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First of all - ask yourself if you're seeing anyone in support of not shutting down the brothels that's an EX-EMPLOYEE?   I see the young girls who haven't worked there a month.  Okay, then where are the women who have worked in these places since 1973 and what do they have to say about them?  As far as I can tell scouring the internet for hours, the only interview I've found with someone who no longer is in the industry talking about what it was like for her is Aubrey

After giving this interview, and testifying at the Nevada legislature against the brothel's expansion into Vegas, she had her power turned off for 3 days, her car stolen, everything in her home stolen or destroyed, and then she got a phone call that if she ever "opened her mouth again or came back to Nevada, her and her childrens' throats would be cut".  She recognized the voice and it …


You have to realize these "sex trafficking task forces" didn't use to exist at all.  Understand back in the 1970's and early 1980's the whole idea was considered on the same exact level as we consider UFO abductions today.  

If you were to talk about an "organized group of men who network with each other all over the world in order to maintain control over the women they manage/own" they would look at you no different than you saying you had been abducted by aliens.

Then to say you wanted to have a system set up where someone who is dealing with this can get help to get away from them and get to safety and that it further has to be set up so these guys can't come find you and drag you back or murder you so that you don't testify against them was received then the same way as if I said to you now that I'm being abducted by aliens nightly and I need a number I can call where someone will come out and protect me from them and stop them from taki…