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In case people don't understand, Christina Parreira is a woman who went to work inside a legal brothel of Nevada to create a report on what it's like to work there.  She added me onto all of her social media while she was undergoing this report.   In fact, she added a lot of people - inviting them to "come watch me work at the brothel".  She was very friendly when siding up to me asking me to add her to our social media before embarking upon this research.  In other words, any social media contact I have of her was one she invited me to have at first.

While watching social media she asked me to watch - I saw her having dinner with Dennis Hof and her husband, Michael Whiteacre before going to work at the ranch.  Michael Whiteacre is a pornographer who has made a life's mission out of Shelley Lubben.  He created the "Devil in Ms. Lubben".    A facebook group called &quo…