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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Look carefully at this case general public.  I've been trying to warn you for a while now that a multinational trafficking operation that has one link in the chain in Nevada has been doing a lot more than just trafficking the prostitutes.  They also attract in wealthy, famous, and/or powerful "johns".  Then they are drugged and robbed.  Their bank accounts sometimes get hacked into.  One of them told me they tried to rob his Amex card for $60,000.  Another told me they got him for $140,000.

When they go to the police - they are cautioned that "if this hits the press - it could ruin either (1) your career, (2) your marriage, (3) your reputation" to convince them to not press charges.  When they go to the DA's office - they usually wind up threatened with some kind of charge filed against them.

We saw a beautiful set-up with Donald Burns by the way.  He was cautioned not to go to the police.  Because of his wealth and status - he managed to push the issue.  What did they do?  The police and DA convinced him that he could file charges under his initials so his name wouldn't come out.  You want to know the truth?  Anything said about him prior to this case could have been silenced with a defamation lawsuit.  Any photos could have been silenced with an invasion of privacy order.  The ONLY way not to stop the truth coming out about him and men was to have it BE PUBLIC RECORD.

Teofil has said he was part of a network.  Has the network been investigated?  The blackmail threats came over text.  Have they proved it came from his actual phone and not hacked?  It's very easy by the way to spoof a text that appears to be from your phone.  I've had it done to me by the traffickers to prove they can do it.  I had them report my rental car stolen that I almost got shot over before it was sorted out by the company the car wasn't stolen.

Now they're discussing charges against Lamar.  He supposedly lost $75,000 at that brothel mysteriously and the cash is out of his pocket.  I'm sure there's going to be the threats to charge him to get him to back off saying he was rolled.  The brothel did not "follow the law" nor protocal.  When he showed up too high to drive - the MINUTE they left him alone they were guilty of negligence and possible homicide if he had died.

The ONLY reason you heard about this case is because the paramedics were called and this leaked to the press.  This kind of thing is happening all over this country right now and I've received call after all not only from prostitutes telling me they're being threatened by cops - but by the "johns" telling me they're being robbed - and then the chain of command in our legal system are silencing them from prosecuting.

I'll tell you who needs to get involved.  The banks that are being hacked and robbed by these rings because the clients are being threatened into not reporting these thefts.  I have been trying to get someone from Internal Affairs in Nevada and California to speak to me about the evidence we have in these matters - and I'm not hearing the phone ring.

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