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Dear Mr. Spiegel:
I’m writing you on behalf of Warner Brothers wanting to thank you for firing Charlie Sheen.  I’ve suffered for 30 years now at the hands of that man and I’ve had to suffer in silence.  My name is Jody Williams and I outlined the situation in a blog post here about Charlie and my group Sex Workers Anonymous.
When this woman became too ill to work at a job other than escorting back in the late 1980’s - I took her into my home and cared for her until such time as she had to go into hospice.  Her family took over from there who had been estranged from her because of her choice to be an escort back in the 1980’s.  She had dated Charlie in high school and evidently they had been “childhood sweethearts”.  When I wasn’t getting calls back from her family, and didn’t know how to care for her - I reached out to Charlie myself.  I was threatened with all kinds of legal and c…