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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


People who are new to this field don't understand why I insist there is a difference between "pimping" and "trafficking".  To follow along in audio -

Take a look at a very famous pimp - Iceberg Slim.  If you want to know more about his life there's a book out he wrote called "Pimp". For a more modern version you might have seen on TV - look at 
Bishop Don Juan.  This is a man who did try and leave being a pimp for a while.  In fact, he even founded a church that did outreach to pimps.  

I did a Jerry Springer show with him in fact where he came on still dressing, acting, speaking, like a pimp.  I pulled him over backstage and told him "walk like a duck, quack like a duck and sooner or later you're going to sprout webbed feet" suggesting that if he didn't start changing everything about his life that he would return.  Which he did.  There was a splash on MTV where he announced he had gone back to pimping.  Probably due to unpaid child support I heard him yelling to one of his baby mama's about in the car on the way to the Jerry studio that day.  

Pimps can be a woman, but are mostly men.  Yes there are "gorilla pimps" who just kidnap women off the street or randomly who then force their women to work for them.  But they don't last long.  As soon as they can break away free they will.   

For most pimps, it's a lifestyle where they enter into a "romantic" like relationships most of the time with these women who often have their children.  Pimps get women knocked up as soon as possible so they can't run and hide from them for at least 18 years.  If they try and leave - he threatens with reporting them for child kidnapping and the FBI to keep them under his control.   Here's another classic example -

Pimps are mostly African-American because that's where it started. Pimping started when the African-Americans were first made free. The women had been used as sexual objects when owned by the slave owner for some time so many of them wound up in brothels once freed.  Then what was the male to do for money?  

I was told it was based on the "pork chop" story.  That the woman was called to service the slave owner but she was married.  Now her man could have fought it but then he would have been lynched. The way they could approach this  forced sexual encounter was as a "team" where she brought back 1/2 of what she was given to him.  The story was "if he gives you a pork chop you save 1/2 to bring back to me".  Then his job was to manage the money to build them a better life.

In modern times, the pimp can be white, Hispanic, or Asian.  The white men tend to prefer to be called "husband" or "manager" but the role is the same.  It's not a racial thing, but a culture where the couple is a "team against the world" where he can also has other "sister wives".  In that respect the relationships are very much like the Mormons who have more than one wife and more than one house even he presides over.  There is usually a "bottom bitch" which is usually the first main relationship - and then "sister wives" that are added in later for added income.  

Now trafficking is run by criminal rings.  Rings who don't just prostitute people.  These are criminal operations who "multi-task". They use prostitutes as drug mules and to pump men for information they can blackmail them with or hack into their bank accounts.  They use them for information they can sell.  They use the "johns" as connections to carry out their criminal operations. The woman I told you about who came to me in 2013 for help lives in Pasadena.

As I've told you - when she said she wanted out of this operation she was carted out of her home by two Pasadena officers who then slapped her with two fake prostitution charges.  To this date, I still can't get anyone to talk to me about examining this case.  We did hire an attorney to try and get this case expunged who found himself threatened by an attorney and LAPD.  So we're at a standstill until I can get someone above them to agree to look at our evidence against this ring.

Her story was she was sold into this ring when she was only 8 years old along with her sister and brother.  She prostituted in China until she was older.  Then she was promised a "better life" in America.  She came here with a work and marriage contract where she promised to repay the trafficking ring $10,000.  She was promised a job in a restaurant, but when she got here it was changed to "helping out" in the massage parlor.   Soon she was having to "turn tricks" as well as pump information which was then used to blackmail the customers, as well as hack their bank accounts.  

Trafficking rings do all types of crime.  For example, they'll use the women to mule drugs, to sell counterfeit goods, to talk American men into marrying Chinese women to bring them over to this country, anything and everything the ring can think of to pull. These articles show what criminal rings who also use men, women and children as prostitutes AND multi-task crimes - who are based in the same geographical region as this woman:

And guess what?  Cops then know these women are "fair game" meaning they aren't the kind to file complaints when violated. When some men know they have free reign with a woman - they will get out of hand and take liberties to be nice about it -

I ask you - how can they?  How can you call police when they're the ones you're calling about?  The Chief of Police for Pasadena by the way lives in Orange County.  People have asked me "what's the connection between Orange County and Pasadena.  There it is.  This is why I make a distinction between the two - because you arrest a pimp and then that operation is shut down.  However, in a trafficking operation arresting one or two people don't stop the machine.  Also why the victims sometimes need help for which they can't just call the police - because the ring itself is still operating.

If you need help, but can't call the police -

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I wrote this letter to the writer:

In reading over your other articles - I have to admit I’m confused.  I’m not seeing a clear distinction between prostitution and sex trafficking which are two different issues.  You also are blending in the cases of minors in with adults - which again from a legal standpoint are very different. 

For example, any sex, whether commercial or not, with anyone under 18 years of age in California is considered statutory rape.   That said - trafficking and prostitution are two different things.  Yet I’m seeing you report signs of “trafficking” which are in fact signs of “prostitution”.  They're different. 

It’s important for this reason - when we started the movement to have sex trafficking recognized it was because our legal system wasn’t set up to address the issue.  You touch upon it lightly when you point out that Oreo was “recruiting in group homes”.   What that entails in reality is that often the people who run these group homes are involved.  Meaning they can’t go to the authorities to report what’s going on because the authorities are often who is involved in the trafficking.  This was the problem back in the 1980’s - and why we said that a SEPARATE and NEW system had to be set up to report trafficking for that reason.  I can show you case after case to prove my point - like Chris Butler or even the NJ strip club owned by DEA agents.  These victims can’t go to the authorities for help because their traffickers ARE the authorities. 

Further complicated with the fact prostitution is illegal.  Meaning if you try and reach out for help - you're incriminating yourself.  It means witnesses don’t want to come forward either for fear of incrimination also.  Again, why a separate and new system needed to be created for us. 

Another disturbing issue you glossed over is that of the children by the pimps.  This is not a light matter at all.  In fact, it’s quite complicated.  It’s routine for pimps to impregnate their victims as soon as possible so that they can’t leave.  The reason is parental rights.  The mother can’t leave without giving him a forwarding address EVER or she’ll be charged with kidnapping.

This is one of the most difficult challenges in leaving a pim​p - the fact that he’ll call the FBI and report her for kidnapping if she does try and leave him.  Many of our members have had to run to Canada where they don’t extradite for just that reason. 

Another is that when the child gets old enough - they also threaten the mother with pimping the child if she doesn’t continue working for him.  So you find the cycle of abuse continues through three generations routinely.

I was also concerned you showed these girls faces in the interview.  You may not be aware of the consequences and neither do they until too late - but speaking as someone who has been granting interviews for 30 years and our countless members who have also done so - please consider NOT running photos of their faces. 

We’ve heard stories of women who have been fired, evicted, even sexually assaulted because of being identified as a prostitute in the news or on TV.  It does not matter how long ago either - I’ve been out of the life since 1985 and if you run a story today with my face I will have landlord who will evict me, employers who will fire me, and depending on the situation it does subject one to sexual harassment even rape.  Remember, that many judges don’t consider rape of a prostitute anything other than “theft of services”.    By the time you run your story, and they then suffer these consequences it’s too late.

Often it may not come up for years.  We have women in our group who did interviews for us in the 1990’s - who report those photos are coming up now they’re trying to find work, or even to date someone and it’s becoming complicated.  That’s why we stopped the practice entirely back in the mid-1990’s.  We were finding the consequences just too stiff. 

Now we suffered them in the 1980’s because we had to.  We had to convince the world trafficking as real and existed.  Well now we’ve proved that point - so there’s no reason to show our faces any more to prove our stories are real. 

I see you do a lot of these articles and was wondering if we could talk because I just see some areas here of confusion maybe I can help you with when it comes to writing stories about this very complicated world.  Thank you.

Jody Williams

Sunday, July 5, 2015


In July of 2015 - the  phone I use for both my personal cell, and hotline, (because I can't afford two separate cell phones), started blowing up from phone number (412) 423-5951 sending me text messages starting about 12:30 a.m.  I have to figure out a way to scan them and will be posting them shortly.  Area code 412 is in Pennsylvania.  The text messages were taunting me to "go check out".  The registration for the site has the same information as sites registered by Domina Elle for sites like and others. 

The person of course was taunting me thinking I didn't know who was behind the calls.   I went to Intelius and ordered a phone report on this number.  For some reason, the site would not allow me to order a report on that number.

So I ordered a report on the number that Domina uses on her site and advertising.  It came back-  Apple Cheek Productions is registered in Pennsylvania and shows the connection with Domina.  Pennsyvania again is a 412 area code.  Interesting connection is that Domina runs "Red Cheek Productions" in Denver - so clearly Sally and Domina are friends with the "tongue in cheek" reference to the "cheeks" between the two companies - both of which are film companies.

You can see by her ad she's also using the phone number of  (720) 329-6341.  That's the one I was able to get a report on. 

You'll also see her advertising on "escorts" here using the same number and photo.

Leslie is the British name for the woman who married Renos Avraam and then changed her name to Sheninah Avraam.  Leslie died in 2007.   Here's about the name change.

However, she was not born in 1966 but the voter registration shows that as her birth year with the phone number she's operating under.  The reason why this voter registration has a different date is because the woman calling herself "Domina Elle" is not her real name.  This is how one goes about getting phony ID.

She's evidently stalked other people in her industry, and almost strangled a client according to these sites:  (postscript - after I posted this link it's been taken down.  The woman who owns the site won't answer me about why it was taken down.  I have a screen shot of this page but if she's taken it down it's for a reason.  I'm going to honor that reason by not reposting that site since she wants it down.  I can only assume she was threatened to take it down since it appeared to have been up for about a year - only coming down after I referenced it.)

Then this woman, whoever she is, sent out a massive email to people claiming she had not been sending me these "text bombs" days on end at all hours of the night and day and claiming that either I was "imagining this" or someone had "spoofed" her.  I explained that if I needed to go to the length of proving she did this - then I would have to subpoena her phone records to prove the calls came from her.  All of her phone records, which would then make them public record as part of the complaint.  Records which might include her clients.  Her response?  "Go ahead."  Proof of how much she cares about the privacy of people who call her line is attached here:

Now if I were to say something about pulling phone records out from any other sex worker in the world, legal or not, they would freak out.  She however seem pretty confident it's not a problem.  I've only encountered that kind of attitude before in specific types of situations.  Like that of Elizabeth Adams for example - the Beverly Hills Madam.  Elizabeth was an informant for the FBI who not only got me arrested twice by throwing me under the bus in 1983 - but she was the one responsible for throwing Heidi Fleiss to the wolves also in 1993.  Why? No one believed me she was a "snitch" to use the street terms.  So Alex was kind of cocky when it came to the cops also because she knew she wasn't in any danger of being busted herself (or so she thought because they did turn on her when new people came into office).  

Is this unusual?  Not at all.  Rick "Freeway" Ross was sent off to life in prison because of a snitch who was paid $40,000 a year just to get him set up to go to jail.   After failing to talk Rick into going back into a life of crime - he had to threaten a friend of his life in order to get him to cross the line.  Yes it was over turned and Rick is a free man again - but those years will never be given back to him.  

Why was he locked up?  Well read his book for one if you want to know but I suspect it was to silence him for what he knew about Iran Contra - the same as they tried to silence me also for years and why Gary Webb's death was probably not a suicide.  I mean TWO shotgun blasts to the head?  Even coroners think that's physically impossible.    Murder too extreme?  Some don't think so.

Now Domina Elle never spoke to me, bothered me, even looked in my direction until this whole "8 Minutes fiasco.  In March of 2015, I got a phone call from her asking me for information on our program.  She did not identify herself so i just sent her general information.  We did not talk.  She was emailed our general information flyer and that was the extent of it.  Why was she scoping us out in March?

I didn't hear about her until this whole "Kamylla" nonsense started.  A woman called me for help.  We told her we could provide her with everything she needed and I ended the phone call.  She gave me permission to publish the call and discuss her case with anyone we needed to.  But the next day she tells me that Domina Elle had reached out to her, bashed us ten ways to Sunday with lies, and then convinced her to let Domina Elle help her instead in April of 2015.  A fund raiser was set up for her.  Now in July I checked back on this fund raiser and the woman is still without a job, in a flooded house with back rent still due, and still has legal cases over her head.   So it doesn't sound like they did much of a job to help her.

What I found interesting was that this Domina Elle was doing the fund raising - not SWOP.  In fact, SWOP wasn't saying anything about it.   When I reached out to them to verify they knew about and who this Kamylla was - I received no answer.  But she kept posting lies about us online.  When I slapped Domina Elle with a notice that I'd serve her with a defamation lawsuit if she did not take down these lies and kept this up - she did remove the lies and stopped HER speaking them.  

But in a matter of minutes - the same exact lies, and even the same cartoons, start coming out of Kamylla's mouth online instead.  I contacted her and asked why she was posting these things.  She told me she wasn't.  She said she had no computer.  No internet access and she didn't say those things and didn't mean them.  She also told me that she'd given Domina Elle permission to post on her behalf for that reason.  

Then she said she would ask Domina Elle to remove these statements in the morning.  That was the last time I was able to speak to her other than a cryptic text I got that led me to believe that Kamylla is also being threatened and she's afraid.  This fear started after she told me she was going to ask Domina Elle to take down the lies she was posting online about us while posing as her.  I think Domina Elle didn't take kindly to the request.  Not a doubt in my mind they've told her she won't get that $5000 if she were to let me help her now is the way this thing is setting up.  

Now Domina Elle she's getting away with this by capitalizing upon the impression she's a chapter leader or chair or whatever they call it for Denver SWOP.    This article is a case in point.  Only I contacted the main office of SWOP who says that she "holds no position nor has any power" within their organization.  They said "banned was a strong word" but confirmed she holds no power in SWOP.

Wondering if anyone else has been threatened or harmed by this woman or what exactly is going on - I posted an ad on Backpage asking if anyone had any experiences with her at all, good or bad, to please get in touch with us.  I got a phone call that yes was recorded.  I get threats all the time so I record all incoming calls and delete them once we're done.  In this case I saved it in case she gave consent for me to publish the recording.  She did agree to be interviewed for our radio show but before we published anything online she wanted to get an okay from her partner.  I understood and set about transferring the tape to a format I can post online.  I had not posted it online however when I get a frantic call from the woman who made the call wanting to know how these tapes wound up on   But here's the tape in it's entirely that somehow got off my hard drive and on this site - part 1, part 2 - 

I explained to her I'd been fighting all night with both my phone and computer from a hack attack.  My computer found three threats and it took me all night to clean them off and fix my computer and phone.  My phone not only kept going crazy but it kept having the recorder turn on.  Clearly someone was messing around my phones and computers to get access to these tapes.  So I am in the process of working with some attorney's and the police over criminal and civil charges over Domina Elle's actions.  Now Domina Elle seems to have no problem clearly with you hearing what's on the tape for her to post them online - so here those tapes are in their entirety.  The caller is talking about how she has "friends within the police and the Denver courthouse".  I will be doing a court record search for these restraining orders spoken about in the call to see what I can find.   

Clearly this woman is on a witch hunt for my head.  The texts that were blowing up my phone said they would "continue until I took down our site and hotline".  So I'm being blackmailed by this woman to take down our site and hotline.   To dig up dirt on us - she had to go all the way back to a woman I had a personal fall-out with 30 years ago.  That's a pretty far stretch.  

As for Gaye - the other woman on the website supposedly attacking me - she leaves out that for years i defended her against Rachel Moran.  So you should see the things she said to me to warrant my response to her.   I'm not going to post them because clearly Domina Elle is manipulating both Gaye and Norma Jean Almodar for her own agenda to attack us.  Norma had not posted one single bad word about me anywhere online until Domina Elle approached her about this site.  If what I'd done was soooo awful - it would have been posted long before Domina Elle started digging up dirt, reached out to Norma, then built the site, yada yada yada.  The same with Gaye.  Gaye was actually friends with me until Domina Elle started twisting her head around.  

So if neither of these women had posted a bad word about me online until Domina Elle got ahold of them yet both have known me for years before now  - I don't know if they were threatened or bribed or what - but clearly if they didn't do this on their own and all of this is because Domina Elle has an agenda.

A clearly stated agenda.  Now if she thinks I'm a "predator" or crazy or whatever - that has nothing to do with our program.  We have chapters all over the world.  Our Russia chapter has six meetings a week now.  Our Canada chapter is in three different areas now.  We've been donated a Russian, French and Spanish translation of our books I'm working on getting published.  Our program is an established part of the probation system in different states like Michigan for example.  You can't complete your 2nd year of probation without attending our meetings.  I know of no other program right now where a prostitute who is not being trafficked can ask a judge to come to our meetings instead of jail without a special program, without an attorney, and be granted that request so we are clearly the sex worker community's friend.  So why attack all of us now because of her personal issues with me?  

How can she have an issue with me when she came in the gate looking for an attack?    I had no fight with her.  No fall-out with her. She came in with an agenda to attack us and that didn't happen until the show "8 Minutes" and she didn't come after me until I hit Relativity Media with notice I was going to file a lawsuit and get an injunction and they canceled the show.  

So let's take a look back at what's going on with "8 Minutes".  The media right now is emphasizing the producers "lied" to these women and "didn't provide them any help".   Now just use some logic here for a moment - if Kamylla herself admits her and the other women were paid $200 to "act" like they were prostitutes and that they were being offered "help" then the whole thing clearly is a fraud.  There was no "recreation" posted at the bottom of the screen to say this series dramatized something happening in real life.  And please tell me why if these women were knowing the whole thing was staged why would they expect to get any real answers from these people?  That makes no sense.

Let's put it another way.  If I was hired to pretend to be in a bakery.  To pretend I was buying bread from a fake bakery - why on earth would I then go and shout to the media how ripped off I was that I wasn't able to get any bread out of the show?  That makes no sense.   Because it's a cover.    I had a man call me before the show filmed and told me their spiel.  He tried to tell me that Kevin Brown was actually really "rescuing" young girls after having "found God" after he retired from being an Orange County cop for 20 years.

I'm sorry - but a man who was a Nazi for 20 years doesn't turn around and open up a home for young Jewish girls.  Doesn't happen.  So I asked to speak to his "graduates" of this program and I asked to see the program with my own eyes.   He then tried to talk me into giving them referrals.  I repeated that I don't give referrals to a program I haven't seen with my own eyes and asked to see the operation for myself.  

They disappeared because it was bogus.  I went online and learned that Orange County, where Kevin Brown is staged out of, has received $1.2 million dollars for helping "trafficking victims".   I also saw a few churches holding fund raisers connected to the show while it was on the air - of course with Annie Lobert speaking - queen of the shills for churches to raise money for bogus programs like what happened before with her, Pastor Benny Perez, and her show on Bravo that we got yanked after one episode aired because it was a fraud.  Okay now this is making more sense to me.  We have to show the grant donors we're doing something and Lord knows they aren't doing anything for real victims because that would expose police corruption and higher.  So we have to put on a show.  Got it.

I've been working on a case for two years now about a woman who was drug out of her home and had phony police reports slapped on her by Pasadena Police.   I was threatened by a Pasadena cop supposedly for trying to help her.  I say "supposedly" because he gave me a name that the station says is the name of a cop.  The phone number he used was from the station.  However, he still could have been an imposter. To find out I'd have to talk to the Chief.  Only the Chief was refusing my calls, faxes and emails until I reached out to the city council and city manager.  I talk more about this in my letter to Senator John Kerry (which he hasn't answered by the way yet as of 8/1/15.)

The minute I put the Chief on the spot about working on this case (which was just at the same time this "8 Minute" thing hit) - is when this whole smear campaign against me started with Domina Elle and this phony "stalking" accusation out of Meg from Abeni - the program that's in connection with the Orange County Trafficking Task Force.  She started telling people online that I was "threatening her" and she was "afraid for her life" and that I needed to be carted off on a "5150" charge.  Only if you look back over the conversation she initiated with me - none of these things are true.  

It's about as true as the cop pulling Sandra Bland over and arresting her over a turn signal to pull her into a jail cell.   Now I'm putting the pieces together - she can't get me arrested on these phony charges because she doesn't know where I live and I'm not anywhere near her.  But the minute I go walking into the Pasadena station - that's when I can be carted off on her false accusation.  Sure they can't prove a thing and the law says they'd have to let me go after 72 hour observation - if I lived that long.  

What's the connection between Pasadena and Orange County?  Chief Sanchez lives in Orange County.    When Jeane Palfrey was murdered in my opinion - I had called up the Florida police demanding a full investigation.  Then the Tonopah Nevada police where I live get a call from the Florida police the operator at the station tells me - and suddenly I'm being slapped with a warrant for "impersonating myself" and my house is being tossed by five cops and a drug dog.  A cop can't smear me.  Too obvious.  But if the Pasadena police are connected to the Orange County police - then how do we get all the way to Denver?  

D'Lita Miller calls me up.  I'll go into her in another blog entry - but she's a part of this "8 Minutes" show AND this Long Beach Task force that just got $650,000 for "outreach" and another $3 million to set up a program with the youth courts for trafficking.  She calls herself a "consultant" yet she admits her own daughter got trafficked in 2011.  

Doesn't sound like she knew much about it before 2011 to me.  Then she says she "couldn't find help".  That's funny as there's Children of the Night, Covenant House, Mercy Ministries, Children of the Night, Mary Magdalene Project, and Dream Center just to name a few - all with trafficking programs for the young within a 20 minute drive from where she's based out of.  Of course not mentioning we're based out of Los Angeles and can be found online in two minutes - as can SWAN - our program for parents.   So frankly if she "couldn't find any help" in 2011 when all these programs were easily found in a 30 second search on Google - I don't know if I'd brag I was a "consultant' on the issue myself.  

But my point is that D'Lita Miller connects Kevin Brown, Relativity Media, the Orange County Police, and the Long Beach Police.  How does Domina Elle in Denver fit into this?  She's coming out here in September to speak at the Catalyst Con  She's also speaking with Maxine Doogan, who is suing four District Attorney's in California.

Maxine has also talked with Tom Forman and D'lita Miller.   Ms. Miller even told me she reached out to Maxine before she called me so I know they know each other also.  Again, doesn't sound like her priorities are about helping victims if Maxine was on her list to call before my call.  Maxine had in fact tried to get a judge to leave out wording in her 2008 Bill so that voters wouldn't know that she didn't want any "minority trafficking victims to have help funded".   So she's clearly not on the side of wanting minority trafficking victims to get any help to escape their traffickers - but that's who she calls before us?  Got it.

Now with this information in hand I approached the Catalyst Con organizers.  Now mind you I've been doing this work for about 30 years now.  In my experience, organizers and sponsors don't want to risk any liability with putting on an event where someone who is representing them might be posing a situation where they could be sued for negligence.  So you think they'd be happy to receive the information, and thank me for giving it to them.   

Not at all.  The minute I told them - I had this silly threat coming at me from an attorney threatening me with "economic interference" if I tried to tell anyone else any of this information.  First of all, for this to be "economic interference" I'd have to be a "competitor" to Domina Elle.  I run no dungeon and I've been out of all sex work since 1985.  I'm therefore NOT a "competitor" so their own lawyer was clearly just trying to scare me into silence.

If you're wondering why I'm not taking that site down?  I'm not only running our program - I'm also trying to show the world how this all operates.  I want them to see what happens when you try and go up against these people.  They threaten.  They smear.  They hide behind websites they don't sign.  They text bomb you at 2:00 a.m. from phones they then claim aren't theirs.  They call from blocked numbers.  They lie. They threaten.  They deceive and manipulate people.  Also - we're getting a lot of traffic from people trying to sort this all our so it's actually quite educational for people to see how this is all playing out.  That's why I'm not moving for an emergency TRO - I want you to see how these people operate.  

By the way - anything you say to someone who is an "informant" can be used against you in a court of law.  Whoever this Domina Elle is in reality, she is NOT on the side of sex workers.  She has actively NOT told sex workers they can avoid being incarcerated by asking to come to a SWA meeting.  She's also posted on her Kamylla fund raiser she wants a law passed "requiring shelters to admit prostitutes".  They don't admit them because it's not safe.  They're not secure for when a pimp comes looking for them - that's why they're not accepted.  I mean why would you want them to anyway?  There needs to be special programs set up for trafficking victims to be placed in - NOT HOMELESS SHELTERS.  Any sex worker on our side would know that. 

IF Domina Elle was on the side of the sex worker - then why are her, Norma, Gaye or Maxine not lifting ONE FINGER to help another sister sex worker who when she announced she wanted to leave the industry she ewas then carted off by two cops and falsely arrested?  Why not a word of defense of her case or against the cops and the judge that slapped her with these phony cases and threatened her?  Why not one word about the cop that threatened me when we tried to help her or the attorney that threatened our attorney?  Yes they are SOOOO interested in helping sex workers - they won't lift a finger to bring any attention to her situation and they're trying to smear us who are trying to get her help and these criminals brought to justice!!!

(copyright 2015 J. Williams all rights reserved)