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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


People think that what I'm talking about doesn't affect THEM.  They think "well that's just a couple of prostitutes so why should I care?"

You should care because if the system is broken, then we're just the ones they go after FIRST.  Then once they've worked out the kinks - it's game on.

Tennessee is named as one of the top states who have parents in jail.

What I don't see discussed is ON WHAT CHARGES?  Because if someone is locked up on prostitution charges - guess what happens to the kids?

Foster care.

Tennessee is where the biggest trafficking case in history was faked.

Up to this case, when someone was arrested for prostitution - we'd then ask the court to consider giving a woman with children "alternative sentencing" to come to our program instead of going to jail.

Only someone realized the private jails were losing money this way, as did criminal attorney's who weren't needed.  We would send a SWA member to the court with them and ask for this consideration.  It worked.  We'd then show up a year later to discuss how well they were doing, and in two years we'd be talking record expungement.

When this case hit, I tried reaching everyone in the system from the prosecutor, to the public defender, the social workers, etc., trying to reach the "victims".  I got these cracks about how they had been "sent to a professional" in a tone that made it sound like they felt they were better than our program for these women.   Only I'm the one who has been training those "professionals" in Tennessee working with real victim.

So I called the local "professionals" and asked if they'd gotten a new client when this went down only to hear "no".

Meaning this couldn't have happened without us being shoved out of the way so people could be fooled.

Now when I started piping up about being shut out of the system up there I got a lot of "who cares"?  I mean the prosecutor here was getting a lot of awards, a lot of speaking engagements, a lot of press so people were like "what do we care what you think"?

THAT attitude is why all these parents are now behind bars.  I also would bet cash money many of these parents are there on prostitution charges.

We need to talk.