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Friday, October 16, 2015


Step up and SHUT THEM DOWN.

In the 1980's, no one listened to me that the prostitutes in Joe's brothel were saying women were "disappearing" and being beaten at the Mustang Ranch.  We had to bring in the IRS to get him shut down.

In the 1990's, no one listened to me that others were being drugged, beaten, raped and trafficked in the brothels.  No one cared that the women said it was men in uniform who were doing this to them either.  Nor that they had no way of reporting who was doing this to them either.  

In the 2000's, no one was listening to me about their expansion into sex trafficking and crime networks reaching across this country, and even into other countries.  Chris Butler did not work alone.  There were many officers and many investigators - selling drugs taken out of evidence rooms even, and using police cars to transport the contraband without being caught.  No one listened about him and we had to get the media involved just to get him arrested along with ONE cop involved.  

Now we're in 2015.  I've been talking for years about these people. Every single one I've complained about has either died, or stepped down, or even been arrested, because of EXACTLY what I was going on.  Worse even.  No one has listened to me and now Lamar Odom is laying in a coma probably dying connected to THE most high profiled people 2nd to the President.  

If you as a state don't want to be seen as complicit in this - then you need to SHUT THEM DOWN.    I gave a press conference in 2007 that this exact thing was happening and that our women were in danger that couldn't speak for themselves.  At the end of that year, Nevada did NOTHING.

I issued a "Code Red" just a few weeks ago about what's going on in Nevada.  Your state wouldn't even respond by issuing the alert - let alone doing anything.  Which means that possibly, just possibly, if that alert had been published in the Review Journal, and steps taken - Lamar might not have wound up in that brothel like a lamb to slaughter.  Now they're saying that he was "rolled" by the brothel.  

DO SOMETHING!  Shut them down.  

Jody Williams

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