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Friday, November 17, 2017


Dear Al:

My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's I was witnessing not only Iran Contra, which as you know was our own CIA importing cocaine into this country to raise "off the books" cash to buy guns for the Contra's, but also what didn't have even a name for it back then which has since been coined as "sex trafficking". 

To my shock, I found out this wasn't even illegal.  Watch the unedited opening sequence of "Enter the Dragon" where Bruce Lee in 1973 was trying to convey to the world what was true - that is that it was not illegal to lure women into planes out of the country, get them hooked on drugs, and then sell them to the highest bidder.  To wit I saw our CIA selling women for not only cocaine/drug deals, but also to seal oil deals connected to the Bush family members.  I saw it with my own eyes - and because we as "prostitutes" were dubbed "criminals" we couldn't go to the police for help nor to even report what we were seeing.

The Rampart lawsuit was only the tip of the iceberg in that the police were being used as the "pit bulls" for this operation back then, so we not only couldn't go to the police for help - but we were running from them actually.  In order that children weren't going to get accidentally shot in a residential area, I took a warehouse in 1984 and created what I later learned was the first adult safe house for these victims.

Of course, these men weren't happy I was hiding women safely in this warehouse, so I was framed and arrested for "pimping" in 1984 to shut down the safe house.  To explain why we had all this high tech security equipment, I was held on a $50,000 bail while the prosecutor/police told the media I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam".  Only if you google this - you'll find EVERY SINGLE HIGH LEVEL MADAM was arrested in 1984.

Why?  Good question - because we were refusing to "sell" women to these CIA men for these drug/oil deals that's why.  So we were arrested, everything we owned taken, threatened with our family members being arrested, our faces plastered all over the media as "criminals" and then asked if we were going to be more "cooperative".  As it came out in the news, Alex was one became an informant for the rest of her life (Alex is the Beverly Hills Madam who mentored Heidi Fleiss). 

I however wanted to see things change.  So in 1987, I founded the first hotline in this country (yes years before Polaris created the National Trafficking Hotline) for sex trafficking victims to call for help, as well as anyone who wanted to simply get help to leave the sex industry for whatever reason.  I then embarked upon a major media campaign to raise awareness about modern domestic sex trafficking you can see some of on 

This resulted in the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed giving us federal recognition for the first time in history.  Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous which led to the evolution of alcoholism being understood as a "disease" and not a "vice".  I was the Bill Wilson of the sex trafficking movement by creating the hotline, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous), and the movement that led to this Act being passed.

Only to see Randall Tobias and George W. Bush come in and pass the TVRA of 2003 - which gave all that money we created for victims to "faith based programs".  Randall became known as the man who wrote the "anti-prostitution clause" into financial aid.  Which is frankly why Polaris creating the National Trafficking Hotline in 2003 in fact. 

Why?  Because the government wanted to create a "sex trafficking victim hotline" that REFUSED HELP TO SEX WORKERS UNLIKE OUR HOTLINE - that's why.  You see we didn't take any "moral" stance on the sex industry being a 12 step program.  But our government had to - so in order to launch the government's "hot line" for sex trafficking victims - they of course had to EXCLUDE SEX WORKERS from  that hotline.  Kind of like trying to separate out someone who has the disease of alcoholism from someone who maybe abuses alcohol from treatment - which is why it isn't working really.  Because you can't exclude sex workers from trying to help sex trafficking victims anymore than you could try and target human trafficking victims that are maids at hotels while trying to block out aid to any hotel workers.  it was, and is, frankly ridiculous to be honest. 

But you see as we were raising awareness about what REAL MODERN DOMESTIC sex trafficking really is - the light was shining too brightly on those CIA men who were doing things like flooding drugs into our country, fueling gang violence, and selling American women to wealthy oil men and Columbian drug lords.  Which then takes the focus off the African American community - which was really the very backbone of what Iran Contra was about - taking the eyes off the white CIA men and putting it all on the AFrican American "gang bangers" to blame them for the drug epidemic.  Which was the formula they followed when they started "raising awareness" about sex trafficking without real victims' voices, i.e., when they had to start creating "fake victims" like Samoly Mam.  Who was a "manufactured victim" who while she was hogging the microphone - the voices of REAL victims was being silenced.

Look Al, I'm not saying you didn't upset some women with your "sexual harassment" and your upcoming "testimony at Congress" and the "ethics committee" - but frankly I find the focus on you making gestures at someone's boobs at a USO event MORE OFFENSIVE in itself because of who America's eyes will be on instead of who they should be on.  I mean on YOU?

Where's the hearings into what happened with Jeane Palfrey's murder (the DC Madam)?  In 1984, none of us madams had any proof about what our politicians were doing to us back then.  So we had to take the media portrayals of us just like the African American community had to take their portrayals that weren't true - and shut up.  But Jeane was the first one of us who had RECORDS.  She had cell phone records, bank receipts, tape recordings, etc.

NOT OF HER CLIENTS - but of how our government was using her just like they'd been using us for our government's political and financial agendas.  In essence, they were forcing Jeane, and women like Brandy Britton, to be in the industry because of their agenda.  And Jeane had proof.  That's why when she decided to quit the industry and flee the country - she was arrested at the airport.  They slapped her with the madam charge to try and silence her.  To not be silenced, she refused the plea bargain thinking it would come out as public record.  Only because of who the men were she was talking about - it was silenced. 

So she tried to release the "Black Book".  The goal was to get her book and movie out so WE FINALLY could tell the truth about what our government was doing to it's own women and children.  Because where was Jeane to go for help when Brandy Britton was murdered to silence her and when she was being forced to send out women on "calls" where she was being pumped for information, or sending out the information they wanted her to?  She was still someone our country was calling "criminal" as a madam because again the voices of REAL SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN AMERICA WERE BEING SILENCED. 

Only ABC LIED about the names in the book - which is why we thank God we had the foresight to give a copy of the book to the Smoking Gun.  They released names like David Vitter and Randall Tobias.  You see there was a deeper reason why Randall was making sure that no one identified as "prostitute" was able to get any type of "aid" or services - because we have to be silenced and not heard. 

When Jeane was going to get that million dollars award from Larry Flynt, and we were going to set up a movie production company to "get the truth out there" - she was murdered the day before she had a press conferenced scheduled where she was going to reveal not only more names - but also more about how she herself was being "forced", i.e., "trafficked". 

Her body wasn't cold when the media was calling it a "suicide".  You want to know where I think there needs to be an ethics hearing?  Into the men that were a part of the machine that led to not only Jeane Palfrey's murder, but also Brandy Britton and even Sylvia Landry - all three women connected to David Vitter who were all three found "hung" to silence their voices.  Yet these men continue to sit at high political offices by the way. 

In fact, the House Ethics Commission has declared that politicians can be "gifted" prostitutes (without specifying legal or illegal) and it's all perfectly fine!  But we're not holding hearings about this are we?  Or about who these women are that can be "gifted" like cars or things! 

They're complaining about you?  What about the NINE women that said James Deen raped them on the set of an adult movie?  What about the one woman who was told by the producers of the AVN that if she didn't present an award a month later on the same podium/stage with James she would be sued by them for "breach of contract"?  Or one of those women who was found dead of a drug overdose?  Or the woman who was raped anally on the set while the crew applauded at the blood spewing out?  I'm sorry - but I don't feel Tweeden speaking on major media every two seconds and flashing a photo of you "gesturing" towards her boobs should be getting more attention and more outrage and more investigation THAN WHAT HAPPENED TO JEANE, JAMES DEEN'S VICTIMS, CELESTE GUAP OR EVEN ELIOT SPITZER. 

How about we put the police officers who were pimping out and raping the juvenile Celeste Guap for years?  How about the fact that THREE police chiefs in a row were found to have to be replaced and step down before the mayor just left the position open in the Celeste Guap case.  Why is everyone screaming about your "groping" a woman while the MULTIPLE officers who RAPED AND TRAFFICKED CELESTE GUAP, and most likely others, is in the middle of a trial right now I don't hear ANYONE TALKING ABOUT!

Why isn't Eliot Spitzer joining you?  This man was ignored completely when it came out he was the NY prosecutor while frequenting escort services.  Only while he was the prosecutor - tell me if those escorts and even madams were able to go to the authorities about what crimes might be being done towards them?  With Eliot having to cover up his dirty laundry - they were fair game for crime, rape, etc.  Mind you he wasn't "caught".  He wasn't "arrested".  He didn't "confess".  We only found out about it because an agent "leaked the surveillance tape" to let us know as a country what he did.  What happened?  Did we arrest him?  Not only did we NOT ARREST HIM - BUT HE STARTED WRITING SEX TRAFFICKING LAWS AND LAWS CRIMINALIZING BUYERS?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  That's about as bad as when we saw Pablo Escobar writing laws about extradition in Mexico!

So what happened to dear Eliot?  Did he "change his ways"?  Oh no - another Russian escort was in such fear of her life from him that she was trying to leave the country to get away from his reach.  Only he cornered her in a NY hotel room and ASSAULTED HER.  Did he get arrested?  No - SHE DID.  He claimed she was "blackmailing him" and SHE WAS ARRESTED. 


What about John McCain?  He and his wife barged into the sex trafficking field shouting there was "no such thing" as a "juvenile prostitute" begging our criminal justice system to "stop arresting these victims".  A campaign complete with the "fake catfish juvenile victim" as well as a structure set up to launder oil money donations through the campaign. 

Only where were the REAL SURVIVORS OF JUVENILE SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS "NO SUCH THING" CAMPAIGN?  They weren't the ones saying to "not arrest us".  You know why?  Because it was bullshit - it was a clever way of "marketing" the idea of NOT PROSECUTING THE PIMPS AND NOT PROSECUTING THE JOHNS.  Because the real story is that for every juvenile arrested for prostitution - there is an investigation into the "buyer" as well as who is "selling" them.  If they aren't arrested - then no prosecution into these predators is created then is there? 

You want something to be investigated about "sexual abuse" in this country - I don't think it's a few women you groped while a stand up comedian.  What should be investigated is that BILLIONS of dollars have supposedly been raised to provide programs and services to "sex trafficking victims" that EXCLUDE PROSTITUTES for one thing.  Kind of like saying we'll only help sober alcoholics get sober - it's insane for one thing.  Especially when the very nature of being a trafficking victim is that you're BRAINWASHED INTO NOT KNOWING YOU'RE A VICTIM for one thing. 

For another - where is all this money gone?  I've seen BILLIONS being raised for "sex trafficking victims" yet when I answer our hotline as I do every night since 1987, and I get a victim calling me just about every Friday night like they do asking for help - NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE at these programs.  They're either out "at a fund raiser" or just not answering.  I can show you how EVERY SINGLE TASK FORCE HAS NOW BEEN EXPOSED AS PROMOTING SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS COUNTRY for one thing. 

But where's the money?  In the 80's we flooded the country with cocaine to raise cash.  Welcome to Iran Contra 2.0 where the money was raised at "fund raisers" with "fake catfish victims" and "straw programs" that don't exist for victims.  I know because whenever I try and get a victim placed in one of these programs, or get them some help, or access any of these services - they aren't there!  And then everyone makes sure to keep me muzzled so no one knows this fact either.  Only where then did the money go?  Los Angeles alone was supposedly putting $7 million dollars aside for housing for sex trafficking victims - and I can't get a victim a hotel for one night so where's the money? 

Harry Reid once proposed that we needed to get politicians caught frequenting prostitutes to step down out of office because of the proximity it put them to corruption and crime - and I saw that man drummed right out of politics in response.  Yet I see men like Chris Butler and Joohon David Lee caught sex trafficking while in protected government jobs - and not only are they not thrown in jail for sex trafficking, but they get to retire on their pensions after being caught as traffickers?  And the media wants to investigate YOU?

No wonder our politicians are mixed up about what's "appropriate sexual behavior" in this country because I'm confused as shit right now seeing the media pouncing on YOU  as the "bad guy" for some jokes and groping while I'm seeing women being flown over into this country and trafficked by a Homeland Security, ICE and human trafficking agent on plane tickets bought with taxpayer money - and I'm not seeing ANYONE talk about what these men did to women - and I got to tell you I'm completely mixed up right now as to what's "appropriate" considering all these mixed messages I'm seeing right now. 

I mean why is the woman you groped getting sooooo much more air and media time for her outrage while the victims of men like James Deen are told they have to "stand on a stage and smile at the camera or they're be sued"? 

Better yet - can you explain to me why YOU'RE the one being investigated and questioned in front of our country but SNOOP DOGG ISN'T?  The man CONFESSED TO TRAFFICKING WOMEN ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY IN 2003 AND I DOUBT HE CHECKED THEIR ID WHEN THEY WERE ON THAT RV - and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING GRILLED OVER THE COALS?

Charlie Sheen deliberately infects women with HIV/AIDS  and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING DEMONIZED?

If you have any idea how to explain that to the ethics commission - please explain it to me.  Thanks - Jody Williams (702) 488-1127


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Of course my luck is that the day the "light goes on" with me with respect to some of the concepts Tom was trying to raise awareness about - I learn he passed away two years ago.  

So I'm writing to the survivors.  My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's, I was a young MENSA  member who graduated high school at 15 years of age because of a high IQ.  I enrolled in community college to prepare my way for the university, but I needed to get a job after my father robbed my college fund.  

I got a job at a nightclub owned by the family who are part of the generational line connected to Richard Pryor of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes . He's spoken openly about his grandmother running the brothel his mother worked in.  They needed a way to launder money and this was the club I walked into looking for a job in 1979.  

I was "turned out" by this family of pimps into the sex industry.  However, after watching this "family" tore apart by the cocaine epidemic, I asked the head of the "family" to buy my way out safely.  I'd seen what they did to those who tried to leave on their own.  They agreed and I was now an "independent" in the industry.

Word spread on the streets and this is when the REAL predators came to prey upon me - the LAPD and the CIA.  They were working together in what we now know as Iran Contra.  The corrupt police officers who were part of flooding this country with cocaine, all while blaming the African American community for this scourge, also ran a sex trafficking ring.  They supplied drugs and prostitutes to the wealthy elite of Hollywood - knowing the film industry affects the way the people of the world think.  They also needed pretty prostitutes to carry the drugs from the projects into the homes and hotels of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, etc.,  Which is why all of us "madams" such as myself, Alex Adams, and Cheri Woods were called upon to be part of this agenda.

We all went along as we were making money.  But when we were asked to supply them with women who had no "family" to ask questions about their disappearance to be sold to Saudi oil men, and drug dealers, who liked "white women" and wanted to collect them like Scarface collected white tigers - we balked.  This is why you can read how all of the top madams in the country, including Sydney Biddle Barrow, the Mayflower Madam, were all arrested in 1984.

Our faces and names were spread all over the media to make sure we couldn't not only not get a 9 to 5 job outside of the sex industry, but to further scare away all of our "regulars" who didn't want to risk any of the press coming on to expose them.  They confiscated all of our money and property, all while threatening us with other criminal charges.  The point was to make us more "hungry" and thus more "compliant".  

Movie and book contracts were offered to each of us to further ensure that "their" version of our stories were what went out to the press.  I was the only one of the bunch who insisted I would not allow propaganda to go out which wasn't revealing the "whole truth" about the sex industry, and what is now been defined by the term "sex trafficking".  I was then reminded I had signed a contract preventing me from speaking to the press without their consent.  In other words, I was being silenced legally in the form of a book and film option contract.  Clever.

Victims of this had no way out.  They couldn't call the police obviously for help as they were part of the problem.  Shelters weren't set up to protect us from the very systems funding their programs - who would then hand us over to them in two seconds if asked.  Their funding depended upon not "rocking the boat".  So I took an old warehouse I had once used as a brothel and created what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  I say "adults" because only one for juveniles had been created in 1979 by Lois Lee.  Since most of the people I saw being targeted by these predators were over 18 - we had a different issue which had to be addressed.  

The next thing I know I'm being set up and arrested for supposedly "running a brothel".  They gave me a $50,000 bail so the media could print what they wanted them to print and I couldn't come out and explain what was really going on by speaking for myself.  When I showed there was no evidence to support this charge - they arrested my mother.  When we fought her arrest - they threatened my 70 year old grandmother they knew wouldn't survive an arrest because of her age and frail health.  So I gave them their pound of flesh for two years.

Coming back when I was off probation in 1987 and launching the first hotline and 12 step program designed to stop criminalizing these victims to further silence and control them.  We were successful.  Our program "worked" not only at getting people out of the sex industry, rescuing them from sex trafficking operations, but also at coordinating the people to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass.

I thought we had achieved success.  Sex trafficking in America was now legally recognized.  Funds were going to be used to help these victims.  Our program had chapters meeting in every major city of the USA generating recovery.  In fact, if you look at any recognized survivor of sex trafficking in this country who went on to create their own local program to help prostitutes - they all came from our program.  For the first time in history, this community was recognized as people needing help - not as "criminals" or "whores".  We had achieved what Bill Wilson had when he not only created AA - but put into our consciousness alcoholism was a disease - not a crime as had been tried with Prohibition.

Jeane Palfrey was the first of us to have the black and white proof of how madams in this country were being sex trafficked not by pimps - but by our own government.  She released her "Black Book" to prove not only this was real, but also to show the connection between her and Randall Tobias - the man who swooped in with the TVRA of 2003 - and "hijacked" this movement right out from under us real survivors.  

Something the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 himself, Michael Horowitz, has confirmed this movement has now been "hijacked by people seeking money and power".  Which happen to be the sex traffickers themselves.  Just as how in the day of Al Capone and Prohibition - the only ones being arrested were those in "competition" with the mob, which also wasn't even being acknowledged as 'real" back then either.  The reason the mob wasn't being acknowledged as real was because then it would become clear the only ones being arrested were those not feeding this criminal enterprise which had it's very roots in our courts, law enforcement, politicians and the church.  People who all profited by Prohibition while the alcoholic was still suffering and exploited.  

Sure the grip on the alcoholic was released, and placed upon the addict.  When the grip off the addict was released - now the "prostitute" became the "victim de jour" to now be simultaneously criminalized, exploited, and demonized.  Something happened in 2008 - this is when I saw something happening which confused me at first.  The people we had helped to exit and recover from the sex industry, whether trafficked or not, had gone out to start local programs to provide services and resources we couldn't as a 12 step program.  

In 2009, I watched as one by one each one of these programs were disbanded.  I watched as the founders were either murdered, framed, slandered, blackmailed, or just plain threatened right out of the field.  I saw a woman with no criminal history framed and sent off to prison for five years without a fair trial who had set up the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  They claimed it was "elder abuse" so she got no early release, no time off for good behavior, no reprieve.  

While REAL survivors were being silenced, I then saw the 'catfish" phony ones coming up out of the woodwork.  The Samoly Mam's, Rachel Moran's, Chong Kim, William Hilliar, Stella Marr - all completely funded by the same people who were being not only the hijacking of this movement, but further connected to the sex industry itself.  Why?  

For the same things which happened in Columbia in the 1990's - the inmates were now running the asylum.  In the 1990's if you tried to call and report something you knew to the authorities against the drug Cartel - they had systems in place to intercept those calls.  The caller then was met with either threats, or just plain whacked, depending on how much they knew or how much evidence they had against the Cartel.  The courts were so afraid to step against the Cartel - "faceless justice" committees had to be set up to try and hold up some accountability against them for their crimes.  Not just with respect to drug sales - but for things which have the Columbia people terrified and controlled.  The Cartel not only owned the soccer teams, but even the country's pharmacies, just to give you an idea about how much power they had.  

We were pushed out of the criminal justice system as an "alternative" to incarceration.  If you look at the time period of the late 1980's through the mid-1990's - you do not hear one story breaking loose in the media about corruption and prostitution and/or sex trafficking.  After being pushed out of the system however, we are now hearing about Joohon David Lee and now Celeste Guap.  Celeste was supposedly not only being "bought" by men in police uniform, even Chiefs of Police, but further tipped off to trafficking activities so she herself could remain trapped.  

Her mother was a 911 operator.  I've got a nice long list now of names of people who have called our hotline because they had tried to report sex trafficking to these new, well funded, "anti-trafficking task forces".  Only to be responded to the same way those in Columbia were responded to when they tried to "do the right thing" and report crimes they'd witnessed.  Celeste's mother being a 911 operator shows a system in place I'd like to know how a crime can be properly reported when there's a woman there knowing her very daughter's life is at stake should things go south.  

What happened to Celeste shows we've lost control.  I've been trying for a few years now on behalf of many victims just like her all over the country to get them help.  I'd like to know how they're supposed to stop being prostituted, when the people behind them are most of the police force, the sheriff's office, even again going up to men such as Joohon who is in Homeland Security, ICE, and the trafficking task forces?  A man who walks victims right past LAX security into this country on plane tickets bought by our own government.  Further, a man for who I've been told we STILL have no laws on the books to even charge this man with any crime other than "bribery" who is now driving a limo in Las Vegas as what the justice system says is "throwing the book" at him.

I've knocked on the doors of our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, as well as our prosecutor's office, who has included Jackie Lacey, and Nancy O'Malley, and the Chief of Police, Internal Affairs, even our governor's office saying I need to speak to them about what these victims are saying is happening to them, and what we're going to do to provide them with help.  When I first started our program, I used to be able to put many of the victims into drug treatment where the HIPPA laws used to protect them from being found by these traffickers and drug back or worse as we saw with what happened to Jeane Palfrey.  

Only to be ignored.  When the situation reached the point where Celeste's story hit the media, instead of her being referred to our program who has dealt successfully with victims just like her for 30 years - the same people who refused to help now step in to say "they're handling it".  Celeste was then sent to a treatment program which took a woman who was being raped for years by men in uniform that had security guards on the floor.  Guards who then took a woman turning to them for help and drug her off to be charged with assault.  Further given a $300,000 bail for the sole reason of silencing her to the media, as well as I'm sure doing to her what was done to me when I was arrested in the same manner in 1984 - to make sure she keeps her mouth shut about everything she knows.  

A woman who if you look on her social media is clearly still being used as a prostitute.  Is this by choice?  I'd like to know what "choice" is it when she's being blocked from even speaking to our organization by again the very people who are supposed to be helping her such as the prosecutor's office.  One who seems more interested in grandstanding for the upcoming election than in doing what is needed to help Celeste.  If Nancy O'Malley's interest was in helping Celeste - she would have turned her over to our program with a 30 year track record long before now.  No - she would have taken our calls three years ago when we called about her plight, and that of many women in this country right now just like her.  

I have gone down the line of speaking to these people.  I talked to the Attorney General's office who told me they can't do anything if the police aren't willing to put together an investigation and arrest the criminals.  I went to the police who told me they can't do this when they're going to risk their lives to put together a case - only to see it not taken to court because the prosecutor's office won't file.  The prosecutor's office has told me they don't see a point in filing when they know the judges are all either bought off, or too scared, to charge these criminals. The judge's tell me there's no point in going against the criminals when they know they're only going to be released early by an over-crowded correctional system which is now mostly for profit in this country.  

We used to be able to get the media to put pressure on the system to "do the right thing".  We last saw this happen with the Chris Butler case.  No one wanted to touch the guy - until the press exposed what he was doing.  THEN we saw the operation he was involved with exposed.  I'm not going to say shut down - because he was just replaced with someone else.  That is what "racketeering" laws are about - when the people within the system are just spokes on the wheel of a machine which keeps running no matter how many spokes are replaced.

Now we have another stack of reporters telling us they can't report on what's going on for one reason or another - either they're scared of winding up like Gary Webb did with his head shot off, or they don't want to wind up on the unemployment line only posting videos on youtube because no news agency will hire them.  

Is it important?  A reporter was confronted recently about why tapes concerning Donald Trump, a man running for the highest seat of power in this country, were not released sooner.  The reporter honestly said it wasn't released because of the stranglehold on the media for who if he had - then not only would no one have not heard it anyway, but that he would then be completely banned from working within the media again because the company producing the segment was also the same company producing the show with Donald Trump.  So yes - when this is affecting what we know about people running for President of this country then it is a "big deal" when the media is being choked. 

Noam Chomsky has said "propaganda is to a democracy what a gun is to a dictator".  Only we the public are the ones being fired upon here. Now I don't care how well Celeste is treated at this point - the system itself which created this situation is not being addressed.  It was not being addressed when I started knocking on these doors a few years ago, when I was going to reporters telling me they're being silenced, nor is it being addressed now for the sake of all the other victims of sex trafficking, and the related corruption.

If I'm being told by every office within our legal and political system there's nothing they can do on their own because of how the other offices aren't cooperating with them for one reason or another - then what is the solution?  At first I thought applying the racketeering laws might be an answer.  When I turned to Kamala Harris' office and pushed on her to do this - she announced she's "running for senate" and put up her donation site.  Okay that's not a solution.  

Then I thought maybe if we set up our own "faceless justice committee" who could do their job without fearing their children, or grandchildren, would be slaughtered on the way to school for doing so.  Who look to Mexico where 44 students have disappeared not long ago and no one is doing anything about this either they've lost so much control after having Pablo Escobar sitting in their Congress.

Only modern surveillance technology has created the environment where what worked in the 1990's for Columbia won't work in a day and age where our phones are the same as tracking and surveillance devices.  

So what is a solution here to a train that's gone off the rails to bring things back on track?  I prayed for insight and believe it or not - I looked up and was watching an old Billy Jack movie.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing - absolutely everything I'm seeing now was in this 1970's movie which he wrote and directed to show the corruption behind a nuclear plant being built where he was wanting to instead build a youth center to help troubled kids.  

In this film, he was talking about a "national referendum" was the solution.  I had no idea what this was and in fact don't remember anyone in this country, not even Obama, saying this term.  I'd like to know more about it so I looked up Tom Laughlin's contact information just now - only to find out he's passed.  

So I'm going to hope this reaches some survivors over there who would be willing to talk to me more about this subject.  I was a kid when this film came out and all I remember about Billy Jack was the martial arts, the cool song, and the way he reminded me of an American "Kung Fu" version of David Carradine.  But clearly the man was ahead of his time.  I could see that when reading how he had to book his films into theaters himself at first.  

Tom was clearly ahead of his time.  But for now - he's "right on time" with this idea.  Please get in touch with me so I can learn more about what a "national referendum" is.  Building nuclear plants is one thing - but when we've reached the point where our children are being trafficked and there's nothing that can be done to stop it, to where when their plight comes out to the light THEY'RE  the ones arrested, held on a $300,000 bail, and having their face plastered all over the media INSTEAD of the men who preyed upon her, and her family, as well as many others, then we need to do something different.  

Maybe this is it.  Thank you for listening.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Dear Martha Stewart and Associates:

I've seen the commercial on VH1 with Martha Stewart dancing with Snoop Dogg to promote the "Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party" series.   To say I'm offended is an understatement.  This country is having a record epidemic not only of juvenile sex trafficking, but we're also in a second HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as a Hep C and HPV virus  (diseases which are all sexually transmitted).

Because of the focusing only upon the issue of sex trafficking itself, without acknowledging the fact it involves sex while victims are not exactly trained in proper "safe sex" techniques by their traffickers because frankly it profits them more NOT to have their victims engaging in safe sex - we are about to lose another generation of young people which may number more than those we lost in the 1980's.

The reason for this is because at least the media was addressing this issue in the 1980's while it's completely ignoring this documented epidemic in the young, and sex workers, today.  That and the fact people deliberately set up the AIM Clinic, which used to be run by Dr. Sharon Mitchell, out of business which had been keeping these diseases "at bay" successfully before being shut down about five years ago (replaced with the very ineffective AHN headed by Michael Weinstein who seems to care more about being the new porn czar rather than about our public health).

So the issue of sex trafficking is a true life threatening urgent issue today.  Now we see Martha Stewart, a woman most young women look up too as a role model, dancing and "frolicking" with Snoop Dogg - a CONFESSED sex trafficker as he outlined his year long RV "pimp revival" national tour in 2003 in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The courts, police, etc., are experiencing such a shortage of operating funds that in Nevada for example the police will not even come to the scene of a car accident, even when there's bodily damage with an ambulance called, because of the shortage of funds in the budget.

Which is why I got a call into our hotline at by a concerned politician who needed someone to go in and rescue victims from this operation asking us to do so because of their concern if they sent in the Nevada police - then the press over such an event would cost the state "more than the OJ trial cost California".

This was because Snoop had not confessed to what he was doing while this was going on.  Instead he waited until the statute had expired in most states he committed the crime of pimping, sex trafficking and/or pandering according to each state's definition of what he did before basically gloating in the press about how he not only committed this crime in broad daylight, but knowing no prosecutor would want to take on the task of coming after him ESPECIALLY because of who the "johns" were in his so called "fantasy" - NFL players.

Who if you've seen the film "Concussion" then you know the NFL has their own set of "influencers" who protect them from the press which would result if anyone was arrested in this year long FLAUNTING of what was the building of a national sex trafficking operation.

In case you didn't read his confession, he brags about how he took an RV from city to city on his national Playboy tour, invited young women onto it, then after telling them he had a "fantasy" of wanting them to engage in sex for money with these different NFL players, he then claims he "returned the money".

I'm sorry but if I rob a bank and then "return the money" an hour later this does not give me a "get out of jail free card".  Not in my book anyway.  What he does not explain further however is what happened to these women he also brags about "kicking off the RV" when he got down with them.  Which was local pimps were standing by to grab these women and then put them to work in their operation - against their will in most cases.

First of all, I would like to ask every young woman who works for Martha Stewart to imagine being invited onto an RV to meet Snoop Dogg, his friends, and these NFL players.  Then I'd like them to realize when they enter this RV (which has one way in or out mind you), it's stock full of drunken, stoned, men who are all wealthy, famous and for the NFL players - some of them are 300 pound athletes who could probably lift you with one finger off the ground - and then I want you to imagine you want to say "no" when asked to do this.  No I ask you - would you feel perfectly safe in saying "no"?

Also, I'd like to know what steps were taken to verify each women who was invited onto the RV had their ID checked to make sure they were over the legal age of consent.  Which I need to add in Nevada is FIFTEEN years of age.  So understand that some of these women were SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE.  The first woman we went to rescue was chained like a dog to a toilet in a vacant apartment while four months pregnant by a pimp with a rap sheet of felony violent arrests.  The "tricks" were brought to this apartment, and she was not allowed to communicate with anyone.

We had to stage an operation to get the pimp out of the apartment long enough to call a locksmith and get her out of there - knowing mind you we'd been told the police were not going to even respond to helping us because the state "didn't want the publicity" of going after this pimp who would then turn back to Snoop - and the publicity which would result.

This woman has had her baby, but to get her home and have everyone safe her whole family had to relocate because this trafficking operation knew where they lived.  By going from city to city on this tour doing this, what resulted was a building of a network of traffickers I've been having to content with in our program for over 30 years now and one of the reasons why I formed our hotline and program in the first place - because the police not only wouldn't help me when I was in this same situation 30 years ago myself, but I was even being trafficked BY local police, CIA, and FBI during Iran Contra and what became the Rampart lawsuits in the 1990's.

Because victims of sex trafficking could not, and still can't in most cases, call the police for help - this is again why I had to form our hotline and program at our expense.  I say that because federal grants were not available in the 1980's because the issue wasn't even considered "real" in the 1980's.  The Trafficking Act of 2000 giving this issue federal "recognition" as real was only passed 16 years ago.  This pregnant victim we rescued first on this tour is so traumatized not only by what happened to her, but the very idea that the state didn't want to rescue her "officially" because of the fear of the expense and publicity in doing so which was so great they called our little band of volunteers to do it instead "off the record", that she literally can't leave her house without going into panic attacks of what might happen to her if she did and thinking no one would come to her rescue then.

Especially when she's concerned if she did go to the press about her ordeal that men like Snoop, who has a record if you remember for a murder trial he beat in the past, might come after her to silence her.  I mean what's to stop him considering what he's already gotten away with?

While we have people like Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez-Masto insisting they "care about the issue of sex trafficking", two Attorney General's for just two of the states where he, and his cronies, executed these crimes - while neither one of them have issued a warrant for Snoop despite the fact his confession clearly gave them enough evidence to have him arrested for at least pandering, if not pimping or sex trafficking.

Again, there is no clause in the law that "giving the money back" voids the crime itself.  So Martha Stewart dancing with this confessed, and unrepentant, sex trafficker is so offensive words can't even explain.  Meaning that I am wanting you to know that not only am I going to be boycotting any Martha Stewart show, product, and service, but also any company who carries any of her shows and/or products - and I will be sending out an announcement to our 190,000 social media subscribers/members of Sex Workers Anonymous to join us in a boycott of Martha Stewart for associating herself with this trafficker.

I understood when Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading because I figured it was just a "misunderstanding".  Now in light of this partnership with Snoop Dogg - I can't help but look upon her in a whole other light.  Do not tell me women are safe anywhere near Martha being now who she wants to associate herself with - a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker who has been banned in two countries for drug trafficking and I have yet to see a medical marijuana card on him either.  Combined with his football league - I would imagine the delivery service has no shortage of people filling out help wanted applications.

Both of you by the way have enough visibility of the young women in this country to be warning them about this STD epidemic, as well as the exploding sex trafficking problem we're encountering now because of the impact the internet has had on this issue but instead of doing this and saving lives - you're dancing on VH1 together?

I'm sorry but I'm boycotting Martha now and will be sending out this letter to all of her sponsors, producers, and stores which carry her products as well as any social organizations she may be connected to who are partnering her around young women.

Martha appearing with Snoop in this manner makes him appear "harmless" like a fuzzy puppy.  The man now owns a medical marijuana delivery service, he hangs out socially with Rick "Freeway" Ross, and again he's completely unrepentant about the damage he did to young women during this pimp revival as shown by not only his confession in Rolling Stone- but also his lack of any apology for what transpired.

Let's take a look at the effect this is even having on P. Diddy.  Snoop's son is playing football at UCLA.  The same team where P. Diddy was arrested for attacking a coach supposedly of that team whose son is on the same team.

So we have someone who has been charged with murder, flaunted being in warrant by appearing at a music awards show rather than turning himself in, hanging out with the like's of Rick "Freeway" Ross who recently was pulled over with over $100,000 in cash in his car supposedly to "buy real estate", and P. Diddy, who assaults football coaches, engaging in activities designed to clearly attract in young people - all while again being a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker and you're dancing with him Martha like this is all one big joke?

So you have a nice day .   I'm off to organize a boycott that has now expanded from Snoop to Martha Stewart.  On behalf of the victims of this "revival fantasy tour" of Snoop's, I find the two of you dancing as you are in that commercial completely taunting these victims about how they were held captive through intimidation, raped, kidnapped, trafficked, drugged, beaten, and otherwise outright treated like animals, for how not only NOTHING has been done to anyone involved, BUT NOW YOU TWO ARE DANCING TOGETHER?

Certainly you have enough PR people Martha to be aware of this confession.  SHAME ON YOU.  SHAME on the prosecutors who want to grandstand for the election but still haven't issued one warrant against him despite this written confession and the fact there are numerous witnesses who would come forward if they thought they wouldn't be ripped apart by the fans of Snoop's music and the NFL - who all have a history if you think about it of a lot of aggression, if not outright violence and even murder.

It's like you're dancing with Hitler Martha and on behalf of the young women in this country - again SHAME on all of you who are acting like this is not an issue.

TRIPLE SHAME on VH1 for claiming to "care about sex trafficking" while putting on this show.

It's OFFENSIVE AND IN DOWNRIGHT BAD TASTE!!! I say that because when I called the Pistachio Growers Board after seeing him in a commercial for the nut - when they learned about his confession in Rolling Stone they at least said they would "pull the ad" which I didn't see it again after that in fact.  

So Martha, you and VH1 have less taste than nut growers!

(PS - To Snoop and his entourage - if you think sending in "influencers" connected to Live Nation to try and slander me, as well as sending in others to try and stalk and threaten me online starting the minute I announced the boycott on Snoop after this confession, a company who also not so coincidentally in my opinion also manage Charlie Sheen, through straw groups such as Cupcake Girls who use their nonprofit status to launder your bribe money to try and get us to back down - we know the game so think again.  An apology to the victims is all we've asked.  It's a lot cheaper to think about an apology and an "amends" rather than the money you've spent trying to run us out of Dodge and silence us.  If pimps in the 1980's couldn't silence me over the last 30 years - your tactics won't do the job either.  We're not going anywhere!  Especially not as long as these victims of crimes such as yours and Charlies are going unprosecuted by law enforcement.  

Which reminds me - isn't it a crime to knowingly expose someone to HIV/AIDS? Kamala - why no arrest against Charlie considering he's even threatened to pay $25,000 to whack a witness?  You want to claim you care about these victims?  PROVE IT.  Your office STILL hasn't called to speak to the victims we told you have contacted us for help about these situations in how many years now?  No - you announced your fund raiser to run for Senate when we pushed on the very issue that if you had addressed it when we first came to you - then the story about Celeste Guap might not have hit.  But then you were having to contend with Joohon David Lee though weren't you?  Now remind me again how you dealt with what he did?  Tell me about it while he's driving a limo in Las Vegas about how you're "throwing the book" at him for what he did while in office for Homeland Security, ICE and the anti-trafficking task force?)

Friday, December 11, 2015


Dear Nicole:

One of our members sent me this article about Live Nation.  I guarantee you there's more to this story than meets the eye.  I would assume off duty cops have a permit to carry a gun for one thing.

For another, I came to know Live Nation in a weird way.  In 2003, Snoop Dogg was traveling the USA on a Playboy tour on what I call a "pimp revival".  He would sweep into town, have young women come onto the RV (so he wasn't on hotel grounds), and then ask them to "fulfill his fantasy by turning a trick for him as their pimp".  The tricks were NFL players.  This is a young woman by herself in an RV full of drunken, stoned, wealthy famous men, one of who has a murder charge behind him he beat.  He claims because he "gave the money back" that it's okay.

After he got done with the women, the local pimps would scoop them up since they'd already been "turned out" and clearly had some cash value now because of where they'd just been.  Some of those pimps weren't so nice.  No state - no prosecutor, no cop, no attorney general wanted to touch the case so he had a free pass to do what he did.

I only got called into this when one of the girls happened to have a Nevada senator as a "friend of the family".  I got a call from him asking me to go and rescue the young woman who was four months pregnant and chained to a toilet.  They didn't want to arrest him because he would have fingered Snoop and then all hell would have broke loose.  So yes I went in and got her out of there, and of course then set about trying to do damage control for the rest of his tour from that point on.

To try and stop what he was going, I contacted his promoters to ask them to have him stop.  At this time, I was also being asked to film a documentary by MTV on domestic sex trafficking and was being promised a series of public service announcements.  Only after I started trying to talk to Snoop's people - I found my producer fired, and no one knew anything about the PSA's.  The whole project in fact was moved to Sweden - so MTV Exit launched in Sweden that year instead of the USA as previously scheduled.

I couldn't say anything until he did or I'd be sued for defamation.  After his confession in Rolling Stone - I started a boycott of "Turbo" where his character was a cartoon pimp making him "kid friendly".  I started to organize a boycott of the film online.  The MINUTE that I announced the boycott in the trafficking groups I belonged to - suddenly a woman appears out of nowhere claiming to work for "Traffick Jam" who starts a smear campaign against me.   That's a group that organizes concerts to raise money for sex trafficking victims.  

I say "said" she works for Traffick Jam because I contacted their founder who said he "had no idea who she was" when I asked him why this woman would be attacking me so viciously.  She literally went to every moderator of every group and demanded I be removed or she was going to "take her membership elsewhere".  She was throwing a lot of money around also at the time, and promising people a percentage of the funds raised.  I sat down and clocked this woman and she was literally spending 8 hours a day, five days a week, just calling people up, emailing them, and doing whatever she could in her power to smear me.  She filed complaints against me with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General's office, the IRS, anyone she could think of she'd write.  She was so desperate for dirt she would tell people that "Jody is a con artist because she has three names".  I've been married twice - so yes I have my maiden name and then both my married names.  I didn't know it was "suspicious" to have been married and divorced twice!

Every time she'd come at me I'd say "why aren't you directing this at Snoop?"  Eventually people started going "yeah why aren't you directing this at Snoop" and she faded away into the sunset.  That was after she got my facebook accounts shut down for two weeks, my websites taken down for two weeks, and basically she jammed up all our online presence for the first two weeks that "Turbo" opened.  Then once I got people starting to notice her anger was being a little bit misdirected, and other people started confirming she was lying about who she was or was not, and they also started noticing that ALL she did all day was stir up shit at me instead of traffickers while claiming to be an "anti-trafficking activist"  - then she did finally leave me alone.

Snoop had signed with Live Nation at this time by the way.  I didn't think much about this until a few years ago.  Charlie Sheen learned he was HIV/AIDS positive in 2011.  In 2011, he signed with Live Nation and launched a one man show that had everyone scratching their head trying to figure out what the hell he was doing.  It was so bad that he canceled the tour quickly.

At this time something else happened.  I guarantee you prior to this no other group would dare set foot in Nevada to fight sex trafficking because of the presence of the legal brothels but me.  I have had my car trashed, bombs found in my outreach RV, my front door kicked in, death threats, my daughter mowed over with an SUV - so trust me no one else wants to fight trafficking in Nevada.  Go look at where the "abolitionists" have their meetings and convention and you'll see it's FAR from Nevada.  But out of the blue this group the Cupcake Girls sweeps into town.  

They came bearing gifts.  They were literally showing up in strip clubs with free cupcakes, haircuts, make-overs, dental care, and even cash aid all without the pesky little requirement to get the help of quitting the sex industry like our group does.  They then announced they were having a Bill passed that would allow those with prostitution charges to get them expunged based on the claim they "couldn't get jobs outside of stripping" because of their record.  Which is total horseshit.  I've got a list of top casinos and major employers who not only regularly hire ex-prostitutes, but for some jobs they prefer them.  Jobs working with the public, marketing, sales, etc.  When I went to offer them the list since they were "having such a hard time" they blocked me and told me not to call them again!

Clearly something else was going on here.  I mean who would go to the legislature to write a Bill rather than to take a list of employers from me?  Makes no sense.  The ONLY thing a prostitution record stops you from doing in Nevada is obtaining a license to work in a legal brothel or an entertainer's license to be a stripper.  So in reality they were helping prostitutes to get licensing.  Which is when I knew they had sided up to Dennis Hof.   Now why would they do that?  So I did more homework to find out they even had a lobbyist that helped them get that bill passed.  A bill written by John Hambrick who I've seen taking bribes from Dennis Hof and who Chris Edwards is claiming "bullied" him for his vote to become Speaker of the House after everyone crucified Reid who was the ONLY one who would stand up to the brothels in Nevada.  

The same lobbyist as Live Nation has by the way.  Again, why would a company that puts on concerts be helping strippers clear their prostitution records?  The lightbulb goes on about Charlie being their new client.  Now I know he's "paid $10 million dollars to keep his secret" now I know I wasn't imagining things.  Because when an escort, stripper or porn performer realize they have HIV - guess where they go?

You got it - me.  Now I'm beginning to understand why this group has swept into Nevada ONLY targeting female strippers (not the men, not the lesbians or transgenders, not the street prostitutes, etc.) and been handing out so many goodies to win over favor - make me look like shit.  Got it.  

Then I read their company isn't allowing in police officers to concerts over supposedly their guns?  Give me a break.  Let me tell you something - what Snoop has done since the Rolling Stone interview is textbook pimping in my book on a large scale.  First you put together a football team.   You know why?  Security on high schools was locking up the gates to keep the pimps out who weren't going to school there.  So how would you get the pimps back around the high school girls?  


Especially if they're auditioning to be cheerleaders.  Once he started auditioning cheerleaders, he also opened a medical marijuana delivery service.  Have you ever seen a medical card on Snoop?  I haven't. Now if there wasn't a football league before I'd understand.  If it was free - I'd understand.  But he charges as much as the other football leagues and their coaches are complaining that he's siphoning them right out of the game.  Now what I'm hearing is the pimps are coming onto the high school grounds to "see the practice" and now the guards can't stop them without being accused of "racial profiling" to get them to back off.  

Rick "Freeway" Ross is a survivor of Iran Contra.  I was right there with Rick and so when he got released and claimed he was "going legit" I reached out to him.  I noticed his book and his documentary didn't say ONE WORD about the sex trafficking that also went along with those drugs.  In my experience, when someone won't take my calls it's because they haven't "left the game" yet.  I spoke to Cathy Scott, the woman who wrote his book and she attacked me claiming he'd "gone straight and was teaching kids to read".  If he's "gone straight" and "wants to help people" then why refuse my calls?  

Where I come from teaching kids to read while not going near people that can see through bullshit - that's "putting on a cover".  I've seen Rick being photographed recently on interviews with Snoop.  I also know Rick was pulled over recently driving on the 101 with over $100,000 in cash on him.  He told the officer he was "going to buy real estate".  Give me a break.  You show up at a real estate deal with cash and you'll raise eyebrows you're a drug dealer. No one legit does that.  He further claimed the cop pulled him over because of "racial profiling".  No - he pulled him over because he saw him on the documentary talking about being one of the biggest drug dealers of the century.  You know what?  The pimps who turned me out also used to tell me the cops who were trying to warn me were "racial profiling" too.  No they weren't.  They were trying to warn me these were bad men - their color had nothing to do with it.  Which is why I chuckle when I see the plot on "Empire" showing that the character Lucious Lyon has murdered a man but when arrested for it he claims "racial profiling".  Sounds to me like the writers know some of the same people I did at one time.  

I know what's going on and I know when I'm being targeted.  I know from a lot of past predators when someone is running around saying "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" it's because they're covering their ass.  My dad still tells anyone who listens "Jody's crazy" too so they won't listen to my stories of his sexual abuse.  

No - there's more to the story of Live Nation and thank you for writing that article.  Just let's me know I"m right.  The traffickers who turned me out in Los Angeles in the 1980's were related to Richard Pryor.  If you remember, he would tell anyone who asked him that his mother worked in his grandmother's brothel.  I went to work as a cocktail waitress in a club I later learned was how they laundered their money.  They also used the club to pick up girls who they'd already verified were over 18 when they were stamped to buy liquor.  It was "family business" based out of a family who also started record labels to not only launder their money - but to create phony jobs and loopholes so the pimps could get paid without being charged for it.  I know well how it was set up because I was the one they sent to the banks, and the landlords, and the licensing boards so no one knew who was really behind what was really going on.  

This is modern day sex trafficking at work.  Look - I'd love to tell more cops about our program so if I can submit you an article or do a column on working with prostitutes, or however I can get some press out - let me know.  Thanks.  

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Cell Phone

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Jody Williams
Email –
(702) 468-4529

October 22, 2015

Clark County District Attorney's Office
Clark County Metro – Chief of Police
Nevada Attorney General's Office
Via Email and Fax

Re: Snoop Dogg's 2003 Playboy Tour

Dear Sirs:

My name is Jody Williams. I'm the founder and director of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself and Sex Workers Anonymous. In 2003, I received a phone call from a Nevada senator. This man informed me he had received a call from one of his constituents asking for help to help their daughter. The daughter had been “turned out” during Snoop's Playboy tour across the country. After being “processed” by Snoop – she was then turned over to a local Las Vegas pimp who had a long criminal, and violent, history. I was told she was reported to be pregnant, as well as being held hostage by threats by the pimp against the lives of her family.

I asked the obvious question “why call me about this?” I was told that Nevada did not want to move against the pimp by arresting him, because it would then open up a whole “can of worms” because of how Snoop could then cry “defamation” against such a horrible accusation as to being involved in sex trafficking. Mind you – he had not been saying anything about this before in the media. I asked for money and/or resources to accomplish this “rescue” and was told “no – because we can't risk any money going out proving we had knowledge of this case”.

I asked why this woman couldn't just be removed and put into the sex trafficking shelter for Nevada – but was reminded there was none at this time. The only services were for those in “witness protection” meaning again to help her she'd have to testify against her trafficker which was what they were trying to avoid so as not to have a “media circus” like we're seeing with the Bill Cosby case.

So I basically got a phone call from the state of Nevada and then was left to our own devices. I was told the police would arrange to pick him up on an “unrelated warrant” during which time I could go into the home and extract this woman safely while he was locked up. I contacted the family to arrange her getting home and did find her chained to a toilet in an empty apartment without even any furniture in it. She told me he had “sold the furniture for drugs”. This woman is fine now and I even received a photo of her baby girl born a few months later safe and sound.

I had been working with a producer at MTV at this same time who was offering to do a show on us for their “True Life” series. They were further going to be making public service announcements for us was what they said. After getting this woman out of that situation, and upon hearing this was something that Snoop was doing on his tour in each stop on the way – I felt something needed to be done. I therefore wanted to contact the people who were sponsoring and organizing his tour to let them know about what happened so hopefully they could help me put a “plug” in the whole thing.

I told this producer what was going on and asked her if she could help me figure out who was producing the show, as well as who might be Snoop's “people” so that I could approach them about shutting this thing down. I further said if she was going to start filming us for this “reality show” that maybe they ought to get a camera out to film what we were doing in this case. They said they wanted to film how we helped our members – and well this was one of those ways.

MTV then fired the producer I was working with. No one knew who her replacement was when I called back – and no one at MTV seemed to even know who I was after her termination. I further found it very interesting that this year all the trafficking work at MTV was switched over to launch in Sweden instead of the USA. All my calls to their people now working on trafficking are not returned.

I then tried to work with our SWA members in each city that Snoop subsequently traveled to on the rest of that tour to see what else we could do in order to warn women about what was happening on. If we couldn't get MTV to help us warn them – we figured maybe we could go about this directly. Because of this – we were able to extract more women who had been “turned out” by Snoop and then cast off to local pimps in a system that mirrored “old time religious revivals”. This is where the big preacher would sweep into town, get everyone all excited, and then turn them over to the local existing churches. I looked up who Snoop's representation was at William Morris and tried to speak to them about what was going on. I got no response other than “if you get a court order – let me know”.

Snoop has a lot of fans as you might imagine. He also has a record of a murder charge he beat in the past. He's a known drug user and the “johns” he used were NFL players. Meaning big, rich, famous men who have a horrible history with respect to their treatment of women lately. Snoop's other fans and supporters include men involved in the criminal world with histories that are quite dangerous in some cases. Meaning that the women we helped to get out of this situation were, and are, terrified that if their identities come out in the media they'll be ripped apart by his fans, as well as possibly NFL players who might want to keep their involvement out of the media eye. These women have been so traumatized by what happened – not a one of them can hold down a job right now. One is so anxiety ridden she literally can't leave her house without a companion with her.

There was nothing I could do about any of this until Snoop himself confessed in the attached Rolling Stone interview. To try and bring attention to the damage to his victims who didn't have the same view of what happened as Snoop – I tried to organize a protest at the opening of “Turbo” in 2013. A movie where he was playing a "child friendly pimp" of a cartoon snail pimp (that alone I found offensive - making a pimp "child friendly").  The MINUTE I launched the news of this protest – I found myself being stalked, bullied, and smeared by a woman who was spending LITERALLY eight hours a day six days a week on just this mission. This woman went about to get me excluded from every group online about sex trafficking.

Once she got me excluded from the trafficking groups – she set about to find people to turn against me personally using her checkbook. She would literally tell people she would cut them a check for their group IF and UPON this person blocking me from their social media. After she got one man in NY so wound up at me that he started issuing death threats at us – this is when people started pulling away from her finally. Once the show “Turbo” was out of theaters – she pretty much disappeared.

I again tried to reach out to Snoop Dogg's “people” upon the Rolling Stone interview about what his plans were about apologizing to these women, and doing something about undoing the damage done to them. I couldn't get anyone to speak to me about this issue at all. I again let the whole thing kind of “go” until I saw that after no one came after him about this tour – he then started the “Snoop Youth Football League”.

Not only putting him in touch with young male athletes – but also now auditioning young females as cheerleaders. Then came the investment in the medical marijuana delivery service. I ask you – with what we're seeing going on with the Bill Cosby case – if a young girl were to be trafficked in connection with this football league in the same manner as he did while on the Playboy Tour who would file a case against him? In Nevada, Mally Mall has had his house raided – but no arrests. I have tried reaching out to the football team organizers about what steps are they taking to make sure these young cheerleaders are safe from the teen pimps being attracted now onto the football fields that security is telling me is all over the games – and I get no response back.

So I set up the site at Instead of anyone from his people contacting me about trying to apologize to these women, or rectify anything – I suddenly found myself being targeted, and attacked, and smeared, in an almost identical manner as before but this time by the Cupcake Girls. In doing some homework on them as to where this hostility was coming from – I learn their lobbyist is connected to Live Nation. Live Nation produces Snoop Dogg's concerts. I find the timing of the whole thing just a little too “coincidental”.

In this work I've done since 1987 - I've only found myself subject to this type of "stalk and smear" campaigns twice and each time has been in connection and/or retaliation to my speaking up about Snoop.  Personally I find it a "veiled threat" being lobbied at the victims about what would happen to them if they were to decide to take on the media, and the fans, to prosecute him personally.   Just as I found this "confession" in Rolling Stone a taunt (look at me - I can tell the world what I did and STILL no one will do anything or care).

I have looked up the Nevada statutes. Specifically that on “pandering” at NRS 201.300. This statute says that the “consent of the victim” doesn't alter this is a crime. Snoop claims all of these women “consented”. I ask you to imagine being a lone 110 pound female put into an RV with Snoop Dogg, along with NFL players who are big, rich, famous, and also stoned – and then after closing and locking the door asking them to perform a sexual service for money – and then I ask you how comfortable would you feel saying “no”? If she did – could they perceive this “no” considering how “high” everyone was at the time? Was any of it recorded? Was anyone's ID checked to verify their age? The women I spoke to said their ID was not checked for their age.

The statute also speaks about “where prostitution is illegal”. Where he did this, in Las Vegas, prostitution was, and is, illegal. Snoop also says he “gave the money back” as a defense. I ask you if someone robs a bank and then “gives the money back” does that mean they're not guilty of robbing a bank? I personally find it a bit objectionable that all these women victimized by Bill Cosby are getting major press right now while Bill denies what he did categorically – yet Snoop has confessed to all in Rolling Stone and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS.  On top of showing not one shred of remorse or even any idea how these women were harmed and then found they couldn't prosecute their predator because of basically who his "friends" were - this man is now being put out in situations around young teenage girls while also promoting his new "delivery service".  I have yet by the way to see Snoop holding up a medical marijuana card either.  Meaning is he on the field HIGH?  

I'd like either Snoop to be charged for pandering under this statute – or I'd like an explanation from someone as to why he's not being charged for something. Those women were put onto an RV, asked to engage in an illegal act, and taken across state lines. I ask you again – what records were kept to verify each of them was over legal age of consent? In Nevada legal age is 15 years old – but in California it's 18 years old. Were any 16 year olds from Nevada taken into California? Why is there no investigation being done about this? If “consent” isn't a defense – that means you don't need a witness to prosecute him to file pandering charges right? Please advise.

Jody Williams

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Dear Fred Mwangaguhunga and Notoya Green:

I'm writing you for help to broadcast something after watching you on "My Sweet 40th" on TV recently.  There is a war going on right now against African American men in this country.  A war being waged by rich powerful WHITE religiously motivated entities.  They have found a new way to put a face on a war against the African American male, and even single mother families of African Americans.  I may look white, but I'm the direct descendant of a family comprised of a slave owner and a slave who ran away once she could be free to build a family.  Today, I help sex trafficking victims find an underground railroad of their own to find freedom through the founding of the modern day sex trafficking movement and our hotline.  

These people such as California Endowment, the McCain Institute, and the Catholic Church (we beat them in ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops, and a Supreme Court decision striking down the TVRA of 2003  - so this is how they're fighting back), and pro-life people and even those who oppose PETA (I can show you how these people against us are also who set up Planned Parenthood and yes even set up PETA last year at the Rose Bowl), as well as those directly tied to sex trafficking within our government like Randall Tobias and David Vitter - are now using African American's such as P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Malika Saar all hand picked to make what they are doing to attack African Americans to brand them in the mind of the public as "traffickers" in an IDENTICAL war that I witnessed in the 1980's during Iran Contra when these people were ALSO blaming the African American community for the drugs that were pumped into this country by THEM (who Rick "Freeway" Ross and Gary Webb have now backed up my story is true I've been saying since 1987 when I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement)  in the IDENTICAL manner of how the Nazi's picked Jews to run the showers at Aushwitz to gain compliance.

So - this is a letter I've been sending out from us to counter their "No Such Thing" Campaign.  (Note - headed by an African American woman and an African American girl even here -    I'm writing you because they are TRICKING famous African American celebrities such as P. Diddy and Russell Simmons to back them.  

These people are not watching the media pertaining to sex trafficking - however I am.  So they aren't aware of the slick media propaganda that's been going out on the air to cover up what's really going on here with the hijacking of the movement I founded NOT against the African American community BUT against rich, powerful WHITE men in our own GOVERNMENT who are involved in sex trafficking.  Who even Jeane Palfrey was murdered in my opinion trying to reveal the proof - and before she could get the word out the numbers in her "Black Book" were not just "johns" but TRAFFICKERS.

I watch shows like the Freedom Project that was hosted by Jada Pinkett-Smith not one week before she came out to promote Magic Mike XL.  On this show, Jada went into Atlanta, GA where all they did was film African American teens with African American "pimps" (by the way a pimp and trafficker are different but they use these terms interchangeably also to hide the fact "traffickers" are white in this country).  I've watched NBC follow African American husbands around the lobby of a jail while they are bailing out their wife saying "you're a trafficker" while he's going "no I'm not - I'm here to bail out my wife".  So the minute I call her out for her "hypocrisy" on this issue - now they've replaced her with Malika Saar?

I'm writing to you because I saw how you had a hard time financially and you used credit to eat at the bottom.  Well you had credit to do so.  Some African American single mothers aren't so fortunate as to be married, or have credit.  They wind up often with only one way to feed their children.  They put on red lipstick and go out onto a corner around the end of the month.  Then they are being picked up by police looking for trafficking grant money - and labeled a "trafficking victim".  They're told they have to do it or else go to jail.

Worse, if there is a male in the home - they are told if they don't prosecute him as her "trafficker" that they will come and take her babies.  Do you want to know WHY we're having a record increase in black men in prison?  Google "trafficking arrests" right now in this country and you'll find that Kemp Schiffer, a white IRS agent who trafficked girls for 12 YEARS got two YEARS in prison - while an African American male got 140 YEARS for doing less.

I want you to imagine if instead of having that wonderful 40th bash you did - how would you like to have been in the shoes with a baby and no credit.  Maybe you went out on that corner.  Then to save your baby from going into CPS - you had to put your same wonderful husband behind bars so they can build bigger jails in this country.  Because THAT'S what's happening right now.  These people have found another African American face to wage this wage upon the African American community with the upcoming launch of their "No Such Thing" campaign.  

I invite you to look at also who is the focus of this "No Such Thing" campaign if not GIRLS.  When the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Michael Horowitz, even confirms with me the movement I started has been hijacked - let me explain more of what I mean by that.  Prior to 2000, when the Act was passed, our program, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) was active in every major city of the USA, Canada and in other countries.  Our program served ALL - men, women, transgenders and the LGBT community.

Yes we had some African American women like Brenda Myers-Powell, but we also served Native American transgender strippers, white Jewish lesbian escorts and madams, and Asian Buddhist gay male hustlers.  We did not discriminate.  However, if you go and look at any "trafficking shelter" right now, being funded by federal AND church money, you'll find the only ones being served as HETEROSEXUAL CHRISTIAN FEMALES.  I challenge you to find ONE that serves kosher food or has a meditation center in fact because this is not only a race war being waged, but a religious one that is also excluding the LGBT community by omission.

So I'm writing to get your help with counter-media within the African American community.  A community where rappers who are not as wealthy as P.Diddy are being picked up, harassed, targeted as "traffickers" while the REAL traffickers like Mally Mall are hiding behind Snoop Dogg.  They won't dare touch anyone connected to Snoop who I know for a fact IS acting as a shield for real trafficking.  Is he aware of it or being taken advantage of?  I don't know.  I can't get an audience with him to find out.  All I can do is set up to get his attention to what is going on under him to raise his awareness to it since his people won't let me talk to him about it.  (Yes to the lobbyists who are attacking me for this boycott - all I'm trying to do is get Snoop's attention to what's going on under him.  If real life pimps couldn't shut me up in the 1980's - do you really think the Cupcake Girls are going to chase me off?)  

I don't know how to reach into that hip hop community any better than to start with your media outlet - so I'm sending you a copy of a letter I'm trying to get published somewhere to raise awareness about what's going on by people using very cleverly designed slick media campaigns to wage a race war, fill up jails, and attack the LGBT community, the Jews, and the African American community who can't speak out for themselves because of the fear these people have them living in.  Even Monica Jones who was targeted by them in Arizona.

IF these people REALLY wanted to DO something about sex trafficking within the United States - then how come for TWO YEARS NOW I can't get one single person in law enforcement to look at the evidence I have against the heads of a multi-national sex trafficking ring, a ring where pimps in other states than California have now been sentenced, who reside in Pasadena, California?  Not a phone call.  Not a email.  Yet I've been told by the author of the RICO act itself that I now have enough evidence to start an investigation at least into these people.  But does Kamala Harris or Dianne Feinstein or any of these people come to me to ask to see this information, and talk to a woman who was carted out of her home by Pasadena cops when she told the ring she wanted to retire where she was then falsely charged with prostitution?  NO.

If these people wanted to DO something about "child prostitutes" - how about doing something about the fact a 16 year old in California can call the police and say she's being "trafficked" or even a victim of statutory rape to block pimps from trying to turn her out, especially if those people are her own parents, foster parents, etc.  Yet that same girl can be loaded into a car, then driven into Nevada, where she can be forced to apply for a brothel prostitute license, then taken to the brothel where BY LAW she can not walk out of that brothel for the first 48 HOURS or she will be ARRESTED.  If these people care so much about "child prostitutes" as to go to all this trouble with this "No Such Thing" campaign - how about doing something to CHANGE THE LAWS OF NEVADA?  Do you see one single word in their campaign about this?  Maybe because the brothels only hire white girls while the black girls get arrested and thrown into juvie as "prostitutes".

Oh but let's not call them that. We can do it - but let's not CALL it that.  If you think that's wrong - then help me please with this.    

Jody Williams

When most sex trafficking victims are "turned out" - the pimps give them names like "bitch" or "whore" or even "property".  One member told me her name was “chair” They're told they're not "worthy of a human name".  When other people call them by their birth name - the pimps will remind them "oh no - she's chair now" or whatever the chosen name is.  

They are further told to give "stage" or "street" names to their customers - if asked.  Star, Desiree, Tiffany, all are their street, stage or porn names.  It's often not until coming into recovery they are even being called by their birth names. I've had members tell me “wow it's been years since someone called me by my name”.

One of the things we do in Sex Workers Anonymous is to teach them to speak up for themselves, how to express their feelings, and it's safe now to tell people what they really think and feel.  Why?  Because the pimps either silence them, ignore them - or worse beat them violently if they speak "out of turn"  The "johns" could care less what they think or how they feel.  They might pretend to care - and the girls have learned speaking up can mean either a back hand, less money, or even get them thrown out into the streets at 2:00 a.m. One woman we know pretended to be a deaf mute during her captivity just to survive.

I don't make any major decisions in our program without taking a 'group conscience'.  This teaches the members their voices are important.  In hearing from everyone and carrying out their wishes - they learn they have value as well as how to speak up for themselves  I'm not going to deny them that voice   So I hope you understand I'm trying to carry their voices out to the public because they can't through this letter.

There has been a “No Such Thing” campaign kicked off asking the general public to call all of us across the board as a specific name.   Our members/survivors were not asked to be included on what word to use, nor anything about the execution of this campaign that asks for us to be identified by a word they've chosen. I'm hoping you can therefore understand by shutting them out of the process of deciding what they want to be called for the rest of their lives – they feel shut out, ostracized and unimportant all over again by this exclusion.

Another problem - is like it or not – this country's legal system can't even agree among the state's what a “child” is let alone what a “victim” is. What do I mean by that? Most people in this country think that anyone under the age of 18 years old is a “child”. However, in Nevada the legal age for giving consent for sex is 15 years old.

Many people also don't realize the licensing board for the legal brothels in Nevada state that “anyone over the age of 16 years old” an apply to work as a legal prostitute. Meaning a 16 year old in California would be called a “victim” - while that same exact 16 year old in a Nevada brothel would be considered a “legal prostitute”. If they worked next door in the strip club they would in fact be a “sex worker” That's not an opinion – but a fact. Now if people find that offensive – then they need to be changing the laws – not the words.

So we would like to see some of the press directed onto the fact that many people are assuming that EVERY state has the legal age of 18 years old - but they don't.  There's also strip clubs in NJ that hire 16 year olds so this is't an attack upon Nevada.  The girls in these legal establishments CAN'T call 911 or go into a sex trafficking program and CAN'T receive “victim” services until the law, not the word, changes.

I also can state for a fact "sex trafficking shelters" are actually letting pimps work those same victims in strip clubs and massage parlors because it's "legal".  So we have a lot of words in the English language that need to be examined in this issue. Now WE are grown enough in our recovery to DEMAND decisions affecting OUR lives INCLUDE us. As founder of this movement – I PERSONALLY DEMAND discussions involving the movement I founded include me as well.

Now if you want to call me “crazy” or “stupid” or “hostile” because of this demand – then I'm going to consider you a “pimp”. How's that for a “campaign about words”?

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Jody Williams founded the modern day sex trafficking movement on August 15, 1987. The day of the Harmonic Convergence she turned on the hotline, open up the first 12 step program for those recovering from any part of the sex industry, male, female or transgender – and stepped up on that first talk show stage demanding this country change in order to respond to their calls for help.