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Friday, April 21, 2017


I can't agree enough with this letter Dawn.  Thank you for writing it.  Back in the 1980's, I was seeing women being rounded up like cattle, stuck into buses, and then treated like they were the "criminals".  In reality, these were women who had been kidnapped, sold, and otherwise forced into sex work in one form or another.  Whether it was in a strip club, massage parlor, or illegal brothel, they were still being forced as how the Margo Compton case illustrated.

The police were to be as feared as the traffickers and pimps.  Victims were threatened with even more harm to their families if they were arrested and spoke to the police about what was happening to them.  If they were to ACT like they were not there voluntarily - the very lives of their children and family members were threatened.  Thus the image of the "happy hooker" was common in the 1980's.

I point to the case of Linda Lovelace.  This was a woman being promoted in the media as "wanting to be a prostitute" while in reality she was being beaten, raped, forced, and her family threatened if she didn't "act" as if she wanted to be there.  When she came forward with the truth - no one believed her. Back then for someone to be speaking about "force", was received the same as if someone had said they were "being abducted by aliens".

The reason was also because there were no laws on the books to allow these to be treated as "victims" instead of criminals because prostitution is illegal.  Because there were literally no laws against Linda having been forced at gunpoint to film "Deep Throat" - the best the law could do was charge everyone on the film but her with "obscenity".

Well of course that didn't work because society didn't understand what was going on.  They couldn't relate how "obscenity" had anything to do with the film.  REalize we didn't even have a WORD for this back then.  As I was growing up then, the closest words I heard was that of "white slavery" for those sold into the sex trade and taken to another country, and those "pimped" as somewhat of what Linda went through.  Yes Linda was pimped by her husband, but he was part of a larger criminal operation for which the term "sex trafficking" hadn't been invented yet.

All I knew was we had nowhere to go.  Victims were hunted by cops and then treated like criminals so going to the police was not an option.  The fear of HIV/AIDS had made it so shelters and treatment centers were refusing help to anyone they suspected "was a prostitute".  I had tried taking some of these victims into my home for protection, only to wind up with people almost getting shot who were innocent bystanders and neighbors.  I couldn't keep risking my neighbors getting shot over this, so I took an old warehouse I had once used as an illegal brothel, and turned it into what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  To meet the demand, one other person had started a safe house for juveniles in 1979 and that was Children of the Night.  Between us, we had help available for juveniles and adults.

While pimps generally acted alone, or within their network, "traffickers" however had the police on their payroll.  Police who soon sent me a victim to help who I did.  I put her in the warehouse to heal after her pimp had broken her arm, nose and blacked both eyes.  Next thing I know she's accusing me of "pimping" and I'm being carted off to jail.  I had done nothing illegal, so the cops threatened to charge my mother with pimping if I didn't take a plea bargain.  I refused so they threatened my grandmother who was in her 70's at the time and I didn't think could survive an arrest in LA jails - so I caved.

The DA asked me to "talk" about what I knew and offered to drop the case.  Only "what I knew" was what I'd seen - which was the trafficking went up to our own government during Iran Contra.  I knew the minute I opened my mouth about our CIA involved in the sale of women for oil and drug deals that I'd have an attorney down there screaming "national security" so fast my head would spin.  In other words, I knew I would wind up like Jeane Palfrey did.  In fact, I watched her case very carefully because she was in the same situation as I was when this happened.  I kept my mouth shut.  She however tried to talk.  Then she was murdered before she could which I had feared would happen to me if I had tried.  Sadly, Jeane proved to me years later I had made the right decision to just shut my mouth.

I bided my time and sought out answers.  I consulted with people like Gloria Allred and Edwin Meese, the CA Attorney General.  Tom Bradley, Chief Gates and Sheriff Block also as they were seeing what was going on also - their hands tied too because we not only had no laws on the books, we had no public perception this was even real.  That's why I talked about Linda - when she had tried to enlighten the public it was written off as just a "domestic abuse" type situation.  It was just something people couldn't comprehend.

It reminded me of the way the mafia had been.  I was a teen at the time just when the mafia had gone from people laughing and saying it didn't exist to the time when it was accepted as "normal".  I remembered how it all started with Joe Valachi stepping up to tell the truth about the mob.  So in 1987, I set up an 800 hotline (not easy or cheap in 1987).  I then started "tricking" my way onto TV.  I say "trick" because there was no way the media would have put me on to tell the truth.  I promised producers a "sexy madam story" from the "high tech madam" and then once the cameras were rolling I started telling the truth about what was going on in the sex industry.  I figured once people heard what was happening - then they'd call for change.

I knew I couldn't take one book or movie offer or I would be written off as "just trying to make a buck".  Besides, they wouldn't tell the truth back then anyway.  I had seen the fantasy films coming out about us like the Mayflower Madam, the Beverly Hills Madam, etc.  I asked each of these women why they let such fantasy be filmed and not tell the truth.  The answer was simple "to make some money" and they weren't interested in changing things like I was.  I didn't think it was fair addicts got treatment while we got jail - so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  This allowed us through laws grandfathered in by AA to go to the courts and ask they send them to us instead of jail.  Remember, I had to do something within the current time and legal structure we had where we were ONLY viewed as criminals.

It took 13 years of a lot of media work, public speaking, etc. until we saw the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  That was ground breaking in it allowed for the first time for us to be seen as, and treated like, victims.  However, I had made a big mistake in my calculations.  I had pushed for victim recognition BEFORE I had pushed for decriminalization.  Something now being challenged with juvenile victims.  The system went 'oh okay we have to treat them like victims now" while at the same time being called to arrest them as criminals.

Suddenly I found myself COMPLETELY BOMBARDED AND SILENCED by special interests shutting me out of the very movement I had started.  Why?  Because of what you're talking about Dawn.  See when a juvenile is arrested as a prostitute it creates a record.  The court then follows this case.  The child has to report back to the judge physically and talk about what's going on.  They get a probation officer overseeing their case.  Which is necessary and I'll tell you why.  When I was put on probation the court ordered me to school and a job.  If I didn't go I would go to jail.  That gave me the "excuse" to those around me "well I have to do these things" which allowed me to.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to because of those around me then forcing me into prostitution.  It was through school I met some veterans who showed me how to break free and recover - another reason why I started the program I did - to help others.

HOWEVER, with the "no such thing" campaign which sprouted up sponsored by the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment - they were calling to NOT have juveniles arrested for prostitution.  The problem with that is it SOUNDS good - but then what?  By taking a child who is a juvenile prostitute, i.e., a trafficking victim - and putting them into the social services arena rather than the courts - you have no one to answer to.  You have no way to follow up.  You have over worked, inexperienced social workers who will do whatever they're told to do under fear of losing their job.  These kids, especially those undocumented, are then completely lost in the system.  I assure you those trafficking these kids are not going to then take them voluntarily to counseling and the other things necessary to extract them from the situation. Not without the court overseeing them as is done when they're being treated like criminals.  Right now sadly the court treating them like a criminal is the ONLY means to try and extract this kid out of the situation.

But now even that is failing.  I'm hearing the courts are now cooperating with "looking the other way" when hearing about group homes where the kids are literally being pimped right out of the home.  What's worse is the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline.  They work WITH police who are part of this problem - and thus you aren't hearing out of them about the involvement of any authorities.  It would be too much "bad press" for them and their grant seeking.  They're not going to do things like try and get men like Joohoon David Lee shut down who was using his badge with Homeland Security, ICE and the  trafficking task force to take government money to fly victims from countries like China and Korean into America.  Then victims are transported in limos owned by Charles Horkey.  Who has been charged with drugging customers, maxing out their credit cards, and then dumping them somewhere.  While Joohoon David Lee was awaiting sentencing on a bribery charge - he was allowed to work for Charles Horkey's  limo service!

I realized I'd been suddenly silenced because Joohon couldn't be charged with sex trafficking even though he was caught red handed.  Why?  Government officials have "immunity".  Our legal system right now won't let you hold cops, prosecutor's, judges', etc., "accountable" when they break the law.  Giving them immunity - just like Joohoon.  The BEST the authorities who went after Joohoon could do was "bribery" for that reason.  So while images of young black girls was being pushed in the media with the "no such thing" campaign, and fake victims were testifying at Congress ala "Catfish" style, the truth that this is not going to stop until we can create a system to hold those in government and law enforcement jobs accountable when they're caught involved in child sex trafficking.

The NOISE about "we need to raise money to build a safe house" is being used to DROWN OUT THE TRUTH - that we aren't going to stop child sex trafficking until we restructure our legal system to hold those in authority accountable when they are caught doing criminal acts.  Before starting this movement, I spent a lot of time studying the civil rights movement.  Including a lot of the tactics the government used to try and stop Martin Luther King.  Tactics I'm seeing being used today because that's what our government does.  Just as they set up "fake" groups then, and also sent in "infiltrators" back then to disrupt effective groups, they're doing that in this movement today.

Realizing people listened to me enough to get the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed - they've also created a "blacklist" around me using those "online trolls and influencers" which has finally also come out in the media as being real.  I knew it when I was being followed, and attacked in teams, online for 8 hour shifts a day by the same people.  I'm sorry but no real troll can spend that much time focusing on me unless it's their "day job".  Interestingly, I've tracked many of these people back to Dynocorp - the same group spoken of in Kathryn Bolkovac movie "Whistle Blower".

We have to restore this movement back to the voices of "real" victims.  This woman Dawn is speaking about is sadly one of many you can trace who have spoken out about this, refused to be intimidated into shutting up, and then this happens to them as we also saw with Pizzagate.  I myself have had three attempts on my life including having a mechanic luckily find a bomb had been placed in one of our outreach RV's.  The two other attempts on my life were by uniformed police officers ala Sandra Bland style.  There is a trail of bodies piling up of people trying to do something about this.  Those who aren't killed are often having to live like I am right now - I'm in an RV I have to move every few weeks because of all of the attempts and threats on my life to silence me. While they silence me, they create "fake" media most of which comes out of Relativity Media, Disney, CNN, Fox, NBC, and sadly lately PBS.

The man who founded Relativity Media bought a large portion of PBS recently.  I started seeing all kinds of "fake" media coming out of them after this.  I can assure you post-2002 most of the major media about sex trafficking like "Trafficking" with Liam Neeson is bogus.  In fact, the guy whose life that was based on was arrested for fraud for that reason.  It's illegal to lie about being a veteran to raise money and he was arrested - but yet the films continue to air.

You'll notice in that film they make it appear it's a "foreign group of criminals" we're fighting when in reality it's people in our own law enforcement, courts, judges, CPS, foster care, and all of those systems that is where the seat of child sex trafficking is.  Then when the victims become adults, they use prostitution being illegal to brand, silence and shame us about what happened to us as kids.  Which means you also won't hear more stories about the truth of child sex trafficking once they become adults and legally can talk without permission of their guardians trying to silence them, until we decriminalize prostitution.

What you think the child is going to tell the truth about what's happening when that's their home?  When they are threatened with homelessness if they talk?  No - you won't hear the truth about child sex trafficking until the victims are adults and can legally speak out.  But we are now silencing them through continuing to have prostitution remain illegal.  So too the INSISTENCE on only allowing voices of those who identify as "victims".

I'm sorry but most TRUE victims of sex trafficking don't even know they're victims until sometimes years into recovery.  I didn't.  It's called "brainwashing".  Which is why most TRUE victims don't identify as such.  They need deprogramming, to detox, and then with recovery they can come to grips with how they were victimized and not "willing".  Because they are taught to THINK they're "willing" so as to help the pimp avoid prosecution.  Besides, it's how the brain copes with imprisonment.  Go into any prison and you will see a "lifer" has decorated their cell.  It doesn't mean they want to be there - it means they've "adapted".  The same holds true for real victims of sex trafficking who are being completely silenced by those insisting on only hearing "victim" voices lately.

That's because they're being used to raise money - not awareness of what change needs to come to stop this.  Because those in power want it that way!

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I came across this and after reading it my first reaction was "ditto".

Lois Lee had created "Children of the Night" in 1979.  I was 19 years old then and living in the same city as Lois.  I witnessed her creation of that program from her tiny apartment to the program it is today literally from the day it was just an idea Lois had.

I've spoken a few times about what Los Angeles was like in 1979.  If you know what it was like back then - then you know why Lois felt compelled to do what she did to launch her program.  I was witnessing the same war zone Lois was - and I agree - this was a war zone that existed long before Backpage or Craigslist ever existed.

I was actually right on the border of being one of Lois' clients.  I say that because I ran away from home when I was 13 years old myself in 1973.  Like so many youth who run away, I was being sexually abused by my father while being physically abused by my mother   At 13 years old, I was 5'4" tall, 109 pounds, and my measurements were literally 36C-26-36.  I ski'd just about every weekend while during the week.  I belonged to a school swim team so my body was very tight and mature looking for someone so young.

I mention this because when I ran away I wasn't going to wind up sleeping in some dumpster or alley somewhere.  There was this strip club I remember not far from my school called the "Dog Patch".  The owner wasn't very picky about checking the ID of young girls who would audition for them.  So on the very first day of my runaway story, I checked myself into a motel room next to the "Dog Patch".  Growing up watching women like Mae West, reading books like "The Happy Hooker", and listening to songs on the radio like "The Pill" sung by Loretta Lynn - I knew where I was going to be as a runaway kid.  That was working at the Dog Patch, living in the motel next door, dropping out of school and turning tricks with men old enough to be my grandfather.

My mother worked as a court reporter at the Los Angeles Juvenile Court.  I took a tour with her once of where the kids in juvenile hall were kept.   Through my mom's work, I saw what the group homes looked like as well.  One day trying "scare me silly" so I wouldn't cause any more problems at school - she took me to see where the other teens were incarcerated, as well as the runaway shelters.  Trust me - the world she showed me of where most kids wound up was light years away from where I was that first day of my runaway teen career in the  motel next to the Dog Patch.

I saw girls like me in my mom's juvenile court job.  Grown men who were teachers, social workers, and even judge's didn't view girls like me as "kids".  They were too busy starring at our tits.  I would see the boys and girls who were the type to be targeted by sexual predators.  If you threw in the mix this kid was also stripping or involved in prostitution - then every predators for MILES would be sniffing them out like a dog for the one reason that if you attack a virgin that's a student or a housewife - you will bring down the wrath of God and everyone in this country on you.  However, if you're a prostitute - then the system wouldn't lift a finger to help you back then.  You were considered "asking" for it.  With me - the fact I had big boobs meant I was "asking for it".

During the 1970's period before Lois started Children of the Night - these two cousins were pimps.  They started out their murdering spree that went down in history as pimps.  They were kidnapping women right off the streets.  Girls walking to the corner store or on their way to school or a girlfriend's house were thrown into these guy's car.  Then taken to a location where they were beaten, raped and tortured.

Then after they got bored with their victim and wanted to escalate the terror in them even more - they would take them to a motel room in the red light districts.  Forcing them at first with handcuffs to stay in the room, they'd bring the tricks in from the neighborhood to have sex with them and then also keep the money.  After some time at this, the handcuffs were taken off and then psychological bonds were used to keep them so afraid they wouldn't try to leave the room.

More tricks would be brought in this time.  After a few days the women would get so saturated with fear they'd decide to try the door to their freedom.  They'd then escape and go to the police but the police wouldn't lift a finger after hearing their story.  Why?  Because they had been branded "prostitute" by what these cousins did to them.  It was done deliberately to discredit the word of their victims.  The same rule applies believe it or not to children.  ESPECIALLY back in the 1970's as to be the brewing pot for what went into Lois creating Children of the Night.

Here look at this image of a child - very innocent looking right?

Related image

But what if the juvenile looks like this:
Image result for teen prostitute

Because the above is a photo of a woman who was being traded for money while a juvenile.  Now if she were to cry "rape" - what do you think a lot of people's reaction was back in the 1970's?  I don't mean by today's standards - I mean by back then standards?

The film "Frozen Ground" is the most accurate portrayal in film of how we were treated by the legal system back in the 1970's.   Because this woman was a "prostitute" when she went to the police saying she had been drugged, kidnapped, chained up in this guy's basement, then drug out to an island where he tried to shoot her for sport - the police "round filed" her complaint and wouldn't even search the guy's house.  Why?  Because she was a "prostitute" and in the eyes of the law back in the 1970's that meant "criminal" and "worthless".

So if a kid was being sexually abused at home and therefore probably ran away to escape this abuse, and then that same child is put into the foster care system or the juvenile detention system - this means every predator within range is going to hone in on that particular child because they offer them something more important than sexual pleasure - and that's immunity!

I myself thought about turning to Children of the Night when I was trapped within the sex industry myself - but I was over 18 years old at the time.  The family who was trafficking me only targeted women over 18 years old to avoid any problems connected to messing with a juvenile.  Because believe me people don't care about you once you turn 18 years old - then or now.  Even now reporters will tell me "don't you have a juvenile we can talk to?"  because they claim "our readers don't want to hear about nor care about what happens to adults".  Well maybe that attitude is shaped by the press who only puts that in front of them TO care about!

But there was nothing for an adult to turn to for help.  I saw how Lois had a safe place for kids to run to and I realized there was no where for an adult like myself to run to.  So I created it.  I took a warehouse I had once used as an incall location and converted it into what is now known as the first safe house for adults in America.

My reward?  I got arrested and accused of "running a brothel" out of it.  You can read about it at   So when I got my case over and dealt with I realized I needed to create an "outpatient" program where I couldn't be arrested like that ever again.  Which meant a hotline had to be set up.  Lois had the Children of the Night hotline specifically targeting the type of kids she wanted to target.  Since there was no such hotline for adults - I had to start one also.  So in many ways I modeled what I saw Lois doing for kids and adapted it to adults.  This meant Prostitutes Anonymous was born in 1987.

Lois is right - many juveniles and people who pimp juveniles would advertise in Backpage.  However, ADULT traffickers operate differently much of the time from how juveniles operate.  People make false assumptions here what trafficking vs. prostitution is.  Yes adult women wanting to prostitute themselves used Craigslist and Backpage.  So yes people wanting to think about quitting prostitution "one day" would be on those sites.

But those were "prostitutes" - NOT "trafficking victims".  The adult "trafficking victims" I was finding were in underground brothels, legal brothels, massage parlors, strip clubs.  Okay here's an example of ADULT sex trafficking and where we would also target our efforts to locate and help said victims - look at the case of the DEA owned strip club in New Jersey:  Now this club was more than just owned by DEA agents.  Take a look at how this arrest went down.  It went down because some people had complained to a senator about DEA agents who were partying with Columbian drug lords who were so comfortable with those same drug lords they were sleeping with prostitutes at a party and putting down their guns to be able to enjoy those prostitutes.

It was because of an investigation into THIS accusation   which uncovered this club here in the states owned by some of those same agents.  Agents who were going over to Columbia and partying with drug lords.

Why?  The dancers at this club were illegal aliens from Columbia.  I want people to hear me on this because I keep hearing a strange SEPARATION in the media, and therefore the public's, mind when it comes to the issue of illegal aliens in this country and sex trafficking victims.  Because these women were in this country illegally - they were afraid to go to any of the authorities.

Also understand these women weren't just afraid of the authorities because of the risk of being deported.  To them that would mean "escape" right?  No it didn't.  It would mean deporting them back to Columbia into the hands of the same drug Cartel these agents were so buddy buddy with.  Meaning they'd just be drug right back right?  Well here's the thing - if during the deportation process they were to open their mouth about those DEA agents owning that club, and then they were delivered right back into their hands on the other end in Columbia - it also means these women would know they needed to keep their mouth shut.

Well they just get offered "witness protection" right?  Not when their whole family is right back in Columbia where the Cartel knows exactly where they are.  We're talking Pablo Escobar country here folks.  We're talking a country where Pablo, a drug lord, built his own jail with his own personal escape hatch!  Do you think then that same country could protect a woman's family from these same drug lords?

I want people to understand Lois was dealing with juveniles in Backpage who needed help.  However, when it comes to the type of person WE'RE helping on an adult level - that's not who our "target demographic" is.  Yes we get calls from people who would advertise on Backpage they wanted to quit prostitution.  But 9 out of 10 times that person would only be doing it for the money.  They lost their job, got their hours at that job cut, the economy is bad, they have a drug problem, or whatever the reason was.  With them you help them find better paying work and they're out of prostitution.  Easy peasey.

But for an adult sex trafficking victim I want you to really digest what I'm saying here we were dealing with.  The women at this same club COULD NOT BE RESCUED.  Why do you think they didn't just leave the club?  No one had to put chains around their ankles and strap them to the bar to prevent them from leaving. Why?  Because the minute they would run a phone call would go out and their family back in Columbia would be slaughtered.

Meaning you could put an anti-trafficking program for adults right next to this same strip club and it's going to be empty.  You can't go in and "rescue" someone in this type of situation either because you're then triggering a death warrant on their family back home.   Now don't you think these DEA agents also knew all the local cops?  The local judges?  The local politicians?  The local Secret Service also remember?

I'm explaining to you why when dealing with adult sex trafficking we're talking a different thing completely from what someone like Lois is dealing with about juveniles.  I want you to just for a moment put yourself into the shoes of one of these Colombian women working at this DEA owned strip club.  EVERY DAY you see in this club not only other DEA agents, but SECRET SERVICE agents.  Meaning again by association you're also going to see some local police, politicians, sheriff's, private investigators, judges, etc.  Just like you see in the Pennsylvania case -

Seriously, this is not limited to one NJ strip club.     But let's take those women at that club - could I call up the local trafficking task force to help these women?  Here is the NJ human trafficking task force -  Now what is the NJ trafficking task force doing now?  "Teaching teachers how to mobilize".  Okay I don't think there's a lot of school teachers who would be in that strip club looking for victims - so can anyone say "misdirect attention"?

Let's look at who are some of the "liasons" with this trafficking task force shall we?  Notice who there's a lot of on this page?  Detectives.

My grandmother used to have a saying about "the fox shouldn't be guarding the chicken coop".  Follow the logic here - in Columbia Pablo became a member of Congress.  He was able to help write legislation of that country to prevent extradition.  He was even able to murder two people in the prison he was allowed to build for himself.  So let me ask you something - do you really think that this type of system isn't now operating with respect to sex trafficking as drug trafficking?  In Columbia - the Cartel have control over the phone systems.  You call to report something to the police - and within five minutes you have assassinations at your doorstep wiping you out for just making the report.

So within that same logic - do you really think those women could call either the local police or the local trafficking task force for help?  So why are those cops there?  They're there because the people who are the traffickers can then trace every call coming in about sex trafficking victims so they can do what?  "Misdirect" them away from their own victims just as we've seen with the Celeste Guap case in Oakland, California.  Not a whole coast away but PART OF THE SAME NETWORK.  Now if you follow my blog at all - you'll know that I said Celeste was deliberately arrested, and then deliberately held on a $300,000 bail for what reason?  I told you she was being held on a high bail to not only stop her from speaking to the press which she has not done since Florida by the way - but also that while she was in custody in Florida I told you she would be having people all over her convincing her to shut up about what she went through.

But I want you to trace HOW Celeste got "offered a deal".  She was taken by the Redmond POLICE who got ahold of her through the Office of Victim Services.  Who referred her to the Redmond Police  NOT to Sex Workers Anonymous.  In fact, Nancy O'Malley, the Alameda prosecutor's office, kept Celeste away from us.  When I tried to enlist her office's help to speak to Celeste I was told "no we're handling it".  Yeah they were.  They "handled" her right onto a plane to get her into Florida where she could then be set up on a police charge there.  Why there?  So no one would say it had anything to do with Oakland is why.  Simple.

Note the article here says she was "offered a deal".  No folks - that's not what it's called.  I've been in Celeste's shoes remember?  Only when I was held in 1984 on a $50,000 bail myself - I was not "offered a deal".  That's a nice way of saying I was having my life threatened if I didn't do what they wanted me to do and also to keep my mouth shut.  That's why you won't see any interviews with me and the press after my 1984 arrest until I pop up again in 1987 announcing our hotline and program have been launched.

Now while Celeste did advertise her prostitution services on sites like Backpage and Facebook - when it came to sex trafficking that wasn't who was trafficking her.  Celeste only advertised on Backpage - she wasn't trafficked by Backpage.  But the men in the Oakland sex trafficking task forces have admitted to now having kept her away from task force operations in order she not be offered help and to cover up their own asses.

Which is what I'm trying to explain here - the traffickers in America are connected to the anti-trafficking task forces.  Our adult victims can't call the police for help.  Meaning the National Trafficking Hotline is useless for a sex trafficking victim on American soil.  Let's take a look at what they have listed for help in New Jersey shall we?

Okay we have a group in Maryland, a Catholic Church, family services, social services for youth, the city bar association (lawyers), Courtney's house is a residential program for women who were mostly street walkers, an Allentown, PA group, about four more youth groups while these were adult women stripping in that NJ club, some religious programs, a Maryland program, another Pennsylvania program, a couple of more youth programs, a program in Virginia - I mean is anyone beginning to see what's going on here with the joke being on us?

You're a NJ based illegal alien from Columbia who was brought into this country illegally so you could work for this DEA owned strip club, a club where you're seeing all the local law enforcement including the Secret Service agents are coming into this club to party with you, and the local Human Trafficking Hotline is a list of more people who know these cops, the National Trafficking Hotline if you get the guts to call them for help refer you to a bunch of programs that either don't work with adults, work with Asian's, or are based in a completely different state.  If you go into one of these shelters they have listed - the owners and people who staff these programs are interacting with law enforcement daily.

Meaning the guys who own this strip club know who everyone is in the local anti-trafficking scene EXCEPT  - who do you NOT see listed in either the NJ National Trafficking Hotline NOR the NJ Human Trafficking Task Force?  I'll tell you two names not found on either of those directories right now - Children of the Night for juvenile victims and Sex Workers Anonymous for adult victims.

Is anyone getting the picture yet here of who it is we're fighting with respect to saving sex trafficking victims on American soil?  Now I ask you - can we take one of these women to one of these programs or shelters - or anywhere for that matter knowing that if we take them somewhere not only are we going to get all of these law enforcement offices coming after us trying to retrieve and silence that victim (as they did with Celeste - with Celeste they stepped inbetween SWA and her, and they had her in a cop car going to Florida to also get her away from us and then "offered her a deal" which has resulted in her not speaking to the press anymore about her connections with local cops and the trafficking task force, and she's still hooking on Facebook last time I looked), but further we know the Columbian's will have someone sent out to murder her whole family back in Columbia.

I mean are you getting the picture here why we don't send in teams of SWA members into strip clubs to do "outreach" for one thing?  That we don't go in there and say "come with us and we'll rescue you" because we know that will only trigger harm to come to her family.

There's no point in putting her into some residential program like Courtney's House or FAIR Girls or any of those types of programs because those guys not only know right where they all are, but they're also able to go walking right into the place to "pull them out for questioning", and I'd like you to note how not ONE of these Columbia strippers (if you want to call them that because of being forced to work as a stripper) is speaking about their trafficking ordeal at the local churches, the local news, nor at any of these anti-trafficking luncheon fund raisers they put on where they trot out some victim to tell horror stories to loosen purse strings.

I also want you to see that shutting down Backpage doesn't have one single thing to do with this type of victim either EXCEPT to shut down the victims' ability to find out about HELP.  Again please look at how everything in the NJ anti-trafficking arena does not include any information on Children of the Night nor SWA.  However, Lois said she can advertise Children of the Night on Backpage and reach out information to those juveniles who are on there.  Also, SWA can put out ads for help on Backpage.

So let's just take a hypothetical question here - if these people wanted to block victims from leaving so badly as to threaten their family back home with murder if they left - then isn't it also possible they don't want these victims to know about two groups who can actually get them out of there?  Now if you wanted to keep that information out of the victims' hands as to where they could go for help - would you not then shut down the way we can reach them?  Wouldn't you want Backpage shut down for the fact WE here at SWA and Lois at CON can reach the eyes of their victims and know they can call us for help that will work?  Wouldn't you also want those victims to have useless phone numbers?  Come on - you're a victim who can barely speak English and you start calling all those numbers who are on the task force page or the National Trafficking Hotline's resource list and by the end of the day you're going to think "there's no way out there for me"?

In other words, the people who want Backpage down are the traffickers themselves who don't want word of how they can call and get some REAL help to reach the victims eyes and ears.  I mean how else do you explain the system that's being used here to keep victims from finding out about CON for juveniles and SWA for adults?  They sure as heck keep us out of their task forces and off their resource listings.

How else do you explain the rise of people like Melissa Woodward?  Take a real good look at what someone came to me about a few days ago with respect to her "trafficking work" -  There's more information on that page about it.  Shanna has described to me a whole sphere of influence which surrounded Melissa where not only was money donated to a fake rescue, the stories about rescues were fake, there was no safe house, and on and on about how even the FBI "vouched" for this woman.  Yes there was a whole sphere of people who supported each other and made it appear to outsiders that they were "fighting sex trafficking' while in reality not only spinning their wheels but also being kept out of helping groups like ours who are actually in there getting those types of victims out and to safety.

I want you to think about what it would take to actually get a victim out of this type of situation I'm describing to you.  Celeste Guap for example has already had at least 30 Oakland police officers, a Chief of Police, involved and enabling her trafficking.  Blocking her from help while also taking good honest sincere people who want to help these victims off on wild goose chases.  But she also has family in Nicaragua  and her mother works as a 911 operator.   If you want to remove Celeste - you also have to get her family away from these people.  Which in Celeste's case would mean her mother quitting her job and going somewhere else where she can't be found by people with badges.  Which is where exactly?

Well the answer to that is not only very hard to explain but I'm not going to explain how we do what we do anywhere online and tip off the traffickers to our tactics, people, partnerships, resources, etc.   While not explaining I can explain this - it's not as simple as walking into a massage parlor, a strip club or a street corner and saying "come with me and I'll rescue you from this".

Because if you don't address what it is that traffickers are using to put those invisible chains on their victims to hold them there in the first place - then they're going to do what?  You got it - go right back.  Which is why people working in corrections, social services, the courts, the police, etc., all say is frustrating them about this community - they "always go back".  

Let's take the hypothetical route here - you take one of these women who was in this DEA owned strip club and you roll out the red carpet of resources to them to help them stay in this country, find work, and even offer them personally protection from retaliation - but you don't address the fact they have family back in Columbia who is probably going to be murdered if that victim doesn't get her ass back up on that stage working again - and what is she going to do?  Go work as McDonald's knowing that job means her whole family is going to be massacred?  I don't think so.  She's going to go back and try and keep everyone happy and alive.  Leaving a bunch of frustrated cops and social workers saying "I don't know why she wouldn't get help".  Which is what I'm saying here - the "help" being offered her isn't being designed to be what she needs.

Why?  Because the very people who need to be designing these programs, people like us who understand what real adult victims of sex trafficking needs in order to be able to break free - are being kept out of the designing of said programs and even the training of staff working with said victims.  Including the very Office of Victim Services who thought putting Celeste Guap on a plane to Florida was "help" when in reality it was assisting the traffickers in silencing her.  

You also have to address how it is that traffickers can come and get their victims back if they don't come back voluntarily.  Even how they're taken over even the training in this field to further mislead people away from who they are, how they operate, and also to facilitate their trafficking work.  

I mean look at Joohoon David Lee.  There was a huge campaign that hit Las Vegas where a bunch of people were put together to devise a system to train airport workers how to spot victims.  Three guesses as to who was not invited to be on that group?

You got it - we were shut out of that group.  Now when this whole training was created to teach airport workers how to spot sex trafficking - do you think there was one word in that training on what to do if you suspected a business colleague?  Let me explain - Joohoon David Lee was with Homeland Security, Immigration and the trafficking task forces of CA, NV and AZ.  

Now using his position, his badge, and the government's money Lee would fly over to China to pick up a victim.  Then using his badge he would take this victim right past the very system he had a hand in creating - a training which did not alert anyone at LAX what to do if they suspected someone like him was trafficking victims right past them.  

Which is what he did - he walked victims right past those stop points and checks into this country illegally.  If he was caught - well "he was just questioning a victim" because of his trafficking work.

I've spoken to one of the men who was involved in creating that bogus training.  He tells me he was brought over from Norway!  So a guy from Norway is flown into the USA to work on a training module for LAX workers of American victims on American soil?   

Couldn't be they were deliberately getting well meaning sincere people who wanted to really help victims and stuck them on a bogus committee so the wrong training could be provided which covers their ass and shuts down their competitors' right?

Since Joohoon was arrested, and since men like Rob have realized they were being duped into creating security for American airports that actually ASSISTED traffickers like Joohoon - they've been trying to get people coordinated back again to try and create relevant updated training which would.  

Why is it so hard?  Because what Joohoon did wasn't technically illegal - he could not be charged with sex trafficking because according to Daniel Bogden - there ARE NO LAWS against what he did to his victims.  He not only flew victims over to the states on the government's Homeland Security dime, then used his ICE  connections to get them into this country without proper papers, but he further made it appear he was "fighting sex trafficking" while going after a completely innocent "scape goat" family!

In fact, if Joohoon has a pension - he'll get to keep it after what he did.  As it is now he's driving a limo for CLS Limo owned by Charles Horky who has been convicted now of sex trafficking.  Boy we really come down hard on someone using our government's resources and offices to facilitate sex trafficking don't we?  

If he can't be charged with sex trafficking because he did the trafficking using government money on the government dime and therefore hes immune from being prosecuted about this - he then keeps his pension.  I want you to imagine you're a Chinese woman being taken into this country illegally by a man like Joohoon - and you can see why they might want to break down the one line of communications that does exist in the sex industry that would actually give one of these victims a useful phone number to call that would actually help them (and not just give an illusion to outsiders that help is actually available with these bogus groups - I mean how is social services or an Asian group going to help a Columbian stripper who is here in this country illegally with her whole family back home being threatened if she steps out of line?"

You can see we're not able to get out our phone number to victims using the National Trafficking Hotline nor the Human Trafficking Task Force in NJ - so how do we reach victims who need our help?  
If you made a list of every blog or site that those in the sex industry used to keep in communication with each like a "trade journal" you'd find they've all been shut down because of allegations of sex trafficking.  Backpage for one.  The Erotic Review.  Redbook, Rentboy, and the list goes on.  In other words, I propose Backpage is being attacked BECAUSE they're assisting Lois with finding juvenile sex trafficking victims, and BECAUSE I can put up an ad for Sex Workers Anonymous on their site and actually reach the eyes of adults who need our help also.  

Meaning I say the shutting down and attacks upon Backpage are NOT about "fighting sex trafficking" but in fact are tools of the traffickers being used to further entrap their victims.  Communication is one of the tools all predators use to disempower their victims.  I was kept isolated as a kid by my dad who didn't want anyone to find out what he was up to me with when we were alone.  You look at how the plantation owners were able to maintain control while being grossly outnumbered when it came to manpower.   They stopped the slaves from READING.  This is why many slaves resorted to singing - it was a way to communicate right under the slave owner's nose.

Hiring people who you think are so stupid they won't figure out what you're really up to was something even Kathryn Bolkovac has spoken about in her book/movie on the issue of sex trafficking the "Whistle Blower".

The company who hired her out of Nebraska of all places was Dynocorp.  They took her to a job overseas where all the people they hired would have a blind eye to the sex trafficking that was going on.  In her case, it backfired and she came home and wrote her book which became the movie "Whistle Blower".  

I bring up Dynocorp because I've seen many of their tactics which includes that of an "influencer".  I had a woman once appear out of nowhere.  Didn't know her from Adam.  She starts attacking me like a full-time job.  She was literally coming after me for 8 hours a day five days a week.  One of our SWA members dug into her online profile a bit and came back showing me a private message conversation between her and Dynocorp where they were sharing information with her about me which she could used for the next attack the next week  Dynocorp of course wanting me to jump out of the arena because if a victim knows they can call us for help - they can get out.  That's also why they keep shoving out into the public eye all these phony groups like Melissa Woodward!

If you want to know what an alcoholic is and how to get sober - you talk to Bill Wilson.  You want to know what adult sex trafficking is?  Talk to Jody Williams - founder of Prostitutes Anonymous now known as Sex Workers Anonymous 30 years and 500,000 plus one calls older.  If someone is telling you they're "helping sex trafficking victims" I don't care if they have 1000 friends.  There's something wrong with what's going on if you look around and don't see us or Children of the Night involved.  
Magicians do their magic using diversion, distraction, misdirecting - anything to get your eyes to go where they want your eye to go which is AWAY from what they're doing!  

So those attacking Backpage saying it's to "help fight child sex trafficking" Lois Lee is saying here it's not true.  So then why do it?  That's why - they're trying to shut down Backpage because it's like a trade journal for the sex industry and how it communicates with each other.  An industry who you can get on the phone with them and find a victim in two hours or less generally.

Hitler used the same tactics to gain control over the press by the way.  He used to say he was "fighting pornographers" when in reality it was him gaining control over the media machine because he knew if you controlled the media you controlled the minds.  This is why "free speech" is so important to the issue of sex trafficking.  No it's not okay to "give away" some of our free speech rights "in the interest of fighting child pornography".  Because Lois is right here saying that Backpage was one of her most effective tools in FINDING victims!

Any industry who claims to care about the alcoholic while shunning Bill, refusing to have AA involved, and actively bashing Bill Wilson to shreds is giving you some red flags it's not the alcoholic they're trying to help.  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

FINDING OTHER WAYS TO PIMP PROSTITUTES  This article is because a lot of people are being incarcerated right now illegally for not paying certain fees and fines.  Including fees for those who have been arrested for prostitution and report fines up to $900 they're having to pay the court to avoid jail.

One of the reasons the legal system is creating a class system of "victims" vs. "prostitute's" as you know is not only about the way one is treated, but also who they're going to make money off of.    This case highlights one of the reasons why I've been fighting this system

By creating a "monetization" of the "trafficking victim" what we see here is the police lied, the prosecutor lied, everyone lied in order to dub a sexually active teenager as a "trafficking victim".  Men were falsely identified and jailed.  Money was given to the parents from the victims fund to silence them if they suspected something was wrong.  The prosecutor was advancing her career off this topic.  I want you to also note WE WERE BEING EXCLUDED FROM THIS CASE BECAUSE SHE WAS COVERING HER TRACKS.

Which is sadly becoming an increasing pushing us out of many offices right now who are being less than honest about what's going on with respect to the treatment of those labeled as "prostitutes" or "sex trafficking victims" in what is clearly becoming a class system they're creating between one they're "helping" and one they're STILL treating like a "criminal".  Worse than "criminal" however are the ones I'm seeing becoming "victims" of the system now.

What happens to a person who is simply a "prostitute" now arrested within the system?  Let me tell you about a call I got from a diversion program in San Diego, California.  This woman told me of how two women were arrested for prostitution in San Diego who lived in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They were told by the court they had to attend this diversion program in order to avoid being incarcerated.  The program cost approximately $600, and was held weekly.  The director of this program was LAUGHING about how these two women were "commuting down from Las Vegas weekly in order to attend her classes".

I was appalled.   I then did some math.  Let's add in the cost of either flying or driving from Las Vegas to San Diego weekly.  Then either renting a car or gasoline expenses.  Certainly a hotel for at least one night stay-over because that's not a trip you can easily do in one day.  On top of the expense, the goal of this class was to help them exit prostitution.  Now I ask you HOW are they supposed to quit prostitution when they now have the weekly expense AND the weekly trip in their schedule during the weekday to attend this diversion class?

ALL COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.  Any man or woman who has been arrested for prostitution, and found guilty, who would like to avoid jail, even if there is a mandatory jail term in the sentencing, CAN simply ask the court if they can attend  You can not be denied this request anymore than the court can deny an addict Narcotics Anonymous, a wife-beater "Batterers Anonymous", an alcoholic "Alcoholics Anonymous" and so on.

If they try and deny you this option - you can challenge them on discrimination as there are laws already set in place for this by AA.   There is no cost for our program, and you can attend meetings from anywhere in the world from the privacy of your computer or phone.  We provide letters to the court, and can even provide you with community service hours.  We do not attack the sex industry.  We are not a religious organization.  We take the same approach to the industry that AA takes to alcohol - only that if you want help to stop then they can help.  They do not lobby for Prohibition nor attack liquor stores.  They don't go into parties telling people they're wrong for drinking nor push on restaurants to stop serving alcohol.

I asked this woman WHY would she take these womens' money, and put them through the ordeal of weekly attendance at her program, when all she had to do was refer them to us?  The "intent" certainly of her program was to help these women leave the industry, but here what she's doing is ensuring they will continue in prostitution in order to pay not only for this travel, but also for her court fees.  She then responded "if they don't - they'll go to jail".  As I started talking to her about getting these women out of such a position and into our program where they would not be having to make this weekly trip - it was very apparent the only thing on this woman's mind was the loss of income to her.  There was not one expression out of her of interest in these womens' welfare - only in the money she was receiving for these "classes".

She then told me "oh this is nothing new - we have women all the time coming in from out of state to attend our diversion classes to avoid jail".   I then said we needed to "do something" to change this so this could stop.  She then pointed out this would cost her money.  I said I'd take it up with the court directly and she then let me know she would "make sure" that we were smeared so badly with the court she wouldn't lose her meal ticket.   To me, that's a pimp.  This woman only cared about her money - not about what it was doing to these women or to our reputation either.

I've been hearing from all over the country stories like "Project Rose".  Only the so called "counselors" at Project Rose were "pastoral counselors" who were not licensed by the state.  I found one woman in charge claiming to be a social worker who did not have a social worker license by the state.  The counseling center they were being forced to go to weekly where they were being prescribed psychiatric medications turned out not to be licensed either.   I found the same thing in Las Vegas -

There in Las Vegas I found Judge Voy was sending juveniles he felt were prostitutes, who had not been charged with any crimes, into the Caliente Jail instead of sending them to which was what happened to them before Courtroom 12 was opened to supposedly "help" these girls.  Yes this was a violation of "habeas corpus" but the ACLU said unless we knew the name of the girl then they could not file a complaint.  We couldn't get the name because this was a juvenile court system.   But in this courtroom he was putting them into "protective" custody to "stop them from prostituting" because he claimed "there was no where else to send them" which was a lie.

Judge Voy was locking these girls up in jail, rather than allowing or sending them to Children of the Night, who had been where they went before he opened this court, and before he started using these girls in order to ask for money to open a 14 bed residential program which wouldn't solve the problem.  He was seeing more than 14 girls a week in his court - so how would a 14 bed facility solve the problem?  By the way, he's been asking for the money for this program since 2007 and as of 2016 no such program has been opened yet either.  Where the money and the five acres he was donated for this - who knows.

But I do know this.  The girls sent to the Caliente Jail were being put on psychiatric medications that not only were not tested as safe on juveniles, but that were quite expensive.  A typical round of Serequel to sleep, Abilify to stabilize mood, and Lexapro for depression, the girls said most of them were placed on cost the state about $3,000 a month on average.   Not counting the doctor's visit monthly to prescribe, and the nurse's visit twice daily to deliver the medications.  One of the doctor's prescribing these medications, Dr. Zedek, was sued for taking "kickbacks" from the pharmaceutical companies for millions of dollars in fines.

I personally witnessed Dr. Zedek say certain people were "therapists" he was using to talk to these girls.  However, when I questioned them about their actual credentials - one of these so called "therapists" was a cocktail waitress at the same time.  When I pushed her further to find out what her actual credentials were - I learned she did not have a BA yet, she was a PSR (which she got after a few hours of training), and that the state was being billed for her time by Dr. Zedek's rate.  He was then "subcontracting" her work out paying her 1/4 of what he was receiving for her work with juveniles.

The system that I was witnessing was they were being put on these medications while in jail.  Then told they could get free housing once out of jail as long as they continued on the medications and seeing the therapists, and going to the groups.  All being billed to the state.   I then witnessed one adult female having to be at home twice a day for a nurse to come by and hand her the medications instead of being given a bottle like others were.  Upon questioning, I learned she was in a medical study about "trafficking victims".  However, this woman was a "prostitute" who did not have a pimp and she was not working as a "trafficking victim".  She would go into casinos and pick up johns - that's not a "trafficking victim".

Upon further questioning, I found all of the therapists were not therapists at the center she was going into weekly for a weekly prescription.  Instead of getting a month's worth of pills, she was only getting a week's worth because I found they were "not licensed" to do a month.  In fact, they weren't licensed at all.  The therapists have been hired from the Philippines and barely spoke English.  They also were not licensed therapists, counselors, or social workers.   The housing they were being placed in was section 8 housing the landlords couldn't rent out to anyone else because of how horrible and dangerous the buildings were.  So these women were being told they had to stay in dangerous substandard housing next to crack dealers and real pimps in order to avoid jail while the landlords were not able to collect vouchers for rent paying them more money than they'd be able to get otherwise, if at all.

This is not just California or Nevada or Pennsylvania.  Our hotline is hearing from women all over this country with horror stories saying about the same thing.   I'm hearing from mothers who are telling me they're being told if they don't identify the fathers of their children as their "trafficker" that they will lose custody of their children.  They are told straight up "either you testify against him as your pimp or we take the baby from you".

Our program has been a useful tool to relay information and empower sex workers.  We only started being blocked from receiving referrals after we warned Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, that it is a very common tactic to arrest one's parents for pimping and money laundering as was done in my personal case, and with Heidi Fleiss's parents in order to try and make a flimsy case stick, or to force someone to "rat' out other people.  My mother was charged with pimping me and then we were told the "whole thing will go away if you give up other people".  We refused to turn on anyone else and wound up with everything we owned taken by the government, a hefty fine, and two years probation.  When we warned Jeane to be prepared for her mother to be arrested - her attorney at the time, Montgomery Sibley, went to visit her mother at the same moment the police were walking up the driveway.  He convinced them it would be bad press to arrest an elderly sick woman and they left.  Montgomery was disbarred and we have wound up not being referred by anyone in law enforcement to prostitutes or sex trafficking victims since they realized we were empowering our community with knowledge.

We are also hearing a lot of the same thing from those in trafficking programs - they are being (1) put into section 8 housing in horrible neighborhoods, (2) they are being put on psychiatric medications they have not been properly tested for first to see if medical needed, or "off label" uses, (3) they are being the subjects of some type of research projects, (4) they are being put into college courses even if they have no idea what they want to study for and saddled with student loans, (5) they're being sent to counselors where information on them is being recorded in their files which have later been reported subpena'd by the court for investigation on charging other people with crimes, (6) advocates, counselors, coaches, etc., are not subject to the same confidentiality laws as a therapist and people they have spoken to they thought in confidence are being drawn into prosecutions (7) IRS is coming after them for unpaid taxes on their criminal earnings.

Further, they are being put into trafficking programs where they are (1) asked to help them raise money by making things, engaging in fund raisers, soliciting donations, or otherwise used for these programs to raise money they receive no portion of, (2) they are being promoted in the media full-face for the purposes of these programs raising money whether it's donations or grants, (3) they have having to pay for these "classes" or "programs" or  "fees" that if they don't pay they are threatened with going to jail.

Those who get these degrees are then reporting to us they are then not hired because of their past, or fired once their past comes to light.  They are also not told about scholarships available to them when saddled with student loans.   We are hearing lately about those who are being arrested for not paying on these student loans they were saddled with

The more horrific stories we're hearing about is the taking of their children as "unfit parents".   We first heard of a church in Los Angeles being led by an ex-sex worker who was HIV positive that was doing strip club outreach.  We made contact with her to let her know about SWA.  Our experience has been if we get rebuffed that something "fishy" is usually going on because if you're working with alcoholics - then you'd probably utilize AA in some fashion.  If not, then maybe you're up to something else.  So we looked further and found that teams were being organized to go into strip clubs looking for single women who were pregnant with their pimp's baby.

They were then saying they were going to put them into a "safe house" called "Mercy Ministries".  Mind you this is the same town where the Mary Magdalene Program was operating at the time who was not a religious program nor had we been hearing anything but positive things out of the residents about them at that time. So why that place?  We went onto their site to see they had an adoption application right on the same site they were saying was a "safe house".

Now anyone who has just been rescued from a pimp is likely to be heavily traumatized, and coming off drugs.  Now why would anyone expect a woman in that condition, and pregnant, to be making a permanent decision like adoption during her first year clean even not counting hormones?   It sounded irresponsible to us so we dug further.  Upon getting to know the staff we were being told they were ganging up on these women, convincing them they were "horrible mothers because they were prostitutes" and then pushed into signing adoption papers.  Then the minute they got the baby - they were being cast into the streets.   We started knocking on some doors about them and there was an investigation done, but they are still operating.  Oh and the average adoption fee is $5000 to $8000 per baby by the way.

Multiple this throughout the USA - we're being told by women they are being pushed into either adopting out their babies, or they are having their children taken away from them UNLESS they have a man they can throw under the bus as their "trafficker" and "show remorse".  Those who don't claim "victim" status are finding their kids being taken away and put into the foster care system, or even pushed into adoption.   They are further claiming the pimps are recruiting right out of the homes they're being put into -

Stuart Dunnings III by the way is not an isolated incident.  I have reports from women all over the country that when they are finding attorney's to help them fight a prostitution case, or to help them get their kids back. or fight a pimp back for divorce and custody, they are having to give the attorney sex on top of cash in order not to be left defenseless.  The problem is however they're not getting the best defense out of such a lawyer.  Stuart Dunnings for example did not tell the woman he was forcing to have sex with him in order to avoid jail for a prostitution charge was again all she had to do was to ask the court to come to our program in lieu of jail.   One can also attend our program in order to shorten probation or expunge records.  But why would he tell her this when he wanted sex from her being afraid of going to jail otherwise?

Our power comes from communicating with each other.  Knowledge is power.  We are out of the sex industry, clean from drugs, and are therefore in a position to help fight for you in a way those who are still in a criminal lifestyle can not.  You also don't know when the person next to you is an informant sometimes.  There's more than one way to exploit us, and our children, for money, and it seems that pimps can come in all forms - even the church and government offices sometimes.  Predators and abusers try and control you also by isolating you.  They tell you "oh don't talk to them" or even terrorize you into what will happen if you do speak to other people.  That's a warning sign that maybe this person is trying to control you whenever they're trying to isolate you.  The common denominator about these cases is they blocked them from knowing about, or calling our hotline, to connect to others for help.

So please - if you get arrested or you are in trouble - please know you can call and speak to another man or woman in recovery who might be able to help.  When you call here - you're not calling me.  You're calling a network of people who want to help who are choosing to remain "anonymous" because we are targeted.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


THIS story is why certain children should be placed with  It's not enough to place a child in a general shelter - some are targeted for trafficking and CON is set up specifically for this purpose.  This story also illustrates why we don't just place victims in any old program - but we have to check them out to make sure they're safe for "us".

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I'm writing about the above article.  It sounds like a "prostitution" arrest NOT a "human trafficking" arrest.  There is a difference.  Was this the reporter not knowing the difference, or was the person charged this way?  

I can't find an email for the author Debbie directly, so could you please forward this to her?  I'm curious why the three females was taken to the Salvation Army shelter which is not specifically set up for victims who have been prostituted, instead of Children of the Night, who is.  Children of the Night is specifically set up with specially trained therapists, other survivors they can talk to, and also security in case this pimp/trafficker decides to intimidate the women because they are a witness.  

Which is very common.  The reason why I'm asking if this was a "pimping" case vs. "human trafficking" is this.  If this was some street pimp they have in custody - great.  Problem solved.  

However, if this was a "human trafficking" case, that means that there are other people probably still at large.  Other people on the outside who might be coming after these three victims to try and threaten and intimidate them, or worse, so they don't testify against anyone else in the operation.  

Since I do not know of any Salvation Army that has security in place for this kind of thing - again why I'm wondering why these victims was taken to a Salvation Army instead of a program like Children of the Night.  It's not like they wouldn't come out and get these women.    

I don't have an email for who made such a decision as to take these women to a Salvation Army instead of a program that is specifically designed for this type of victim whereas the Salvation Army is generally designed for homeless people, drug addicts and sexual predators.  

I mean you are aware the Salvation Army is the only program I'm aware of that is licensed to house sexual offenders after they get released from jail right?  So I'm reading that these young victims were taken to a program that probably has no security, no specially trained therapists, no other survivors for them to speak to, and possibly could have sexual offenders on the premises and no one sees anything wrong with this or at least is asking any questions about it?

Can you help me track down the email address for the person who made this decision please to send these victims there instead of a program like Children of the Night?  I'm not like their advocate or anything, and I don't work for them, I'm just pointing out that there is a program specifically set up for this type of victim they weren't sent to instead of being sent to a Salvation Army.  So I am curious if anyone double checked to see if this was one where the sexual offenders are housed in the area.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter because I would like to know if these women were put into a specialized program, and also if there are sexual predators in this facility, and why things were done this way.   I say that because I've been in field now since the 1980's.  For the last 30 years when I've heard of victims under the age of 19 who have been rescued from this type of situation - they've been sent to Children of the Night NOT a Salvation Army.  So yes I'm curious as to why this was done, and if anyone double-checked to see if there are sexual offenders also housed in this facility.   

Thank you.  
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So you think your child, or someone you care about, is being pimped or trafficked? This book will give you some of our experience on what we've seen to be effective from our viewpoint as a survivor, and as someone who has worked with helping others to escape, and recover from, the sex industry and trafficking in many forms over 30 years now.

We are not doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, or professionals - so please understand what is contained in this book is purely our personal experience, and our personal opinions. We therefore hold no liability for what you're about to embark upon in this journey. Any decisions you make after reading this material is your responsibility.

The first thing you need to do is assess the situation. Is she, or he, being groomed by a pimp or being enticed to engage in something you think might be sex trafficking? Things like being promised a modeling or dancing job in another country despite the fact they're not with an agency or maybe they're an “unknown”? When nightclubs, or entertainers, in other countries are looking for legitimate models, dancers, or performers – they will consult a legitimate agency or agent. They aren't hanging out at the local mall or approaching your loved one in a club and making job offers. Is there a guy you don't trust buying her a lot of presents?

So the first thing to do is to determine where you are on the path of this relationship. Is it just starting? Is she, or he, being already forced into prostitution or sex work? Remember, the sex industry can be more than prostitution. It could also be stripping, porn, or even working at a webcam or phone sex job. The sex industry is a very large field, and can involve legal as well as illegal jobs. They might be on a corner, or in a perfectly legal business operation where they're getting a paycheck. Sometimes it's a combination of the legal and illegal. Meaning the first thing you need to do is to open yourself up a file. Then write notes on where you think the person you're worried about is with this situation, and why you believe what you believe.

If you suspect anything, immediately start documenting everything. Gather current photos of the person you're worried about. Make sure you get things like their social security number, copy of their ID, their legal name, a photo of their tattoos', anything you might need to identify the person you're worried about AND the other person and/or company you're worried about. If you're a parent, and this is a juvenile we're talking about – the local police will usually be able to help make a fingerprint file on your child if you don't have one.

So if you don't have something like this now – get it made. You should have a current photo of their face and body, along with measurements of their height, and weight, along with dental records. If you don't have a fingerprint file and your local police station doesn't have something to help you with this – make it yourself with an ink pad and paper. Believe it or not – photos of ears are also important. No two people have the same ears. It's a horrible thing to think they might disappear tomorrow – but it would be even worse if you have no way of identifying your loved one properly in that event.

If there's a man involved, or even a woman – see if you can get their legal name and a photograph of them which shows their face clearly. If you don't have one, see if you get one off their social media. If they're working in a club or for an agency, get their address, a photograph, find out if they're licensed or not. Document, document, document everything you know right now and put it in a folder or file you keep in a safe place where no one can find it or see it but you for now. Don't think “oh it will be there later” because if there is criminal activity going on – it may disappear overnight. I have learned the hard way that ads may disappear, websites may go down literally in front of your eyes, videos may just go poof - so record everything. Screen shot pages online, make duplicate recordings of videos, print out documents, and make sure that you have a back-up copy on paper, as well as a back-up disk. I've had things saved on my hard drive, only to have a virus thrown at me and then things were lost. So I've learned to get hard copy print-outs, and disk back-ups of EVERYTHING.

Don't even trust court or medical records. When my grandfather died under suspicious circumstances – when we went back to get his medical records they were literally emptied out. We should have asked for duplicates before we ever left the hospital. The same for court records. I've seen clerks open up filing cabinets – only to hand me an empty file. So if there are any records on anything anywhere else like a courthouse or a doctors' office – get a copy for yourself immediately. This especially goes for restraining orders, police reports, or even copies of lawsuits.

Also, it's also important to note if we're talking about a child here or an adult. Your relationship to this person makes a difference. Clearly you have more control over the situation if this is a juvenile and you're the parent. However, if this is an adult and you're just a friend of the family, then you're limited as to what you can find out about or what you can do about anything. So when starting up your file on this situation – also take into note if this person is of legal age, because of the laws are different for juveniles then adults in each state, and also what your relationship is with this person. In putting together your file of what information you have on this situation right now – you'll also be able to see if you are just jumping to a lot of conclusions, or if you have real hard solid evidence of a situation. But it's also important to know if you're at the “preventive” stage or a “corrective” stage of this situation.

Investigate. I strongly recommend doing any type of legal records research you can on the other person or company you're either suspicious of, or that's involved in this situation. If they own a company – find out if they have a business license. There should be a business license department you can check with. If they're a professional like a lawyer, doctor or a real estate agent – find out if they're licensed. Check with the state licensing board to find out if they're licensed properly, and what information they might provide. You can find what you need to do this research with a search engine – or you can hire a private investigator. Check with the local courthouse. There could be criminal or even civil (non-criminal) court documents on this person and/or company.

When talking to people to do this record research – be very careful what you say about what you're doing. Remember, there might be laws regarding defamation, libel, slander, or even stalking, that could get you into trouble while you're doing this research. Each state has different laws regarding what may be considered as “over the line”. So I strongly recommend you leave this to professional investigators who know the law, and to consult with a local attorney to have them advise you about the laws in your area also.

But if you can't afford this, and have to do it on your own, make sure you have looked up the laws beforehand and you are aware of what's legal vs. not legal to do when gathering information on someone's background. Especially with respect to things like defamation. For example, if you call someone a “pimp” they might be able to sue you for that statement. However, if you say “in my opinion this person is a pimp” it may be covered under free speech. But further be aware that if this person is a pimp and/or criminal trafficker your snooping around could trigger a backlash of some kind against the person you're trying to protect. Which is why at this stage of the game try to be discrete. In other words, don't go plastering posters all over town just yet saying “so and so is a pimp”. This is purely an intelligence gathering stage you're at now. You might even be wrong about this person and gathering up the background information will reveal a lot to you about the other party involved.

This includes a diary.  Start keeping a diary of events.  Dates this person called.  What was said.  What you saw.  What you found out.  Someone called you about this person.  You saw them with your loved one at the mall.   She had a black-eye at dinner.    However, small it may seem to you - write it down in a diary and document with evidence if you can.  I've seen whole cases won on a diary.  Otherwise, you would be shocked what you can't remember a year down the road when you're stressed out and worried.  Remember, people don't care what you feel or think.  This diary is for EVENTS or things that happened that can be used as evidence later down the road.  Things like "took her to the hospital to get a cast on her arm" or "she showed up at the house with two black eyes".   Those are the kinds of things to record in your diary.

Now this is going to sound harsh - but you might want to make sure there's a DNA sample somewhere.  I keep hearing about bodies being found all the time and they have no way of identifying them or matching them with a missing persons report because no one has any DNA of the missing person.  If you can collect hair that has a root on it, or maybe this sounds disgusting but an old tampon you pulled out of the trash would have blood on it, but you need to think about ways to get blood, saliva, semen, or a hair with a root on it for DNA evidence to store some place safe.  I have heard over and over again how these girls just go missing in one day and no one has any DNA evidence, fingerprints, dental records, etc.  Then when they find these bodies - there's just no way to match them up.  So think evidence now while you have this person in your life if you're worried something might happen to them.  

Examine your relationship with the person you're worried about. You can't help someone you don't have an open line of communication with. So if they're withdrawing from you, or even threatening to cut you off because you're pushing on them to “stay away” from this other person, or this job they may be working at, then you need to stop. The most important tool you have right now is an open line of communication. You need to know where they live, where they work, where they go to school, their phone numbers, email, etc. So if you're still in communication with them, but they're starting to pull away from you over this issue – stop. If you aren't in communication – then see what you can do to repair the situation. If it means lying to them by saying “I won't bring this up again” then that's something you should consider doing.

Remember though, abuse victims, especially those being pimped and/or trafficked, are often cut off from family and friends by their abuser. It's well known that pimps will often deliberately create a fight to stir up the one you care about leaving the house, blocking your phone number, cutting off your emails, or doing whatever they can to limit their contact with you. That is one of your most precious important tools – so I strongly suggest you take stock of that relationship. If you're harping on them and they're pulling away from you for that reason – then shut up about the subject for now and talk about other things. I remember my grandmother was like a broken record – she'd latch onto something and just go on and on about the same thing anytime I'd get near her. What I wound up doing was not speaking to her at all for a couple of years. You can't help someone who isn't talking to you. So examine your relationship with this person and make sure you have as open of a line of communication with them as you can.

If it needs repairing, repair it. Spend some time with them without bringing up this subject. Go to dinner, shopping, a movie, the park, lunch, coffee, a concert, etc. If they don't live with you – see if you can do something together once a week like church or a volunteer project together. If they do live with you – make sure that you don't talk about this at meals or they'll start avoiding you completely in your own home. Make sure that having contact with you is a pleasant experience where you can build up trust. If you need professional help – get it. If you can't afford it – contact your local mental health department or university and see what kind of free help is available near you. Find some kind of hobby, group, or activity you can do with this person on a regular basis to maintain contact and communication during this time. If they have a hobby, group, or activity they do regularly that you don't – then do. Get involved. Remember, one of the things that makes these victims prey to this is that they make them feel “special”. I'm not saying imitate them – but make sure you're paying positive attention to this person so they aren't as vulnerable to this.

Once you have gathered together all of the information on this situation that you can, and once you've been advised what the laws are about gathering this information – now you need to know two things further. The first is you need to know what the laws are in your area about prostitution, and also trafficking. What is considered “trafficking” vs. “pimping” or even “pandering”. In other words, you need to know where the lines are with what is this other person you love, and the other person(s) you fear breaking the law.

They might not be breaking one single law with respect to pimping and/or trafficking – but they might not be reporting all of their income to Uncle Sam and thus be guilty of income tax evasion. When I was fighting Joe Conforte, owner of the Mustang Ranch Brothel, in Nevada, everything he was doing was legal. But like Al Capone, he wasn't reporting everything on his tax returns. Therefore, we were able to drive him out of the country through getting him charged with income tax evasion. So once again, you need to have that consultation with a local attorney, or if you can't afford that, go to your local law library or self-help law center and get a copy of the criminal codes so that you know what exactly the lines are this person has to cross to be arrested. You also won't know what laws they might be breaking if you don't have all of your information on this other person. That's why you need to gather your information first, then dig in to find out what the laws are that need to be broken to get a criminal arrest.

If they aren't breaking the criminal laws – maybe there's a civil lawsuit that can be filed. Remember with the OJ trial – the Goldman family lost at the criminal court but won at the civil court. So once you've researched all of the criminal laws, then research the civil laws. If you don't understand the “legalese” they're written in, and you can't find an attorney to give you a consultation to help you – then go next to your local college or university law professor and see if they'll help explain everything to you. You'd be surprised at how helpful a law professor can be with respect to helping you understand the legal side of what you're dealing with. I've known some to actually put together lectures for their students on the subject that you can then attend. I've also contacted many a prosecutor's office and they've had deputies who have explained things to me. So if you don't fully understand the laws in your area – then see if you can get someone to explain them to you that's qualified to do so. In other words, don't have the local car mechanic explain them to you but a law professor or a prosecutor deputy would be a good source.

So at this stage, make sure you know what the laws are, that you understand those laws, you understand how they apply to you and this situation, and also document what you were told. If anything goes down and there's a trial of some kind, you want to be sure you documented what everyone told you.

Which ties into this step. People will say all kinds of things to you – but when it becomes something like someone going to jail they might turn around and say “I never said that.” You may also have that person who promised you something – leave. They might retire, get a transfer, or they might have just not been properly informed. You need to get in the habit of recording things now anyway – which includes your information gathering. If you speak to a local prosecutor about what that laws are with respect to pimping – then record that person. But again, make sure you are LEGALLY recording them. If you're not sure if it's legal to record them, then ASK. Just say “I keep terrible notes so you don't mind if I record this do you?” You're not making a documentary (hopefully) and just keeping this for your own notes so most people won't object. A warning however – if you advise someone they're being recorded they're a lot less likely to tell you much. So if you can legally record them in your state without informing them – you will get more information that way.

If anything goes down – you're going to need friends. If you don't know any cops, prosecutors, politicians, etc. then you're not likely to get any help. It's a sad statement but it's true. During Snoop Dogg's RV tour where he was pimping women across this country in 2003 – I got a call from a local senator in Nevada asking me to go help a pregnant woman who was being trafficked by another pimp under Snoop. The state didn't want to get involved in the prosecution and he has not been charged to date despite his confession in “Rolling Stone”. He told me very clearly that he was calling me to go help her “because a friend of his had asked him for help”. This person has never discussed this openly and probably never would. To have done so before Snoops confession in the magazine could have resulted in a huge defamation lawsuit. So realize that most people aren't going to stick out their necks over someone they don't know.

I've talked to many a fine police officer, prosecutor, judge, etc., who say they are just completely over-whelmed with the work. They're all doing the work of 10 of more people and there's just not enough hours in the day. They have to pick out the most dangerous cases to start with first of all to get them off the streets. After that, there's no time left. You have to be something that's of a personal cause to them if you expect anything to get done. You'd also be surprised what one phone call can make. When I was being harassed by some unknown person who had my power turned off in Nevada after I gave a press conference on sex trafficking in the state – they were demanding $2000 from me. They had given me no notice, and had decided to attach my dead mother and dead grandmother's bill to mine the day after the press conference. Illegal? Sure. But my power was off and what was I going to do about it? Sue? A phone call from an Assemblyman who had promised me if I gave this press conference he would “have my back” got my power back on in two hours. He kept his word and he got my power back on. They retaliated against him for this and I feel bad about that. But the fact remains that one phone call from him got my power back on.

Start with any politician you can get close to. See who is running for office and can you volunteer to help them run? If there's a city or town hall meeting – go. Local city council meeting? Go. Bring coffee and donuts if you can. Is there a judge running for election? See if you can help them campaign. Does the mayor need help passing something out? Is a politician speaking somewhere? If you have money – donate support. If you don't – volunteer. Get involved in your local political environment. Is the local Police Association having a meeting? Offer to go and help make coffee. Offer to bring people from your local church to support the event. Make yourself useful and do what you can to become known by your local authorities. That way if something happens at 2:00 in the morning – you have someone's home phone number you can call about it. Don't abuse now – just start building your relationships at this stage.

Is there a local trafficking group near you? Find out and get involved. Find out who is running the group and see what you can do to help support their work with other victims. An invaluable tool for you is to see how other victims are being treated in your area. Are they having an event? Go. Fundraiser? Bring some friends and donate a few bucks. But get yourself as involved as you can with the local people and put them in your personal phone book. The more you get involved with the local group near you – the more likely you are to hear about other cases near you. The more you hear about other cases near you – you might hear something relevant to the person you care about. So get involved with your local area and start building relationships with people.

If the person you care about is a juvenile – get to know the people who work with juveniles. Find out who the judges are, the probation officers, the social workers, etc. Are there any local groups around you that work with troubled juveniles? You'll have a better time figuring out what to do if you're talking to people who are working with other kids just like yours. But to do that, you need to make contact and build a relationship with people who are working with other kids like yours. If there's a local program working with trafficked kids near you – see if you can volunteer.

If the person you care about has children with this pimp – get to know who your local Child Protective Services people are. Search engines online is a good place to start. See if there's any local community events going on where you can go and find out more about who these people are. What are the procedures and guidelines in your town? These are things you may need to know which they'll be able to tell you. Not sure how to get ahold of them? Contact a local adoption agency or one that handles foster parents. Local foster parents who get these kids from CPS can usually inform you about what's going on in the area, and what the local people are like doing it.

Don't forget the local press. Don't call up 60 Minutes. But if you have a local town newspaper – find out about it. Same for local public access TV, radio, magazines, etc. Make a list of what the local press is in your area. For example, in Los Angeles, California they have Los Angeles magazine. However, that won't exist in Colorado. Do you have only one news station? Who is your local news person? Think of it this way – if you come home and find your loved one has just disappeared and the police are refusing to help who are you going to call? The news. So start digging up who the local media is near you. Get their contact information in your phone book. Find out what kinds of stories they publish. Los Angeles magazine for example will publish stories pertaining to Los Angeles – but maybe not if my kid goes missing. But the local Parents Magazine might care to run a story if my kid were to go missing with a pimp.

Don't be a pest or a problem. Go and make friends. Be supportive. Volunteer. Contribute. Get involved. These people may be your lifeline with this problem.

Make sure you don't lock yourself into this being an obsession. Take care of your health. Don't lose sleep, not eat, not exercise, and then push yourself into a stroke over this in other words. Don't neglect your job because you can't afford to be fired now. Don't pull away from your volunteer work because you may need those other people to help you. Don't pull out of your church, temple, etc., because you need your spiritual life centered. Be sure to exercise properly, get rest, eat right, and take care of your health. Too often I've seen mothers push themselves into the hospital over something like this. Then they're no good to anyone. If you can't stay calm – meditate. Try an Al-anon meeting. Do some biofeedback. Go roller skating. Anything you can to keep your stress levels down.

If you had to orchestrate a “rescue” or a “get away” then you need to find out what resources you have near you. Do you have a local domestic violence or homeless shelter for example near you? Do you have a car to get there? Do you need one? Which is another thing to consider is that if you are seeking help for yourself, or even another, everyone is going to need an ID. Make sure you have a birth certificate, social security card, and an ID for yourself available if you need to show it to get assistance, and also you have back-up copies for the person you care about. If there is a pimp involved – they will also most likely take the victims' ID so they can't run.

Think “what if?” What if this person came to you and said “get me out of here” and they were in fear of their life? Do you have a legally owned gun to protect yourself? What are the laws with regard to guns and protecting yourself. I read a story where a woman fired warning shots from inside her home to protect her children, and she got locked up because of the laws where she lived. So when you're researching your laws, be sure to find out what they are with respect to protecting yourself and others you care about. Especially if you're going to use a gun for protection.

Now if you have money to leave town and start over – fine. If not, start saving or finding out what local resources you have in case the time comes where you have to move this person to safety, or they tell you they want help to leave. Be ready with your escape plan in other words.

Don't assume that by removing one pimp you solve the whole problem. Statistically, if you remove just the one person or situation – the person you care about is likely to go out and find someone just like them, or even worse. I've seen that over and over again. Then again, you may have a situation where if you don't move quickly and do everything in your power to stop them from getting on that plane – you may never see them again. You just don't know and that's why all of your information gathering is important at this stage. Because now is where you have to sit down and look at everything that you have and then figure out what you're going to do about it.

This means also looking at the person you care about very objectively also. If there is a pimp who has gotten your baby hooked on drugs – you can talk to the cows come home and they're not going to leave them as long as they need another fix of drugs. Meaning the first thing you need to do is to get them into treatment. Don't assume the pimp might block you on this either. You'd be shocked at how many pimps are putting their women into drug treatment right now because they're not selling as well because they look sick. Again, something you would have a better chance of knowing if you know more about this other person or company that's involved. I've seen whole drug treatment programs set up just to treat the women in a trafficking ring so they get clean but don't rat out the ring. So they might be supportive of you getting this person into treatment.

But you're at the stage now where it's “what are you going to do about this?” Which frankly there's a million different options. They boil down to basically either removing the person you care about from the situation, or getting the other person or company to back away, or hand them back. At this point, I can tell you a 1000 different stories of what I've done to get someone out of these situations. They were all different. They were also all dependent upon what I was dealing with in that case. So past this point, all I can do is tell you some stories. You'll have to be the one to get creative and figure out what you're going to do from here though.

For more on the stories of the different rescues I've been involved with over 30 years now of my life – you can check out “Diary of an American Madam”.