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THE REAL DANGERS FROM OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION POLICIES - THINK AMERICA THINK  Now, I don't read the news like most people do because of my past experiences with real life sex trafficking within the USA.  So I look at this news article a bit differently than other people, and this ties right back to the good old "Operation Dollhouse".   i learned a long time ago that with the biased press we have since the 1995 Telecommunications Act where the same basic 10 guys own our media entirely - and knowing the way they "spin" news to read the way they want it anymore - you've got to learn how to INTERPRET news with your critical thinking skills anymore. 

Let me explain - if you remember the story, the victims in this case before the ATLAS program had been created that was supposed to have launched that year - would normally have been taken down to the police station for booking as criminals. 

See the previous argument that's existed sin…


Rep. Rob Portman
312 Walnut Street, Room 3425
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Mr. Portman:

I am watching you on PBS at the moment discussing the Ohio case where you did intervene in the case involving teens who were being trafficked right out of the “safe house” to egg farms.  So I know you have now witnessed with your own eyes how our government is, and can be, involved in the actual acts of trafficking.

Which means that I know that you now know why in 1984 I took matters into my own hands to help sex trafficking victims in Los Angeles escape men who were involved with not only LAPD, but also our own CIA in connection with Iran Contra and oil deals we were negotiating as well, to create what I later learned was in fact the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in this country.  Only to have these same men “frame” me with false accusations I was “running a brothel” to shut it down in 1984.  I did this because it was obvious we couldn’t call 911 for help back then.  Not only w…