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Saturday, May 13, 2017


Ajit Pai, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
Via Email

David Lougee, President
National Broadcasters Association
Via Email -

National Newspaper Association
Matthew Paxton, President

California Newspaper Publishers Association
Michelle Chantry, President

Senate Intelligence Committee
Via Fax to Members

Re: Truth in Media's Connection to a True Democracy and a Free Press

Dear Concerned:

I'm writing this letter essentially to the attention of the FCC, but I'm also addressing it to related media organizations. I have been writing for years to the attention of Ted Wheeler as the FCC's previous Chairman only to receive no response back. However, over the years I haven't b een able to provide the documentation I now believe I have collected to show not only is the “collective wool” being pulled over the public's eyes on certain subjects such as domestic sex trafficking, but that this “wool” is being used to very damaging ends.

Ends which I can also document right on down to what I believe involved a murder of a man which might not have been totally in “self defense” as the trial of Neal Falls was carried out essentially in the media since his death was denied any proper investigation into his death otherwise. I say this because I received a phone call on our hotline for Sex Workers Anonymous not long after saying he was in fact “murdered” during the time of the media buzz that followed the case. A phone call I tried to take the police, and the ensuing media campaign, only to be completely rebuffed and ignored. Something I assure you had this happened pre-1995 I don't think I would have received the same “cold shoulder”.

I haven't known what to do about the things I've been seeing, nor do I really know now even still what to do about what I'm witnessing in the media other than I've been told repeatedly I “need to file a complaint with the FCC” about it. At one point I had decided to sue Relativity Media and A&E for a “defamacast” for their show “8 Minutes” only to have them completely yank the show off the air and off the internet entirely when they got my demand letter. I thought that was the end of it UNTIL I saw those shows being used to fund raise and affect legislation down in the midwest just a few months ago.

However, for me to file “a complaint” with the FCC about these variously faked news articles would involve so many individual complaints spanning over a period of years. But I decided to start doing it anyway. As I started to do this however, I realized that taken individually, and not viewed over “time”, one doesn't really understand the damage this “fake” media is doing. Which I don't believe would be something which could have been accomplished on this level had not the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed which is when everything changed.

To explain to you what I mean in “real world” terms you might grasp, you would first have to know more about who I am. My name is Jody Williams and in 1984 I was witnessing what has now been called “Iran Contra” up close and personal being as I was born and raised in Los Angeles in the 60's.

I soon learned there was nowhere for victims of what is now called “domestic sex trafficking” to go for help back in the 70's and 80's because we literally had no where to turn being as we were branded “criminals” by the state or non-existent at all. We had no witnesses to our defense being they'd have to not only incriminate themselves to do so, align themselves with a “criminal” - but further endanger their careers and personal lives to do so. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980's had made anyone and everyone scared to even admit us into their homes for safety.

Forcing me in my view to take matters into my own hands by taking an old warehouse and turning it into what I have later learned was the first “safe house” for adults in this country. I say “adults” as a qualifier because the first one for juveniles had been created by Lois Lee with Children of the Night. It was truly a “war zone” back then and when she took up helping kids – I tried to do what I could to help adults. I installed a lot of security and surveillance equipment on this warehouse to protect everyone being as we were being attacked literally by LAPD, the FBI, CIA, as well as pimps, gang members, and other assorted criminals.

Only I didn't realize how our government deals with people getting in their way often is to “frame” them to the level they went. I had some idea these people would attempt to frame me so I took great steps to make sure everything I had done was “legal” to avoid this potential. I didn't even drink or use drugs back then out of fear it would be used against me.

This didn't stop these people from framing me anyway as a “pimp” in a very high profiled arrest in 1984 where the media dubbed me “The High Tech Madam”. The nickname was to explain all of the security and surveillance equipment in this warehouse in the news at a time when my attorney was advising me not to speak to the media to defend or explain myself.

Since there wasn't one shred of evidence against me and I had done nothing I was accused of or even wrong for that matter, the police arrested my mother and charged her with “pimping” me. The grounds? A photo of her handing me a bucket of KFC chicken and me handing her a $20 bill.

Yep that ridiculous. Evidently the “pimping” law states “receipt of money from a prostitute”. Since I was considered a “prostitute” that was their grounds for arresting my mother as a felony pimp.

But it was silly enough for us to fight them back anyway. To which they then threatened to take away my mother's disability pension from the county of Los Angeles and also to arrest my then 70 year old grandmother for “pimping” me if I didn't accept a plea bargain. Something for which at her age I didn't think she'd survive the booking process.

Now I ask you how am I truly going to defend myself anyway had I choose to instead fight this case when I know that the minute I explain what that warehouse was set up for in reality - some men in suits were going to show up claiming “national security” and shutting me down? That was if I lived long enough to see a courtroom . As it was my attorney was already receiving threats from the police/government to “back away” from helping me as well as death threats to me. They'd confiscated all of my money and belongings so I couldn't hire another attorney if I wanted to as I was left penniless. So I wasn't left with a lot of options back then.

So in 1987, I was cleared off probation and my attorney cleared me to speak in the media about the “truth” of what was involved in my arrest you can read about at It was after realizing this approach of a safe house wasn't going to work, I reached out to consult with then mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block, Chief Gates, and California Attorney General Edwin Meese. They had witnessed what was going on also – but realized there weren't any laws on the books to help us then either. It was with their advice and counsel they allowed me to see that the laws regarding prostitution was not going to change, and also in defense as to why they wouldn't change.

Their advice also helped me to form the program originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous” and the related hotline. This was created as a 12 step group in order to take advantage of laws “grand fathered” in by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous for one thing such as confidentiality to members. The other was because it would be allowed to be used as an “alternative to incarceration” for those people who were in fact “victims” vs. true “criminals”. With their help, we went and and created the first ever official “alternative sentencing and diversion” program for sex workers in Los Angeles, California.

Some of you may not remember what it was like back then – but the idea of “domestic sex trafficking” was so foreign back then there wasn't even a name or word for it yet. Identical to how this country didn't have any type of system set in place to fight organized crime either before the RICO Act came to pass.

But the RICO Act wouldn't have even come to pass had it not been for some real life mobsters coming forward with their story in the media such as when Joe Valachi was one of the first men to start talking to the outside world that the “mob” was in fact a real living breathing entity in this country. Which watching how the “mafia” was birthed into federal recognition, gave me a template on how to do the same with respect to American modern sex trafficking.

A problem which had the same challenges also because who before the RICO Act could also have come forward to testify against them either without (1) being branded as “crazy” and/or (2) incriminating themselves? Just as the only true witnesses to the Italian mobsters back then were only those involved in some criminal fashion – so too was the challenge we had with modern domestic sex trafficking.
Watching how films like “The Valachi Papers” and even the “Godfather” changed things, and using this issue as a model, I stepped up on that first national talk show stage of a Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1987 to speak. Not just to enlighten the public about the realities of the sex industry that wasn't being told in media, but also to clear my name. I did not want to go down in history as a “pimp” and that warehouse to be branded a “whore house” by the media for the rest of my life.

The TRUTH about everything led me on a path which carried this whole country into seeing the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. Up until 1995, I did so much TV, radio and press about the issues connected to these things – that I literally couldn't walk into a gas station in Omaha, Nebraska without the cashier going “hey aren't you that Prostitutes Anonymous lady?”

But in 1995 everything flipped upside down when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed. Only I didn't know it as that then. All I knew was things changed suddenly overnight and I had no idea why by 1996 I couldn't get arrested on TV figuratively speaking. If you look at some of the news and video clips I have up at my site – you'll see they come to an abrupt halt in 1995.

Let me explain the power of the truth in media for a moment. In 1988, Joe Conforte “bought” himself a rigged study which falsely made it appear that “no LEGAL brothel prostitute has HIV/AIDS”. Joe Conforte is the man who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada back in the 1970's – the Mustang Ranch. He had decided to expand this empire into California using HIV/AIDS as his marketing platform. So armed with his “study”, he deposited $1,000,000 into the top PR firm in the country and embarked on a campaign to get the laws in California changed to allow him to “open shop” there.

Only the FCC required media to run “counter” opinions on anything regarding legislation. No one wanted to go up against Joe because they were scared to death of him. This is a man who had shot down a famous boxer in cold blood with a cop for a witness and didn't spend one day in jail. So I stepped up and was the only person who would go “toe to toe” with him in the media all that year.

He lost.

That's the power of “truth” in the media's eye. (Which by the way is why Dennis Hof won't share a stage with me today in my opinion.) So I've witnessed this first hand back then and I'm witnessing it now in the negative. I say that because in the last couple of years, I have documented the “life cycle” of “fake media” which has been created by people with money that has affected everything from legislation that's on the books now, to the outcome of lawsuits, to even now as I said the death of a man who I think needs to be investigated further than the trial he got in the “bought and paid for” media.

Why do I care about Neal Falls? I don't. But because of him being falsely attributed to the deaths of some female prostitutes in this country I am because it's allowing their REAL murderers to keep getting off scott free for one thing. For another, the whole story around him has created a completely false idea that if you're a sex worker and you shoot a “john” in self-defense that you're going to get the same “heroes welcome” as “Heather” did and sadly in reality that's just not the case. As someone who has been a paralegal also for 30 years now I can assure you that is NOT how real hookers are greeted by cops when they arrive to a scene to find a dead “john”.

We have a real problem with the police and racism in this country also. Yet since all of this “fake media” has been being produced by the religious right in this country it has been a smoke screen for creating more racism in the police academies, the courtrooms, and more importantly it's created a new form of modern “lynching” of the African American male and minorities.

All of which is resulting not only in more police murders of African American men we haven't seen since the 1980's and this kind of thing was being done back then also, but also that of sexual abuse of women within jails/prisons, and our legal system, which has just skyrocketed in recent years, and is also serving to take focus off the real criminals who are literally being offered immunity by our government when caught sex trafficking red handed as is the case with Joohoon David Lee.

So yes I can contact the FCC and bombard them with 1000 individual complaints against completely fabricated stories such as the ones I've seen in the Review Journal, Buzzfeed, the Daily Dot, Daily Beast, CNN, Fox, CBS, etc., who seem to run most of these fabricated stories, or the “fake” reality shows I've uncovered more than once now on Bravo, A&E and Discover (who by the way I can now document have a financial interest in such faked stories), but more frighteningly is the way it's spread now into so called “public” broadcasting such as the fabrication I heard in April on Nevada Public Radio involving “Game Over”. A supposedly “survivor led” program out of Eureka, California who was allowed to bring completely fabricated racism inspiring sex trafficking training into a cadet academy there from what I heard broadcast.

Or I can start opening up a dialogue with your companies as to what I've seen being done with these “fabrications”. Such as the awards of millions of dollars in grant money to imaginary programs that don't exist in reality, conning people out of money through fake fund raisers, the deception of judges in courtrooms unlike anything in history (such as the largest sex trafficking case in our history being a complete fabrication), laws being passed into legislation based upon completely fabricated campaigns to actually support sex traffickers' operations on the same level as when Pablo Escobar was writing laws on extradition while claiming to be “legitimate business man”, and again the fact that we still are offering immunity to sex traffickers caught red handed such as we did with Joohoon David Lee.

All while I can't get anyone in the media to even talk about these things because they're too busy blowing up the fake stories bought and paid for by these people I can show have financial interests in such matters, or who are being supported entirely by the involved parties money in the first place. Why? Because I've also watched as these “fabricated heroes” have been now testifying in front of Congress, the Ethics Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and other such people who are deciding upon the laws and budgets of this country. In other words, it's now affecting history.

I believe these people have also created a “monopoly” with respect to sex trafficking that protects themselves and I have enough documentation now to prove it. No different by the way than when the NFL was exposed as controlling the medical community to cover their own ass with respect to liability lawsuits you can reference more about in the film “Concussion”. Only I don't have a Dr. Omalu with the highest of credentials to stand up for our truth – all we have is “survivors”. Voices that are being completely drowned out of all of the discussions about them by the very financial interests exploiting them, as well as their “consumers” who own these media outlets in most cases these days. Steve Sassa was one prime example in control of Hearst Media for some years, now in control over Telemundo.

What's going on now is like handing over control of the media to Al Capone during Prohibition or to Hitler during WWII. You think I'm wrong? Let's compare numbers of Jews, and others, murdered by the Nazi's and sex trafficking victims, as well as prostitutes, than shall we?
That's where we are right now with this. Meaning again I can bombard you with 1000's of individual complaints – or we can open up a dialogue about this issue. Your call.

You can reach at the above-referenced contact information. Thank you for your attention to these issues.


Jody Williams

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I have been seeing some disturbing things on PBS and hearing even more on NPR for a while now.  Remember, I was born in 1960.

So I remember what these channels were like BEFORE they were allowed to take corporate money.  I also remember what they were like BEFORE the Telecommunications Act of 1995 allowed the corporations to take over the mainstream press by being able to own more than one station/outlet at a time than they were before.

I also remember when I didn't have one single problem getting onto a new show, documentary, or talk show.  Now I have reporters telling me they were fired within days of even speaking to me on the phone!  

But the gauntlett was thrown down as far as I was concerned when "A Path Appears" with Nicholas Kristof about sex trafficking aired on PBS.  I hadn't been asked for one sound bite.  To me it was like a show about alcoholism without one mention of Bill Wilson or AA.

I had one of my "did I drop acid?" moments with that one.  Why?  Because in the 1970's and 1980's Covenant House, who was featured in this show,  did not ACCEPT PROSTITUTES, i.e, "sex trafficking victims" back then at all.

The very reason they DID NOT was one of the reasons why Lois Lee had to form Children of the Night in 1979.  It's why she had to form a dedicated hotline - because the traditional "runaway" networks wouldn't lift a finger to help someone they felt was a prostitute.

Why?  If they did put a male or female prostitute in one of their shelters for one thing - the staff would hit on them sexually, the other clients would hit on them sexually or attack them as "whores" and "faggots", or rape them when the staff wasn't around, or the staff was raping them (I don't mean everyone at Covenant - I mean at teen shelters in general), or when the pimps would come to retrieve them the staff would just stand back and let them.

But yet this show was proudly broadcasting Covenant House as taking in "sex trafficking victims" while I didn't hear a PEEP out of the show about Children of the Night.  NOT A PEEP!!!

Okay maybe it was just an oversight right?

So I started watching more and more shows about the subject  on PBS and NPR and NOT ONE was I seeing or hearing  (1) anything to do with American sex trafficking, or (2) I was seeing a parade of WHITE PEOPLE going into other indigenous or third world countries CONFUSING POVERTY with "sex trafficking".

For example. I saw one whole show on PBS talking about how after a hurricane hit the Philippines and then the government wasn't able to provide jobs or housing for everyone - so some women were forced into sex work in order to be able to eat and put a roof over their heads.

THAT'S what I saw - I saw outreach workers going out to talk to prostitutes who were hooking to EAT. on this PBS show.

Only they weren't called "sex workers" who were sometimes "trafficking victims" or "vulnerable to sex trafficking" - no they were instead all across the board referred to as "sex trafficking victims".

Now instead of the discussion, or focus, on this piece being about the lack of government response to those hurricane victims, OR about how as sex workers they needed to have equal protection by the police FROM traffickers, pimps, rapists, etc., who would prey upon them because prostitution is illegal over there as it is here - no - the focus on this was calling those women across the board "sex trafficking victims".  I'm sorry but a woman forced to do sex work to eat or feed her baby is NOT a "sex trafficking victim".

Now I know the religious right people like to SANITIZE US BY CALLING US THAT - BUT IT'S NOT THE TRUTH.

I mean when are we going to start calling Mary Magdalene a "sex trafficking victim" by this logic?

Let me put this in another term so maybe you can understand me better - back before truckers had unions truckers were taken advantage of greatly by employers.  They had no benefits.  They weren't allowed to take sleep or rest breaks.  They had no job security.  They were treated pretty much like scum.  The unions came in to make sure they were treated fairly and properly if you remember.

Now how do you think things would have gone down in this country if all of those truckers were classified in the media instead  of "exploited truckers" as "human trafficking victims forced to drive trucks"?

THAT'S how I felt about that show on PBS.  

You don't like unions right?  Okay how about the plight of illegal aliens trying to find work in this country as maids, cooks, farmers, etc., who are constantly being abused because they don't have a visa or papers?  How because they don't have papers they are vulnerable to things like rape, violence, employment abuse, being ripped off by landlords and employers, etc.

Now what if their plight was thrown in with that of those who are forced to do labor in this country such as the human trafficking victims by the media - those who are forced by gun or restriction or threats into providing labor against their will with no distinction about those who are being forced entirely by say threats against harming their family vs. those who are being exploited because they're here illegally because they can't get papers?

Are you really going to tell me there's no a difference between the two?  Do they over lap?  Sure.
But are they the same?


What if, just imagine here for a moment with me, what if the very people who were exploiting these communities were put in charge of the media reporting their plight to the public?

Do you think they'd tell you the truth about their involvement?

I want you to take a look at the list of supporters for PBS and NRP recently here on this link

I am a survivor of REAL sex trafficking.

I didn't say this to sell a book.

I didn't say this to get a visa.

I didn't say this because I have a fund raiser or grant application coming up.

I don't have a "gofundme" going.

I'm not asking for your donations.

I'm not trying to get a law passed.

I'm not saying because I have a cop or prosecutor threatening me with jail if I don't make this claim.



First I had public service announcements taken away when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 was passed.   I also had my voice taken away as a "counter" opinion to those who wanted to push legalization AND criminalization of prostitution with that Act.   I've had my voice taken away by the men in power who are the "johns" who buy me and the "traffickers" who sell me!   I do not know of one single major media or news outlet run by either/or an ex-sex worker or a sex trafficking survivor - but I sure as hell can tell you who is that's involved in trafficking and buying and selling us!

By the year 2000 - because of money interests I had my voice completely taken away from anything to do with mainstream media.

And now it's been removed from public broadcasting.

The only place left is right here on the internet and now Google is trying to bury me with their new "protections against fake news" they're using as their smoke screen for BURYING what they don't want you to see.

I can prove it.  Sharnel Silvey created the first ever alternative sentencing program for prostitutes, i.e., sex trafficking victims, in northern Nevada.  Go and look up her name on Google and see if you can find any word about her years of work creating that program for the first time in Nevada's history.

 The plan was to operate it for two years, and then I was going to model it for southern Nevada, and we were then going to have one running on one end of Nevada and the other on the other end and that way we'd cover all of Nevada.

Only what do you see instead about Sharnel?  Anyone who has seen the film "Truth" or "Cointelpro 101" knows that people who are activists get FRAMED.  Sure you're going to read about the arrest . . . . BUT WHERE IS THE NEWS ABOUT HER WORK WITH PROSTITUTES?

Right where our voices went - down the crapper.  We're back to no one wanting to hear a damn thing we have to say.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I came across this and after reading it my first reaction was "ditto".

Lois Lee had created "Children of the Night" in 1979.  I was 19 years old then and living in the same city as Lois.  I witnessed her creation of that program from her tiny apartment to the program it is today literally from the day it was just an idea Lois had.

I've spoken a few times about what Los Angeles was like in 1979.  If you know what it was like back then - then you know why Lois felt compelled to do what she did to launch her program.  I was witnessing the same war zone Lois was - and I agree - this was a war zone that existed long before Backpage or Craigslist ever existed.

I was actually right on the border of being one of Lois' clients.  I say that because I ran away from home when I was 13 years old myself in 1973.  Like so many youth who run away, I was being sexually abused by my father while being physically abused by my mother   At 13 years old, I was 5'4" tall, 109 pounds, and my measurements were literally 36C-26-36.  I ski'd just about every weekend while during the week.  I belonged to a school swim team so my body was very tight and mature looking for someone so young.

I mention this because when I ran away I wasn't going to wind up sleeping in some dumpster or alley somewhere.  There was this strip club I remember not far from my school called the "Dog Patch".  The owner wasn't very picky about checking the ID of young girls who would audition for them.  So on the very first day of my runaway story, I checked myself into a motel room next to the "Dog Patch".  Growing up watching women like Mae West, reading books like "The Happy Hooker", and listening to songs on the radio like "The Pill" sung by Loretta Lynn - I knew where I was going to be as a runaway kid.  That was working at the Dog Patch, living in the motel next door, dropping out of school and turning tricks with men old enough to be my grandfather.

My mother worked as a court reporter at the Los Angeles Juvenile Court.  I took a tour with her once of where the kids in juvenile hall were kept.   Through my mom's work, I saw what the group homes looked like as well.  One day trying "scare me silly" so I wouldn't cause any more problems at school - she took me to see where the other teens were incarcerated, as well as the runaway shelters.  Trust me - the world she showed me of where most kids wound up was light years away from where I was that first day of my runaway teen career in the  motel next to the Dog Patch.

I saw girls like me in my mom's juvenile court job.  Grown men who were teachers, social workers, and even judge's didn't view girls like me as "kids".  They were too busy starring at our tits.  I would see the boys and girls who were the type to be targeted by sexual predators.  If you threw in the mix this kid was also stripping or involved in prostitution - then every predators for MILES would be sniffing them out like a dog for the one reason that if you attack a virgin that's a student or a housewife - you will bring down the wrath of God and everyone in this country on you.  However, if you're a prostitute - then the system wouldn't lift a finger to help you back then.  You were considered "asking" for it.  With me - the fact I had big boobs meant I was "asking for it".

During the 1970's period before Lois started Children of the Night - these two cousins were pimps.  They started out their murdering spree that went down in history as pimps.  They were kidnapping women right off the streets.  Girls walking to the corner store or on their way to school or a girlfriend's house were thrown into these guy's car.  Then taken to a location where they were beaten, raped and tortured.

Then after they got bored with their victim and wanted to escalate the terror in them even more - they would take them to a motel room in the red light districts.  Forcing them at first with handcuffs to stay in the room, they'd bring the tricks in from the neighborhood to have sex with them and then also keep the money.  After some time at this, the handcuffs were taken off and then psychological bonds were used to keep them so afraid they wouldn't try to leave the room.

More tricks would be brought in this time.  After a few days the women would get so saturated with fear they'd decide to try the door to their freedom.  They'd then escape and go to the police but the police wouldn't lift a finger after hearing their story.  Why?  Because they had been branded "prostitute" by what these cousins did to them.  It was done deliberately to discredit the word of their victims.  The same rule applies believe it or not to children.  ESPECIALLY back in the 1970's as to be the brewing pot for what went into Lois creating Children of the Night.

Here look at this image of a child - very innocent looking right?

Related image

But what if the juvenile looks like this:
Image result for teen prostitute

Because the above is a photo of a woman who was being traded for money while a juvenile.  Now if she were to cry "rape" - what do you think a lot of people's reaction was back in the 1970's?  I don't mean by today's standards - I mean by back then standards?

The film "Frozen Ground" is the most accurate portrayal in film of how we were treated by the legal system back in the 1970's.   Because this woman was a "prostitute" when she went to the police saying she had been drugged, kidnapped, chained up in this guy's basement, then drug out to an island where he tried to shoot her for sport - the police "round filed" her complaint and wouldn't even search the guy's house.  Why?  Because she was a "prostitute" and in the eyes of the law back in the 1970's that meant "criminal" and "worthless".

So if a kid was being sexually abused at home and therefore probably ran away to escape this abuse, and then that same child is put into the foster care system or the juvenile detention system - this means every predator within range is going to hone in on that particular child because they offer them something more important than sexual pleasure - and that's immunity!

I myself thought about turning to Children of the Night when I was trapped within the sex industry myself - but I was over 18 years old at the time.  The family who was trafficking me only targeted women over 18 years old to avoid any problems connected to messing with a juvenile.  Because believe me people don't care about you once you turn 18 years old - then or now.  Even now reporters will tell me "don't you have a juvenile we can talk to?"  because they claim "our readers don't want to hear about nor care about what happens to adults".  Well maybe that attitude is shaped by the press who only puts that in front of them TO care about!

But there was nothing for an adult to turn to for help.  I saw how Lois had a safe place for kids to run to and I realized there was no where for an adult like myself to run to.  So I created it.  I took a warehouse I had once used as an incall location and converted it into what is now known as the first safe house for adults in America.

My reward?  I got arrested and accused of "running a brothel" out of it.  You can read about it at   So when I got my case over and dealt with I realized I needed to create an "outpatient" program where I couldn't be arrested like that ever again.  Which meant a hotline had to be set up.  Lois had the Children of the Night hotline specifically targeting the type of kids she wanted to target.  Since there was no such hotline for adults - I had to start one also.  So in many ways I modeled what I saw Lois doing for kids and adapted it to adults.  This meant Prostitutes Anonymous was born in 1987.

Lois is right - many juveniles and people who pimp juveniles would advertise in Backpage.  However, ADULT traffickers operate differently much of the time from how juveniles operate.  People make false assumptions here what trafficking vs. prostitution is.  Yes adult women wanting to prostitute themselves used Craigslist and Backpage.  So yes people wanting to think about quitting prostitution "one day" would be on those sites.

But those were "prostitutes" - NOT "trafficking victims".  The adult "trafficking victims" I was finding were in underground brothels, legal brothels, massage parlors, strip clubs.  Okay here's an example of ADULT sex trafficking and where we would also target our efforts to locate and help said victims - look at the case of the DEA owned strip club in New Jersey:  Now this club was more than just owned by DEA agents.  Take a look at how this arrest went down.  It went down because some people had complained to a senator about DEA agents who were partying with Columbian drug lords who were so comfortable with those same drug lords they were sleeping with prostitutes at a party and putting down their guns to be able to enjoy those prostitutes.

It was because of an investigation into THIS accusation   which uncovered this club here in the states owned by some of those same agents.  Agents who were going over to Columbia and partying with drug lords.

Why?  The dancers at this club were illegal aliens from Columbia.  I want people to hear me on this because I keep hearing a strange SEPARATION in the media, and therefore the public's, mind when it comes to the issue of illegal aliens in this country and sex trafficking victims.  Because these women were in this country illegally - they were afraid to go to any of the authorities.

Also understand these women weren't just afraid of the authorities because of the risk of being deported.  To them that would mean "escape" right?  No it didn't.  It would mean deporting them back to Columbia into the hands of the same drug Cartel these agents were so buddy buddy with.  Meaning they'd just be drug right back right?  Well here's the thing - if during the deportation process they were to open their mouth about those DEA agents owning that club, and then they were delivered right back into their hands on the other end in Columbia - it also means these women would know they needed to keep their mouth shut.

Well they just get offered "witness protection" right?  Not when their whole family is right back in Columbia where the Cartel knows exactly where they are.  We're talking Pablo Escobar country here folks.  We're talking a country where Pablo, a drug lord, built his own jail with his own personal escape hatch!  Do you think then that same country could protect a woman's family from these same drug lords?

I want people to understand Lois was dealing with juveniles in Backpage who needed help.  However, when it comes to the type of person WE'RE helping on an adult level - that's not who our "target demographic" is.  Yes we get calls from people who would advertise on Backpage they wanted to quit prostitution.  But 9 out of 10 times that person would only be doing it for the money.  They lost their job, got their hours at that job cut, the economy is bad, they have a drug problem, or whatever the reason was.  With them you help them find better paying work and they're out of prostitution.  Easy peasey.

But for an adult sex trafficking victim I want you to really digest what I'm saying here we were dealing with.  The women at this same club COULD NOT BE RESCUED.  Why do you think they didn't just leave the club?  No one had to put chains around their ankles and strap them to the bar to prevent them from leaving. Why?  Because the minute they would run a phone call would go out and their family back in Columbia would be slaughtered.

Meaning you could put an anti-trafficking program for adults right next to this same strip club and it's going to be empty.  You can't go in and "rescue" someone in this type of situation either because you're then triggering a death warrant on their family back home.   Now don't you think these DEA agents also knew all the local cops?  The local judges?  The local politicians?  The local Secret Service also remember?

I'm explaining to you why when dealing with adult sex trafficking we're talking a different thing completely from what someone like Lois is dealing with about juveniles.  I want you to just for a moment put yourself into the shoes of one of these Colombian women working at this DEA owned strip club.  EVERY DAY you see in this club not only other DEA agents, but SECRET SERVICE agents.  Meaning again by association you're also going to see some local police, politicians, sheriff's, private investigators, judges, etc.  Just like you see in the Pennsylvania case -

Seriously, this is not limited to one NJ strip club.     But let's take those women at that club - could I call up the local trafficking task force to help these women?  Here is the NJ human trafficking task force -  Now what is the NJ trafficking task force doing now?  "Teaching teachers how to mobilize".  Okay I don't think there's a lot of school teachers who would be in that strip club looking for victims - so can anyone say "misdirect attention"?

Let's look at who are some of the "liasons" with this trafficking task force shall we?  Notice who there's a lot of on this page?  Detectives.

My grandmother used to have a saying about "the fox shouldn't be guarding the chicken coop".  Follow the logic here - in Columbia Pablo became a member of Congress.  He was able to help write legislation of that country to prevent extradition.  He was even able to murder two people in the prison he was allowed to build for himself.  So let me ask you something - do you really think that this type of system isn't now operating with respect to sex trafficking as drug trafficking?  In Columbia - the Cartel have control over the phone systems.  You call to report something to the police - and within five minutes you have assassinations at your doorstep wiping you out for just making the report.

So within that same logic - do you really think those women could call either the local police or the local trafficking task force for help?  So why are those cops there?  They're there because the people who are the traffickers can then trace every call coming in about sex trafficking victims so they can do what?  "Misdirect" them away from their own victims just as we've seen with the Celeste Guap case in Oakland, California.  Not a whole coast away but PART OF THE SAME NETWORK.  Now if you follow my blog at all - you'll know that I said Celeste was deliberately arrested, and then deliberately held on a $300,000 bail for what reason?  I told you she was being held on a high bail to not only stop her from speaking to the press which she has not done since Florida by the way - but also that while she was in custody in Florida I told you she would be having people all over her convincing her to shut up about what she went through.

But I want you to trace HOW Celeste got "offered a deal".  She was taken by the Redmond POLICE who got ahold of her through the Office of Victim Services.  Who referred her to the Redmond Police  NOT to Sex Workers Anonymous.  In fact, Nancy O'Malley, the Alameda prosecutor's office, kept Celeste away from us.  When I tried to enlist her office's help to speak to Celeste I was told "no we're handling it".  Yeah they were.  They "handled" her right onto a plane to get her into Florida where she could then be set up on a police charge there.  Why there?  So no one would say it had anything to do with Oakland is why.  Simple.

Note the article here says she was "offered a deal".  No folks - that's not what it's called.  I've been in Celeste's shoes remember?  Only when I was held in 1984 on a $50,000 bail myself - I was not "offered a deal".  That's a nice way of saying I was having my life threatened if I didn't do what they wanted me to do and also to keep my mouth shut.  That's why you won't see any interviews with me and the press after my 1984 arrest until I pop up again in 1987 announcing our hotline and program have been launched.

Now while Celeste did advertise her prostitution services on sites like Backpage and Facebook - when it came to sex trafficking that wasn't who was trafficking her.  Celeste only advertised on Backpage - she wasn't trafficked by Backpage.  But the men in the Oakland sex trafficking task forces have admitted to now having kept her away from task force operations in order she not be offered help and to cover up their own asses.

Which is what I'm trying to explain here - the traffickers in America are connected to the anti-trafficking task forces.  Our adult victims can't call the police for help.  Meaning the National Trafficking Hotline is useless for a sex trafficking victim on American soil.  Let's take a look at what they have listed for help in New Jersey shall we?

Okay we have a group in Maryland, a Catholic Church, family services, social services for youth, the city bar association (lawyers), Courtney's house is a residential program for women who were mostly street walkers, an Allentown, PA group, about four more youth groups while these were adult women stripping in that NJ club, some religious programs, a Maryland program, another Pennsylvania program, a couple of more youth programs, a program in Virginia - I mean is anyone beginning to see what's going on here with the joke being on us?

You're a NJ based illegal alien from Columbia who was brought into this country illegally so you could work for this DEA owned strip club, a club where you're seeing all the local law enforcement including the Secret Service agents are coming into this club to party with you, and the local Human Trafficking Hotline is a list of more people who know these cops, the National Trafficking Hotline if you get the guts to call them for help refer you to a bunch of programs that either don't work with adults, work with Asian's, or are based in a completely different state.  If you go into one of these shelters they have listed - the owners and people who staff these programs are interacting with law enforcement daily.

Meaning the guys who own this strip club know who everyone is in the local anti-trafficking scene EXCEPT  - who do you NOT see listed in either the NJ National Trafficking Hotline NOR the NJ Human Trafficking Task Force?  I'll tell you two names not found on either of those directories right now - Children of the Night for juvenile victims and Sex Workers Anonymous for adult victims.

Is anyone getting the picture yet here of who it is we're fighting with respect to saving sex trafficking victims on American soil?  Now I ask you - can we take one of these women to one of these programs or shelters - or anywhere for that matter knowing that if we take them somewhere not only are we going to get all of these law enforcement offices coming after us trying to retrieve and silence that victim (as they did with Celeste - with Celeste they stepped inbetween SWA and her, and they had her in a cop car going to Florida to also get her away from us and then "offered her a deal" which has resulted in her not speaking to the press anymore about her connections with local cops and the trafficking task force, and she's still hooking on Facebook last time I looked), but further we know the Columbian's will have someone sent out to murder her whole family back in Columbia.

I mean are you getting the picture here why we don't send in teams of SWA members into strip clubs to do "outreach" for one thing?  That we don't go in there and say "come with us and we'll rescue you" because we know that will only trigger harm to come to her family.

There's no point in putting her into some residential program like Courtney's House or FAIR Girls or any of those types of programs because those guys not only know right where they all are, but they're also able to go walking right into the place to "pull them out for questioning", and I'd like you to note how not ONE of these Columbia strippers (if you want to call them that because of being forced to work as a stripper) is speaking about their trafficking ordeal at the local churches, the local news, nor at any of these anti-trafficking luncheon fund raisers they put on where they trot out some victim to tell horror stories to loosen purse strings.

I also want you to see that shutting down Backpage doesn't have one single thing to do with this type of victim either EXCEPT to shut down the victims' ability to find out about HELP.  Again please look at how everything in the NJ anti-trafficking arena does not include any information on Children of the Night nor SWA.  However, Lois said she can advertise Children of the Night on Backpage and reach out information to those juveniles who are on there.  Also, SWA can put out ads for help on Backpage.

So let's just take a hypothetical question here - if these people wanted to block victims from leaving so badly as to threaten their family back home with murder if they left - then isn't it also possible they don't want these victims to know about two groups who can actually get them out of there?  Now if you wanted to keep that information out of the victims' hands as to where they could go for help - would you not then shut down the way we can reach them?  Wouldn't you want Backpage shut down for the fact WE here at SWA and Lois at CON can reach the eyes of their victims and know they can call us for help that will work?  Wouldn't you also want those victims to have useless phone numbers?  Come on - you're a victim who can barely speak English and you start calling all those numbers who are on the task force page or the National Trafficking Hotline's resource list and by the end of the day you're going to think "there's no way out there for me"?

In other words, the people who want Backpage down are the traffickers themselves who don't want word of how they can call and get some REAL help to reach the victims eyes and ears.  I mean how else do you explain the system that's being used here to keep victims from finding out about CON for juveniles and SWA for adults?  They sure as heck keep us out of their task forces and off their resource listings.

How else do you explain the rise of people like Melissa Woodward?  Take a real good look at what someone came to me about a few days ago with respect to her "trafficking work" -  There's more information on that page about it.  Shanna has described to me a whole sphere of influence which surrounded Melissa where not only was money donated to a fake rescue, the stories about rescues were fake, there was no safe house, and on and on about how even the FBI "vouched" for this woman.  Yes there was a whole sphere of people who supported each other and made it appear to outsiders that they were "fighting sex trafficking' while in reality not only spinning their wheels but also being kept out of helping groups like ours who are actually in there getting those types of victims out and to safety.

I want you to think about what it would take to actually get a victim out of this type of situation I'm describing to you.  Celeste Guap for example has already had at least 30 Oakland police officers, a Chief of Police, involved and enabling her trafficking.  Blocking her from help while also taking good honest sincere people who want to help these victims off on wild goose chases.  But she also has family in Nicaragua  and her mother works as a 911 operator.   If you want to remove Celeste - you also have to get her family away from these people.  Which in Celeste's case would mean her mother quitting her job and going somewhere else where she can't be found by people with badges.  Which is where exactly?

Well the answer to that is not only very hard to explain but I'm not going to explain how we do what we do anywhere online and tip off the traffickers to our tactics, people, partnerships, resources, etc.   While not explaining I can explain this - it's not as simple as walking into a massage parlor, a strip club or a street corner and saying "come with me and I'll rescue you from this".

Because if you don't address what it is that traffickers are using to put those invisible chains on their victims to hold them there in the first place - then they're going to do what?  You got it - go right back.  Which is why people working in corrections, social services, the courts, the police, etc., all say is frustrating them about this community - they "always go back".  

Let's take the hypothetical route here - you take one of these women who was in this DEA owned strip club and you roll out the red carpet of resources to them to help them stay in this country, find work, and even offer them personally protection from retaliation - but you don't address the fact they have family back in Columbia who is probably going to be murdered if that victim doesn't get her ass back up on that stage working again - and what is she going to do?  Go work as McDonald's knowing that job means her whole family is going to be massacred?  I don't think so.  She's going to go back and try and keep everyone happy and alive.  Leaving a bunch of frustrated cops and social workers saying "I don't know why she wouldn't get help".  Which is what I'm saying here - the "help" being offered her isn't being designed to be what she needs.

Why?  Because the very people who need to be designing these programs, people like us who understand what real adult victims of sex trafficking needs in order to be able to break free - are being kept out of the designing of said programs and even the training of staff working with said victims.  Including the very Office of Victim Services who thought putting Celeste Guap on a plane to Florida was "help" when in reality it was assisting the traffickers in silencing her.  

You also have to address how it is that traffickers can come and get their victims back if they don't come back voluntarily.  Even how they're taken over even the training in this field to further mislead people away from who they are, how they operate, and also to facilitate their trafficking work.  

I mean look at Joohoon David Lee.  There was a huge campaign that hit Las Vegas where a bunch of people were put together to devise a system to train airport workers how to spot victims.  Three guesses as to who was not invited to be on that group?

You got it - we were shut out of that group.  Now when this whole training was created to teach airport workers how to spot sex trafficking - do you think there was one word in that training on what to do if you suspected a business colleague?  Let me explain - Joohoon David Lee was with Homeland Security, Immigration and the trafficking task forces of CA, NV and AZ.  

Now using his position, his badge, and the government's money Lee would fly over to China to pick up a victim.  Then using his badge he would take this victim right past the very system he had a hand in creating - a training which did not alert anyone at LAX what to do if they suspected someone like him was trafficking victims right past them.  

Which is what he did - he walked victims right past those stop points and checks into this country illegally.  If he was caught - well "he was just questioning a victim" because of his trafficking work.

I've spoken to one of the men who was involved in creating that bogus training.  He tells me he was brought over from Norway!  So a guy from Norway is flown into the USA to work on a training module for LAX workers of American victims on American soil?   

Couldn't be they were deliberately getting well meaning sincere people who wanted to really help victims and stuck them on a bogus committee so the wrong training could be provided which covers their ass and shuts down their competitors' right?

Since Joohoon was arrested, and since men like Rob have realized they were being duped into creating security for American airports that actually ASSISTED traffickers like Joohoon - they've been trying to get people coordinated back again to try and create relevant updated training which would.  

Why is it so hard?  Because what Joohoon did wasn't technically illegal - he could not be charged with sex trafficking because according to Daniel Bogden - there ARE NO LAWS against what he did to his victims.  He not only flew victims over to the states on the government's Homeland Security dime, then used his ICE  connections to get them into this country without proper papers, but he further made it appear he was "fighting sex trafficking" while going after a completely innocent "scape goat" family!

In fact, if Joohoon has a pension - he'll get to keep it after what he did.  As it is now he's driving a limo for CLS Limo owned by Charles Horky who has been convicted now of sex trafficking.  Boy we really come down hard on someone using our government's resources and offices to facilitate sex trafficking don't we?  

If he can't be charged with sex trafficking because he did the trafficking using government money on the government dime and therefore hes immune from being prosecuted about this - he then keeps his pension.  I want you to imagine you're a Chinese woman being taken into this country illegally by a man like Joohoon - and you can see why they might want to break down the one line of communications that does exist in the sex industry that would actually give one of these victims a useful phone number to call that would actually help them (and not just give an illusion to outsiders that help is actually available with these bogus groups - I mean how is social services or an Asian group going to help a Columbian stripper who is here in this country illegally with her whole family back home being threatened if she steps out of line?"

You can see we're not able to get out our phone number to victims using the National Trafficking Hotline nor the Human Trafficking Task Force in NJ - so how do we reach victims who need our help?  
If you made a list of every blog or site that those in the sex industry used to keep in communication with each like a "trade journal" you'd find they've all been shut down because of allegations of sex trafficking.  Backpage for one.  The Erotic Review.  Redbook, Rentboy, and the list goes on.  In other words, I propose Backpage is being attacked BECAUSE they're assisting Lois with finding juvenile sex trafficking victims, and BECAUSE I can put up an ad for Sex Workers Anonymous on their site and actually reach the eyes of adults who need our help also.  

Meaning I say the shutting down and attacks upon Backpage are NOT about "fighting sex trafficking" but in fact are tools of the traffickers being used to further entrap their victims.  Communication is one of the tools all predators use to disempower their victims.  I was kept isolated as a kid by my dad who didn't want anyone to find out what he was up to me with when we were alone.  You look at how the plantation owners were able to maintain control while being grossly outnumbered when it came to manpower.   They stopped the slaves from READING.  This is why many slaves resorted to singing - it was a way to communicate right under the slave owner's nose.

Hiring people who you think are so stupid they won't figure out what you're really up to was something even Kathryn Bolkovac has spoken about in her book/movie on the issue of sex trafficking the "Whistle Blower".

The company who hired her out of Nebraska of all places was Dynocorp.  They took her to a job overseas where all the people they hired would have a blind eye to the sex trafficking that was going on.  In her case, it backfired and she came home and wrote her book which became the movie "Whistle Blower".  

I bring up Dynocorp because I've seen many of their tactics which includes that of an "influencer".  I had a woman once appear out of nowhere.  Didn't know her from Adam.  She starts attacking me like a full-time job.  She was literally coming after me for 8 hours a day five days a week.  One of our SWA members dug into her online profile a bit and came back showing me a private message conversation between her and Dynocorp where they were sharing information with her about me which she could used for the next attack the next week  Dynocorp of course wanting me to jump out of the arena because if a victim knows they can call us for help - they can get out.  That's also why they keep shoving out into the public eye all these phony groups like Melissa Woodward!

If you want to know what an alcoholic is and how to get sober - you talk to Bill Wilson.  You want to know what adult sex trafficking is?  Talk to Jody Williams - founder of Prostitutes Anonymous now known as Sex Workers Anonymous 30 years and 500,000 plus one calls older.  If someone is telling you they're "helping sex trafficking victims" I don't care if they have 1000 friends.  There's something wrong with what's going on if you look around and don't see us or Children of the Night involved.  
Magicians do their magic using diversion, distraction, misdirecting - anything to get your eyes to go where they want your eye to go which is AWAY from what they're doing!  

So those attacking Backpage saying it's to "help fight child sex trafficking" Lois Lee is saying here it's not true.  So then why do it?  That's why - they're trying to shut down Backpage because it's like a trade journal for the sex industry and how it communicates with each other.  An industry who you can get on the phone with them and find a victim in two hours or less generally.

Hitler used the same tactics to gain control over the press by the way.  He used to say he was "fighting pornographers" when in reality it was him gaining control over the media machine because he knew if you controlled the media you controlled the minds.  This is why "free speech" is so important to the issue of sex trafficking.  No it's not okay to "give away" some of our free speech rights "in the interest of fighting child pornography".  Because Lois is right here saying that Backpage was one of her most effective tools in FINDING victims!

Any industry who claims to care about the alcoholic while shunning Bill, refusing to have AA involved, and actively bashing Bill Wilson to shreds is giving you some red flags it's not the alcoholic they're trying to help.  

Monday, August 1, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:

This woman faked having brain cancer.

Stephen Glass was a well-respected writer for the "New Republic" who was faking stories.

The best selling book about drug addiction "A Million Little Pieces" whose author was even on Oprah, was exposed also as a fraud.

Samoly Mam, a well celebrated award winning "sex trafficking survivor" turned out to also be a complete fraud.  In fact, she conned people out of millions of dollars in fact.

Just last year, the show "8 Minutes" on A&E was taken off the air because it was learned the whole so called "reality show" had in fact been staged, and faked.  The so called "rescue" they were offering didn't even exist in reality.   Meaning their so called "success stories" such as Lexie Smith were frauds also.  Yet Lexie Smith has spoken at Obama's home church in Florida thanks to Shared Hope about being a so called "survivor".

Fox has even won a lawsuit giving them the right to lie to the public - even to fire reporters for refusing to report things they know to be lies.  You can read more about this with the Fox vs. Snopes lawsuit.

I remind you of this before talking about the press release Point Loma had sent out saying they were "the first" to offer a scholarship in 2014 to sex trafficking victims.   They aren't.

Not only are they not the first person to offer a scholarship to sex trafficking victim, they're not the first to claim they're "the first".  Take a look at when Sabre for example also made that claim -  Also made in 2014.

The actual FIRST person I heard offering scholarships to sex trafficking victims of juveniles was Children of the Night.  Not only have they been putting their kids through college for decades now - I've actually attended some of those kids' graduation ceremony.  I've been invited because I've been referring any juvenile who calls our hotline since 1979 to Children of the Night for help because we work with adults.

Our program doesn't offer scholarships to adults anymore than Alcoholics Anonymous offers them to their members.  Our program however does teach it's members how to find their own way to get what they want.  So we have helped them through our mentoring to find scholarships available to them as women, the disabled, the LGBT community, people of color, abuse survivors, recovering addicts, or based on their good grades.  Meaning we take them to the directories of scholarships that are currently available and show them how to search out the ones they qualify for.  Then we work with them on the applications until they get the scholarships they are seeking.

ALL WITHOUT identifying this person for life as a "sex trafficking survivor".  Which in plain common English ALSO MEANS "having been a prostitute".

Does it work?  This is an interview with a member of ours who now has a master's degree.  She hasn't however told her associate's she used to be a trafficking victim.  She talks on this interview about how her mother is the one who "turned her out" in fact.

Do you know WHY she hasn't been so "up front" about her background?

Check out this professor who plagiarized a student -yet got tenure.,d.eWE

On the other side,  The same university who gave this member her degree, also refused this woman tenure, as well as treated her like this.  They also last year turned down for tenure a professor there who tried to start a study into how many women are trafficked exactly across the border.  In fact, no professor has received tenure working with trafficking victims since Dominique Roe Sepowitz has been at this university.  NOR has one single survivor of sex trafficking been picked to work on one single research project to do with sex trafficking in the whole state either.  Doesn't exactly send signals to women like our member here that coming forward with one's past is exactly going to help them step up the ladder for THEMSELVES.

In fact, we've had a lot of women get their degrees in colleges who were "up front" about being "survivors" only to then find themselves denied jobs and tenure.  The woman in the interview by the way is now on welfare because she can't even get a job despite having a master's degree, and being clean and out of the sex industry since 1992!

THIS is why she's declined to state her name for the interview.  She's trying to find a job after I referred her to another woman who lived in her town to get a bottle of shampoo and food.  Oh I take that back - THAT survivor is doing quite well for herself now as a stated "survivor".  The only thing is she's got a job now where she's making money for people like Point Loma, Beauty for Ashes, and Sabre are doing - by raising money to help trafficking survivors!  SHE gets work while other survivors around her are on welfare and can't

There are many scholarships for which our members have qualified over the years they've been able to apply for without slapping a label on themselves for life as a "sex trafficking survivor".  We view our members' past in the sex industry as just that - in the past.  Not something that you put a label on yourself as a victim in order to get your college paid for.

There's a reason why we do this.  Before I go too much further, let me ask you this . . can you name me a senator or congress person who is a sex trafficking survivor?  How about the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?  Steve Sassa, the once CEO of Hearst Media, was fired for texting a prostitute.  But let me ask you this - can you name me ONE CEO of ANY company with revenues in the millions who is a publicly identified sex trafficking survivor?

In fact, let me ask you to name me one person who is a "known" survivor who has been placed into any position of power and prestige in this country please.  Speaking as a person who has been a public survivor for over 30 years now - not everyone is so gracious about one's past as you'd think.  I invite you to check out some of these national talk shows I appeared on in order to promote our hotline for others to call for help.  I was the first person to not only speak about sex trafficking on these national shows, but also to offer our hotline for victims to call for help as adults.

If you think this "isn't an issue" then let me ask you this question - has Obama been photographed with ONE SEX TRAFFICKING SURVIVOR?  Yes, he's been photographed with a HUMAN trafficking survivor before.  I've seen him photographed with someone forced to be a maid, forced to be a farm worker, etc.  But I have not seen one single solitary photo of ANY president with someone who was "sex trafficked" as a prostitute.

I have however seen a whole big scandal about Clinton simply being photographed with two current prostitutes who work with Dennis Hof.  These two women are quite celebrated in fact.  But as prostitutes.  They're not OUT.

After each of these shows aired - I came home to find myself evicted and fired.  After the first Sally show I did, I not only was fired and evicted - but I came home to find "whore" spray painted on my front door by my landlord's son.  Then I went down to the garage to find my tires had been slashed.  I assure you that the people at the TV studio called me a "hero" but when I went back to the "real world" people are very clear they don't want you working or living near them when you have a past in sex work.

I am not unique.  On the Donahue show, you'll see I came on with a man and a woman who were members of our program to speak about how we had helped them to escape the streets.  Both of them were fired after this show.  The blond woman's husband attacked her when the show aired and they are now divorced.

The man had an informant set him up on a drug sales charge that he was later acquitted of when the snitch admitted he'd framed the guy.  The attorney who defended him was later disbarred also.  Seems they don't take well to men of color claiming they were set up by the government on phony drug charges and then other men of color speaking up for them.   They've both also been audited by the IRS.  My ex-husband, who is also a "known" ex-prostitute and recovering addict, works as a drug counselor now and also volunteers at a public radio station.  A public radio station who has also been audited by the IRS and the Attorney General's office.

I would like to remind you that Linda Lovelace did extensive speaking out against the porn industry in her work with the Meese Commission.  She was the first woman to come forward and confess about being trafficked on the adult film set of "Deep Throat".  The woman even pointed to the bruises on her legs in both the pool and bathtub scene as proof she'd been forced at gunpoint to make the film by her pimp/husband who later went on to found the Gun Store in Las Vegas after "managing" two other of his wives in porn.

After doing extensive campaigning against the porn industry, her health began to suffer.  Her pimp had kicked her often in her organs with his cowboy boots and forced her to do drugs.  So when she needed an organ transplant and didn't have health insurance because she didn't have a job BECAUSE of her extensive campaigning against porn - she turned to people like Gloria Steinhem, Edwin Meese, and those who she'd been working with on this anti-porn campaign for help with her medical bills.  All she needed was $10,000 back then for the transplant.

Everyone refused to help her.  She was forced to make an adult film to pay for her transplant in the end.

I myself have been fired so many times because of my TV appearances, as well as denied work because of who I am now the internet can pull up my name in two seconds, that I had to start working freelance jobs 26 years ago BECAUSE no one would hire me.  As a matter of act, I even applied to work at the Children of the Night hotline where they know I"m a survivor also.  I was refused the job.

So if you think I'm over-stating how people are not exactly the nicest of people to you once they find out you're a survivor of sex trafficking - then I"m going to ask you two questions to think about in all seriousness.

1.  How was Linda Lovelace treated by society after she came forward as a survivor MONETARILY or career wise?  She had to resort to doing a porn film to pay for her transplant because NO ONE WOULD HIRE HER.  No one donated money to HER foundation to help save others from pornography.  They coughed up a lot of checks to people like Gloria, Edwin Meese, and others who were NON-SURVIVORS - but as for LINDA - how was SHE treated?  Did she even so much as get a big funeral when she died?  Young I'd like to add because after she had to go back into porn she also wound up drinking and using again.

Just a side note, Marilyn Chambers also died fairly young with drugs in her system also.  She had also tried to learn porn when she got clean - but no one would hire her for anything.

2.  How am I treated?  I'm a survivor.  I've been obviously going on TV and speaking out as a survivor, and trying to help others for going on 30 years now.  HOW AM I TREATED?  Is anyone offering me jobs?  Anyone offering me a big check to set up a foundation or even the work we are doing now?  Anyone putting me on TV?  Anyone returning my phone calls for that matter?  I'm not even invited to be a part of this "Center for Justice" at Point Loma.  The last dealings I had with Beauty for Ashes, their founder was running around telling everyone who'd listen to her I was some kind of "con artist".  Why?  I have no clue.  She just up and blocked me from her group when she found out I was there and then started telling people who asked why it was because I "was a con artist".  I've got independent research done into my work that's very positive that was published in reports such as "Leaving Prostitution" and a book by John Quinones.  I've got testimonials in their own words up at sites like    So I have no clue why she'd say those things.  Nor why Beth Jacobs tells anyone who will listen that I'm a "pimp" either for that matter.

But my point being - I'm a public survivor and how am I treated by others in general?

Have any of you as a matter of fact even invited me to one of your events - let alone offered me any type of job or show of support for the now 500,000 calls our hotline has now taken over 30 years?

I would like to add that those who don't know I'm a "survivor" treat me just fine by the way.

This isn't just about me or even Linda for that matter.

I've gone to many of the survivors who have done press talking about their past as a survivor.  They each have told me stories of being fired, evicted, losing friends, being shut out of potential jobs, and even not being able to find a date when they're single.  This week I spoke to a woman who told me for two years now she's been unable to find work because of the news clips online related to her not only being a survivor, but also talking about how she was the first person to set up an outreach connected to our program in Canada.  She had set up not only the first SWA meeting in 1991 in Canada - but also the first street outreach, drop-in crisis center, etc.   Now in 2016 she's lost an engagement, can't find a job, and just learned her nephew committed suicide.  She has family who still have a strained relationship with her because of her past as a sex trafficking victim.

I didn't have a choice but to go on those national TV shows talking about my past to promote our hotline.  The very idea and concept of "sex trafficking" didn't even exist back in 1987.  The only way TO get word out to help others, and to build the foundation leading to federal recognition when the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed WAS for me to go onto national media to tell my story.  The internet didn't even exist back in 1987 - meaning national TV was the only route to go to get this movement started, and to let victims know where to reach help.

But you know what?  Today people know sex trafficking IS REAL.  Laws DO EXIST now.  There's more than one hotline today both adults and juveniles can call for help.  We have safe houses now.  Police are now trained this is very real.  So the need to "raise awareness" is over.  I can call a housewife in Nebraska and she'll tell me she knows sex trafficking is "real".  I say that because I called a random housewife in Nebraska and she told me she is aware it's real - so the "awareness" has been "raised".

When I started all of this, I had people all over me claiming I was lying also.  Just as I'd seen them do with Linda when she tried to tell the public it was real.  To make sure I'd be believed - I not only was very public about my arrest record to prove I was a real victim, but I further denied all movie and book offers.  Had I accepted them - then the public would have said "she's just doing this for the money".  In fact, at one point in 1991, I went onto the Joan Rivers show with a million dollars in contracts being offered me to tell my trafficking story and I tore up those contracts on her show.  When Joan asked me why I'd do that - I told her that if I did accept the money then "no one would believe me".  Without "believing me" we wouldn't have the laws in place now giving this issue federal recognition in the first place.

Right now there's a lawsuit in the Illinois federal court, Backpage vs. Tom Dart, alleging that sex trafficking "isn't even real".  That "the whole thing is fake" in fact.

Now because the media, and people, lie, when I hear about something that might be useful to our members, or anyone coming out of sex work for any reason for that matter, I would love to be able to recommend that to callers to our hotline.  But before I recommend anything to anyone - I check it out for myself.

For example, when Kevin Brown's assistant called me saying he was "operating a rescue" and was asking me to refer women needing help to them I asked to see this "rescue" for myself with my own eyes.  I never heard from him again until I got a call in May of 2016 from a woman telling me she'd been paid $200 to "pretend to be a victim" with her husband being paid another $200 to "pretend to be her trafficker" on the show "8 Minutes".

Now imagine how bad it would have been if I'd referred anyone to that operation without insisting upon checking it out first with my own eyes?

So when I heard Point Loma had a scholarship offering right in San Diego - I called them up about it.  I asked for information on it for our members.  In fact, I'm short about two classes myself from getting my degree and I need financial assistance, so I even told the woman I spoke to at Point Loma I'd like to find out about the scholarship more for myself even as well as on behalf of the members of Sex Workers Anonymous.

To put into perspective the number of people who call our hotline - we average five times MORE calls than Polaris.  Their hotline is for "sex trafficking victims".  Our hotline is for ANYONE who wants to quit for ANY reason - trafficked or not trafficked.  Meaning we also get calls from those who don't have pimps and who aren't trafficked.  We've even relocated our headquarters to Los Angeles.  We have a chapter in San Diego ever since Sharon started one (the blond on the Donahue show on the link above).

Point Loma's response?


I never got a returned call.

I never got information sent to us about their program.

In fact, they never got back to me at all.  Not on behalf of our program wanting information for our members or callers to our hotline NOR for myself personally.  I'm a documented sex trafficking victim and I've got over 60 college units and I'd like to finish getting my degree.  The ONLY thing in my way is money.

So why not me?

Yet this week I read an article about a recipient of this grant at Point Loma.

Now am I saying she's "fake" or they're "lying" about offering a scholarship?  No I'm not.

I don't know what to think because no one from there has returned our calls.  Not for me to apply for the scholarship.  Not for me to let those calling our hotline know more about it.

So I don't know what to think about that.

Meaning this letter is an official written request for Point Loma to let me know more about this situation.

This blog goes out to about 190,000 men and women who are all at some stage of coming out of the sex industry.  I would love to hear their answer about why this woman is graduating off their scholarship - but when I called to start the process going so that I could not only apply for this scholarship, but so that others could also, we couldn't even get the courtesy of a response.

I have recordings of the calls, and copies of the emails, if anyone would like to document that I did in fact ask them about this more when they announced they were offering scholarships to survivors.

So Point Loma - what's up?

Further, to the reporter on this article I'd like to know if they saw grade transcripts on this person and met them to see if the information behind this story is in fact true.

I'd also like to further ask Point Loma why they felt it necessary to publish the photograph of this survivor, along with her name, online?  When our experience over 30 years now has shown consistently that the majority of those who are public about their status as a survivor have reported that it inhibits their ability to find work, to obtain decent housing, and to even have positive personal relationships - I'd like to know why they felt it important to "out" this woman in this way online that will now follow her for life as she tries and use that degree to advance her life.

So Point Loma - can you tell me why you would use her name and image in that manner to promote your school knowing it may harm her for YEARS on down the road as it has many survivors I'm speaking to, including myself, who report this is more the norm than the exception?

You can reach me at (702) 488-1127 or   Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Jody Williams

PS - I'm not reprinting the article here with that survivor's photo and name for obvious reasons.  But I did see it yesterday on Facebook.