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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I was watching the 1980's film "Whore" with Theresa Russell on TV tonight.  Brought back memories!  It's actually a well written movie.  Just needs better actors!  The lines themselves are priceless.  A VERY well written film.  Like when the pimp says "if you gave a whore $1,000,000 in a few weeks she'd be right back on the street corner".  Boy didn't that used to be the truth before  Anyway, it's actually a very realistic film with respect to American street walkers in the 1980's.  I knew a lot of girls just like Theresa in the film.  Too bad they're all dead now!

Friday, September 23, 2016


Courage Worldwide - putting up photos of these women and asking for money IS pimping and exploitation!

What are they going to do?  Leave?

If I"m wrong - then show me what jobs these women have received after this type of publicity?

Our hotline is loaded with calls from women who can't find housing or jobs because of their photos or news clips about their past online.  I myself can't get jobs because of my name even and the fact I was in sex work THIRTY YEARS AGO.

The fact I was a victim of trafficking, the fact I help others now leave the industry, the fact it was 30 years ago, does not alter that I STILL have people call me a "pimp" or a "whore" and refuse to have anything to do with me.

If you're gay or black - you can file a discrimination lawsuit.

By putting these women's photo's online - I"d like to see them get a job now.  Thanks Courage Worldwide!

Because after you get done messing them up even further, then I get the wreckage to clean up after you've siphoned off all the money!  I don't see her supporting our hotline, nor offering to help any of our members because we wouldn't accept that type of "help".

Because it's NOT HELP!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was watching the documentary today about immigration into the USA today on KCET Link.  It started talking about Iran Contra - which as my followers know I witnessed was also involved in sex trafficking during the 1980's.  For those who don't know - a short version is the cocaine being brought into this country was sold to raise cash "off the books" to buy guns for the Contra's to fight the Sandinista's.  Now that I have known for 30 years.  What I did NOT know until tonight was that this was in Nicaragua!

Nor did I know that an international court found the USA guilty of these war crimes, and ordered the USA to allow the Nicaragua's to be able to immigrate into this country after the way we attacked their country illegally!

How ironic that years later we find that Celeste Guap has now been screwed by half of the police force, as well as trafficked by them.  Then instead of turning her over to for help to exit and recover from this - Nancy O'Malley tells the press "she's personally handling" her case.  Suddenly we find the police "took" Celeste to a treatment program in Florida that has SECURITY GUARDS.

Security guards who supposedly Celeste attacked and now sits in a Florida jail on a $300,000 bail.  I told myself when I heard that "been there done that" as this is just what they've done to me in 1984 you can read about at when I was accused of "running a brothel" that was actually a safe house I'd put together for victims when they couldn't run to the police because no one was believing us about what was happening to us!

As soon as I heard that  - I knew not only will we probably get her silenced now because of her "trial", but when I saw she was from Nicaragua I thought "I bet they're seeing if they can deport her family" or at least threaten to for leverage against her.

Then I heard tonight that the Sandanista's in Iran Contra were the soldiers in Nicaragua?  OMG - you can't write the irony of this stuff!

Celeste - if you read this - call me collect please (818) 646-3296.


I guarantee you this biking event DID NOTHING to help the victims who call our hotline daily. I've been calling out for HELP. Not fund raisers. Not "raising awareness". I need HELP. We've had people who used to help us in the 30 years we've operated all fired from out of the "system". This means police, social workers, probation, etc. Anyone who steps up to work with us is then fired. If you want to know why - google Joohon David Lee, Celeste Guap or Chris Butler and that will give you an idea why. Nancy O'Malley refuses to speak to us down here in southern California. When Celeste Guap first came to the public's attention - we tried to reach out to her. We were told "Nancy is handling it". Next thing we know she's taken by the police to a treatment center in Florida where she's now been arrested and given a $300,000 bail. One officer in Oakland has already killed himself. This case is connected to many others in Las Vegas, San Mateo, San Jose, Ventura, Pasadena, Wichita, and Seattle. In Seattle, another officer supposedly "killed himself". I've received threats from police, as well as apologies about why they're afraid to step up to help. Google Paul Tanaka if you don't know why. We don't need "nuns on bikes". We need HELP. I can't even go into a city council or supervisors meeting to ask for help or talk about what the victims are telling me because I've been threatened with a 5150 and after what happened to Sandra Bland, and I've seen them cart people off illegally on shows like "intervention" and "Jails" more than once - I take those threats seriously I'd never come out of there alive. Please stop with the bike runs - and call us if you want to help REAL VICTIMS RIGHT NOW.


I was hoping you'd forward this to Eve personally.  I saw her on the LF Show speaking about what's been happening with women in other countries speaking out about how "we need to do more to speak out" against these things.

Clearly I don't think her, or people close to her, HAVE.  I however HAVE and I now have to live in a moving RV because of the way I have been attacked repeatedly by the people under George W. Bush and his war on women.  Just as they took and empowered extremists' in Iraq as I heard described - they did the same thing here in the states.  

I created a group called Prostitutes Anonymous in order to stop the constant rounding up of poor minority women, and transgenders who were trying to pay for sex change operations, and those who were HIV/AIDS positive to pay the $10,000 a month it would cost to stay alive back in the 1980's, AND those who were being forced to work as strippers, prostitutes, and porn performers such as Linda Lovelace, and use that program as an "alternative to incarceration" at least until we could reach the point of decriminalization of prostitution - and the federal "recognition" that sex trafficking was in fact real.

Yes, I'm the mother of the modern USA sex trafficking movement.  If you look at videos and news clips I have up at the site you'll find NO ONE was speaking out who was BEING BELIEVED until we started our media campaign back in 1987.  

Within the first year of our alternative sentencing program - we cleared out 1,000's of men, women and transgenders, as well as juveniles, from the criminal justice system.  We convinced the courts to stop treating us as "criminals" like we were bank robbers.  We did this by ME bringing our survivors on all major TV shows which by the way made it impossible for me to keep a job or maintain an apartment because every single time I went onto national TV I was fired and evicted in response.  

After we saw the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - it was a short-lived victory.  Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, came forward with her "Black Book" with Randall Tobias name in this - the man who came in and MODIFIED this Act to transfer all grant money to "faith based" groups.   Randall Tobias was FORCING HER to be a madam as a tool of our government.  When she tried to flee this country, and the sex industry, they arrested her and painted her as a "madam" rather than a trafficking victim,  She was murdered before she could appear at the Ethics Hearing to testify that  SHE was the "trafficking victims" we were speaking about needing "alternative" safe houses that the Salvation Army's and Catholic Charities could not provide us.   I mean do you think they were equipped to help her?  She was murdered no differently than Margo Compton was murdered BECAUSE our system is NOT set up to address the fact that sex trafficking victims in this country are victims BY OUR GOVERNMENT.

You stood up there saying we "need to speak up" more?  Jeane was MURDERED.  When I contacted the Detective investigating her case who was saying it was "suicide" to the media before her body was cold - I threatened him with coming up to the major media with her daily emails and texts to PROVE she was murdered and why.  I then SPENT A YEAR having to HIDE UNDERGROUND in order to save my own life and that of my young daughter.

By the next morning after I made this threat that if her case was not treated like there was the possibility of murder, I had five cops and a drug dog at my home.  They had a judge issue a warrant claiming I was "impersonating myself" and then they took away my ID, my bank checks, my bank cards, my social security card, and any means I had to travel.  After tossing my house for five hours looking for these emails and anything they could arrest me over - they then called CPS claiming my home was "unfit for a child" and tried to have my child removed from the home.  Thankfully CPS laughed at the officer and gave me five hours to clean my home.  It was then I knew I had to run.

I have tried talking to the press.  I have reporters tell me they are threatened with being fired if they even TALK about printing anything we have to say.  Those who TRY and publish a story on us IS fired.  Reporters who continue to speak such as Gary Webb - are found dead with TWO shotgun blasts to the head with the press saying it was a "suicide".  I can show you a LONG LIST of the press who have tried carrying forward what's happening on our end of this story and show you who has been fired, who has been threatened, and even those who have been found  DEAD under very flimsy accusations of it being "suicide" even though there's no evidence nor family history of suicide.

Right now, I can show you a list of police officers who were going to "come clean" about what's going on in this country right now with respect to sex trafficking who have been found supposedly "a suicide".  I'm not buying that many people kill themselves right before a hearing when I know these people were in fact looking forward to being able to speak the truth "on the public record".  

I can't even appear at a city council or board of supervisors meeting as I've been threatened with a 5150 charge - and TRUST ME I've seen they can do it.  I watched another advocate get arrested with the charge of supposedly threatening to kill a city councilman because of a doodle placed on a comment card where there was not one shred of proof he even put that cartoon there.  I saw the man's comment on youtube - he was trying to alert the public that the DWP had raised their bills 20 % without following the legal steps.  Now suddenly he's a madman and hauled off and charged with threatening to kill a city councilman over a doodle?  

They have "influencers" who try and promote video games and movies you've read about.  Well those same influencers are also there to smear and silence ANYONE who tries and protest.  The  MINUTE I installed the site at - was the very same MINUTE  I then had a GANG of four women stalking me online daily, eight hours a day, five days a week, as a full-time job, whose only activity was finding ways to attack, smear, degrade, humiliate, and threaten me.  When I would threaten to sue one of them for stalking and defamation - they would literally just "catfish" into another identity and start the whole process all over again.  I recorded how it's actually now so systematic - they have it computerized now.

They go to your landlords and get you fired.  They file complaints with the state agencies.  I was threatened by the Secretary of State for "operating a business without a license" for my VOLUNTEER work with helping these women.  If I hadn't threatened to publish their emails online - they were going to lock me up in jail for SIX MONTHS based on charges they fabricated!  They set up a phony website asking for donations using my writing, and then claimed I was "raising money for a non-existent charity".  I showed them this wasn't my site, didn't go to my account, and let them know I'd show the world I was framed.  That is the only reason I wasn't arrested by the state!

Every single supporter of our work has been fired.  Every supporter of myself as a human being has been fired and evicted as well as audited by the IRS.  My ex-husband, who doesn't even speak to me, was on the board of Pacifica Radio, when they came to the station and gagged them under threat of shutting them down if they so much as let me make a call into a show on their station!

And you want to just sit there and say "we're not objecting enough?"  Are you fucking kidding me?  Have you spoken to anyone who HAS tried to object since 2002?  Talk to some Monsanto protesters and then tell me people "aren't objecting enough".  

After having FOUR  of my landlords hit with zoning violation after zoning violation for simply saying I could live in an apartment they rented to me, and finally being shut down and sold because of being run out of business, forcing me to move anyway, and after our outreach RV was found to have a bomb put in it thankfully after it broke down without warning and luckily the mechanic told me about the bomb's placement - I realized the only safe place there was for me and my daughter who has a brain tumor can live is on private ground in an RV.  I say "private ground" because then they can't come onto the property I'm on without a valid warrant.  Which they've come onto my property and shot off guns trying to force me to call 911 so they could get "permission" to enter my property and then do God knows what since I've had my life now threatened FIVE TIMES by uniformed police officers!

And you think we're "not objecting enough"?  You and me need to sit down and let me show you what happens to ANYONE who even TRIES to object to these people.  TRUST ME - people want to "object".  But with the phony shill groups like "Black Lives Matter" who refuse to see that now for every addict or marijuana dealer who is a man of color they release from jail/prison - they're now putting three men of color back in for THREE TIMES LONGER as "traffickers" - this is the new war not only on women - but also the people of color in this country.

There's been riots after riots in the jails and prisons in California and Texas.  You however aren't hearing from ONE of the inmates what those riots were about.  I'll tell you what those riots were about but I can't get ONE SINGLE REPORTER to talk about it.  They are taking any woman of color with small children and threatening to take their children if they don't say their husband, or the father, is their "trafficker".  They target illegal aliens.  There's a reason why Celeste Guap is from Nicaragua.  Because they're "illegals" they get no phone call, no public defender, no right to a speedy trial, and they delay their processing for sometimes over a year.  During that time they have no rights and no medical care.  They're being used in medical experimentation by the pharmaceutical companies giving these for profit prisons grants.  I've tried asking to speak to these so called "traffickers" as they're part of who we work with in our program now called "Sex Workers Anonymous".  The COURTS REFUSE.  

You tell me HOW they're "supposed to speak up?"  As soon as Celeste Guap tries and "speak up" to the press - the police are shipping her off to Florida, without consulting us as they're supposed to, and have for 30 years, and then magically there's now a charge with a $300,000 bail.  I'll guarantee you now we won't hear the whole story out of that girl.  

Now either you aren't in touch with the people who ARE trying to "speak out" and are being slaughtered and smeared for it, their careers and businesses ruined, their finances ruined, their names ruined, or even like Mitchell Stein the whole power of the state comes after them and locks them up for 17 years, or you're aware of this and you're not alerting people as to what's going to happen to them if they DO try and speak up.

And don't give me that "if they're good, decent people" they have nothing to worry about either.  I watched as Dr. John Mack came forward and started speaking about how a group of people were showing valid signs of trauma who were claiming to be victims of alien abduction.  I followed this because back when we used to say we were "sex trafficking victims" we were treated in the same identical manner as the alien/UFO people.  But when a man with the most impeccable degrees and record and reputation possible in this country stepped up to validate their claims, they sent out a team of people who tried to discredit him.  When NO ONE would discredit him or speak a bad word about him - he's then magically run over in London by a man who claims he "has no memory" of the incident.  

I can give you case after case of people who "spoke out" who have been murdered, imprisoned, deported, ruined, threatened, sued, their lives ruined, etc.  I'm now having to live on a patch of dirt in an RV for God's sake for my work of 30 years because of refusing to shut up about what's going on.  Reporters who have tried to help me reveal what's going on to the public have been fired, and completely shunned.  John Quinones BARELY got his career back after validating my work in 2009 on ABC.  

Take a look at what they did to all those professors, and members of the public, who tried to warn others what was going on with the water in Michigan.  Look at Michael Moore even who has tried to rally support behind that situation.  And then make that crack again on a public forum Eve.  

If you want to see case by case of what I'm talking about  - I'd be happy to show you.  Call me anytime at (702) 488-1127.  I found it interesting by the way you had all these women on that LF Show tonight talking about sex trafficking in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY BUT THE USA.  Where was my invitation by the way?  Love to know Eve.

Jody Williams

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 2:28 PM
Subject: FYI

Dear Chief of Police:

If it is, then please allow me to bring in a speaker from our program, to talk to your officers about the realities as WE face them out there in the sex industry.  Especially in southern California over the last 10 years.  

No, dating back farther.  I myself had men from the CIA during what's now known as Iran Contra approach me to assist them in bringing cocaine into this country to raise cash to buy guns for the Contra's.  They would have the African American gangs process and cut the drug, while asking the escorts through the three madams who oversaw Los Angeles at the time to transport the drug to big Hollywood parties in their purses.  To pay for these large amounts of drugs, I helped to write the women and drugs into the budget of films.  If you've heard about the scandal in the 1980's connected to Paramount Studios - that was what I was involved in.  There were three madams back then - myself, Alex Adams and Cheri Woods.  We were the "google" of the 1980's.  

You may have also heard of the Rampart lawsuits LAPD was dealing with.  The reason for this is the CIA operation had some cops helping out who could pretty much do whatever they wanted.  I was asked for sex by 1/2 of the police force for free upon demand and if I didn't deliver then I would be beaten, robbed, raped, and even arrested when I'd done nothing but say "no" to the demand for sex by these officers.  I mean who am I going to call when being raped by a cop?

The drugs were also transported by the police, or with a police escort.  When you mix in that kind of power, with heavy drugs, well after a while some of those cops feel like they can do whatever they want and that's what they did.  Some even set up their own escort service called "Talk of the Town".  If you were a wealthy, famous or powerful man in Hollywood - you either used their service, or you got busted for "solicitation".  The women who refused to work for them and pay them 1/2 of their money got busted for "prostitution".  Handy thing that law - the bad cops can ask you for whatever they want and if you said no - you're the "criminal" and it's over.

I really started to say "no" however when I was being asked to find women who could be sold outright to the wealthy Saudi's coming over here invading Los Angeles back then with their oil money.  When they found a girl they wanted, they'd drug her, put her on a diplomat's plane and she'd never be heard from again.  If you've seen the opening of Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon" I believe he was planning on saying something about this but he died three weeks before the film opened in 1973.  

No one believed this sort of thing was happening back then.  Nor that Chuck Barris, producer of the Gong Show and the Newlywed Show was a CIA operative.  The "Dating Game" was used to scout for sexy women, with their audition tapes being shipped out to wealthy men all over the world.  I mean who would think to double-check who came back from those exotic "dates" Chuck chaperoned on?  He was a top Hollywood producer after all.

Say anything to anyone about this and they'd lock you up for psychiatric observation.  I know as I tried and almost got locked up myself by a doctor who thought I was hallucinating.  I recanted and realized the world wasn't going to believe the "word of a whore" as they told us when we also tried to tell the Hillside Strangler Task Force the address and names of the two pimps who were attacking, raping, and trafficking ordinary women and turning them into prostitutes so the police wouldn't follow up on their stories.  It worked.

I decided to turn an old brothel into the first "safe house" in this country for adults in 1984.  I had the cops who were angry I refused to sell them women, carry their drugs, and give them sex upon demand for free - decide to set me up with a woman who would claim I had pimped her out of this empty warehouse.  There was no evidence I was doing this as I wasn't - so the LAPD arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me in order to make something stick.

Of course the "dirty" cops were scared that I'd talk to the prosecutor who figured out something was fishy, so then they tried to murder me a few times.  They did to me what is being done to Celeste Guap - they raised my bail up to $50,000 thinking I'd never make bail and then try and "Sandra Bland" me in jail.   They then threatened every bailbondsman in town not to take my cash.  So I had a trick of mine put up his house to get me out to safety or I think I'd be dead now.  When they realized I was going to beat the case because I wasn't doing anything illegal - they arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me.

Enough was enough and in 1987 I launched the first hotline for those wanting to leave the sex industry to call in.  We also launched the first "alternative sentencing" program in the USA right here in Los Angeles.  It was so successful, I was asked to duplicate it back east.  After that, we were asked to do another in the midwest, then Canada, then Nevada.  A ten year study was done on us in fact published in "Leaving Prostitution" about how effective our work has been.  To date, we've answered over 500,000 calls - five times more than Polaris has taken today.  We're now the oldest, and largest, group of male, female and transgenders who have left the sex industry in the world.

I moved back to Los Angeles in 2013 after hearing many complaints about how the police are treating sex workers, and victims of sex trafficking, again.  In Wichita, Kansas, in 2013, nine massage parlors were shut down and three pimps arrested.  One of those pimps was Gary Kidgell.  Gary had married a women who now lives in Pasadena in order for her to get her passport into the states.  Gary also threatened to kill the judge, the arresting officer and the prosecutor in the Wichita, Kansas case.

When his ex-wife said she wanted to stop prostituting for the Triad as she's done since she was eight years old and she's now in her 50's, two Pasadena officers drug her out of her home and put two fake prostitution convictions on her record.  When she tried to complain, they threatened to do it a third time, then deport her to China, where their man with the Chinese government would see to it she got the death penalty for the porn photos they had drugged and posed her in with her sister.  A year after this, Liang Yaohui was arrested who was with the Chinese government while running over 3,000 escorts and a five star hotel.  

When I went to see if these charges were in fact faked or real, I started receiving threats from Pasadena cops,  When I went to complain to the chief, those threats escalated to coming now from private investigators.  You know PI's like Greg Reese was with Kevin Brown who staged a completely fake rescue operation for the TV show "8 Minutes".  

Produced by Relativity Media who had just partnered with a Chinese government owned film company, who also films "OC Jails", "Intervention", "Catfish" and "Gigolo's" in Nevada.  Their cameras by the way can be seen going into any jail, and any treatment program, without signed HIPPA releases or anyone waiving their right to an attorney.  I've also seen cops on their show forcibly dragging women off on 5150 charges - just like they threatened to do to me if I continued to try and help this woman, and the others complaining about they way they'd treated.  Kevin Brown had just retired as an OC sheriff after 20 years of service when he was now claiming to be running a "rescue" operation in southern California.  No one seemed to wonder why he never mentioned Sex Workers Anonymous for adults, nor the Children of the Night hotline - two groups who started the sex trafficking movement itself.

When I tried making a complaint to ICE and Homeland Security, I was further threatened.  Not even the Chief of Police would listen to my complaints about this trafficking operation, and the threats I'm now receiving for talking to victims calling our hotline talking about also being forced to prostitute by police officers just as I was 30 years ago.   So I filed a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility.  I guess the Chief had his hands full with the Paul Tanaka case.  

When I went to the Dept. of Transportation and the LAX security, it brought back memories of when I'd seen women sold and put onto diplomat's planes.  I thought warning them to keep an eye out for these Chinese women would suffice.   I was wrong.   Seems Joohon David Lee, a Homeland Security, ICE and the trafficking office head was now walking women from Korea physically through the airport to ensure they'd make it past everyone who had been trained to be on the lookout for what is a "rogue" pimp - not a true trafficker who looks just like Joohon.

I was refused to input the training for the airport security about what trafficking looks like.  Instead they were taught about "pimps" - not men like Joohon or what to do when they see something like this:  Just as my calls to the trafficking task forces in Long Beach, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, San Mateo, and of course Pasadena, and Orange County's trafficking task forces about what the victims are telling me calling our hotline.  See the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline just refers victims back to the local police.  Now if you're CALLING about the "local police" - then who do you call?  If you're calling about a pimp - you can get him arrested by calling 911 in two minutes.  But when you're calling about the police - well we've seen with Celeste Guap they aren't going to let you get help that easy now are they?   Not when they have too much they're worried about what you'll say if you get that help.

That's why instead of calling us when Celeste needed help and protection, nor allowed us to put her where we know she'll be treated well, they put her on a Florida flight where we're also getting calls from cops who are running a brothel down there masquerading itself as a "safe house for trafficking victims" while they sit in on the anti-trafficking meetings they threaten our members away from attending because God forbid they speak about the cops threatening sex workers to the others on the task force who think we don't exist because our members aren't there.

Just as when we tried to launch an outreach campaign last year and the year before, we started receiving threats from local officers, while Internal Affairs, and the Chief of Police refused to listen to the recordings of the threats we were receiving coming right out of the police stations to "back off" or find ourselves carted off for 72 hour "observations".  Since we've seen the police do just this falsely to a few people on Relativity Media's shows such as "intervention" - we believed the threats to be serious.

So I'd love to be out there offering to help those women in Glendale, especially when we're in the middle of an HIV epidemic that Charlie Sheen was so busy keeping under wraps about his status, that the fact we're now in an epidemic again like we saw in the 1980's has been validated to be infecting sex workers clear down to Mexico, and also Chinese and Korean men and women.  But you wouldn't know that since they stopped arresting juveniles a year ago - so we don't have any HIV rates for LA county's juveniles.  You know daughters who might be dating your sons and have no clue they're HIV positive because no one is out there doing any HIV/AIDS outreach any longer because every one's too busy looking for "trafficking victims" to realize that if they are infected, and they are being forced to prostitute - that again we're looking at another epidemic like we had in the 1980's and we need to have a serious talk about it soon.

I've got members who would love to do outreach to the local prostitutes, but we can't because of threats we're receiving again from people who are wearing badges.  With all the "john stings", the clients aren't exactly wanting to step up and tell you they're also being blackmailed, robbed, etc. by these traffickers.  Who not only are getting information about their bank accounts, their companies, but also about their houses.  So after they're cleaning out the john's bank accounts, they're then stealing the equity out of their homes.  The "johns" are too afraid to go to the police about it for fear they'll be arrested since that's all they hear about on the news anymore.

This is MADNESS.  Now if you want to be like the visionary that Tom Bradley, Chief Gates, and Sheriff Block was, and talk to us about letting us put together a program that will WORK again  - then you let me know.  Unlike this "end demand" nonsense  that APPEARS to be generating federal grant money and grants from Shawnee Hunt - it's costing you way more with respect to the damage to the health of this community, the citizens trust in the authorities, and honestly I feel like we're right where Mexico was when Pablo Escobar was in Congress, and the Colombian Cartel was running Columbia to the point where the only way they could be stopped was to create a "faceless justice committee".

Because right now I've spoken to just about every female FBI agent, Homeland Security, sheriff, city council, mayor, attorney general, and prosecutor who tells me they've been threatened and they're scared to do anything right now.  I mean look at Mayor Schaaf - she's gone through THREE Chief's of Police before she just stopped looking, Kamala Harris is bailing out of here for Congress, and we had a FBI agent have her witness "get lost" for three days and the only cop who was charged was the one who brought him a phone to call her for help?

To top it off, after all that work to get Joohon arrested and exposed - I now find out he CAN'T BE CHARGED with trafficking?  He's now driving a limo in Las Vegas where he now lives and will retire on his PENSION after what he did.  Probably the same limo owned by Charles Horky who was exposed as using his cab and limo company to traffick women in Las Vegas while Joohon was falsely locking up an innocent family to make himself appear to be "doing something to fight sex trafficking".  

How many more FAKE victims, rescuers, and so called task force members are going to have to be exposed before someone realizes that when you want to help an alcoholic you call Alcoholics Anonymous, and when you want to help a sex workers, you call Sex Workers Anonymous? I'd appreciate it if someone would realize we're the only group out here not trying to get a federal grant, nor a piece Swanee Hunt's grant money, nor are we running a Kickstarter campaign, and we certainly don't have dirty laundry we're covering up like forcing local prostitutes to have sex with us.  I guess I have to become a neighborhood watch captain to get our complaints heard because when we were saying it was happening no one returned our calls.  But the minute a "watch captain" called - suddenly it comes to light that yes women were being forced to prostitute and have sex with LAPD officers.  

Meaning don't you think this means that you can't have officers who are watching each other's backs, and prosecutors who are watching their backs, making real sure we're not even given a seat at any of these trafficking meetings - let alone are we getting any communication or assistance in just allowing us to do our normal outreach to help these women, men and transgenders?

SB1193 requires that signs be posted with the National Trafficking Hotline in all adult businesses in this state.  We've got signs donated to us with those hotlines, along with ours who doesn't go right back to the police so many people aren't just ignoring that poster - only I can't get anyone to answer me as to WHO we call to get the citation issues when a business owner doesn't want to comply with the law.  So if you know - that would be awesome of you to let us know so we can move forward with our outreach in this area.

You can reach us at the numbers on the enclosed flyers.  Thank you.

Jody Williams
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September 12, 2016

Re:         Kings County Sex Trafficking Arrests – Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s Article in “Reason”

Dear Kings County:

When I realized what was going on with the show on A&E “8 Minutes”, I served the producers and A&E with a “cease and desist” letter.  Within four hours, the website for the show was completely removed off the internet.  Eight hours later – the announcements went out the show was being “canceled”.  Now mind you “Whore Nation” had been throwing out their supposed “protests” all along which had no impact at all on the show.   Yet when I served upon them a legal document – their response was swift. 

I then sat back and watched CNN do a segment called “The Truth About 8 Minutes” which bore no resemblance to the “truth” about what was going on behind that show.  Not one thing about what I’d uncovered was even mentioned.  The producers were quite careful to make sure my calls didn’t make it into the show, and I was blocked from all social media discussion of the topic.  God forbid I guess it slip out Maxine Doogan was a paid “influencer” on behalf of the producers!  Not just myself either, but anyone from our group who knew the “whole truth” about why the show was REALLY canceled, along with the fact this so called “opposition” was fake, found themselves blocked from all social media discussions about it.  In other words, the whole “truth about” was a smoke screen to cover up the actual truth about the show.

Which I couldn’t help but think back to when seeing Elizabeth’s “The Truth About The Biggest Sex Trafficking Bust Story of the Year” in “Reason”.  I mean this case is DIRECTLY connected to members who belong to our program who have a way different take on the situation than is being printed anywhere.  All attempts by any of them, or myself on their behalf, have all been completely rebuffed by all of the media we’ve contacted. 

Except for some reporters who either make it very clear they don’t want to hear what our take on the situation is, or those who tell us they’ll be fired if they even speak to us.  I mean look at the Oakland scandal – you have the man in charge of the “john stings” deliberately steering victims away from not just being “arrested”. but from being able to make contact with any group that would help Celeste Guap leave the sex industry.  Her and any other women she knows also. 

Why?  Going clear back to when I started the very first alternative sentencing program in Los Angeles county for our community in 1987 is why.  After speaking with the California Attorney General then, Edwin Meese, he had encouraged me if we used a 12 step format for our group we could then go immediately in and offer our program as an “alternative to incarceration” for those who were being forced to be in the sex industry.  Because the law back then didn’t care how badly you were forced – if you were caught on the premises even during a raid you were charged and convicted of prostitution.  There was no “alternative” back then because no one wanted to work with our community as we were all considered “criminals” then.

Chief Gates was friends with Norma Ashby, a madam who was a part of our group then, and he was on board.  So was Sheriff Block who saw the connection between prostitution and child abuse – one of his pet causes.  They introduced me to mayor Tom Bradley who agreed the money being spent out of our budget to lock up prostitutes was a crime in and of itself.   They all agreed if I got the approval of every department of the county – they’d agree to change the way they were treating prostitutes as criminals, calling condoms “evidence of prostitution” (which was discouraging anyone from carrying condoms during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis), and to allow us a shot at working with helping these men, women and transgenders to leave the industry.  Rather than just punishing them which clearly wasn’t doing anything to help anyone.

We had gotten the eager approval to work on this innovative program to help rehabilitate prostitutes from social services, the health department, mental health, the CDC, the police, and just about every single office of the county EXCEPT the Probation Dept.  The head of this department was in Downey, and he refused to take my calls.  So I got in my car, drove two hours, and knocked on his door to ask what the problem was. 

The minute I walked into his office I KNEW what the problem was.  I “recognized” him as one of my “regulars” when I’d run an escort service years before.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I asked to speak to him privately and asked him why he, of all people, would rather see these men and women going to jail, lose their home, custody of their kids to foster care, and all that goes with having a record when he himself was a purchaser of these services on a regular basis. 

His reply was simple and to the point – because if these women became ‘legitimate” through our program, then someone might “believe them if they decided to talk” about what he was doing.  I let him know that talking about his dirty laundry was not on the top of any list and he was more likely to be responsible for their death, than silence about his affairs, if he didn’t give us this chance.  He signed and we got to launch our first program.  However, over the years I’ve run into this same “guilty conscience” time and time again from men who block our work in fear of their dirty laundry being discovered.

What we have going on here I think is a bit of the same – a lot of people trying to confuse, muddle, and conceal what’s really going on here.  For one thing, how this case is connected to the Oakland scandal, the San Diego and Orange County prosecutor’s scandal, Operation Dollhouse in Las Vegas, Joohoon David Lee, the Korean arrests in New York, and the epidemic of massage parlors sprouting up in Wichita, Kansas, as well as the reports we’re getting about a sex trafficking operation down in Florida connected to cops while masquerading as being part of the anti-trafficking network (just as Oakland was).    In fact, if you look at the overall picture – you’ll see  just about EVERY sex trafficking task force has been caught with their “hand in the cookie jar” in one way, or another, within the last few years.  Even if it’s how Officer Armendariz also supposedly killed himself down in Phoenix, Arizona before getting a chance to testify at his corruption hearing. 

Look, I’ve been answering our hotline since 1987.  I’ve personally taken over 500,000 calls from the launch to 2013 was when we took this count.  We get five times more calls than Polaris because we ask anyone who for any reason wants to leave any part of the sex industry to call us for help.  Our hotline is also unique in that we encourage those who can’t call their local police (for reasons such as Oakland or NJ or AZ, etc.) to call our hotline for help.  Got a pimp bothering you?  Call 911.  But you have someone like Chris Butler or Joohon David Lee trafficking you – well then you need another solution and the local Salvation Army shelter won’t cut it.  The Margo Compton case sure proved that “traditional” methods for our situation doesn’t work. 

I’m already hearing the whole “truth” cover-up about this case, but I’ve also noticed no one from your prosecutor’s office, nor the local police, have contacted our office to inquire how these cases are all fitting together in ways you might not realize.  Remember, those calling Polaris are ones who identify as “sex trafficking victims” while the reality is most real victims CAN’T call for help for the very reason they’re being trapped in the sex industry.  Nor will those “brainwashed” into thinking they’re doing this “voluntary” identify as victims either.  Nor are they likely to be calling up your offices when they don’t have a clue who to trust because of how many people within law enforcement and the court they’ve also seen involved. 

Are people telling you “not to bother” calling us?  Now gee whiz – that couldn’t possibly be because of rumors started by the very officers who have been trying to cover their own backside because of their wrong-doing and their fear if you listen to us you might actually figure out their involvement now would it?  Men like my probation director I mentioned?  Remember, it was our program who started the complaints against Chief Gillispie and the Las Vegas officers who stepped down.  It was our complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility which led to Joohoon David Lee being arrested.  It was our work which led to the conviction of Chris Butler, and Kemp Shiffer – men who had a lot of friends in law enforcement because of their careers for over 20 years, etc. 

I mean let’s face it – this isn’t just about a bunch of hookers or then it’s just prostitution and not trafficking then isn’t it?  By its definition trafficking involves people in high offices who are greasing the wheels of these operations.  Wheels that are going to be telling you not to look in areas which stop them from rolling along!  That or maybe the “influencers” hired by Vivid, Live Nation, and the Nevada Brothel Owners Association to help further their agenda which includes trying to wipe out our group because they don’t want victims to know there’s an effective way out.  Not every victim has a case that can be brought to court – but this doesn’t alter they want “out” anyway.   So yes we have more people calling us than calling your offices. 

So please give me a call so I can go over what I know about this case with your people.  I have been used as an “expert witness” also before.  Dating back to 1995, I was certified that year as an “expert witness” in a case involving a pimp who was trafficking women internationally where the victims were insisting they were doing what they were doing “voluntarily”.  In fact, they were defending the pimp quite profusely!   

My expertise was in explaining how the pimps do this so the victims do feel it’s “voluntary” even when it’s not.  Much like how it can be demonstrated by Derren Brown when he brainwashes perfectly ordinary normal people into robbing an armed armored truck at gunpoint.  There’s a great video about this on “The Heist” if you’d like to check it out on Youtube.   When the pimp heard I was going to testify to explain this process – he took a plea bargain.  As did the next couple of cases I was brought in to testify in also. 

Shame I wasn’t brought in to testify at the Pennsylvania case involving a father and son pimp team.  The women who defended them so loudly all had children by the pimps.  In fact, one of the “witnesses” was even eight months pregnant when she was on the stand!  At no time did the prosecution bring up the fact these women had children by these men, or even note the one woman’s pregnancy by the pimp.  Meaning if they did testify, by law these men had every legal right to know their home address, no matter where they moved to, along with the schools the children were attending.  In other words, if they said one word against these guys there would be no “escape”. 

Especially since in Pennsylvania one man was incarcerated for murdering his wife, but STILL was legally entitled to visitation with his daughter while in prison for life for her murder!   By not pointing out the fact these women had children by both of these men, and the fact they’d be having to allow them visitations for the next 18 years at least, this was why they were motivated not to anger these men by speaking out about the truth of the situation.  Would you knowing this guy has a right to know where you live and see your child for the next 18 years after what you say?  Which was each one of these pimps had knocked up these women while minors themselves, and with no means of support, and PA not allowing welfare for mothers who don’t have GED’s, so therefore they had no way of making money to care for the children, they were too young to work – so what were they supposed to do?

There is more to this whole story.  If you’d like to start “connecting the dots”, then give us a call anytime at the above contact information.  We’ve reached the point when we see what’s happening to Celeste, we know the only way out for some now is going to be to shut these traffickers down no matter who they are.  I don’t know of ANYONE who has more years, and more “ears” in this, than our program and hotline.  Thanks for listening.

Jody Williams, Founder and Director