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After I was freed from my own trafficking situation, I returned to sex work as an "outlaw" as they were called in my day.   When word spread I was working as a "free agent", that's when a LAPD owned prostitution operation tried to get me to work with them.  I refused and they slapped me into jail as a "set up".  Five minutes after coming home from the Beverly Hills police station on bail, I got a call from them letting me know it was them who set me up.   I tried running and found myself embroiled in what is now known as "Iran Contra".  This was when our CIA was bringing cocaine into this country for sale - while blaming the African American gangs for the epidemic.  I would literally got to a boat at the pier while a white man had a truck loaded with the coke which needed processing.  I would then drive the truck into Compton for this, and then again drop at crack houses.  Then I'd go home to watch the news take a battering ram to an Afr…