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Friday, July 6, 2018


5516 Boulder Highway, #2F378
Las Vegas, NV 89122
(702) 488-1127 Cell

July 5, 2018


Mark Zuckerberg c/o
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Re:       Sex Workers Anonymous Hotline

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

I understand you claim to be supportive of the anti-sex trafficking movement publicly.  One tends to think you’re supportive after reading the news about your large donation to Polaris’ for the National Trafficking Hotline.  Especially after your recent ad campaign, and senate testimony, about “not manipulating people” anymore on your Facebook. 

A hotline which our organization, and related hotline, is listed with National Trafficking Hotline as an official resource for victims to call for help when they want to not only speak to another survivor, but want help to leave the sex industry when they are not being trafficked. 

Since we are older than Polaris is, (we opened in 1987 and they did in 2002), and we’ve now taken five times more calls than they have, they must trust us to provide referrals to us which if you check with Meghan, their hotline director, you’ll find she’s even personally referred some callers to our hotline in the past who they weren’t equipped to help.  Her words – not mine.

We’d not taken one penny from you for what we do, nor have you offered.  I’m not writing you to chastise you about not supporting us, a group who created the anti-sex trafficking movement in the first place, and who have been around longer, and taken more calls, than the hotline you have supported financially.  Making it appear you have a problem of some kind with survivor led groups at it’s face.  But I’m not asking for you to support our work.

However, when you actively block our work – well that’s a horse of another color.  Especially when there are countless whistle blowers who have been coming forward talking about your organization’s “use” of prostitutes when trying to smear people you’re wanting to discredit, or even possibly trafficking them yourself.  I say that because if Facebook security agents can “send around some prostitutes to cause a scandal” like the tapes I’ve seen on the news suggest – that suggests to me you’re somehow in control of these women because that’s not what most prostitutes are paid to do.  It’s certainly not good for their business to be threatening clients with scandal.  If anything, they’re usually paid for their silence as we’ve seen with the Stormy Daniel’s recent scandal with Donald Trump.

Which even her case brings to the forefront the whole concept of free speech doesn’t it?  Since most media is run by sexual predators as the “me too” movement has been revealing, we don’t get the same amount of public service announcements anymore like we used to in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 came to pass and these predators started buying up all the media – and in that course of action blocking our PSA’s from airing.  We certainly don’t have any money for advertising the hotline.  Now that sites like Backpage are being shut down, the sources of our referrals from within the industry have certainly shrunk to almost zero.

Leaving our main source of how we do outreach so that anyone who wants help to leave the sex industry in any form, or even to get help when being trafficked and/or pimped but they can’t go to the police because they might be involved like the Chris Butler or Celeste Guap case so well illustrate – is my social media.  My blog over the years averages us at least one call a day in fact from someone saying “I read your blog, found out about your hotline, and I’m now calling for help.”  So I’ve been using my blog not only as a form of outreach, but also for our members to express opinions anonymously as well. 

I’m sure your records will also show that I have a Facebook page up in every state we have a chapter, as well as even for our Canada group.  That’s how we maintain contact with our local members.  How we “did” anyway.  I’m sure your records will also reveal that we had to start telling our local members in those states to not use those pages unless they “anonymized” them in some fashion.  Why?  Because we started having members maintaining those local Facebook pages tell us that once they started posting on the Facebook page, they started being “cyberstalked”, harassed and even threatened. 

During 2015 when the Russians were online trying to affect the election, the “cyberstalking” on Facebook got so bad I had to tell every single member to disconnect from the Facebook pages entirely, even if “anonymized” because of the way they started having their IP addresses followed, and then strange things started happening like their employers started being contacted, their family members started receiving threats, and even personal family photos started being leaked online and the fact they used to be in sex work “outted” even on Facebook.  I even had to go off Facebook myself for a while because I started not only being stalked myself online, but actually started receiving death threats.  Threats you did nothing about by the way – even when I reported them directly to you. 

But through it all, potential members have been finding us through my blog.  My opinions, whatever they are to you, resonate with someone who is online looking for resources to help them get out of the sex industry, and wanting to reach out to someone who has “been there” for that help. 

Help they can’t find it my blog is being blocked.  Now when I launched the boycott I was calling for against Snoop Dogg when Disney was premiering “Turbo” because it was featuring a pimp in a “kid friendly” cartoon character (not a good way to warn juveniles to stay away from pimps), and you shut down all of my pages for two weeks for no reason until after the premiere was over – I didn’t jump to the conclusion you did that deliberately.

I certainly had no proof.  But a short time ago, I started noticing a sharp drop in the calls we were getting on the hotline.  What shocked me was that calls had shot up considerably after the Backpage confiscation, and the passing of SESTA/FOSTA.  I mean when those things went down, my phone was ringing off the hook 24/7  - for a while.  Then suddenly, very suddenly, the calls just stopped. 

Wondering what might be causing this sharp decline, I went online tonight to find the source of the problem.  To my surprise, I found the attached blog stating that “Facebook has blocked this blog” REFERRING TO ME.  Not only to me, but this block was coming off Twitter as well where I again was generating numerous daily calls from people wanting help to exit the sex industry prompted by the passing of SESTA/FOSTA and Backpage shutting down.

Those two things were a BOON to our calls!  I can show you phone records where I was receiving literally over 100 calls a day, 7 days a week from men, women and transgenders saying they “didn’t want to work the streets” and they “wanted help to exit the sex industry” or “get away from a pimp” when those two events went down.  So you can imagine why it aroused my curiosity when those calls just suddenly stopped.  THEY STOPPED THE DAY YOU BLOCKED MY BLOG MR. ZUCKERBERG.

Now I find out it was because YOU WERE BLOCKING ME?  Just so you know, my “day job” for the last 30 years has been that of a paralegal.  I’m such a good paralegal I have attorneys coming to me to draft their complaints, motions and appeals.  I’m so good of a paralegal I know that what you did violates not only my right of free speech, but you’re also creating “tortious economic interference”.  Interference that one might say you even have a “vested interest” in people not finding our organization for fear of what they might say they’ve suffered at the hands of Facebook.  For all I know, this has something to do with your company’s use of allowing strip clubs, pornographic producers, massage parlors, and even escort services to be easily found on Facebook.  I’ll leave it up to the Attorney General if it borders on actual trafficking activity.

But that’s a false fear Mr. Zuckerberg, because I don’t advise people to sue their pimps/abusers.  I don’t advise anything.  Our hotline is set up only to take calls from those who for whatever reason don’t want to call the Trafficking Hotline or want to speak to a survivor.  Our 12 step program is no different than Alcoholics Anonymous.  We do not “engage in public controversy” so it’s not our place to get involved in who our members decide to blow whistles on or file charges against. 

However, when you actively block MY PERSONAL BLOG and I can trace that block directly back to you, and for no legitimate reason other than you don’t like what I wrote on my personal blog, a blog I use for outreach purposes to save lives – then you and I have a problem. 

So I’m going to formally demand that all blocks be removed within 72 hours of your receipt of this letter, or know that I will be filing a lawsuit against you personally, and Facebook, for violating my right of free speech, for political lobbying without being a registered lobbyist, and for tortious economic interference. 

I expect proof in my hand these blocks have been removed also within that 72 hours, or you can let me know who your agent of service is for me to have served with the complaint I’ll draft.  I hope I’ve made myself clear on this matter, but if you have any questions, you’re welcome to call me at the above.  I’m sure you know how to reach me. 


Jody Williams

Cc:                   Senate Intelligence Committee
                        Donald Trump, President
                        Meghan at the National Trafficking Hotline
                        The Guardian – UK
                        George Knapp
                        Brian Thomas, Review Journal

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


When Greg Munks was running for office in San Mateo, and now that Carlos Bolanos is running for office in San Mateo, I seem to get a call from someone asking what I know about "Operation Dollhouse" and these two officers.

So I thought I'd write up this blurb to kind of address the questions I get about it head-on.  The arrest at "Operation Dollhouse" happened about April of 2007.  It didn't just happen out of a clear blue sky either.  I founded in 1987.  In 1996 I moved to Las Vegas because of the calls I was getting from women who were trying to get out of the legal brothels and were having trouble doing so without outside assistance.  Nevada was a unique situation as that since about 1988 after I did the Sally Jesse Raphael Show against Joe Conforte which you can watch at - I started getting urgent requests for help from the women at the legal brothels.  If these women were standing on a street corner, they would have been able to turn to police for help in arresting their pimps.  But because they were in this unique setting, it had its own set of unique problems.   Thus requiring me to physically relocate to Nevada so I could go and pick up the women who would call for help just to get them out of there.

Why?  For one thing, in 1996, there was no bus or transportation that would go from one end of Nevada to the other.  So if you were at one end, and wanted to get to the other end, you were just out of luck unless you had a car.   On top of this, there were no cabs, limos, or other form of transportation that would go from one of the major cities like Las Vegas up to Pahrump at that time where the brothels were located.   To make matters more complicated, it was also against the law to walk out of the brothels on foot.  Even if you did walk off on foot, there were no payphones around for miles to go to in order to attempt to call for a ride or a cab.  Even if you found a cab or limo willing to go up to one of the ranches to pick you up, you were leaving without a penny on you seeing as management would only give the earnings to the pimp/manager - not the women themselves.  Women who were required to reside at the ranches for weeks at a time - meaning they were leaving their kids back at home in the care of most often the pimp.  So even if they could find a way to physically leave the brothels, they would only find themselves having to go home to get their kids wherein the pimp would just stop them right there.

Now in any other state, I could call up the local police and say "hey I just got a phone call from a woman who says she's being pimped and she needs help to get out, get to her kids, and to the airport so we can send her home to her family".  The cops would then gladly tell me they would "leave immediately to go get her" and the situation would be resolved.  However, when I'd call to Metro, I'd get laughed at and hung up on.  If you've ever see the movie about Joe Conforte with Helen Mirren, then you'd know about his unique relationship with cops.  I mean the dude shot a famous boxer down in broad daylight who was unarmed and Joe didn't go to jail for it.   Considering he shot the unarmed guy right in front of a cop - well then you can see why the women didn't exactly feel the local police were on their side of the situation.  So in order that I could take one of these calls, and hop in my car and go and pick up these women, and then their kids, and take them to the airport, or wherever they wanted to go - I moved to Nevada in 1996. 

Meaning I'd been established in Nevada working with both illegal prostitution and the legal sex industry for some time by 2006 when I was approached by the Salvation Army and Melissa Farley, PhD.   I was originally offered the job running ATLAS that was set to launch in 2007 by the Salvation Army who were gong to pay me a salary to do what I was doing.   I was even told a start date for this job - that's how serious the offer was I thought at the time.  The man who hired me told me to work out a budget of what  I'd need to help trafficking victims in Nevada, and he said he was going to get it for me when I last saw him.

One of the first things I told him I needed was that I needed an Asian speaking translator to help me with outreach.   I explained to him the Asian sex trafficking through the local massage parlors was so bad that I would not be able to help anyone unless I could speak either Mandarin or Korean, or both, that our written forms and materials could be n their language, and that we didn't even have cops who could speak these languages.   That without the basics of a translator, how could we even begin to help these women?  One can't to a prosecutor or a therapist if you aren't speaking the language, or have a translator. 

I also explained that the Asian sex trafficking was being aided by a few bad apples within Metro and the prosecutor's office who have now been clearly exposed through other cases like Operation G Sting with Rick Rizzolo, Kemp Shiffer, Joohon David Lee, just to name a few.   That I also couldn't do anything to arrest anyone unless I could get a the name of a good cop, a good prosecutor, a good judge, etc.  So after explaining to him I needed those things to begin my job at ATLAS, he said to me he was "going to Washington to get you what you requested" which was the last time I heard from him.  Then after that, no one at the Salvation Army would return my phone calls and it wasn't until I opened up a newspaper that I read a woman named Terri Miller had been named director of ATLAS which had just launched.   All news to me! 

Trying to make the best of it, I went to Terri and told her that we needed to get a translator who could speak not just Mandarin and Korean, but also Russian for that matter.  She told me to "write out a budget and make a formal request" of the Vegas City Council, not her.  I then wrote up an outreach project where we were asking for $10,000 for a translator to come out to talk to the women in the massage parlors and strip clubs where many of these women don't speak English, and to have hand out materials also translated to leave with some of the women who didn't want to talk to us right away.  My request was denied while Terri instead spent $80,000 on a billboard that a year later it was reported not one victim had called, nor had it helped one victim, and another $50,000 was approved by the City to upgrade the neon sign at the Olympic Gardens Strip Club.  But I got zip for outreach!

Trying to make the best of it, I tried to see what Terri COULD offer the victims because I was answering our hotline which not only predates the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline, but also gets more calls than they do because we're answered by ex-sex workers and survivors of trafficking, as well as we don't work with law enforcement, and we have a program connected to our hotline.  I had just got a fresh lead in from a woman about the Jessie Foster case who reported she was pimped by Peter Todd, the same pimp who was with Jessie right before you disappeared, and contacted Terri to see what could be done to help the woman.  I couldn't even get a response back, let alone any help or even her following up on what this woman was saying while this was a fresh lead! 

I had tried talking to the Chief of Police at that time, Doug Gillespie, and head of Vice, who both blew me off.  I had 7 women telling me they were willing to prosecute their pimp, but wanted to know how they would be kept safe before sticking their neck out.  I told them I'd look into it but I wasn't even able to get anyone to even talk to me, let alone them. 

In the meantime, I was well aware of an international sex trafficking operation which started at Mexico, moved up through California, through San Mateo, up to Nevada in California.   I was also aware of how they were using cops which you can verify now yourself by googling Chris Butler and Kemp Shiffer just to name but a few.   Drugs, guns, stolen property and victims were transported in these cop cars to avoid detection.  If caught, then they were "on their way to evidence".  If you again wonder what I mean by this, catch the latest movie out about the murders of Tupoc and Biggie and you'll hear all about the cops who were raiding the evidence rooms and then reselling what was there. 

But this was before Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer or Doug Gillispie were exposed for what they were doing.  So my question was how to get these victims out of private homes when every door I'm knocking on to get the victims help was ignoring me.  When I pressed on Vic Vigna, head of Vice for Vegas at the time, he said "how am I supposed to get a warrant to get inside a private home to even question these women, let alone arrest someone?"  Good question.  We couldn't send in a fake "customer" because the Asian houses were set up such a way as you had to get off a plane from China, speak Mandarin to the driver, the driver would verify their ticket and their luggage,  etc.  Again, check out Joohon David Lee - but he wasn't exposed yet fully either. 

The only thing I could think of to get help was the way we got help with Chris Butler.  With him, we worked on the mind of one of his associates.  We knew if he came forward the media would eat it up, but how do we get the media attention?   Most of all, if I just got the place busted and it was clean - then we'd just look like we were "crazy" as these guys involved were saying already.  I had to think of a way to get the thing busted wide open right with the drugs, the victims, and the cops involved were all there together.  I knew the pickups and dropoffs were done out of San Mateo every two weeks, so I kept watching the news until I read about an event in San Mateo for the police.  THAT told me which weekend we had to do something to get press involved who would then make something happen - or so we thought anyway based on prior cases where press attention worked to get something done. 

So I knew the weekend where there would be fresh victims, drugs, possibly guns or more, and cops caught holding these things all at the same time if we did something THAT weekend.  Now did that mean I knew Munks and/or Bolanos were involved in any way?  Nope.  I didn't know but a few of the people's names who were involved.   I would just hear "cops from San Mateo are coming up from the drop and pick-up".  Their individual names - I had no idea. 

The reporter comes up, gets the cops into the car into position, and then presses for a raid.  Voila!  Bags of drugs, a juvenile victim fresh off the plane, and 24 prostitutes are caught in a private home with mattresses on the floor so this ain't no message parlor.   Now did I have any idea Munks and Bolanos would be there?  Nope.  I just knew cops from San Mateo were going to be there.  Not as "johns" but as transporters and traffickers for an international network.  Which I wouldn't get anyone to believe me unless we caught someone with the hand in the cookie jar.  Cookie jar is what happened. 

Now is it possible that these two cops were innocent bystanders and had no idea what was going on?  Yeah actually it is.  I say that because I've been there myself.  I was over at one cop's house one night watching TV with him and the guy I was dating at that time was there also, so we were all three there watching TV.  Suddenly the back patio door swings open and a guy I've never seen before comes sweeping into the house and dumps a knapsack on the kitchen counter.  Next thing I know he'll pulling out bricks of cocaine that he's going to start processing for crack right there in the kitchen with me there in the house.  Freaking out thinking I could be there if this place gets raided and no one is going to believe me that I was "just watching TV", I figured I needed to get the hell out of there asap.  Which I did.  I ran like hell out of that house! 

So is it possible?  Yes.  Now how would you tell?  Well for one thing, when I found out what had just walked into the house and mentally realized it was cocaine in that house - what did I do?   I got the hell out of there is what I did.  Did I call the cops to report it?  Gee that would have been kind of hard because the one cop whose house I was at told me the guy who had just come into his back patio door was the local Chief of a Police.  So I"m going to call 911 and report this to them?  Not a chance. 

My point being that because I was an innocent bystander who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, I ran the hell out of that house like my hair was on fire!  I never went back either. 

Now when those houses were raided with Munks and Bolanos there, they knew I was with Terri Miller I'm sure because I was raising hell trying to find a translator and to detain them at the same time so we could try and help these victims.  As much hell as I was raising to try and speak to the victims, I sincerely doubt that these guys didn't at least hear about our work, my name, our hotline, etc. 

Here's the kicker - just months later - from April of 2007 when this went down to September of 2007 was when I gave that huge press conference with Farley to release the book "Trafficking in Nevada".  We announced we were forming NCAST.  So there's not a doubt in my mind that these two cops HAD TO HEAR HEARD ABOUT SEX WORKERS ANONYMOUS WORKING WITH VICTIMS IN NEVADA either at the time of the raid or after the press conference! 

Now look, I understand them not wanting to talk to me because they were trying to get their own ass covered up.  So I get they wouldn't want to talk to me about the situation. 

BUT  - BIG BUTT -  Terri Miller at ATLAS was doing NOTHING for these victims.  NOTHING.   No - she was putting up billboards no one called and neon signs for strip clubs and refusing to talk to me about the victims I told her were calling our hotline wanting help they were supposed to be getting from ATLAS.  Remember, I run a 12 step group  - not a resource for sex trafficking victims.   ATLAS was supposed to be helping the victims with resources like housing, transportation, medical, etc.  THEY HAD RECEIVED OVER $800,000 TO HELP VICTIMS.  Not us.  We at SWA didn't get a dime.  But we're getting the calls from victims and no one is helping us. 

So could Munks and Bolanos been innocent guys at the wrong place at the wrong time?


Only as police officers, and as people who supposedly were working with helping trafficking victims as they were saying to the press, especially during their respective elections, then why were the victims sent back to those houses with the pimps number one without them stopping that from happening?  Second, why weren't they referred to ATLAS or NCAST or SWA?  It wasn't until about November that I broke away completely from both Terri and Melissa because I was seeing all this money going to them to help victims while they weren't helping victims and I wasn't seeing a dime of that money going to help victims - so I'm just asking why then didn't either or both of these cops see to it that these victims got help? 

Seeing as I gave that press conference with Farley and Terri Miller was there, and they had to hear about it seeing as it was just a few months after their arrest - why wasn't I contacted and asked to "do something to help those victims"?  They didn't contact me volunteering to help reach out for others now they knew they did exist in Vegas certainly. 

I'm just asking.  While they "refuse to speak about Operation Dollhouse" why aren't they talking about how it showed them this sex trafficking was real, and they then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?  They've run for office - but have they done anything about Asian sex trafficking? 

I read about the two patsy's they blamed Operation Dollhouse on.   Let's see, Asian women, mattresses on the floor of a private home posing as a massage parlor, bags of drugs - but there was "no sign of human trafficking"?  Huh?  Did I just drop acid?   If this wasn't sex trafficking - then what in the hell was it?  A tea party?  They're convicting these two people for pimping - but it's not trafficking.  Like what? 

So my question is - do you want these guys in office who wouldn't do anything to help those women?  That's the question to ask. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Rep. Rob Portman
312 Walnut Street, Room 3425
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Mr. Portman:

I am watching you on PBS at the moment discussing the Ohio case where you did intervene in the case involving teens who were being trafficked right out of the “safe house” to egg farms.  So I know you have now witnessed with your own eyes how our government is, and can be, involved in the actual acts of trafficking.

Which means that I know that you now know why in 1984 I took matters into my own hands to help sex trafficking victims in Los Angeles escape men who were involved with not only LAPD, but also our own CIA in connection with Iran Contra and oil deals we were negotiating as well, to create what I later learned was in fact the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in this country.  Only to have these same men “frame” me with false accusations I was “running a brothel” to shut it down in 1984.  I did this because it was obvious we couldn’t call 911 for help back then.  Not only were there no laws in place to help us fight this type of situation being as the word “sex trafficking” hadn’t even been coined then, but frankly no one would have believed us either about what was happening. 

Back then if we tried to talk to anyone about what was happening, we were treated no differently than if we had said “aliens were abducting and selling us for sexual purposes”.   After I was arrested for trying to make a safe house for these victims, I realized I had no choice but to change our legal system.  Taking lessons from the civic rights and womens’ movement, I realized we couldn’t get the laws changed, nor help made available, unless we first raised awareness about the problem being real, existing in modern America, and also happening to Americans on American soil.  I say that because the perceptions back then was that these sorts of things only happened to people in other countries, or immigrants in our country (the Mann Act only assisted Chinese victims on US soil), or that it was a thing that went away with the Barbary Coast days.

If you’ve seen some of the talk shows I then started appearing on back then I have some clips up on, then you can see that I was the first person who not only came forward about the issue of domestic sex trafficking in modern America, but that I did this also to promote what was the first hotline for these victims.  A hotline that was NOT ANSWERED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED AGENCY FOR A REASON.

Mr. Portman, we had laws on the books for pimps back in the 1980’s.  If you wanted to arrest a pimp, all you had to do was call 911.  I didn’t spent years of my life, over $400,000 of my own money, cost myself countless jobs, get evicted 1000 times, and subject myself to the kind of “branding” that I experienced by going on all those national talk shows to raise awareness that modern sex trafficking was a real issue in modern America that needed to have something done about it as I did, to get laws passed that already existed! 

I did this because we needed to create something DIFFERENT than we had in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I invite you to look at the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline for Ohio that existed back at the time there was the problem in Marion County you witnessed.  What you will see is that every agency on that list was an agency that was in contact with the very people who were trafficking those kids.  Now I ask you, who were they supposed to call for help?  If you remember your own experience, you didn’t even get involved until this had been happening for quite some time.  What’s more disturbing is that while I applaud you heavily that you did get involved and go do something to help those kids there in Marion County, I’d like to point out that you stepped up to help HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS, NOT SEX TRAFFICKING.

Because I had been writing you, and many other representatives, about the fact that all across the USA, that in each state where there was a trafficking task force set up that was listed on the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline, that was receiving government grants, there was SEX TRAFFICKING going on.   Yet you didn’t respond to any of my letters about this, nor has anyone to date.  In fact, no one still even has directly and I’d like to know why.  Take a look at the New Jersey strip clubs discovered to be owned by DEA agents.  Now look at the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline for where they refer victims in New Jersey to call for help and tell me that you don’t see that they’re referred to agencies that are in direct connection with someone who would know those same exact DEA agents?  It reminds me of when the Columbian drug lords were so infiltrated within the police, and the phone systems, a special “faceless” grand jury system had to be created in the 1990’s. 

I’d also like to point out that our hotline is NOT connected to any of these agencies, and that I’ve for YEARS now tried to get Polaris to list us in each state’s listings, and to list as specifically as “not connected” to these government agencies, and yet they have not done so to date.  They still only list us in one state for some reason despite the fact we’re an international program with an international hotline. 

What about New York?  The agencies listed in New York are bound to be something that can be connected to Eliot Spitzer, who has repeatedly been found to be connected to organized sex trafficking rings that are even internationally connected to both the Russians and Israeli’s who not only use their prostitutes for money, but also for espionage purposes. 

Southern California’s trafficking hotlines were not only connected to Joohon David Lee who was convicted of bribery in connection with his sex trafficking activities in both California, Nevada and Arizona, but also Lee Baca, Steve Corona, Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, and every cop who ever got involved with Celeste Guap. 

Yet when we actively tried to reach out to Celeste Guap in California to connect her to a program which was in no way connected to the very men who had been not only raping her as a juvenile, but also trafficking her, as well as coercing her and her mother, a 911 operator, we were aggressively BLOCKED from access to her.  In fact, two police officers came to pick up Celeste, courtesy of the Office of Victim Services, who then put her on a plane, where she was then sent to a treatment program in Florida that was certainly not on our list of approved facilities to send these type of victims to that we’ve developed a good list of over 30 years now, but then got her arrested right out of treatment by more officers! 

Who I’m sure made some kind of threats to her while she was held on $300,000 bail for a simple assault – while Nancy O’Malley was considering how many officers to charge in her case back in California.  I’m sorry, but I think there’s a bit of a conflict of interest going here when Celeste is preparing to sue some officers, at the same time she’s having her treatment being supervised by people who are trying to minimize lawsuits against such officers as part of their job. 

What about the case of Rebecca Johnson in Ohio Mr. Portman?   This is a woman who should have been told about our program a LONG time ago.  Instead, the only thing she heard about was the groups that were listed on the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline, who were directly connected to her “clients”.  But instead of being referring to us, she was instead used against her will to build a case against these men.  Now to find her name and face all over the news while she’s left with NOTHING but the CATCH program for support while she’s trying to find employment and housing in a world where anyone she seeks it with can look up her name on Google and find out about how she was used in a corruption trial as a “prostitute”. 

Such is how you’re treating someone in Ohio you’re claiming to be someone you care so much about you’re attacking Backpage to shut them down over to prevent them from exploiting women like her, but yet she wasn’t even referred to us for aftercare after law enforcement was done using her to get these guys’ case built!  Where was she supposed to go exactly when she wasn’t referred to us?  I mean I think it’s commendable you’re helping those kids forced to work on egg farms in Ohio, but why are you not considering what’s being done about women like Rebecca I’d like to know who is not only a victim also, but she even helped the state “get the bad guys” they wanted, and then she was left with nothing in the way of aftercare?  I only found out about her myself because I get “Google Alerts”, or she never would have known there was other help out there besides that what is directly sponsored by the federal government today.

I saw you on PBS tonight talking about how “no one is doing anything” about this connection with the government agencies, money and trafficking.  Well of course not.  This is nothing new.  It’s not limited to Ohio.  And I can show you how in each state where there’s been federal grant money received by the Office of Victim Services, using the Polaris Hotline, without using ours also as an alternative to that one, there has been discovered, and proven to be, a direct connection with those agencies and sex trafficking. 

So I’ve been writing to you asking you “what are you going to do about helping us with this” Mr. Portman?  Like I’m hearing you complain about the other politicians, and offices, I’m hearing a deafening silence also back.  But no offense, this is an area where I have a lot more expertise and experience than you do so I would think since you are so interested in the area of trafficking, you would want to be consulting with me.  Especially since you claim you want to “convict the traffickers” as bad as you do. 

Which I’d really like to know how you propose to do that now you’ve shut down Backpage, and helped get SESTA/FOSTA passed.  Seriously.  Because I remember how impossible it was to get a conviction against a pimp back before the internet days.  Literally impossible.  Because the only witnesses to the money passing to the hands of the pimp was victims who were so scared of the pimp they were being pimped by him, instead of just running.  Law enforcement had an impossible task of trying to prove that the cash that went from her hand went into his hand, especially when he wouldn’t allow anyone near him to witness that transference. 

Whereas now we even have Bitcoin.  I remember cases against pimps skyrocketing once we had the internet.  Because not only could law enforcement then trace the ad as coming from his computer, but the money to place that ad could be traced back to his bank account (because victims aren’t allowed bank accounts usually, let alone debit or credit cards), the conversation with the client could be traced through the site, and even the payments could be traced from the transaction right back to the pimp.  Then law enforcement would get a warrant for the records from the site, and voila!  Ironclad black and white documented case of trafficking made against the pimp where he can’t say the female victim was just “making it up” or “jealous” as they used to do when accused back in the 80’s before we had these sites. 

Every vice cop I’ve spoken to has told me they are not given money to investigate sex trafficking, which is why they arrest prostitutes on the streets.  They’re easy to grab off a corner.  Only if that’s all they can grab is a prostitute off a corner now that you’ve also removed law enforcements ability to call them up on the phone by abolishing the sites also, then how are you going to trace the money in her pocket back to the pimps’ hand?  I’d really like to know what your plan is there for building these cases in the future against the pimps.  As well as I’d like to open up a dialogue with you about the fact we clearly need a hotline like ours that’s NOT connected to these law enforcement/government agencies that are so easily corrupted today, and that’s a proven fact now, but yet everyone wants to keep acting like we don’t exist even though we are the only one I’m aware of who is.

I look forward to talking to you about these issues. 


Jody Williams

Monday, April 23, 2018


April 23, 2018

PACE Society
Via Email

Re:       Cease and Desist with Erroneous Public Relations on our Behalf

Dear PACE:

I’m receiving an increasing amount of phone calls from people who say they have come to your facility to inquire about a meeting space to host a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting, only to get a very “chilly” greeting, and then told gruffly “sorry we’re not a RESCUE organization like that” before being shown the door.  You are completely entirely utterly 100 % incorrect about what we are and your spreading of defamatory lies about us needs to stop immediately.   

In 2015, a show aired called “8 Minutes”.  It was posed as a “reality show” showing a retired cop turned minister who was supposedly setting up phony “dates” off Backpage where he then offered “trafficking victims” a chance to be “rescued” into a program he claimed to be running out in Arizona.  Only the whole thing was an absolute LIE.  There was no program.  He couldn’t possibly have formed the church after he retired as claimed because it was actually incorporated in 1994.  The people on the show were paid actors pretending to be victims, and the show was done to create bad publicity to support lawsuits that were being launched against Backpage.  It was just one in a long string of “fake” shows created courtesy of Shared Hope who brought us such hit fakes as Samoly Mam to name but one.

I watched the first two episodes of this program and was horrified to see one Hispanic woman after another coming on the show crying about how she was a “junkie” and “lost her kids” and how some “pimp” was forcing her to advertise on Backpage (Backpage emphasized).  To say it created a horrible misconception about sex workers was an understatement, as well as what the term “rescue” was supposed to even mean at one time.  I was pretty disgusted, but since I run a 12 step program, I’m not supposed to “engage in public controversy”, so I just turned the channel and went on about my business.

However, I received a phone call from a woman who was paid to be in this show.  She claimed that the producers had promised to not show her face, but they were now showing her face.  Evidently, she was not a native to this country and she had two small children.  Her fear was that if her face were to appear on this show portrayed as a “prostitute”, that she would be deported, and lose her children since they were born here in the states.  She asked me to help her stop them from airing the next episode of the series which would literally destroy her life. 

I explained to her that my group is only there to provide help to ex-sex workers, and therefore while I was sorry about the position she was in, I could not help her.  She then told me she had been a prostitute before in Brazil, before coming to this country.  That she really was an ex-sex worker, and that this show was about to destroy the new life she had created for herself now in Texas – again asking me to assist her in stopping the producers from airing the show with her face that was supposed to air in a matter of days.

I have worked as a paralegal since I left the sex industry in 1985, so I had to think to myself what could possibly convince the producers to not air that next episode like she was asking me to do for her.  I then sat down and threatened to sue them for a “defamacast” if they did not take down all episodes of the show offline, and blur the faces of any future shows to be aired.  What a “defamacast” is in laymans’ terms is what you can sue for when a TV show is portraying a certain job or class of people in general in a defamatory way.   If this really was “reality”, that’s one thing. But the people had paid for actors to create a “fake” show.  In doing the show this way, the images they were portraying of not only sex workers, but also that of minority women who were single mothers were both defaming both groups of women deliberately and with intent.  I put in this letter that they needed to take the show off the air, or blur the faces of the women, within 24 hours (before the next show was set to air), or I would respond by going to court and asking for an injunction to accomplish them not airing this woman’s face.

Within four hours, the whole site was down on the A&E site for the show.  The reason the site was down was because I had made comments about the “defamacast’ lawsuit so that viewers would know what was going on.  They legally could not remove my comments without infringing on my free speech, so they took down the site.  Buzzfeed then put out an article about the now down site.  A story had to be spun to cover up why this show was now being taken off the air that did not give me credit, or it would have given credence to my potential for a lawsuit over the shows that had already aired.

The next thing I know, I’m hearing about an hour long show on CNN called the “Truth about 8 minutes” which was giving Maxine Doogan credit for taking down the show.  Her reason for why the show was taken off the air was “breach of contract” – claiming that the “women were not provided the services they were promised”.  In other words, it was a cover story to make it appear that the show was REAL – to cover up that these women were paid actors, and the show was staged by them.  Why?  I had no idea because I was just happy this woman wouldn’t have to worry about her face showing on air. 

I had no idea what was to come.  There were people who had seen I had threatened with a defamecast lawsuit because it was staged before the site went down.  What I did not know was that Tom London, the producer, had taken investors money to produce the show who he had given the idea this show was in fact REAL.  Therefore, if it got out that the show had been staged by paid actors, he could be sued for fraud and breach of contract for millions of dollars. 
To cover himself legally, he immediately went to file for bankruptcy.  However, the investors had heard already that the show had been staged and they were threatening Tom with criminal charges.  To again try and cover himself legally, he had to act fast to make it appear the show was in fact “real”.  To do this, he created a fake lawsuit from three imaginary women against himself that was staged to be filed the day after he filed for bankruptcy.  In the legal world, what this means is that the case will be dismissed because there is no more company. 

But the investors were already all over both Tom and Kevin, the so called “minister” who was portrayed in the show because he too had accepted large donations from people who had also been led to believe that there really was a “rescue” program.  There was also another agenda at hand to fool Obama about sex trafficking connected to this show.  A woman named “Lexi” had been portrayed on the show as a “sex trafficking survivor” who was doing the “outreach” to these women.  This Lexi was sponsored to speak at President Obama’s home church as a sex trafficking survivor.  If word got out she was an “actress”, then Shared Hope would also be exposed to POTUS.  Not something they wanted to be embarrassed about, nor face possible fraud charges either. 

The real woman behind the story had signed a contract with the producers allowing them to use her face, her name, her likeness, etc., any way they wished.  A campaign started up online with her attacking me profusely.  However, the woman I was speaking to on the phone was not attacking me, but in fact quite grateful for my help.  Confused, I went to her asking why she was attacking me online.  She told me she didn’t even have a computer.  I then read to her what she was supposedly saying about me online at that very minute.  This is when we both realized the show’s producers had a “catfish” version of her online.

To garner her silence, the producers had an attorney contact her offering her $5000 IF she kept her mouth shut.  The attorney was being provided to her thanks to Sex Workers Outreach Project who then offered her another $5000 if she would go along with the phony lawsuit for “breach of contract” so as to make sure no one got sued or charged for fraud over the money they had accepted for investments and donations by people who had been led to believe the show was in fact real.  In other words, SWOP and Relativity Media gave her, or offered her I should say, $10,000 if she would keep her mouth shut and let me be slaughtered online by lies.  

I say “offered”, because they did in fact screw her over from what they promised.  I know this because I received another phone call two months later telling me how everything had fallen through and disappeared once the dust settled.  I had warned her that their portrayal of her as a woman without means, homeless, broke, and with two small children would get the attention of CPS after her – which is exactly what happened.  I now had to help her deal with Immigration, CPS, and all these new problems dropped in her lap, which I did. 

In this campaign to “cover their ass”, a whole campaign called “rights not rescue” started up online attacking “rescue groups”.  Our name of course was lumped in with this because my actions had put a lot of people in a lot of trouble.  If you google what happened to Tom after this, he not only had to file bankruptcy, but his investors wanted to be repaid anyway, and his partner evidently decided to get rid of him entirely because he was “tired of strippers and porn performers in the office”. 

I’m sure you’d heard about how the Russians went online to “affect the election” and “create division and chaos” in America.  What happened was these “catfish” decided to promote themselves as “advocates” in order to get information and intel on American sex workers.  They put themselves out there as “advocates” for the sex industry to get to know as many American sex workers as possible.  To do this, they bashed any group that wasn’t SWOP, whether it was our program, the Salvation Army, whoever it was didn’t matter.

What does matter is everything they said about us was a lie online.  After the lawsuit died down, something else started up.  If you remember, there was this videotape of Planned Parenthood made of them “undercover” that was made to slam them also.  The tape was made by the same people who had made the undercover tape at ACORN.  Anyone who was supported by Obama was on this “hit list” because the financing for these attacks came from Sheldon Adelson.  Sheldon had reportedly spent over $100 million to do anything and everything in his power to undermine Obama, including his human trafficking work.  Which is how we evidently got caught up in the “second wave” of these attacks.

From March of 2015 when this “8 Minutes” scandal evidently caught the eye of these people about us, until the day after the election was over, I was subjected to stalking, death threats, online harassment, you name it.  Anyone who said they were an SWA member was also threatened, stalked, harassed, etc.  It was so bad I had to literally tell everyone in our program not to mention my name, SWA’s name, nothing or risk getting on the “hit list”.  They would get the IP address, follow this person around, and then harass them to the point where they would just go offline entirely.  It was like a war with no blood! 

We had to shut down our online meetings, our phone meeting, our forum, everything and anything online had to be shut down because these people were relentless.  Each time I’d get an IP address, I’d identify a private investigator who had been hired to attack and DEFAME  us in any way possible.  If I spoke to someone online, they would shortly after get a phone call or an email “warning” them to “stay away” from us.  At the same time this was happening, I was being bombarded by people trying to not only infiltrate our meetings, but also access everything about us.  They wanted to know where we had chapters, how many members we had, who was supporting our work, etc.  It was clear a dossier was being created on us by Fusion GPS. 

During this time, a lot of lies were being spread about us.  These lies were that we were a “rescue” group.  WE ARE NOT A RESCUE GROUP.  What you’ve heard clearly is the lies these people spread about us as covers for what they were up to.  So to clarify this, I would appreciate it if you would stop doing their job for them of continuing to spread the lies they started by saying we “are a rescue group”.  No offense – but I don’t know any of you who work at PACE now.  I don’t think any of you have been to any of our meetings, talked to me, read our book, been sponsored by anyone in our program, etc. 

Have I engaged in “rescues” when asked.  Yes.  Has Paige been a “rescuer” who founded PACE?  Yes.  In fact, your origins are because Paige Latin wanted to set up a drop in center and a house where women could go and escape pimps if you remember so your origins are based in Paige’s desire to start a “rescue” program.  However, does that have jack shit to do with me?  NO IT DOESN’T. 

Sex Workers Anonymous takes a LOT of heat by these rescue groups just like you are because of our views and our name.  They actually hired people to try and convince me to change our name to “Sex Trafficking Anonymous”.  I refused.  In 2007, they came to me and offered me a $120,000 a year job to do just this – to set up a system for the correctional systems in the USA where we only, and solely, address sex work as “sex trafficking”.  I refused. 

When I refused, they attempted to take over our program away from me.  I learned that after Bill Wilson had started Alcoholics Anonymous, the government came in and basically took over the program from him.  In fact, at one point Bill was blacklisted from the Grapevine, from the AA General Office, and from even speaking at his own program by these people.  In revolt to this, Jimmy Kinnon founded Narcotics Anonymous.  In 1991, these people came to Jimmy and asked him to help them create drug courts, drug programs, etc.  Jimmy refused and he was illegally voted out of the office he created, and then anyone and everyone he knew was blacklisted, run out of the service structure, etc., while they took over control of NA and it’s multi-million dollar now budget they were receiving by partnering with the government to set up drug courts.

When I refused to transform SWA into a “trafficking court” and to set up programs like Project Rose all over the country, THEY set about to do the same thing to me that was done to Bill and Jimmy – that was to smear me and take over the program helm.  However, because I had seen them do this to Bill and Jimmy, I was prepared for this “hostile take over”.  A group of women out of Arizona who were connected to Project Rose had started smearing my name to the fellowship, talking about why THEY needed to be put in control of the program, and they in fact did attempt to take the program away from me so they could transform it into a “trafficking and rescue” program like is being spread around the world at the moment. 

I pushed these people back and have maintained control of Sex Workers Anonymous who does NOT “have an opinion on outside issues”.  I do not therefore have any “opinion” on the sex industry as to whether or not someone is being “forced” or “trafficked” or acting “voluntarily”.  We take one stance and one stance only – that is if you decide you want to exit any part of the sex industry FOR ANY REASON, then we are here to help you with THAT.  Just as Alcoholics Anonymous does not come out on any stance against alcohol, nor does Narcotics Anonymous come out on any stance against drugs of any kind, they also are only, and solely, there to help those who want help to stop using to do so. 

Which is why we are NOT a “rescue program”.  We do not go out into strip clubs offering bags of goodies to try and lure pregnant women into adoption mills we set up so we can exploit these women for donations.  We don’t set up houses where we make the women make handicrafts and sell them online while promoting these women as “victims”.  Our members are varied as is AA.  Our members may be Playboy Bunnies, strippers, porn performers, etc.  Our members come to us homeless, and in million dollar houses driving Ferrari’s.  Our members are male, female, transgender, LGBT, whatever they are they are.  We do not limit our group to only women.

Including the fact that not all of our members have pimps or are trafficked.  Some however are.  We don’t make distinctions between who comes to our program and who does not. 

I however can’t control some of the actions of these other groups who have used our name against my wishes, and even legal directives, such as Project Rose to name only one.  I was clueless to the fact Project Rose was using our name, our original name of Prostitutes Anonymous, until I started receiving complaints about this.  They were hiding this fact from me because they knew it was illegal obviously.  When I found out about it, I delivered to them a “cease and desist” letter.  They then lied to me and said they had stopped holding meetings they were calling Prostitutes Anonymous, but I heard back reports they still were from the members.  Okay so what do I do about it now?  Sue them?  I’ve considered it and still am considering it.

Why?  Because they perpetuate this misconceptions you even have fallen prey to which is that we are a “rescue” group.  So I will repeat WE ARE NOT A RESCUE GROUP.  We are not a TRAFFICKING group.  Now from time to time I have assisted someone to escape a pimp or an organized trafficker.  To assist them, we have created a separate program called Trafficking and Prostitution Services so that we don’t mix the two programs with each other.  Which means yes if a parent or spouse come to me saying they want to “rescue” their loved one from a horrible pimp, then yes I will help that person.  Does that mean that SWA is a “rescue group”?  No. 

So I would appreciate it that you please circulate this memo to your staff who answer the phone, are at the desk, and would otherwise keep repeating to people who come to you that are stating to people “we are a rescue group” to please cease and desist.  We are a 12 step group no different than AA or NA.  We don’t go out dragging anyone into our meetings.  We have no opinion for now against the sex industry.  And trust me to stand up to the pressure these high dollar groups are putting on us to join them in attacking the industry is war enough without me having to fight your program too in the process who started these rumors SPECIFICALLY TO CREATE JUST THIS DIVISION BETWEEN US. 

So if you want them to win, you go on acting like you are in some kind of opposition to us.  If you really want to piss them off, you will resume the once neutral position we once enjoyed before they started their little campaign to create division amongst us.  As our Vancouver group builds and grows, I would appreciate you treating them with more respect and courtesy instead of distain.  I would like to remind you that at any given moment, one of these SWA members could return to the industry and become a sex worker again.  I’m not going to force them to identify as “in” or “out” in order to garner polite treatment from you because that’s incriminating them.  Also, an alcoholic can also care about the way people are treated by the alcohol industry, so when one of our members does care about the current treatment of sex workers and wants to assist changing those conditions, I would also appreciate it if you would not treat them like the enemy either because they’re not. 

If you have any questions or comments to this letter, please feel free to contact me.


Jody Williams


PS - on a personal note Stacey, the last time I ran a number count on the contacts I have in our current contacts, it showed 190,000 people I'm in contact with worldwide.  These members, or potential members, or ex-members, are male, female, LGBT, transgender, and a whole range of people as is the sex industry worldwide.

Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, our members are in various stages of the recovery process.  Some are in AA and NA, some aren't.  Some are suffering from mental illness they're in treatment for, some are not.  Some are HIV positive, and some are not.  Again, just like the industry itself is full of a wide assortment of people at different stages of what they're dealing with in life - our program's members are no different. 

This also means that not all of our members are "out" yet.  Again, like any AA meeting, some of our members are in the process of leaving the industry.  We do not "require" anything of our members other than a "desire to leave the industry".  Which means guess what?  That means we have currently working members who have a "desire" to leave one day, but they're not there yet.  Some of our members "relapse" a lot, meaning they may tell me they're quitting on Monday, and by Friday they're making appointments again.  Some say they "never want to return" to the industry because they got pregnant, or married, or may have just found out they're HIV positive, or even have cancer.  Then they may decide that they want to return to sex work after they've had their kids grow up and go to college, or the husband has died, or they go into remission. 

My point because that there's been a VERY disturbing trend since Robin died in 2012, for anyone who is one of our members, to be put on the defensive of having to "identify" as "currently working" or they're finding themselves attacked, scorned, shunned, etc., by members of SWOP who are INSISTING they will not speak to them unless they "identify" as "currently working". 

I'm sorry, but I advise our members that is making an incriminating statement on phone lines, internet lines, etc., which may be being recorded.  Your group does NOT have the same confidentiality laws built into your group that we do.  Narcotics Anonymous went to court and won the right for felons to congregate in meetings without fear of law enforcement.  Alcoholics Anonymous went to court to protect the confidentiality of statements made inside of a 12 step program or meeting - even if that's a murder confession.  The reason why I answer the hotline as much as possible myself is because I have taken the trouble and expense of obtaining ministerial ordainment papers that will stand up to a subpoena or warrant if anyone tries to get information on our members.  Which under the new trafficking laws, they do not need "probable cause" anymore to start eaves dropping on the calls or emails of anyone they feel might be connected to "sex trafficking". 

So within the 12 step structure, our members are PROTECTED when they state what they're doing or not doing by law.  Nothing said within our structure can be used against them in a court of law for that reason.  Your program however is not subject to those same protections, which is why when people are being put on the spot as to what they're doing, or not doing, which may or may not be illegal, I find to be very compromising of their safety since you can't guarantee that you are not being observed by law enforcement. 

What you're doing is depriving yourself of the support of a lot of people who do care about these issues who aren't afraid to do things like speak to the press, go to the legislature, talk to a politician, etc., on behalf of the issues.

You're young based on the picture of you online.  So you don't know what women like myself and Margo St. James were subjected to back in the 70's and 80's when trying to organize successful campaigns like her lawsuit to win in Rhode Island like she did.  When members of COYOTE were finding themselves being observed by law enforcement, even entrapped, simply because they were calling COYOTE, it became one of the reasons why I created a 12 step program that we could operate under.

You don't know that back then, if you sent money to someone in jail, you were arrested for pimping.  However, someone from SWA was able to put money on someone's books and not be subject to arrest.  The same for bail.  Back then, if you tried to post bail for a prostitute, you would be arrested on the spot and charged with pimping.  Again, we could send someone down to the jail with bail money, and they would not be arrested. 

The same for arraignments.  My own mother came to my arraignment, and that's where they arrested her on charges of pimping me.  The same was happening to ANYONE from COYOTE who was coming to support a sister or brother in court, they were being arrested on the spot for pimping and/or pandering.  You have to realize that back then, pandering or the "promotion of prostitution" was something that COYOTE members were struggling with. 

We found that we could identify as PA (back then), and they would not charge that person.  Transgenders used to be refused their medications upon arrest.  They would be placed in solitary custody, not provided medical care or medications, and if anyone tried to inquire about their well being, they were either arrested or denied information.  Not everyone can afford an attorney Stacey.  So we found we could send in an SWA member to inquire about that inmate, and by law grandfathered in, they had to answer us as to that person's care.  We have the same rights as any minister who would inquire about an inmate, which means they have to answer to us. 

We called ourselves "Prostitutes Anonymous" at first, so that anyone arrested on a prostitution charge could be released to us instead of bail, and to be ordered to our meetings rather than a jail sentence.  Which is especially important when someone has a mortgage, small children, pets at home, etc.  I assure you they'd rather be coming to our meetings than jail and losing everything in the process.  Again, not everyone arrested for prostitution can afford an attorney and frankly neither can you donate them or you wouldn't be holding fund raisers for legal fees as you do.  We however can send in an SWA member (as we're called now) to the court and request that person be released to us and the court HAS to release them to us or be charged with discrimination.   Again, because of laws grandfathered in by AA and NA, if they do this for the addict or alcoholic, but not us, then it's discrimination.

The same for meetings inside of the jail.  When we found some prostitutes were being harassed in jail, we could set up a weekly meeting to check on them.  The jail can't refuse us because they have to have 12 step meetings inside of them in order to maintain their license.  If they refuse, we can sue them for discrimination.  When you have members inside of jail that need someone to check on them weekly, then those meetings are their lifeline. 

Including even mail and property.  Some jails/prisons will only allow an inmate "religious materials" such as Bible.  For those laws, we found we can not only get them literature, but mail also.  Even if that person is on "lock down", they can't refuse them to communicate with us or vice versa because of these laws. 

You may not appreciate how many men and women we've saved from time behind bars, but I assure you THEY HAVE APPRECIATED it.  Stacey - why do you think they started this campaign against us?  BECAUSE OF THE POWER WE PROVIDE TO THE SEX WORKER. 

They can't get funding or licensing for these programs of theirs like Project Rose.  Do you know HOW Project Rose got shut down?  US.  I knew they couldn't get federal funding, nor even a license to operate a program for prostitutes without a 12 step program.  So I thought - silly me - that would stop them from moving forward.

It didn't.  They LIED.  They claimed to the grant source and the board they were operating 12 step meetings and they set up a meeting there, and in 11 other states, without my consent such as Division 17 in Chicago.  When I found out, I sent them a cease and desist letter.  They continued anyway.  I heard about it and came back down on them again. 

So they stopped.  They then tried to claim they were running "12 step" meetings or general "prostitution anonymous" meetings.  I then contacted the AA General Office and pointed out that these illegal groups did not have their consent.  Their consent to adapt their steps is required to operate a program, or that person is in violation of their copyrights, trademarks, etc. 

After I got AA to contact them and state that they either had to get their consent to form their own 12 step program, or cease and desist, Project Rose, Division 17, and those other states dropped the use of 12 step programs. 

What does that mean?  That means without a 12 step group they have to have a licensed person such as a doctor or psychiatrist supervise their groups/program.  They're not going to spend that kind of money, so it essentially shuts them down.  Which is how I finally got them shut down from using these 12 step groups to keep operating, and raising money.

Which as I said from the letter to PACE, they did try and TAKE SWA from me in 2016, as they had Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon before me.  I sent them packing. 

What's their next move?  I stopped that also.  They had in the works to set up a whole string of programs nationally with treatment centers across the USA under Dr. Drew's supervision.  Only after I witnessed what he did to Heidi Fleiss and Mary Carey, I made a complaint to the Medical Board about his incompetence.  They found him guilty in two deaths, and shut down his program in Pasadena.  He's now selling pain cream online! 

Now I don't know why there were members of SWOP who chased out of SWOP women who were also members of SWA during 2015-2016, but all you're doing in this is harming your own goals and program because you're lessening your numbers, and frankly you're harming your own.  You put some of these women who were still active in sex work in a position where to defend themselves, they would have had to state they were still working in the sex industry, which they were not going to do because it would have incriminated them. 

If that's really what you want to do - that's of course your prerogative.  But when it's being done by your members saying that it's because "we are a rescue group" then that's defamation.  I can prove damages and if it continues, I will file a lawsuit about it. 

Frankly, SESTA/FOSTA would not have passed if you hadn't disconnected from the power of our members.  Many of them who are in careers, jobs, etc., where they could have done a lot more to fight this.  In fact, we're still in a position where we might be able to fight this back.  As I've said before, I'm a paralegal and have been so for 32 years now.  I have helped many of our members who can't afford an attorney quite well and there are legal steps we can take to fight this back. 

I'm preparing to do so.  If you complain about the "bad working conditions" to the government - you'll get nowhere.  However, I happen to be in a position where I can claim this is creating a monopoly, and that they are "economically interfering" with our programs' business operations.  I'd like to see them argue that they don't want us doing what we do considering we started the whole thing to have us not treated as criminals within the legal justice system they're now saying is why they're doing this. 

If they tried to pass a law harming alcoholics, and Bill Wilson stepped up to say it was wrong, that is a lot of power.  A lot of power they don't want to see your group benefiting from.  Now if you want to strengthen their position - again that's all your choice. 

But you have to do so LEGALLY.  Which means you can not continue to spread lies about us as your members have been doing in your name.  I expect it to stop immediately.

Thank you for listening.

Jody Williams