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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Dear Contra Costa County:

We need to talk.  When I was in this "Celeste Guap"s" same shoes myself back in 1984, and the LAPD was trying to also silence me about what I knew about police involvement in sex trafficking, I don't mean having sex with underage hookers, but I mean actual involvement in domestic sex trafficking - one of the places they sent me during my harassment and trying to "frame" me somehow, someway, for a conviction of some kind - was to ship me off to Contra Costa County on a fake charge there.  

So the kinds of things that has been going on with people like Celeste has been going on at least THIRTY FOUR YEARS now by my count.  Let me ask you something - if you are a minority juvenile Hispanic female living in this part of the country and a male uniformed cop just simply "asks" you for sex while your mother is a 911 operator whose very job depends upon her continuing to be in the "good graces" of the police - tell me if that is not another form of "coercion" where this girl might not only be tempted to say "yes" but even to act like she "wanted it" in order to protect her mother's job?

I heard recently of a training provided to police cadets about the type of pimps who are often found on Backpage.  That of the African American pimp.  Now I know California police cadets are trained what to do when an African American street pimp needs to be found, arrested, convicted, etc. by listening to a public radio broadcast I heard recently about this training provided by "Game Over" to cadets on how to take down such criminals - but let me ask you another question - have you provided trainings for your police cadets, and other related agencies like the sheriffs' office on what to do when the person who is involved in sex trafficking is instead:

1.   Joohoon David Lee
2.   Chris Butler
3.   Kemp Shiffer

I ask you this because Joohoon David Lee was actively bringing women over to this country from China through LAX using his Homeland Security badge and connections while also serving on the local sex trafficking task force for this region as well as Immigration.  Not one of the training materials I found for LAX personnel included what to do when a man like that was walking his victims right past LAX security.

I know that because when I tried to report what victims of his were telling me to these authorities no one had a clue how to even respond to my calls, let alone what to do about the guy.  I do know someone told him about my calls because he switched over from bringing Chinese women into this country to Korean women instead to throw off the trail so to speak and further try and convince anyone talking about my calls "oh that Jody is just crazy" as predators do by the way.

After not getting anyone to listen to me about him for YEARS, all while he was running around the trafficking field in this region talking about "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" as the chant goes for anyone I've tried to get brought down for sex trafficking here in this country - I finally managed to get the people over at the Office for Professional Responsibility to open an investigation into what he was doing.

Now during the time Joohoon was actually involved in trafficking personally - he was having to also appear to be "doing his job".  This meant falsely framing an entire family who were completely innocent.  This family is reported to have contacted Joohoon's boss at Homeland Security about the situation where they were told supposedly "yes we know what he's doing but there's nothing we can do about it".  This was told to innocent people right here on American soil mind you while I couldn't get anyone to help me with the victims clear back to "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007.

This man was driving a limo up to his sentencing hearings while working for CLS Limo owned by Charles Horkey.  A man who also was found guilty of sex trafficking, as well as crimes of drugging his patrons while maxing out their credit cards.  Men he targeted who were frequenting massage parlors, strip clubs, and other venues where he could easily attempt to blackmail them out of filing charges by reminding them of where he'd picked them up to have this happen to them.  

A man who shared a lobbyist with a group called the "Cupcake Girls" who were brought in to try and make it appear again this man was actually "doing something" about sex trafficking while in reality not by people who would back up his false stories.  A lobbyist who then went to the Nevada legislature to get a law passed that would take women with prostitution convictions and allow them to have it overturned with a judge's signature allowing them to go get a brothel prostitute license to work in Nevada I should add also to the outline here of what happens when the issue of sex trafficking is being worked on by groups who are actively shunning our program in the process because I'm wanting to show you a pattern here.  

Like Chris Butler's situation.  This man was an ex-cop of 20 years who went into private investigation.  He opened his own company and even went on the Dr. Phil show explaining that he hired sexy "investigators" to do "husband cheating stings" when there was a deeper, darker reason why he was hiring these women.  In reality these women were coming onto wealthy businessmen and then drugging them at bars.  After slipping them drugs - the men were invited "back to their place" for sex.

Only when the men would set foot in their cars to do so, another "friend" of Chris' who was an active duty cop would be there to stop the man, DUI test him, and then finding he was in fact under the influence, along with a hot lady in his car, threaten to arrest him for a DUI knowing he would object because he wouldn't want his wife to find out about the woman in the car.  Neither his boss about a DUI with a hooker in the car.  Making the man vulnerable to paying a bribe to the cops doing this.

What did Chris get out of feeding these victims to bad cops?  He was also running his own prostitution operation.  He owned some massage parlors where he would take women he knew weren't undercover police because they'd been arrested previously to work in the place.  Then he'd obtain drugs through the evidence lockers brought in by his other cop friends and resell these drugs through his massage parlor using his prostitutes as the mules and dealers just in case anyone was caught on an undercover video or sting operation.  

This way he also avoided anyone getting caught through any undercover investigations the Attorney General's office may have tried to get done against his operation which spanned quite a few states for many years I'd like to add.  Especially since they used other cops, sheriffs, and marshals' cars to transport the drugs, guns, stolen items, and even the sex trafficking victims while avoiding anyone being stopped by a cop who wasn't a part of their operation while transporting these items.  If they were stopped - then a simple "I'm taking them in" would answer any questions and they'd move on.

I had gone to a lot of effort to try and get Joe Conforte arrested who used to own the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.  Thinking back to Al Capone - the only way  I could think of getting him arrested was through the IRS.  Which through a madam I had helped to get clean and free of him - we were able to get his "real" books to the IRS who then came down and took over control of the ranch from him.  

I thought this would allow us to get the women being trafficked against their will out of there with him gone.  Especially with the control Joe had over local police and politicians.  Remember, this guy shot a famous boxer down in cold blood in front of a cop and didn't spend one day in jail nor even get arrested over this murder.  Victims of his were drug back to the ranch by cops using the "curfew" laws that exist in the cities where these legal brothels operate.

Little did I know that an ex-cop named Kemp Shiffer who had become an IRS agent would realize that the legal age for sex in Nevada was 15 years old.  Something important for a California pedophile to know about.  So following the "law", Kemp started transporting juvenile females from Oakland, California to the ranch and using work permits obtained to work in the "restaurant" for 16 year old girls - putting these girls inside of those legal brothels at ages too young to even legally vote, smoke or even drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette I'd like to add.  He would get many of these girls out of group homes who had no parents or adults to object also who didn't know what he was doing while talking about how he was "going to get them a legal job" to get them into his car and signed out to his control.

All perfectly LEGAL I'd like to add.  Which is why when I went to the IRS and the police about it originally they said there was "nothing they could do" about it other than fire him from the IRS.  So he was able to continue what he was doing for another 11 years before he was finally arrested for sex trafficking.  For 12 years of doing this - he was given a two year sentence by the way for his crimes against these girls. 

No effort was made to contact all 12 years of his victims either nor to contact the cops who were arresting these juveniles as prostitutes and giving him "tips" as to who would be good women to target once they knew they weren't "undercover police" who might turn them in for what they were doing.  Young girls on probation who could be threatened into not going to the press also by the way with threats of dragging them off to jail on probation violations.

For years after I started Prostitutes Anonymous later renamed to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995 - I had the full support of police departments I'd like you to know.  I say that because the first alternative sentencing and diversion program we put together in Los Angeles county was done under the full support of then mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block, Chief Gates, and California Attorney General Edwin Meese who was working on the Meese Commission back then trying to help what was happening to the porn industry back then.  

We had great success with that program and it led to us creating the first outreach teams to the sex industry to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  That was so effective that within one year we had reduced the infection rate among sex workers from over 80 % to 6 % which was lower than that of the "non-sex worker community" I'd like to add.  We were the people who even got the porn industry to voluntarily start making "safe sex" films to try and lead the "consumers" to wanting to practice safe sex because of the fact we too were once sex workers ourselves. 

In fact, an ex-porn star back then was made a doctor and the AIM Clinic was opened to provide HIV/AIDS testing to the porn/sex industry exclusively because the industry was reluctant to use the same facilities for testing as "non-industry" people.  I say that because that clinic was able to stop some serious STD and HIV/AIDS  outbreaks over the years while they were open before they were shut down in my opinion by people who deliberately set out to get them shut down because of their knowledge of who was who in the sex industry and because they were a trusted point of contact within the industry.

I say that because our group underwent the same type of attack, smear campaign, etc., about the same time as the AIM Clinic, and many other points of contact within the sex industry did at the same time.  Why were we attacked?

For reasons I believe the Celeste Guap case illustrates well for one thing.  For another, because a lot of money was being prepared to be sent out and cut up to help "sex trafficking victims" and the last thing certain people wanted was to have people like myself and Dr. Mitchell involved on those trafficking task forces.  Again why?  Again back to the story of Celeste Guap as your answer.  Because there were a lot of people who didn't want victims to be able to get to us mostly who weren't being controlled by these people trying to silence their victims.

That or even their "guilty conscience".  I want to tell you a quick story about that ground breaking alternative sentencing program which was launched in LA back in 1987.  The Mayor said to get things going we had to get the approval of everyone on every public office such as probation, parole, social services, mental health, the CDC, the prison, police, etc.  He said once I had a letter from each office agreeing to work with us as an "alternative" method for these victims to get help instead of treating them like criminals - we would start the process.

Everyone immediately agreed that getting these victims into services and counseling was preferable to treating them like criminals and carting them off to jail.  Everyone EXCEPT the man who was the head of the Probation Dept.  I couldn't get him to answer the phone and tell me why he was refusing to sign the letter either.  So I got into my car and drove two hours to Downey to knock on his door and ask him what the problem was.

When I got there, he got onto the phone with me and said he "didn't agree" with the idea and he tried to brush me off.  Being how I am - I pushed into his office to demand to speak with him in person about his objections.  When I walked into his office and faced him - I immediately knew what the problem was.  This man had been a "regular" of mine for some years when I myself was a prostitute.

I closed the door and said to him that he of all people should be supporting getting these women into services instead of sending them off to jail being as he saw the kinds of things going on with them.  I asked him why he would object to this program.  His answer was simple - fear of discovery about his activities.  I assured him the last thing we wanted to do was this and he had our discretion of course.  This allowed him to sign the letter and for our program to launch.  

Only I'm dealing with his type of guilt now all over the state and country.  I can show you case after case after case where a judge, a prosecutor, probation officer, and all of the above in some counties are involved as "consumers" of these victims who don't even view them as victims because their conscience won't allow them to.  You would be surprised at the lengths I've heard these men go to in order to convince themselves the women they were seeing were not being victimized by pimps and/or traffickers because they just don't want to see themselves this way.  Even now I'm sure you'll be hearing from men who will justify their behavior by saying things like "Celeste asked for it" or "consented" or "look at her - does she look like an underage girl", etc., to justify what they did.

Which was to remove the ability of a victim to be able to call the police for help by these actions.  Not just by what you're reading about in the press either - but also by excluding our program from their trafficking outreach efforts for whatever reasons they've been handing out to cover up the simple reality of why they were really excluding us from a party we threw to begin with back in the 1980's.

Now I'm speaking to police, and other agencies, on a regular basis who are in a terrible quandary.   I bring this up for a case I can refer to going on in Florida where some guards are responsible for the death of an inmate.  The guards who blew the whistle on their actions were subjected to horrible retaliation.

I want to point you to this case in California where a witness was "lost" for 3 days in the jail.  The only officer I know of who was prosecuted in the matter was the one who brought this victim a phone to call for help.  I know that since our program was taken out of the loop of being connected to anyone coming out of sex work and allowing us to help to determine what type of services they needed because victims were going to be more open to us than they are with the authorities - I myself have found myself being completely shut out of being able to go to the authorities myself with information the victims are telling me about.

I want to point you if I might to this case recently in Irvine where two women were arrested in an international sex trafficking operation.  I want you to know I knew about those women years ago, and I also know they are not the top of the food chain based on what victims have told me.  I want you to know that I started trying to go to the authorities about the operation back in 2006.  Only I found myself being so shut out of law enforcement circles by people within the force trying to cover their own ass, officers like Officer Armendariz out of Arizona as another example, that its one reason I brought in a reporter to help us expose not only Chris Butler, but also "Operation Dollhouse" clear back in 2007.

So those women in Irvine not being arrested until a few months ago is another result I can show you of what's happened since these predators and "johns" were allowed to shut us out of the process here involving sex workers and "victims" of not just pimping, but sex trafficking.  A difference not being taught to your academy cadets currently because of again many men trying to "cover their own ass".

Another problem with this whole issue being left as it is - is that I've been getting an increasing number of phone calls every year from good solid decent cops, sheriffs, marshalls, and other law enforcement officers who are telling me they're leaving the field because of again cases like what's happened in Florida and this other "lost witness" case are illustrating - that the people who seem to be getting attacked aren't the criminals - but instead the "whistle blowers".  If anyone has seen films like the "Departed" then you know how hard it is right now to be able to even get a case investigated properly against someone like Whitey was because of the level of corruption within the system true - but it's more than that.  

The case of what Charlie Sheen was hiding, and the money he spent, and the influence he's had on California's treatment of prostitutes has been profound because he's had a lot of money and celebrity to back up what he was covering up for years about his HIV/AIDS status.  I say that because I believe he was one of the reasons behind the push to stop arresting juveniles for prostitution in California.  In fact, I think a lot of people who are again like those who victimized Celeste jumped on the bandwagon when it came to a good sounding idea to "stop arresting these girls" supposedly to "help them".

Not true.  First of all, it's only when they're arrested can they be tested for HIV/AIDS and their medical records made public so that statistics can be gathered on the amount of them infected for one thing.  Numbers which funding for services is completely dependent upon I"d like to add.  I'd also like to add this was supported by the AHF led by Michael Weinstein who I believe was supporting not having juveniles arrested and tested for HIV/AIDS again for political and financial reasons that had nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.  

Because we don't have any statistics for the numbers of juvenile prostitutes who have HIV/AIDS - then there's a great excuse here to not talk about the fact I'm now seeing numbers of sex workers, both adult and juveniles, across this country who are infected with this virus, and other STD's, GREATER than I used to see in the 1980's I'd like you to be aware of.

I believe the push to stop arresting them had more to do with the fact that once arrested than an investigation starts.  An investigation into who might be pimping and buying them for one thing.  An investigation which men like Charlie Sheen didn't want to come out in the press - as well as the men involved in this Celeste Guap case either.

Meaning that the "good old seasoned" cops who used to be able to take a cadet under their wing and help them out if they were to see another officer involved in such things as this Guap case reveal to us - are telling me they've been leaving the force for some time now in record numbers also because of how "upside down" things have become for a while now.  Again, I want you to think about the culture that men like Joohoon, Chris and Kemp have created in California alone over the last 20 years that all went into this Guap case happening.

A culture that needs to change and one that to change is going to require "re-involving" us with the issues here.  I say that from ground zero to witness protection also because of the way she was handled by victim services even being completely wrong.  This woman at no time was provided with access to ANYONE  who understood that the police force was going to be against her from the gate.  Including a series of events which happened which I believe was her being framed by these same men trying to cover their ass, and also a system trying to protect itself from her lawsuits, who were not putting her best interests FIRST.

Which is another reason why I believe our program was cut out of the Victim Services loop because otherwise there's no way she would have been allowed to be put on that plane as she was to Florida otherwise.  I would have stopped it immediately, and I would have put her instead into a local treatment program we use on our members we have come to know and trust over the years as having the services, staff, etc., who know how to properly treat someone in her situation as to her best interests.

I also think we need to open up a dialogue about what we're going to do in order to start training police officers about what to do when they see someone like Chris Butler in front of them not only involved in crime himself - but also then trying to suck them up into the whole thing as Chris did also.  I can show you grown active duty cops he had terrified of him - and then I ask you what you think prostitutes were feeling about the guy if grown active cops were scared to death of his power?  I can assure you that because there was no safe system in place for witnesses to what he was doing - that's why someone went to the press first about him to get something done to shut him down.

Again things have to change.  Just replacing people isn't changing anything as I think Mayor Libby might have learned after the 3rd guy she made Police Chief who had involvement with Celeste.  Things STILL aren't changing either.  I know my phone's not ringing about it.  I know that when we tried doing our own outreach campaign into the Oakland, Redding, etc., areas back in 2011 - we got so many threats by active duty police officers to myself and our members I had to call off the whole operation.  The problem with that is also this - would you  like to know how many young women have gone missing in that region who are suspected sex trafficking victims now?

Women who I might have been able to find if not for the threats and interference.  I say that because BEFORE, when we were actively working WITH law enforcement we used to find young victims in HOURS.  Routinely.  Not once in a blue moon.  We in fact had found so many juvenile victims through our hotline and our connections that a film was made about one of those case histories called "Fighting for my Daughter" with Lindsey Wagner playing a mother who had called me for help finding her daughter being held against her will by a pimp up in Canada.  A film made in 1995.  So yes there was a time when "working together" WAS WORKING.

So I'm writing you today to find out what can we do to open up a dialogue here?  I'd like to open up a dialogue about coming in preparing some trainings for these various offices on what we know about modern day domestic sex trafficking, not just "pimping" but actual organized sex trafficking operations.  The difference to us being the difference between that of a lone criminal who hangs out with other criminals vs. that of organized crime hence why the RICO Act changed things.

The Trafficking Act of 2000 also changed things but because this was like alcohol in that it was something the system/officers also partook in and were involved in also themselves - it's been a challenge for us to create a system where instead of looking only to the "outside" for the criminals in this issue we have to look at EVERYONE.  Including men with badges and offices as public defenders and on the bench even.

Which won't be accomplished by victims/survivors who are being put out there by groups trying to get federal grants I can assure you.  They won't want to risk the kind of "displeasure" talking about these issues 100 % honestly is going to bring down on them.  They won't risk their jobs nor their grants by being as honest as we need them to be in other words.

I'm not trying to get promoted.  I'm not trying to get a grant.  I'm not trying to organize a fund raiser.  I'm not trying to get a job.  The ONLY thing I'm concerned about right now is to make sure things like what happened to Celeste Guap, and others like Margo Compton, do not happen again.  That victims start knowing they can call the police for help - and not think their only options to find help is to go to the press like Celeste Guap did, as did the victims involved with Eliot Spitzer when his tape was leaked to the press for that reason.  I mean how does one get help when the person you have to get to help you is the prosecutor himself?  That's why those tapes were leaked about Spitzer starting his press attack - the victims didn't know they could reach out to us in other words and get help that way by bypassing him entirely.

You need more good cops.  Which you're losing I can assure you because many are seeing this type of corruption and abuse and feeling they have no recourse to do anything about it, and to protect themselves, they leave the force entirely.  I can point you as one example to a man like Claude Arnold.  That man was making amazing, good, solid, powerful arrests into powerful trafficking figures in this region of southern California and then WHAM!  Suddenly he's out working for an auction house?  I can't speak for this man personally - but I can read those news clips and I can see what happened there plain as day.

So I'm writing to your offices again hoping now with time you've started to see why we need to start talking to each other for one thing.  I'd like to set up some kind of workshop or conference where we can all sit down and talk about these issues together as a team about what can be done to change things. 

I'd also like to talk about some trainings I used to do for the police academies and other "in services" i used to do to help raise awareness about what sex trafficking looks like, how it operates, and also what to do about it when finding it, even when it involves someone these people work with.  

I can be reached at (702) 488-1127 any day after noon.  Thank you for listening to our concerns and desires.

Jody Williams

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Ajit Pai, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
Via Email

David Lougee, President
National Broadcasters Association
Via Email -

National Newspaper Association
Matthew Paxton, President

California Newspaper Publishers Association
Michelle Chantry, President

Senate Intelligence Committee
Via Fax to Members

Re: Truth in Media's Connection to a True Democracy and a Free Press

Dear Concerned:

I'm writing this letter essentially to the attention of the FCC, but I'm also addressing it to related media organizations. I have been writing for years to the attention of Ted Wheeler as the FCC's previous Chairman only to receive no response back. However, over the years I haven't b een able to provide the documentation I now believe I have collected to show not only is the “collective wool” being pulled over the public's eyes on certain subjects such as domestic sex trafficking, but that this “wool” is being used to very damaging ends.

Ends which I can also document right on down to what I believe involved a murder of a man which might not have been totally in “self defense” as the trial of Neal Falls was carried out essentially in the media since his death was denied any proper investigation into his death otherwise. I say this because I received a phone call on our hotline for Sex Workers Anonymous not long after saying he was in fact “murdered” during the time of the media buzz that followed the case. A phone call I tried to take the police, and the ensuing media campaign, only to be completely rebuffed and ignored. Something I assure you had this happened pre-1995 I don't think I would have received the same “cold shoulder”.

I haven't known what to do about the things I've been seeing, nor do I really know now even still what to do about what I'm witnessing in the media other than I've been told repeatedly I “need to file a complaint with the FCC” about it. At one point I had decided to sue Relativity Media and A&E for a “defamacast” for their show “8 Minutes” only to have them completely yank the show off the air and off the internet entirely when they got my demand letter. I thought that was the end of it UNTIL I saw those shows being used to fund raise and affect legislation down in the midwest just a few months ago.

However, for me to file “a complaint” with the FCC about these variously faked news articles would involve so many individual complaints spanning over a period of years. But I decided to start doing it anyway. As I started to do this however, I realized that taken individually, and not viewed over “time”, one doesn't really understand the damage this “fake” media is doing. Which I don't believe would be something which could have been accomplished on this level had not the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed which is when everything changed.

To explain to you what I mean in “real world” terms you might grasp, you would first have to know more about who I am. My name is Jody Williams and in 1984 I was witnessing what has now been called “Iran Contra” up close and personal being as I was born and raised in Los Angeles in the 60's.

I soon learned there was nowhere for victims of what is now called “domestic sex trafficking” to go for help back in the 70's and 80's because we literally had no where to turn being as we were branded “criminals” by the state or non-existent at all. We had no witnesses to our defense being they'd have to not only incriminate themselves to do so, align themselves with a “criminal” - but further endanger their careers and personal lives to do so. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980's had made anyone and everyone scared to even admit us into their homes for safety.

Forcing me in my view to take matters into my own hands by taking an old warehouse and turning it into what I have later learned was the first “safe house” for adults in this country. I say “adults” as a qualifier because the first one for juveniles had been created by Lois Lee with Children of the Night. It was truly a “war zone” back then and when she took up helping kids – I tried to do what I could to help adults. I installed a lot of security and surveillance equipment on this warehouse to protect everyone being as we were being attacked literally by LAPD, the FBI, CIA, as well as pimps, gang members, and other assorted criminals.

Only I didn't realize how our government deals with people getting in their way often is to “frame” them to the level they went. I had some idea these people would attempt to frame me so I took great steps to make sure everything I had done was “legal” to avoid this potential. I didn't even drink or use drugs back then out of fear it would be used against me.

This didn't stop these people from framing me anyway as a “pimp” in a very high profiled arrest in 1984 where the media dubbed me “The High Tech Madam”. The nickname was to explain all of the security and surveillance equipment in this warehouse in the news at a time when my attorney was advising me not to speak to the media to defend or explain myself.

Since there wasn't one shred of evidence against me and I had done nothing I was accused of or even wrong for that matter, the police arrested my mother and charged her with “pimping” me. The grounds? A photo of her handing me a bucket of KFC chicken and me handing her a $20 bill.

Yep that ridiculous. Evidently the “pimping” law states “receipt of money from a prostitute”. Since I was considered a “prostitute” that was their grounds for arresting my mother as a felony pimp.

But it was silly enough for us to fight them back anyway. To which they then threatened to take away my mother's disability pension from the county of Los Angeles and also to arrest my then 70 year old grandmother for “pimping” me if I didn't accept a plea bargain. Something for which at her age I didn't think she'd survive the booking process.

Now I ask you how am I truly going to defend myself anyway had I choose to instead fight this case when I know that the minute I explain what that warehouse was set up for in reality - some men in suits were going to show up claiming “national security” and shutting me down? That was if I lived long enough to see a courtroom . As it was my attorney was already receiving threats from the police/government to “back away” from helping me as well as death threats to me. They'd confiscated all of my money and belongings so I couldn't hire another attorney if I wanted to as I was left penniless. So I wasn't left with a lot of options back then.

So in 1987, I was cleared off probation and my attorney cleared me to speak in the media about the “truth” of what was involved in my arrest you can read about at It was after realizing this approach of a safe house wasn't going to work, I reached out to consult with then mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block, Chief Gates, and California Attorney General Edwin Meese. They had witnessed what was going on also – but realized there weren't any laws on the books to help us then either. It was with their advice and counsel they allowed me to see that the laws regarding prostitution was not going to change, and also in defense as to why they wouldn't change.

Their advice also helped me to form the program originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous” and the related hotline. This was created as a 12 step group in order to take advantage of laws “grand fathered” in by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous for one thing such as confidentiality to members. The other was because it would be allowed to be used as an “alternative to incarceration” for those people who were in fact “victims” vs. true “criminals”. With their help, we went and and created the first ever official “alternative sentencing and diversion” program for sex workers in Los Angeles, California.

Some of you may not remember what it was like back then – but the idea of “domestic sex trafficking” was so foreign back then there wasn't even a name or word for it yet. Identical to how this country didn't have any type of system set in place to fight organized crime either before the RICO Act came to pass.

But the RICO Act wouldn't have even come to pass had it not been for some real life mobsters coming forward with their story in the media such as when Joe Valachi was one of the first men to start talking to the outside world that the “mob” was in fact a real living breathing entity in this country. Which watching how the “mafia” was birthed into federal recognition, gave me a template on how to do the same with respect to American modern sex trafficking.

A problem which had the same challenges also because who before the RICO Act could also have come forward to testify against them either without (1) being branded as “crazy” and/or (2) incriminating themselves? Just as the only true witnesses to the Italian mobsters back then were only those involved in some criminal fashion – so too was the challenge we had with modern domestic sex trafficking.
Watching how films like “The Valachi Papers” and even the “Godfather” changed things, and using this issue as a model, I stepped up on that first national talk show stage of a Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1987 to speak. Not just to enlighten the public about the realities of the sex industry that wasn't being told in media, but also to clear my name. I did not want to go down in history as a “pimp” and that warehouse to be branded a “whore house” by the media for the rest of my life.

The TRUTH about everything led me on a path which carried this whole country into seeing the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. Up until 1995, I did so much TV, radio and press about the issues connected to these things – that I literally couldn't walk into a gas station in Omaha, Nebraska without the cashier going “hey aren't you that Prostitutes Anonymous lady?”

But in 1995 everything flipped upside down when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed. Only I didn't know it as that then. All I knew was things changed suddenly overnight and I had no idea why by 1996 I couldn't get arrested on TV figuratively speaking. If you look at some of the news and video clips I have up at my site – you'll see they come to an abrupt halt in 1995.

Let me explain the power of the truth in media for a moment. In 1988, Joe Conforte “bought” himself a rigged study which falsely made it appear that “no LEGAL brothel prostitute has HIV/AIDS”. Joe Conforte is the man who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada back in the 1970's – the Mustang Ranch. He had decided to expand this empire into California using HIV/AIDS as his marketing platform. So armed with his “study”, he deposited $1,000,000 into the top PR firm in the country and embarked on a campaign to get the laws in California changed to allow him to “open shop” there.

Only the FCC required media to run “counter” opinions on anything regarding legislation. No one wanted to go up against Joe because they were scared to death of him. This is a man who had shot down a famous boxer in cold blood with a cop for a witness and didn't spend one day in jail. So I stepped up and was the only person who would go “toe to toe” with him in the media all that year.

He lost.

That's the power of “truth” in the media's eye. (Which by the way is why Dennis Hof won't share a stage with me today in my opinion.) So I've witnessed this first hand back then and I'm witnessing it now in the negative. I say that because in the last couple of years, I have documented the “life cycle” of “fake media” which has been created by people with money that has affected everything from legislation that's on the books now, to the outcome of lawsuits, to even now as I said the death of a man who I think needs to be investigated further than the trial he got in the “bought and paid for” media.

Why do I care about Neal Falls? I don't. But because of him being falsely attributed to the deaths of some female prostitutes in this country I am because it's allowing their REAL murderers to keep getting off scott free for one thing. For another, the whole story around him has created a completely false idea that if you're a sex worker and you shoot a “john” in self-defense that you're going to get the same “heroes welcome” as “Heather” did and sadly in reality that's just not the case. As someone who has been a paralegal also for 30 years now I can assure you that is NOT how real hookers are greeted by cops when they arrive to a scene to find a dead “john”.

We have a real problem with the police and racism in this country also. Yet since all of this “fake media” has been being produced by the religious right in this country it has been a smoke screen for creating more racism in the police academies, the courtrooms, and more importantly it's created a new form of modern “lynching” of the African American male and minorities.

All of which is resulting not only in more police murders of African American men we haven't seen since the 1980's and this kind of thing was being done back then also, but also that of sexual abuse of women within jails/prisons, and our legal system, which has just skyrocketed in recent years, and is also serving to take focus off the real criminals who are literally being offered immunity by our government when caught sex trafficking red handed as is the case with Joohoon David Lee.

So yes I can contact the FCC and bombard them with 1000 individual complaints against completely fabricated stories such as the ones I've seen in the Review Journal, Buzzfeed, the Daily Dot, Daily Beast, CNN, Fox, CBS, etc., who seem to run most of these fabricated stories, or the “fake” reality shows I've uncovered more than once now on Bravo, A&E and Discover (who by the way I can now document have a financial interest in such faked stories), but more frighteningly is the way it's spread now into so called “public” broadcasting such as the fabrication I heard in April on Nevada Public Radio involving “Game Over”. A supposedly “survivor led” program out of Eureka, California who was allowed to bring completely fabricated racism inspiring sex trafficking training into a cadet academy there from what I heard broadcast.

Or I can start opening up a dialogue with your companies as to what I've seen being done with these “fabrications”. Such as the awards of millions of dollars in grant money to imaginary programs that don't exist in reality, conning people out of money through fake fund raisers, the deception of judges in courtrooms unlike anything in history (such as the largest sex trafficking case in our history being a complete fabrication), laws being passed into legislation based upon completely fabricated campaigns to actually support sex traffickers' operations on the same level as when Pablo Escobar was writing laws on extradition while claiming to be “legitimate business man”, and again the fact that we still are offering immunity to sex traffickers caught red handed such as we did with Joohoon David Lee.

All while I can't get anyone in the media to even talk about these things because they're too busy blowing up the fake stories bought and paid for by these people I can show have financial interests in such matters, or who are being supported entirely by the involved parties money in the first place. Why? Because I've also watched as these “fabricated heroes” have been now testifying in front of Congress, the Ethics Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and other such people who are deciding upon the laws and budgets of this country. In other words, it's now affecting history.

I believe these people have also created a “monopoly” with respect to sex trafficking that protects themselves and I have enough documentation now to prove it. No different by the way than when the NFL was exposed as controlling the medical community to cover their own ass with respect to liability lawsuits you can reference more about in the film “Concussion”. Only I don't have a Dr. Omalu with the highest of credentials to stand up for our truth – all we have is “survivors”. Voices that are being completely drowned out of all of the discussions about them by the very financial interests exploiting them, as well as their “consumers” who own these media outlets in most cases these days. Steve Sassa was one prime example in control of Hearst Media for some years, now in control over Telemundo.

What's going on now is like handing over control of the media to Al Capone during Prohibition or to Hitler during WWII. You think I'm wrong? Let's compare numbers of Jews, and others, murdered by the Nazi's and sex trafficking victims, as well as prostitutes, than shall we?
That's where we are right now with this. Meaning again I can bombard you with 1000's of individual complaints – or we can open up a dialogue about this issue. Your call.

You can reach at the above-referenced contact information. Thank you for your attention to these issues.


Jody Williams

Friday, August 12, 2016


Can anyone tell me why there's not the SAME ferver with doing outreach for sex trafficking victims at the Olympics that is done at our Superbowls please?

I'd be willing to bet by the way the brothel they "accidentally walked into" was owned by Joe Conforte?  Wanna bet?  I'll do some digging.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Is this what happens if you leave working at the Nevada brothels and go into "business" for yourself? This speaks that Brooke had left the Bunny Ranch not to retire from sex work, but in fact she'd been working as a prostitute in Oklahoma when this horrible tragedy went down.    Please note it says this murder was "planned".


The women we've helped to leave the Nevada brothels do so because they want to leave the whole sex industry.  So the vast majority of the women we work with don't go back into prostitution, stripping, porn, etc. upon leaving.

However, some of that isn't necessarily by choice.  Many of these women report they've received threats, even death threats, about what will happen to them if they "don't come back".  Especially if they grant media interviews about what things were like on the inside.

You'll note that no one gives any interview about the Bunny Ranch without Dennis right there in the room.  Also, note these women are residing at the brothel at the time of the interviews, or know they have to go back.  Take any job and tell me if you're going to speak the 100 % truth about your boss or working conditions while they're sitting there?

Christina Parriera?  Her husband is a working associate of Dennis Hof.  She lives in Henderson, Nevada and based on the threats she's issued towards myself personally she knows some pretty bad dudes that can make one's live miserable if she "wanted to".  Meaning she knows full well these same bad dudes could just as easily be turned on her.  That along with the history of domestic violence charges against her husband who she lives with in Nevada - doesn't tell me she's speaking the whole 100 % truth either without fear or possible coercion behind what she's saying.

Christina was just fine with me and we were talking on her social media BEFORE she went in to work inside the brothels to create her report.  She made sure to be online daily so people could keep track of her.  That's why I was alerted when she sent out a signal in the middle of the night saying she "wanted to get out of there".  Clearly she didn't have a way to leave on her own or she wouldn't have asked for help to leave.

So I said I was "coming".  Before I could reach her, she came back online saying "everything was fine" and that she had just "had an episode because of changing her bipolar medication".  I'm not revealing a confidence here when she's posting this on her twitter feed.   The next day I found myself shut off from all of her social media and in fact I'm now threatened with lawyers if I even attempt to speak to her again.

I don't know many secretary's who have their husband or boss threaten me with lawyers if I speak to them so excuse me if I tend to think they might not be fully speaking their minds in the media.

I'd like you to make a note of what does happen to women who leave the industry and then take the extra step to reach back and try and help others to leave.

See how they attack me at   I'd like you to note the big view here seems to say that they think there is "no program" and that it's "just me alone".    This was said after the people who created the site spent six months trying to get past me to the other members to no avail.  They couldn't.

It also ignores the interviews we have up in members' own voices at, quotes from members spanning 30 years at and even members who have appeared on TV with us back in the 80's and 90's.   So clearly we do have members - it's just that no those people trying to get at them can't.  We have had to set up that type of security because they were being threatened.  When Aubrey left the brothels for example she had gotten a new unlisted phone number and STILL had the owner of the brothel call and threaten her life if she gave another interview.

Go down the list:

Shelley Lubben

Created by Michael Whiteacre, Christina's husband.

Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, and others who try and help other people leave the sex industry, are discussed here.

Note all attacks seem to be connected to Michael Whiteacre.

Who another pornographer says is hired by Dennis Hof here:

With what appears to be Michael's full time job of investigating, stalking, and blogging attacks against those trying to also help women out of the industry - I'd certainly imagine it makes Christina also think twice about what would happen to her if she not only left the industry, but also started talking about what she knows about the industry as well.

I believe Sharnel Silvey was framed.  Sharnel also not only left the sex industry, but worked very hard to try and help others leave the Nevada brothels.  She would bring roses to the women in the brothels basically posing as doing Christian outreach.  Only this was a good way to get the owners to tune her out when she was talking to the women.

She built up to starting the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  I was helping her get this program started, and it was very effective.  Aubrey even came through this program at first.  Many women leaving the brothels wind up prostituting illegally in northern Nevada and then are arrested.  This was the focus of the program was helping these women.

Sharnel told me Joe Conforte was calling her from Brazil asking her to come there to help him "run women" where it was "legal".   But the job offer was more than a job offer - it was also a bribe to try and abandon the program helping women leave prostitution in Nevada.

She refused. Shortly after she was set up on a charge where the court threw the absolute book at her.  First offense, non-violent crime - FIVE YEARS.

I found it interesting Google seemed to lose all trace of her good work once she was arrested.  It was like the good news clips just disappeared.

I have YET to find any of these types of attacks against that group of women, those trying to help others leave Nevada sex work, that is NOT connected to Michael Whiteacre, whose wife works for Dennis Hof.

Yes giving rise to wonder about what happened to Brooke Phillips.  She was "known" for Cathouse and had set up shop away from Dennis.  This was not a random killing.  It wasn't suicide.  It wasn't an accidental overdose.  This woman was out and out murdered and the men who murdered her not only planned the murder but even "complained" that she "wouldn't die".

Are just these women  the only ones being bullied here?

What about Chris Edwards stating that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being Speaker of the House?

I stood by and watched Assemblyman Bob Beers completely set up and railroaded out of his position by the Review Journal.   This man was on our side, and had declared he would do something to help the women who were working in the massage parlors in Las Vegas.  Take a good look at "Operation Dollhouse" as to why these women need help in the first place.  Or what was going on in the Crazy Horse strip club for that matter where the owner is drugging and robbing customers, then being a part of paralyzing one man for life.

Bob reported to me he was receiving death threats when I asked him if he was going to fight back against the phony ethics set-up.  This is a man who meant well finding himself getting death threats.  Having a family to protect I don't blame him for withdrawing - making room for John Hambrick.

When I first heard of John, I asked to meet with him.  He refused.

When he was going to Carson City to work on AB67 I asked him if he could help me get up there also.  I had no car then and no money to fly up there either.  He refused.

I asked him for an interview on our radio program.  He refused.

I then found him working very closely with Congo Justice.  Who was NOT talking about NEVADA prostitution.

Then he partnered up with pastor Tony Martinez.  Only his so called "documentary" focused entirely on illegal prostitution on the streets.  There was not one frame, not one interview, not one SECOND in there about women in the strip clubs or the legal brothels in Nevada speaking about trafficking.  I had tried reaching out to Tony repeating during the production of his film - only to be completely rebuffed.  Now the film's done - he's on to working with gang members.  So clearly his heart isn't in helping Nevada prostitutes.

Why does it make a difference they're not including the legal brothels, strip clubs, or massage parlors with sex trafficking media/propaganda?  Listen to this interview with Joe Conforte and myself from 1988  Notice that he equals all "problems" with prostitution as "only being where it's illegal".  Notice I counter that these issues happen in the legal venues just as often.  It that isn't the case then why would Amsterdam shut down their legal windows district in 2007?

My point being that if John Hambrick cared one single tiny bit about Nevada's sex trafficking victims - then why were all of our calls rebuffed?  Take a look at this video from 1988.  Clearly I've been working with the issue of Nevada prostitutes for a LONG LONG time.

Now he's reported to be "bullying" his way into Speaker.


Well made it easier to chase off Harry Reid - a loud opponent to the Nevada brothels.  Here he is in 2011 posing they even be outlawed.  Well of course they had to get rid of him.

Now we see Dennis running for Senate.

How does the Nevada brothels treat it's opposition?  They get Polaris to outlaw it.

Can anyone tell me why Polaris would go to all that effort to shut down Rhode Island but NOT Nevada?

Well probably because one of the men on their team says he "owes his career to Ron Paul".   Ron is a libertarian.   Libertarians are trying to push legalized prostitution across this country - NOT "decriminalized".  Legalized is another word for "pimp owned".  Derek Ellerman wrote the paper WITH Katherine Chon which got Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution shut down.

So here is the tie between Dennis Hof and Rhode Island being shut down as a competitor to them using some pretty big dogs and a lot of money.

Sheldon Adelson has now bought the Review Journal.  Basically the only newspaper in Nevada.

A man with a clearly known agenda to get prostitution legalized in the USA.  A man who is also known for hating unions by the way.

Step in Sex Workers Outreach Project.  When Robin Few died, they seem to not only get a new cash infusion, but were taken over by people who wanted to make damn sure no one knew about our group or myself.  Immediately Christina Parriera, or her husband using her email address, went about having me shut out of all SWOP online groups and discussions.

Why?  She didn't like me personally?  If that was the case why the timing that it was?  No the plan has gone into operation to not only get prostitution legalized, all opposition shut down, but also to make sure sex workers DON'T UNIONIZE.

Welcome now to the Cupcake Girls.  A group putting itself inbetween the sex workers of Nevada and our group.  They hand out cash and cupcakes and in return get close to as many of the women as possible.  Notice not one word about unionizing out of their mouths.

But the law they got passed allows women with a prostitution conviction on their record to be able to clear it away and get a license now.  A law that sure wouldn't have passed without the bullshit smoke screen of it being about "jobs".

Our group has been getting women coming out of sex work jobs since 1988.  There has NEVER been an issue about their prostitution record blocking them from jobs.  In fact, many companies  PREFER it.  They say they know if the woman was a prostitute that she "knows how to interact with the public" and she "knows how to sell".

When I reached out to the Cupcake Girls with a list of companies who only hire ex-sex workers with records - they blocked me from all contact.  So clearly helping these women find jobs was not the goal for them as stated.

But now you can get a judge to sign off on your record and get yourself a prostitution license thanks to them!

No readers - this much money, time, trouble, etc., put into getting this "prostitution agenda" spread and we're supposed to think there may not have been some connection to Brooke's death being that she'd left the ranch.   I think this case needs a little further investigation myself.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Dear FCC:

In 1988, Joe Conforte, owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel put a Proposition forth in California to expand the legal brothels into the state from Nevada.  To accomplish his goal, he deposited $1,000,000 into a PR firm to generate the publicity he needed to get this voted in as it was/is illegal for a brothel to advertise outside of the counties they operate in.  Thus their only "marketing" legally relies upon the press then and now.

He then went and found a professor at a university to agree to come up to the ranch and conduct an HIV research project which he rigged.  All of the women inserted into the study had obtained a prostitute license to work at the ranch - meaning they had just passed an HIV test.  The test they were using at the time required a six month incubation period to register the virus.   What was not mentioned in the study itself was that Joe fired all of these women in the study at four months into the job.  There was no follow-up done on the women after they left his employ.  Then once he had a completed test that show "no brothel prostitutes have HIV"  he set about using this study as his marketing tool in the press.

At this time, HIV was not like it is today.  Medications cost about $10,000 a month.  If you were a woman, because most medications weren't tested on women, and because of their hormonal cycles, were dead usually within 18 months to two years after coming down with the virus.  Most prostitutes, legal or illegal, did not have health insurance.  Even if they did, most doctors refused to treat prostitutes anyway in fear of the virus.  If a brothel prostitute became disabled for any reason - they were not given vocational rehabilitation, nor disability by the state despite the fact being in the brothel as a prostitute was legal in the state of Nevada.  These women were working in legal jobs - yet they were not given things like unemployment, disability, a pension plan, etc.  Further, they were not allowed to discuss unionizing either.

When Joe embarked upon this campaign, I asked him if he would be willing to change the working conditions of these women from what it was presently.  He said "no".  He wanted to have legalized prostitution so he was not going to be arrested as a pimp - but he did not want to take the same care of his workers that the casinos say were taking care of their housekeepers or waitresses.  Also, women who were raped and beaten by customers on the job were not allowed to file police charges - but again if this was another type of job then they could.  They were being forced to physically live on the premises for two weeks or more at a time which was difficult for those who had small children.  While living on the premises, these women had to buy their own make-up, toiletries, linens, etc., at heavily marked up prices.  During the times they were being forced to live on the premises, they were even forced to "rent" out the rooms they were staying in.  There was no discount for days off - thus forcing some women to work with no days off over periods of weeks which would not be tolerated in any other type of job.  Therefore, my objection to this Proposition was not based upon objecting to prostitution - but in objecting to the fact the employer wanted "his cake and eat it to" and the working conditions he was subjecting these women to.

It was important to establish whether or not I agreed with him because of the FCC laws at the time.  They required anyone who was putting forth a news piece of some kind in the media regarding things about laws, or lawsuits, to have a "counter" or "opposing" opinion in order to be aired.  Meaning Joe could not literally get on air WITHOUT an "opposing" opinion.    Now if I was against prostitution - all I had to do was refuse to go on air against him.  He thus would not have been able to go on air, or radio, or even magazines or newspapers in 1988 because not only the law but no one else was willing to stand up and oppose him in the media.  People were afraid of him because of how he'd shot down dead an unarmed boxer and didn't do one day in jail.

Once I agreed to go on air against Joe - we were on.  We were on talk shows, morning shows, news programs, newspaper articles, etc. on almost a weekly basis while he was pushing for this Proposition.  When he would promote that "none of his girls had HIV" - then I'd counter with how his study was done.  When he'd bring up prostitution was a "victimless crime" - I'd bring up his working conditions at the brothel as being inhumane.  Including that he would penalize women who would refuse a client because they didn't like him or maybe just weren't wanting to at that time.  Independent contractors, as they are hired to be up there, are supposed to be allowed to turn down business if they so choose without penalty.  They also aren't supposed to be required to be at a workplace at a certain time - but that wasn't stopping them from moving forward.

Joe would always bring on three to four of the women onto these talk shows with him.  So it would be basically me against about four to five people.  I had not invested on penny with a PR firm like he had, nor had I bought any study to support my positions, but at the end of the season California did not vote in his Proposition.  In other words, I won against a heavily financed media campaign.

I would like to add this campaign cost me dearly.  Every single time I went on TV with him, which was at least monthly - I would immediately be fired and evicted.  After this happened a few times, I had to go to work for a temp. service to keep working, and move into a weekly rental to stop being thrown out in a horrible neighborhood.  My car was spray painted "whore", I found "whore" on a piece of paper nailed to my front door with an eviction notice, and  I was subjected to verbal harassment.  I had one landlady tell me "we don't want your kind living here".  Mind you this was from me saying I was "retired" from the sex industry and now ran a group helping others to exit, and escape pimps, also.  This wasn't even me saying I was "active".    That year I spent/lost over $30,000 according to our accounting and that wasn't factoring in the expense of operating our hotline which back then was very expensive.  We didn't have VOIP phones.  I had to rent an office in order to have a business line to get an 800 # and then I had to pay $1.50 a minute for all incoming calls.  We had no cell phones so I had to be by a landline when taking calls when a show aired.  Most shows averaged 3000 to 5000 phone calls in the first week also.  You do the math.  I was having to work three jobs to keep our hotline operating back then.

Also, the FCC required TV and radio stations to run a certain number of hours of free "community access" time.  This allowed me to record for free a one hour show weekly at a studio down in Santa Monica.  Once a week I would take sex trafficking victims down to record their interviews which would then air on public access here in Los Angeles.  We would then duplicate the tape, and send it on to other major cities to air.  One by one, we'd get these tapes across the country talking about a subject people used to say "doesn't exist anymore".   I say that because the term used to be "white slavery" and as of 1977 people were saying it "didn't exist" anymore on US soil.  We were raising awareness not only that it did - but that those being arrested for prostitution were not "criminals".

The result of running these "public awareness tapes" which also gave out our hotline phone # to call if you needed help to leave the sex industry for any reason and couldn't call the local police for help - was we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass.  I can assure you this Act would not have passed giving federal recognition to domestic sex trafficking of adults had it not been for the 13 years previous of us putting out tape after tape raising awareness of this in the subject's own words.  There was no way to deny these stories were real once you heard them coming out of these men, and womens', mouths.

As a result of these tapes going out nationally, and into Canada, by the year 2000 we also have a chapter of Sex Workers Anonymous (also known as Prostitutes Anonymous) in each major city.  These chapters were used as an "alternative sentencing" option, as well as a diversion program, for prostitutes who had been arrested, and convicted, of prostitution, as well as madams such as Jeanne Palfrey, the DC Madam, who was a member of ours for two years before her death.  Through our hotline, we were able to connect callers not only up to our meetings, but into drug treatment, housing, jobs that would hire someone with a prostitution record, lawyers willing to donate their time to help fight custody issues if there was a pimp they were trying to get away from, counselors trained in how to work with our community, and other resources one would need in trying to leave the sex industry for any reason, trafficked or not.

When the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed - a few things have happened.  The first is our free public service announcements disappeared completely.  Poof! Gone.  No more commercials were we able to get out on air for our hotline or program.

This left us with having to rely upon either free publicity or paid advertising.  Only your Act removed the requirement for the media to carry our "opposing" opinion.  Suddenly, I'm now seeing Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch, going on all kinds of TV shows where I'm told I'm not allowed to go on to counter anything he's saying.  For example, he's said in interviews there's "no violence" that goes down in the brothels.   However, I have news clips showing police reports showing there is in fact violence, even murders, that have gone done at the brothels.     This is an interview from a woman speaking of being raped and trafficked in a legal brothel.  Vince Neil was example was in a very public altercation with a woman that he choked and beat inside the brothel.  Now without me being able to be there to counter what he's saying - it goes out as the truth.   I'm sorry but then it becomes "propaganda".

Noam Chomsky has a book out called "Manufacturing Consent" where he says "propaganda to a democracy is what a gun is to a dictator".  If Dennis is going on TV enough times SAYING "there's no violence in our brothels" and I'm not allowed to come on with any proof otherwise, then after a while people are going to believe what he's saying is true.  Perception is reality as they say.  Here's another article showing what is being aired as "reality" is in fact not.

However, what's not mentioned here is that while this show was airing of men supposedly having sex with female clients for money in what appeared to be a "booming" enterprise  that was in reality being "staged" - Heidi Fleiss was using this show to generate millions of dollars from investors in the idea of such a male to female brothel being a reality in Nevada.  However, while Heidi was raising investment money, and before it leaked out the show was staged, I had been trying to get reporters to talk to me about my view that the number of females who would be willing to not only pay money for a male, but also to drive an hour or more into the desert to do so, would not support what Heidi was conning investors out of at that time.  With no "counter" opinion going out in the media - people were conned in my opinion in connection with this show on TV as a reference "oh look they're doing it".

After the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed, and federal recognition of sex trafficking was accomplished MONEY came into a field that didn't exist before.  Suddenly the same work we'd been doing since 1987 for free as part of our 12 step program - other people wanted to now do and raise money to do.  I point you to Polaris founded by Bradley Myles and Katherine Chon founded in fact in 2002.  They started the National Trafficking Hotline.  They came into the field soliciting grants and donations, as well as political support by writing the legal papers making it possible to recriminalize prostitution in Rhode Island, but interestingly NOT in Nevada at the same time.

I objected to this because Rhode Island was where a sex worker could work independently without a madam, and without being required to work in a legal brothel under the conditions that exist in Nevada.  For example, if you work in the brothels of Nevada, you can be arrested in some counties if you're out walking down the street at night to get air.  When you first are hired to work there, you can be arrested if you try and leave during the first 24 hours.  I mean what job has that kind of requirement to where if you try and leave on your first day you can be arrested?  Especially when in some counties you might be as young as 17 years old.  Too young to vote, drink, smoke or drive.

However, in none of the publicity for this Rhode Island recriminalization was I able to render the opinion that I felt if passed it would lead to more violence, even murders, against sex workers (which it has), and it would further leave sex workers with no option in the whole USA to work legally without being required to work in Nevada.   All ideas which were not heard in the legislature during this time because it wasn't being required to be heard in the press.   By the way, not only did this Rhode Island recriminalization make it to where the sex workers can't legally operate anywhere but Nevada now - but also it means that the "customers" have nowhere else to go legally but to Nevada also.  Somehow I find that an "unfair trade advantage" - a view again not heard at all during that time because of the limitations put on us by the Telecommunications Act of 1995.

This leaves me with paid advertising.  However, I ask you - how am I supposed to be obtaining grants and donations when I'm not being given a voice in the press?  How are we supposed to obtain new members who can buy our book from us and generate income if we have no public service announcements?  Without press, we have no income.  But I can pull into my own personal pocket and buy some ads.  Only I go to the media and I'm refused.  Why?  Because my ad dollars can't compete with the ad dollars the sex industry spends.  Dating services, chat lines, massage parlors, strip clubs, adult films, and men who support the sex industry all have told many publishers and producers they will pull their ads if one of our ads run.  Those are the exact words we've been told by many TV shows and publications.

In fact, you can take a look at all of the media now owned by Hearst Media since 1995 - and you will see not one of their magazines, radio or TV shows, or their film companies even, have so much as given us one word or one minute of air time in the press, or advertising, during the time Steve Sassa, was their CEO.   He was fired when a pimp of an escort he was "sexting" blackmailed him and sent his messages to Hearst's legal department.  For all I know, the blackmail was over not running anything about our organization.  Who knows?  All I know is he's now CEO of Telemundo who also refuses our paid advertising requests also.  In fact, I have a stack of emails by reporters and producers who have told me they have been told they will be fired if they print or produce anything with our name, or my name, in them.  As you know, Fox won a lawsuit that gives the media the right to fire a reporter for not saying something they know to be untrue now.  So it's all "legal".  Cosmopolitan runs article after article promoting the sex industry under Hearst Media now.  Yet prior to 1995, they did run an article on our program as a "community service" to stay in good with the FCC.  Now?  Walking commercials for the sex industry.

What are the long term results of this?  I know you care less about the problems it's caused us - but let's look for a moment at the problems it's created to society.  Here we have three men who were locked up in prison as "traffickers" who were falsely accused.  The judge estimated over $10 million dollars was "wasted" in this case.  Three Muslim's were falsely accused, money was defrauded out from the government to give to a teenager as the "victim" who simply didn't want to tell her parents she was sexually active.  Court time was wasted, and more negative stereotypes was pushed out about Muslim's as well.

The thing is I knew this case stunk the minute I heard about it.  I tried speaking to reporters about my suspicions the case was fake and I was told "oh you know more than the FBI right?"  Well I don't think reporters are in a position to judge as to who knows more about the subject and the fact they were even making that decision for the readers is the problem here.  If I had been allowed to render in my voice this case needed more careful scrutiny - it's possible that those men might not have been put in prison, and all of that government money and resources wasted (not to mention embarrassment).

This country has enough of a problem with racism.  I invite you to look at the "No Such Thing" campaign.  You'll note their "poster child" is an African American girl.  Their spokesperson was an African-American female.  Giving the impression juvenile prostitutes are mostly African American.  This campaign called for no juveniles to be arrested on prostitution charges.  The people behind this campaign was the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment.  The publicity for this campaign was paid for and timed - to come out during a time when a lot of things were being discussed such as Planned Parenthood, abortion rights, abortion being covered on insurance, etc.

If a young girl caught in the act of prostitution isn't arrested, then she's going to be put into some kind of "social program".  Said social programs are now mostly run by Christian organizations that are opting not for abortions, but in fact pushing adoptions.  Adoptions for which the agencies are getting anywhere from $5000 to $8000 each.  Our hotline is hearing reports of places like Mercy Ministries, where they're putting them in what they call "safe houses" where they're pushed into adoptions by a hoard of people telling them "you're just a teen prostitute - you're make a horrible mother - you should adopt this baby out" and then once they have the baby casting them aside.

As a result of not wanting to charge 15 year old Latesha Clay as a juvenile because of this "No Such Thing" campaign  She was instead charged as an adult because a gun was involved in her case.  She had two small children by the way - who have now been placed in foster homes and are now up for adoption.  There are reports coming down already that this is now happening across the USA - no they are not charging them as juveniles but instead now as adults.  Since most have small children - they're not being put into the system.  However, as adults they should be referred to our program as an "alternative to incarceration" just as the addict can avoid jail by attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  Why isn't this happening?  Maybe because we can't get any press or public service announcements to let anyone know - or press to push for this to be done instead of what's happening now.

Our democracy is based on the two party system OPPOSING one another with them what comes out in the middle being in the best interest of the most people.  It's a "check and balance" system.  Only you've now taken a leg off that table - and the unbalance is now showing up in dollars and lives.  You have also completely hobbled us against larger interests because I assure you the sex industry is always going to have more money and power than us.  Now an industry called the "rescue industry" has even risen up in competition with us that we're at a complete disadvantage of because they're being funded by the pro-life interests as well as the adoption industry trying to get at these womens' children.

The propaganda has become downright ridiculous.  Samoly Mam for example would not have risen to fame if our program had been given an equal voice to hers in interviews.  In fact, when we were knocking on doors of reporters saying we felt she was a fraud we were ignored until we found an investigative agency that was willing to spend a small fortune to document her being a fraud and THEN the story was broke.  The same thing happened with William Hilliar of whom the franchise "Taken" was falsely based upon.  When he was touring the country telling his story - we also felt it was fake but no one would print our side of things until he was arrested because it's a crime to lie about being a veteran and take money.   These people are picking people's, and corporations, pockets for millions of dollars, and getting away with it because the FCC is not stepping in to do anything about it.

In fact, I had a woman impersonating me in THREE documentaries, and a new series on NBC.  But when I went to you about the impersonation your office told me there was "nothing I could do about it legally".  I even showed your office I had advised NBC a week before airing the interview with her she was not our founder, nor director, and had no legal right to speak for us, and after they aired the show anyway I was told by your offices there was "nothing you could do".  Are you kidding me?  Do you even digest this?  This woman IMPERSONATED us, she had no legal right to represent our program, but because the "end demand" people PAID her to step up and speak out THEIR views, which was not ours, and by making it appear we endorsed these opinions - that has presented a lot of support for laws that are being considered, lawsuits being heard, and thus has tremendous impact on our country.  Millions of people now think we favor the incarceration of women, and this insane "end demand" campaign because of this fraud - and you say there's "nothing you can do about it?"  NBC KNOWINGLY broadcasts a completely faked, and illegal, interview, by a woman pretending to be me, and pretending to represent us, and goes out into major media and you as the FCC are going to sit back and let them do this?

My ex-husband is on the board of Pacifica Radio.  They came under attack by the Attorney General who came in auditing them.  Nothing they seemed to offer them seemed to satisfy.  My ex-husband then told me that he was told that if I was "allowed on the station to have a show, be interviewed, or even to be a caller on another show - they would be shut down".  They are operating now on the discretion of the Attorney General - meaning if I'm interviewed on Pacifica Radio they have been threatened with being shut down.  You, the FCC, do nothing to REQUIRE that we be heard in any way which is allowing the Attorney General to now control the contents of what this station airs as a "public" radio station.

Now I ask you - is this "freedom of the press" or even a "democracy" any longer when I as a member of the people am not only being silenced at every turn, but even impersonated?

You've told me my only recourse is to "file a complaint" against each show or station or paper that does this sort of thing.  I told you that would "be a full time job".  Only it's becoming so bad now that I've now seen FOUR completely staged so called "reality" shows which have not only defrauded investors out of money, our government out of money, but are now being used in the consideration of new laws in this country.  Leaving me with no choice but to do just that - I'm going to start writing up formal complaints for each one of these horrors that I see going on deceiving the public.

Those complaints will follow this letter.  Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Jody Williams