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Saturday, December 9, 2017


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Date: Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 5:20 AM

Dear Mr. Brafman and Mr. Brown:

I'm contacting you after reading how you're defending Mr. Weinstein now about his sexual harassment allegations.  I'm doing so because literally the minute after I read the article here - about his work on the film "Shanghai" I literally told people closest to me "you watch - he's going to have the smear campaign start soon".  

Why would I say that?  Because of who I am and the things I see with respect to the connections between the Triad, sex trafficking, Hollywood, the media - and how some of these "Triad" people operate when they want to deal with someone.  

I mean look back at Bruce Lee's story.  You may not have ever seen the UNEDITED first 10 minutes of "Enter the Dragon" because every time they show it in the states on TV - they edit out the opening sequence explaining why his character goes to Mr. Han's island.  There's never been any discussion about the possible connection between that opening sequence and his mysterious death just three weeks before the film opened in fact.  Nor the fact that media does edit out that opening sequence, that no one has ever talked about how every word of what that CIA character said to him was factually true, that the Triad routinely used martial artists for their projects (that Frank Dux will readily talk about in his own biography and interviews), nor the interesting fact that in the film it shows American, blond blue-eyed women who were being held in the basement as trafficking victims held by Asian women.  

I learned about this sort of thing and how they operate in the USA, and how much power they're wielding in the American media, the "hard way" myself.  When I started our program in 1984 actually with the first "safe house" for adult sex trafficking victims in the USA, I was originally framed and busted by LAPD, the CIA, and people connected with Chuck Barris - who was a top Hollywood producer at the time.  He's since confessed to this himself in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind".  The "Dating Game" was actually a cover for a sex trafficking operation - one that operated in "plain sight" actually where no one questioned why some of those women never came home from those "dates" in countries you wouldn't think of as a "vacation" destination or why Chuck himself would go on these dates - nor that it was a great way to get a woman onto a plane with all of her papers.  

Or that the CIA who was behind Iran Contra deliberately put the people together who made "Miami Vice" deliberately to "market" and "glamorize" cocaine as their "inphomercials" to push the drug sales in the USA.  So the roots of sex trafficking in Hollywood go very deep.

After my arrest in 1984, I realized I needed to start an "outpatient" program, a hotline, and to get media attention onto an issue that our country was having movies leading them to believe sex trafficking didn't even exist back then.  If you doubt me, catch "Thoroughly Modern Millie" in 1968 that literally satirized Asian sex trafficking - making it appear it didn't even happen anymore.  

To get this media attention, a very famous actress befriended me out of literally nowhere.  At the time I never understood why she would do our public service announcements, come to our organizing meetings, help with our outreach, and be a part of all of our business meetings, and our "celebrity spokeswoman", at a time when no celebrity would come near us because we were only viewed as "hookers" back then - not at all as "sex trafficking victims".  

But I failed to notice how every time I'd talk about organizing an outreach to the Asian massage parlors, she'd always steer us in another direction.  Until one day I started getting calls from very high level powerful men who were telling me how they were being blackmailed, coerced, manipulated, etc., by Asian "prostitutes".  If you wonder what I mean by that - google the "Chinese Prostitutes and Glaxco's CEO" and you'll have an idea about the calls I started getting.  From men like Steve Sassa, CEO of Hearst Media, who was being blackmailed while controlling a huge media empire.  

When we then started trying to help Asian sex trafficking victims in "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007 in Las Vegas, this is when I first started butting heads with Joohon David Lee.  In pressing the Office of Professional Responsibility to deal with a man with a Homeland Security  and ICE as well as a sex trafficking task force badge who was using that office to actually transport Asian sex trafficking victims into this country, and prevent us from helping them escape by threatening us with police officers arresting us, media blacklisting us, and even false accusations of "mental incompetence", this started a ball rolling that led to the arrest of Yiang Yaohui - a man who was part of the Chinese government, owned a five star hotel in China, ran about 3000 massage parlors, 900 escort services, and also was pumping a lot of money into Hollywood.  

Notice how I went from being on TV just about every other day until we got involved with "Operation Dollhouse", and the day those 24 women were given right back to the pimps by the Vegas police, that's when we got "blacklisted" by the media.  A documentary we'd been putting together in LA was suddenly dismantled.  Our so called "celebrity spokeswoman" who was going to narrate the documentary, help us plug it, and who also had been head of the Screen Actor's Guild for years - turned out to have been standing so close to us all those years in order to not only steer us away from the Asian sex trafficking operations in this country "as a friend" does, but also was relaying all of our activities back home to the Triad.  I learned that when an FBI agent played a phone call of hers to us relaying information about some Chinese women we'd been trying to help get our from under the Triad connected to Liang Yaohui.  

Richard Gere has shockingly been very open about how his career has been tanked because of the "Chinese influence" in Vanity Fair.  I didn't even myself really see it until not only when I learned the truth about Frances Nuyen myself once we started stepping into the Asian sex trafficking arena to help the victims, but I really saw the hold it had gripped on Hollywood during the show "8 Minutes" that had once been aired on A&E as a so called "reality show" about "domestic sex trafficking".  Only it was so faked, and with scripted actors, that I threatened to file a "defamecast" lawsuit against the show if it wasn't taken off the air.  It must have scared them because 8 hours after I sent that demand letter threatening the suit, the show was not only taken right off the air and the internet entirely, but a whole campaign went into action within the media to throw off the public about why the show had been yanked right down to an hour long "the truth about . . . " why the show had "supposedly" been canceled that aired on CNN - right along with actors so bad people were talking about it on social media (how no one seemed to remember their own stories on the show).  

If you google Harvey Weinstein's name right now - what you'll find interestingly is how China seems to be driving the press right now about the sexual abuse allegations.  Look at just some of the top retrievals for example -

I mean don't you think it's a little bit of the "pot calling the kettle black" after Liang's involvement in sex trafficking this widespread?

Because right now, there are Chinese women in Los Angeles who are having "fake" prostitution convictions put onto their criminal records.  Two to be exact.  The Pasadena LAPD then tell them they will give them a third arrest, and using men like Joohon David Lee (before I helped to get him arrested anyway), they would make sure they would have a THIRD arrest if they didn't engage in the sex industry, and do as they were told, and that they would be deported back to meet men like Liang, who because of the government seat he had - these women would then get the death penalty.  Oh yes, because certain charges back in China do still get the death penalty you know -  Notice that was done only in 2011 by the way - before Liang was arrested.

Think they aren't doing it?  They're doing it over CHICKEN so why not the media images we receive about them.  

Why do you think Harvey was literally set up with that tape that sparked this by a NY operation?  If you were to follow the news clips, you'd see that after I got Joohon arrested - that the sex trafficking moved to Korean women going into NY to get away from our members here helping the victims in Los Angeles/Hollywood.  

I'm not saying Harvey's an "angel", but I do know that a man with Harvey's wealth and power should have kept his private life private.  I'm saying if you look at how NY started this, how the media that's whipping this out there is Chinese based, I know there's more to this story than meets the eye right back even when I knew these Triad people were behind the hacking that went into Sony not long ago.  

These people are pumping literally MILLIONS of dollars into the media, the press, into movies and TV shows right now - all to make sure that all eyes are NOT ON THEM.  Why do you think all we're hearing about right now is "Trump and Russia" while it's China that was the one who (1) hacked into our government personnel files, (2) hacked all of California's medical records, (3) hacked into all of California's IRS records, (4) take a look around and notice the Asian massage parlors now on every corner in major cities now, (5) they're using HOMELAND SECURITY AGENTS to transport sex trafficking victims, (6) they COERCED our government into not naming them the "number one sex trafficking source in the USA", (7) they pumped millions of dollars into Relativity Media who is producing almost every reality show connected to all of the jails, prisons, and treatment centers in the USA (where for years before this we used to stash victims in just these locations - but now Relativity Media's cameras have contracts to go into any room, any facility, any time, with anyone by CONTRACT),, (8) they took over LAPD and again showed they can even get to witnesses within the jail and threaten FBI agents if you google Paul Tanaka (Lee Baca has admitted some of what he did - he did to protect his Chinese born wife while he was Chief of LAPD), who is a Triad while also doing what he did on our police force and the Viking Kings gang (LAPD officers) - so trust me - everything you're hearing the media say is about "Russia" right now is all how the Triad keeps the public's eyes away from what THEY'RE REALLY DOING TO US, because that's how the Chinese operate.  

So what I'm saying is that if you feel you ever need to consult with an "expert witness" who knew before this scandal ever hit that it was going to hit and hit Harvey because of the brave stance he took at trying to point the eyes at China, and the TRUTH about China, well this is just the tip of the iceberg at how I believe he's being targeted by them to try and block that movie and that's what's behind this whole scandal and media frenzy right now.  

We're in a war right now that the Triad wants to make sure we don't even see coming, just like why I believe they killed Bruce Lee before he could talk about "Enter the Dragon" and why he made that movie, and why they've been pumping all this money into Relativity Media - not only to make sure they don't show any of the Asian side of these issues, but also so we don't have anywhere to hide the victims from them anymore.  If you think I'm kidding - watch some of the shows Relativity's been putting out lately about what kind of access they have now to some of the highest security, and most private places in this country, how you won't EVER see them showing anything to do with the Triad or Chinese trafficking and/or organized crime, as well as how much media they're also putting into "legalization" of prostitution ala Sheldon Adelson's money also connected to China.

So much of this scandal is either being "manufactured" just like that "deep fried rat" was against KFC, or blown out of proportion by Chinese connected media, etc. because Harvey was getting "too close to the truth" in his power in Hollywood.  

For example, is anyone even wondering how Fusion GPS is getting a lot of the information for their "dossier's"?  The "press" can't get some of the intelligence they're gathering - and let's put it this way - no one knows more than a man's "mistress" during pillow talk.  It's why the CIA has used madams since my day, and why they murdered Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, when she started to talk about how the CIA was using her and her "escorts" to gather intelligence, as well as "manipulate" powerful men in this country - right down to why she was in Washington, DC, suddenly after having been in LA for most of her early career.  That's because that's where the CIA put her!  

I've watched the Triad as they've dismantled Craigslist, Backpage, Redbook, Hustler, Playboy, The Erotic Review, etc., - why?  To funnel these men into either under Dennis Hof's thumb with the legal brothels, OR into the massage parlors with these Asian women.  If you think I'm kidding - ask yourself why with all of the press exposure Ashton Kutcher has while also talking about how he wants to fight "sex trafficking" - you've never ONCE heard him even speak a WORD about how these massage parlors have now just EXPLODED.  Go on - go drive down a main street and see for yourself how they've spread recently to literally just about every block in major cities.  

I feel for Mr. Weinstein, and I swear I was telling people that "this" was coming when I saw the story about his work on the film "Shanhai".  I knew how much money and power they're putting into controlling media perceptions about them also - and knew this would come against him when I heard he wasn't being intimidated by them.  So yes I think he's being smeared and targeted no different than the Planned Parenthood faked videos, the ACORN fake videos, and even Ray Moore right now also with the fake accusations.  

I can even tell you how you can tell - Bill Cosby's accusers were coming after him for  YEARS.  It wasn't just "all at once" because of some role or project he was doing like how Ray Moore's accusers just suddenly came out of nowhere during his election.  Also, the "faux" accusers RUN when you even speak about "litigation".  If you look at Bill's accusers, many did seek attorneys to help them get back at him.  

But speaking as someone who has become somewhat of an "expert witness" in how the Triad is operating today in the USA, in Hollywood, the media, etc. - I just wanted to let you know I believe he's being smeared and targeted by this "Triad influence" right now in our country.  They did the same thing to Harvey they did to Eliot Spitzer by the way!

If you want to talk to me more about any of this - please call me anytime.  

Jody Williams

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Letter to Charles Bone - attorney for Cyntoia Brown - the 15 year old sex trafficking victim falsely identified as a "criminal".

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From: Jody Williams <>
Date: Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 8:48 AM
"" <>;

Dear Mr. Bone:

Thank you for taking on Cynthia's case.  You have no idea what it meant to me to see this case come to be.  I say that because of who I am and what I've devoted my life to - is to see cases like this one change the way the victims are viewed, treated, etc.

Any "movement" takes time for people to "catch up" to evolving information.  For example, prior to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bill Wilson, there was no concept of "alcoholism" let alone "treatment" or "drug courts".  Our country treated the alcoholic by outlawing alcohol, i.e., Prohibition.  In many ways, the concept of "prostitution" is treated today like alcoholism was back then.  

Only we didn't know it was a "disease" because of the high mortality rate for one thing.  Because prior to AA's founding, alcoholism was a 100 percent "fatal" condition.  The sufferer either died from being involved in "crime", i.e., "bootlegging".  Or they were viewed as a "criminal" and locked up in jail.  The mental health community viewed the behavior as "insane" and locked up the sufferers in asylums.   The church viewed it as "demonic possession" and/or a lack of "moral fiber" and used to go around getting sufferers to sign "pledges".  

It wasn't until a woman got sober in AA named Marty Mann.  She created the Council for Alcoholism and out of that came the research which not only proved it was a disease, but she got the science behind it to have our health insurance now pay for "treatment", and our courts to have now set up special DUI courts where the sufferer can get "treatment" rather than "incarceration".  

As you can tell by my email, I'm a paralegal for my "day job".  I became a paralegal because of how I was witnessing domestic sex trafficking going on in this country - and the victims being treated as "criminals" or "sluts".  The victims couldn't call the police for help without being locked up themselves, and also frankly no lawyer would defend them because of how it was "bad for their reputation".  Prosecutors wouldn't even listen to the victim's stories of how they were forced into what they were arrested as doing - anymore than at one point we had a "battered womans' defense" for murder either until more and more of these cases came forward.

This whole movement in my opinion started because of the Hillside Strangler.  Before these cousins became serial killers, they were pimps in a sense.  They used to kidnap, rape, torture, etc., just "normal" school girls.  Then they would lock them in a hotel room handcuffed to a bed and start bringing in the "johns".  Once the "streets" identified this woman as a "prostitute" - they'd let her go.  They did this knowing that now she's been "branded as a prostitute" her word meant nothing at all to anyone - especially law enforcement.

I know this because one of those victims was a friend of mine.  I knew she'd gone on a "call" and wasn't coming out in time.  I went looking for her and luckily I was able to get her out of the house and to the ER to stitch up the 52 stab wounds.  Only the doctors wouldn't touch her until I threatened them with a lawsuit because of not only their fear of HIV/AIDS, but also because she was "just a whore".

Once she was stitched up, we took her to the Chief of Police.  Only he threw us literally out of his office despite us knowing these mens' names, address, where the shop was, what they looked like, etc.   When I demanded to know "why" - he told me "because I can't get a search warrant on the word of a whore".  When I demanded he explain that statement, which to me was like saying you "can't rape a whore" (which if you think about it one used to not be able to charge a husband with rape), he explained that when it came time to testify in the trial - that the "word of a prostitute" was essentially the same as taking the word of a drug dealer, thief, or even murderer because "prostitutes" were "criminals" in the eyes of our legal system and culture.  

Which was the case because I would see constantly the police raid actual sex trafficking operations, and they used to arrest the victims as criminals right along with the traffickers.  Now we had laws on the books against "pimps", but nothing for "sex traffickers".  What was the difference?  It came to a head with Linda Lovelace's case.  She had been forced to film "Deep Throat" with her husband pointing a gun at her while the crew watched on a mob financed film.

The Meese Commission was studying the porn industry then and we tried to explain how the mob was controlling certain parts of the sex industry, but this was like trying to explain the "mob" before the RICO Act was passed.  Because there was a time when some people thought the "mob" was an "urban myth" also.  Which is why all he could do was charge everyone but Linda with "obscenity" because of the lack of laws addressing "organized sex trafficking" vs. the concept of a "pimp".  This wasn't just her husband making money off her - the mob made MILLIONS off that film!  But of course the charge of "obscenity" didn't hold and we scratched our heads wondering "now what"?

Being tired of not being able to call the police to help the victims I was coming across needing help to escape, and being tired that even the homeless shelters, the domestic violence shelters, drug treatment programs, etc., would refuse to admit them because they were not only "criminals" but also because of the fear of "HIV/AIDS", and the idea that these women "wanted it", I took a warehouse and created the first "safe house" for adults.  

But this was during Iran Contra, and the "bad guys" didn't like the idea of me stashing victims where they were safe - so in 1984 I was framed to be arrested on ironically a "pimping" charge.  Actually that was the year every single "high level madam" was also arrested.  Why?  Because we were asked to engage in the sale of women without families to seal various oil and cocaine deals being organized by our CIA during "Iran Contra".  We all refused.  

So we were all arrested, our property and money taken from us, our faces smeared all over the media so we couldn't "get a job" anywhere else, and then we were asked again if we would "cooperate".  It's now well known Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam became an "informant" then.  As did every other madam back then because before the internet, we were the "google" of the underworld.  We were the ones who put pounds of cocaine into the purses of our escorts to take to those Hollywood sets where the drugs and prostitutes were written into the budget of movies.  The madams who "cooperated" with the CIA back then - they had movies made which not only "glamorized" them, but also hid the WHOLE STORY.  

If you look at my clips at - you'll see I took a different route.  I refused to work with them or have them make a movie which was basically a "marketing video" for the sex industry and cocaine as the others' movies were.  Instead, I LIED MY WAY ONTO TALK SHOW SETS - and then once I'd get onto live TV - I'd blurt out the TRUTH.  Because we didn't have the internet back then - I was able to get on a lot of TV shows, news shows, even documentaries where I started getting the TRUTH out about what domestic modern sex trafficking was - and the fact these women were "victims".  

We got a huge break with Geraldo Rivera actually.  His producer came to me and said "can you bring me more survivors you've rescued?"  I was more than happy to do so.  Geraldo gave us four hour shows actually where we really started seeping into American consciousness that these were "victims" who needed to be helped and not refused help by such things as the Office for Victim Services for example.  Because back then if you were a secretary who was raped, tortured, beaten, etc., - you'd get provided help, housing, treatment, etc.  But if you were a "prostitute" by their definitions - then you'd get nothing.  

Because to get away from a trafficker and/or pimp would often require getting divorced, fighting for child custody, being stalked, assaulted, raped, etc., while at the same time no attorney would defend us for any amount of money because of the "stigma", as well as the way the legal system used to attack them if they tried to help us, this is why I started becoming a paralegal.  I also did this because I needed to know how to go about getting this very issue "federal recognition".  

I studied the civil rights movements in our history, as well as the feminist movements, and I then embarked on the plan.  We launched the hotline not only to provide help to callers, but also to gather numbers and case histories.  You have to realize we founded our hotline in 1987 - years before the National Trafficking Hotline was founded, and how they LIMIT their calls to people who "self identify as victims".  Only in our experience, most real victims don't self-identify as "victims".  We found most "victims of sex trafficking" feel they're "prostitutes" often for years into their recovery.  

In fact, if you ask Polaris how many people have actually called their hotline for TEN YEARS saying "I'm a sex trafficking victim" you'd find out it was ZERO.  That's why we always did our outreach as saying "if you want help to get out of the sex industry for any reason - call us for help".  We also had to do this because if you look at cases like the Chris Butler case, Joohon David Lee case, or the Celeste Guap case to name but just a few - most of the time when you're dealing with "organized sex trafficking" vs. the "pimp" - then the operation involves most local law enforcement which those cases illustrate well why a victim can't call the local authorities for help - and why we'd advertise to "call us" and that we "weren't connected with law enforcement" so they would feel safe contacting us for help.  

Over the years, I've now answered over 500,000 phone calls on our hotline.  I've also invested over $400,000 of my own money (because remember - if this concept didn't exist and there was no federal funding prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000 - I can assure you people didn't even think of "donating" money to "help us" because the attitude was like "why would I give money to a prostitute" - and I did this because I wanted to see the day when women/girls like Cyntoia Brown would be recognized for what she is - which isn't a "prostitute" or even a "junkie" - but in fact a young girl who was "groomed" and "brainwashed" into thinking she was a "prostitute" while in reality she was a "sex trafficking victim".  

This was such a novel concept even back when I started our program/hotline/movement - it's why the FBI actually came to me in 1995 saying they "needed an expert witness to explain how pimps brainwash their victims into thinking they aren't even "victims" and I became actually the first person ever certified as an "expert witness" to do just that - explain how this all worked for the benefit of the judge and a jury who didn't understand how these women "professing their love for their man" were in reality being "victimized".  Not at all unlike how citizens of Germany were convinced they were "showing support for fatherland Germany" when in fact they were being brainwashed also in the same methods in most cases to actually be organizing genocide.  

Since that first case, I've seen a lot of cases that should have been handled differently completely botched by the fact the lawyers handing the case didn't have the insight I heard you express tonight on TV - which is that yes this poor girl is in fact a "victim" who might not even realize that herself for some years until her brain matures more.  Because I also learned a lot about our special "brand" of PTSD - which does show that we do "emotionally retard" at the age at which our minds, bodies, and lives were literally taken over by these traffickers and pimps.  Who would not only treat us like children, but would even tell us what and when to eat, got to the bathroom, how to use our bodies, etc. 

Once we got federal recognition for modern domestic sex trafficking so that victims could be treated like victims, I didn't realize how that would create a "rush for the cash" by programs trying to all grab a piece of the pie.  I didn't even think about it because for years those of us who did this work did so without any money because there just wasn't any.  So of course the "fakes" like Samoly Mam who was lying about being a survivor in order to raise millions for herself - well the voices of us "real survivors" got lost in all of this political, financial and even the sexual agenda's (think about it - even the Salvation Army won't help male, transgender or LGBT victims - they want to act like they don't even exist), as well as people like Chris Butler and Joohon David Lee as well as Celeste Guap's traffickers - they don't want anyone hearing from "us" because they're too busy covering up their own dirty hands to want anyone like us around disbursing truth about their actions - so it means that men like yourself don't even know the history of this movement, nor how we can be an excellent resource of not only providing you with assistance with expert witnesses in Ms. Brown's case - but also because we want to reach out to her through you of course.  

Now we do realize that for juvenile victims - it is different than for adults.  Which is why for juveniles - we don't connect them to - but instead Sexual Exploitation Anonymous so they can connect to others like themselves and find support.  Unlike many other programs, we aren't "religious" nor "judgmental".  We don't "shame" them in other words for doing what they felt was what they had to do back then to survive.  Which for us it was "survival" and not "destruction" - another concept that often requires help from an expert witness to explain to a court/jury/judge.  

So please, let her know about our program and I'd love to send her a Recovery Guide, and invite her to listen to some of our members at - and also I'd like to offer our help with her case in any way I can.  We provided a lot of help on other cases I can show you info on where we made the difference in those cases legally - and I can also show you cases where we weren't brought in to help and they were total disasters (like that case in Philly for example with the father-son pimp duo and the women professing they "loved him" outrageously from the witness stand.   In that case, the prosecutor lost against the pimps because they didn't bring in someone to explain that those three women were either pregnant, or had children, by those pimps and with child visitation laws the way they are - they weren't going to bash those men at all knowing they had to deal with them for the next 18 plus years, even if they did get convicted.  So not wanting to gather their wrath - of course they praised these guys despite the obvious bad treatment - because they would be seeing them because of the children for those 18 plus years.  

Which is also why we need to work on changing the child custody laws for sex trafficking victims!  But first things first - to see that she's now being even treated like a "victim" is just so heart warming to me to  know that all the work we did for all those years, the money, the jobs I sacrificed, etc. was "worth it" because we're on the right track now.  Your case is going to be one in a growing chain that's going to truly turn things around for victims like us!  

So thank you for taking this on and helping us "change history" and our country in fact with this case.  If I can be of any help - please don't hesitate to reach out to me at (702) 488-1127.  Thanks!

Jody Williams

Friday, November 17, 2017


Dear Al:

My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's I was witnessing not only Iran Contra, which as you know was our own CIA importing cocaine into this country to raise "off the books" cash to buy guns for the Contra's, but also what didn't have even a name for it back then which has since been coined as "sex trafficking". 

To my shock, I found out this wasn't even illegal.  Watch the unedited opening sequence of "Enter the Dragon" where Bruce Lee in 1973 was trying to convey to the world what was true - that is that it was not illegal to lure women into planes out of the country, get them hooked on drugs, and then sell them to the highest bidder.  To wit I saw our CIA selling women for not only cocaine/drug deals, but also to seal oil deals connected to the Bush family members.  I saw it with my own eyes - and because we as "prostitutes" were dubbed "criminals" we couldn't go to the police for help nor to even report what we were seeing.

The Rampart lawsuit was only the tip of the iceberg in that the police were being used as the "pit bulls" for this operation back then, so we not only couldn't go to the police for help - but we were running from them actually.  In order that children weren't going to get accidentally shot in a residential area, I took a warehouse in 1984 and created what I later learned was the first adult safe house for these victims.

Of course, these men weren't happy I was hiding women safely in this warehouse, so I was framed and arrested for "pimping" in 1984 to shut down the safe house.  To explain why we had all this high tech security equipment, I was held on a $50,000 bail while the prosecutor/police told the media I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam".  Only if you google this - you'll find EVERY SINGLE HIGH LEVEL MADAM was arrested in 1984.

Why?  Good question - because we were refusing to "sell" women to these CIA men for these drug/oil deals that's why.  So we were arrested, everything we owned taken, threatened with our family members being arrested, our faces plastered all over the media as "criminals" and then asked if we were going to be more "cooperative".  As it came out in the news, Alex was one became an informant for the rest of her life (Alex is the Beverly Hills Madam who mentored Heidi Fleiss). 

I however wanted to see things change.  So in 1987, I founded the first hotline in this country (yes years before Polaris created the National Trafficking Hotline) for sex trafficking victims to call for help, as well as anyone who wanted to simply get help to leave the sex industry for whatever reason.  I then embarked upon a major media campaign to raise awareness about modern domestic sex trafficking you can see some of on 

This resulted in the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed giving us federal recognition for the first time in history.  Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous which led to the evolution of alcoholism being understood as a "disease" and not a "vice".  I was the Bill Wilson of the sex trafficking movement by creating the hotline, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous), and the movement that led to this Act being passed.

Only to see Randall Tobias and George W. Bush come in and pass the TVRA of 2003 - which gave all that money we created for victims to "faith based programs".  Randall became known as the man who wrote the "anti-prostitution clause" into financial aid.  Which is frankly why Polaris creating the National Trafficking Hotline in 2003 in fact. 

Why?  Because the government wanted to create a "sex trafficking victim hotline" that REFUSED HELP TO SEX WORKERS UNLIKE OUR HOTLINE - that's why.  You see we didn't take any "moral" stance on the sex industry being a 12 step program.  But our government had to - so in order to launch the government's "hot line" for sex trafficking victims - they of course had to EXCLUDE SEX WORKERS from  that hotline.  Kind of like trying to separate out someone who has the disease of alcoholism from someone who maybe abuses alcohol from treatment - which is why it isn't working really.  Because you can't exclude sex workers from trying to help sex trafficking victims anymore than you could try and target human trafficking victims that are maids at hotels while trying to block out aid to any hotel workers.  it was, and is, frankly ridiculous to be honest. 

But you see as we were raising awareness about what REAL MODERN DOMESTIC sex trafficking really is - the light was shining too brightly on those CIA men who were doing things like flooding drugs into our country, fueling gang violence, and selling American women to wealthy oil men and Columbian drug lords.  Which then takes the focus off the African American community - which was really the very backbone of what Iran Contra was about - taking the eyes off the white CIA men and putting it all on the AFrican American "gang bangers" to blame them for the drug epidemic.  Which was the formula they followed when they started "raising awareness" about sex trafficking without real victims' voices, i.e., when they had to start creating "fake victims" like Samoly Mam.  Who was a "manufactured victim" who while she was hogging the microphone - the voices of REAL victims was being silenced.

Look Al, I'm not saying you didn't upset some women with your "sexual harassment" and your upcoming "testimony at Congress" and the "ethics committee" - but frankly I find the focus on you making gestures at someone's boobs at a USO event MORE OFFENSIVE in itself because of who America's eyes will be on instead of who they should be on.  I mean on YOU?

Where's the hearings into what happened with Jeane Palfrey's murder (the DC Madam)?  In 1984, none of us madams had any proof about what our politicians were doing to us back then.  So we had to take the media portrayals of us just like the African American community had to take their portrayals that weren't true - and shut up.  But Jeane was the first one of us who had RECORDS.  She had cell phone records, bank receipts, tape recordings, etc.

NOT OF HER CLIENTS - but of how our government was using her just like they'd been using us for our government's political and financial agendas.  In essence, they were forcing Jeane, and women like Brandy Britton, to be in the industry because of their agenda.  And Jeane had proof.  That's why when she decided to quit the industry and flee the country - she was arrested at the airport.  They slapped her with the madam charge to try and silence her.  To not be silenced, she refused the plea bargain thinking it would come out as public record.  Only because of who the men were she was talking about - it was silenced. 

So she tried to release the "Black Book".  The goal was to get her book and movie out so WE FINALLY could tell the truth about what our government was doing to it's own women and children.  Because where was Jeane to go for help when Brandy Britton was murdered to silence her and when she was being forced to send out women on "calls" where she was being pumped for information, or sending out the information they wanted her to?  She was still someone our country was calling "criminal" as a madam because again the voices of REAL SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN AMERICA WERE BEING SILENCED. 

Only ABC LIED about the names in the book - which is why we thank God we had the foresight to give a copy of the book to the Smoking Gun.  They released names like David Vitter and Randall Tobias.  You see there was a deeper reason why Randall was making sure that no one identified as "prostitute" was able to get any type of "aid" or services - because we have to be silenced and not heard. 

When Jeane was going to get that million dollars award from Larry Flynt, and we were going to set up a movie production company to "get the truth out there" - she was murdered the day before she had a press conferenced scheduled where she was going to reveal not only more names - but also more about how she herself was being "forced", i.e., "trafficked". 

Her body wasn't cold when the media was calling it a "suicide".  You want to know where I think there needs to be an ethics hearing?  Into the men that were a part of the machine that led to not only Jeane Palfrey's murder, but also Brandy Britton and even Sylvia Landry - all three women connected to David Vitter who were all three found "hung" to silence their voices.  Yet these men continue to sit at high political offices by the way. 

In fact, the House Ethics Commission has declared that politicians can be "gifted" prostitutes (without specifying legal or illegal) and it's all perfectly fine!  But we're not holding hearings about this are we?  Or about who these women are that can be "gifted" like cars or things! 

They're complaining about you?  What about the NINE women that said James Deen raped them on the set of an adult movie?  What about the one woman who was told by the producers of the AVN that if she didn't present an award a month later on the same podium/stage with James she would be sued by them for "breach of contract"?  Or one of those women who was found dead of a drug overdose?  Or the woman who was raped anally on the set while the crew applauded at the blood spewing out?  I'm sorry - but I don't feel Tweeden speaking on major media every two seconds and flashing a photo of you "gesturing" towards her boobs should be getting more attention and more outrage and more investigation THAN WHAT HAPPENED TO JEANE, JAMES DEEN'S VICTIMS, CELESTE GUAP OR EVEN ELIOT SPITZER. 

How about we put the police officers who were pimping out and raping the juvenile Celeste Guap for years?  How about the fact that THREE police chiefs in a row were found to have to be replaced and step down before the mayor just left the position open in the Celeste Guap case.  Why is everyone screaming about your "groping" a woman while the MULTIPLE officers who RAPED AND TRAFFICKED CELESTE GUAP, and most likely others, is in the middle of a trial right now I don't hear ANYONE TALKING ABOUT!

Why isn't Eliot Spitzer joining you?  This man was ignored completely when it came out he was the NY prosecutor while frequenting escort services.  Only while he was the prosecutor - tell me if those escorts and even madams were able to go to the authorities about what crimes might be being done towards them?  With Eliot having to cover up his dirty laundry - they were fair game for crime, rape, etc.  Mind you he wasn't "caught".  He wasn't "arrested".  He didn't "confess".  We only found out about it because an agent "leaked the surveillance tape" to let us know as a country what he did.  What happened?  Did we arrest him?  Not only did we NOT ARREST HIM - BUT HE STARTED WRITING SEX TRAFFICKING LAWS AND LAWS CRIMINALIZING BUYERS?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  That's about as bad as when we saw Pablo Escobar writing laws about extradition in Mexico!

So what happened to dear Eliot?  Did he "change his ways"?  Oh no - another Russian escort was in such fear of her life from him that she was trying to leave the country to get away from his reach.  Only he cornered her in a NY hotel room and ASSAULTED HER.  Did he get arrested?  No - SHE DID.  He claimed she was "blackmailing him" and SHE WAS ARRESTED. 


What about John McCain?  He and his wife barged into the sex trafficking field shouting there was "no such thing" as a "juvenile prostitute" begging our criminal justice system to "stop arresting these victims".  A campaign complete with the "fake catfish juvenile victim" as well as a structure set up to launder oil money donations through the campaign. 

Only where were the REAL SURVIVORS OF JUVENILE SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS "NO SUCH THING" CAMPAIGN?  They weren't the ones saying to "not arrest us".  You know why?  Because it was bullshit - it was a clever way of "marketing" the idea of NOT PROSECUTING THE PIMPS AND NOT PROSECUTING THE JOHNS.  Because the real story is that for every juvenile arrested for prostitution - there is an investigation into the "buyer" as well as who is "selling" them.  If they aren't arrested - then no prosecution into these predators is created then is there? 

You want something to be investigated about "sexual abuse" in this country - I don't think it's a few women you groped while a stand up comedian.  What should be investigated is that BILLIONS of dollars have supposedly been raised to provide programs and services to "sex trafficking victims" that EXCLUDE PROSTITUTES for one thing.  Kind of like saying we'll only help sober alcoholics get sober - it's insane for one thing.  Especially when the very nature of being a trafficking victim is that you're BRAINWASHED INTO NOT KNOWING YOU'RE A VICTIM for one thing. 

For another - where is all this money gone?  I've seen BILLIONS being raised for "sex trafficking victims" yet when I answer our hotline as I do every night since 1987, and I get a victim calling me just about every Friday night like they do asking for help - NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE at these programs.  They're either out "at a fund raiser" or just not answering.  I can show you how EVERY SINGLE TASK FORCE HAS NOW BEEN EXPOSED AS PROMOTING SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS COUNTRY for one thing. 

But where's the money?  In the 80's we flooded the country with cocaine to raise cash.  Welcome to Iran Contra 2.0 where the money was raised at "fund raisers" with "fake catfish victims" and "straw programs" that don't exist for victims.  I know because whenever I try and get a victim placed in one of these programs, or get them some help, or access any of these services - they aren't there!  And then everyone makes sure to keep me muzzled so no one knows this fact either.  Only where then did the money go?  Los Angeles alone was supposedly putting $7 million dollars aside for housing for sex trafficking victims - and I can't get a victim a hotel for one night so where's the money? 

Harry Reid once proposed that we needed to get politicians caught frequenting prostitutes to step down out of office because of the proximity it put them to corruption and crime - and I saw that man drummed right out of politics in response.  Yet I see men like Chris Butler and Joohon David Lee caught sex trafficking while in protected government jobs - and not only are they not thrown in jail for sex trafficking, but they get to retire on their pensions after being caught as traffickers?  And the media wants to investigate YOU?

No wonder our politicians are mixed up about what's "appropriate sexual behavior" in this country because I'm confused as shit right now seeing the media pouncing on YOU  as the "bad guy" for some jokes and groping while I'm seeing women being flown over into this country and trafficked by a Homeland Security, ICE and human trafficking agent on plane tickets bought with taxpayer money - and I'm not seeing ANYONE talk about what these men did to women - and I got to tell you I'm completely mixed up right now as to what's "appropriate" considering all these mixed messages I'm seeing right now. 

I mean why is the woman you groped getting sooooo much more air and media time for her outrage while the victims of men like James Deen are told they have to "stand on a stage and smile at the camera or they're be sued"? 

Better yet - can you explain to me why YOU'RE the one being investigated and questioned in front of our country but SNOOP DOGG ISN'T?  The man CONFESSED TO TRAFFICKING WOMEN ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY IN 2003 AND I DOUBT HE CHECKED THEIR ID WHEN THEY WERE ON THAT RV - and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING GRILLED OVER THE COALS?

Charlie Sheen deliberately infects women with HIV/AIDS  and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING DEMONIZED?

If you have any idea how to explain that to the ethics commission - please explain it to me.  Thanks - Jody Williams (702) 488-1127


Thursday, November 16, 2017


What did we tell you when this came down?  ANY TIME WE'RE SHUT OUT - THEY'RE UP TO SOMETHING!


How many more of these FRAUDS  have to come down the pike before you people figure that out?


During the presidential election I saw Ted Cruz slammed with the accusation his name was in "Jeane Palfrey's infamous Black Book".

I know the names in her Black Book.  I know the names she was going to reveal the day after she was found dead before she could release those names.  Ted Cruz was never mentioned to me once by her in the almost daily conversations her and I had for two years before her death which was murder in my opinion to silence her about who WAS TRULY in her book.

Roy Moore?  This is AMERICA.


He's "too creepy to be allowed in a mall"?  Sorry - not found guilty in a court of law.

I've heard "we think it has the ring of truth" - sorry - not found guilty in a court of law.

I've heard "we've kicked it around and we believe the women".  Sorry - I've seen women lie about a lot of things including sexual harassment and even rape as well as sex trafficking. 

Has anyone forgot Samoly Mam?  She not only claimed to be a victim of sex trafficking but supposedly her daughter was "kidnapped and beheaded by them" - and she was found to be a FRAUD.

I read once that Sheldon Adelson spent $100 million dollars to try and get Obama not elected.  Am I supposed to believe someone might not spend some money to get Roy Moore bumped off the election? 

Did anyone see that fake Planned Parenthood video or the fake ACORN video?

Roy Moore is "innocent until found guilty in a court of law". 


Wednesday, November 15, 2017


So far, in every location where I'm seeing someone complain about "sexual harassment" - I see it's the same environment, office, location, system, etc. where the men view sex work as an "acceptable" behavior.

After being around this sort of thing, sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and the sex industry ever since I was 8 years old and I'm now 57 years old - what I see over and over again is that men who are going to strip clubs for happy hour, meeting other business associates at strip clubs and/or massage parlors, having weekend parties where prostitutes are purchased (legal or illegal) - that these men soon lose that "dividing line" between women at work and "unacceptable" behavior.

They're going into strip clubs, massage parlors, purchasing porn, leasing escorts and "sugar babies" that are dressing identical to the women at their place of employment - and these men soon are losing the boundary lines.  I can assure you that the man who is stacking up porn, renting prostitutes, hanging out at strip clubs - is a man who is going to be sexually harassing someone at work.



Rape is about power.   It's not about sex.

Prostitution is about power.   It's not about sex.

Sexual harassment is about power.  It's not about sex.

If you think I"m wrong - tell me what man sexually harasses a woman he feels is his boss, or his landlord, or someone who is in a position of power over his life?

And yes if the man thinks it's "okay" to break the law and buy a prostitute illegally - then he opens himself up for other breaches of the law.

Look at Elliot Spitzer as one prime example.  Everyone let him slide when it came out he was purchasing escorts while he was the prosecutor for New York.  Let me ask you this - what prostitute, madam, stripper, who was in that circle of people he was purchasing or buying women from - knew they could go to him and report a crime they were being victim of and know he would prosecute the case?

He wouldn't because he knew it would expose him to exposure.

Everyone let it go - and what was next?

He was then caught trying to forcibly stop another escort from leaving him to the point where she was having to leave the country in order to try and get to safety from his reach and control  and EVEN THAT DIDN'T WORK.  He STILL prevented her from leaving the country, and cornered her in a hotel room where she's lucky he didn't do more than what he did to her physically.  Do we know what he threatened her with?  No we won't know because of the reach of his friends in politics, law enforcement and the press.

Let me tell you what predators SHARE - THAT IS POWER.  They put themselves into a position where their victims  DON'T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST THEM IF THEY OPEN THEIR MOUTHS. 

We've lost the free press.  The ONLY REASON WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW IS PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO USE SEXUAL PREDATORY BEHAVIOR AGAINST TRUMP.  If not for that - we wouldn't be having this conversation now because WE DIDN'T.


I'm hearing about "interns" and "actresses" but I have YET to hear about what's going on with the treatment of women in the sex industry itself.


How about the OUTRAGE that Charlie Sheen offered up $25,000 supposedly to have his ex-girlfriend whacked because he was trying to keep secret that he had HIV/AIDS he caught from prostitutes?  Or the transgender prostitute that supposedly was the one who gave it to him is dead and we still don't know why?  What about the women who had slept with Charlie WHILE HE KNEW HE WAS POSITIVE who has exposed them to AIDS?  Where's THEIR OUTRAGE?

But oh Harvey Weinstein "asked to see my tits" and everyone's in an outrage!

One of those 9 women who say they were raped by James Deen while he was head of the Adult Protection Association has now died of an overdose.  Whether brought on by depression, or outright murder or suicide - we won't know because NO ONE WAS LISTENING TO HER.

Another one of those 9 women said that after being raped by James she was told that if she didn't "stand next to him and present awards" on the AVN stage SHE would be charged with "breach of contract"!  Are you kidding me?

If Rose McGowen was told that she would be charged with "breach of contract" if she didn't present Harvey Weinstein with an award at the Oscars - tell me - would there be more of a discussion about this than we gave that woman?

If I"m wrong about this "double standard" then tell me why I've heard more about what Harvey Weinstein did than I have about the woman who says she was anally raped by James Deen on a set, while it was filmed and the all male crew APPLAUDED him while she was bleeding and rushed to the bathroom to try and clean up the blood pouring from her anus?

I'm hearing outrage about the "silence fund" at Congress - but yet I haven't heard a ripple when the House on Ethics found that it was "okay" for politicians to accept prostitutes as "gifts" without having to report this to anyone, and with no distinction being made as to whether or not that prostitute was a "legal" one or an "illegal" one.

So let me get this straight - it's been voted and decided upon by the Ethics Commission that lobbyists can GIVE A PROSTITUTE to a politician legally and without having to report this to anyone because it "doesn't have a cash value", but I"m hearing outrage in the media about the "victim slush fund" when these men cross the line and get "inappropriate" with "good girls"?  I mean aren't we sending these men "mixed messages" when this is said it's "ok" but that's "not okay"?  You want to talk about "retraining Congress"?  Okay how about including women AND MEN from ANY PROFESSION?

I understand the demand for the predators' names in Congress for this fund - but I also know releasing them means exposing the victims.

How about we release the names of politicians who have been gifted prostitutes by lobbyists - and we investigate whether all of those prostitutes were (1) legal, and (2) not being coerced by someone into performing that service?

Think it's not a "big deal"?  Think it's all "voluntary"?  Jeane Palfrey would beg to differ with that belief.  She talked to me for the last couple of years of her life about how she was "coerced" by the CIA and FBI into providing prostitutes to top politicians and wealthy corporate movers and shakers so that they could be pumped for information, and also "persuade" these men for big business and political deals.

How when she tried to quit the business and leave the country to retire in Germany = that's when she was stopped at the airport and arrested.

We all know what happened before she could get the rest of her "Black Book" released - and you in the press want "names" from this "silence fund"?

How come I'm not seeing this same outrage about the rest of the names in her "Black Book" not only was she murdered to keep quiet in my opinion and belief, but also most likely Brandy Britton was also murdered to keep a lid on what she knew also.

Where's your demand for those names?  Huh David Vitter or Randall Tobias?