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Monday, October 12, 2015


Before I go into this - if you need help to leave the sex industry in any way for any reason - contact

And here we go again . . . .

On October 10, 2015, I wrote this letter to Congo Justice asking to attend the meeting    that's scheduled to be held on October 30th. 

On October 12th - I got this response from them -

If people want to know why I'm frustrated and angry lately - read my response back to them to this blow-off -

Congo Justice has at the bottom of the announcement of the meeting they received TWO grants from the Dept. of Justice to hold this meeting.  Now I don't know if this meeting has been canceled or not because according to their website - it appears to still be happening - not "postponed".  I see no announcement of it being postponed online.  Not like I'm not being lied to a lot by people surrounding these issues either - so excuse me if I would like to see some type of actual evidence this meeting is actually being "postponed" or if I'm just being blown off from attending.

Mind you - I once had the Nevada Attorney General's secretary, during the time they were trying to pass AB67, actually send me that email that said "we're not working on any bills concerning human trafficking" when they kept refusing to send me hearing dates on AB67 so we could attend also.   It's a little hard to register an objection to a bill when NO ONE WILL TELL YOU WHEN AND WHERE THE HEARINGS ARE.

From what I see - this meeting is still happening on October 30th.  So I have sent a copy of the correspondence to Joseph Husted who according to the DOJ website is in charge of the grant issues for Nevada and we'll see what happens from there.

I also found a Linkedin for Patricia Spencer.  The news says she's the new head of the task force.  However, if one goes onto Google and types in the key words "sex trafficking" and "Las Vegas" one is not going to easily find help.  I will address that in another post - but my point being that Nevada has received a considerable amount of money by grants and donations to DO SOMETHING about this issue.  Prior to 2007 - something WAS being done about this issue.  It was also being done without one single grant or fund raiser.  Meaning the more money that's been thrown to certain people - the less help these victims are getting because things need to CHANGE.  Something that I'd like to address at the meeting supposedly scheduled to be held on October 30th - that I'm now being told was "postponed" without being told a definite date.

Now considering my last interactions with Congo Justice - you'll have to forgive me for being a little suspicious about whether even that is true.  I'll go into that in another post.  But I sent off an email to Patricia Spencer - and we'll see if she's a "new sheriff in town" hopefully soon.

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