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Monday, April 18, 2016


She told me to "respect her boundary" and not speak to her about the Seattle arrests.  My response was:

The MINUTE you start butting into an issue about sex trafficking involving an operation that I'm pulling women out of to safety is the minute YOU butted into MY BOUNDARY dear Mary. 

 You can't come sit on my head, crap on top of it, and then when I say "you crapped on my head now clean it up" go running for the "respect my boundary" issue. 

Now on the off chance you have no idea what's really going on here you need to read the news story on this link  

What is speaks about is a sex trafficking operation I've been helping sex workers escape since 2007. I tried to help these women in Las Vegas and I managed to get the American women out but not the Chinese women. 

They were being kept captive in a house that since it was private property = we couldn't think of how to get in there to get them out. The only way was to stage a raid. Now since no one believed us that the police from California were involved - we staged the arrest in Operation Dollhouse for when we knew the cops would be making a drop.  Then the police turned around and just let 24 women go right back to being forced to prostitute? 

That's NOT a sex worker Mary - that's a victim of sex trafficking, torture, rape and slavery. Something you should give a shit about as a woman. Now, everyone ignored us about this until Paul Tanaka shot a man down in cold blood in front of other cops in connection with this ring of which Chris Butler was a part of also. 

We then went to LAX and Homeland Security and alerted them to what was going on with Chinese women. They had an agent on the inside, who warned them and they switched over to Korean women. The Korean women who were freed in the arrests that you stuck your nose into an operation I"ve been working on since 2007. 

Now, I've been telling people that these police officers, Homeland Security, and ICE are the ones trafficking these women NOT STREET PIMPS. That what they've been doing is fake arrests to appear to be busy. Now the Seattle police have truly risked their lives to make that arrest Mary. The men in this trafficking operation have threatened to murder these women, their children, other police officers, judges, etc. 

The undercover agent truly risked his life to save those women. Now if a few independent sex workers truly did get caught up in that raid to make it happen then they're heroes because I'm speaking to women who have been forced to prostitute for these men since they were 8 years old. 

Their children and siblings have been forced into it and they've been threatened with public shaming and execution if deported back to China. So I'm sorry if you don't understand what's going on here because women like Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle are not who they appear to be. Domina Elle has been receiving money from Swanee Hunt. Maxine has been working as essentially a "union buster" and "influencer" for these men who want you to stupidly think you're sticking up for your sisters while you are in fact helping them to enslave them. 

So you want to come stick your nose into an operation I've been helping women escape from since 2007 - you're going to hear from me like it or not. You don't like it? BUTT THE FUCK OUT THEN. Now you read that article and take a good look at what I'm trying to help these women get out of and you might have a little different view on what's going on here.

Monday, April 4, 2016


In the days of African American slavery on US soil, the idea of a slave running away to freedom was viewed as a "disease" caused by the "loss of respect" the slave had for the owner.   Thinking I'm kidding?

Before I founded Prostitutes Anonymous, then changed our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous, my sponsor suggested I study all forms of social change and revolution including the civil rights movement.  He did this because he was showing me people always do what they think is "right".   If a slave running away was viewed as a "disease", that you as a slave owner needed to address in order to make sure you were being "respected", then this was also the same view shared by every slave owner in order not to be completely scoffed at like we now do today.  Take a look at it.  Because we laugh today - but back then this man was considered an "expert in his field".

That said, a woman who is running the Seattle chapter of SWOP is treating us like those of us who have made the choice to no longer be working in the sex industry, for all different reasons, whether it be because we don't want to be trafficked any longer, or whether we quit so we can stay clean from drugs, or because we are raising kids, or we got older, or whatever our reasons - is acting like there is something "wrong" with us for having that view.

Now why would she be acting like this?  To "keep 'em home down on the farm" as they used to say in my grandmother's day.

Therefore, from what I see, I feel the women on that list shown in the Seattle arrests of the "League" that Mary said were "not coerced" may not in fact have pimps.  They may not have a trafficker behind them.  But I feel they are being COERCED.

I feel they're being coerced by Mary.  I feel SWOP is showing these women a group of people who are standing behind Mary in the identical fashion as slave owners did when a slave ran off.  The neighbors didn't come to the slave owner and say "hey Jerry - it's normal you know for these guys to want to be free you know".  No - the slaves knew that every other owner on that block felt the same way he did and that was a form of coercion in and of itself.

In the pimping world there's a thing called the "bottom bitch".  What she does is the recruiting for new girls so that her pimp is not accusing of "pandering" or "procuring" new girls which is a felony.  This "bottom bitch" goes out into clubs and she befriends other women.  She buys them drinks and takes them out to clubs and shopping and the whole time she's saying "oh my man treats me good" to inspire these women to want to be treated "good" like she's portraying herself to be treated.

Here's a clip.  What's left out of this clip for some reason is that Morgan Freeman, the pimp character, does not harm this woman for saying she wants to leave hooking.  No - in reality the African American woman at the end, his "bottom bitch" she then enforces the rules.   In the pimp world, the "bottom bitch" is the one who will make the threats so that her true pimp does not go to jail if anything goes down.  She collects the money so he's not charged with pimping.  She is the one who handles enforcing the rules in this type of dynamic so that he steps back and can play "innocent bystander" if this victim then tries to go to the police.   

Because they won't arrest him - they'll arrest her.  Then guess what?  He just finds another "bottom bitch" and he keeps right on operating.  Now remember, she always paints a great picture of her life and how "great her man is" in order to not only lure in another victim - but also to protect her pimp who may for all you or I know be threatening her into acting this way for him.  It has to be something for her to step up and willing take on a felony charge for him if anything went down and people don't do that for just "fun".

This Mary in Seattle shut me off her twitter, and then sent me a message she did not want to speak with us.  She has refused to call us or have any dialogue with us.  THIS is why our local Seattle members are staying "anonymous" because they do not want to risk any physical attacks because of being identified as being in the same town.   THIS is why our Seattle members are speaking through our main office and asking me to reach out for them to let anyone in Seattle know if you for any reason want help to get out of the sex industry now is the time.  

Clearly Seattle Police and prosecutor are being brave enough now to step up and help you break free.  Trust me this is not the case in other cities.  I have been trying for THREE YEARS NOW to get the police in Los Angeles look at how two Pasadena police officers drug a woman who said she did not want to prostitute any longer after 40 YEARS of doing so out of her home in front of her mother and son and slapped her with fake prostitution charges.   When we hired an attorney to help her he was threatened to have his license yanked.  When we tried to reach out to her again we were then threatened by a 3rd officer to "back off or get arrested".  When we refused to allow them to stop us from speaking to her - we were then threatened with a 5150 charge.  

Now knowing the same people who film "Intervention", also filmed "8 Minutes" and therefore know women in SWOP such as Maxine Doogan, and having watched an episode of "Intervention" with Jimbo and Laura back to back yesterday where they threatened Jimbo with a uniformed officer arrested him on a fake trumped up charge if he didn't enter into a treatment program he'd never even had a tour of before hand, and Laura with a psychiatric hold if she didn't also enter a program she'd never had a chance to research beforehand online to make sure there's no complaints against them by the Medical Board, look into who their staff is, make sure they're not someone like Chris Bathrum who has now a dead prostitute he's being blamed for - you know what?  They really do know the right people to have you hauled out of your house on nothing and drag you anywhere they want these people.  Catch a look before they take it down now I've noticed it.

I now ask you why?  If sex work is "just a job like any other" - okay.  I quit being a waitress when I was 18 years old.  Now has every waitress in the world jumped up to shun me, ignore me, shout me down, attack me and then warn every other waitress not to speak to me because I'm "crazy" (oh that's the favorite one), or "jealous" (another an oldie but a goodie).  No because I assure you if a waitress sees you have gone on from waitressing to other things that make you happy - they pat you on the back and say "atta girl".  THAT'S how people react to you when you're in "just a job".

That's not however how someone acts when you leave a pimp circle.  If you are with a pimp who has five other women and you leave - do you think he's going to let you speak to those other four women again?  Hell no.  Why?  Because you'll "give them ideas".  Because you'll threaten his control.

Ladies and gentlemen I propose that the woman on that list Mary circled ARE being coerced.  I propose MARY is the one actively engaging in the coercion.   Remember, not all trafficker or pimps are African American men standing on street corners.  That's what pimps like Chris Butler was would want you to believe so you don't look at them.  Take a good look at one of the baddest pimps there was.

Image result for christopher butler private investigator

Kemp Shiffer who used his IRS badge to pimp girls from California into Nevada and recruited in the local college.  

Image result for kemp shiffer irs pimp

The man who pimped Linda Lovelace and later opened the Gun Store in Nevada. 

Image result for chuck traynor

How about this for a pimp?
Image result for mother pimp


Image result for mother pimp

When someone speaks for you without your prior full consent, and when they make decisions for you without your involvement, and when they chase away anyone who does not fully agree with them, and then attack anyone who is no longer part of their "clique" to show you what they do to people who are "dissenters" - then this is no just a job to this person and you are dealing with a form of control whether you want to call it a pimp, a trafficker, or a cult.   

Now I have spoken to women being trafficked in the "League" and I've seen how they retaliate against anyone who tries to help these women.  I met with one of them over breakfast to discuss the situation and my food was poisoned and almost killed me.  I was lucky I noticed they were looking at me strange when I was eating and took only one bite.  They've done other things to try and scare me into not talking to their victims who reach out to us for help.  The ONLY way  I've seen them able to be set free because of their hacking capabilities, their connections with bad people, their use of private investigators, smear campaigns, as well as attorney's, and knowledge of the law is to come forward now to these officers in this Seattle case who were brave enough to do something.  I assure you the judge and the arresting officer in Wichita were issued death threats.   These people go beyond a street pimp and I commend the Seattle authorities for doing something to help these women.  

If you are afraid of calling the police, and clearly can't trust SWOP Seattle to tell them you're being pimped or threatened - please contact us at  We are not the police and not them in disguise and all calls are confidential.  Another recovering sex worker and survivor will answer our phone or your email.  

Also, know about "trap exits".  SWOP Seattle has said "this is who they recommend if you're being trafficked on their Twitter".  

When you go to that site on 4/4/2016 and you click on pages - you get:

They do not tell you to call a group like ours or the National Trafficking Hotline.  They instead direct you to a site that's not even functional!  That's called a "trap exit" so they appear to be helping you to leave when they in fact are not.