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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Dear Martha Stewart and Associates:

I've seen the commercial on VH1 with Martha Stewart dancing with Snoop Dogg to promote the "Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party" series.   To say I'm offended is an understatement.  This country is having a record epidemic not only of juvenile sex trafficking, but we're also in a second HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as a Hep C and HPV virus  (diseases which are all sexually transmitted).

Because of the focusing only upon the issue of sex trafficking itself, without acknowledging the fact it involves sex while victims are not exactly trained in proper "safe sex" techniques by their traffickers because frankly it profits them more NOT to have their victims engaging in safe sex - we are about to lose another generation of young people which may number more than those we lost in the 1980's.

The reason for this is because at least the media was addressing this issue in the 1980's while it's completely ignoring this documented epidemic in the young, and sex workers, today.  That and the fact people deliberately set up the AIM Clinic, which used to be run by Dr. Sharon Mitchell, out of business which had been keeping these diseases "at bay" successfully before being shut down about five years ago (replaced with the very ineffective AHN headed by Michael Weinstein who seems to care more about being the new porn czar rather than about our public health).

So the issue of sex trafficking is a true life threatening urgent issue today.  Now we see Martha Stewart, a woman most young women look up too as a role model, dancing and "frolicking" with Snoop Dogg - a CONFESSED sex trafficker as he outlined his year long RV "pimp revival" national tour in 2003 in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The courts, police, etc., are experiencing such a shortage of operating funds that in Nevada for example the police will not even come to the scene of a car accident, even when there's bodily damage with an ambulance called, because of the shortage of funds in the budget.

Which is why I got a call into our hotline at by a concerned politician who needed someone to go in and rescue victims from this operation asking us to do so because of their concern if they sent in the Nevada police - then the press over such an event would cost the state "more than the OJ trial cost California".

This was because Snoop had not confessed to what he was doing while this was going on.  Instead he waited until the statute had expired in most states he committed the crime of pimping, sex trafficking and/or pandering according to each state's definition of what he did before basically gloating in the press about how he not only committed this crime in broad daylight, but knowing no prosecutor would want to take on the task of coming after him ESPECIALLY because of who the "johns" were in his so called "fantasy" - NFL players.

Who if you've seen the film "Concussion" then you know the NFL has their own set of "influencers" who protect them from the press which would result if anyone was arrested in this year long FLAUNTING of what was the building of a national sex trafficking operation.

In case you didn't read his confession, he brags about how he took an RV from city to city on his national Playboy tour, invited young women onto it, then after telling them he had a "fantasy" of wanting them to engage in sex for money with these different NFL players, he then claims he "returned the money".

I'm sorry but if I rob a bank and then "return the money" an hour later this does not give me a "get out of jail free card".  Not in my book anyway.  What he does not explain further however is what happened to these women he also brags about "kicking off the RV" when he got down with them.  Which was local pimps were standing by to grab these women and then put them to work in their operation - against their will in most cases.

First of all, I would like to ask every young woman who works for Martha Stewart to imagine being invited onto an RV to meet Snoop Dogg, his friends, and these NFL players.  Then I'd like them to realize when they enter this RV (which has one way in or out mind you), it's stock full of drunken, stoned, men who are all wealthy, famous and for the NFL players - some of them are 300 pound athletes who could probably lift you with one finger off the ground - and then I want you to imagine you want to say "no" when asked to do this.  No I ask you - would you feel perfectly safe in saying "no"?

Also, I'd like to know what steps were taken to verify each women who was invited onto the RV had their ID checked to make sure they were over the legal age of consent.  Which I need to add in Nevada is FIFTEEN years of age.  So understand that some of these women were SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE.  The first woman we went to rescue was chained like a dog to a toilet in a vacant apartment while four months pregnant by a pimp with a rap sheet of felony violent arrests.  The "tricks" were brought to this apartment, and she was not allowed to communicate with anyone.

We had to stage an operation to get the pimp out of the apartment long enough to call a locksmith and get her out of there - knowing mind you we'd been told the police were not going to even respond to helping us because the state "didn't want the publicity" of going after this pimp who would then turn back to Snoop - and the publicity which would result.

This woman has had her baby, but to get her home and have everyone safe her whole family had to relocate because this trafficking operation knew where they lived.  By going from city to city on this tour doing this, what resulted was a building of a network of traffickers I've been having to content with in our program for over 30 years now and one of the reasons why I formed our hotline and program in the first place - because the police not only wouldn't help me when I was in this same situation 30 years ago myself, but I was even being trafficked BY local police, CIA, and FBI during Iran Contra and what became the Rampart lawsuits in the 1990's.

Because victims of sex trafficking could not, and still can't in most cases, call the police for help - this is again why I had to form our hotline and program at our expense.  I say that because federal grants were not available in the 1980's because the issue wasn't even considered "real" in the 1980's.  The Trafficking Act of 2000 giving this issue federal "recognition" as real was only passed 16 years ago.  This pregnant victim we rescued first on this tour is so traumatized not only by what happened to her, but the very idea that the state didn't want to rescue her "officially" because of the fear of the expense and publicity in doing so which was so great they called our little band of volunteers to do it instead "off the record", that she literally can't leave her house without going into panic attacks of what might happen to her if she did and thinking no one would come to her rescue then.

Especially when she's concerned if she did go to the press about her ordeal that men like Snoop, who has a record if you remember for a murder trial he beat in the past, might come after her to silence her.  I mean what's to stop him considering what he's already gotten away with?

While we have people like Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez-Masto insisting they "care about the issue of sex trafficking", two Attorney General's for just two of the states where he, and his cronies, executed these crimes - while neither one of them have issued a warrant for Snoop despite the fact his confession clearly gave them enough evidence to have him arrested for at least pandering, if not pimping or sex trafficking.

Again, there is no clause in the law that "giving the money back" voids the crime itself.  So Martha Stewart dancing with this confessed, and unrepentant, sex trafficker is so offensive words can't even explain.  Meaning that I am wanting you to know that not only am I going to be boycotting any Martha Stewart show, product, and service, but also any company who carries any of her shows and/or products - and I will be sending out an announcement to our 190,000 social media subscribers/members of Sex Workers Anonymous to join us in a boycott of Martha Stewart for associating herself with this trafficker.

I understood when Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading because I figured it was just a "misunderstanding".  Now in light of this partnership with Snoop Dogg - I can't help but look upon her in a whole other light.  Do not tell me women are safe anywhere near Martha being now who she wants to associate herself with - a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker who has been banned in two countries for drug trafficking and I have yet to see a medical marijuana card on him either.  Combined with his football league - I would imagine the delivery service has no shortage of people filling out help wanted applications.

Both of you by the way have enough visibility of the young women in this country to be warning them about this STD epidemic, as well as the exploding sex trafficking problem we're encountering now because of the impact the internet has had on this issue but instead of doing this and saving lives - you're dancing on VH1 together?

I'm sorry but I'm boycotting Martha now and will be sending out this letter to all of her sponsors, producers, and stores which carry her products as well as any social organizations she may be connected to who are partnering her around young women.

Martha appearing with Snoop in this manner makes him appear "harmless" like a fuzzy puppy.  The man now owns a medical marijuana delivery service, he hangs out socially with Rick "Freeway" Ross, and again he's completely unrepentant about the damage he did to young women during this pimp revival as shown by not only his confession in Rolling Stone- but also his lack of any apology for what transpired.

Let's take a look at the effect this is even having on P. Diddy.  Snoop's son is playing football at UCLA.  The same team where P. Diddy was arrested for attacking a coach supposedly of that team whose son is on the same team.

So we have someone who has been charged with murder, flaunted being in warrant by appearing at a music awards show rather than turning himself in, hanging out with the like's of Rick "Freeway" Ross who recently was pulled over with over $100,000 in cash in his car supposedly to "buy real estate", and P. Diddy, who assaults football coaches, engaging in activities designed to clearly attract in young people - all while again being a confessed and unrepentant sex trafficker and you're dancing with him Martha like this is all one big joke?

So you have a nice day .   I'm off to organize a boycott that has now expanded from Snoop to Martha Stewart.  On behalf of the victims of this "revival fantasy tour" of Snoop's, I find the two of you dancing as you are in that commercial completely taunting these victims about how they were held captive through intimidation, raped, kidnapped, trafficked, drugged, beaten, and otherwise outright treated like animals, for how not only NOTHING has been done to anyone involved, BUT NOW YOU TWO ARE DANCING TOGETHER?

Certainly you have enough PR people Martha to be aware of this confession.  SHAME ON YOU.  SHAME on the prosecutors who want to grandstand for the election but still haven't issued one warrant against him despite this written confession and the fact there are numerous witnesses who would come forward if they thought they wouldn't be ripped apart by the fans of Snoop's music and the NFL - who all have a history if you think about it of a lot of aggression, if not outright violence and even murder.

It's like you're dancing with Hitler Martha and on behalf of the young women in this country - again SHAME on all of you who are acting like this is not an issue.

TRIPLE SHAME on VH1 for claiming to "care about sex trafficking" while putting on this show.

It's OFFENSIVE AND IN DOWNRIGHT BAD TASTE!!! I say that because when I called the Pistachio Growers Board after seeing him in a commercial for the nut - when they learned about his confession in Rolling Stone they at least said they would "pull the ad" which I didn't see it again after that in fact.  

So Martha, you and VH1 have less taste than nut growers!

(PS - To Snoop and his entourage - if you think sending in "influencers" connected to Live Nation to try and slander me, as well as sending in others to try and stalk and threaten me online starting the minute I announced the boycott on Snoop after this confession, a company who also not so coincidentally in my opinion also manage Charlie Sheen, through straw groups such as Cupcake Girls who use their nonprofit status to launder your bribe money to try and get us to back down - we know the game so think again.  An apology to the victims is all we've asked.  It's a lot cheaper to think about an apology and an "amends" rather than the money you've spent trying to run us out of Dodge and silence us.  If pimps in the 1980's couldn't silence me over the last 30 years - your tactics won't do the job either.  We're not going anywhere!  Especially not as long as these victims of crimes such as yours and Charlies are going unprosecuted by law enforcement.  

Which reminds me - isn't it a crime to knowingly expose someone to HIV/AIDS? Kamala - why no arrest against Charlie considering he's even threatened to pay $25,000 to whack a witness?  You want to claim you care about these victims?  PROVE IT.  Your office STILL hasn't called to speak to the victims we told you have contacted us for help about these situations in how many years now?  No - you announced your fund raiser to run for Senate when we pushed on the very issue that if you had addressed it when we first came to you - then the story about Celeste Guap might not have hit.  But then you were having to contend with Joohon David Lee though weren't you?  Now remind me again how you dealt with what he did?  Tell me about it while he's driving a limo in Las Vegas about how you're "throwing the book" at him for what he did while in office for Homeland Security, ICE and the anti-trafficking task force?)

Sunday, December 6, 2015


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While Charlie Sheen has admitted to spending over $10 million dollars trying to conceal from the public, and his playmates within the sex industry, that he was HIV positive.  What's one way he's been doing this?  He's admitted to paying blackmail money to silence some of his victims who were HIV positive.  Women who were employed in the sex industry and were NOT "sex trafficking victims".

Now what's another way?  How about trying to discredit an organization that's been knocking on doors saying that they're seeing an epidemic rise in the numbers of their members with HIV/AIDS such as Sex Workers Anonymous?

How about getting a production company "Live Nation",
who is also the production company for another confessed pimp, Snoop Dogg,  and have their lobbyist, build a "counter" group that will further pull sex workers away from Sex Workers Anonymous?

But how do you build a bond with these sex workers who notoriously don't trust "outsiders"?  Why free coffee, cupcakes, make-overs, dental work, cash aid all WITHOUT having the condition placed upon these freebies of a little thing like them having to be in the exit process.  I mean what active stripper/escort in Vegas wouldn't love the idea of such freebies with no strings?!avn/c1jod

Welcome to the Cupcake Girls.  Why they'll even hold fund raisers for you while you're still hooking to pay for your lawyers and your rent like they did Kamylla  AND make sure you out there in the public eye saw them do this.!Call-to-Action-Help-with-Kamyllas-Legal-Fund/cmbz/5567bd7d0cf23d0164c9c81b   Who wouldn't love these "Cupcake Girls" over SWA whose members who have to work at staying off booze and drugs as well as get a non-sex work job in order to receive support from them right?  

And there goes the warnings to them about Charlie and HIV in the process.  

But others are still listening to SWA because they know the group is made up of REAL ex-sex workers.  Especially the newbies in Los Angeles who aren't in Vegas nor go to the AVN to benefit from the "hospitality suite" the Cupcake Girls bought to further gain their "in" into sex workers.  They don't do anything to help sex workers EXIT the industry.  They don't do anything to get them HIV testing or education.  I've spoken to more than one stripper who has witnessed them sweeping into the club with cupcakes and make-overs and they each reported NOT ONE WORD about HIV, testing, condoms, vaccines, prevention, etc.  So what do they want?  To "preach the gospel"? (they're all church ladies).  No - the sex workers report not one word about church.

(A side note - I have asked the AVN promoters to sponsor a booth where we issue information on HIV and things like the vaccine and they've refused.  They told me they "don't donate" and were also concerned that SWA might be viewed as "being against the industry" even though they personally acknowledged they know we are not.  Meaning they wouldn't put in any booth that wasn't "pro" sex work and that didn't PAY for the space.)

I'm sorry but I come from the world of reality where nobody does anything without a motive or a payoff of some kind.  If it's not reaching out to help sex workers quit like we do, or warn them about HIV like we do, and if they're not "preaching the gospel" then what is it?

If anything they KEEP women in the sex industry.  They preach "unconditional support" of working girls.  However, I witnessed them going to the legislature to get a law written about expunging prostitution records (working girls really love that idea) WITHOUT attending SWA meetings for a year or longer as we've been doing to help sex workers expunge their records.  In many states, we have SWA members are expunging their records by showing an involvement in our program.  These are women who CAN'T prove "sex trafficking" in order to expunge their records like the law that the CG got passed.  I mean honestly if you could "prove trafficking" - wouldn't you then have done so at the trial?

So what was the point of them getting this law passed?  Their claim was that "sex workers were unable to get  legit jobs with their prostitution records" which isn't true.  Now what is true is you can't get A PROSTITUTION LICENSE TO WORK IN A LEGAL BROTHEL with a past conviction.  (If convicted of prostitution in Nevada, or some other states, you become a "sexual offender" meaning you can't get a license to work at a legal brothel.   Meaning a prostitution conviction DOES NOT prevent you from finding work outside the sex industry in Nevada - but it DOES stop you from working a legal brothel.

I have been in Nevada since 1996 getting men and women jobs outside of sex work just fine and have a long list of casinos, and other large reputable companies who love hiring ex-sex workers for jobs in marketing, public relations, promotions, sales, cocktail waitress, dealing, management, etc.  These casinos, and employers don't shout it from the rooftops - but there is a list of them who gladly welcome hiring ex-prostitutes, strippers, porn performers, etc.  If you'd like to see this list - just ask me.  When I offered the list to the Cupcake Girls they blocked my emails in response and asked me to stop calling them.

Now if their interest was in finding sex workers work outside the sex industry - then why would they refuse to take the list from me of these companies who do hire those with records?  Better yet - why are they only focusing on FEMALE sex workers - while ignoring men and transgenders?  I also asked some of the local male and gay strip clubs who reported the CG never came near them.  So if they're "having trouble finding work for strippers because of their records" while refusing to get help from SWA to get these women jobs, and then relying upon some law which is impossible to even make use of (again you'd have to hire an attorney, then you've have to "prove trafficking" which again if you could do so you would have done so - so this is a completely useless grand standing law which does nothing to get sex workers into other jobs immediately and without an investment of money first but boy did it get them a lot of publicity) and it does NOTHING to help sex workers find work outside the industry.  So CLEARLY their group isn't about helping sex workers LEAVE the industry - so again what is their point?

If this was to help conceal Charlie's secret within the sex industry itself (if an escort or porn star gets HIV and can trace it to Charlie - she's going to do what?  She's going to stop working in the sex industry and probably call us.  Then to protect her anonymity WE'RE going to put out the word within the sex industry to "stay away from Charlie".  So how do you stop that from spreading and then no one wants to play with Charlie and no one goes to the press?  Now you're following my logic here of what's happening.) then the Cucpcake Girls makes more sense.

Now you also need to stop word from getting to the "rookies" or those new to sex work.  You don't want the "rookie" escorts and porn stars to believe what this organization is saying to sex workers about the epidemic, and the warnings about Charlie.   You also want them to NOT believe us.  So what do you do?  You hire a paid "shill" who is vocal as an active sex worker to try and discredit the group.

Welcome to the "madam pack" as I call them now.  Which includes Norma Jean Almodavor, a convicted pimp.  Maxine Doogan, a convicted pimp.  Bella Robinson who has worked as a prostitute and madam by her own admission and has also been arrested in the past.

Last but not least we have Domina Elle who is living under the name of a dead woman, Avaarm Shekinah, a woman who was a survivor of the Branch Davidian cult.   We don't know her criminal background because she's not living under her own name and everything she owns is registered to the dead woman who she obtained an ID from based on a voter registration we found with a younger birthdate on it.

Oh but Domina Elle is a sex work advocate right?  Really?  Putting aside she did nothing to help Kamylla exit the sex industry which she's repeatedly said in interviews was her goal, she has also stalked and terrorized sex workers - including Mistress Bardot Wolf and Mistress Trinity.  Two women who have reported publicly they live in fear of her.  Mistress Trinity reports it's "well known that she's got "friends" at the Denver police and courts in a recorded phone call she made to us that Domina Elle published online without our consent nor Mistress Trinity's.  She obtained the recording by hacking into my computer and then published the recording on to try and discredit and attack us - warning all sex workers after she published the tape "don't trust them".

Now where do snitches and informants come from?  They come from people who have arrested!  Then after they get arrested they either get off totally, or they get a reduced sentence in order for setting up other people or playing undercover games within the criminal world.   Now do you really think that if Charlie's spent "over $10 million dollars to try and conceal his secret" for years now that hiring someone within the sex industry to try and get active sex workers not to listen to our warnings about him and HIV is beyond the realm of possibility?

Then you don't know the sex industry very well because that's how it works.  Wealthy men have been trying to conceal their past doings any way they can for a long long time.

What's another reason we're being stalked, smeared, threatened and attacked?  Could it be the "Music" case out of Pasadena?   An Asian women came to us for help in 2013 reporting that when she told her traffickers she wanted to quit prostituting, and other crimes, for this ring, she was drug out of her home by two Pasadena cops, slapped with two fake prostitution charges signed by a Pasadena judge, and then further threatened by a Pasadena attorney.  When we stepped in to help her - our attorney was threatened by the police and this attorney.  When I tried to show her they had lied to her about clearing these records - I was then threatened by this attorney and a man identifying himself as a Pasadena officer.  Yes I recorded and documented all these threats.

What's distressing also about this operation is that the women in this trafficking ring aren't seeing doctors who would report any findings to the CDC.  They're seeing a Mandarin speaking doctor (not Planned Parenthood by the way) for their reproductive needs.  I also know one of her "regulars" who has been trying to get her out from under this ring.  An interview with him can be found -  

The woman, and this man, report they are not using condoms and she's not on an HIV vaccine.  Nor are the other women in this ring.  The women are having up to 10-15 contacts a day without condoms, without testing, and without being on a vaccine. In talking to the woman, I learned that they're prostituting the younger men and women in China.  They prefer them "younger" over there.  So young this woman started at 8 years old by her mother forcing her to do these things, along with her sister and brother.

Then when they hit about 40 years old - they're bringing them over here to the states on the promise they are giving them "other" jobs in restaurants, nail salons, or even real estate jobs.    Look at the photo of this woman in her 40's or so.  If you google more photos of massage parlor arrests - you'll find almost all the women are in their 40's and 50's.

When they get their papers in order to come to work at these "legit" jobs they're then told they have to pay off their "contract" through prostitution.  They're promised if they "behave" their children will receive an all expenses paid education at either USC or UCLA.  What could be more prestigious?  What woman who feels she's "just a whore" wouldn't feel the sacrifice is worth it to see her children receive a valuable education and a "new start"?  Only in reality these kids are not only being groomed to enter sex work, to recruit others into sex work, but also to be spies for China.

When their children back in China are in their teens, they're being brought over here to go to school in the Arcadia, Pasadena area where they can be around their own culture and family - one that shuns Westerners and outsiders.  The language barrier makes that easy.  To make room for them, there was a whole bunch of low income people who were pushed out of Pasadena using intimidation starting about 2011-2012.  There are videos online about how the police were chasing people out of the area using fear and illegal tactics.  Notice these videos show this happening about 3 to 4 years ago - which is also AFTER Charlie Sheen says he started covering up his HIV status.  Also notice none of the people being thrown out illegally are Chinese.

To show the Pasadena police can be "bought" - just read about how they helped set up PETA at this time frame.

They further chased out of the area a lot of businesses owned by Americans by shutting down the streets so they lost so much income they had no choice but to shut down and move. and  I remember whole businesses having to fold up shop because the streets were literally so tore up in front of their shops they all had to shut down and move.  Each one was not an Asian owned business by the way.

Even to the point of letting minorities who are African American and Hispanic, not Chinese, know they are in mortal danger in Pasadena from the police.  As a brainwashing expert, let me tell you what this news clip sends to the mind of a person who is African American -  Get the fuck out of Pasadena.

Then they kept moving in the kids of these women to "prepare them for college".  The women were then moved from massage parlor to massage parlor across the USA every few weeks or months depending.  This was to make sure they didn't make any lasting ties with anyone outside of this trafficking ring and Asian community.

All the while the mothers are "away at work", the children are being groomed to enter into the sex industry.  They are the ones going into the colleges recruiting the others kids and Los Angeles is the epicenter because that's where the porn industry is centered who THRIVES on fresh meat being delivered continually.

Only guess what, some of these teens are HIV positive also.  And from what I'm hearing - they aren't being required to release information on their HIV status before entering this country.  Neither are their mothers.  By the way, I used to regularly speak at UCLA.  I have been trying for two years now to speak on their radio station, their newspaper, to their student groups, and to their psychology, social work, criminal justice and human sexuality professors and out of each professor, group, etc. I've only found ONE professor who let me speak to his students.  When I was done I was chased after by a young woman who reported to me that all the "womens" groups are promoting sex work and she's feeling the "odd duck" for NOT entering into porn or stripping to pay for her college.  I asked how she was paying for a UCLA degree and she told me her father is a truck driver and he's paying for her to get her degree. Love this girl!

The National Trafficking Hotline requires a victim call "personally for help".  If you look at any of the studies, or speak to people in the field, you will hear over and over again that people who are sex trafficking victims are not "identifying" as such.  That's because they don't think they're victims.  It's called "denial".  Frankly, its' why I have NEVER led our outreach campaigns with the words of "trafficking" or "victim" but instead WHY I lead our outreach with words like "prostitute" or "sex worker".  I do that because THAT'S HOW THEY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES.

Why?  In 1995, I was certified by the FBI as an "expert witness" in the subject of "how pimps brainwash and groom their victims into thinking they're giving consent when in fact they're not" for a trial going on in Hawaii.  The pimp was a real "romeo pimp" who had been trafficking women all over the USA.  The women all insisted he was not "forcing them" but they were acting "off their own free will".  The DA showed me videotapes made by him which I was able to then break down step by step how he was accomplishing the process of making these women think they were "doing what they wanted to do" for him without outside brainwashing or coercion.  The pimp's attorney took one look at my report and they took a plea bargain.  My point being I know how the grooming and brainwashing process works.  I was a victim of it myself.

One of the ways I was brainwashed was being surrounded by wealth.  I was being driven in Rolls Royces, living in a house "south of the boulevard" with a fantastic view of Los Angeles, wearing designer clothing, expensive jewelry, and walking around with a lot of cash on me.  I mean where was I going to go with it knowing if I disappeared that my mother and grandmother would be blown up?  Come on - is that "free will"?

Also, we would drive by these girls standing on a street corner in miniskirts at 2:00 in the morning freezing their asses off and LAUGH at how we "weren't like them".  Welcome to the river DENIAL.

When I started being shut out of consulting on media being created around this subject was about 2007.  I've seen the media that's been created without my input.  So too do the real victims out there. These teens from China are being bombarded with messages on TV and fund raisers and community groups that "sex trafficking" is something that appears to be street prostitution.

Look at what the media is telling the public are "victims"?  Notice the African American girl as their "poster child" victim.  Led by Malika Saar complete with corn rows -   Or Jada Pinkett-Smith  Even better - let's put a latin girl up to testify at the Hill as our "victim"

Watch the show "8 Minutes" that was staged and what do you see?  You see Kathryn Griffin-Townsend who is African American talking like a street prostitute.  Watch the "Dreamcatchers" documentary with Brenda Myers-Powell and what do you see?  African-American street prostitution. htp:// Watch Jada Pinkett-Smith's CNN Freedom project in Atlanta, Georgia and what do you see?  African-American street prostitution.  Look at the "No Such Thing" campaign and what do you see?  Malika Saar who is African American with corn rows in her hair holding up an African-American girl as her poster child "victim" and speaking about street prostitution.  Withelma Ortiz Pettigrew who is being paraded around by Glamour Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, Cosmopolitan Magazine and the Ricky Martin Foundation?  Hispanic street prostitution.   What pimps do you see being arrested for trafficking on the news?  Blacks and Hispanics.

Anything but Asian or white women.

You bombard someone over and over and over again with the concept of "sex trafficking" being African American and Hispanic and street walkers and guess what a young girl or boy from China is going to think?

Not me.

Who created shows like these?  Relativity Media's done a lot of it.  Relativity Media is also partners with a Chinese government owned film company who has a vested interest in these victims not realizing their victims.

Now I invite you to talk a walk around any media we create for  Even though I appear white, you won't see a focus on either female or males, nor will you see a race bias either.  You won't see predominantly African Americans, or even Asians.  I try and keep all "images" or "faces" off our media.  There's nothing but shadows, or shapes, or graphics, or even no images at all.  The reason for this is because sex trafficking is men or women, any age, any race, any sexual identify and any religion.   One of the most famous madams in all American history is Heidi Fleiss and she's JEWISH.  Alex Adams - Romanian   Jason Itzler - JEWISH.  The Mayflower Madam was a Mayflower descendent or WHITE.     As for these Chinese victims - BUDDHIST.  So guess what?  Sex trafficking can be anyone, of any race, culture, gender, religion or lack of religion.

Now let's be logical here for a moment.  If my warnings that I've relocated back to Los Angeles because I've been getting an alarming amount of phone calls into our hotline that make me believe we're in another HIV epidemic in this country like I witnessed in the 1980's is so completely "whack" let's just examine some independent evidence for a moment.

There's a confirmed HIV epidemic in Tijuana, Mexico.   We also know that the Mexican Cartel is the STRONGEST criminal ring right now in this country with respect to drugs.  Now sex trafficking is NOT pimping and it's NOT sex work.  Sex trafficking is like a table that rests on four legs.  One leg is sex trafficking.  The other is DRUG trafficking, as well as other crimes such as money laundering.  The third leg is corruption.  Trafficking doesn't exist without corruption.  The fourth leg is the disease factor.

Anywhere sex trafficking exists you will have HIV and other STD's.  Why?  Because trafficking by it's definition has no regard for the law, safety, and goes strictly by the highest dollar.  Now what does the "highest dollar" do in sex work?  It pays to NOT USE CONDOMS.  Which means what?  DISEASE.  This is why Amsterdam shut down it's windows district in 2007 - because the sex trafficking attracted by the protection offered by the legal brothels (I'm sorry but sex trafficking goes up in areas where it's legal because that gives the pimps extra protection) attracts in the pimps to place their disease free girls in those legal establishments.

Then when they get sick do you think they let them retire?  Once a woman in a legal brothel, or the legit porn industry (one that actually requires disease testing negative out of their performers and shoots films by the book), comes down with HIV do you think she just ups and quits?  If she's in the industry by choice YES.  If she's not, if she's being forced do you think the pimp just says "okay you've earned your freedom now so you can go?"

No.  The minute she gets sick with HIV, or HEP C, or HPV or some other disease preventing them from working in the legal sex industry they don't get to leave or retire.  They're put to work in the ILLEGAL sex trade, the porn shoots that don't care about even asking for disease status on the set, and the webcam industry.

Does this exist?  Last month I got approached by a producer who asked me if I would agree to shoot an oral sex scene with multiple men.  I told the guy that even if I were interested I would decline because my mouth was in bad need of dental work.  He looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about.  I had to explain to him that while I have a dental problem that is causing cuts in the inside of my mouth - those are cuts that the virus could enter my body through and thus expose me to HIV orally.  He didn't ask for my HIV status nor were the men in the shoot asked for any proof of their HIV status which I'm sorry is a piece of cake to fake.  We saw with the Housewives of Orange County and Brooks' phony cancer scare that it's easy to draw up fake medical papers.

Which is why I attribute a lot of what's happening right now to the shutting down of the AIM clinic and the way Michael Weinstein is handling things at the AHF.  I have been writing and writing and callling and calling him about the calls I've been receiving for two years now offering to get involved and help.  I was involved in EFFECTIVE outreach campaigns to the sex industry in the 1980's and I know what works and WHAT DOES NOT.   I can assure you what's happening right now in this country is putting all of us right now at risk.

Which includes the fact we're refusing to talk to me about the fact we need to be doing outreach into these Asian massage parlors.  You want to talk about Craigslist ads?  How 423 ads for "Asian massage" in Los Angeles?  How about 283 in Orange County?  Or 357 in San Diego - which is next to the Mexican border? 

I got a call last week from a working girl telling me there's even an epidemic going on clear up in Durham, N. Carolina.   Or the reported outreach in Indiana?    It hasn't "peaked" by the way - they just stopped testing and those infected were chased out of town.  Read this article about arrests in the "Music" case I'm speaking of based out of Pasadena where three pimps have been convicted.  Read how this ring has massage parlors all over the country.  Read about the HIV epidemic in China.  Now please explain to me WHY no one will come and talk to me about shutting this ring down if not about TRAFFICKING, then from a public safety perspective with respect to disease transmission?

Now you see why maybe there's more than just Charlie Sheen involved here trying to smear us, shut us up, and shut down our program - because from where I'm sitting I'm the only one TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF.

Because while everyone's been running around so busy worried about whether someone is being "trafficked" or not - the disease doesn't care.  It's passing within the sex industry to all of us.  If we learned anything from Elizabeth Glaser - it's that the virus can jump from your husband to you to your baby and you've done NOTHING wrong.  It doesn't matter if that hooker who gave it to him was "forced" or not.

This country made a HORRIBLE mistake with the TVRA of 2003 and we've got to stop this INSANITY of drawing these lines between "victim" and "sex worker" that's going on.  Let's be clear about this - the sex industry is an industry.  Like ANY industry, manufacturing, electronics, diamonds, farming, service, hospitality, fashion - trafficking exists.  Where you have trafficking you have people who aren't protecting their health and therefore present a health risk to themselves and to the general public.

So please please - let's start opening up dialogues about this because no amount of money is going to mean anything when people are dead.  Not just hookers you don't care about - but your wives and children because of being exposed to these diseases.   Yeah yeah yeah I know I'm a big "party pooper" but that's kind of the perspective you get when the party is over.  My view is why I left the sex industry in 1985 and why I'm reaching out to now help others.  And from where I sit - only one type of person tries to stop me.