other words, they use me to make arrangements to be places where they can then show up.

To get them empowered, and to get them speaking out, and to show them they have a voice and they matter, I listen to them.  I then have to encourage them to tell others how they feel.  Only for them this is a scary process sometimes as they have been horribly attacked often when doing so.  Some have seen people murdered for speaking up about how they feel.  So sometimes to encourage them and get them used to speaking at all - I assure them they can through our social media using my name.  So I have an account where 20 different members may be speaking separately or together in order for me to get them used to expressing themselves.   It has my name on it - but it's their voices on it combined.  It's why many of the posts are so long - 10 people are all contributing to the string.

Now while I'm doing this - Polaris has consistently ignored us since the day they opened their doors.  My phone calls and emails SINCE DAY ONE have been ignored.  I watched as when you first launched your resource directory you listed Hookers for Jesus, BUT NOT US.  Now I don't know if you saw going on in Las Vegas what we saw but if you did then you'd know what a slap in the face that was to us.  

Because at that time Annie was running around in stripper costumes on the strip saying "Jesus love hookers" and talking people into money for "Destiny House".  She was doing this by convincing hookers on the strip that if they came to her church and spoke she'd pay their bills.  So they did.  The church got donations and these women got five day notices.  When they got five day notices - Annie stopped answering their calls.  We then had to file the stays for these women, and then scramble around getting them work cards so we could get them legit jobs.  At our expense, while Annie was sitting back collecting press and praise.  We were too busy getting these women on their feet. 

But when we tried to speak to you about what was going on with her in Las Vegas - we couldn't get anyone on the phone.  Your hotline continued to give her work "credibility" by the listing on your site and refer people to her who were being exploited and abused - who weren't in turn being told to contact us for help.  Do you have ANY idea how many YEARS it took us just to get one listing in your resource directory?  

Which we pursued doing because people otherwise in states like Nevada were being told there was "no" resources when Pastor Perez filed bankruptcy finally and Annie ran off to Africa for a while to let the heat cool down.  No we can't compete with your media exposure so you are going to get calls we don't.  Then if the caller doesn't see our resource in some states - they will falsely think there's nothing.  Very few think to go beyond being told by you there is "nothing else" to go onto Google to find us which is how people got through to us before you finally did list us in the directory.  They told us they got told by you "nothing else exists" and then went onto Google to find us.  But again since not everyone was that resourceful - we pursued you until we finally got that listing for their sake.  Because in Nevada there is no other resource who will go and pick up those women out of those brothels other than us since 1996 when we first moved there for that purpose.  With no bus line and no cabs - WE are their ONLY way out of there.  

Polaris has not invited us to one event they've held or organized  - ever.  You have sent people into towns where we have chapters, and where I live, and not one of you have picked up the phone and asked if we could go to coffee.  We have been at the same meetings as your representatives - who won't look us in the eye, won't speak to us, and won't acknowledge our presence.  We have ASKED your people to coffee with us in those towns - and the minute they hear this person is a SWA member - they are blown off.  We have never been invited to a TV show you've been on, a panel you're appeared on, not one single thing have you ever included us or even acknowledged us.  

I want you to know something.  At the February 2013 hearings on AB67 there was a back room meeting going on to discuss expanding the legal brothels into Las Vegas that was being held "off calendar".   We had tried to reach someone at Polaris to go with us into that hearing because of discussing AB67, and the sign laws, and also because of that hearing with George Flynt.  I was supposed to go to that meeting but I had someone call in a report my car rental was stolen.  I had just had six police officers pull me over and almost arrest me.  They discovered it was a computer glitch but then had to take the car in as evidence.  So I had no car.  Meaning Aubrey had to go into that hearing by herself with two months clean, and two months away from a pimp who had trafficked her since she was 12 years old.  

Aubrey appeared at the AB67 hearing and spoke.  She also read a letter to the legislature that had been written by over 50 women who had been trafficked specifically in Nevada.  Women who were part of the press conference and the report we'd held in 2007 with Melissa Farley on sex trafficking within the legal sex industry of which you also did not involve yourself in that press conference.  But we sat up for two weeks compiling a letter from all of us on what WE wanted to see done in Nevada for US she read for us.  The person she said was there from Polaris wouldn't even look her in the eye she told us - while she then walked into that hearing and testified on behalf of all of us alone.   This is what she'd endured before going into that hearing by herself.

We won by the way.  Do you see her name?

Aubrey is a brave woman.  After she testified at this hearing and won, she came home to find her power, TV, cable, internet, etc., turned off for 3 days just as mine had been after I gave that press conference.  She persevered anyway and set up a SWA meeting in northern Nevada to replace the one Sharnel had to drop when she got framed on a false charge and was sent to prison for five years.  

She came home from the first meeting to find everything in her apartment stolen, and then the phone rang.  She was receiving a death threat to her and her children because of not only her testimony, but also because she was preparing a ground breaking case to file against her pimp for forcing her to work at a legal brothel against her will.  It would have been the first ever case against a trafficker in a legal brothel.  

So Aubrey has had to move and go underground.  To protect her and her two children she's not going to pick up a phone and call someone and say "hey it's Aubrey" because it could be traced back to where she is and get her killed.  But clearly she's passionate about this issue and she'd like to be involved in helping others.

Only everywhere we turn - we're not invited.  When we ask to be invited - we're declined.  When we show up anyway - we're threatened by security to leave the building.  Not just me mind you Elaine BUT US.  Anyone who says they're a member of SWA is shunned, threatened, attacked, ignored, or otherwise shut out.   So when I hear you're doing something in Florida and our Florida members would like to be involved - I reach out to your office to see about arranging that.  Only to get no response at all.  

Now mind you most of our members are working.  Meaning they don't get home until after 5 pm or later.  So no they aren't going to call your office either.  They're going to ask me to arrange for them to come not only because of time - but also to protect their anonymity.  Some of them don't want a call from Polaris coming into their house they have to explain to their husbands.  But that doesn't mean they don't want to be involved.

We've sent your newsletter/blog items which are never published.  We've sent your office urgent alerts that are never responded to.  We have tried to open up dialogues with people who say they work with you that are never responded to.  We've come to you with cases we've working on - only to get no response back.  

Now remember we have no paid staff.  I don't have someone I have paid who can sit on the phone during the hours of 9 to 5 and call into your office demanding to speak to someone.  With no paid staff, and everyone around here a volunteer, I can leave messages, send emails and shoot off faxes.  Then I wait for a response.  Which doesn't come.  As for you to us - you know how to reach us and we've received nothing.

So when you're putting together things like a council of survivors to advise on the issues - we don't receive an invitation to see if any of our members would like to be included.  When you're doing reports on the issues - we don't see any inquiries from us to input on anything you're researching.  We have seen you mention other groups who are less than a year old - but I have YET to see one mention of our work or our name anywhere.  I have scanned your site, your social media, your blogs, things you hand out at meetings - and I don't see our name anywhere.  

Does it affect what you're doing?  Absolutely.  When we see your council of survivors talking about "needing more jobs" - we not only don't see that as our biggest problem - but we have jobs.  We have lists we can't publish of companies who hire survivors who aren't going to be public about it because it just doesn't look good for their image.  I mean do you think Disney for example is going to run around shouting they will take in people leaving prostitution and give them housing, jobs, and help them get a degree?  I don't think so.  But I can't exactly relay to your people the resources we have either if NO ONE IS TALKING TO US.

When trainings are put together for the field - we're not included.  When training materials are put together for the field - we're not included.  When booklets and other written materials or resource guides are put together - we're not included.  As a result, we also hear the complaints.  I don't think you do but we do.  Because we're the ones people who want to complain about you come to when they're asking us for something you don't have.  Since we don't have a paid staff it would be a lot easier for us to just be included in the materials in the first place - but no.  All of our offers to be involved are unresponded to.

To top it off, anywhere we turn we're told by people who receive money from Katherine Chon, Bradley's wife, that if they even so much as SPEAK to us - they're worried they will lose their funding or be fired.  What's worse is everyone who has - has been in fact fired.  To name but one, we had a social worker in Las Vegas who was the head of her department for 12 years organize a workshop for us to train the workers in how to speak to these young girls, many of who are third generation victims, pregnant with their mom's pimp's, baby, and the minute she put out the flyer for the workshop - she was fired.  Believe me the message was sent NOT to call Sex Workers Anonymous.

Now you know who suffers from that?  The girls.  Because again your hotline is set up for TRAFFICKING victims while ours is set up to help someone exit the sex industry.  So we are going to get calls you don't like from women who don't have pimps - but want to quit just the same.  Who now are being told by Las Vegas social workers and probation officers the only thing they have is an ankle bracelet to monitor them.  They're not being told we can offer them sponsors, meetings, a Recovery Guide, or someone to drive them to NA meetings either to keep them out of trouble after school.  

And when your resource guides don't include our name - people take that to mean we're "not approved" and then they don't call us either.

We have seen interview after interview from Polaris on cases we're actively involved in where we're not included in this article by Polaris in any way.  I mean let's face it - YOU'RE IGNORING US.  


Our group is comprised of the survivors who want to remain "anonymous" yes - but not voiceless.  They do not want to trot around the USA spouting off from stages and podiums who they are for various reasons.  But that again doesn't mean they don't want to be heard.  Now again if this was just you - your loss.  However, it has reached the point where we're now being blocked at every single point of contact by people who are telling us they are dependent upon Polaris for funding and for position who can't speak to us in fear of losing their funding or position who are either being told to do this explicitly, or simply by following the lead established by Polaris who ignores us.

Please don't lecture me on what's "helpful".  We have been trying since 2002 to open up a dialogue with your office.  So this isn't because one of our members popped off about how they felt on your page in frustration about yet again not being included in a meeting that is about us and affects us but for some reason doesn't want us around for that discussion.  Again, not me - US.  Do you have any idea how many members I have in Los Angeles alone who would love to show up at some of these meetings?  

Now before you tell me how these people, or myself, should act, let me ask you something - do you KNOW one single thing about what it takes to get through the day for these women?  To get through the day without using drugs, without drinking, without being able to talk to anyone you knew or even family because they're connected to your being in the sex industry and now you're in recovery you can't speak to any of those people now?

And then to see yet one more meeting being organized ABOUT US that doesn't include US.   Then when we let you know we're not happy about being ignored to get some lecture from you like we're children about "appropriate" behavior?  You know what Elaine - any day my members can get through without drinking, using, acting out, or shooting themselves in the head is a day when I don't criticize how they express their feelings when someone is ignoring them.  Especially when we're tried to tell you about problems long before they hit the news.

The case of Joohoon David Lee in Las Vegas?  We tried getting ahold of someone in your office about that case back in 2013.  He might have been caught sooner had you responded. 

We are STILL trying to open up a dialogue with you about a woman who was drug out of her home by two Pasadena police officers, and slapped with two fake prostitution charges.  I am still trying to open up a dialogue with you about cases where I've got victims reaching out to us for help only to then have cop threatening me not to speak to that victim "or else".

All things, and more, that should be things being discussed at a meeting about this subject being held that we posted a comment about it under the page.  

Do you know why we did that?  For one thing, if you didn't like it take a look at your own behavior first.  Because we have been trying POLITELY since 2002 to open up a dialogue with Polaris.  So frankly we should have lost our temper sooner.

So if you don't like what was done - take a look at your own behavior before lecturing us.  Because we did it because we're tired of being ignored and then what do we do?  We got home and commiserate with each other.  Then nothing changes.  

We're not going to do that anymore.  We've asked nicely to be included for 10 years now.  Enough is enough.  Now we're going to be nasty about it.  Because we want people to SEE you're ignoring us.  Another example of why we're frustrated - we've got members in Ireland.  

We've been taking calls from Ireland for 30 years Elaine.  Members who say what's being said in the press about the situation there isn't true.  Only we see a huge announcement about a group in Ireland you've partnered with to take calls from victims out there also.  Great.  It would be nice to coordinate with someone else out there about calls we get.  Only when we write this company and try to open up a dialogue with them also - we get nothing.  


Only we're going to make sure then that people know we're being ignored.  Then you can explain it to them because you're sure not explaining it to us.   You want to blame it all on  a comment put on your page a short time ago?  Fine.  But then explain everything else that led up to the frustration that went into that comment then Elaine.  

We tried speaking to the press directly about including us in articles they include you in.  Only we've now been told by over 10 reporters they will be fired if they print our name.  We've been told by a Review Journal reporter that Sheldon Adelson has put out a blacklist on our name in the media.  True to his word, we haven't seen one word in any press you're included in since.  When we had two reporters threaten to walk if our name wasn't printed and included - they were fired.  Leaving us back with you.  The reporters can't be fired about an article you're in if you're including us.  

Our members are tired of being ignored.  They're frankly beginning to feel like they're back in the presence of their old pimps who would ignore them also.  Especially when we're being "chastised" for expressing how we feel to you which is how we felt when that comment was posted.   Instead of respecting our feelings and maybe taking a look at what prompted it on your end - we then get judged, shut down, and basically ignored because I don't see an invite to the event included in your chastisement of our actions.  

Now I'm sorry but I've been teaching them to allow themselves to be ignored and just "take it" isn't recovery.  Our program teaches them to speak up, have a voice, express themselves, and they're just as important and as valuable as any other human being.

Now I'm sorry Polaris doesn't feel that way about us.  But if I"m wrong Elaine - then you show me one single invitation to any event, meeting, training, committee, etc. we've been invited to or offered to be included in?  Since 2002 - show me.  

Then you can talk to me about how "out of line" our feelings are about this issue.  Especially since the grants you receive wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and sacrifice we put into this field.  You want the money?  Fine.  But you don't want to include us in a field that's about us in any way, shape or form, and then you want to contribute to us being excluded from the table on issues that affect us by ignoring us  =  well then I"m sorry but we're done being polite about it.  

You want to go around talking about how much you care about survivors?  Well I'm one too and frankly I don't think I'm being treated very well either - let alone the respect you're showing our members.  

Which is none.  

We are the oldest, and largest group of survivors in this country.  We are not only survivors, but human beings.  Things have escalated to the point where Polaris has now created a "natural monopoly" within the very field we created.  A field I assure you didn't even exist in the 1970's and 1980's that WE created and made possible.  

We have asked "nicely" for 10 years now to be included and recognized - not ignored like we're not in the room.  Again, I don't mean "me" either - but "us".  Even "me" however counts as I am a survivor myself.  I also don't know ANYONE who has been in this field longer than myself other than Lois Lee who works with juveniles.  So as far as adults - there is no one with more experience in this work than myself.  

Now we're getting snarky about it.  Now we have your attention.  Sending us emails chastising us is not responding to the issue.  We need to know what you plan on doing about it or we've done the homework that establishes we have the basis of a lawsuit for Polaris being a monopoly on the field not only we created, but we used to dominate. You are engaging in "unfair" competition and trade practices when Katherine Chon holds the purse strings through the grants at the Trafficking in Persons office, and also jobs within the system for social workers, counselors, etc.  

Something has to give here when members of our program tell their counselors they are in fact members of SWA and they are then DISCHARGED because the counselor doesn't want them "infecting" the other prostitutes in their case load with information that the one woman who is doing well in the batch is attending our meetings.  

Then when we confront the counselor about why she did that to this survivor, we get told "because our clinic survives off grant money from the federal government that's why".  Pointing to grant money the clinic receives from the Trafficking in Persons' Office.  

When social workers who post flyers for us on the wall are then fired for doing this, and her boss then points us to training manuals that mention nothing about us and for which we're not included in the creation of nor listings within as to why she was fired for using "unauthorized resources" - then we have a problem in that we're not only having our program being shut out from helping our members, but our members are being PENALIZED by this system.  

This country, the public, and our legislature has been subjected to one fraud after the other after the other Elaine.  Frauds that would not have happened most likely if we weren't being ignored by Polaris.   Samoly Mam for one . William Hillar and Chong Kim are two others.  When we knew these people to be fake, and further ripping people off for money, we would have been able to shut them down IMMEDIATELY with the reach your organization has.  If you didn't want to get behind that whistle blowing - fine.  But when people are afraid to even listen to us for fear of you - then we have a problem in that your ignoring of us is contributing to people being harmed, ripped off, and misled.  Especially when these fakes are testifying in Congressional hearings.  

Especially when the fraud has reached the level it has within Tennessee as but one example with the case involving Heather Weyker.  We knew there was something wrong with that case from the gate when we were shut out for the first time in a case.  A case that would have not cost over $10 million dollars, and innocent people jailed, had the people surrounding it been forced to listen to us when we said there was something wrong with that case.  

But when people like them are ignoring us, well then turning to you to see you also are ignoring us - then this has reached a point where it's no longer just harming us survivors Elaine - but everyone.  

So before taking the formal action of filing a monopoly case with the court to get your attention - we're trying another tactic.  Funny how THAT got a response out of you when nothing else "nice" had.  

You have my number.  I'd like to know if instead of insulting me you have a constructive suggestion to the problem?

Jody Williams