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First of all, let's clarify one thing.  The sex industry is just that - an INDUSTRY.  An INDUSTRY just like any other BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.   An industry like farming, hospitality, mining, fishing, meat packing, fashion, manufacturing, etc.

How is the "sex industry" an "industry"?  Well let's break it down.  Let's take illegal street prostitution.  The men and women standing on that street corner usually wear certain clothing, shoes, and make-up that tells you this is what they're doing out there.  Not the same clothing one would wear to church or an office job.  Most prostitutes have cell phones, so that's a necessity.  Many have tazer's, pepper spray, and other protection devices.  Let's not forget condoms and adult toys.  Meaning there are a lot of products and services purchased in connection with the sex industry and it's operations.

Some prostitutes also work as strippers, or in the porn industry.  Can one do pornography wi…


Beth Jacobs is a woman living in Arizona.  When we first heard about her - she told us she was the founder of "Willow Way" in Tucson, and that she was providing counseling for women who had been detained through Project Rose through Cactus Counseling Center.  Cactus Counseling was providing counseling through a contract they'd received for this purpose.

I had just moved into this one apartment when I first spoke to Beth - so it had to be about December of 2012 - January of 2013.  I remember because I was still unpacking.  I then did not get a cell phone until March of 2013 - so it probably was about March or April of 2013 that I first spoke to her. 

People had been telling me that Beth had been very hostile towards us and I had no idea why.  I've never spoken to her and since I understood the program she had worked with back east used our "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings with success I was co…