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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


We need the system in place that we have to make this country work.  The system we have is why if someone is breaking into your home at midnight you can call 911 - and within minutes someone is there to help you.  If there's a drunk driver weaving down the street - the police will ticket them, the court will sentence them - and we have one less drunk driver on the street.

We have a system that WORKS. Until the Telecommunications Act of 1995 that is.  Why?  Because our country has always worked on the very basic premise that people are as honest as you MAKE them.  This is why we were granted the right to bear arms - not to hunt, not even for self-protection - but to ARM OURSELVES AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT.  I didn't say that - the CONSTITUTION says that.  Look it up.  

Noam Chomsky has said that "propaganda to democracy is like guns to a dictatorship".  Meaning what?  Meaning that people in a democracy are controlled by propaganda just like a dictator uses a gun to force consent.  This is why he calls the manipulation of the media "manufacturing consent".  I want everyone to understand first of all we would NOT HAVE this sex trafficking movement had I started in after 1995.  The reason we're even talking about this, the reason there's not legal brothels all over California and all over the state of Nevada right now is because of the laws in place prior to 1995.  When Joe Conforte stepped up to appear on talk shows to convince the public to support him expansion of the brothels outside of those tiny little counties they're in now - the law required that there be an "opposing viewpoint" on that show.  

I was called.  No one else wanted to go up against him because of his "reputation".  I wasn't even sure if I should piss him off.  But I wanted to promote our hotline.  One of the producers told me "you're not going to piss him off - if you don't appear we don't have a show".  That's different.  Joe shook my hand when we first met and it was made clear that my being there was allowing him to go on air.  He figured that him bragging about the money while the women on the stage with him bragging about how much fun it was would convince people.  

I decided not to wear sunglasses or a wig.  I wanted to look right into the camera and let people see my eyes.  I stuck entirely to the truth.  People are not stupid.  They know the truth when they hear it.  At the end of the year, despite Joe's $1,000,000 he paid a PR company, and despite his "rigged HIV test" he bought from a university to make it appear that "no brothel prostitute has HIV" - there are no brothels in California, or Las Vegas.  

Did I get a parade?  Brass band?  Nope.  I have looked back at other heroes that I don't know if America truly appreciates.  Before Rudolph Guiliani stepped up - the Mob controlled this country.  Bottom line - they controlled everything everywhere.  The story I read online was he was tired of people associating Italians with the Mob and decided someone had to do something.  He then went to get himself a task force to shut them down.

Now you have to realize that movies like the Godfather were done to support this work.  Look at all the press like that film, the Untouchables on TV, and all those TV shows, films, news reports, etc. - all supporting the war on shutting down the "old school Mafia".  Charles Bronson played Valachi in the Valachi Papers making him appear as a hero, not a rat, for being the first person to really testify against a significant amount of players in the mob to bring them down.

But trace everything back to the bringing down out of power of the "old school Italian Mob" and you find Rudolph Giuliani.  However, even that wouldn't have worked had it also not been paired with the Frank Lucas case.  Why?  The Italians didn't like the idea of drugs.  They didn't mind gambling, prostitution and bootlegging.  The mob liked to think of what they did was "victimless crimes".  Things like horse betting, booze, broads, etc.  

But when it came to hard core drugs like heroin - that they left to the African American community.  The movie "American Gangster" did a very good job at telling a very complicated story.  It also showed that Frank Lucas set up a criminal empire that basically appeared "invisible" to the outward society.  He didn't have "crack houses".  He had auto body shops, pizza parlors, and store fronts set up so that "deliveries" appeared to be like every other delivery.  Drug dealers had office hours just like any business man.  He also used family members.

I've talked before that the family I was sucked up into being with in the late 1970's was related to Richard Pryor.  Now he's been open about his mother being a prostitute in his grandmother's brothel.  This is a "family business" just as the Italian mobsters had.  Rock, the guy who was my "man" for a few years in that family struggled because he was told growing up he could be one of two things - a drug dealer or a pimp.  He had two sides of this "family" that he had to make a choice when he was 18 growing up - he could go with one to be a pimp or the other to be a dealer.  Why the separate back then?  (Today it's different - with the money laundering laws the "family" started record companies.  Record companies where they can easily hide the criminal money now and "launder" it.  So actually if he was coming up today - his third option would be to become a rapper.)

Those running the prostitution businesses in the 1970's like to keep the drugs separate from the prostitution that's why.  However, that changed in the 1980's.  The men I met when I first walked into that club who were the pimps at first bragged to me about how they didn't do drugs.  The two didn't start mixing until we had the CIA stepping in with the drugs - NOT the Italian mob.  They liked to keep the two separate also.  But the CIA needed to get the drugs out of the warehouses where they had the gang kids processing it - into the homes of the Hollywood elite.

That's where we came in.  The one interconnected link was the escorts at those parties.  The ladies could put the drugs into their purses and walk them right into the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Right past the security gate at the entrance of Bel Air.  There was no way some Blood or Crip could drive their car past that gate at the bottom of the hill to get into Bel Air.  The drugs spread like a virus in the 1980's.

When I met Nick, the bartender/pimp at the club, he wasn't doing drugs.  He was a handsome Smokey Robinson lookalike.  The man had 10 women working under him.  Women would flock around the bar just to talk to him at the club.  But Sheri brought him home some cocaine one night.  A few months later Nick beat her unconscious - putting her into the hospital.  Then he locked himself into his room for three straight days smoking cocaine.  Finally he stepped out of his room, walked down the street about a block, then sat down on a curb and blasted his brains out.

I wanted out - but how do I get out when these people don't let you leave?  Arrests started happening.  Out of the pimps/drug dealers who didn't go to prison - the other ones ran like cockroaches for cover.  Weldon split the state.  Larry I was told got 10 years in prison for transporting drugs.  So one by one the men who had imprisoned me were gone.  That's why I thanked Richie Roberts today for those arrests.  I wanted you to watch "American Gangster" again and truly understand he didn't have to just arrest drug dealers.  He had to also go up against a great deal of corruption.  While in reality he was  hero - he sure wasn't called one by a lot of men in uniform back then.  

But holes in power creates a vacuum that has to be filled.  When the old school mob was gone, and the people connected to Frank Lucas was gone - that left who to step in?  What I saw was the cops step in.  My phone rang about a "new escort service in town" that wanted to meet with me.  Those men were LAPD.  Seeing I was now "independent" - they called to tell me they were the "new sheriff in town" literally.  Meaning it was LAPD who was now  running an escort service called "Talk of the Town" was the sign on the door.  

An escort service connected to the "Dating Game".  They showed me the whole set-up - how women were filmed on their "audition tapes" for the show which made their portfolio.  Then producers, directors, etc. could just come look at the pictures and take their pick.  Rewatch "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and see what Chuck is trying to tell us when he shows how that show was sending women on "dates" in other countries.  Now you see how they were getting women out of the country without arousing any suspicion.  They were going on a chaperoned date with "The Dating Game".  Only you'll notice not any of those dates were filmed and sent back home.  You don't know what happened to some of those women on the other end of the trip - I do.

I remember being called into the offices of "Talk of the Town" where I was explained that because "cops were running things now" that as long as I worked with them that I "would never be arrested".  I'm not kidding you about that night going home to turn on a James Cagney movie where he was talking about how you "can't trust a dirty cop".  

What got me out of all of this was connected to the arrests being done in connection with Rudolph Guilini and Richie Roberts.  The closest thing I've seen today was when Daniel Bogden started doing the arrests of Rick Rizzolo and the "G Sting" arrests.  People have to realize that when arrests start going down - a lot of other people run for the hills.  They pack up shop and leave.  That alone, combined with the actual arrests - means a lot of victims are let go of.  

Think of this like when you were in school.  You had the "cool hip" crowd.  Then you had the fringe outcasts.  The street level of crime - street drugs, street prostitution - that's like those fringe outcasts.  The "cool kids" are like this organized, network of crime.  You can take out those from the fringe groups yeah - but you won't touch the "cool kids".  The difference between street prostitution and actual sex trafficking is like that.  They are connected to in some manner protection.  Think about it this way - when Eliot Spitzer was seeing Ashley Dupre - do you think that escort service was going to be arrested?  Not a chance.  It wasn't.  Eliot was exposed by a leaked tape - not an arrest.  

But now we're back talking about the power of the press.  Chris Butler would not have been arrested if not for the power of the press.  If you look at the bringing down of Pablo Escobar - would that have happened without the "power of the press"?  Let me ask you something - would you know that 40 students went missing in Mexico without the press coverage?  Oh wait - we're not hearing anything about that now are we?  

If you take a leg off a table - what happens?  The table can't stand.  Prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - I had public service announcements running on radio and TV all night.  I had a weekly cable show where I brought on victims to tell their stories.  Then I sent the tapes to other public access channels and we aired them around the country.   When people like Joe went onto TV - he couldn't appear without me coming on to "counter" his opinion - or someone else at least.  In his case the only one who would was me - so I got a lot of coverage because of this.  If you look at the news clippings at you'll see they suddenly pretty much stop in the 1990's.  Why is that?

Because not only did that Telecommunications Act wipe out the free air time, and the countering viewpoint air time - but it also gave corporations the ability to buy up whole blocks of media.  If you take a look at how NBC, Universal, Sony, etc. are all basically one big corporation - go on take a look.  See how much media just that one block is.  Now you're getting an idea why when I say I have a list of reporters telling me they can't print anything about what's going on right now with respect to sex trafficking - that's a lot of media.

Honestly - I have high hopes that's what's going on with Chris Hanson.  If you watch Chris Hanson interviewing Chief Gillispie in Las Vegas for "Vegas Undercover" what you see if EVERY SINGLE THING Chris was given to film was staged.  Absolutely identical to what would happen if you were to go to North Korea and ask to film their police at work.  I had tried reaching out to Chris then - but I knew he'd never be allowed to air our work in Vegas because the producers were NBC.  They didn't WANT the truth.  What did he do about it?  He's left.  He went after crowd funding so he can film another "predator" series HIS way.  I am crossing my fingers here because what we're witnessing with Chris' new show is a man attempting to bring us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Why?  Because he knows this is about our CHILDREN.  It's about US.  

Last May of 2014 I had put the RV at the Malibu RV Park.  Why?  Gated security.  Lots of security cameras.  Lots of people to see you as neighbors walking by.  It was safe IN the park.  Suddenly at 10:00 p.m. I had a corrupt officer threatening me.  He came out to the RV, yanked my black tank hose out, and then said he was "going to call the health department to come out and tow the RV as a health risk" if I didn't drive out onto Pacific Coast Highway on a Friday night when other police had just shut down the highway under the guise of a "drunk stop".

There's no cameras out there on the highway.  Anything could happen to me out there vs. where I was at the moment there at least was a security camera on me with people all around me to witness anything wrong doing.  I don't know what might have been planned for me out there - but it was clear he wanted me to leave that security to go out onto a dark vacant highway where anything could happen.  Like hell I was going to go out there.  

We had called 911 - and  second cop showed up.  He was witnessing this.  This second officer was just standing there.  I asked him his name because he was a witness.  But as this other cop is threatening me - the second cop is just standing there doing nothing.  I turned to him and said "are you going to let him do this?"  He says nothing and just looks at his shoes.  Mind you - he's the cop I had called when this first cop started yanking hoses out of my RV to come help me.  

Evil can't exist unless good people stand back and let it happen.  Now I know what he's thinking - why should I risk my pension to stop this.  I don't care about this lady.  The problem is just that - what about when they do come after you?

When I was telling people about Assemblyman John Hambrick in Nevada bullying and intimidating me - no one cares.  Now he's supposedly bullying his way into being speaker - another Assemblyman is now saying "it's a problem".  But if people had come and done something about it in 2013 - maybe he wouldn't have gotten so far as to bully his way into being speaker.  Now what?  

Nobody wants to take crap anymore.  Do you think Rudolph didn't hear a bunch of lip about "attacking his own kind?"  I remember hearing whole churches criticizing Martin Luther King.  They said he was "pandering to the media" or "chasing the ladies".  Take a look at the guff that Rickie Roberts got for what he did to bring down the Frank Lucas ring!  You can see his personal life was in a shambles.  His wife left him.  Look at Serpico - he had to leave the country for a while after his bravery.  Which means being a hero means taking crap.  Just like the crap I take.  I keep hearing people saying "oh she's unstable" and oh she's this and that.  So what?  I'm going to let that stop me?  If I had waited until I was "perfect" - we still wouldn't be seeing the trafficking movement then would we?  Heroes aren't "perfect" - they're people who just DO SOMETHING.  

Right now there are women who are being forced to work in the sex industry against their will.  That woman in Pasadena says that when she stepped up and said "no" - she was carted off out of her home by two Pasadena police officers.  When an attorney was hired to help her expunge the cases - he was threatened.  When I went to her to help - I was threatened.  A judge has ordered an "audit" of the Pasadena police.  It's been done.  It's also now been "redacted".  

So what now?  Can she leave knowing these people are still there and can still do anything to her they want if she does?  Is the machine still there in place to frame her for something else?  Sure it is.  I have watched how they operated.  I've watched the whole set-up right now to the fake "Renuka McGovern" who can get into all your online groups, talk to all your online friends, read everything you write, and talk to everyone you know.  

Now I see why that Pasadena cop was bragging he could "frame someone for homicide".  Now the question is - what are we going to do about this?  Who is going to be our "hero"?  I knocked on Kamala Harris' door asking her to look into this case. She's bailing - running for senate.

So who is our hero now?

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