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About Norma Hotaling, now that she's passed on, I am not breaking any confidences here by what I'm going to say.  Please note this news clip and what it says about Norma.  She "turned herself in to the police in 1989" and proceeded to kick drugs.  She kicked drugs in jail because this country was having an HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1989 and no one in hospitals, or treatment programs, wanted us anywhere near them if they thought we were "prostitutes".

This was but one of the many things I was trying to change when launching our international hotline, and 12 step program, in 1987.  If you look at the news clips I have at you'll find the date 1987 listed on them.   Our first meeting and launch date was August 15, 1987 in fact.

Norma contacted me before founding SAGE.  She got a copy of the draft of our "Recovery Guide" and was in regular phone contact with …