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Curriculum Vitae for Jody Williams
Past Experience Taking a special “equivalency exam” I was able to leave high school and enter community college at 16 years of age. My father stole my college money however, forcing me to find part-time work to continue my education. My goal was to become a psychologist and writer. I found a cocktail waitress job at a local nightclub which turned out to be a front to launder prostitution and drug money for a “generational” family spoken of by Richard Pryor. He speaks of coming from a family where his mother was a prostitute, and his grandmother the madam.
With Richard's entertainment connections – it was natural to think of a club where they could explain where all the money was coming from. The “family” as we called them explained they wanted someone to train who would be able to lease houses in areas such as Bel Air, and open business accounts that would have been impossible in…