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In 1988, Joe Conforte, the man who owned the Mustang Ranch legal brothel in Nevada, decided he wanted to expand the brothels into California, and further into the larger cities of Nevada.  At that time they were still only located in the small rural towns they're in now and this was long before Dennis Hof had even bought his first brothel.  At that time, I think there was maybe three brothels in the whole state, or the whole  USA for that matter, if I remember correctly.

Now HIV/AIDS was raging at the time.  Certainly not a good time to be talking about expanding brothels right?  Depends on how you market it.  I heard Joe had plunked down $1,000,000 to a PR firm in California and that he was having a Bill or Act (I'm not a political science major I can't remember what it was exactly - but it was a law he was having passed).

Now to get people to vote for this, that's why he put this money up with the PR firm.  I get the call to come onto TV against him.  The FCC had l…