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 First of all, it's not always a "gang crime".  I'm sorry but I witnessed Iran Contra in the 1980's when the gangs were blamed for drugs.  I also watched as the Juvenile Justice Act was passed in 1974 shortly before.  So I have lived through a government run conspiracy where African American gangs were blamed for their actions they were forced into by poverty and discrimination once before.   The JJA had dealers targeting juveniles to run and sell drugs by giving them a slap on the wrist.  Suddenly I'm seeing parents getting their children to run and sell the drugs.  My mother worked at the juvenile courts and would tell me what was going on back then while I at 14, was being approached by dealers to get involved in drug and gun crime.  My mom scared me out of it - but no one warned us about sex trafficking.  So when I saw d…



Those who have read my blog before, know that I have written Kamala Harris many times over the last two years asking her, or someone from her office, to speak to me about information that I have in black and white, along with cases that have been convicted in other states already, about a trafficking ring where it's based out of Pasadena, California - only to not receive one single response back saying "I'd like to see what  you have".  This is coming from a hotline, program, and survivor who has been in this field for over 30 years and is in fact considered to be the founder of the modern sex trafficking movement within the USA itself as I was the first calling out for this to receive federal recognition back in the 1980's.  Not just to be recognized - but to have our system change to help victims.

Now I know that a tape recorded in California without two p…


Since people are running for office - I'm going to state my personal experiences with them.  As for Kamala Harris - I have nothing to say.  I wouldn't know anything about her because she never responds to any of my requests to speak to her.

Remember, I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  You can verify this by checking news clippings at  Not my self-reporting.  Not a claim.  But news clippings in paper newspapers that can be researched as having actually come out in 1987 showing that I was the first person who not only stated that sex trafficking in the USA was REAL - but also demanding that our whole system change in order to help us instead of treating us like criminals.

So put it in these terms - in the alcohol treatment history Bill Wilson is the founder.  He came out when everyone thought alcoholism was a matter of "will power" or "a lack of moral fiber".  No one believed that alcoholism was a d…


The reason I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement was because we can not call 911 for help.  I wasn't calling for more funding for homeless shelters.  I wasn't calling for more funding for cops to form bigger "task forces" (excuse me but doesn't anyone know that pimping was ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW in 1987!!!).  What I was calling for was a RESTRUCTURING of our system to acknowledge we (1) can't call the police for help, and (2) if we do then we wind up dead.

So you can put up all the billboards you want asking people to call Polaris who then in turn does WHAT?   They call CALL THE POLICE.   Or Truckers against Trafficking who DOES WHAT?  TELLS YOU TO CALL THE POLICE!  Like duh if you haven't figured out that just about everyone from 18 months old on up knows to call 911 for help, and that the REASON for the movement was because 911 DOES NOT HELP  - then you haven't got what this movement was about.

So I'm going to cite here reasons wh…