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In the old mining days - miners used to send a canary into the mine ahead of humans.  If the canary died - they knew there was a gas leakage and to get out of there.  So the term "canary in the mine" is the smallest weakest one is your warning sign.

Hitler didn't rise overnight.  He started out gaining control over the press by attacking the pornographers.  No one cared about them.  So they let the freedom of speech and press go - and he gained control over the media.

He didn't start up with the gas chambers.  He started with a group of disabled and retarded children no one cared about because they were in a home.  No one cared and let it go.  Then he put the Jews into the Ghetto.  When no one complained - then he knew no one would care if they were gone.

"Prostitutes" are the canary in the mine.  Take a look at this case.  Another police offi…