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Why am I see a protest against J Lo when it's supposedly Dr. Lucas that raped Kesha?  Now granted, Kesha could be making up these accusations to get out of her contract.  It would be a horrible thing to do if she is - so one needs to examine the patterns.

What do the other women have to say against Dr. Lucas?  Well it seems Lady Gaga's mother claims she was also raped by Dr. Lucas.  A claim that Lady Gaga has supposedly denied.  However, I have to be honest here and say that Lady Gaga doesn't look like she's clean to me.  Meaning when someone is using drugs they'll say whatever they got to say to keep their connection open.  Meaning if, just if, Dr. Lucas was connected to her drug connection then she's not giving that up for no one.  Oh sure she'll stand up and do a number at the Oscars - but I don't see she's arrested anyone for assaulting her.  Meaning her rapist is still at large who is "20 years her senior".  Shame on you Lady Gaga by…